this is my 16th birthday cake

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Name: L

Time/date: 8:00 PM July 22

Last thing I googled: today’s date

Birthday: the 16th day of a month in the year

Gender: depends on my mood

Sexuality: : -/-

Height: 5'7

Favourite colour: cerulean at the moment

One thing that makes me happy: gudetama 

Favourite movie: i guess Thor

Last book I read: Locke Lamora - The Republic of Thieves

Most used phrases: “LOL”

Beverage: interesting beverages

Food: kimbap, katsudon, grass jello, any form of cake, lamb, beef….

Dream wedding: something epic like Sephiroth surrounded by a burning town with a choir in the background chanting

Dream job: Cop with cool superpowers

I want to tag: yaminohikari fernweh-faraway serielleofficial onecivilian usagihawi illegalnarry fayheyhey deugenio roma-nee kaneladit


happy birthday to kira!!! today would be his 16th birthday, haha!!! kira is my ultimate sunshine i love him so much and am so happy ive been celebrating all day!!! ive been screaming to zenhari and shohari tunes all day and been ordering some stuff online and got a cake and got all dressed up and uwaaaaaaa!!!! i did some art today for his birthday as well, i don’t post my art often but today is a very special day because i love kira so much!!! he is my spirit and i relate to him too much, it almost feels like it’s my own birthday as well.

happy birthday again, kira!!!!

DH - Chapter 12 - Magic is Might

Reading the chapter online again. Sorry for any inaccuracies in my quotations. It looks good so far.

  • “As August wore on” Ginny Weasley had her 16th birthday. She was given a celebration at home, with her favorite cake (strawberry) with vanilla icing and fresh strawberries on top. The day was filled with many laughs since Fred and George came over ready to celebrate. Arthur eventually made it home to give his youngest child a kiss on the forehead, spending half an hour with the family, before going to bed. The Ministry is stretching him thin. Ginny went to her room to put the pretty hair pins that her mother bought her and the box of chocolates and Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder given to her by Fred and George next to the little pile still at the end of her bed from this morning. She felt the smile melt from her face when she imagined what Harry was doing. She elected to think of their last kiss instead and then went to bed dreaming about putting hair pins her imagined future daughter’s flaming red hair.
  • I got 4 words into the chapter. 4 words! That’s all it took to make this about Ginny. Let’s press on…
  • “Most of the Londoners who passed them were used to eccentric dressers and took little notice, though occasionally one of them might glance back, wondering why anyone would wear cloaks in this heat.” lol
  • How was Hermione faster at snatching the newspaper out of Harry’s had when Ron has played Quidditch his whole life?
  • “’Merlin’s pants’?” repeated Ron, looking amused. “She must be upset.” /// Hermione’s so upset about Snape being made headmaster she says a wizard “swear”. 
  • This is true JK style, I think we can call this canon: “He was sure Ginny, Neville, and Luna were sitting together at this moment, perhaps wondering where he, Ron, and Hermione were, or debating how best to undermine Snape’s new regime.”
  • “And what in the name of Merlin’s most baggy Y Fronts was that about?” /// This is my absolute FAVORITE Merlin variation. 
  • I forgot that August was four weeks full of 7-hour-long stakeouts for Umbridge. 
  • “[Ron] You do realize, don’t you, that there’s probably no more dangerous place in the whole world for us to be right now than the Ministry of –“  “I think we should do it tomorrow,” said Harry. Hermione stopped dead, her jaw hanging; Ron choked a little over his soup.” /// I laugh EVERY time. My little impulsive child. 
  • “Fine, I’ll stay here,” said Harry. “Let me know if you ever defeat Voldemort, won’t you?” As Ron and Hermione laughed, pain shot through the scar on Harry’s forehead. /// Why JK?
  • “You never really tried!” she said hotly. “I don’t get it, Harry – do you like having this special connection or relationship or what – whatever – “ She faltered under the look he gave her as he stood up. /// That’s right Hermione listen very clearly to what Harry’s about to say.
  • At least he got treacle tart after all that. 
  • “And now,” she said, turning, back to face the other two in the alleyway, “we put on the Cloak again –“ “—and we wait,” Ron finished, throwing it over Hermione’s head like a blanket over a birdcage and rolling his eyes at Harry. /// Why is this so cute to me? It literally doesn’t make sense. idk
  • I wish the coins only had M.M. on them instead of M.O.M., so that when they are held upside down they spell out W.W. meaning Wizarding World.
  • Mafalda Hopkirk’s Polyjuice potion is a purple shade.
  • “ Once the painful transformation was complete he was more than six feet tall” /// So he’s at most 6 feet if suddenly he was more than that. 
  • Getting their disguises took about an hour.
  • Wait is this a joke about paying for toilets? Since they needed a coin to get into the bathroom/ Ministry? I just remembered ppl from the UK complaining about this.
  • I don’t think this is a US edition. “ Already given her up as a bad job, have you?” “ but how do I stop a raining”
  • “Try Finite Incantatem,” said Hermione at once, “that should stop the rain if it’s a hex or curse; if it doesn’t something’s gone wrong with an Atmospheric Charm, which will be more difficult to fix…” /// Hexes and curses are more similar is what I just read. Since they all can be just as specific, but charms are just more difficult to reverse? IDK just thinking.
  • Umbridge enters stage left and the chapters over. 
Look at this cake!

Isn’t that so cool? My sister made that cake for her husband’s nephew’s birthday! She isn’t even a professional, and she just bakes as a hobby. I think that’s just so dang cool. X) I remember she made me a Skyrim cake with a dragon and everything for my 16th birthday! I miss being in Alabama because now I don’t get to have her amazing snacks and cakes.. ;w; 

Personal post. So my sister is turning 16 and my mom got her a new dog with new accessories, and I’ve been asking for a dog for 5 years and I even said I’d buy it myself, and it was a no. For 16th birthday, I got a card with $50 and a $10 cake from Wal-mart with no words on it and nobody sang happy birthday to me. For my 17th birthday I got a flower and no cake. The only thing my mom has gotten me was my iPhone, which I had to pay her back for. My sister got a galaxy and didn’t have to pay her back at all.

I have a job and she just gets to lay at home and do nothing. I make straight A’s and it goes unrecognized, I get into Johns Hopkins university and it goes unrecognized, but my sister makes a C in math and the whole house throws a party.

Every birthday everyone is like “oh she’s so selfless” to my sister, but if I dare to ask for something, I’m a spoiled brat.

I just feel unimportant and I’m glad I’m in my senior year so I can graduate and move away to college so if I don’t get anything I won’t feel so forgotten.

The only one who acknowledges anything is my boyfriend, and it makes me feel super special, because I don’t receive any form of help at all at home. I’m glad I’m going to school because it won’t give her a chance to kick me out, I’ll leave before she gets the chance.

I just feel worthless and I’m glad I have this blog to make me feel better.

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Happy 16th birthday, gorgeous! ❤ I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of love, cake, presents, and even more cake! You were the first person I ever talked to on tumblr and I'm so happy to consider you one of my good friends! I LOVE YOU BAE!


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MY SWEET! MY LOVE! MY ANGEL! happy happy birthday you star child you and i refuse the fact that this day should be anythang but extraordinary for you ok i won't allow nothing else! i love you bby shweetumz happy sweet as sugar 16th *bakes you a 16 story high cake* *eats all of it but saves one piece for you <3* *dats how much i love you lmao*

Thankyouu my lovee illyy muchh >^~^>

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THANK YOU yes it was great i played the sims, had presents, ate cake… birthday stuff with relatives

also, don’t worry if it’s late, a friend of mine wished me a happy birthday tonight and he knows it was my birthday yesterday since like… two months probably?

Appreciation post 4 my friends

So my friends surprised me for my 16th birthday yesterday (8 days away). It was just amazing and wonderful and just completely wow. I can’t believe how lucky I am to find people like them. I was completely oblivious to the whole thing.

As any good surprise party starts I came busting into the room thinking I would see my friend who had “lady problems” wriggling on the carpet but I got this instead. (well this was a picture taken after everyone went down to eat the cake) ((but there was more people and there was a cake on my bed))

Then there was this amazing cake my friend’s mom made. Its so pretty and so perfect and I can’t even. I love them. look at Finn look at Jake they so cute look at the background. My friends do know what I like. (Although I think its due to the fact I gush about AT around them alot)

Then there was the super sweet card that gave me cavities and I can’t even begin to express how happy it made me because I just asdfghjkl. IT MAKES ME FEEL SO LOVED AND I CAN’T BEGIN HOW WARM AND FUZZY THE MESSAGES IN IT (and behind) IT MADE ME FEEL. (the card was also adventure time themed)

I haven’t opened the presents yet cause I’m a dork who’s gonna sit out the temptation to the actual day but I have reasons and solid facts that point towards both of them being adventure time related. Gotta wait another 8 days more.  

Man. I gotta love my friends. Although they can be trash at times, but I still love them and they love me. 

16th July

Well, today wasn’t a bad day but it wasn’t good either. It was quite average and then the downfall kicks in that one of my closest friends no longer wants to talk to me, right after the night of my birthday. This is quite a shock for me and somewhat I’m unsure how to deal with it, if I had a birthday cake this would be part of the day where I sneak down to the fridge and let myself in.

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Cake (for the word thing)

For my 16th birthday my mom made me a hogwarts cake from scratch and I cried because I loved it so much

We’re back with another bake!!! Today, Lily’s not made 1, not 2, but 3 bakes! It’s like 3 Bake Thursdays all in one (but on a Friday). Or my 16th, 17th, and 18th birthdays all rolled in to one (except I don’t normally get any cake on my birthday…well that’s another issue altogether…). Or Christmas. Either way, ace work Lily @ L1, cheers!!!

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i'm not gonna use my actual bday bc i don't like the questions for it :// so let's pretend my bday is june 07!!!

oh i did get one!! eyy my homie!! :~) 

june - what is the best thing you’ve ever experienced?? tbh i had a hard time thinking about this!! but the first thing that came to mind was my 16th birthday, my classmates surprised me with cake and lots of things and my mom surprised me for the first time ever in my life so i was feeling really loved and special that day :`) 

7 - first thing that came to mind are warm blankets ;;; i’m not that good with favorites questions but joshua’s smile came to mind too hehehe

Tomorrow is my birthday, and nobody even cares. My parents are horrible and I don’t want to talk to them, and they’re probably not even going to celebrate. I’ve been nothing but rude and disappointing to them. I’m getting nothing. No cake, no presents, no happy birthday song, nothing. This is my first birthday without cake. And it’s my 16th. When people are 16, they expect it to be a huge event. The best birthday they’ll have in a long time. It’s supposed to be special, because it’s a huge milestone in your life. And here I am, celebrating it like any other day of my life; sleeping in until noon, fighting with my parents and skipping every meal except dinner. This is no Sweet 16. In my case, it’s nothing but bitter.

And to make matters worse, even though my parents aren’t getting me any presents, I know for sure that my other family members have. Even my transphobic grandma and grandpa. Because apparently, even though the refused to address me by the proper pronouns, they still expect me to love them and are stupid enough to think that I accepted their insincere apology for misgendering me. In my opinion, the worst part about my birthday will be getting presents from people who I know are toxic, and I have no choice but to accept them because my parents will be mad if I don’t.

So yeah, not looking forward to tomorrow at all.