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The Friends We Make {Sirius Black x Reader} *REQUESTED*

I think this is one of the last requests I received before I closed my requests. The idea was honestly so cute which is why it took me a while to write it. Thank you so much, anon, for requesting this! 💕💕💜 Two down, one more to go!



With the evening wind rushing past his black fur, Padfoot ran towards the forest where he felt most alive and free. He had been slipping away from his chambers more often recently, footsteps as light as a feather and movements as quiet as an ant. Normally, he only needed to sneak out at night in his animagus form once a month and only during a full moon when he would accompany Remus together with his other friends.

But now, he had been staying up late, making sure everyone was asleep before leaving the school grounds and running into the forest.

It was his way of exhaling all his worries and troubles and inhaling the peaceful and quietness of his surroundings. The trees protected him and the stars guided him wherever he went.

However, he was not the only student who found delight in wandering through the dark forest.

Transfiguration classes were the three boys’ favorite class, mainly because unbeknownst to everyone, they had achieved in transforming into different animals while the other students were still trying to turn rabbits into hats. Sirius enjoyed the class but today, his attention was divided into two: listening to Professor McGonagall and watching his friend, James, try to balance himself on the back of his chair. It was something Sirius would do all the time but after betting that James could not do it, he immediately jumped into the opportunity to prove his friend wrong.

As he managed to balance equally, he grinned at Sirius who had a confident smirk on his face before James finally slipped backwards, crashing on the floor. Professor McGonagall immediately stopped from her discussion and turned to him, a glare fixed behind her rectangular glasses.

“Mr. Potter?”

“Yes, Professor?” James asked innocently while quickly sitting back down on his chair as though nothing had happened. The whole class watched him, doing their best not to laugh, including (Y/n) who had to cover her mouth so as not to show her amused smile. It captured Sirius’s attention but when she saw his eyes on her, the two looked away with blushing faces.

“Detention, Mr. Potter,” the professor said, her eyes now set on Sirius, waiting for him to defend his friend but he said nothing and continued to take down notes.

(Y/n) watched him scribble down onto his parchment before McGonagall called her name. She was well-behaved in the professor’s class and was often asked to demonstrate the proper ways of transfiguring things and so she stood up and walked up front.

“Ms. (L/n), would you be so kind to show the class how the spell works?”

“Yes, professor,” she answered obediently before pulling out her wand and tapping it onto the brown rabbit, turning it into a top hat.

“Splendid,” McGonagall praised before allowing her to return to her chair, continuing on with the discussion to the class.

It was the first time Sirius finally accepted to himself about his romantic feelings towards her.

As Padfoot recalled the memory, his tail wagged excitedly while he padded through the thick trees. He had been following an interesting scent for hours now but he could not find where it was coming from. He felt like it was an amortentia potion, his increased sense of smell effectively allowing him to sniff through the air for any sign of it. He could smell perfume and shampoo but he still could not identify what it was.

He was about to give up on his quest when he heard a sound nearby. Twigs snapped and a quick flash of white crossed behind the trees. Padfoot’s ears stood up alert and that’s when he saw another dog slip from the shadows, revealing its beautiful, white fur.

Padfoot barked to see if it was friendly, only for it to bark back.

He had a good feeling about this newfound friendship.

After he had returned from another night outdoors, Sirius felt more energized. He had been seeing the mysterious dog in the forest almost every night and was planning on capturing it today in order for him to bring it home, hoping the Potters would allow him. Sirius prepared a bait and a leash when James walked into the dorm.

“Have you packed yet?” He asked, rummaging through the pile of clothes on his bed and stuffing them into his trunk.

“Uh, yeah, I did,” Sirius replied, putting a chicken drum stick on a dog bowl and covering it with a newspaper.

“What’s that for?” James said, “Saving a snack for the trip? We still have tomorrow, you know.”

“I know that. This one’s for a friend of mine.”

“Is this about the white dog you told me?” James said, sitting down on the bed with a smile. “Have you seen her lately?”

“Yeah, and I want to keep it. D'you think your mom will say yes?”

“Of course! Mom never says no to us,” James smirked, “But I suggest you try and see how the dog will react to you as…you know…as Sirius.”

“Alright. Hopefully, it won’t panic or attack me,” Sirius said, “Thanks, Prongs.”

“No problem,” he replied, patting his friend at the back.

Sirius carried the bowl with him and went outside where the sun had already rose, making his way to the forest. Everything suddenly seemed unfamiliar to him during the daylight as he had been seeing the same crooked tree for about a dozen times. He tried to whistle in hopes of getting the dog’s attention but it did not come to him at all. Sirius waited and waited until he had ultimately skipped breakfast. The dog was nowhere to be found and his attempt to bring home a friend had failed. He turned to his animagus form and whined sadly, the food bowl between his mouth when he finally heard a loud bark.

The white dog chased him happily, its tail wagging wild at the sight of him. Now was the perfect time to see how it will respond to him as a human.

Padfoot slowly transformed back into Sirius, shaking his dark hair and expecting the other dog to either bite or bark but it did neither of those things.

In fact, the dog walked up to him and stood on its hind legs, its front paws almost reaching Sirius’s shoulders before the dog started to morph back into a human girl with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes that struck his heart whenever he met them.

(Y/n) wrapped her arms around Sirius, pulling him into an embrace while he held her against his beating chest, happy to finally bring someone to his new home.

For @jercmevaleska who made the v good point that Jack Whitehall’s story about having to hide a girl under his covers would make a great Jily au so!!!! Here we go!!!!!

Lily swears blind that when she apparated out of her house last night and snuck into James’s Fuck Off Massive mansion through his bedroom window, she’d only wanted to talk to him. Except she’d shaved her legs before she left so maybe that’s not entirely true, but whatever, she doesn’t overthink it. This, now, is nice. She woke up with her legs entangled with James’s, swamped in one of his t-shirts, with her face tucked into his chest, and it all felt disconcertingly good considering that they’re just meant to be mates. Mates who snog sometimesJames sleeps like its a competitive sport, because of course he does, fidgeting and twisting, limbs stretched like he’s trying to cover as much surface area as possible, half in and half out of the covers to maintain the perfect body temperature, probably, the arsehole. Lily got at least three elbows to the face during the night, and possibly one knee, though she isn’t sure how he managed that. He seems to have settled down a little now, though. Its 7am, which is weird, because Lily is awake and as a rule she doesn’t wake up before 11 unless is absolutely necessary, but she’s kind of glad she did.

She props herself up on one elbow and brushes some hair off of James’s face, just because she can. There’s pale sunlight filtering through the windows and its lighting up dust motes and softening the angles of James’s face. Its odd, seeing him without his glasses on, makes him look younger, somehow. 


If she hadn’t already been a complete and utter goner before, she certainly was now. Before she can worry about this too much, James seems to sense her presence or something, because his eyes flutter a little and Lily quickly lies back down so she doesn’t look like a creep. He slowly sits up, and glances down at her, rubbing his eyes with the heel of his hand. To his credit, the grin he gives her is a little smug, but it hasn’t quite reached shit-eating levels. 

‘Morning, Lils.’

‘Morning, James.’

James lies back down, and for a second they just watch each other across the stretch of pillow. He opens his mouth as if to say something, but is abruptly cut off by a yell of ‘James, have you seen this?’ There’s a rattle at the door, and before Lily can register whats going on, James’s eyes are widening and a hand is on her head, pushing her down beneath the covers. 

James-’ she hisses, but he just shushes her urgently and yanks the covers up further. 

‘The bloody Ministry, Archibald Cattermole of all people, Head Auror! At a time like this! They’re off their rockers, the lot of them-’ Lily had met Fleamont a few times, liked him a lot, but Jesus Christ did the man really have to barge into his son’s room at the crack of dawn to discuss politics? She hears the shuffle of a newspaper, and then ‘Archibald Cattermole, James! Are you listening?’

‘Yeah, dad, what a joke. The bloke’s probably never gone on the offensive in a game of chess.’

‘Exactly my point, James, what chance is he going to have against the Death Eaters-’ 

‘We need someone with some guts-’ 

Lily sighs, and rolls her eyes, settling down a bit. If she’s going to be here whilst James and his Dad try to discuss the entire Wizarding World out of the biggest crisis it’s seen in a thousand years, she may as well get comfy. That doesn’t mean she has to be happy about it, though, so she gives James a good pinch behind the knee for good measure, grinning when he attempts to kick her but just ends up knocking a pillow off the bed. 

‘Everything all right, James?’ asks his father. James chokes. 

‘Oh- of course- all fine and dandy here-’ 

‘James, sweetie,’ Lily recognises the voice of James’s mother, ‘Do you want some tea?’ 

Lily assumes James doesn’t get much say in the matter of whether or not he’s having tea, because she hears footsteps cross the room, and then James is reaching up to accept the mug.

‘Tah, mum, I was- ah, just about to get dressed, actually. Would you mind-’ But he’s cut off by his father who has begun reading a statement from the Minister.

‘’I believe I speak on behalf of the entire Ministry in saying that-’ Oh, Sirius! Come here, you’ll be interested in this- ‘in saying that we have chosen the most competent-’ -ha!- ‘and adept man for the job-’’ 

Lily groans inwardly, wondering if it’s a normal occurrence for the entire Potter household to converge in James’s bedroom at 7 in the morning for an incredibly sarcastic reading of the Prophet. She hears more footsteps as who she presumes to be Sirius enters the room.

‘Morning, Potters. All right there, James? You’re looking a bit constipated this morning, mate. Oh, thanks Mrs Potter-’ Lily thinks that she’d quite like a cup of tea right now, and maybe she’d have gotten some if James hadn’t forced her into hiding. Part of her wants to pop up from beneath the covers, hoping they’d all do the proper English thing: pretend like nothing was out of the ordinary and offer her a cup of tea. She can’t sell James out for a cuppa, though, and the implications of emerging from beneath the covers half way down the bed probably aren’t the best, so she settles for running a hand up James’s thigh just to watch him squirm. 

‘’-And we’ll continue to do everything in our power to protect our way of life from the people who seek to destroy it.’ Well, I have never read such a load of codswallop in my life.’ 

There’s a general hum of agreement.

‘Voldemort’ll have the Ministry under his thumb by the end of the month, you just watch.’ adds Euphemia. 

That’s why I bet Dumbledore must be planning something,’ says Sirius, ‘He must know the Ministry’s useless- and he’s not the type to sit back and let them fuck everything up for the rest of us-’

‘Language, Sirius.’ chides Euphemia, but she doesn’t sound particularly bothered. ‘Though you’re right, of course.’

‘More flawed than people think, I reckon, old Dumbledore,’ says Fleamont, ‘But he’s the best chance we’ve got. That’s for sure. What do you reckon, James, you’re being uncharacteristically quiet on the subject?’

‘What? Oh, Dumbledore? Brilliant man, he is. Completely bonkers, of course, but if anyone’s got a chance against Voldemort, its him. Bloody shame he wont take on the role of Minister, if you ask me. The Ministry could really do with somebody with his brains running things. Anyway, I really do want to get ready, now-’ 

It carries on like this for what feels like an hour, but in reality is closer to about fifteen minutes. James keeps trying to make half-hearted excuses to kick the lot of them out, but he’s thwarted at every turn by his father remembering something else to be outraged about. When they’ve finally left, James yanks back the covers and peers down at Lily sheepishly. She’s lying on her stomach, staring daggers at him. 

‘Is your family insane?’ she asks, sitting up and shifting over to sit besides him stroppily. ‘Its 7:15 in the morning! What do you discuss at dinner? How to end world hunger? Throw about some ideas for curing bloody cancer?’

‘Look, I’m sorry, my parents are just a bit passionate, and I didn’t want the first time you met them to be like that!’ 

Lily rolls her eyes. 

‘James, I’ve met your parents like, five times.

‘I know but- the first time you met them as- you know-’

Lily makes a confused face. 

‘As what?’

‘Like- well- my girlfriend.’

Lily scoffs. ‘We have sex like, once- maybe four times, and suddenly I’m your girlfriend?’ 

James shrugs. 

‘Well- I mean, not if you don’t want to be, but come on, Lils. You basically are. We snog quite a lot, and neither of us have snogged anyone else in like, months. We go on dates. The other week we bought Peter a joint birthday present for Merlin’s sake.’ 

Lily stares at him. She feels her mouth hanging open and promptly closes it. Then she takes a few steps forward and kisses him on the mouth. 

‘Does- does that mean we’re a thing?’ James asks after a few seconds of this. Lily shrugs. 

‘I don’t know. Still considering it. Will it mean next time I stay over I wont have to face near suffocation and your mother will offer me a cup of tea?’ 


She kisses him again. 

‘Well, that improves your chances.’ 

34. We should not pretend to go into a coma when we have a test coming up we would prefer not to take.

“Look, all I’m saying is that I would rather die than have to take this stupid exam,” James insisted to his friends dramatically, throwing his quill down on his writing desk with a satisfying plunk.

“You’d rather die?” Peter asked with wide eyes, “Like literally?”

James rolled his eyes, swiveling back in his seat so he was facing Peter, “No, not literally. I’m not that dedicated to not taking this quiz.”

“But, what if you were,” Sirius spoke up slowly, looking towards the ceiling as he was thinking deeply.

James scowled, “Then I’d be dead and you’d all have to make sure I have a bloody awesome funeral. Well Pete and Remus would need to anyway. Padfoot would probably be too much of a blubbering mess to be productive after my passing.”

“I see no shame in mourning the loss of a loved one,” Sirius retorted haughtily, his nose high up in the air, “Besides, I wasn’t thinking that you should actually die. That would be ridiculous.”

“Glad we’re all in agreement that James is not going to actually die in response to taking an exam,” Remus spoke up dryly, rolling his eyes slightly before looking back down at the papers he was gathering to put away.

“I’m proposing that James fake dies,” Sirius said happily.

The other boys looked up from what they were doing, confused looks on their faces as they tried to wrap their mind around Sirius’ proposition.

“And how exactly does one fake die?” Remus asked cautiously, not sure if he wanted to know the answer or not.

“Yeah, you can’t just fake a death!” Peter exclaimed incredulously.

“Okay, maybe not a fake death. But, like, you could go into one of those … long term sleep things. You know what I’m talking about?”

“A coma?” James asked hesitantly.

When Sirius nodded his head enthusiastically, James clarified, “You want me to go into a coma? I don’t see how that’s better than death.”

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James Potter Imagine 3 Part 2


Request: Wait can there be a pt 2?? [To James Potter Imagine 3] But it’s when Sirius and the reader run away from their family????

@firefurr​ of course!! this is gonna be so cute I’m so exited!! thanks for requesting!!


You looked through the tears in your eyes at the two burned spots on your family tree. Under what used to be two smiling faces was a scorched and barely readable ‘Y/n Black’ and ‘Sirius Black.’

Your twin brother was currently attempting to win a fight with your mother, the worst one yet, but it all sounded distant. 

“Don’t you ever come back!! You are no children of mine, you blood traitors!”

You heard your mother’s shrill voice filled with so much anger shout.

You remained still, shocked and terrified beyond anything you had ever experienced before. Your body wouldn’t move if you wanted it to. 

You were pulled out of your daze when you felt some one frantically shaking your arm. You turned to Sirius, the world suddenly feeling and chaotic as it had before.

“Y/n, we’re leaving, come on!”

“M-my stuff..”

“We’re not getting anything! Come on!!”

He pulled you out of the door as your mother continued yelling at you and your brother and throwing things. You already had a cut on your forehead, but it was nothing compared to what a broken mirror had done to Sirius’s arm. The pain felt numb, after all, compared to the true fiery hurt of what your mother had said.

Sirius dragged you out the door, slamming it behind him. 

You began sobbing heavily once your mind refocused on the gravity of the situation. You were officially being disowned. You ripped your arm out of Sirius’s grip and began running towards the front door, Sirius wrapping his arms around you from behind to stop you.

“Mom!” you cried, “Dad!” you began sobbing harder, “Regulus….”

“Y/n….” Sirius was trying hard not to break down, “we have to go, okay?”

You let your body slowly fall to the ground until you were sitting in front of the steps to 12 Grimmauld Place with Sirius’s arms around you.

The rest of the night was a blur, you were both 16 and unable to apparate, so Sirius, with no money or anything else, was able to charm, sob-story, and puppy-dog-eye a way for both of you to get to the Potter’s household. 

Sirius knocked on the door, his eyes heavy and his other hand holding yours. You had run out of tears to cry. Your eyes were red and puffy and you felt empty inside, and like the world was about to fall apart, or just stop existing. 

Mrs. Potter answered the door at precisely 3:48 a.m. with tired eyes and a confused furrow of the brow.

“Y/n? Sirius? What on earth?”

“Hi Mrs. Potter,” your voice cracked and you sounded tired and broken, “m-my- our mother. Mother- she- she,” you began crying once again and Sirius had silent tears streaming down his face.

“Shh, shh,” Mrs. Potter ushered you both in, putting her arms around the two of you, “Don’t say a word more, come in and sit down.”

Sirius pulled his hand away from yours and sat across from you, the small coffee table in between the two of you. You looked up and saw your little brother again. The same Sirius you had seen a million times after Mother yelled at him or hurt him or abused him. You were always there to hold your brother and tell him it would be okay. But now… you were just a broken as he was, and you both knew nothing was okay.

You heard the muffled talking of Mr. and Mrs. Potter. Both sounding sympathetic and heartbroken, trying to figure out what happened. 

“Take Sirius up to James’s room,” you heard Mrs. Potter whisper to her husband, “I’ll get y/n set up in the guest room.”

“Mom? Dad?” You heard James’s voice call from up the stairwell and your heart skipped a beat. 

He stepped down the stairs wearing nothing but sweatpants and a confused expression. 

“Oh, James-” Mrs. Potter began.

“-Y/n?” James questioned, seeing you first as you stood up. He rushed over to you and engulfed you in a hug, you let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding in and relaxed a little in his arms. After a moment he pulled away and and went to go hug Sirius. 


“Not now,” Sirius said pleadingly.

James nodded, like he understood. 

“Bloody hell, your arm!” Sirius held up his forearm to reveal a deep, jagged cut you had forgotten about. 

“Oh, my!” Mrs. Potter gasped, rushing over to him to inspect the wound. 

“W-we have to go to St. Mungo’s!”

“Now, Euphemia-” 

Before Mr. Potter finished his sentence Mrs. Potter caught an unconscious Sirius in her arms.

You felt frozen in place one again, like the world had stopped. You watched as your other half and picked up by Mr. Potter.

Mrs. Potter went over to James and whispered in his ear as though you couldn’t hear, “Watch out for y/n, okay? We’ll be back soon enough, we have to get Sirius to St. Mungo’s as soon as possible.”

They were gone in a flash and you sat down. This can’t be real.

“Y/n,” James began, concerned, “What happened to your forehead?”

“Mother, s-she,” you began crying and James pulled you into a hug.

“No, no, shhh, you’ll be okay, come on.”

He led you to the bathroom and sat you up on the counter, wetting a washcloth and dabbing it onto the wound. He stood in between your legs, focused on putting the numerous band-aids on your forehead as you looked at the wall.

After he patched you up he pulled you down from the counter and led you up to his room.

“Sleep,” he said, and pulled back the covers for you.

You stayed with your eyes opened, staring at the ceiling, trying to comprehend what had happened today.

“Are you okay,” James whispered.

You sat up and shook your head, “No-no,” your voice cracked and you began crying all over again, “she told us to never come back, James, never.”

He pulled you close to him, letting you rest your head in the crook of his neck as he rubbed your back. 

“Darling, I’m so sorry.” 

“A-and she burned us off the family tree.”

He let you yell and rant about all the things your Mother did and said and let you cry and talk and worry until you fell asleep in his arms.


The next day you didn’t wake up until about 1:00 p.m., James was already awake, and apparently had been for hours, and was playing with you hair, an arm still wrapped lovely around your waist. You took a deep breath and pushed yourself up with your arms and looked over at James. He smiled and kissed your nose, bringing you butterflies in your stomach and one moment of pure joy after last nights events. 

Mrs. Potter was still at St. Mungo’s with Sirius, who was apparently getting very flirty with the nurse, and Mr. Potter had come home that morning at about 6:00 a.m. and was pleased to see you sleeping soundly next to his lovesick son.

You and James ate ‘breakfast’ in bed and whispered quietly to each other, trying to forget about life for a while. You knew that you might never really heal, and making out with James Potter in his room after eating 20 chocolate frogs might not make all the pain go away, but it was sure worth a shot.


holy shit so i rlly like the way this turned out thank u so much for requesting this it was so fun to write!! AH

Andromeda hadn’t wanted to go through any of Remus’ possessions, she already had enough on her plate sorting through her daughters belongings and looking after little Teddy, so she asked Harry. 

Harry didn’t have to do it, but he wanted to, it felt wrong to just put everything into storage or throw it as Andromeda suggested as alternatives. It was also nice to have something to focus on in his spare time, to take his mind off the horrors of the past few weeks. 

Remus didn’t have much. Harry really just intended to sift through everything, keep a few things for Teddy and hand things that seemed like they might have sentimental value over to Lyall Lupin, who also hadn’t felt up to clearing everything out and whom Harry had met stood by Minerva McGonagall’s side when they’d taken news of his sons death to him.

On the second and last day he was clearing through everything, Hermione joined him and they sorted through everything silently. Occasionally Hermione would hand Harry an errant photo - one of Remus holding a tiny baby that could only be Harry, glancing at the camera like he was scared of dropping him - or some odd memento or other. 

Finally,at the bottom of a box of clothes, Hermione pulled a locked wooden box. Harry watched her examine it for a few minutes, probing it with spells before she announceed that the locking charm used on it was designed to be unlocked only by the caster - unless the caster had passed on.

“So we can open it?” Harry asked. 

Hermione hesitated, “Well, yes, I’m almost certain that I can but…”


“Well, if he used such a protective locking charm, do we really want to see what’s in here?”

“What if it’s something we could show to Teddy one day?”

“What if it’s something he never wanted anyone to see?” countered Hermione.

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“Where did you go?” asked Harry, staring at him. 
“Your dad’s place,” said Sirius. “Your grandparents were really good about it, they sort of adopted me as a second son. When I was seventeen I got a place of my own. I was always welcome at Mr. and Mrs. Potter’s for Sunday lunch, though.”

okay but marauders + howlers

This probably happened at some point before this. Do you think McGonagall banned Howlers because the marauders keeping harassing each other in the most embarrassing ways like













And also Dumbledore doesn’t make a move to prohibit shit because he seems so profoundly amused by it (even though he has no opinion about Mr. Pettigrew’s butt)

And in their last year at Hogwarts they send a Howler to Professor McGonagall just saying how amazing she is for tolerate their bullshit over seven fucking years and she has a really hard time trying not to cry.

Marauders + What Comes to Mind When They Conjure a Patronus

Remus “Moony” Lupin

  • The day an eccentric old wizard going by the name Dumbledore showed up at his front step, carrying with him a Hogwarts acceptance letter Remus never expected to get.
  • September 1st of his eleventh year, sitting in a dormitory with three other boys, feeling out of place and insecure, until the boy with shaggy hair dragged him off the bed, saying, “What, are you just going to go to sleep on your first night here? Come on, come play a few rounds of Exploding Snap with us!” It was the first time he ever felt he had friends.
  • One night in second year, after being cornered by his friends about his monthly disappearances and having to finally come clean, and remembering the funny look James gave him as he said, “Werewolf or not, Remus, you’re no monster to us.”
  • Sitting under a shade tree in his backyard with a letter he read over and over a thousand times, congratulating him on becoming a prefect. Sure, James, Sirius, and Peter laughed themselves to death over it, but they didn’t understand what Albus Dumbledore’s trust meant to someone like him–someone who people are wont to be suspicious of. He wore his badge in quiet pride.
  • Three days before the full moon in the fall of his fifth year, learning the lengths his friends had taken to make it so he wouldn’t have to spend his transformations alone anymore. 
  • The middle of final exam week during his sixth year, studying in the deserted back corner of the library, when a stressed out Sirius Black threw down his quill and said, “I can’t think about Transfiguration, and worry about how you feel about me at the same time,” right before he kissed Remus right on the lips and pulled away with an expectant look. “So?” he had demanded. “Do you fancy me or not?”
  • James Potter’s stag party. Technically, he doesn’t actually remember anything that happened that night–he’s pretty sure he blacked out before it was even midnight–but the feeling? That thick, nostalgic feeling–one last, gigantic hurrah before everything changed–that’s something no amount of firewhiskey could wash away.
  • Holding Harry for the first time, and thinking that maybe there was hope in a world where nothing seemed to go right.

(After the first wizarding war, Remus couldn’t make corporeal patronuses anymore–just little bits of white mist. It seems there are some things so bad, too devastating, that they tend to outshine the good.)

Peter “Wormtail” Pettigrew

  • The middle of his first year, after James and Sirius dubbed their friend group “The Marauders,” and realizing that they accepted him as one of their own. James Potter and Sirius Black, the coolest kids in school–can you imagine?
  • One afternoon in third year Defense Against the Dark Arts, when he scored higher on an essay than Remus. (It did happen to be a full moon week, but Peter still counts it, goddamnit.)
  • Getting asked out on a date to Hogsmeade at age 15 by a fourth year Hufflepuff girl, who was scared of the Shrieking Shack, and was riveted by Peter’s insistence that he’d been in there before and seen the sort of monster that lived there. (She didn’t know he was talking about Remus Lupin, of course.) He snogged her out back behind Zonkos. The praise and high fives he got from James and Sirius later that night might have been even better than the kiss itself.
  • The very first time he transformed into Wormtail, because he knew, he knew, James and Sirius were starting to doubt that he could do it. But he did do it! And after he did it once, transforming became his most favorite thing in the world to do.
  • Asking his friends over during Easter holidays during sixth year, and them accepting. He loved being able to show off all his things to the people he loved and respected most in the world. 
  • The night before the last day of term during their last year at Hogwarts, when the four of them snuck out of the castle into the Shrieking Shack and gorged themselves on Honeyduke’s sweets and pastries from the kitchens, and vowed–absolutely, cross-the-heart-and-hope-to-die, swore–that no matter what happened in the coming war, they would still be together. They would all still be friends.

(Peter only managed a corporeal patronus once, after a lot of coaxing and patience from his friends. It was hard for him to focus on a memory and focus on the magic at the same time.)

Sirius “Padfoot” Black

  • Being four years old and hearing Regulus’ first word. It wasn’t Mama, or Dada. It was “Sirius.” (Of course, it sounded more like “See-russ,” but who’s asking?)
  • His first time in the Great Hall, the Sorting Hat over his eyes, it belting out the word “Gryffindor!” when he had been so certain it was going to say Slytherin.
  • One of the last days of First Year, after being on edge, knowing he was going to have to go back home to his mother (who still was sending him letters about how displeased she was in his house and choice of friends), and James pulling him aside, saying, “I’ll write you every day. I’ll write you so much your mum will go nutty and will be too fussed with all the owls to give you any grief.” When Sirius asked why he’d do something like that for him, James said, “’Cuz you’re my best friend, of course!” like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
  • Two weeks after The Prank, after thinking his relationship with Remus was irreparably damaged, sitting up in his four poster bed, and Remus coming in and sitting beside him, meeting his eyes, and saying the words, “I forgive you.”
  • A night in the middle of summer when he was sixteen, sitting on the Potter’s couch, drenched from the rain, tear tracts on his face, being enveloped in Mrs. Potter’s arms, and her telling him, “This place will always be open to be your home.”
  • The first morning he woke up with Remus beside him, his face peaceful like it never was when awake, and realizing how lucky he was.
  • Watching James exchange vows with Lily and experiencing his happiness vicariously as though they were linked like brothers. Accepting, for the first time really, that maybe they were brothers, blood or not.
  • Meeting Harry Potter and seeing his best friend in his Godson, and seeing a future for the first time in a long time–one that might actually be good.

(Sirius could make corporeal patronuses up until the day he got sent to Azkaban. He never had an opportunity to see if he could make them again, but he was the first person ever to escape Azkaban, so what did it matter if he could do a patronus or not? He was already one up on the dementors anyway.)

James “Prongs” Potter

  • Two weeks into his first year, with the help of Sirius Black, successfully setting off two dungbombs at the Slytherin’s table during breakfast, and thinking that this was the start to a truly beautiful friendship.
  • Hearing from the Team Captain in his second year that he had been accepted to the Gryffindor Quidditch team, which was amazing, because next to pulling pranks with the Marauders, and looking at that Lily Evans girl who made him feel sort of funny inside, flying was his favorite thing to do.
  • The first night the four of them all transformed into Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, because he had been the mastermind behind the whole Animagus business, and there had been more than a few moments where he thought that there was no way they were going to pull it off. It turns out, he loved proving himself wrong.
  • Asking Lily Evans out after Head Boy and Girl duties one day, and her saying yes! She said yes! Sirius, did you hear that?! She said yes!
  • The middle of Seventh year, looking down at the finished version of the Maruader’s Map, and knowing that a piece of him would always exist at Hogwarts. 
  • Asking Lily Evans to marry him after getting home from an Order mission that shook him down to his very core, and her saying yes. Again, she said yes! Who cared about evil wizards and wars when Lily Evans kept saying yes to things?!
  • That stag party. He remembers exactly none of it, (well, except for maybe one part where Sirius was singing something off-tune, Remus kept trying to harmonize with him, and Peter was throwing up in an umbrella stand), but damn, it makes him happy to think about.
  • The birth of his son, all 7 pounds of him, fat cheeks with a mop of messy black hair on his head like his Dad’s. James held him right after Lily had a turn, and saw that his eyes looked just like hers. Up until that point he had kept it together, but having seen something so perfect brought a flood of tears to his eyes. Nothing, James Potter believed until the moment he took his last breath, was better than being a dad.

(James could make corporeal patronuses in his sleep. He was married to Lily Evans! That’s enough happiness to make any dementor run its ass back to where it came from, wouldn’t you say?)

jilylicious  asked:

"I want to feel safe." Sirius Black. Think of this as my revenge, dear.


Pain was the only thing that registered when his mother’s fist collided with his cheek for the third time.

Luckily for him, he was able to duck the fourth and had taken off down the street before Walburga had processed that her eldest was gone.

Sirius took off down the street, upper class mini- mansions blurring past him into a white and marble colored tunnel. He didn’t stop. Not for miles. By the time he tumbled into a hedge at the edge of the road the soles of his bare feet were broken open and bleeding. He cursed, curling his knees to his chest and tucking his face between them.

It would be hours before he realized that he was supposed to be at James’ for dinner.


When Sirius hadn’t shown, the manor was James’ first stop.

He hated Walburga Black with a passion, but he was a boy of good breeding and he could usually use his good manners to get past her without too much venom being spit in his direction.

However, before he’d even reached the door he noticed a streak of blood on the front steps. He paused, his heart leaping into his throat.



It took James two hours and a bribe to the Apple Store girl that had the hots for him to track Sirius’ phone and find him.

Sirius hadn’t moved. He was still curled under the bushes, ragged and angry breaths wracking his frame where he sat. James had seen it before… the last time Walburga had tried to put her son in the hospital.

He sat down beside him, his forearms resting on his knees as he lit a cigarette. He took a long drag before holding it out to the back of Sirius’ non-responsive head.

“So. What was it this time? Set the table wrong?”

It took a solid minute for the smaller boy to lift his head and take the smoke from James’ fingers, his hands shaking as he brought it to his lips.

“Sh-she found my pictures of Moony… the ones we took in the shack last Valentine’s day. “

James let out a low whistle, shaking his head.

“Fuck, man… maybe you should actually call the co-”

“I just want to feel safe.”

A silence stretched between the boys for a long moment, James fixing his eyes on his best friend, trying to read where he was. He took a deep breath, about to try and say something, anything, but just as he opened his mouth his phone was ringing.

He blinked, looking at the caller ID and bringing it to his ear.

“Yeah? Yeah, I found him. Yes… Yep. Okay… Yes, Mom. I know… I.. here.”

He handed the phone to Sirius, trading him for the cigarette so that he could bring it to his ear.

“Hello?” Sirius’ voice shook. “N-no… No Mrs. Potter I’m okay… I.. yes.” He rubbed his free hand over his eyes tiredly. “N-no… no, don’t call the cops it won’t do anything.” He listened for a while, Euphemia’s voice clear even though James wasn’t holding the phone. Sirius nodded after a moment before realizing she couldn’t see him.

“O-okay… Okay Mom. We’re coming home.”

((OOC: Hope you like your angst sweetie! <3))

Here (Fred)

Requested- Could you do an imagine where the reader is freds girlfriend and when his dad is hurt and harry sees it in his dream she comforts him and theres a lot of fluff? Thanks love your blog!

- - -

Fred was pinching your cheeks with both of his hands lightly, “aww y/n, you look like a chipmunk!” You laughed, “I certainly do not!” Fred liked to tease you, but you didn’t dislike it. You loved the way he was always so funny and the way he would be so caring at the same time. “Fine,” he smirked, withdrawing his fingers from you face and leaning in. His lips touched yours softly as he kissed you. You grinned into the kiss and wrapped your hands around the back of his neck. He smiled, “now, what shall we do for today? Can’t wait for Christmas. Would you like to come over during the holidays?”

“That would be great, Fred! Molly cooks so well honestly, I can’t wait either!” You kissed the boy’s cheeks.

“Cool, I’ll let them know that you’re coming. Walk up to the Owlery with me?” He said. You followed him, holding hands. The two of you were chatting and laughing uncontrollably when Professor McGonagall approached hurriedly. She called, “Mr. Weasley! Please!”

“What’s wrong, professor?” He frowned, still holding your hand. You felt that his grip tightened a little. McGonagall eyed you cautiously. He noticed it, “it’s fine, y/n can hear it.” 

She returned her stare at him, “Professor Dumbledore wants you in his office, and your other siblings are already on their way. I’m afraid that something has happened to your father. Follow me.” Fred’s face dropped as you had never seen him like this before. You stroked his hand with your thumb gently. “Do you want me to go with you or?” You asked him quietly. He nodded in response.

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P&P vs HP

Rather than doing any writing this weekend my brain has been humming over a dream I had about a Pride & Prejudice and Harry Potter crossover crackfic [that I will never write]. With Hermione as Elizabeth, Sirius as Darcy and Riddle as ‘I’m here to fuck everything up’ Wickham.

Tom (Wickham): Did you know Miss Granger, that Mr. Black didn’t turn up and join my… *intense coughing* political group like he promised, I ended up losing a lot of money and a great deal of pride over the matter.

Hermione (Elizabeth): Oh how awful [puts a hand on Mr. Riddle’s arm] I’m not surprised, though, he’s been a total wanker since he got here.

Lavender (Lydia): [looking at an unknown man that has unwittingly crossed her path] Well where’s his black robe? I don’t care three straws for a man without one.

Parvati (Kitty): *incoherent squealing*

Lavender (Lydia): I mean he hasn’t even got a shiny silver mask, it’s like he’s not trying.

James (Bingley): [seeing Lily (Jane) for the first time at the Hogsmeade assembly ball] I’m going to marry her, now, like right now, do you think the churches are still open?

Sirius (Darcy): *Disdainful pureblood scowl TM*

James (Bingley): I’m going to buy her a pony, girls like ponies, or a boat… or a house. Maybe all of it, maybe a house for the horses that I will buy and one for the boat. 

Sirius (Darcy): *facepalm*

Hermione (Elizabeth): [In conversation with Luna (Charlotte)] Mr. Black does look over here often I wonder what he can mean by it?

Sirius (Darcy): *intense eye fucking*

Cormac (Mr. Colins): I really think your refusal comes too quickly Hermione.

Hermione (Elizabeth): I assure you Mr. Mclaggen I am earnest in my response.

Cormac (Mr. Colins): More fool you, do you have any idea what I’ve got going on underneath this outfit?

Hermione (Elizabeth): 

Cormac (Mr. Colins): Dick for days, Miss. Granger. Dick. For. Days.

Molly (Mrs. Bennet): Are you insane for rejecting Mr. Mclaggen Hermione? No easter eggs for you.

Sirius (Darcy): So in summary, despite me finding your whole family entirely repellant to my surprise your bookish personality and need to speak every thought that passes through your mind totally without filter is strangely endearing. Will you do me the honour of becoming the next Mrs. Black?

Hermione (Elizabeth): *Incoherent rageful screaming*

Sirius (Darcy): Really? You’re not jumping at this?

Hermione (Elizabeth): *Something about house elves*

[Sirius, enraged walks to the door before pausing for a moment looking back over his shoulder]

Sirius (Darcy): I got the fancy thing right though yeah? Like that would be a bit of a blow.

Hermione (Elizabeth): *slightly flushed* oh yeah, I mean, your a total arse but beautiful in an otherworldly way that will make me start hating myself in about three weeks.

Regulus (Georgiana): Why am I in a dress?

> @laisvega (I hope I haven’t ruined P&P for you)
> @kreeblimsabs (I hope this makes you smile)

your hand holding mine

merry christmas @bisexualbvffy. thank you for being the love of my life

You move into the house next door to him when you’re five. The delivery men are unpacking the truck when Petunia unlatches Marmalade’s cage and she bolts under the fence into the next door neighbour’s yard. You run after her, jumping the fence and landing in a heap in front of a boy with wild eyes and a shock of dark hair. He looks like he just stuck his hand in an electric socket, peering at you through a pair of rectangular glasses. ‘Who are you?’ he asks you, and you jump to your feet in front of him, sticking out your and saying, ‘Hi, I’m Lily, and I’m looking for my cat. Have you seen her?’ He’s looking at you like he can’t quite believe you’re real when you hear a yowl, and Marmalade scrambles out of the hydrangea bush, rag-taggling with a bounding labrador retriever puppy. ‘Damnit,’ you swear, because you heard it on TV and thought it sounded cool, blowing hair out of your face. The boy is still looking at you weirdly, and you scrunch up your nose, like you do when you’re concentrating, and throw yourself on top of Marmalade, bundling the squirming cat up into your arms. The boy grabs the dog, who starts licking his face enthusiastically. ‘I’m James,’ he says, looking up at you, ‘and you’ve got a twig in your hair.’ You reach up and come away with bits of bracken and sycamore leaves. ’Thanks for your help,’ you tell him, turning and vaulting over the fence with Marmalade in your arms, leaving James behind.

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Originally posted by the-venus-of-the-21st-century

Title: Um – Remus Lupin Imagine
Warnings: N/A
Pairing: Remus x hufflepuff!reader
Request: Would you maybe write something were the reader is a hufflepuff and Remus becomes her tutor in some subject? And he has had a crush on her for forever so he’s really nervous? By the way your writing is really amazing I honestly love your blog love :)
Notes: sorry this is so late I wasn’t really feelin it, still not, so I really hope you like it

You were failing Potions, much to your dismay. You took Potions with the Gryffindors and you knew Remus Lupin was a good student so you decided next time you had Potions, you’d ask him to tutor you. You had spoken to him a few times before, you actually were quite good friends with James Potter. He was always kind to you. “Hey, Y/N!” Think of the devil.
“Hey James!” You replied waving him over. You were sitting in the courtyard reading a muggle book.
“How are you?” He asked, smiling.
“Good, I’m failing Potions though. Might ask Lupin for some help.” You explained.
“Ah, he’ll be very happy to hear that, not you failing, you want him to help you.” James said with a smirk.
“What are you smirking at, Potter?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow.
“Go on, spit it out!” You said, poking him.
“Forget it.” He replied, giving a toothy grin. Come on, I’m on my way to meet the guys.” He said, wrapping an arm around you.
“Oh alright, but I swear if Black hits on me again.” You warned. You’d had previous run-ins with Mr Sirius Black before, most of the time you’d been patient but the last few times your Hufflepuff patience had been wearing thin.
“I’ll protect you dear!” James joked, pulling you closer. You noticed the Evans girl that James was so desperate for, with her friends.
“Still trying to make Evans fall in love with you?” You asked.
“Yes, anyway, any love interests I should know about?” James asked, poking your cheek. He was very much a brotherly figure to you.
“No, unfortunately.” You sighed.
“Oh don’t worry, there’ll be one soon enough.” He reassured. Little did you know it would be sooner than you thought?

“James! And who is this, Y/N!” Sirius called from the Gryffindor common room.

“Yes, hello Sirius. Hey Remus, can I talk to you for a second, here it next to me.” You said kindly, patting the space next to you. His face turned crimson as he walked over. You chuckled to yourself.
“Is there something wrong, Y/N?” He asked eyes filling with concern.
“No, well, I’m sort of failing Potions so I was wondering if you could tutor me a couple of days a week.” You asked. His cheeks heated again,
“Oh, yes, um I’m free tomorrow or now. I’m free all the time, I’m going to be quiet now.” He said sheepishly.
“Oh, I’m free now too, do you want to go somewhere and study?” You asked, somewhat timidly.
“Oh, um, well yes, let’s go um study, yes.” Remus stumbled.
“Okay, library?” You suggested.
“Yes, definitely, library.” Remus stuttered out, cursing himself for being so awkward.
“So, any interesting stories to tell me?” You asked, trying to break the awkward silence.
“Um no, none at all.” Remus said quietly.
“You okay?” You asked, Remus had become awfully quiet, sure, the only time you ever said three words to each other was when people were there but there couldn’t be anything that wrong with you that he was so awkward?
“Oh, um yes.” Remus said, then went back to not saying anything.
“If you don’t want to do this I can just get James–” Remus cut you off with an inhuman squeak.
“No! I mean no. I want to! I’m just nervous.” He admitted.
“How are you nervous around me?” You asked, incredulously.
“Maybe because I’ve had a crush on you since first year?” Remus said, timidly.
“Seriously?” You asked.
“Yeah.” He replied, taking your face in his hands, “can I kiss you?” he asked. You replied by placing your lips on his. You tangled your fingers in his hair. You both had finally kissed each other, something you had wanted to do six years ago.

Jily: Begin Again

I posted this at one point last year and now can’t find it and want to bring it back for Jilytober. So…here it is. Jily drabble inspired by Taylor Swift’s Begin Again.

Took a deep breath in the mirror / He didn’t like it when I wore high heels / But I do

Lily took a deep breath and glanced at her reflection one last time in the full length mirror Marlene had propped against the dormitory wall. Her red hair was pulled back in a long plait, with a few escaped wisps curling around her face. Her green eyes stood out against her white jumper and black skirt. Lily took a step back, reveling in the sharp click her heeled boots made against the floor. She had just begun wearing the boots again. Severus had never liked it when she wore heels; it irritated him that sometimes she would appear taller than him. Lily shook her head to dispel any thoughts of her ex-best friend. She stood straight and squared her shoulders, looking her reflection dead in the eye and smiling.

Turn the lock and put my headphones on / He always said he didn’t get this song / But I do, I do

Lily snatched her cloak out of the heavy trunk next to her bed and walked towards the dormitory door. Before she left, she hesitated for a moment, eyeing the enchanted record player in the corner from which Paul McCartney’s voice trickled. She really ought to shut the thing off, the others were already in Hogsmeade with their dates. And anyways, Lily thought bitterly, this song depressed her. She had loved it when she had first heard it, but even now Severus’ sneering face came back to her, accompanied by his familiar hiss “I don’t know why you listen to such silly trash.”

Lily stiffened at the memory and set her jaw before turning abruptly and flinging the door open. She marched down the spiral staircase to the tune of Hello, Goodbye.

 Walked in expecting you’d be late / But you got here early and you stand and wave / I walk to you

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The Potter Family

-Mr and Mrs Potter were wary of Sirius at first, like most they saw another Black, but it soon became clear that Sirius was the rightful fourth member of their family. He was no more a brother to James than any other and no less a son. 
-Sirius and James were both mischievous and always up to no good, but Sirius knew how to use his charming smile and pure-blood social etiquette to find a soft spot in Mrs Potter’s heart that would quickly drain away any annoyance.
- Sirius could get out of trouble sooner and easier than James.
- Sirius liked baking with Mrs Potter because, whilst he wasn’t very good at it, he enjoyed spending some time with a motherly figure that cared about him.
-Mr and Mrs Potter gave Sirius his first broom.
-Mr and Mrs Potter treated James and Sirius equally, which meant that they received equally precious and personal gifts, as well as lectures and scoldings for when they misbehaved.  
-Mr and Mrs Potter noticed how Sirius would flinch at sudden movements.
- Even though Sirius was uncomfortable with certain affectionate gestures, Mr and Mrs Potter found ways to show they cared. 
-Sirius would receive a letter every week from Mr and Mrs Potter, during school and after graduating. 
- Sirius moved out from the Potter residence because he didn’t want to be an inconvenience and potentially lose the family he had gained, but Mr and Mrs Potter would never change in the way they felt about him.
-They made Sirius promise to come for dinner at least once a week when he wasn’t in school. 
- Sirius sat beside James at Mr and Mrs Potter’s funeral, and was treated as the mourning second son of the Potters. 

Sirius' First Time Staying at the Potters

Ok but let’s imagine little 12 year old Sirius and before they got off the train to go home, James told him he could come to his place if things got bad at home (because we all know the other Marauders would have figured out by then that Sirius’s house was basically a living hell)

And little 12 year old Sirius showing up at the Potters at 2 o'clock in the morning all bruised and bloodied and crying and stumbling out of the fireplace covered in soot from head to toe

And little 12 year old Sirius hysterical and repeatedly apologizing to Mr. and Mrs. Potter (who came downstairs to find that the large bang they had heard was Sirius tripping over their coffee table and knocking over a vase or something) and saying that James had promised he could come stay with them and please don’t kick him out don’t make him go back to his awful parents

And little 12 year old James coming down to see what all the racket is and finding his very best friend traumatized and panicky and so he goes over and hugs him and tells him everything will be ok and that’s he’s safe now

And Mr. and Mrs. Potter are horrified at how terrified little Sirius is and they don’t understand how anyone could possibly be so mean to their own child and Mrs. Potter goes to get him a cup of tea and Mr. Potter goes to look at Sirius’s injuries (to make sure they don’t need to take him to Saint Mungo’s) but Sirius doesn’t realize Mr. Potter just wants to raise his chin a little to get a better look at his face and thinks Mr. Potter is trying to hit him so he flinches and starts freaking out because oh god I shouldn’t have come and now he’s mad at me what have I done they must hate me

And the three Potters spending several hours trying to calm Sirius down and eventually Sirius is just so exhausted he cries himself to sleep and Mr. Potter has to carry him upstairs to James’s room (because James insisted that Sirius have his bed) and Mrs. Potter fixes him up a bit but then he wakes up a little and starts crying and whimpering so James crawls into bed with him to try and make him feel safer

And James inviting Remus and Peter over to make Sirius feel better and Mr. and Mrs. Potter deciding that they’re going to take care of Sirius because he’s such a sweet boy but he’s petrified of getting sent back to his family so he’s always trying to help out around the house even though he doesn’t really need to

And little 12 year old Sirius never being happier in his life and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside whenever Mrs. Potter calls him her darling or Mr. Potter calls him ‘son’

And I just can’t right now guys sorry I’m afraid I’ve made myself cry

anonymous asked:

Hello! Erm this might not be what youre into (in which case feel free to ignore) but could you maybe write a jily one where james is being all overprotective of his baby boy because yeah Harry is a boy but he's so beautiful and dainty and fiery and James can see those other boys checking out his baby- especially one Draco Malfoy? Meanwhile Lily is all like locate your chill. Thanks so much!

“I’m going to punch that little shit,” James Potter declared, scowling out the window as his son walked up the driveway. 

“Oh for the love of God, James,” Lily said, rolling her eyes. “You need to stop obsessing. Harry is fifteen now. I bet you remember what you were like at fifteen. From what I remember you were snogging Dorcas Meadows and helping turn her off blokes for the rest of her life.”

James barked out a laugh at the old memory before schooling his expression. “That’s not the point. Our son should not be leered at like a piece of meat and especially not by a Malfoy!” 

“You do realize that’s your best friend’s nephew, right?” Lily reminded him, trying to tug James away from the window.

“That’s a good point,” James said, scratching at his stubble. “I should have Sirius talk with his nephew. Tell him to keep his eyes off my son.”

Lily groaned and walked away. “I’m not getting involved in this!” she called out as she went into the kitchen to start preparing dinner.


The next day, Sirius, Remus and James were all huddled in the bushes outside the Potter’s house. “What exactly are we doing again?” Remus whispered, moving a stick that had nearly gone up his bum. 

“We’re going to scare the shit out of my nephew,” Sirius reminded him with an impatient look. 

“Right…” Remus said, his brow furrowing. “Because…?”

“He’s been ogling Harry recently, according to James, and Prongs doesn’t like it,” Sirius explained to his significant other.

James nodded in solidarity. “Here they come now!” he said, slapping Sirius on the arm excitedly.

Harry and Draco were holding hands as they walked down the street together. They stopped in Harry’s driveway and turned towards each other. Draco grinned at Harry and  leaned in a bit. “Draco!” Harry said, a blush creeping up his neck. “My dad is usually watching from the window.”

“Well he’s going to learn about us at some point,” Draco reasoned, tugging Harry closer. 

“Not like this though!” Harry said, giggling quietly. 

“Come on, Potter, since when have you been such a scaredy cat?” Draco teased, ghosting his lips over Harry’s. 

Harry groaned softly and kissed Draco. “My dad will lose his mind if he sees us kissing,” he murmured against Draco’s lips. 

In the bushes, James Potter leapt to his feet, small leaves dropping from his messy hair. “How dare you!” he shouted dramatically.

Harry and Draco jumped apart, both looking a bit guilty. “Oh good, it’s already started,” Harry said sarcastically.

Sirius and Remus exchanged a look and then got to their feet as well but with a lot less dramatic flair. “Hi nephew,” Sirius said, giving him a little wave.”

“Hi uncle Sirius,” Draco responded, looking a bit sheepish. 

“Oh good, he brought an audience,” Harry grumbled, burying his face in his hands.

Sirius walked over and put his arm around Draco’s shoulders. “Nephew, I’m very disappointed in you.” He then leaned down and whispered, “I’m so proud of you.”

“Well, Harry?” James said, crossing his arms over his chest. “I think you have some explaining to do.”

The front door of the house opened up and Lily appeared. “Harry, you don’t have to answer your ridiculous father.”

Harry lowered his hands and breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks mum.”

“Draco, honey, would you like to come in for supper?” Lily offered, smiling kindly at him. “I’d be happy to call your mother and ask.” 

Draco took a moment to look around at the adults he’d been subjected to for the evening and shook his head. “Maybe some other time, Mrs. Potter.”

Lily nodded in understanding. “You’ll have to come over soon though.”

“Definitely,” Draco said, looking as if he’d just dodged a bullet. 

“The rest of you come inside and stop acting like children,” Lily ordered, giving Remus a particular glare as if he was better than this. 

Remus, Sirius and James all went into the house, thoroughly chastised. Harry went over and gave Draco a quick kiss goodbye. “Sorry my family is a bunch of nutters, especially my dad.”

“He’s not so bad,” Draco murmured, running his fingers through Harry’s unkempt hair. “He made you after all.”

Harry ducked his head and smiled. “You’re not going soft on me, are you Malfoy?” 

“Maybe a bit,” Draco admitted, going in for another kiss. Some cleared their throat from the doorway and Draco and Harry looked up to find James standing there looking unhappy. “I’ll call you tonight.”

“Bye,” Harry said, giving him a little wave. Harry walked into the house and shook his head at James. “God, dad, you are so embarrassing.” 

“I’m supposed to be embarrassing,” James called out to Harry as he made his way upstairs to his room. “That’s my job as your father!” 

Because you seriously cannot give me one Tamil James Potter headanon and not expect me to worldbuild. You cannot. Here have some rambly headcanons:

  • The Tamil lineage of the Potter clan are possibly wizarding Iyers (I say possibly because well Tamil surnames *shrug*) that emigrated during the Raj. They adopted the name Potter after a Potter marrying into their family and maybe converted eventually because it made things simpler. But all their other Iyer Tamil customs and traditions remained.
  • However the Tamil Potter line stayed strictly Tamil (Brahmin - if we’re going to be honest, they were picky about that) for years. They eased off later on, about any kind of purity and were the first branch of the all the Potters to do so.
  • James mother is a practising Hindu and a classical singer. She thinks her clan is the Pillai clan but her family too emigrated during the Raj so there’s a lot of lost family history. His father is a non practising Christian.
  • James speaks Tamil at home. He knows more spells in Tamil and Sanskrit than English and Latin.
  • His parents call him ‘kanna’ at home.
  • Communication is James’ main issue in Hogwarts because doing so in English all the time is exhausting for him. He constantly code-switches to Tamil without realising it, and then when he does he has to go back and repeat himself in English which frustrates him to no end. He gets much better, but it stays a problem throughout his life at Hogwarts, and is prominent mostly when he’s back from his holidays.
  • McGonagall knows a little bit of Tamil, and she is the House head, so she tells James that her door is open whenever she needs to rant. He appreciates it immensely.
  • Sirius and him initially bond over being the two oddball purebloods. Peter and him bond over missing their homes. Everyone bonds with Remus because honestly Remus incites this feeling in them to take care of him, which he always protests and never understands.
  • James makes it five weeks before sending out a lengthy ranty letter to his mother grumbling about how he’s missing her cooking. He wanted to hold out until Christmas vacations, but it’s his first Deepavali away from home and he’s homesick. Four days later there’s a huge parcel delivered to him. His mother sends him a whole lot of homemade Deepavali sweets and a whole bunch of recipes. His father sends him detailed instructions on exactly how to sneak down to the kitchens and cajole the house elves into making those dishes. (And also a small sympathy note: because son he knows your plight. He can’t live without his wife’s cooking either.)
  • Sirius and Peter steal most of the sweets, give a Remus a share, and then join James in sneaking down to the kitchens. (Later James’s parents will realise that this may have been what started their child’s prankster streak. They don’t care that much.)
  • The rest of the Marauders learn Tamil in secret. It’s absolutely frustrating and Sirius and Peter are just done 90% of the time. But James’ reaction the first time he realises that when he code-switched unconsciously and the rest of his friends just followed his lead, is priceless and worth it. Peter actually clicked a picture of it. Remus sent it to the Potters. James’ mom sent them sweets in return.
  • Also knowing Tamil comes in handy later on whenever they’re planning pranks or excursions. And once they decide to create the Map and become Animagi to give Remus company during his transformations.
  • By their third year, the Potters send Sirius, Remus and Peter Deepavali gifts and sweets along with James’ cache.
  • During his fourth year vacations James and his mother finally convince Mr. Potter to visit India. James and his mom go to her native village, and her family temple, and a whole tour of various places. He takes a fuck tonne of pictures and buys a whole lot of stuff for the rest of the Marauders. He comes back to Hogwarts sun burned brown and a slightly nasal twange to his accent, and so so many gifts for the rest of the Marauders. They make a pact to go there together one day, when school is done, so that James can show them this aspect of his world.
  • James also learns to cook during this time because his mother forces him to learn. He appreciates this fact years later when he can spoil a pregnant Lily. (He never thought she’d like vegetarian food so much.)
  • The first time Mrs Potter called Sirius ‘kanna’ he might have cried. For hours. James is a good friend who never mentions it.
  • When Sirius comes to stay with them, he becomes best friends with James’ mom and the two of them chat in rapid fire Tamil for hours.
  • After Lily and James’ sixth month anniversary Sirius is the one who offers to teach Lily Tamil. While this is how they find out that Lily is gifted with languages, her accent is wrong. Mrs. Potter adores her anyway, and adores Sirius more for teaching her, and James is too busy swooning over the fact that Lily picked up Tamil for him, to bother or notice that his friends are laughing at him.
  • Even though their wedding is rushed, Lily still wears James’ mother’s bridal sari, instead of a wedding gown. James’ cries the moment he sees it because his mother would’ve wanted it. Sirius is a good enough friend and Best Man to not laugh at him for the rest of his life. (Also, as Remus reminds him later on, because he was crying too. They all were.)
  • James wanted to take Lily to his mother’s native village in India too. She said when the war was over they’d go, and drag their friends too.
  • Once Harry bonds with them, finally after years, Remus plans to teach him Tamil. Sirius searches everywhere for Mrs Potter’s recipe book, and the various other recipes he knows he had. Because both of them hate the knowledge that Harry has grown up without his culture, something James took a deep pride in. They know that if Harry grew up with James and Lily, this is what he’d have grown up with, and they want him to have a taste of that.
  • The fact that it doesn’t happen because of fucking Voldemort will be a regret that both men take to their graves.
  • When the War is over Ginny is the one who finds Mrs Potters recipe book. She shows it to the Trio. Hermione goes out to find books that will teach them Tamil, (emphasis them) because while it may not be the dialect Harry would have learned but it is something. Harry’s emotional over the whole thing, and Ron awkwardly consoles him.
  • This also spurs Harry into digging into his family traditions. Ginny encourages him because she knows how important those are.
  • Harry and Ginny go to Mrs Potters native village eventually. Harry comes back tanned and delighted and Ginny comes back with far more freckles, and a bunch of sarees.
  • The Potter-Weasley and extended family speak Tamil at home eventually.
  • The first time James Sirius curses in Tamil near McGonagall, she sends Harry a letter telling him that his son sounds exactly like his namesake when he was a child.
  • Ginny frames the letter on the wall.

i love themischiefmanagers and basically got a lot of ideas from this video

  • okay so sirius being james’ first kiss
  • they’re twelve years old and james worries that he might be the only boy in gryffindor tower who hasn’t kissed anyone yet 
  • so they do it one evening in the dormitry while remus and peter are away doing homework
  • it’s a simple kiss on the mouth and it makes james feel so much better
  • what sirius never tells him until years later is that was his first kiss too
  • and get this,, peter and remus introducing james and sirius to muggle movies 
  • the four of them spending weeks in front of pete’s tv after sirius moves into the potter’s house and mrs potter needs a break from the loud teenage boys
  • james forcing everyone to watch romantic movies with him so he can impress lily
  • remus crushing on all the maraduers during their first year
  • remus thinking that the blonde boy with the shy smile is very cute so he starts talking to him after the sorting cermony and doesn’t stop until they’re best friends
  • remus getting really giggly around james in the dormitry because james always knows how to make him laugh after a nasty full moon even though he doesn’t know about the werewolf thing 
  • remus getting a really tingly feeling in his stomach whenever sirius looks at him because he feels as if the other boy knows him better than anyone