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Memo to "you're ignoring the First Amendment" anon: the First Amendment protects US citizens from the GOVERNMENT censoring free speech by citizens. Even then, there are some exceptions. Hate speech can be censored by the governmemt because it poses an immediate threat to people of a certain group. The First Amendment does NOT limit a private citizen from acting to limit another citizen's speech. Fucking educate yourself on the law if you're going to use it as an excuse for your bigotry.

Thanks for reminding us about that!  Like we said previously, there’s an important distinction between advocating for the government to silence people (denial of free speech) and attempting to deny fascists’ access to public platforms like mass media, lecture halls, or public spaces.  Anti-fascists are not commonly found to be calling for state censorship, but they are found to call for institutions that control platforms to use those platforms responsibly and not hand them over to people that advocate for apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.  Having free speech rights does not entitle fascists to spew their bile without consequence or to expect others to provide them with a platform to disseminate their filth from.

These fucking “muh free speech” warriors didn’t give a shit when a neo-nazi leader & others physically assaulted a black woman exercising her free speech rights at a Trump rally this past spring.  Or when it happened again this past October.   Or when a fascist waked into a mosque in Québec City in January and shot 25 people as they were praying, killing six of them?  Or this week when a bookstore was forced to cancel a book launch by a trans comic artist because of the deluge of violent threats both they and the artist received.  The only time they care about “muh free speech” is when fuckwads like them get pushback for advocating for racist genocide.  

some ignorant chud: how could you like shockwave? he’s got one eye, no face, has no personality, is ugly and is a bad person and he doesn’t do anything but kill people

me: and now ladies and gentlemen, I will demonstrate using science how to delete a person from existence