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My blogs

Thought I’d list all my blogs not to cause confusion and yes, all those edgy/meme names are also me so you know when these pop up!

  • @sera-xiv is my main blog. Mostly FFXIV, RP and art related stuff. Sometimes a few shitposts slip in tho

  • @sera-nsfw is obvious I guess. NSFW content I like, mostly just anime tiddies, rarely RL porn. That’s also where I post my NSFW art if I ever do any lol

  • @valyreth is my personal blog. My fandoms, memes and shitposts, pure SFW content of course. I may spam some awful rants when I feel bad but I don’t really expect an answer I just really need to vent. And when I calmed down those posts will disappear anyways. But yeah if you can’t handle these things I wouldn’t recommend following as it can get extreme at times but rarely. But yeah except sass and shit cause it’s my personal space and I can do whatever I want there and no one will stop me. I’ll whine and meme as much as I want!

  • @xanthyros is my aesthetic blog for Sera and Mezaia. Occasional untagged NSFW so keep that in mind before following. What can you expect here? Well a funny mix of edgy fashion, lingerie, Japanese/Asian themes, swords, space, fancy accessoires, fancy architecture (I’d say mostly Baroque and Renaissance, other similarly styled stuff too), books, libraries, luxury in general, magic realted stuff, Male Victorian fashion and uuhhh I try to post more naked men (and women) there too

  • @dubstraps is my new lingerie blog. Highly NSFW and untagged so follow at your own risk. But yeah that’s where I reblog strappy lingerie, I mean you can see this as Sera’s second aesthetic blog too lmao. But yeah I really love that shit that I had to dedicate an own sideblog for it 

And yeah that’s it! Dang I really have more sideblogs than expected, their numbers are growing… fuck

The War Within: The Aftermath

I completed The War Within already. God gracious, I didn’t like the idea of Operators since Second Dream was released but now I’m in love with it. That was really something, so muh emotions and HOLY SHIT THE GRINEER QUEENS. The Operator had to see some real shit, lol.

And I’m 100% sure the Operator would fight against the cold they got because of [SPOILER] after all this story. Well, you know.

Now that’s what I call the war within, lol.

If you are fear mongering over stupid shit like MUH GERD TRUMP GON KILL ALL THE OPPRESSED

You don’t care about minorities or people at all. You just seek a sick sense of control over them.

Fucking disgusting.

Mod DC