this is my 16 year old

ID #53867

Name: Saskia
Age: 16
Country: Germany

Sooo… Be prepared for an awkward text!

My name is Saskia, I’m 16 years old and from Germany.
I’m currently in grade 10 and stressed as hell. Besides German, I learn English, French, and Latin in school. I would love to learn more languages, but I currently have not enough time or motivation.

I like to read (especially crime novels or funny things), to cook (and to eat, of course) and to complain about anything and everything. Besides that, I’m interested in languages, politics and cultural differences. I don’t listen to music that much (but I watch TV way too often). My favorite shows are Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Big Bang Theory, and The Middle. Oh, and I have a weird sense of humor!

I would love to find new friends, particularly from other countries. Because I’m always broke, I would prefer communicating over Tumblr (snail mail is expensive af)

Preferences: Someone around my age would be cool. And don’t be scared of my crappy English skills!

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You are a larrie, you fetishize 16/17 year old Harry and Louis and fantasize about their sex and love life. You are perpetuating pedophelia and abuse as much as any of those other larries perpetrating it on other fans. Larries as a cult are based on pedophelia and fetishization. I hope you realize the horrible abusive group you are part is where this all stems from. Larries are a toxic poison

I am a larrie. I do not, however, fetishize 16/17 year old Harry and Louis, nor do I fantasize about their sex life at that age. I just turned nineteen years old myself, and while it isn’t okay for everyone to fantasize about the love life of teenagers, I am literally a teenager myself, meaning that I am literally the same age group as 16/17 year old Harry/Louis and it would be the same as fantasizing about the love life of myself or people my own age. How can I perpetrate pedophilia on someone who is in my own age group? Larries are no more a cult than anti’s who target fans who are minding their own business and simply reblogging photo’s of Harry/Louis, much like many anti’s, and simply showing support for the two as people. 

And every single aspect of this fandom is toxic, not just larries. Anti’s have toxic aspects. Larries have toxic aspect. Literally every part of the One Direction fandom has some part of it that is toxic and harmful, and for you to come into my inbox, completely unprovoked, and come at me with these accusations that firstly make no sense and secondly are disgusting just proves your own toxicity. Look in a mirror before attacking random strangers online whom you know nothing about. 

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I'm 25, and I'm five foot but I look 16 - I literally walked over to the alcohol section of a store and this lady yelled at me telling me to go home or she'd call the cops. I was like "lady chill," and showed her my ID. smh

The real horror is when you realize the older you get, the more you shrink. I’m about to be an 80-year-old grandma that stands proudly at 1′3″. :’)

I just realized I’ve got or used to have PTSD. Why I didn’t connect the dots is beyond me but…Wow.

PTSD is just you know, something that happens to war vets, not 16 year old girls.

But I’m reading it and I’m realizing how it fits so well and how it fits with my gaps in memory as a kid and how no one else really seems to have that and the different ways I react to shit and my flashbacks and I just…


(Part ½ of Day 17/30 of November, aka Native American Heritage Month, where I’ll be posting 2 resources of 2 native fcs a day, you can find all in this tag)

Under the cut, you’ll find #282 gifs of the 16 year old Peruvian singer Renata Flores Rivera, who is of Quechua ethnicity. All of the gifs are 250x140 sized, textless, roleplayable, and, most importantly, made by me. Please refer to my gif pack rules here for what you can and cannot use these for/in and please like/reblog if you found this helpful.

TW: Flashing Lights, Fire.

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antis misusing the term pedophilia has similar effect to rape jokes: it desensitizes people from the actual meaning of the word which is super duper fucking harmful. idk how many times ive rolled my eyes at a "uwu anti pedo uwu" posts here bc i cant be certain if people are talking about actual threat to children's safety or their notps having age gap. and i know im not the only one. the fact that they seem shameless about contributing to this dangerous phenomena is disgusting.

^^This. It’s like “crying wolf” too. When ant-shippers call a ship between an 18 year old and 16 year old “pedophilia,” anyone with common sense is going to think they’re (rightfully) ignorant. Then when they make actual claims of real pedophilia, no one is going to take them seriously. 

When this fic is done, I’m going to write about how hard it was to write.  About how there is so much me in this particular fic.  And how absolutely demoralising it is that it has gotten so little feedback and traction compared to the original.  It’ll probably sound like entitled whining, but I can’t help feeling like that 16 year old girl who had all her friends tell her they’d come to her big sweet 16 pool party and no one showed.

Except my bff who is literally the best person in the whole world.  Shout out to Erin-chan who married a dude named Chan so now her name is literally Erin Chan.  ilu

So thank you to the handful of people reading Hallowed Out and those who reached out.  Y’all are the best.  There will be a new chapter before I go to Hong Kong.  It is the smut chapter.

modern high school!au vox machina group memes

  • Grog’s foolproof plan to seduce Tom Hardy
  • Percy’s sexual orientation is Exhaustion
  • grog responding to literally any text message with “GET WRECKED”
  • “Listen. Vex’s eyeliner is so sharp it could kill a man,”
  • Pike responding to anyone in the group swearing with “WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTH” 
  • keyleth being both horrified by and incredibly, implausibly skilled at those deer hunter video games with the plastic guns
  • yelling “THEY’RE SIBLINGS, YOU FUCKS” when someone assumes Pike and Grog or Keyleth and Percy are dating
  • Scanlan asking Pike to prom at least three times a month
  • “what is keyleth doing?” “her best”
  • pointing at lawn gnomes and saying “look, it’s scanlan”
  • “I’m just saying, have we ever seen Scanlan and Tary in the same room?”
    • Tary, standing next to Scanlan: “YES”
  • saying “where the fuck is vax?” when vax is standing three feet away
  • WWPD: what would Pike do? 
  • picking a random inanimate object, pretending it’s vax, and having a conversation with it in the place of the real Vax when vax Disappears and no one feels like going to look for him
  • Keyleth The Frog Murderer
    • “guys, that was ONE TIME. and the frog was already dead”
  • *points at stranger* “who is that?” “i don’t know but they probably owe Vex money”
    • Vex, sliding her ten dollar Target sunglasses down her nose: “damn straight” 
  • exchanging blurry candid pictures of Percy with the caption CONFIRMED when he’s taking too long to text back 
  • Grog secretly being Hillary Clinton

Happy Birthday Izuku!!

Antis in one fandom: Keith is 18, he’s a teenager, he’s basically still a minor/child/baby, you can’t ship him with an adult

Antis in another fandom: Otabek is 18, he’s an adult, he’s literally a grown ass man, you can’t ship him with a 16-year-old minor/child/baby

if danny phantom were ever to get a live action spin off, i want it to be something like stranger things. horror and full of suspense, but also cheerful and funny at times, with a nice retro vibe. get those edgy cw dramas out of my face. i want actual 14 year olds playing 14 year olds ok

Our party discovering the background of the naive, 16 year old, human Cleric girl in the party

Paladin (ooc): Cleric is carrying all our money right?

Cleric: Yeah, but I won’t give you guys any.

Paladin: What!? Why?

Cleric: My mentor, Old Pete, always said that wealth is meant to be gained, not spent.

Paladin:… Pete didn’t happen to be a dragon, did he?

Cleric: What else would he be?

Druid: Wait, what!?

Paladin: But she is carrying all our money!

Monk: I have my own money

Paladin: Which was all hidden in the gnome’s rectum!

Cleric: Seems like a fine way to guard your wealth to me.