this is my 6000th post!

Since this is basically my 6000th post, I decided to write a fanfiction for you guys because I love you. Plz forgive me for any grammatical and spelling mistakes, I literally wrote this in the last two-three hours high on caffeine. Please tell me what you think.

Mark Blackthorn was on a mission. It was pitch-dark in the Institute but that didn’t matter. While he was in faerie, he experienced much darker…darkness. This was nothing. He needed to move down the hall, turn left and he would face a door. The door. He considered this all whilst he slept between Kieran and Cristina on the couch in the library. They fell asleep while watching High School Musical and now the screen was just blue. It scared him a little bit, the blue screen. Why had the music stopped? 

He tried to wiggle free from Cristina’s and Kieran’s embrace if you could call it that. Both of their heads were on his shoulders and thus he was trapped. Cristina was hugging his right arm and Kieran’s fingers were intertwined with his own on the left side. It was all very romantic but now he needed to go.

Since he knew that Kieran was a heavy sleeper, he tried to wiggle free from him first. Carefully he pried his fingers from Kieran’s. In that moment, Kieran burried his head deeper into his shoulder and muttered something along the lines “Mar…Tina”

Who is Martina? And why was he dreaming about her? Wasn’t their relationship already complicated enough?! Mark considered all this as he freed his arm from Kieran’s.

Next was Cristina who was a bigger challenge since she had both of their arms around his. He didn’t know much about Cristina’s sleep schedule…yet. But right now she seemed deeply asleep, so he took the sensible approach. He tried to push her entire head away, wich of course was a terrible idea for Cristina woke up.

“Mark..what’re you doin?” She muttered sleepily.

“My arm’s a corpse.” Answered Mark promptly

“You mean it’s dead.”

“Exactly, that.”

“Oh.. sorry” And she freed his arm from her hug.

Success, screamed Mark in his head.

But she left her head on his shoulder.

Fail, sighed Mark’s mind disappointedly.

But then he had another idea, he put his palm between Cristina cheek and his shoulder and lifted it carefully a few centimeters, then he got up and before Kieran’s head could bump Cristina’s, he placed Cristina head on Kieran’s shoulder. Mark’s heart soared. They looked so cute together. Cristina’s dark hair next to Kieran’s blue-blackish hair. Cristina snuggled closer and Kieran whispered “Cristina” and she muttered into his shoulder “Kieran.” They didn’t even appear to miss him

Rude, thought Mark and turned to go. He threaded carefully through the darkness. Luckily, he had socks on, that had cute llamas on them thanks to Emma, which also muffled the sound of his steps. When he reached the door, he opened it with extreme care but it still creaked.

Shit shit shit, he thought and turned his head towards Cristina and Kieran but they only snuggled closer.

Very rude. How dare they do that without me? He stepped outside and closed the door behind him. He quickened his pace in the hallway but when he reached Julian’s door he slowed down and peeked inside for the door was open. Emma and Julian were asleep and entangled together. But what was strange was that both of them were covered in paint, at least that’s what he saw through the moonlight that entered through the windows.

It probably has something to do with art and muses and inspiration. Mark continued his journey through the hallway. Finally, he reached the door and opened it with a loud bang (which was done without consideration, mind you).

“My LamP, MY LoVelY LAMP! I’ve missed you!” He screamed.

In Julian’s room, both he and Emma fell off the bed.

In the library, Cristina and Kieran bumped heads, both of them shouted “NO”, and then proceeded to run towards the room but it was too late. Mark was already out of the window, running through the desert with a lamp cable trailing behind him.

The end.

Plz tell me what you think.


In the Revisiting Vienna episode of Around the World With Orson Welles, Orson, er, revisits Vienna. He does mention The Third Man and there’s some Anton Karas, but mostly it’s Orson talking in his usual entertaining way about the Opera, Coffee Houses, and cakes. Lots of cakes. Plus he checks out the pastries in the kitchen at Demel. This is the episode that was long thought lost, so it’s ace to see it. 

Two's A Party

I don’t know what happened- I was supposed to be getting ready for NYE and I ended up writing this. It’s just a silly, smutty little one shot, potentially riddled with errors (for which I do apologise), but I’ll edit tomorrow…or maybe Jan 2nd, you know, when I’m not chronically hungover.

Happy New Year to y'all- I love you long time :)

Oh, and this is also my 6000th post- yay!


Let me just get it out in the open right now.

I hate New Year’s Eve. Viscerally, violently hate it. I don’t like champagne, I loathe the sound of fireworks, and the thought of reflecting on all my failures and non-achievements of the past year isn’t exactly my idea of a good time.

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Another commission completed! WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE OF PORO DRAVEN.

This was fun to do! uuugh I wish I could get more commissions like these

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Turns out this was my 6000th post! Whoo yay me. Anyways just wanted to announce that. Carry on.