this is moving so fast. crying

u know ever since i first started watching yoi i kept seeing posts like “at this rate they’ll be married by the end of the season” and i was like “nah they’ll prob be dating but marriage?? thats moving too fast lol” and here i am at episode 9 like “they love each other so much holy shit did he just basically propose??theyre so happy???holyshit??”
and now with all the development their relationship has gotten like??these fuckers could actually be married by the end of this?holy shit??my happy babies holyshitilovethisshow

PONPONPON Lyric thing!

If you want to join,ask me!

Draw France! Sans in PONPONPON clothing while singing the song

(sorry for the bad explanation)

Part 1 (Taken by me):

Wouldn’t it be so much fun? Just think about it, skipping round with everyone.

Part 2 ( @askprismandfriendsblog)

We’d change this city up, go on and take my hand. C’mon everybody just look up at the starlight~

Part 3 (open!):

Yeah it may be too crazy, mabye way too dumb. The chances are all out there but you just need one.

Part 4 (open!):

Na Na Nobody’s ever gonna see me cry. Except4americaXD Cuz I’ll be moving so fast all they see is me walking right on by~

Part 5 (open):

PONPON Dancing through, Don’t where I’m going to. Why wait another day? Boring any other way.

Part 6 ( @romane-et-alize)

Headphones set to go, rhythm rocking down the road. WAYWAY Just can’t say, when I find I will know.

Part 7 (open):

PONPON ready go! Busting it all out to show! DONDON Do you hear? Beating feeling leading clear.

Part 8 (taken by me for reasons~):

BOYBOY Toy with me,Keep on playing soon I’ll leave. GOGO This I know, aah you make me happy!

Part 9 (open):

Everyday PON, stay calm and PON. Mery Go round I’m always jumping on.

Part 10 (open):

Everyday PON, Everytime it’s PON. But thinking back, oh wait. I might be wrong.

Part 11 (open):

PON PON Dance it through,Don’t know where I’m going to.Why wait another day? Boring any other way!

Part 12 (open):

Headphones set to go, rhythm rocking down the road.WAY WAY just can’t say, when I find it, I will know.

Now comes the crazy bit:

Part 13 (open)

Pon pon way way way pon pon way pon way pon pon,Way way pon pon pon way way pon way pon way way

Part 14(open):

Pon pon way way way pon pon way pon way pon pon,Way way pon pon pon way way pon way pon way way

Part 15 (open):

Wouldn’t it be so much fun?Just think about it, skipping round with everyone

Part 16 (open):

We’d change this city up go on and take my hand
C'mon now everybody just look up at the starlight

Part 17 (open):

Yeah it may be too crazy maybe way too dumb
The chances are all out there but you just need one

Part 18 (open):

Na Na Nobody ever’s gonna see me cry
Cuz I’ll be moving so fast all they’ll see is me walking right on by

Part 19 (open):

PON PON Ready go!
Busting it all out to show
GONE GONE Nothing more, all your feelings into score

Part 20 (me again!)

BOY BOY don’t you see? I’m just moving to the beat
GO GO this I know, aah you make me happy

Part 21 (open):

Everyday PON Everytime it’s PON
Merry go round I’m always jumping on

Part 22 (flippin finally!) (open):

Everyday PON Everytime it’s PON
But thinking back, oh wait, I might be wrong

Aaaa~ What a long post! I’m hoping people will actually join it.

France! Sans by @romane-et-alize

i know we all put the boys in high scool aus. but please. think about canon. wheres my shitty british secondary school aus

things to consider:

- whos the banter. u know the one. the one who makes all the shitty banter tweets ‘jacks voice cracked on the c sharp lmao #banter’ ‘the jesus kid needs jesus #banter’ ‘murdering small children #justsavagethings #thuglyf #banter’ theres always one 

- ngl its probably maurice. or ralph

- assembly. both ralph and jack are sports captain/head boy respectively and sit on raised chairs at the side bUT THERES NEVER ENOUGH AN D THEYRE ALWAYS LATE and its ended many a time where ralph gracefully shoves jack off so he can sit down while the entire school stares

- simon is that one kid who works the overhead projector. always getting the wrong sheet out. his fingers cover the words and he moVES IT TOO FAST AND SHEETS FALL OFF AND HES SO FLUSTERED HES ALMOST CRYING

- the uniforms. god . theyre so awful but ralph manages to glide into school everyday looking like a fuckin prince and jack is. so angry. someone destroy this boy and his upturned collar

- ralph is rugby captain. he comes home with a sprain/broken bone every other week and theres a rumour that several of his teeth are replacements. riVAL RUGB  Y  TEAMS AAHH HH HH H

- instead of a pigs head, its a single turkey twizzler sellotaped to a stick

- who is the one to draw a dick on the board in permanent marker the disguise it as a tree

-  what a levels do they take. holy fuck

- simons that one kid who writes ‘youre beautiful’ in the loos in marker and he comes back to find ‘i kno lol’ thanks jack

- the shit that goes down in the common room. not the nice hogwarts common room. the fuckin awful prefab box with like 3 chairs with stuffing falling out and dodgy heating. this is jacks territory. his choir rules it with a rod of iron

- ralph says hello to a bunsen burner


It’s one of those moments of shoving my forearm into my belly right between ribs and navel to alleviate the pressure there, while a sob chokes the back of my throat and tears flood my eyes. 

“Why were you crying earlier?” My aunt asks me. 

I have a hard time answering her because she’s looking at me with such concern and care, wanting me to confide in her so she can comfort me. “It’s not like that, it’s not bad,” I try to explain, and shake my head, looking for words and knowing I can’t find the right ones, “I cry when I start any sailing book. They all start off the same: Emotional and unprepared…” Trailing off I don’t know how to explain all the books I’ve read who have talked about how long it took to get their boats ready, the stress of dates set and the frustration as they slip by, the anger at no one moving fast enough and the torture of trying to sleep. 

And above all, that endless horizon beckoning.

“It’s okay,” I assure her, “It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing.”  

Wiseman's Song

How times we once knew so quickly moves beyond the present

Forever at peace in an age old time capsule

Amongst the contents we gently place

Many fond memories

Along with all the days gone by

Never again, to be touched

By the hand of man

How fast the minutes fly away

And every minute colder

Another day is dying –

With the evening star appearing

This brings us one day nearer

Don’t you hear –

The winter wind is crying

As yet another life was left unspoken

Don’t let the wind sing your sad song -

Yet let it be your voice

So that your story may flaunt across the ages –

And the wisdom remembered across all time –

Long after you lay to pasture

And Laurels will be crowned upon that which marks our place

As a reminder for all to see -

Of who it was that once passed this way

And though you have stopped only to rest

Thy will never yield —

To an untold story

Lawrence Neill


I left him and I will never go back
I miss him but he’s poison in my glass
. Every night I cry, I can’t stop loving him at all
I ease myself thinking that he’s moved on so fast. He’s not worth a glance
. He’s not worth a chance
Still he’s always on my mind,
 I’m always easily forgotten.
— (macsun)
Happy New Year

New year should bring new things, 

Frosty windows with gleeful springs,

Your heart filled with heartwarming surprises, 

With wishes you wished, with plenty of dreams in your eyes.

It should bring morning dew pleasure, 

Some secrets, some disclosure.

It should bring hope, it should bring desire, 

Your belly full of tickles, your heart full of fire.

It should bring new days, new spirits in old wine,

It should bring kisses & cuddles, blissful & divine.

It should bring music, songs that make you laugh & cry, 

Courage to never give up in love; if you lose, you still try..

My thought should bring coveted smiles,

& Our distance must make you yearn,

This time moves us so fast, Alas to history, we don’t return. 

So I’ll give the year to me, you give the year to you,

I love you truly, madly, hopelessly, 

That truth will always be old, fortunately, its not something new.. <3

Love CJ

For Tiberius Stormwind

I sit at my computer for at least 10 minutes if not more.

I stand up, slowly.

I take the sweatshirt that has since only half dried with my tears off, slowly.

I turn off my computer, slowly.

I move the pile of unorganized clothes off of my bed and onto my computer chair, slowly.

I take my hair out of its slightly messy bun, slowly.

I turn off my lamp, slowly.

I sit in bed and think about what to write, slowly.

Time has stopped moving for me at this point. It always moves to fast, speeding away from me, and just as I think I have any sort of chance at catching it, it stops. It hits me like a truck. And only while writing this do I realize how much it impacts me.

Never have I EVER felt like I was going to throw up because I was crying so hard over a characters death. But tonight, I was proven wrong by Matthew Mercer once again.

Now, Tiberius was never my favorite, but he definetly was not my least favorite. How could you ever have a least favorite in that rag-tag bunch of good upstarts? But at times he could be, a little less easy to tolerate, one could say. But that’s all in his character; how he is, why we loved him, what made him Tiberius Stormwind of Draconia. Easily, he was one of the reasons I began making characters for d&d. He was part of the reason of why I am a part of this wonderful fandom/family of critters.

So, to Tiberius Stormwind of Draconia, of low wisdom, but many friends, I say one of the hardest goodbyes in my life.

(I’m really sorry if this sounds totally cheesy, but this is my coping mechanism, and I’m really not over the shock of what happened tonight. I probably won’t be over it for a while.)

(I’m gonna sleep now and hope for a better day tomorrow)

anonymous asked:

LOL about something that happened in high school. People don't even know you personally. Holy shit tumblr is a clusterfuck.

Literally no one knows anything about me, my face, my name, my gods and goddesses, my favorite witchy practices or anything. I mean they are more than welcome to ask!

I did move schools senior year because I was sexually assaulted and my ex cornered me as I tried to walk out of an elevator and tried to force me to give him a blowjob…kinda can’t stay there after that or I might get murder charges…(who wouldn’t wanna kill a man after that?) (I was shaking and crying so hard the whole time but afterwards I was willing to kill this bastard) I settled for cursing his ass to get real ugly real fast and he did. He always did have such a high self esteem that caused him to treat girls like sex toys when the girls aren’t interested in having sex (reason I left him when we dated) so at least now no one will be interested in his creepy looking ass and girls will stay safe.

So where’s the source of this racist rumor anon? 😂 if people want this blog taken down it’s because it’s different and some people don’t like different. It’s not exactly like PU. I didn’t start this blog to be exactly like PU. It’s a forum for witches to rant, rave and have someone to talk to 24/7 whenever they need a pick me up or advice.


You left the ship just in time to see everything going mad. Your Lord Malekith is in the middle of a battle. There are two men screaming and  fighting against your Lord and the other elves and a girl on the floor crying. You fast move to help your people. Well, not exactly your people. You were kidnaped so many years ago in Asgard during a Dark Elves incursion. You were stolen from your family, for your love and you almost forget their names, their faces. Quickly you made your move, running to the man you get closer. He attacks you with some type of magic but you’re faster. Long time ago you were a warrior and you know how to fight. You go throwing a punch at your opponent.

- Loki: *toching his chin with a smile* You piece of shit, you will regret of having punched the God of Mischief.

You stop his blow.

- Y/N: Loki?

- Malekith: Y/N. Move to the ship. Now. It’s an order.

Loki opened his eyes and his mouth. You remove your mask with tears in your eyes.

- Y/N: Loki is that you?

- Loki: It’s me… and… and it’s you. I think you were dead.

You felt a strong strike on your back.


- Loki: DON’T PRESUME TO TOUCH HER AGAIN *he said hitting Malekith with all the magic power he can spread and killing him*

- Thor: Brother! It’s all done here, let’s take Jane and go home.

- Loki: *taking his hands to your face and removing your tears* All this time you were here. Odin told me they killed you because the Dark Elves don’t take prisoners.

- Y/N: At frist they try to kill me but Malekith told they that I could be useful as a warrior because they are few, well, were. Now they all are dead.

- Loki: And now we are together *he said with a mischief smile in his face*

- Thor: Lady Y/L/N I’m glad you’re alive and safe *he said hugging you* but don’t sing victory, my brother did bad things since you were disappear.

- Y/N: Bad things? *you said taking Loki’s hands and looking at his eyes*

- Loki: So many bad things. Your lost made me crazy. You were the only person in the whole nine worlds who understand me and I were lost without you.

- Thor: He’s in jail because he tried to destroy Midgard, among other things.

- Y/N: You tried to destroy a whole world? Why? 

- Loki: *kissing your forehead* I will tell you everything way home.

- Y/N: Home *you said with a big smile in your face*

- Thor: I think Father will be merciful with you, brother, because if anyone in the universe could help to your redemption is she.

- Loki: Definitely yes.

Thor walks away to help the girl to stand up from the ground and Loki hugs you from behind, kissing your neck.

- Loki: I miss you *he wishpers in your ear*

- Y/N: *you turn to him* I miss you too. 

He kisses you passionately moving his hands from your neck to your hips.

- Loki: Gods, I love you so much *he kisses you again*

- Thor: Let’s go home lovebirds. Heimdall! *he souths*

- Y/N: And I love you too *you whisper before the light of the portal envolve you*

  • silent panic attacks are so fucking bad like you arent crying or speaking or anything youre just sitting in bed and you feel like you cant move and your heart is beating so fast you want to throw up and youre feeling everything and nothing all at once and you cant call anyone so you just sit there and type out 14 paragraphs about how youre feeling but none of them make sense so you just delete them and stare at the roof and fall apart without a single tear falling from ur eye : )))

“Remember our memories?”

“We used to play together.”

“You used to sleep on my shoulder.”

“We used to sing together.”

“If we have to sing together again…Will you feel the same way before we drifted away?”

“How do you move on so fast? How could everything doesn’t hurt you?”

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EXO REACTION: When you got in a minor car accident with your guy friend (Xiumin, Luhan, Baekhyun and Chanyeol)

I think that’s my first reaction of exo, so please forgive me for being unfunny.

  Xiumin: Even trying don’t show he’d so much worried and anxious, and seeing you with just a few scratches and nothing else he would be well relieved, but even so he’d take care of you.

And before you two could leave the hospital, your friend’d appear, saying he is worried with you. Xiumin’d try to be polite, but with his short phrases would make your friend move away of you.

“Jagi, I have spoken not walk with this kind of person”

Luhan: He would come to the hospital as fast as possible, after he’d known about the accident. Seeing you he’d hug you and cry of relief to have you in his arms.

But when he found out your friend was with you he’d be angry, and would only worsen when Luhan found out that he hadn’t even been hurt.

Baekhyun: He would arrive at the hospital in despair, expecting the worst and finding you, he’d almost cry because of lot of feelings in so little time.

But before you could talk about the accident your friend would appear and try to talk with Baekhyun that would be very angry with him.

Chanyeol: He would be with you all the time, literally! He would not let you do anything other than breathe during your hospital stay.

But when your friend had approached, he would be totally quiet and would make clear that he didn’t like him there.

~ADM Cherry~ (Translate by ADM Misso)

GIF credits to their original owners!

Creepy Crawlies

Day 10: Cobwebs

“Wow, that’s creepy.”

“If there is a spider on me, Mark, I swear to God I’m going to murder you.”

This one is kind of short, but I wanted to stop it where it was so I wouldn’t uselessly ramble.  I hope you enjoy it anyway!

“Shut the fuck up.  I thought it was the end for me, okay?”

Mark was bend over, hands on his knees and laughing so hard he was nearly crying.  “I’ve never seen you move so fast in my life” he gasped.  

“I was in survival mode.”

Mark burst into another bout of giggles, “Ninja mode: activated.  Holy fuck, Jack my lungs hurt.”

“You know,” Jack said, crossing his arms and frowning at him, “most people would be thrilled or turned on or something at the sight of their boyfriend half naked.  Not you. You fucking laugh at him.”

Mark wiped his tears away and tried to rid himself of his giggled, only half succeeding.  He took one look at Jack and had to cover his mouth to try and hide the huge grin and the overwhelming need to laugh.  “Who knew all it took to turn you into The Flash-“

“Was that a fucking pun-“

“-was for you to walk into a cobweb.”

Jack sighed and began to rub at his temple, “It was a giant one.  You don’t know.  Godzilla’s spider cousin could have been living in that damn thing.  Now shut up and check me for spiders.”

“Wow, that’s creepy.”

“If there is a spider on me, Mark, I swear to God I’m going to murder you.”

“Oh relax, you’re free of creepy crawlies.  Except for that giant tarantula.  You’re good.”

Jack flipped him off over his shoulder.

Take a look through my eyes and tell me how does it feels. Are we the same.. Or are we different? I get tired and I get weak. I get lost and I can’t sleep. Suddenly, I am small and the world is big. All around me is fast moving. Surrounded by so many things. So please tell me.. How does it feel? Would you comfort me.. Would you cry with me?

There are things in life you learn. In time you will see. It’s out there somewhere. It’s all waiting.. If you keep believing. So don’t run, don’t hide, it will be alright. You will see. Trust me. I’ll be there watching over you.


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considering that you and calum had been dating for three years, you fell apart incredibly fast. what started as an argument over a dirty kitchen ended with both of you crying and him shouting as you left to never bother speaking to him again. needless to say, it was rather extreme and left both you and calum feeling empty for months – but that was nearly a year ago, and while it was difficult, you had started to move on.

lately, you had been going to the park to take walks and write, something you did to distract yourself. so you’d wake up one morning and go to the park, one headphone in with your journal in hand, oblivious to the world around you, especially oblivious to the happy yellow lab running towards you and the guy the dog was dragging behind it. you’d nearly be plowed over when the dog put its paws on your thigh and jumped up to try and lick your face, and when you heard someone mutter “sorry,” it was the last person you were expecting to see.

calum would be standing there, dropping the leash to the ground when you two finally made eye contact. “i, uh, guess she hasn’t forgotten you,” calum would say, frozen in place. “that makes two of us,” he’d quickly add before bending down to get the leash. “sorry for-“ “calum, wait,” you’d interrupt, placing a hand on his upper arm. he’d tense at the contact but immediately loosen up and turn to face you. “yeah?” “it’s just been, like, a year, and i, um. can we talk?” and calum would try not to smile as he stood back up and looked into your eyes again and he felt his heart soar because maybe, just maybe, he could have a part two to the best years of his life.