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Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanfiction Chapter 7)

Hey guys! Here’s Chapter 7! I hope you like it! Chapter 8 is on the way not to worry! Thank you to all the love and support! I’ve gotten some great messages and I’m so happy that you guys are enjoying the story! It’s nearing the end but please enjoy!

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When Lance confesses every bad thought he’s had to the team, and it doesn’t go well. Lance has to get out . The team has to come to terms with what Lance said and figure out how they can make it right.

Chapter 7: Well, Mierda.

Lance ran as fast as he could. He could feel Blue calling out to him, she could feel his fear, his panic, his pain and she wanted to help. So when he made it to the hangar she was ready and waiting, mouth open ready to protect him. He ran inside.

I need to get out of here I feel like I can’t breathe. Lance said to her, through their bond like so many times before.

I understand. She replied.

Lance sat heavily in his chair, console lighting up. He leaned his head back and let Blue into his mind. Then he was seeing through her eyes. She looked at the hangar door, ramming it trying to get out. She was desperate or maybe that was Lance it was hard to tell when they were like this.

Her attention was drawn to a voice, Shiro looking panicked and worried, running into Blue’s hangar.

“LANCE!” Shiro shouted, “PLEASE STOP!” Shiro begged.

Blue looked at him and turned back ramming the hangar door again. Lance needed to get out. They had to get out.

Shiro was still shouting but Lance couldn’t hear him.

“LANCE PLEASE! DON’T GO!” SHiro shouted. Suddenly Hunk appeared next to him, dragging Shiro out of the hangar.

“HUNK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Shiro shouted at him with anger.

“Shiro. Stop. Let him go.” Hunk said seriously.

What?” Shiro asked incredulously.

Hunk let the tears that he had been stopping slide down his face.

“Please. You have to let Lance go. He won’t stop when he’s like this.” Hunk said, another bang came from the hangar, Blue desperately trying to escape.

“Lance just confessed a bunch of stuff that we know he didn’t really mean, his emotions are off the wall. He needs time to gather himself, then we go after him.” Hunk said wiping tears from his face.

Everyone had joined them outside of the hangar door, crashing sounds becoming more frequent.

“If we try to talk to him now…” Hunk said shaking his head, “He’ll just become more panicked and we’ll make it worse. Please just… wait.” Hunk said.

Shiro’s whole body seemed to sag, like all the energy had been drained. Finally there was a huge crash and an alarm sounded.

“Lance and Blue have left the hangar.” Coran said finally.

So they all stood in the noise of the alarm, completely silent.

Lance and Blue went out into space, dark and quiet. They need to go someplace, some place with a breeze and water. But they were too far from Earth so another planet would have to do. Images floated across Lance’s mind, a beach with pink sand and green water. A yellow sky with purple clouds, a planet similar to Earth and it was close.

Let’s go. Lance and Blue said together and they did.

They flew for a long while passing stars and planets of beautiful and terrifying color and shape. Lance couldn’t believe that he had gotten used to space, something he could only dream about when he was younger. Here he was floating among the stars and he felt nothing.

Then the planet was in front of them, a colorful version of Earth. They descended. Blue landing on the beach. Lance slowly opened his eyes coming back to himself. He felt empty, like he had left everything back on the Castle and maybe he did.

He got out of Blue, a breeze whipping his brown hair around. The beach was similar to Varadero beach, where he spent his childhood. The sand was pink instead of the beautiful white, the water a vibrant green framed by a light yellow sky. Lance went to a spot next to the water and sat. He let the breeze wash over him and watched the water come in and out in a constant beat.

Before he realized hot and heavy tears streaked down his face, what had he done? He curled in on himself, bring his knees up, arms wrapped around them.

“They must hate me now.” He said with such raw sadness.  

No, they do not. Blue said.

“But how do you know? Blue, I-I said horrible things to them. Every passing thought I had, everything I’ve thought bad about them I sa-said.” Lance said the breaths hitching in his throat, tight and hot. “They didn’t deserve that, it was cruel. How could I…” Lance said not able to finish because sobs were racking his body shaking him to his very core. He couldn’t remember the last time he cried like this.

They do not hate you. I can feel it. The lions are connected. They are confused and sad but they do not hate my Lance.  Blue said, they know my Lance is kind and they know my Lance is hurt and they didn’t notice. That’s how they feel.

Lance just tried to breathe, tried to calm down but his heart hurt so much and it wouldn’t stop. It was like he had lost all control of his emotions.

You know she lies to you, right?

Lance looked up hesitantly, it was Lotor not the real one but the one in his head.

They hate you now. They won’t come for you. Just stay on this beach, it’s nice here.

Lance shook his head, this wasn’t real. He wasn’t going to continue to let this hallucination walk all over him. Lance stood, Lotor watching.

Shut up.” Lance said.

Oh he speaks.

Lance set his jaw, “Leave me alone. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” Lance said.

Lotor looked shocked and then smiled, his face began to change and Lance was once again staring at himself, the self without the scars, the way he was before.

I can’t leave Lance. I’m you. There’s no escape.

Lance paused and suddenly something clicked, the steel that had covered his emotions cracked and began to fall apart. The thing that was created on Lotor’s ship. The steel fell away, but he didn’t need it anymore, he didn’t need to hide anymore. He realized that now, he was allowed to feel afraid, he was allowed to feel jealous, he was allowed to feel.

No you’re right.” Lanced breathed, understanding.

“I can’t get you out. You’re me, the part of me I wish I didn’t have. You’re my doubt, my sadness, my anger, jealousy, fear and every other crappy emotion. You’re all of it in one.” Lance took a breath, looking himself in his own blue eyes, “But I need to accept that you’re a part of me, not separate from me. Just like me and Blue when we fly, we have to accept one another. I’m sorry I keep pushing you out, that I keep ignoring you.” Lance said.

His hallucination looked afraid, and he backed up.

“I accept you, okay? And I forgive you. You’re the part of me that… makes me human. I’m sorry.” Lance said, tears streaming down his face.

His hallucination shook his head and slowly, little by little he began to fade. Lance knew that his wasn’t a normal thing, talking to your own hallucination or accepting yourself in this weird way. But if it was what it took to move on and to accept what had happened to him. To accept the new him then that’s what he would do.

And Lance was left on the beach with Blue.


“Better.” Lance said.

The team had gathered in the lounge on the couches and they didn’t say anything for a long time. Hunk was worried, they all were. He was the one to suggest waiting but they could at least productive.

“We have to talk about what Lance said.” Hunk stated.

Everyone remained silence but began to straighten, Shiro nodded and although everyone still looked pale and a little shocked they looked determined.

After a pause Keith started, “Do you guys know why he said um… why Lance kept calling me perfect and the stuff he said about Shiro.” Keith asked.

To their surprise Pidge answered.

“Well Shiro pays a lot of extra attention to you.” Pidge said, like it was obvious.

Shiro blinked a little shocked, “What?” He asked.

Hunk nodded, “You do. Like when Keith held a sword to that one guy when we were trying to rescue? And when you chose him for the Blade of Marmora mission. Lance had a point that Keith can be a hot head. No offense Keith. But despite all that you seem to trust Keith the most out of all of us.” Hunk said.

Shiro looked shocked.

“But you and Keith have a past so I guess it makes sense. But still you seem to pay extra attention to him. I think maybe Lance felt useless. I can only count on one hand the amount of time you’ve complimented or even talked to Lance just the two of you. Mostly you just tell him to focus and stuff. And Lance looks up to you, you’re his hero so it must have hurt. But we kind of all hurt Lance.” Hunk said, looking disappointed.

There was an awkward silence.

“I’m sorry.” Allura said, they all looked at her, “I um… I forget how young you, I mean we are. I try to treat you like soldiers. But that’s just a part of who were are. I forget that sometimes and I think that really hurt Lance.” She swallowed.

“Every time he opened his mouth and said a joke it was just to get us out of that serious mindset. To get us to act our age. And every time I tried to get him to stop when all he was trying to do was help us in his own way. But no matter how many times I told him to stop, or ignored him, he would always check on me after a hard mission. Give me a compliment, make sure I was okay and I always felt better. But I never did the same for him and I should have.” Allura finished.

More silence.

“I’m also sorry.” Coran said, “I think I saw something wrong, a long time ago but I failed to notice in time to help Lance.” He said.

“What do you mean?” Keith asked.

Coran looked at them all with sad eyes.

“After the explosion where Lance saved me, I went to thank him personally after he recovered. After I thanked him he said, don’t worry Coran you’re important so of course I’d save you, don’t worry about it. That silly boy has a way of making you feel at ease and I didn’t think about it. But today when he said he wasn’t important, that he doesn’t deserve to be here… It made me think of that moment. Like he was implying that because he wasn’t important, then of course he’d save me someone he considers important.” Coran finished.

Thoughts ran through everyone’s mind, thinking back on what Lance has said before.


Why? There’s nothing you or the rest of the team can do. It’s not important.

Maybe I don’t have a thing.

Don’t worry about it.


Please stop.

Pretend you didn’t see this.

Everyone quickly realized that they really hadn’t noticed and Lance had been right all along. They had ignored him, treated him horribly for a long time. Lance was supposed to be their brother, their buddy and they treated him like trash.

“Without realizing it, we’ve been hurting Lance this entire time. And he just kept it down, didn’t confront us. He just took it. Maybe it was little things but it’s obvious that it affected him and we just continued to do it. Even when Lance was tried to tell us how he felt the entire time. He feels like he not a part of this team but despite that he protected us with everything he had.” Shiro said feeling shame and guilt growing in his chest.

“He lost his eye saving us.” Pidge said in a whisper.

“He’s been trying so hard to catch up with the rest of us, not realizing that he’s actually the best out of all of us.” Keith said.

“We have to make him feel like he is a part of this team because he is. He keeps us together, makes us laugh. We need Lance back.” Allura said.

There was a long silence.

Hunk smiled, “Then let’s go get him!” Hunk said.

Everyone smiled.

“Yeah!” Shiro said.

The team got in the black lion, since they didn’t need to take all of them for this. Allura’s face popped up on the screen.

“Lance has landed his lion on a planet not too far from here. It’s atmosphere and gravity is similar to your Earth. I sent you the exact coordinates of the signal.” She paused, “When you find Lance, we’d like to hear what you’re saying to him or if he has anything to say to us. So if you could keep your comms on…” Allura trailed off.

Shiro smiled, “Of course Princess.” He said.

Allura smiled, her face disappearing from the screen. So they flew. It would take about fifteen minutes to get there.

“What do we do once we get there?” Pidge asked quietly.

“Just follow my lead.” Hunk said smiling, “Just do what I do!” Hunk said.

“Okay.” Shiro said hesitantly.

They arrived at the planet, it really was similar to Earth and after locating the coordinates they descended. They landed down the beach from the blue lion. They got out and Hunk led the way walking along the beach. As they got closer they saw Lance, sitting just before the water staring at the Technicolor scenery with a serene expression on his face.

Hunk sat just behind Lance, not speaking and the rest of the team did the same. The pink sand was warm under their fingers and they joined Lance in staring at the ocean before them. They were silent for a long time until Lance spoke. They looked at his back focused on his form against the scenery.

“I grew up near a beach like this one. I always went there when I needed space to think. I grew up in a house of seven kids and although I loved it ninety-nine percent of the time I sometimes needed to clear my head so I would go to the beach. Something about the moment of the water always calmed me down and put things in perspective.” Lance took a breath before continuing, “Although my family was big I was always showered with a lot of love and attention because my mom is that kind of woman. She’s the best, a single parent since my dad died after my youngest sister was born. But my mom always makes sure that we know we’re loved and important.” Lance said. They couldn’t see his face because he sounded like he was smiling causing the rest of them to smile.

“It was because of her that I joined the Garrison. She said to me once, Lance if you ever have a chance to go get your dreams then go, family never leaves you but dreams can. So go and we’ll be here when you come back. It because of that that I took that ridiculous test and joined the Garrison with a new American name and three months of English under my belt. So I went, I wanted to learn about space and explore and everything. But when I got to the Garrison it wasn’t what I imagined. I was at the bottom of the pecking order again in terms of smarts and skill. So I worked hard really hard. Really hard. I got to the top of the cargo pilot class and when I was upgraded to fighter class I thought my hard work had paid off.” Lance said, his voice falling a little bit.

“But I only got in because Keith dropped.” Lance said.

Keith felt a pang in his heart, he could feel where this was going.

“And believe me they really liked to remind me of that. Every time I fucked up they would remind me that I was just a replacement for the best pilot of our generation. Maybe that’s where it all started, I don’t know.” Lance took a breath, “And when we got Shiro and I actually met Keith and actually talked to him, I had already made this competition in my mind. Because in the Garrison I was already competing against you Keith, even if you weren’t there… I honestly hated you. I don’t anymore but I was jealous and mad and I didn’t even know you. I’m sorry about that.” Lance said.

He curled his legs up to his chest, resting his head on his knees.

“And when I met Blue I thought, this is what I was meant to do, all the stuff I went through before was all leading to this. Finally I would belong to something greater, something I could do to help people. I was happy.” Lance took another breath, “But in the end I was compared to Keith, constantly. Told to focus, to be better. I fell behind. That wasn’t anyone’s fault really and the more time that passed the more I realized how ordinary I am compared to everyone. Shiro is the great leader and pilot in his own right. Pidge is super super smart for her age. Hunk is the best person and the best engineer. Keith’s the best pilot of his generation and just really cool. Allura’s the super awesome and pretty space princess and Coran keeps us all running in top shape. And I’m…” Lance paused, “I’m just a boy from Cuba fighting a space war I’ll never win, a cheap replacement for someone who you all deserve more. That feeling kept growing and growing and when I decided to blow up the ship…” Lance took a breath, “There was a small part of me that wished that I died, because at least I would have been important then. I would the blue paladin that helped his team escape an enemy by sacrificing himself. That would have made a great story.” Lance paused.

The team let that sink in but it was hard to absorb. Shiro wanted to speak, to Lance he was wrong but Hunk shook his head, Lance wasn’t done yet.

“But I didn’t. And I don’t think that way anymore. But I got captured on Lotor’s ship and was tortured. But there was this moment that I was so so scared. I was terrified of dying, of being hurt and I wanted to give up. But something clicked like my emotions just disappeared for a bit. I didn’t feel afraid. I didn’t feel much of anything. I thought that I had a job to do, to protect you guys because you guys are the important protectors of the universe. It was the only way I could cope and when you rescued me it didn’t go away. Neither did Lotor.” Lance said, “I see him sometimes, when I was captured he would say things to me. Not the real thing, just my mind. He’d say things I didn’t want to hear. Sometimes he would change into other people, Shiro, Pidge, Hunk, Keith, Allura, Coran, my mom, siblings and sometimes he turned into me. But those hallucinations, I thought they were because of the pain or some weird Druid thing. But when I woke up from the healing pod… he hadn’t gone away. He was standing right there but I couldn’t say anything.” Lance said, his voice becoming tight.

“I thought that if I said anything then you would doubt my ability as a pilot. I thought you would send me back to Earth. I thought you’d tell me that you didn’t need me and no matter how much I want to go back to Earth, I know that I want to belong here. But I always felt like I was never quite part of the team. When we form Voltron it’s the only time I feel like I belong. But outside of that, I just…” Lance trailed off.

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry for everything I said. I didn’t mean any of it, not a word. I love you guys, I love Voltron, I love helping people and I’m so sorry that I said that stuff. I wish I could take it back. I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Lance put his head in his hands, tears flowing freely in quiet sobs.

They were silent and Hunk moved and so did the rest of the team. Hunk put a gentle hand on Lance’s knee, Pidge a hand on the other. Shiro stroked Lance’s hair. Keith had a hand on his shoulder. They were all so warm and the feeling made Lance cry harder.

“Lance…” Shiro began, “You have nothing to be sorry about. We’re sorry. We’ve been hurting you this entire time and we didn’t know. I’m sorry we didn’t notice sooner.” Shiro said.

“Yeah you’re a part of this team. The entire time you were gone we were going crazy without you keeping us grounded. The castle, the lions, nothing felt the same without you man.” Hunk said.

“Lance I love you, a lot. You remind me a lot of my brother Matt, always helping me out and checking up on me, making me laugh. I don’t know how I’d be here without you.” Pidge said.

“Listen, Lance. You’re a part of this team and we’re sorry we haven’t treated you that way. But we’ll get better. We’ll try to be better.” Keith said.

They stayed like that, holding onto Lance as he cried. They stayed like that for a long time and Lance finally felt like he finally belonged.


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So celebrating a certain AfterDeath chile’s birthday, you get wishes from your parents, one of your brothers(I’m sorry, I didn’t have the time to draw any more and it might take a lot of work to edit more in), and your… “friend”(And your actual mom wanting to ship you two(I’m sorry nekophy-senpoi).)) While your uncles are just bickering over the smallest little of things… -w- I busted my ass working on this and hhhhhhhhh I’m sorry for it looking even remotely crappy…

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Music Series: 50 Ways To Say Goodbye by Train

Okay, so I’m working one of my own requests in…it’s my prerogative! :)

I left for a bit and my Spotify shuffled through my car speakers, landing on this gem of a song. Always makes me giggle. And immediately as I sang along, I felt an imagine building. So this is the result. I hope you like it.

This is “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” by Train, which you can listen to HERE via my Spotify playlist called ‘Everybody Now!’.

Gotta have fun every now and then, don’t ya? Could use some fun in my life lately…. xo



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my life looks nothing like the perfect instagram post. i don’t wake up every day with the desire to fit a work out into my schedule. i don’t drink kale smoothies because i enjoy them. i wish i could say i made time in each day to meditate and pray and somehow feel like my life is well-put together, but it’s not. i do a crappy job of fitting things into my schedule, and i am often rushing to the next thing because i didn’t use my time wisely. i wish i could say i have it all together, but i don’t… and had you asked me years ago if i cared—i would say yes. ask me now, and i would tell you that my life is far from perfect, but i’m in love with it. i don’t care if my outfit is made up of random pieces i put together. i care more about the people i’m with, and less about whether or not i’ve captured it all in pictures. i live in the present. i make time for the things that i enjoy, and the people i enjoy spending time with, and i forget about everything else. my life is messy, and all over the place, but i’ve learned to love it. i’m growing, even though it’s slow and sometimes painful, but it’s still growth and that’s what matters most to me. i’ve learned to have a peace in my heart about who and what is in my life because i’ve gotten rid of everything that doesn’t belong there. you should give it a try.

HAPPY BDAY DUD! Congrats one leveling up!!!!!!!♥ May all your wishes come true, your health get better and stay awesome as you are!:D (May the Dark Souls be bit easier to you XDDD) Sorry that its rushed and simple and crappy but i dont have much time for something more cool and i will have to skadoodle to work soon ;~;




the truth is sometimes hard to digest

and even though i have no problem swallowing pills

the truth is one i refuse to swallow.

i’d rather spend my time fantasizing about neverland,

calling myself a lost boy

and believing i will never grow up;

letting the opportunities and resources i’ve been given go to waste,

because i don’t want to wake up and realize

that sabotaging my own success,

so i’ll have an excuse to give up,

is doing nothing but making the road i have to travel

harder to maneuver.

it’s not ending my jorney

like i have expressed my desires for it to and

i know you don’t understand.

i know you think i’m ungrateful

but if you take a look from where i am over here

you’d realize that i am just irrationally scared,

and have pretty crappy ways of dealing with my fears.

like wishing i wasn’t here and

trying to make myself disappear.

because unless you’ve experienced what i do

you couldn’t correctly judge my decisions.

i know they’re foolish

but fear makes you do stupid things,

encourages you to abandon logic

and act on fanciful whims.

you don’t have to judge or lecture me

i know all these things already

but my knowledge is not useful,

trying to convince me is futile.

i still find myself getting stuck in this web again and again.

at first everyone told me i was to blame, that

i had to observe more carefully where i was going.

but i’ve tried time and time again

and my conclusion is,

this spider is deliberately building its web

where i have no choice but to become trapped in it.

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@holtzmannerin is 21 today, and I’m so happy that we’ve become such good buddies over the last few weeks. She’s such a lovely person, and such a great writer, and I’ve been so happy to have someone to freak out about Holtzbert with. 

She is honestly one of my favourite people right now, and you should all go wish her a happy birthday.

This is Erin, Holtz, and Julia from her series What Erin Expected, which should be updated very very very soon, my friends. SO GO CHECK IT OUT!

Just a little idea of mine I decided to write up thanks for all the awesome people who gave me little ideas to include in this you all know who you are <3 <3

It’ll Work Out In The End

*Brendon’s POV*

It was Friday, lunch time, I had just come out of jazz audition, it bummed me out that I had to miss chemistry, Y/N was my lab partner, I loved those lessons, getting to laugh and joke about with her made my day. I did feel great about beating Bryan to lead drummer though, he was such an arrogant jerk beating him was like a welcome win for me. The party was later so I was determined to ask Y/N to go with me, I had decided to leave quickly after they announced who got it, one, I wanted to catch Y/N before any of our friends so I could speak to her, and two I didn’t want to be dragged into another beat down from Bryan. I kept walking only to be gripped from behind and slammed up against the lockers, Bryans pissed off face greeting me.

“Wanna take my spot as lead drummer.” He snarled, I felt fist slam into my stomach, knocking the breath out of me, I gasped out desperately, he punched again this time around my face, repeating this painful cycle, I tried to retreat into my mind like I always did when he beat me up.

“Hey! Bryan! Leave him alone.” I heard Y/N’s voice break through my thoughts, trying to get between us, I had my head bowed down as Bryan laid another punch into my stomach, the locker slamming back, hearing her make a slight whimpering sound as I gasped out. “Get off him!” She shouted, gripping his shoulder and yanking him back, he turned, his eyes softening as he looked at her, I looked up slightly, eyes narrowed as I clutched at my stomach.

“This ass took my spot as lead drummer!” Bryan snarled, she sighed, staying silent for a moment, everyone knew he had a crush on her which was the only reason he stopped, he moved back to him.  “Give me one good reason not to beat his ass to a pulp right now.”

“If you leave him alone I’ll go to Patrick’s party with you later!” She blurted, Bryan smirked as I snapped my head up to look at her, her eyes met mine as I flitted my glance back to Bryan.

“It’s a date… meet you at half 7.” His smug voice irritated me slightly as he walked away, she quickly dashed over to me, her arm resting on my arm, pulling my face to look into her eyes, her expression soft and sweet. She looked so cute like this, sparkly eyed, filled with concern and just genuine sweetness, she made me melt when she looked at me like that.

“You didn’t have to do that,” I choked out slightly, my voice slightly croaky from pain, she shook her head, standing up a little straighter, readjusting my hoodie. “You should go to the party with someone you like… not a jerk just to stop me from being beat up.”

“Well I knew he would stop if I said that and I hate it when he does that to you.” She smiled at me, taking my arm and gently pulling me in the right direction, we headed towards our spot outside, all hope of asking her to the party gone now. After a moment she began speaking again. “So… how did the jazz audition?” She looked up at me, smiling sweetly, feeling instantly happy when I saw that look.

“Well, actually, I got lead didn’t you hear Bryan say that?” I teased her, gently nudging into her hip, she giggled looking up at me.

“It didn’t compute at first… but well done, I knew you could do it!” She hugged me, wrapping her hands around my shoulders, puking back with a beaming smile.

“Thanks Y/N.” I heard the shyness creep into my voice, her smile making me feel so nervous and shy, we had almost got to our little spot, everyone was already there. We had a pretty big group of friends, my best friends (besides Y/N) Ryan and Spencer, Tyler and Josh (also best friends) and Melanie and Ashley (Y/N’s best friends) the conversation between them all buzzing. We sat down, our conversation still flowing easily, I had lost a little focus on what she was saying as I watched her face, so animated when she spoke, the small smiles and little glimmers in her eyes, I had always had a huge crush on her ever since the first day we met in chemistry almost two years ago, ever since then I had barely had any girlfriends and sex I’d had had only been one night stands. I had been trying to work up the courage to tell her for months but it was so difficult, every time I opened my mouth to tell her that beautiful smile caught me by surprise and rendered any words in my brain completely useless.

“Yo, guys, you coming to Gerard’s party tonight?” Josh’s voice broke my thoughts, I looked up from Y/N’s face.

“Yeah! Although I’ve got to go with Bryan.” Y/N sighed, shaking her head.

“Eww why?” Melanie asked, looking confused, the rest of the group leaning in to listen.

“Ugh because he stopped beating up Brendon based on me going with him.” She groaned as did Melanie and Ashley.

“That’s so shitty, Brendon, you going?” Ashley smiled at me, I shook my head, gaining a few sad looks.

“Why?!” Ryan asked, him and Spencer seemed surprised.

“Well… I’ve got work until six after school, and then practising with the band until like half 7. I got no money from paying my rent in the apartment and the band practise space, I just wanna chill and forget about the stress for a night.” I sighed, Y/N gave me a worried look, I felt crappy saying it, I wished I could go and spend the night with her but I couldn’t go to this and watch her with the asshole who bullied me, plus having so many commitments made it so difficult to go to parties, I was always super stressed out. The rest of the day went pretty well, I spent my last two classes with Y/N which was always a bonus, she made me feel so much better about things, even though my stomach was still killing me. We walked out of school together after our last class, heading towards the front of school, she had been complaining about having to go with Bryan all afternoon which only made me feel worse about not being able to go with her, but none the less I gave her a quick hug outside of school, pulling her small frame against me, her arms up on my shoulders, I always cherished these small moments of intimacy between us, it made me feel like there could actually be a chance for me someday.

“See you Monday, I’ll call you tomorrow to tell you how my wonderful date goes.” She snickered sarcastically, gaining a smile from me, I said my goodbyes as I watched her wander off, I wish I could go, damn responsibilities.


*Reader’s POV*

I stood in front of the mirror, tugging at the flowy, red dress I had chosen to wear, it seemed to suit me best out of all my outfits, my hair wavy and loose around my shoulders, a little light makeup around my eyes and lips, I had to admit I looked pretty good. I wished Brendon could see me all dressed up like this, he never seemed to be there when I looked at my best, and now I had to spend the night with Bryan the bully. I groaned, slumping down onto my bed, holding my head in my hands, I was so worried about Brendon, he was so stressed and overworked, I wished I could do more for him but he would never let any of us show any kind of sympathy towards him. My mom walked past my bedroom, stopping when she spotted me and popping her head round the door.

“Sweetheart? What’s wrong?” She smiled sweetly, sitting herself down next to me on my bed, her arm around me. “You have a date to one of the popular senior boy’s parties and yet you look miserable.” I couldn’t keep secrets from my mom, she was like my best friend, and it helped that she was pretty much cool with everything I did due to being the rebellious type herself when she was my age.

“Yeah… I have a date, with the asshole who bullies my best guy friend and I’m just so worried about Brendon.” I sighed, holding my face in my hands, my mom chuckled a little.

“Brendon… isn’t that the cute one who came to your birthday last month?” I nodded giggling as a blush crept into my cheeks. “And the one who followed you around like a little puppy dog all evening?”

“He did not!” I tried arguing but I knew she was right, we spent my whole birthday party glued to each other’s hip.

“Oh he did! That boy looks at you like you’re the queen of his damn existence!”

“Really… you think?” I tried not to let my own huge crush on him tamper with how the words sounded but it didn’t work, they sounded all soppy and hopeful.

“Yep… and I see you looking at him like it too, why are you worried about him sweet?”

“He just has all these responsibilities, he can’t come to the party tonight because he has no money from paying rent on his crappy little apartment, he works like 8 hours every day and works on his school work and practises with the band, I wish I could help him but he won’t let me.” I sighed again, deciding to tell my mom the truth. “And… I really like him, but I’m so scared to tell him…”

“Oh darling, I understand, look, maybe you should bail out on this boy, go visit Brendon instead.” She reached into her pocket, pulling out some cash. “Look here’s 40 dollars, I’ll give you a ride over there, you can get a takeout and watch a movie with him or something.”

“Mom you don’t have to do that!” I giggled, hesitantly taking the money she was forcing into my hand.

“Oh shh, just don’t tell your father I’m letting you stay at a boy’s apartment!” I took out my phone, quickly sending Bryan a text.

Sorry, something came up and I can’t go tonight, maybe another time. – Y/N

After that I pulled up Spencer’s number, knowing they should have left the band space by now, I pressed dial, it rang a few times before he answered.

“Hello Y/N, what’s up?” His voice rang through the phone into my ear.

“Hey Spencer! Is Brendon with you?” I asked, he chuckled slightly.

“No, he’s just gone home, why?” I heard the smile in his voice, smiling back myself, an involuntary blush attacking my cheeks.

“Well, I was gonna go see him, instead of go to the party.”

“Good! He won’t stop talking about you, please deal with him!” I giggled as we said out goodbye’s and hung up the phone, my mom had her car keys, smiling expectantly at me.

“Ok, come on then! Before your father gets home.” My mom and me drove in silence other than the odd question about Brendon and if I liked him and if I was going to tell him, deciding to walk me to the door just to embarrass me. I knocked on the door to his apartment, waiting patiently, he opened it, a wide smile forming across his face as he saw me.

“Y/N? I thought you were at the party.” He blushed a little smiling sweetly at my mom. “Um hey Mrs Y/L/N. It’s nice to see you again.”

“Hey sweetheart, now have fun you two!” We both giggled nervously as she gave me and Brendon a hug each. “And be safe.”

“Mom we’re not going anywhere.” I hesitated as I spoke, standing nearer Brendon as she watched.

“Oh, I didn’t mean that kind of safe.” She winked at me.

“Oh my god mom! Shut up!” I blushed bright red as I spoke, gaining another nervous giggle from Brendon, his cheeks equally as red as I imagined mine to be. She said good bye and left, leaving us both blushing at each other.

“So, umm, yeah come in.”


*Brendon’s POV*

I felt so happy that she had surprised me like this, as well as being in pretty much my favourite dress that she owned, her hair wavy and loose, makeup making her look even more beautiful than she already was, everything about how she looked was so perfect. We walked through to my bedroom, seeing as it was my living room too, sitting down on my bed. “Ok, so my mom gave me some money for us to get a takeout.” She smiled up at me, taking out a 20 dollar bill and her phone.

“No! Don’t be so silly, I’ll pay. It’s sweet of you to offer though.” I tried to argue, knowing I didn’t really have the money but still wanted to be a gentleman towards her, if I was planning to tell her how I felt at all might as well impress her.

“Oh sh, I’ll pay for it, it’s fine! Now choose some food!” My argument was well and truly lost this time, we sat down and looked through a menu on her phone, choosing a pizza place and ordering a few things, sitting down on my bed as we waited for the food to arrive. We were only say chatting about stupid things but every word she said captivated me, her eyes pulling me in, she looked so beautiful tonight and I kind of couldn’t believe I had her to myself in my apartment like this, it was the perfect opportunity to tell her how I felt so I knew I had to go for it. Our food arrived and we were sat eating it with a crappy movie playing on my laptop, she cleared her throat as if to speak, putting her plate down.

“Brendon… I’m worried about you.” She spoke softly, her eyes sincere as they peered back at me, I looked questioningly back at her. “It’s just, you work so hard at school, you play in the jazz band, you work at the smoothie place so much and you have all your bills to pay, I worry so much that the stress is getting to you.” I sighed at her words, she was right, the stress was killing me, I was overworked and exhausted most of the time, I’d turned to smoking weed just to keep my anxiety under control.

“Well, I didn’t mention it, but Panic! Have an audition with a record label in a few weeks, if we get it, then all this stress will be worth it.” I smiled, seeing a bright look come into her face, she hugged me, almost knocking me over, both of us giggling lightly.

“Oh my god! Brendon that’s amazing, why didn’t you tell me!” She sounded so excited, that look of joy in her eyes that made my heart skip, my stomach fluttering as she sat closer to me.

“I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.” I spoke quietly, looking down, we had high hopes for getting the contract, we had already met the guys from the label and they liked us, so maybe this might work, but I didn’t want to let anyone down. I quickly moved our plates off the bed and onto the table next to my bed, wanting them out the way.

“But if you get it, then all this will be worth it, you’ll do great.” She smiled but looked down, an unfamiliar look clouding her usually sparkling eyes, sadness? Why was she sad? “I guess once you get signed all the girls will want you huh?” I took my chance as she spoke, maybe she was hinting, but fuck it if I didn’t do it then I was never gonna do it.

“Well that’s tough, I already like someone.” I tried hinting to gage her reaction.

“Oh? Who?” She seemed a little disheartened by my words, still looking down at the bed, I couldn’t stand that look, I’m sure she wanted me to say her.

“Y/N… I like you, like really really like you, I just…” I trailed off, trying to word it right, I didn’t want to make myself look like a jerk here. “I just didn’t think you’d be interested, seeing as all the popular boys are into you.” Her eyes sparkled back at me as I looked up to meet her, a wide grin crossing her cheeks.

“Brendon, I’ve had a crush on you for like two years! Didn’t you already know? I mean… everyone else does.” She blushed at me, looking down a little. “I mean, why do you think I flirt with you all the time, and why did you think my mom said those things…” I couldn’t help but grin, I felt ecstatic, she had just told me everything I wanted to hear in one sentence, she liked me, she actually liked me. She looked back up, biting her lip gently as our eyes met, I found myself biting mine too, her edging closer to me on my bed making me feel all kinds of nervous, but I wanted her close to me.

“I… I’m not good enough for you!” I started to panic, I don’t know why, leaning back from her, things went from 0 to 100 real quick in my mind, suddenly I had lost control, the familiar anger when I freaked out filling my veins. She stood, pulling me back towards her, I pulled back slamming my hand on the wall, I don’t know what it was that had freaked me so much but it drove me crazy.

“Woah, hey, calm down! Of course you’re good enough for me! I really like you!” She took my face in her hands, pulling me closer to her, I felt her calming influence flow over me. “I really like you.” She repeated almost whispering, her lips pressed against mine before I could argue, gently, softly, nerves dominating us both at first, I felt my mood change, I was suddenly calmer than before, feeling better, I held her small frame against me, moving our lips in time, this wasn’t any kind of kiss I’d ever had before, her hands slid into my hair, teasing it, I couldn’t resist, I wanted more from this, brushing my tongue slowly against her lip, she responded almost instantly, pressing her own tongue back. The kiss was turning slightly more desperate now, opened mouthed and gasping, our tongues battling for dominance, who lead the kiss repeatedly switching, I tried to hold onto the gentle side of the kiss but both of us were slipping fast as hunger took over. I heard a deep groan escape my chest as I gripped onto her waist and pulled her into my lap, her legs either side of my hips, dress ridden up her thighs, my hands moving up and down her back, I allowed one to slip onto her leg. Pulling back we were both breathless, leaning our foreheads together, it was a stupid question but I had to ask it.

“Where is this going?” I panted, looking up at her, her gasping turning me on, I could feel myself hard in my jeans, praying she didn’t notice, the way she looked at me said it all, not speaking just biting her lip and panting, a look in her eyes that I’d never seen before.

“Do I need to answer that?” She teased, pressing another kiss to my lips, I allowed my kisses to move onto her neck, kissing down her jawline and neck, ending on her collar bone, gently nipping the skin there, she moaned out in pleasure her head lulling back.

“Ok… I can totally dig this.”

*Reader’s POV*

His hands moved all over my waist and back, pulling me against him, my dress had ridden up almost all the way, he groaned loudly, gripping it and yanking it over my head, touching my bare waist and hips as he attacked my neck with more kisses, his hands quickly moving round to my back to unclip my bra, throwing it on the floor. The way he was behaving was so out of character for him, so desperate and needy, but still tender and passionate as his lips crashed against my neck, gripping my body, his gasping driving me insane. He flipped me under him, biting his lip as he leant up, stripping out of all his clothes quicker than I’d ever seen anyone strip before, he moved back down, losing the frantic attitude as he kissed me, stroking my hair before he slid my panties down my legs, leaning back and moaning softly as he looked at me.

“You’re so sexy.” He groaned, moving down, I felt him hard against my leg, giggling slightly, he moved up, meeting my eyes.

“Shit… condom!” I giggled blushing as I spoke, he nodded, leaning over to the drawers next to his bed, pulling out a condom and leaning back to roll it on. Leaning back down and pressing a tender kiss to my lips, one hand holding my cheek as the other moved down to my hip, nudging himself in between my legs.

“God I want you so bad.” He moaned, moving himself closer to me, moving his lips down to my beck again, I gripped his back, biting my lip.

“Then have me.” I whispered, he seemed to lose it, gripping my hip tightly in his fingers, kissing my neck desperately, opened mouthed and breathy, biting gently on my skin.

“You sure you want this?” He moaned out, gasping above me, I nodded frantically, he bit his lip, moving his hips to slowly push inside me, it felt amazing, he was bigger than anyone I’d been with, he was patient, waiting for me to adjust to him, his breathing rapid, heart hammering in his chest.

“Oh my god.” He whimpered out in pleasure, head bowing into my neck, kissing the skin softly. “Are you ok?” He whispered softly, his hands caressing my skin, it felt so good, I moaned out with as his hips shifted, gripping onto his shoulders.

“It feels so good…” I moaned out, my back arching up against him, eyes rolling back in my head as he drew his hips back and pushed back in, moaning himself at the feeling. He started moving slow and steady paced, one hand resting beside my face as the other held his weight off of me, our moans filling the room, his skin pressed flush against mine, I couldn’t handle this, he drove me crazy, the way he touched me make me feel like my skin was tingling. He moved slow and steady, gasping as his face tucked close to mine, eyes closed, his hand moving down to hold my hip, his speed began to increase, the bed jolting slightly as he moved. Breathing out, gasping in pleasure, my legs moved up resting more on his hips now. He pulled his head back our eyes meeting as he moved, biting his lip at me, lips crashing down on mine as I gripped onto his back, moving onto his neck and into his hair, running my fingers through it, he moaned deeply against my lips, his eyes wild with lust and desperation for me. I began to feel my stomach tightening up in a way it never had before, I hadn’t felt pleasure like this, maybe it was because I felt so connected to him, or because we both wanted it so bad, but this seemed so much better than anything I’d had before. I felt as if all my muscles were focusing on the same spot, my body flush against Brendon’s warm skin, our moans filling his quiet apartment. I bit my lip to hold myself back, greeted by a cocky smirk from Brendon as he leaned up.

“No need to watch the noise here baby.” He teased, leaning up and gripping the headboard, hips beginning to move faster now, his figure shadowing over me as he gripped tighter, the muscles in his arms and back tensing up my fingers.

“I’m… ugh I’m close!” I whimpered, gripping his back, my own back arching up slightly, I needed this so bad, I was so tense and wound up, ready to snap, he growled low in his throat, throwing his head back.

“Fuck babe… cum for me.” He groaned, his free hand moving to my thigh, gripping it lightly, his fingertips digging in, I broke at his command, feeling the knot in my stomach release, yelling out his name in pleasure as I writhed, he moaned, watching me, touching my skin. The way he looked at me was as if he were memorizing every part of me, how it looked and felt, that gaze driving me insane.

*Brendon’s POV*


Everything about this was the best, the way she moved, the way she sounded, how easily my name rolled off of her tongue, her eyes fluttering in pleasure, I was getting closer and closer with every move I made, my body tensing against her, she drove me crazy. I heard her name leave my mouth in a flustered groan, gripping my head board desperately in an attempt to gain some composure, feeling her tightening around me, I could hardly stand it.

“Oh god I’m close…” I whimpered, she moaned again throwing her head back, I felt myself begin to throb, muscles tensing, I needed to hit that release, I needed her. Gripping tighter and holding her hip tightly I sped up, giving one last fast burst, hearing that sound of slapping filling the room, her moans turned to yells as I felt her fingers dig into my back, the slightly sharp feeling turning me on even more.

“Fuck Brendon!” She yelled out, her head lulling back as I felt her tightening again, it sent me over the edge.

“Y/N!” I groaned low as I felt myself throb, finally hitting my release, my moves turning sloppy and slowing in pace, moving through both of our orgasms, she was shaking, whimpering under me. Both of us shaking in pleasure, I pulled my head back, both of us gasping as our eyes met, my body collapsing on top of her, her hands gently stroking up and down my back.

“Jesus.” She panted, we both fell into giggles, stopping when she placed a small kiss on my lips, our foreheads leaning together, smiles covering us both. I rolled off of her, quickly dealing with the condom so I could climb back in bed with her, pulling her close to me, nuzzling into her soft hair.

“That was amazing.” I chuckled when a thought popped into my head. “You know… I just won the girl that my bully likes.” I chuckled, she grinned and leant up, pressing another soft kiss to my lips.

“You always had me.” She whispered, kissing me again, I blushed, stroking her hair. She snuggled up onto my chest leaning her head on me, arms wrapping around my torso, I couldn’t help but smile, hearing her breathing begin to slow, her body relaxing as she drifted off to sleep, I felt like the luckiest guy alive right now, for once, the future felt bright, all my stress melting away as I joined her in falling asleep.

I hope you liked my idea! <3 <3



AUTHOR’S NOTE: Requested by Anonymous…

SUMMARY: Your writing is really good! Like I have to request! Can I have one where Isaac, Scott and Jackson are fighting over the reader but in the end we find out she’s already with Derek?



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Okay, so this is very crappy but I wanted to see the BS bits only so I did this! There’s no audio in some bits because there were dialogues from other shows playing at those times, and also I’m so sorry the music’s so annoying. Wish I could isolate what RandL are saying but anyway, there it is!

(If you watch it on mute it looks like a proper BS trailer, haha).


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Exo reaction when someone calls their kid a spoiled brat

Sehun: What did you just called my kid paseant?

Kai: Are you sure that’s not the little green monster talking?


Kyungsoo:*tired of all the idiots around him* You don’t say!

Chanyeol: Oh yeah he’s such a spoiled brat cause he didn’t wanted to eat your crappy tasting food!!

Chen: Did someone asked for your opinion? if not do the world a favor and shut the hell up

Baekhyun:*sassy baek mode on* Oh thanks I raised him well didn’t i?

Lay: Maybe you should try to take a look at your brat before talking about my angel!

Suho: You wish you could spoil your kid just like I do!

Kris: Look to all the fuck that I give about what you think about my kid!

Luhan:  Oh just cause of that,my kid won’t be able to sleep at night in his really expensive bed!

Xiumin: Wanna say that again to my face?

Matt Imagine for Anon

You and Matt had known each other since you were two little babies in Pampers, drinking bottles and chewing on anything you could get your hands on. But you were big kids now, 16 years old, your birthdays within mere hours of each others. You’ve been attached at the hip for as long as you could remember, and you wouldn’t trade Matt for anybody else in the whole world.
Friends and family always joked about you two falling in love with each other, saying it was bound to happen one day or another. No one could be that alike and have so much in common and remain completely platonic, but you both had. You loved each other, but in a friendly way, and always had each others backs no matter what.
Matt’s had countless girlfriends throughout the years, but you never said anything about it. You’ve had your fair share of boyfriends as well, but your closeness with Matt always bothered them to the point where they had to break it off with you. It never bothered you much, because Matt was always there to pick up your broken pieces and glue you back together.
Then you met Kyle, and you fell in love with him almost immediately. He was perfect, with light blonde hair and piercing blue eyes and a beautiful personality. He loved writing, and was really good with mechanics and arcitecture, surprisingly. And he loved you, he’d get you your favorite flowers all the time and sing you stupid love songs he wrote just for you. Your parents loved him, and his parents absolutely adored you. There was just one little thing wrong with him.
He didn’t like Matt.
He never outright told you until one day Matt was over and Kyle had come to see you, and found you and Matt lounging on the couch watching tv under a blanket together.
The next day, Kyle pulled you aside and told you something very, very important in a very, very hushed tone.
“I don’t want you hanging around Matt anymore.” He whispered harshly, and your mouth dropped open to form an ‘O’.
“Why the hell not?!” You demanded to know, and Kyle narrowed his eyes.
“I feel..I feel like something is going on between you two. I don’t like it.”
“He’s my best friend!”
“Are you sure?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “You two act more like lovers than friends.”
“Kyle! You would think..oh my god.” You said, outraged.
He raised his hands, defending himself. “I’m just looking out for my girlfriend, and I see him moving in on you. Does he have a girlfriend right now?”
You looked down and shook your head.
“My point is proven, then. I’ll see you later, sweetheart. I love you.” He said, kissing your forehead. You didn’t move, and you certainly didn’t say that you loved him back. You were too upset.
So when Kyle left, you drove right over to the one place you shouldn’t have. Matt’s.
He answered the door and, seeing how upset you were, let you in immediately and sat you down, grabbing a box of tissues while walking. You didn’t realize you were crying until you reached up and felt tear tracks on your cheeks.
“(Y/N), tell me what’s wrong.” Matt said, handing you a tissue. You took it and wiped your eyes, careful not to smear your makeup. The last thing you needed was eyeliner running down your face.
“Kyle. Kyle said..he said-” you tried, but felt the lump in your throat rise up and shut your mouth quickly.
“What did he say? Did he break up with you?” He asked, and you shook your head.
“He..he doesn’t want me seeing you anymore.”
Matt was silent. The tissue box was gripped so hard in his hands that his knuckles turned white, and his eyes were no longer caring. His jaw was set, and you could see the anger tense in him.
“Why?” He asked simply, concealing his actual feelings.
“He thinks that we’re..that we..we’re sneaking around behind his back. Or that we will.”
No reply. He stood up suddenly, placing the tissue box on the table and pacing the room.
“Does he know you’re here now?” He asked, stopping at the mantle to fix a picture frame.
“No. He just told me and I had to come over and tell you..I didn’t know what else to do.”
Matt shook his head, and turned away from you so you could no longer see his face. Then he sighed, loudly, and walked back over to you. He took your hands in his.
“(Y/N), I..I think Kyle has given you an ultimatum. Me or him.”
Your eyes widened. “Oh shit. Shit shit shit. I’ve got to choose? But what if I choose the wrong one?”
“You won’t. You’ll know who you have to choose, and it’ll be fine.”
You bit your bottom lip and looked down at your hands, which were still held in Matt’s.
“I don’t know who to pick..Kyle’s my boyfriend, but you’re my best friend..”
“(Y/N), you don’t know who to choose? Come on, we’ve been friends for almost 17 years! You’ve known him what, 6 months?” Matt asked, exasperated.
“9 in a week.” You mumbled, and Matt gave you a look.
“Look, I’ve seen you through good and bad, through thick and thin, I’ve always been here for you and supported you even when I knew you were dead wrong. Why are you even considering Kyle?”
“Because I love him, Matt.” You said, and Matt tightened his grip on your hands.
“But you love me too, right?” He asked, looking into your eyes.
“Of course! Just not in the same way..”
“Are you joking right now?”
You looked up suddenly, confused. Anger was written clear as day on Matt’s face.
“What?” You asked, and he laughed emptily.
“(Y/N), I have loved you thoughtlessly for sixteen years. Sixteen years of pretending that I was fine with just being your best friend, sixteen years of seeing your crappy boyfriends come and go and wishing I had the guts to ask you out. Sixteen years of suppressing my feelings for you until I think I might burst at the seams. Didn’t you notice at all? Don’t you see that I’m in love with you?” He asked, getting louder and louder until his voice not only echoed through the house, but in your ears as well.
You sat in shock, never realizing just how much Matt had loved you. You remember hearing about those girls that stuck their soulmate in the friendzone, but you never thought that you would be one of them. You never thought Matt loved you liked that..
“Do you have anything to say?” He asked breathlessly, and you looked up at him with big eyes.
“I..I do.” You said, taking out your phone and dialing. You set it on speakerphone, and waited for the other line to pick up.
“Hello? Sweetheart, what’s up?” Kyle asked you, and Matt looked at you with puzzled eyes.
“Kyle? Remember when you said I couldn’t see Matt anymore?” You asked him innocently, and there was a beat of awkward silence.
“..yeah. What of it?” He responded.
“Well, I’ve come to a decision. It was either you or Matt, right?”
“You could say it like that, yes. Why, did you pick one of us?” Kyle asked nervously, and you smiled.
“Yes, in fact, I did. And guess what?”
“I choose Matt. We’re done.”
Then you hung up the phone, feeling the rush of adrenaline run through you. Matt looked with wide eyes from beside you, not believing what you just did.
“(Y/N), I love you.” Matt said, then took your face in his hands and kissed you with so much built up passion and so many forgotten feelings that you melted instantly.
When you pulled away minutes later, you were both red-faced and puffy-lipped.
“God, I’m so stupid. I’ve been in love with you since day one.” You said, and Matt smiled.
“I could’ve told you that.” He said, smirking at you.
“Why didn’t you?” You asked, “This all would’ve happened much faster.”
“I wanted you to figure it out for yourself. I wanted it to be real.” He admitted, and you scooted closer to him, and kissed him on the cheek.
“Good things come to those who wait.” You whispered, making him laugh.
“You sound like a Hallmark card. Now come over here and kiss me.”

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