this is my 16 year old

Emergency Commissions

Hi everyone! So like, short explanation of the situation. Im applying to college right now and will be leaving home in less than a year, completely independently (scary!) at only 16 years old (yikes) and due to my age, I am unable to get a job. However, my family is living paycheck to paycheck and can’t even afford a haircut (glad I can do those) let alone pay $50+ for even a single college application let alone 2 or 3. However, my family does not make little enough to qualify for any sort of waiver (the reason we are living down to the dollar would be my hospital bills). In addition, I need money to save for college in general, and on a note of lesser importance, transitioning. Cosplay comes way after all of that and honestly it’s only through my friends that I have been getting so much done.

So I am opening up commissions! You can see some examples of my stuff on my cosplays and you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram (insta is still not set up) by searching for altruistic cosplay commissions or altruisic commissions. If you don’t want anything but would like to donate (appreciated but I don’t want to just ask people to send me money) you can message me for my paypal.

Commission Prices:

Tavros: $35
Captor: $20
Vantas: $15
Leijon: $15
Maryam: $25
Pyrope: $20
Serket: $30
Zahhak: $25
Makara: $30
Ampora: $25
Peixes: $25
Any Ancestors add $5

Calliope: $25
Fantrolls/Speciesswaps: Dependent on design
Unavailable currently: Megido, Rufioh/Summoner

Any Beta Trolls unless listed below: $15
Karkat (turtleneck sweater): $25
Karkat (long sleeve)/Eridan: $20
Feferi/Equius: $20
Cronus/Meenah (shirt or crop top): $15
Latula (top shirt): $20
Dead characters: $20
Alpha and Beta kids: $25
Godtier tshirts: $20
Camp Half Blood shirt: $25
Chara/Frisk sweater: $30

Aranea dress: $50

Meenah braids: $15 a pair any length
Meenah glasses: $20
Ear fins: $15
Vriska glasses: $20
Meenah bracelets: $20 a pair
Dead Tavros Head: $50
Dave turntables: $35 a pair
Vriska robot arm: $35
Hetalia curls: $20-30 depending on character

Willing to make any props for any characters, including weapons.

Make godtier wings, price based on the godtier/character.

I can also make any skirts and small clothing items you may need.

I also do art and wig styling commissions! I can do basic character sketches, watercolors, etcetc.

Please message me if you want to discuss anything and I am always willing to negotiate prices!!

the funniest thing just happened zkdkmdkdkfds okay so my little brother and i were watching the tododeku fight in the bus on our way home and turns out the guy behind us (he was a student too like 16 years old or something) was watching it too and in the moment todoroki started shaking he just yelled “use ur left side !!!” and we turned around like wtf and he was all like “im sorry im sorry but that’s amazing” and then he keep watching it till the end lmao

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hcs for single teen dad jungkook and jimin helping him out? (fluff, and maybe a kiss too?)

+ Jungkook should of known better then to hide who he really was. If he was honest about his sexuality then he wouldn’t be here, just turning 17 and his 16 year old girlfriend wouldn’t be rubbing her swollen belly.

+ “I don’t want it.” She spats as she cries “I’m too young!” “What about abortion?” Jungkook asks. She shakes her head. “I can’t, my parents won’t abort a fetus.” “Ok, let’s just… give it up for adoption ok?”

+ Needless to say, once that beautiful baby girl was born and Jungkook held her, he couldn’t give her up. His ex let him keep her. Refuses to even look at her. 17 single teen dad of the most beautiful girl. Jungkook’s parents luckily were supportive but push their son to take of her in his own.

+ Jungkook stares blankly at the shelves of diapers. Why are there so many different brands? WHY ARE THESE SO MANY SIZES AND COLORS? WHY DO PRICEY? Jungkook just stares as Jungha sleeps against his chest in her baby carrier.

+ “I’m having problems my darling daughter.” Jungkook says patting the newborns back. “I should of taken a picture of the box. Which one do you like Jungha?” “Do you need help sir?”

+ Jungkook turns to see the most beautiful male he has ever seen. Jimin, the name tag says and Jungkook swallows as those doe eyes stare at him curiously. Jungkook swallows. “I-I just need… for her..” “Looking gor her size?”

+ Jimin smiles and walks over to look at the baby with a smile. Jungkook blushes as Jimin’s fond eyes look up to Jungkook. “New borns are hard to shop for. Can I see her diaper?” Jungkook nods and unbuckles Jungha (who whines) and pulls her cloths enough to show the diaper. Jimin nods at first glance before picking up a box for Jungkook. “Here you go.” “Oh my god, thank you so much!” Jungkook gasps tossing the box in the cart.

+ “No problem, she is so lucky her brother loves her enough to come get then.” Jimin coos pinching at the air near the baby’s face. Jungkook swallows as he flinched. “Uh, I’m the dad…” Jungkook wish he just stayed quite cause the cute employee looks up in surprise. “Oh? You’re quit young?” Jimin smiles patting Jungkook’s shoulder. “Well, she’s still lucky her dad came. Usually mom’s come, guess she was busy?” Jungkook looks down at his daughter yawning against him and snuggling.

+ “she… isn’t in the picture. Her choice.” Jungkook says patting his daughters back. Jimin frowns as he looks at the baby. “I’m sorry to hear that.” “It’s ok. Rather her not be around if she di dnt want her.” Jungkook says. Jimin stays silent for a moment before handing his phone over to the younger boy. “Here, put your number in here.”

+ Jimin smiles as Jungkook looks at him in shock. “W-why?” “You’re a new dad right? Not to brag but I’m quite the baby expert, well at least with diapers and toys. Plus I can give you discounts. Plus, you’re cute.” Jungkook blushes as he stumbles over his words as he shakiliy puts in his number. “T-Thank you.” “No problem. W hats the princesses name anyways?” “Jungha.” “Well Jungha, uncle Jimin will spoil you now ok?”

+ Jungkook won’t even deny he might be in love.

+ Jimin was true to his word, he gave Jungkook discounts and help him pick out good quality items for Jungha. Jungkook found himself texting the 18 year old all the time and not about Jungha. Jimin is nice and Jungkook feels his chest warm up.

+ Jungkook also meets Taehyung through Jimin. And Tae is the best baby sitter! Jungkook watches how Taehyung easily handles the 5 month old. “He has younger siblings anf plenty of little cousins.” Jimin whispers to Jungkook when Taehyung shakes a toy at Jungha.

+ Jungkook and Jimin were in Jimin’s apartment. Jungkook needed help studying and Jimin offers to help, easily entertaining Jungha as he does it. Jungkook just stares as Jimin coos at the baby and feels his heart jump in love. Jungkook smiles fondly. Jimin looks back over at him making Jungkook jump.

+ Jimin laughs softly placing Jungha on the blanket on the floor before leaning across the table. “Listen, dad.” Jungkook scoffs and Jimin chuckles at his reaction. “I think you’re really cute. I love your daughter. I think…” Jungkook eyes widen as Jimin blushes “if you want… when you turn 18… we could be more?”

+ “yes!” Jungkook exclaimed shocking Jungha. Jimin laughs when the baby cries and picks her up while Jungkook stumbles as bit. Jimin Giggles and leans over pressing a kiss against Jungkook’s cheek, making the dad blush and stutter.

ID #59143

Name: Robin
Age: 17
Country: UK

I’m a 17 year old guy from the UK, about to go to university and looking for someone else also having new life experiences
I’m into musicals, politics, activism, art journalling, cooking and flowers!
I’m currently learning Spanish and going to study Peace Studies at university
I’d love to do the snail-mail penpal thing, but I’d prefer to get to know someone before giving out my address

Preferences: preferably someone between 16-19
not in the UK
not homo/transphobic

Since so many people asked for what Fennie’s voice would sound like.

Here’s some clips on how I think he’d sound at certain ages of his life.

^^^^ I had to record this. Sorry for the echo there was nothing I could do about it. But I imagine that at five years old Fennie would sound like Shyler from Dink The Little Dinosaur. Shyler is the one who loses his tooth here. I’ve always loved this show and I loved Shyler, he was my fave character next to Amber. And he has such a cute voice~

This is how Fennel would sound between 6-14 yrs old until he started to mature and his voice would change. {{ His voice would sound like Asriel’s in this video btw }}

What Fennel will sound like from 15-16 {{ Again the Asriel voice }}

And finally this is what he sounds like when he’s an adult. 

hey !!

my name is carter and I’m a 17 year old boy from the uk :)) - im on here bc id really like to meet some new friends from around the world !!

tbh i think it would just be rly cool to be able to have a penpal in another country?? idk but anywhere is fine :))

im quite cheerful and ill always reply to a message - i dont caare about sexuality/race/religion/gender - seriously anyone can talk to me!!

i play football (or soccer) and i like to play video games in my spare time lol idk im running out of things to say ?? 

my perfect penpal would be roughly around my age and preferably speaks englishh im always up for a laugh but i can be serious at times i promise!!

i like films and anime :)) im currently watchin naruto (dont judge me) 

haha i guess thats it?? idk thanks - im only gonnna put my insta up atm but if u message im sure we can find more convenient ways??

instagram: carterb3nson

So, my 16 year old niece came over for lunch..

And as a rabid XF fan (I may have steered her slightly in that direction!) the talk inevitably turned to the happenings of the past week - she knows about the porto pics without any info from me - and then to the ideals behind feminism.

“Feminism is so important” she said, “but everyoneism is even more important….so why isn’t there a word for that?”

Why indeed Abi, why indeed.

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Okay I get the rest of the things on the hate list but I gotta ask; what did the coleslaw do to you??


Flashback to August, 2004. Little 16 year old me is working at Long John Silvers, my very first job. 

One of my jobs is to make new trays of coleslaw and throw it in the cooler to rest overnight before serving. It’s mixed in 40 pound batches. 

So it’s coming up on Friday, which is always busy, and we always make an extra tray of coleslaw for that day. My manager already mixed a couple during the dinner rush while we were serving and cooking and taking orders, but it’s died down now and I’m finishing up prep for the next day. So I mix up the last tray and go to take it into the cooler. 

The other two tubs of coleslaw are on the top shelf. My boss always puts them there IDK why because all our not 6′ 6″ asses hate that, so I sigh and go to take them down and move them to a lower shelf so the shorter crew members can reach tomorrow. 

I slide the first tray off the shelf and move it down, no issues. I go to move the second one. 

Well. Apparently, the bottom of that tub had a hairline crack and the cold had made the plastic brittle. I slide it off the shelf and the bottom breaks out. 40 pound of coleslaw, spilling right over the top of my head. 

It was in my hair. It was in my shoes. It was dripping down the back of my neck. It was disgusting. Not least since my manager made me finish out the rest of my shift; let me go change into street clothes (I had some in my car in my gym bag) but it was still soaked into my hair and oh my god it was so fucking gross. 

Also, imagine the smell of coleslaw soaked clothes stuffed into a plastic bag, left to marinate in the trunk of a car in a 92F August in Iowa summer evening for an hour and a half. My car smelled like coleslaw for three weeks. 

I have not been able to stand the smell of it since. 

ID #15786

Name: Louise
Age: 16
Country: France

I’m a sixteen years old girl. I enjoy music, reading and shows! I really don’t know what to say… So I’m looking for a penpal to discover people and improve my English…

Everyone! Just be open-minded please :)

When I was 16, my 30 year old manager from work offered to drive me home when we ran out of work early. My best friend was signaling me negative but she was still working so I couldn’t ask why and I ended up taking the ride.

He asks if we can swing through a drive thru and then he parks his car and proceeds to tell me he was in love with me. He had told my friend the day before and she begged him not to tell me. He couldn’t understand why it wasn’t appropriate for my superior and also an adult to be telling me, a minor subordinate that he was “in love with me.”

He didn’t try anything physical, but I eventually quit my job because it was SO uncomfortable when I would look up and catch him staring at me.

Adults have no business telling minors that they have feelings for them. Nothing good can come of it. And I’ve never understood what he thought I had to offer him, what it was about me that was loveable to a grown ass man while I was still an angry, immature and broken child.

YOI: Entwining Fates Drabble Collection Preview

Ten years ago, 16-year-old Yuuri turned scarlet red just from holding hands.

Now, well: now the same man tips his head and deepens the kiss he initiated, letting out a noise so low and filthy that Viktor can no longer tell up from down.

“I’m very much enjoying this new turn of events, but…” Viktor pants, hands tangling in dark locks of hair, “…I can’t have stains on my uniform for the big speech.” 

“Are you actually being responsible?” Yuuri teases, mouthing the words across his jaw. 

“Mmm~ not quite.” Viktor lifts Yuuri’s chin and drops kisses on his lips, his cheeks. “I’m already running late, for instance.”

Hi! Im Alyssa. Im 16 years old and i live in California. 

Things i like

 art, music, photography, and animals.

Music i like

Oh Wonder, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, The Front Bottoms, Harry Styles, Pierce the Veil, Marina and the Diamonds, The 1975, Olivia O'Brien, Zella Day and more

TV Shows I like

Shameless, Teen Wolf, Fresh off the Boat, Friends, Skam and Law and Order SVU

My perfect pen pal will be someone who I could talk to about serious things but also funny things. I dont care what age 

You could contact me on tumblr @alyssastrology or instagram @allaboardthefandomtrain

i know full well who’s been sending me shit for the past few days. she doesn’t even bother hiding it, making rants and namedropping me, and making posts similar to the anons she sends me. she’s butthurt because 1) she couldn’t fucking write. and 2) because i blocked her ass for stanning 13rw and being weird.

you know who you are and i know you’re stalking my fucking blog by going offline because i blocked you. grow the fuck up and act like the 16 years old you say you are - even though we both know you’re 13. go to sleep now, it’s way past your bedtime.

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I'm pregnant and my boyfriend and I are really excited to raise our child but we are 15 and 16 years old

Congrats! that’s amazing! Happy for both of you. You are young but it’s definitely possible with the support of friends, family, and each other! 


Hi! I’ve done this a few times but eh why not again amiright? 
so like i cant figure out how to upload an image of me but my tumblr profile picture is of me so like..yeah.
My name is Allie! you can call me Nova if youd like but i dont mind. Im genderfluid and pansexual, so no hate please! i dont care what pronouns you use honestly i dont mind any of them. Im also fourteen years old (fifteen this august) and i live in the US
I have a bit of a weird sense of humour, i like offensive humour a lot lol but also you could just say like some random shit and id probably laugh for no reason


music (i pretty much listen to any and all music genres), anime, videogames, and art. oh, and i also love writing even though im bad at it lol
I also love markiplier and pewdiepie

I’m a generally an uninteresting person tbh, but i ramble a ton and talk too much !  i like to talk about deep philosophical stuff which is boring but oh whale, im also horrible at telling people about myself oops. looking through my tumblr will help to get to know me pretty well lmao so feel free

Ideal penpal or whatever:

preferably someone 13-17, someone who can listen when i get carried away but also talk enough as well so i dont feel annoying lol. Someone who doesnt mind cussing lol. also is patient with my awkward personality and hyperness, etc.  idec honestly just like be a good person etc. 

also im horrible at replying so if i ever dont reply just like spam me so ill remember to reply  r i p 

tumblr: topcatt10

modern high school!au vox machina group memes

  • Grog’s foolproof plan to seduce Tom Hardy
  • Percy’s sexual orientation is Exhaustion
  • grog responding to literally any text message with “GET WRECKED”
  • “Listen. Vex’s eyeliner is so sharp it could kill a man,”
  • Pike responding to anyone in the group swearing with “WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTH” 
  • keyleth being both horrified by and incredibly, implausibly skilled at those deer hunter video games with the plastic guns
  • yelling “THEY’RE SIBLINGS, YOU FUCKS” when someone assumes Pike and Grog or Keyleth and Percy are dating
  • Scanlan asking Pike to prom at least three times a month
  • “what is keyleth doing?” “her best”
  • pointing at lawn gnomes and saying “look, it’s scanlan”
  • “I’m just saying, have we ever seen Scanlan and Tary in the same room?”
    • Tary, standing next to Scanlan: “YES”
  • saying “where the fuck is vax?” when vax is standing three feet away
  • WWPD: what would Pike do? 
  • picking a random inanimate object, pretending it’s vax, and having a conversation with it in the place of the real Vax when vax Disappears and no one feels like going to look for him
  • Keyleth The Frog Murderer
    • “guys, that was ONE TIME. and the frog was already dead”
  • *points at stranger* “who is that?” “i don’t know but they probably owe Vex money”
    • Vex, sliding her ten dollar Target sunglasses down her nose: “damn straight” 
  • exchanging blurry candid pictures of Percy with the caption CONFIRMED when he’s taking too long to text back 
  • Grog secretly being Hillary Clinton

People Keep Asking This Teen Named Sadaf If She’s “Sad AF” And She’s Done AF

Sadaf is a 16-year-old high school student from Massachusetts. She told BuzzFeed News her parents are originally from Afghanistan, and her name is a pretty common first name in South Asia and parts of the Middle East.

“Usually, I get roughly around two or three DMs a day about my name,” Sadaf said, sending BuzzFeed News an exhausting collection of screenshots from her inbox.