this is my 16 year old

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Pewdiepie liked your drawing you did of him :-)

He likes every drawing he is in it

I am so happy

I remember when I was like 16 or 15 years old I was watching his videos I always try sending my drawings to him even back then it was really bad

Seeing now after 3 or 4 years when he finally noticed me and followed me I felt really happy 😊

He was one of those silly youtubers but and the Same time he is honest who doesn’t care what people say about him and help people

and he is super random so everyday is something new from his channel

and that’s what I like about him ✨


If I had any advice for my 16-year-old self, it would just be to stay strong, because acting is not an easy lifestyle, especially when you are starting out. That being said, it definitely makes it all worth it when it does happen.

I’m looking for some internet friends or people I can write letters to.
My name’s Jil, I’m a 16 year old girl from Luxembourg. I speak luxembourgish, german, english and french fluently, even though I’ve got some difficulties with french.
I really love photography, aesthetical things, poetry and languages. I’m a huge Harry Potter and Sherlock fan, but there are way too many books I like to list them all.
My music taste variates a lot, but Lana del Rey and Ed Sheeran are my favourite musicians at the moment.
I may be a bit awkward, especially at first, because I’m pretty shy and self-conscious.
My instagram is @frauenberg_jil , feel free to contact me:)

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Apparently women stop growing about 2 years after they start menstruating where as men stop growing at around 16-18 years old. Thats why women tend to be shorter

Makes sense I suppose, it’s also to do with parent heights typically your height falls between your parents heights (according to my old dietitian that is) although some people do buck that trend x

Helloo!!! I’ve been reblogging some stuff for some time but I decided that maybe I should formally introduce myself if i plan on posting my stuff here too!

  • My name is Aditi and I am a 16-year-old girl from Estonia!
  • My instagram is @adititoome and my other tumblr is @bluejeansprouse​
  • I will try to post my own stuff here whenever I’m happy with something I’ve made, I don’t know how often that will happen but we’ll see!
  • Some facts about me: I am a vegetarian (have been my whole life), I enjoy drumming and do it usually once a week, my current favorite youtuber is Conan Gray and I enjoy reading books and watching movies and tv shows (so feel free to recommend me some of those)(<–also recommend me good songs!)
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It’s a bit of a serious talk from here on.. (^O^)

I spoke a little about it during my seitansai but during these two months since my 19th birthday, the amount of time I spend thinking to myself about my troubles has increased so much. 
I still want to remain a child but the passing of time is quick, isn’t it?

I get told a lot that I’m surprisingly mature but actually, I’m not at all. To be honest, I recently noticed that my mind stopped maturing when I was about 16 years old. No, maybe when I was 13. Lol.
But the clock hands won’t stop just to wait for me. I’m rapidly becoming an adult and I am at an age where I can perceive myself as a 20 year old. 
So as a human being and as an idol, I began to feel impatient for the first time.

Looking back to when I joined AKB up until now, I feel like I haven’t had any time to stop.  
Even when I’m troubled, I’ve always had a major goal that I had to reach and continued running towards. 
But in the past two months, I felt myself stopping for the first time. I don’t know why but I didn’t feel like I was enjoying every day from the bottom of my heart. As if I was working unsteadily..

During my seitansai, I was honestly worried for the first time in a while about my performance and physical strength. And I wasn’t just worried about that.
Everyone’s loud cheers, smiling faces and their figures wholeheartedly supporting me made me really, really happy and I had so much fun!!!

So shortly after my seitansai, all my worries disappeared. It felt like I was relieved from my recent gloominess. 
I conveyed my feelings during my speech, decided on a new goal and found a position that I can reach together with everyone.

After all, I can’t move forward without all my fans. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 
I’m 19 but I’m still in between a child and an adult. I’ll be glad if you can continue to watch and support me.

Thank you as always.

And I’ll send another mail about the sousenkyo!

From Miion.

Continuation (^O^)

I think my seitansai speech is jinxed, I’ve said my goal every year and it has come true.

And this year.. I want to enter Kami 7.

Haa I wonder why I keep making such reckless challenges. \(^o^)/
Despite thinking calmly, I said something dreadful. \(^o^)/

But as expected after last year’s sousenkyo, I was often jokingly told, “Next year is Kami 7, right?” during handshake meetings and interviews. No, I felt like I couldn’t say such a thing even if my mouth ripped open. Even though 13th place is a wonderful position, I didn’t think I could rank any higher than that. “What will I do next year?” ..I thought about that with seriousness.
But this year, by earnestly declaring Kami 7, I wonder if I can grow up a little after all?

Honestly speaking, when I was chosen for senbatsu before, I was at the end of the third row.. it was common for me. But for High Tension, for the first time, I wasn’t just an understudy singing in the front. For Shoot Sign, I was among the 9 members in the first row.
Of course, I might not have much strength but as long as I stand in my place, it’s only natural for me to aim for a higher position. Right?

I think a wall is not a wall if it’s not high enough to make me think that I can’t climb over it!
So it makes sense to test myself now by declaring a huge goal.

However..  the announcement for the 48th senbatsu was the next day.
Of course I was really happy to be chosen for senbatsu again.

But even more than that, I felt terribly, terribly frustrated.
If I can’t be more reliable,
Then I won’t be able to contribute more to the group.

And just before the announcement, I didn’t even think I would be frustrated, but it was the most frustration I’ve ever felt that I couldn’t forgive myself.
I finally noticed all my fans’ reactions when they said it’s frustrating for them.

Right, I agree.
To all the AKB fans, staff and members, I want you to rely on me! The announcement made me think I must become a reliable person.
If our generation stops here, what will we do from now on?

It’s not “I want to enter Kami 7,” but “I need to enter Kami 7.”

I’ve worked hard for myself until now.
I ran up to this point with only the feeling of “I love AKB.”
But I’ve come to a point where I just can’t do that any longer.
For the sake of the group, I have to stand at the front in a true sense from now on.

In order for me to do so, please lend me your strength.
I am powerless but please allow me to protect my beloved AKB, everyone’s beloved AKB.

I will desperately work hard to become a worthy member..
Because I no longer have the time to lose my way.

From Miion.

i feel like part of what makes me so uncomfortable with ot//ayur/i (beside from the obvious fact that it’s shipping a 15/16 year-old with a 19 year-old) is the fact that, as a 15 year-old gay kid, most of my gay friends are 18 and 19 years old

these are some of the people i’m closest too, emotionally and physically. i feel comfortable and safe sleeping in a bed with them, and cuddling, and having them do my makeup or braiding their hair or asking for help unzipping my dress. if i’m having a bad day, i go to them for help. if one of us is having dysphoria or is feeling unsure about labels, we talk about it. i know i can go to them with questions about relationships and sex and they’ll give me honest answers and advice, and i don’t have to worry about them mistaking our relationship for anything but friendship and mentorship and bonding over common experience. i can feel completely safe in asking them if my outfit is too revealing or where to get free condoms because i know that they would never, not even for a second, think of me in a sexual light. 

but so, so many people can’t seem to understand this. because we’re both gay, and we both like hugs and they kiss me on the forehead when i’m feeling shitty, people assume that our relationship must be a sexual or romantic one. any sort of affection is twisted into something romantic, and it makes me feel so unsafe, because the entire reason our relationship is possible is because i know that they would never see me in that light. i’m like a little sibling to them. they teach me how to survive in this homophobic hellhole of a universe, and someday, i’ll pass on that knowledge to younger gay kids.

so when i see yu//rio being shipped with ot//abek, an older teenager who helped yu/ri/o out of a situation where he was being chased by terrifyingly obsessed fans, and is shown to be one of the only, if not the only, person y/uri/o considers a friend… to be honest, it scares me. in these two characters, i see a clear reflection of my own relationship with older gay teens. not only in the way that the two of them interact, but in the way that other people, and especially straight people, interpret it. i see it every time i rest my head on an older friend’s shoulder, or hold their hand while i cry. you can’t comprehend the idea that gay people have a community and a family that has nothing to do with sex, because that’s the only part of our relationships you’ve ever wanted to see. you only care about the relationships between gay people when you get something out of them too. so yeah, fuck that. let us have our friendships. they’ve never been yours to take.

idk, just my two cents. please don’t reblog if you’re just going to argue with me about my experiences. trust me, i know them better than you do. if you’re also lgbt and a minor, though, i’d be happy to hear your thoughts on the matter!

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Anybody else keep getting put off by zeldas voice in BOTW? I always heard her in my head and a deep feminine voice, ya know one that would match twilight princess Zelda more

I think her voice doesn’t quite match how I imagine a 16-17 years old girl would sound like, you know? That’s my only “issue” I guess

ringos first appearance was in an episode in 2004 so ringo is around 12-13 years old at the least. not a ridiculously old age for a cat though (my cousin’s cat snickers is what, 15?16? and shes still kicking if not a little lazy but shes always been like that so)

I started dating my now ex-boyfriend when I was 16 years old. I was this cheerful, optimistic girl. I used to laugh so much for everything. I was always very happy. Although, I did have a dark side. I had an eating disorder, I barely had been out of the hospital for 2 weeks and I was seeing a therapist when I met him. He helped me so much. He never failed to show me everyday how in love he was with me. He called me beautiful like it was my name and showed me how to love myself. I stopped cutting, binging/purging and starving for 5 years straight. Since June 2011, I was free from my demons. Everyday he would tell me that he was so proud of me and hearing how proud he felt of me kept me going strong. But with all those great things also came bad things. People used to tell me I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. I never wanted to see it but looking back now, i see that they were right. He used to tell me many hurtful things every time he wouldn’t get his way. He called me a dumb bitch, immature, idiot, dumbass, good for nothing, and so many other hurtful names. When i would laugh over little things, he would get so mad and shut me up. When we would fight, he would tell me to go purge. He always put me in second place and belittled me so much. Last year, he completely changed with me. He wouldn’t care if I cried, if i called him crying he would yell at me and hang up on me. I changed so much for him. I became this pessimistic girl who was scared to laugh, scared to be myself around him. He controlled me so much. He always blamed me for everything that would go wrong in his life, when all I ever tried to do was support him, help him grow, motivate him to be a better person. To this day, he still blames me and tells me that “we need a break because our relationship has gotten so fucked up because I still need to grow up” and that if we’re meant to be we will find a way back to each other. Meanwhile, his now girlfriend is messaging me on instagram telling me that they are back together and to leave him alone when I haven’t even tried to contact him, it’s him who doesn’t leave me alone. He’s telling me how he’s so sorry for all the pain he’s caused me and that someday we’ll be together again but he’s telling her all the same beautiful things he used to tell me. My head is going insane. I cry every single day. I starve for days, I hit/cut myself and any little food I’m forced to eat, I purge. In the middle of nowhere, in public, I get crazy anxiety attacks. I have no one to talk to but I have faith in God and I talk to him and pray everyday for a fresh start and inner peace. He was my first love, my first everything. But I know that one day, I will move on and heal from this terrible heartbreak.

Hello, future friends! I haven’t submitted here for a long time and I started to miss this blog and meeting new people, so I’m back with a new submission.

About me:
I’m 16 years old, bi, girl from a small country in Europe. I love meeting new people and learning about other countries and cultures. I’m very friendly, open-minded, honest person and also my friends said that I’m a good listener and can give good advice.

My interests are all over the place so here are some:
I love music and bands (my favorites are twenty one pilots, ed sheeran, the fray and all time low), tv shows (criminal minds, how to get away with murder, american horror story, orange is the new black, breaking bad…), youtube, reading books and articles. I love theater, swimming, conspiracy theories, photography, art, nature, sunsets, dogs, crafting, stationery, tea, coffee, long walks, traveling and writing long e-mails or letters.

My perfect penpal would be someone who is 15-18 years old, maybe have some of the same interests as me (but if you don’t that’s also okay) and isn’t judgemental, rude, mean, racist, sexist or anything like that. I want to talk to someone who will put some effort in actually getting to know me and try to keep the conversation going. I want to talk about things you like or dislike, what keeps you up at night, your insecurities, fears, flaws, childhood, future, the meaning of life, faraway galaxies, aliens and other deep stuff but small talks aren’t my thing. I understand if you are shy or awkward at first, so am I but we will figure it out! :)

So if you want to talk to me after reading this, message me some interesting facts about you here:
kik: girlinblack101
tumblr: stockholm–syndromee
instagram: addictwithphotographs
e-mail: creativemail987 @ gmail . com (without spaces)

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Jack isn't really an old man. It annoys me when people are like "HE'S 75!!!!!" and it's like, no Janet, he's been 25 for 50 years. There's a difference. However, we don't know Ashi's actual age. She could be anywhere between 16-20 is my guess.

I agree! I know what you mean. Jacks body hasn’t aged he just grew his hair out and he’s always had bags under his eyes. I honest think Ashi is atleast 21 since the training montage showed her birth, her childhood her teenage years and then her adulthood if she was still a teen I’m sure she’s have the body of when she was about to fall off the edge (because of her mom) cuz visually her “adult” body has bigger hips. She also doesn’t seem to be that much shorter than Jack but again that’s my opinion on her visuals.

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i think i might like this boy, but i don't know if i should let myself like him because i'm 16 and he's only 14. i want to date a guy my age or older than me, but i really clicked with this guy. i just feel weird because he's a lot younger than me considering how old we are.

yeah, thats always a weird and risky situation.

i would definitely not pursue any kind of romantic relationship because of the age difference. plus, 14? at that age we still got a lot of growing up to do. mentally and physically. ah, EMOTIONALLY.

i mean, if its the real deal, four years isn’t a long time to wait to date. in the meantime you could actually get to know each other as friends.

to be honest, dating before 18 isn’t all that glamorous. puberty and peer pressure can make you do things you’ll regret (with friends in general).

i say, wait it out. plus, you’re 16, my dude. there’s still much to learn and see and cool people to meet, young padawan.

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please report and block @kpopcommando for posting a haechan smut! thank you!

Good thing I saw this in my e-mail.

I checked this myself and as someone who is strongly against the sexualization of minors I’m honestly just completely repulsed and disgusted by this. He’s 16 years old. Please think twice before posting shit like this.

Thank you for spreading the word and please report this account!

true life: all my coworkers at my new job think i’m 16….. i’m a 23 year old woman. every single day i have worked a shift since i started i haven’t gone one day without having to correct a coworker at least once that i’m an adult woman and not underage.
after i correct them. they act SHOCKED. one coworker even called 3 others over and made them guess my age. then they always try to swing it like “looking young is a good thing!” one of them even said “the younger they look the better”. a 16 year old cashier asked me what high school i go to because he though i was his age and we could be friends (which isn’t really problematic, but still….. wtf) jesus, one even told me he thought i was jailbait when he met me on my first day of work there.

so sexist for people to keep going on about how i look like a minor when i’m a grown ass woman and continually praise how i look underage even after i sternly correct them. it’s gross. it’s not a good thing to want women to look like a teenager at TWENTY THREE (or any adult age), which is young as fuck already.

i would never say anything about this to my bosses even though it makes me deeply uncomfortable. one of my bosses even chimed in on the shitty discourse about my age/appearance. it’s not even worth it to complain about anywhere else but my blog/ig honestly. ill be okay lmao, i just needed to get this out somewhere.

And to anyone for whom this is hitting close to home, I love you and I’m thinking of you.