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I just want to take a moment to let y'all know EXACTLY how obsessed with WAY I am.... For instance, today is my 16th birthday and I literally forgot it was my birthday, because I was busy obsessing over the fact that we get a new chapter today. And even now after I have remembered it's my birthday, getting a new chapter of WAY is still the highlight of my day. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I just thought I'd let you know Exactly how obsessed I am with your beautiful writing Cass.


You are the sweetest person and you deserve all the love and cake today. Plus a new chapter of WAY - which will be up in about 20-30 minutes!!


16/11/16 (November 16th, 2016)

  • Finished a lot of reading but still have a crap load left💩
  • Wrote 10 pages of notes and almost broke my wrist by the end of it
  • Stayed up really late with my friends to count down for my birthday and then stuffed my face with cake🍰  studygram

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Photo  (Rami Malek x Reader Smut)

A/N: Hello guys! This is my first smut I publish and I’m aware that it’s not the best you have ever read. It’s probably the worst! Haha! Anyway, I’m trying to learn how to write smuts as well so just be patient! Please, sent me your opinion, it’s really important for me, so I can know what I need to do better for the next time. Love you my beautiful malekians!

Word count: 1,339

One afternoon, you made yourself comfortable on your couch with a cup of hot chocolate and some photo albums of your boyfriend Rami. You loved to look at his baby photos, he was soo cute as a baby, and you really liked his childhood photos as well. There were a few you smiled about, for example when his face was covered with cake on his 16th birthday. Poor Rami, you always thought.  You took a sip from your hot chocolate, leaned back and enjoyed watching your boyfriend’s memories.

After a few albums, you found a photo that almost made you spit your hot chocolate on your carpet. You never saw it before, although you had looked at the albums so many times. Either you always overlooked that picture, which is quite impossible or Rami had tried to hide it from you. The second option was more likely. He probably thought you wouldn’t touch his albums anymore, because you saw all his photos.

On the photo, he was posing on a bed, naked and only a cloth was covering his private area. As if it was not enough, he was wearing a black tie around his neck and grinned seductively into the camera. Damn, you thought. He was very hot on that photo. But you felt also suspicious and a little bit jealous. Who might have taken this picture? A photograph? A girl? Maybe himself? It didn’t look like it had been taken in a studio.

The more you stared at him, the more you were turned on. You already felt your wetness between your legs. God, he was so damn hot. How dare he torturing you like that? Ok, it wasn’t really his fault, he had no idea anyway. Slowly, you became frustrated and a sort of feeling spread inside of you.

That feeling that ate you up inside every time you felt it and made you insane. Unfortunately, Rami wasn’t home yet. You needed relief. As soon as possible. So, you could foresee how the night was definitely going to end.

You spent another hours, trying to distract yourself, but the feeling became more painful the longer it took Rami to come back home. You did everything: watching movies, surfing the net, reading books. But he wasn’t still home yet. God, you wanted him now! “Where are you, Rami?” You mumbled.

Suddenly, the front door was being unlocked and your boyfriend stepped into the apartment. He was holding a bouquet of roses in his one hand in the other hand he was carrying a plastic bag full of groceries. So, that’s why he was so late.

“(Y/N), I’m home.” He shouted. Then he went to the kitchen to lay the bag and the bouquet on the counter and after that he came to the living room, where you had already waited for him. A wide grin was plastered on your face and as Rami saw you, he looked at you questioningly. “What?” He asked confused. You just shook your head, laughing about the cluelessness of your poor boyfriend. You stood up from your place and went towards him. As you approached him, you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him close to your body.

“Rami..” You said with a singing voice. “Where have you been? I missed you so, so much?” Slowly, you plastered hungry kisses along his neck. He was bewildered. Normally, you were not affectionate. Unless, it was about sex. He slightly pushed you away from him. “Are you alright?” He asked. “Yeah, I’m just in the mood, y’know.” You answered. He offered you a gentle laugh. “Is that so? And why if I may ask.” You shrugged your shoulders. “Hmm, maybe I’m turned on by a certain photo.”

His face turned red within seconds. He was comparable to a tomato. Even his ears took a shade of red. He knew very well which photo you meant. You laughed at him, burying your face in the crook of his neck. He was so cute when he was ashamed. “You saw it?” He whispered. “Yes.” You said. “And it’s hot.” “Nah, more embarrassing if you ask me.”  You laughed again, while rubbing his chest. “Yeah, sure.” And then you roughly  crushed your lips against his. His tongue entered your mouth and you both fought for dominance. Meanwhile, your hand slid under his shirt, stroking his well-toned belly. His muscles tensed under your touch and you smirked into the kiss. A slight moan escaped from his lips as you rubbed yourself against him. “Upstairs! Now!” You whispered seductively in his ear as you both pulled away to breathe. He nodded and a few minutes later  you found yourself in your bedroom.

Rami pushed you down onto the bed and climbed on top of you. His lust-filled eyes stared at your beautiful ones. “I love you, (Y/N).” He said.  “I love you, too.”

He let his hands slid down your chest and slowly began to undress  you, leaving you in your underwear. You did the same by unbuckling his pants and slipping them down his legs. You saw the outline of his erection in his boxers and carefully cupped it with your hand. He hissed at your touch, a low groan escaped from his already plump lips. He pulled his shirt over his head so you had a look on his muscular chest. Licking you lips, you unclasped your bra, your nipples shivered at the sudden cold air and hardened. Rami glided his hand over your stomach, while kissing and sucking on your sweet spot, leaving hickeys on your skin. You gasped as he cupped your heat and his fingers teased your entrance through your panties.

“Rami.” You moaned.  “I need you, Baby. Now!” He giggled at your impatience. “So no foreplay this time?” He asked. “No please, I want you inside me!”  He saluted jokingly. “As you wish, m’lady.”

He positioned himself between your legs and pulled out his length. He stroked himself a few times before he slid himself into you, filling you completely. You arched your back, a deep groan escaping your lips. “Are you ok, Baby?” He inquired. He gave you time to adjust to his size. You just nodded your head, digging your nails into his olive skin. “Move, please!”

He bent down to kiss your lips and started to thrust slowly into you. You held tightly on his waist, helping him to push deeper and to hit the spot you were craving for. You closed your eyes, enjoying this intimate moment between you and your boyfriend. Your whole body burned like fire and your breath became uneven. His thrusts became faster and harder as he quickened his pace. You let out a little cry and bucked your hips to meet his. “Feels so good.” He moaned against your lips.

He cupped your breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. He licked and sucked at your nipple that sent jolts through your whole body. Still thrusting, he then used his thumb to rub your clit, giving you twice as much pleasure. Rami stared intensively at you and couldn’t stop himself from groaning as he felt you clench around him. Panting, you slowly could feel something build up in your stomach. You saw the stars as he hit your special spot again and it needed him a few more thrusts and rubbing your clit before your body exploded.

“Rami!” You screamed his name as you came, finally finding relief. Rami thrust you through your orgasm before he released himself in your core. He grunted your name, then collapsed onto you, his head resting on your breasts. Your heart was beating heavily against your chest and you tried to keep your ragged breath down.

Rami put his arms around you, pressing your sweaty bodies together. Your hands went through his hair, stroking his soft curls. He gave a kiss between your breasts before smiling lovingly at you.

“That was amazing. You were amazing.” He complimented. Your cheeks instantly turned red at his statement, but you tried to hide your blushing. “You were amazing too, Ram.”

“What did I do to deserve this?” He yawned, his limbs slowly fell down from the exhaustion. You kissed his head. “Well, if you keep doing photos like that, you’ll deserve it more often.”

Owari No Seraph 108 Fanbook information PART 1

So I finally had time to read through the first chapter and here is part 1 of my translations.

At first here’s the content of the book for those who don’t know:

  1. Mikayuu stickers
  2. Seraph of the Illustrations: Yuuichiro X Mikaela, Yuuichiro X Guren, Shinoa Squad, Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Vampire 
  3. Chapter 1: Information to characters (profile & interview)
  4. Chapter 2: Information to Cast, Staff & World 
  5. Side Information 

Profile & Interview - Shinoa Squad 

Yuuichiro Hyakuya 

  • Birthday: 16th October (Libra)
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 170 cm 
  • Weight: 59 kg 
  • Blood Type: A 
  • Demon: Asuramaru 
  • Favorite Food: Curry, cake ( because he said he wanted to eat cake for his birthday in the orphanage)


1. Q: Do you have a daily schedule?

A: Mhh…sword practice 10.000 times? Sit ups 10.000 times? If Guren is there, we would fight. But I always get beaten up…..

2. Q: What’s your favorite color? 

A: I like blue, I like the sky and also because I couldn’t see the sky when I used to live in the vampire’s world.

3. Q: Who do you like the most in shinoa squad? A: Mmh, they are all nice! 

4. Q: You are interested in driving, right? What type of car do you want to try to drive? A: I want to try something very fast, like baaaaaam-

5. Q: After you rescued Mikaela-san, what do you want to do together? A: Mmhh..Well, I hope we can meet very soon! Ahh, maybe to eat curry. The curry Kimizuki makes is super delicious!

Shinoa Hiiragi 

  • Birthday: 25th December (Capricorn)
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 150 cm 
  • Weight: 39 kg 
  • Blood Type: AB 
  • Demon: Shikamadouji 
  • Favorite Food: everything with cheese, chestnut cake mont blanc 

1. Q. What’s your daily schedule? 

A: Hmmm… Daily schedule? I brush my teeths everyday…something like this? 

2. Q: Whats your favorite color? 

A: Color…Well…I think I don’t have interest in many things..

3. Q: Who do you like the most in Shinoa squad?

A: mmmh…recently Yuu-san’s been on my mind. I wonder..why…

4. Q: Who do you think is a person that gets bullied very easily? 

A: 1. Mi-chan, 2. Mi-chan 3. Mi-chan 

5. Q: Tell us about your charming point and complexes! 

A: The huge breast that I inherited from my elder sister. Ohh, they don’t look huge to you. they’re huge, idiots can’t see them. 

Yoichi Saotome 

  • Birthday: 23rd November (Sagittarius)
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 165 cm 
  • Weight: 50 kg 
  • Blood type: B 
  • Demon: Gekkouin 
  • Favorite Food: Napolitan, Black and Green Tea

1. Q: What’s your daily schedule? 

A: to talk with Gekkouin, I think. Recently Gekkouin’s even making jokes!

2. Q: What’s your favorite color? 

A: I like green. I like the colors of plants in spring. 

3. Q: Who do you like the most in Shinoa squad? / who’s on your mind?

A: Yuu-kun. He looks a bit dangerous/ unreliable. 

4. Q: What do you do in your free time? 

A: To go to the rooftop and watch the sky. And also to practice with my bow. But mainly to talk with Gekkouin, My demon spells became much better. 

5. Is there something you dislike/ you’re not good at? 

A: Natto….Natto is…

Shiho Kimizuki 

  • Birthday: 26th November ( Sagittaurus) 
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 177 cm 
  • Weight: 62 kg 
  • Blood type: 0 
  • Demon: Kiseki-o 
  • Favorite food: Chocolate cookies, caramell cookies (both are also the favorite snacks from his sister) 

1. Q: What’s your daily schedule? 

A: to write diary. When my sister is healed, I want to tell her all the things that happened so far. 

2. Q: What’s your favorite color? 

A: Favorite color? Maybe orange? My sister Mirai said she likes orange. 

3. Q: Who do you like the most in Shinoa squad/ who’s on your mind? 

A: Baka-yuu! If you don’t babysit him /look after him, he’ll do something very stupid and things will end up terribly. 

4. Q: I heard Kimizuki-san is very good at cooking. Where did you learn this? 

A: Well, the world was about to end and there were only children. Someone had to cook meals. I looked up recipes in the library. 

5. Q: If your sister Mirai-san recovers, what’s the first thing you want to do with her?

A: Maybe to go for a walk, because we haven’t done this for quite a long time. 

Sangu Mitsuba 

  • Birthday: 7th July (Cancer)
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 155 cm 
  • Weight: 44 kg 
  • Blood type: A 
  • Demon: tenjiryuu 
  • Favorite food: strawberry Daifuku

1. Q: What’s your daily schedule? 

A: This is a secret okay? PLEASE DON’T TELL ME ANYONE! Well, recently I’m on a diet…

2. Q: What’s your favorite color? 

A: Why do we have to answer such questions? Whatever…Uhm I like pink!

What? Do you have a problem with that??? 

3. Q: Who do you like the most in Shinoa Squad? /Who’s on your mind? 

A: I always hear Shinoa talking about me, I often tell her not to bully/mock me !!! And next is Yuu, I guess… 

4. Q: If the world will be peaceful again one day, what do you want to do? 

A: Peaceful huh? Well if this day will come, I think I’ll go to a fancy cafe and well…ahh forget it! 

 5. Q: the very stylish Mitsuba-san, do you mind telling us your three sizes? 

A: Shinoa: It’s 200, 100, 200 right? 

Mitsuba: HEY! Shut up, you flat-chest!!!

Shinoa: Now now, Mi-chan! I’ll go to this fancy cafe with you! 

Mitsuba: Well…

I’ll translate the next part tomorrow (depends on how fast I’m with studying). The next part will be about  Guren & Co.

(I hope my english translation doesn’t sound weird and it’s understandable. Some of the japanese sentences are written in slang and I didn’t want to paraphrase a lot.)

Please do not repost this or claim it as your own. I needed quite a long time to translate these facts. (Reblogs are appreciated)

Anything for you - Nash Grier Imagine (requested)


Y/n’s POV

I groan turning over to my back as I felt the rays of sunlight shine on my face. I must’ve forgotten to close the curtains last night. As I stretch my arm I hit something, a low groan escaping from under the sheets. I lift then up and over his head to reveal a sleepy Nash, with his long hair sprawled everywhere.

A small smile graces my features as I turn to stare over at Nash. His lips seem slightly chapped, his tongue coming out to moisten them. His bright blue eyes hidden, his hair covers most of his face.

Soon, I feel arms snaking around my waist pulling me closer to his chest. A soft laugh and peppered kisses later, I’m staring into those beautiful eyes I’ve wanted to see. His smile is dropping, a sign he’s still sleepy. I move his hair from his face, noticing the way his eyes flutter, straining to keep his eyes open.

I lean in closer, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead. His skin is warm, soft, his arms securely wrapping around me giving me the feeling of complete safety, it makes me feel like nothing could go wrong. I slowly pull away from his hold, moving to sit at the edge of the bed. My feet dangle from the edge, before being firmly planted on the wooden ground. I tug my white tank down, straightening my pyjama bottoms before walking towards the bathroom. I turn the light on, lighting the dark room, looking into the mirror noticing how happy I look. Just by sparing a glance at me you could tell I was content. That I was happy with how my life was going.

I was. I truly was beatific with my life. A blissful part of my life was occurring, and I couldn’t be more thankful, and I know that most of the credit belonged to the sleepy boy with messy hair next door. The door wide open allowing me to see his figure lying in the bed, staring at me with adoration.

“Y/n,” I hear his soft attempts to get me back in bed. I shake my head, chuckling to myself as I watch his arms reach forward as of a child reaching for their favourite candy. I shook my head, muttering a sorry before closing the door, beginning to undress to shower.

I soon walk out, a peach towel tightly wrapped around me. I see Nash’s eyes follow my movements. I walk to the draws, opening them and pulling out my undergarments and a grey top of Nash’s and my sweatpants, tucking them under my arm and waving at Nash before retreating back into the bathroom, changing and soon walking out, dressed for a lazy day.

Nash is soon walking into the bathroom, stopping to hold me by my waist, pulling me in for a kiss to my temple. I smile, relishing in the feeling of his lips on my skin before it’s gone and he’s soon inside the bathroom, getting ready for the day.

I decide to waste time by pulling my phone out, going on twitter. I go on my timeline, noticing the picture of me Nash posted. I was looking in the bathroom mirror, smiling to myself. The caption reading, “When she’s happy, I’m contented.”

I smile once again, liking and retweeting the picture. I then move down my timeline, noticing some drama going on with the fandom. I usually decide to stay away from them, being that they usually included me.

I click on the profile of a girl, I followed her as she was one of the first fans to ‘approve’ of Nash and I’s relationship. I scroll down her tweets and replies, noticing she’s defending someone. Then I notice, it’s me. The drama is circulating around me. Being confused and curious, I click on more profiles, searching for the source of this drama, only seeing more arguing. But then I finally land on something. A picture, it’s of me and Nash, he’s holding a birthday cake and I’m smiling standing behind him. The cake has blue frosting in the middle, Happy 16th Y/n. It’s the birthday cake I got this year for my sixteenth birthday.

Why are they bringing this up?

I then notice another picture, another fan account posted the same picture only with a red circle around the cake and question marks around me. I read the caption, “She just turned 16, Nash is turning 19, wtf” I scroll down reading the comments, they’re all the same, all saying I’m too young for him. I decide to move away from the comments and to the previous fan account, the one I follow, to see her continuing to defend me. But before long I’m back to the hateful comments, now coming at me harder, saying things like Nash is just pitying me, that I shouldn’t even be with him, that I’m using him.

I turn my phone off, before tossing it across the bed. I run my hands through my hair, my eyes going glossy. I soon feel a stray tear burning down my skin, it reaches my chin before dropping on to Nash’s shirt, creating a dark grey spot. I stop myself, crying isn’t the answer, neither is looking through all those hateful comments. I straighten myself up and move to the bedroom door. I was at Nash’s new apartment he moved into recently.

I walk into the kitchen, opening the fridge and taking out the cool water. Soon I hear Nash’s loud footsteps thumping towards the kitchen.

“Hey, you okay? I started freaking out when I didn’t see you.” His voice is concerned. I notice now, he isn’t wearing a shirt, but that’s the last thing on my mind.

I walk over to the top shelf, reaching up to grab a glass. I place it on the marble counter top before filling it with cold water.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just needed some water,” I reply, my voice evident that something was getting to me. I felt Nash’s hands on my hips, moving me to face him. He looks down at me, his eyes piercing into mine. I try holding myself together, not to let myself crack. But as I continue staring into his eyes, those eyes pleading for me to be honest, I break. I feel the tear building up and before I can stop it, I feel it slide down my cheek.

I hate it, I hate the feeling of letting them win. They don’t deserve to make me cry. So as soon as the odd tear falls I wipe it harshly, pushing past Nash to grab a tissue, trying to remove the fact that they’d broke me. I hate crying because of someone, it makes me feel weak, and I hate that feeling.

Before I reach the tissue box, Nash pulls me to his chest, his fingers combing through my hair, his raspy voice quieting me. I let him hold me, not moving to put my arms around him, I just stare off, thinking about what the girls said about me.

They aren’t right. I know they aren’t. But somehow their words still affect me. Perhaps it’s because Nash listens to them constantly, maybe to the extent he believes them when they say I’m using him.

“Hey, Y/n, look at me.” Nash’s calloused fingers graze against my skin lifting my chin to meet his eyes. I blink up at him, knowing how emotionless I look. It always worries Nash, but I know that if I show emotion, I’ll cry, and I don’t want to cry.

“What’s wrong?” I hear Nash’s voice crack, and I instantly break my wall. My heart’s pounding in my chest as I watch him intently, he looks to be on the bridge of crying. To know I’m causing that makes my heart pound faster, almost painfully.

“They think I’m too young. And I know that what they’re saying is just words, and I shouldn’t listen to them, but for some reason, the pain of their disapproval haunts me.” I whisper, pulling Nash down to hug him, tightly wrapping my arms around his neck. He snuggles into my neck, kissing me softly, making me tense at the ticklish feeling.

“I’m sorry, they just don’t want us togeth-”

“But why?” I pull away, my voice slightly raising. I realise now that this is why the pain is so strong. My ignorance to their reasons for hating me. I don’t know why.

“I don’t know, Y/n, I wish I did.” I move away from Nash, nodding. I understand that he can’t do much to change their minds. So instead of fighting, I move. I need time to breathe and get my head out of the negative thoughts. But a pang of hurt hits as Nash doesn’t follow me. But I won’t admit that.

As I’m sitting down on the couch surfing through movies on Netflix, I heard my phone ding, signalling I have a notification. I didn’t want to open it until it dinged four more times. I sigh, stretching over to snatch my phone, picking it up and turning it on. I see that they are all tweets from Nash. I go on to Twitter and smile. Nash had tweeted about me.

I rush up into his bedroom, jumping into his lap. I smile as I pepper kisses across his face. His melodious laugh making my smile grow.

As I pull away and notice our heavy breathing, I lean my forehead against his.

“Thank you.” He leans forward and captures my lips in a sweet kiss.

“Anything for you.”

therock Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to the star of #Moana and my ohana @auliicravalho!! Have an amazing day honey and so proud of you and all you’ve done. Grateful you were born and enjoy your 3 types of cake!! 👏🏾👏🏾🍰🎉🎈#HappyBirthdayAulii

anonymous asked:

Hey Chris, tomorrow is my 16th birthday and I'm baking a cake for myself rn because even though I'm anxious about it I'm having a more clear headed day & the part of myself that wants change is louder than the part that feels shitty/low about myself. I've had disordered eating habits, low self esteem, and a lack of self love for 2+ yrs, and I'm really ready to have a positive mindset. I'm at the point where I can recognize it but its harder to change than to stay this way. Pls send good vibes xx


You deserve to have a beautiful day, and even more than that, you deserve to feel HAPPY and NOURISHED and FUELED and LOVED…

I would check out all of my messages I’ve answered under these two tags applying to your situation:

You are so, so much more than your weight or body. You are everything that your heart, soul, and mind carries…and that is so much more than a number or the size of a pair of pants. Eat cake because it’s delicious and celebratory. You are celebrating 16 years of LIFE!!!! :) 

The cake at my wedding on Saturday, August 16th. Tidus and Yuna. I walked down the aisle to the song “To Zanarkand.”

White cake with fondant and raspberry cream cheese filling.

Credit: Cakes by Chris in Wilkeson, WA. They are fantastic and affordable. They do baked goods for anything from birthdays to weddings to baby showers.

Happy Birthday!!

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Peter Parker x Reader

Happy Birthday!!

Prompt: Today is Tom Holland’s (20th) birthday, so here’s a lil fic to honor him.


Peter walked into the Avengers Facility on a Saturday afternoon. Surprisingly, it was empty. No one was there. Literally no one.

“Hello?” he called down the hall, but his voice echoed off of the walls. There was no response. “I guess I’ll just go home then,” he turned around but stopped when he spotted a note on the wall. He could have sworn that there was nothing there a second ago.


A special day is coming soon,

go to the place that Tony sees the moon.

“Moon?” Peter said to himself. “Well, Tony has a skylight in the lab?” Peter walked down the hall and into the lab. On one of the microscopes, there was another note.

The Facility is like the tower,

go outside and pick a flower.

Peter picked up the note and walked out of the lab and then outside. From the front door, there was a path of flowers. He followed them to the base of a tree. Stuck in a hold in the tree was another note. He unfolded it.

To find the Avengers use your brain,

Go to the room where your teammates train.

“Training room,” he muttered, sticking the note with the others before running to the training room. Strapped to a weight, there was the final note.

You’ve made it to the end, now follow your heart.

To find the end, go back to the start.

Peter thought for a second before heading out towards the lobby where he had entered. Suddenly, there were balloons and streamers, and a giant banner that said ‘HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY, PETER!’

“Surprise!” The Avengers shouted, jumping out of their hiding spots.

“Surprise, Peter,” you said, appearing behind him and wrapping your arms around your boyfriend. You had the power of invisibility and had been following him the whole time.

“Awww (Y/N), did you tell them it’s my birthday?”

“Of course I did! What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t?” You laughed.

“Hey kid, want cake?” Tony offered, holding up a plate with a slice of red velvet cake.

“What kind of a question is that?” Peter laughed, gratefully taking the slice. “Thanks Mr. Stark. Thank all of you. This is the best birthday ever!”

Stampedes in Your Stomach

Requested by @clarke-grifffn. #2 (childhood best friends au) + jily      AO3

As his lips press harder against hers, eighteen-year-old Lily Evans can’t help but think about how displeased six-year-old Lily Evans would be with this development. 

They had not been best friends from the get go. At six years old, Lily was sure that James Potter was the worst thing to have ever happened to her. Ever since he had moved in next door he had been pulling pranks on her, tugging at her pig tails and putting mud in her shoes when she wasn’t looking. But two could play at that game. 

Soon there was a full on war happening on their joint lawn. Looking back on it now, neither of them can remember exactly who won. (James always thinks he did, but not because of the pranks, because he got the smiling girl with fire in her eyes and on her head and a voice that sounded like magic). (Lily believes she won because she got this boy who could make her laugh, the boy with storms in his hair and stardust on his cheeks). 

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My amazing Wonder Twin Ally made me a cake for my 16th birthday and it is Cake Boss worthy!

Knowing my love of Kiera Cass’ bestselling series, The Selection, she made me a cake designed to look like the first two books in the series (The Selection and The Elite).

On top of the cake, she styled the fondant to look like the dresses and even added little book mark ribbons on the sides! (You’re adorable Ally, I love this!)

Above all, it was this small note that absolutely threw me over the edge.  This sweet message has left me fangirling ever since I saw it, and it has now taken up residence on my desk (and will stay there FOREVER!).

Thank you so much and I love you more than America loves strawberry tarts! You’re the best, Wonder Twin!