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UPDATED! A list of currently active stories and legacies which I am presently caught up with (or pretty close to being). Will edit as I go along (I’ve probably forgotten some…). Mostly for my own organization, but also useful in case anyone’s looking for new stuff to read. Links provided go to either the first post of the story, chrono page/index, or tag page (depending on what I could find). If any of these authors have a title correction, please let me know :)

anonymous asked:

okay give me a proper reason why Even said 363 days but not 364. it's been bothering me, GO

Hello anon. I’ve been thinking about your ask ever since you sent it. I thought long and hard, and here’s what I came up with:

Option 1: It was an honest mistake. Meant to say 364, ended up with 363

Option 2: Isak’s birthday celebration lasts two days 

Option 3:  Even surprises Isak and dedicates one random day besides his birthday to him. And it goes something like this. Read on ao3.

“If you only knew what he has to deal with the remaining 363 days of the year.”


Convincing Isak was the toughest thing Even had ever had to do.

“Even, that’s stupid,” said Isak, rolling his eyes and making Even’s insides twist and turn. He loved it when Isak rolled his eyes at him.

“So what?” Even smiled. “Come on. Just give me one day. You won’t have to do anything.”

“You can have my birthday,” said Isak.

“You always know when your birthday is. Give me one more day. Let me surprise you.”

“Even, you know I hate surprises.”


Even knew this and it was mostly his fault. He knew that Isak used to love surprises. He probably used to love them a lot. But then Even took him to Radisson Blu and got them a suite and room service, and ran out naked in the middle of the night.

Isak had probably been so open to surprises before. Even was sure of that. But now, because of him, because of that night, Isak was traumatized forever.

I will change it. I will fix it. I will make you love surprises again.

Read ‘363 Days’ on Ao3 here: 

The Ghost in Apartment 1403 pt6

Reader x Namjoon

Genre: Angst, supernatural, fluff, humor

Warnings: Mentions of death, dark themes, generally kind of sad at times.

Short summary;

Namjoon was a (relatively speaking) normal music producer moving up in the world–until he became a ghost. With no memory of what happened, and no idea what he’s doing still on earth, he haunts his old apartment–consequently bothering its new inhabitant (who also happens to be the only person who can see or hear him).

Part 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5 ,7

Credits: Loosely inspired by the movie “Just Like Heaven”

Namjoon watched the scene unfold almost as though it were a movie—there wasn’t much else he could do. It was maddening, the whole point of dragging you here was so someone would check on Jungkook, make sure he was okay, and that he made it home in one piece. That was all he wanted, but now he felt as though he had made the situation worse.

Maybe if he had left it alone Yoongi would be sitting with Jungkook now, instead of interrogating you. On top of that, once Jungkook found out you were lying he would just feel more betrayed and alone than he did before. Namjoon hadn’t planned for Yoongi to show up, and he certainly hadn’t planned on Yoongi knowing who you really were.

“How do you know who Jungkook is?” Yoongi asked when you stayed silent for too long.

“I—Yoongi, I wish I could explain, but I can’t. I just…” You glanced at Namjoon for a fraction of a second, worry in your eyes. “I need you to trust me that I’m not here to hurt Jungkook. I really just wanted to help him.”

 Yoongi narrowed his eyes at you and folded his arms. “That isn’t an answer.”

“I—“ You cut yourself off, looking at Namjoon again. “This is going to sound crazy, but just bear with me…” Suddenly Namjoon knew what you were about to do, and he knew it wasn’t a good idea.

“Don’t do it, he won’t understand.” Namjoon tried, stepping in front of you in an attempt to make you listen.

“I know who Jungkook is because Namjoon told me, and he asked me to come here tonight. Don’t ask me how, I—I can’t explain that part.”

“Now you’ve done it.” Namjoon grumbled, floating a few feet away from the two of you. He watched as Yoongi took a step closer to you, and you took a step back.

“I don’t know if you’ve lost it, or if you just think I’m that stupid.” Yoongi growled.

“Namjoon, tell me something only you’d know.” You muttered, and Namjoon saw no point in refusing.

“He stole a pair of shoes in eleventh grade because he wore a hole in his old ones and didn’t want to ask his parents for money.” Namjoon said quickly. He had sworn not to speak a word of it to anyone as long as he lived, but he was dead now so he didn’t think the promise applied anymore.  

“Do you think this is funny? Cut the crap.” Yoongi warned.

“Why didn’t you just ask for a new pair of shoes, surely your parents wouldn’t want you to steal—“ You still weren’t used to the fact that you were the only one who could see and hear Namjoon, and while your plan was to just repeat whatever he said, you had failed to stick to it. The idea of Min Yoongi—the cute kid who always shared his lunch, who would never dream of cheating on a test, and caught spiders to put them outside rather than step on them—doing something even remotely illegal was jarring. You guessed a lot could change in the years that you hadn’t seen him.

“I don’t know how you know about that or what sick game you’re playing, but—“

“I’m not playing a game!” You pleaded. Why couldn’t he just believe you? Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Seokjin leave the club and make his way over to you.

“There you are!” He said. “I was getting worried. Who’s this?” He glanced at Yoongi who took a step away from you. You ignored Seokjin for the time being, and Namjoon put his head in his hands.

“We should just leave. I’m sorry I made you come here.” He said. You weren’t sure why you cared so much, but in the brief time you spoke to Jungkook you could tell that he was having a hard time, and though Yoongi was dealing with it in a different way, he didn’t seem much better off. You couldn’t help but to feel that if they just talked to Namjoon and knew that he was fine, they might be able to move on.

“Yoongi, I can explain everything if you’ll just listen.”

Yoongi took a deep breath before speaking again. “Look. Because we used to know each other, I’m not going to call the police. But if I ever see you near Jungkook again, I won’t hesitate.” With that he walked away, getting Jungkooks attention so the younger would follow him back into the club.

“Did it work?” Soekjin asked, and at your deep sigh he patted your back. “You tried. At least that means the ghost won’t destroy your apartment, right?”

You chose not to answer, walking away from both Seokjin and Namjoon down the street. You were tired and wanted nothing more than to sleep for a week—even if that was impossible.

“I’m sorry.” Namjoon called after you, following from a safe distance. Seokjin wasn’t far behind him, probably knowing better than to bother you right now.

You said your good-byes to Seokjin outside your apartment building, ignoring Namjoon the whole way up the elevator. You knew that your anger wasn’t entirely at Namjoon so much as the situation, but that didn’t change your irritation with him.

“What do you care if Jungkook is alright anyway?” Namjoon snapped, thoroughly annoyed at you ignoring him for so long. “You had never even met him before tonight.”

“I agreed to help you.” You replied, turning around to face Namjoon at last. “Not to be labeled as crazy by an old classmate, or have him threaten to call the cops on me.”

“What else was I supposed to do?” Namjoon retorted. “I couldn’t just leave Jungkook, and I had no idea where Yoongi went or if he was coming back. And anyway, it was your stupid plan to tell him the truth that backfired, not mine.”

“I know.” You sighed, sitting down on your couch. “I didn’t know what else to do though. I wanted to help. I mean, at first I didn’t care, but…” You knew that you probably shouldn’t care now, but that didn’t change anything.

“It’s my fault.” Namjoon ran a hand through his hair, taking a seat beside you. “I’ve seen enough movies to know better than to interfere with the living. It never ends well.”

“That’s true.” You said thoughtfully. Your anger had ebbed tremendously, mostly having been replaced by embarrassment. You picked up the remote and clicked on the TV, flipping idly through channels. After a few minutes, you spoke again. “Did being around them jog your memory as to how you died?”

“Nope.” Namjoon had pulled his legs up onto the couch, and you were careful not to stretch too far and put a foot through him. “They did mention getting hit by a car, though.”

“Hm.” You hummed, continuing to change the channel. Channel surfing irritated Namjoon to no end most of the time, but he didn’t seem to have any qualms tonight. “Did they give you any ideas about what unfinished business you might have here?”

Namjoon thought for a moment before answering. “Not really. Unless it’s to make sure that they’re all okay, which I’m not doing a very good job at if that’s the case.” 

“You mean like a guardian angel?” You asked, pausing long enough to look at Namjoon. He shrugged.

“No clue, but it’s the only thing I can think of at the moment.” He turned his focus back to the television. “Regardless, thank you for tonight. Really. If I wasn’t already dead, I might have died of worry about Jungkook.” You couldn’t help but to laugh with him, and for just a fraction of a second, you thought you saw Namjoon flicker.

You shook your head and blinked several times, but then it happened again. 

“…Namjoon?” You asked slowly. 

“Yeah?” He turned to look at you, his eyes still lit up with amusement at his own joke. 

“Nothing.” You returned his smile. Your eyes must be just playing tricks on you.

A/N I know, another short update, but at least it’s a little quicker than the last one! Thanks for reading, and I know I keep saying this, but thank you so much for your patience! I know it can get really frustrating to wait for updates, but you’re all so kind and understanding!! And as always, let me know what you think! Are Readers eyes really playing tricks on them? Do you think Namjoons flickering means something? Talk to you all soon <3 <3 <3

Mind at Work - Peter Parker

Alright, I’m going to try and write this in Peter’s perspective.
Fic #5 of the Hamilton Prompts
Song: The Schuyler Sisters

My Dearest, Y/N,

I don’t remember the first that we met, but I do remember the first time I knew that I loved you. We were paired up in American History, which was good, because I needed help focusing, and you were nothing if not a sureness I could focus on. 

Our teacher, Ms. Darling, was obsessed with the musical, Hamilton. Which was good, because I was, too. When you quoted Hamilton lyrics to me, I knew that we were meant to be. But it was much more than just quoting it. 

We were working on our project, when one of the swimming boys, Gary Webber (Yes, pun intended), came up to you. You were still new, having only moved here late last year. Everyone was interested in you.

Excuse me, Y/N,” he said. “I know it’s not funny, but your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money.” I remember the look of shock on your face. I know you shouldn’t have looked so beautiful when you were affronted, but you did. You always did. 

“Excuse me?” you said. Everyone in the class was learning Hamilton lyrics in class, and it was no secret that you loved it, but this was a pathetic attempt. (In my humble opinion.)

Why you slummin’ in the city in your fancy heels, you searchin’ for an urchin who can give you ideals?” You smiled a little, and I worried that you maybe liked him. Especially when you started to play along.

“Webber, you disgust me.”

“Ah,” he said, his sick smirk growing larger. “So you’ve discussed me.”

“Not really.”

Hey, I’m a trust fund baby, you can trust me.” It seemed like you had been rolling your eyes the entire time, but in this moment, they went back even further.

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“I’m not. I’ve been watching you all class.” He leaned over our shared table and beamed at you. (In a disgust manner, no doubt.) This was the key moment that I fell pretty much head over heels for you. 

“You know what I’ve been doing in class? I’ve been reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Some men say that I’m intense or I’m insane. You want a revolution, I want a revelation, so listen to my declaration. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, and when I meet Thomas Jefferson - I’ma compel him to include women in the sequel!”

WORK!” I shouted. You looked at me and laughed. I was always impressed by the fact that you memorized the song so well. Clearly, Gary had not been as prepared as you and looked mostly confused. You rolled your eyes again and sat down next to me.

“Go away, Webber,” you said. I winked at him, because for some reason I felt pride in you, and in that moment I wanted him to know it, too. He slumped away and you sighed, before getting back to our work.

“I’m sorry about that,” I said after a few minutes.

“Why?” you asked.

“Because Gary is an asshole.” You smiled at me, and I melted. 

“It’s not your fault. But thank you. Thanks for singing along,” you said, looking down at your paper. I smiled, and probably blushed, but you weren’t looking so who cares. 

“Of course. I’m always down to sing Hamilton lyrics.” You smiled at me once more and I knew that I couldn’t not do anything. But I waited patiently.

One day in class, when Kyle Backen actually answered a question, you leaned into me to whisper, “Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now.” And when someone made a joke about our city, I leaned in to your shoulder and said, “In the greatest city in the world!” 

You would always say, because the incident with Gary Webber happened in different instances, with different boys, with different levels of success, that you were looking for a mind at work. So every time that I thought of a lyric, or something witty to say, I would say it, just to impress you. 

I hope that I did that. I hope that you think about me as much as I do. I hope you consider my mind a mind at work. 

What I really mean, is, Y/N, since this letter is addressed to you, and I’ve only been telling a story, I really like you. And I know you only see me as a friend. (If even) But I would love to get to know you better. 

So, Y/N, will you go out with me? If not, I hope that we can still be friends, because I cherish our friendship. But I would be remiss if I didn’t at least tell you.

-Peter Parker (American History)-

(Blackpink) Girlfriend Jisoo

Originally posted by 2nep1nk

Jisoo would be such a fun girlfriend. She would always want you to smile, because for her your smile is the prettiest. Jisoo would want to impress you in new ways everyday. After a long day of promotions she would come back home to you and would greet you with a lot of kisses and hugs. She would buy you two a lot of couple items. Like, a lot. She loves them and she would want to tell everybody that you’re together. She would cook for you all the time. She would constantly speak backwards to you and would make you speak backwards to her too. She would wake you up a few hours before she has to go to practice just because she want to see your cute “I just woke up” face.

You would probably argue over wich restaurant serves the best chicken. Mostly of your arguments would be over food. But they wouldn’t be serious argue. On the rare occasions that you would have a serious fight, you can bet she would call you out if you’re wrong and wouldn’t rest until you admitted it was your fault. Later on she would be a little embarrassed by it. She would feel really bad for talking to you like that and would apologize even if she’s right.

She would take so much care of you. It wouldn’t matter if she’s older or younger than you. She would always try to make you feel good over problems with whatever. If you’re happy, she’s happy.

I also think that she would be really jealous sometimes. Like if she notices someone staring too much at you she wouldn’t hesitate to cup you face and give you a brief kiss. Just to show them that she was your girlfriend and you were happy together.
She would like everyone to know that you’re her baby.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day Six

A/N: Somehow, and I have absolutely no idea how, I am on track to pull off seven short fics in seven days for my FOURTH Appreciation Week in a row!  So yay me.  Dialogue in the first scene is borrowed from “The Six Thatchers” because borrowing stuff from other people is apparently a thing I do this week.  Unbeta’d, as per.  Will go up on and Ao3 later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 – Day Six (Canon Compliant – Season 4)


“Father, we ask you to send your blessings on this water.”  Vicar Thomlin drew the sign of the cross in the baptismal font.  “And sanctify it for our use this day, in Christ’s name.”

He turned to Mary, John, and their tiny baby.  “Now, what name have you given your daughter?”

John and Mary share a look, then Mary proudly told the Vicar, “Rosamund Mary.”

As if he were surprised, Sherlock lifted his gaze from his phone for a moment.  “Rosamund?”

“Means ‘rose of the world’,” Molly whispered.  She smiled. “Rosie for short.”

Sherlock nearly rolled his eyes before returning his attention to his phone.

“Didn’t you get John’s text?” she asked, wondering if there was some chance John had accidentally forgotten to inform Sherlock of the latest (and final, thank goodness) name choice.

“No, I delete his texts.”  His thumbs continued to fly across the mobile screen.  “I delete any text that begins, ‘Hi’.”

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What the shadow functions actually do, according to what I’ve been able to gather from various sources

First off, it’s relevant to note that the ordering, number wise, has more to do with how close they are to your “ego” and just having them mirror the first 4 functions than their actual strenfght - If we’re talking only about the ones in the stack, this corresponds with strenght, but if you feature in the shadow functions that’s not necessarily the case, not just because their ordering is actually closer to “6th, 8th, 5th, 7th” but because they’re interspersed with the main ones - that’s right, often you get the idea that they’re all so insignificantly developed that they hardly make a difference, like string theory style extra dimensions,

If you’ve ever taken a cognitive functions test that measures them all individually instead of just the preferences, you might in fact already have come across this phenomenon: If their strenght were in order of numbering, you would expect that for an INTP, the 8th function (Fi) would be the lowest, but I actually had a relatively high score - other people will have almost equally high values on ‘mutually excluive’ functions like Fe and Fi. More on that later, but this alone should indicate that they’re actually somewhat important and serve some unique roles in your psyche.

5th Function -

This one is comparable to your tertiary in strenght/ tends to be in the “average use” bracket, depending on how much you’ve developed your teriary of course, but you probably hardly use it and find doing so very exhausting or counterproductive. Nonetheless, the fifth function is the one shadow function that you can consciously flip on to its full extent without needing to learn how to do so, when the situation calls for it, but it’s likely that you don’t want you:
In fact it’s called “opposing” or “negative hero” function because you might really resist having to use this one, or feeling you need to filter it out. Take, for example, and INTP for whom the 5th function is Te - INTPs are not known for organizational skills (to say the least) and like many perceivers actually feel uncomfortable with too much sheduling, but there’s more to it, because in a way it represents an alternative approach: Te is concerned with finding what seems to work on an almost completely empirical basis, Ti, at least in a high-end user, is about finding out why things work or putting them in a self-consistent framework where most factors are accounted for - ultimately even here we need room for a reasonable doubt,
The Te shadow might be the reason for this phenomenon where the diaries of some reclusive, reasonable INTP-ish researchers are found, and it’s discovered that they were well ahead of their time (Gauss is a famous example) and had the next decades’ worth of advances sitting right there, but didn’t pblish them because they weren’t fully sure off/ satisfied with their
Since “pragmatic feasibility” (or whatever your fifth function is) is already a sort of devil’s advocate in your head, it can also come out in arguments/debates, when you’re “opposing” others - Say, your criticise an INTPs model/theory/conclusion, and they will pull some facts, studies, or feasibility considerations to support their conclusions. (I’ve actually observd this in myself) Or, I read one INTJ reflecting on the Ne shadow; The person observed how when their ideas are criticised, they would defend them via “finding alternatives” - For how the person they’re arguing with could be wrong, or how to patch up/ bugfix their Ni-derived idea with minor changes.

I’m not fully sure how this would work for someone leading with a feeling function, but I have noticed a pattern that I previously just chalked up to my general poor people skills and delicacy, where an ISFP in my family (5th function: Fe) would become upset about something that went wrong/ she felt she mucked up, and I would try to move to comfort her in what might have been a clumsy-tastic way, and she would react really negatively and get out the snarky voice. Now it has dawned on me that dealing with me in addition to the initial situation probably just added extra stress and that I should probably let her finish reacting internally instead of repeating my points (”Come on, it wasn’t your fault”) -.-°

(Although it can’tthat my skill at comforting people rarely goes beyond “it’s the thought that matters” and my perceptiveness rarely exceeds picking up the obvious, ie, that a person who’s crying or saying they’re upset is probably upset. She probably has more Fe than I have even if she mostly uses it to tell a person when they should back off and let her internally process in peace)

But in all examples you can see that this is a relatively “narrow”, small scale application of the function: Your starting point is your base function’s conclusion, you don’t - and likely can’t - scale the whole field of possibilities.

At best, this can slightly ‘round out’ or complement your primary and thus become a part of yourprocess (for example: devise theory -> go test it! Or, in a job rather than private setting, recognize the need to have someone else do the testing) but you’ve got to be careful not to use it in a wholly self-serving way (ie, confirmation bias. Only cite studies that agree with your theory, only find possibilities that , only pick up that ridiculous Big sis is being ridiculous and not that she’s trying to help (though lemme state that litte sis is not guilty of this, she was more like, “I get that you mean well but take a hint” if more politely worded))

Interestingly, just like your inferior supposedly influences your choice in mates a bit can lead you to go after someone you see as having something you lack/ an idealized version of yourself, the fifth function influences your idea of “dark sexy”, the bad boy/girl rather than the dream one or a sentiment “I don’t think I could or want to be like this person but there’s some parts of them I can’t help but admire or be slightly jealous of” (at least according to Beebe theory).

6th Function -

This is perhaps the most interesting one, and therefore one I wish I had  found more information on - You find more information about the other three as they can really cause problems, aligning with the base idea of the shadow functions as “stuff you suck at that you don’t realize you suck at” (as opposed to say, your inferior, where your suckage is more unpleasant but also more noticeable to you personally.) but the sixth function is more about stuff you’re good at that you don’t know -

Depending on which source you believe (and the individual’s) this can be anywhere between nearly as strong as the secondary function, and comparable to the primary one. This is actually one of your strongest functions, a “latent hidden strenght” every type has, and actually uses every day without noticing. It’s called the “demonstrative function”, maybe because others actually notice it more easily than you do and might even value this good quality in you.

So I’m particularly interested in learning how to get more use out of this. My 6th function would be Ni and I think we can all agree that Ni is basically black magic.

About how exactly you use this, the sources vary. Some sources say that the into/processing this gathers feeds into the conclusions of your base and auxillary, but you don’t know how to flip it on independently of those. Like the fifth function (Like in the INTP example, “I need to know WHY/HOW I know so I don’t trust, or dare to make, an estimate”. Conversely, an INTj might not see the point in dissecting something in detail when they’re comfortable making the mental jump to the end result and don’t see it getting them closer to their goals) Some said that it’s things that seem “obvious” to you, that you see without being aware that actual thinking/processing has taken place, or that you use them in “inverted” negative ways as a tool for criticism (sort of like the fifth one) and part of your panic mode.

When I first read this I was clueless as to how this is present in my life but I’ve since read up on both this thing and Ni and observed my thinking and… I do frequently find myself going “I should have known this would happen because of A and B” in a self-critical way/ and avoid A and B in the future, sometimes I even distinctly recall a moment where I thought “Won’t that thing happen if I do this?” but dismissed it (maybe I should follow/trust that more often?)

Ni is also supposedly tied to symbolism, analysis of deeper meanings, predicting what will happen next in a story, finding patterns etc. This is something that at very least interests me as a fun hobby activity.  

To give another example, my mom is an ENFP, so her sixth function is Fe. If you asked her why she does things, she would reply in a way indicative of Fi-style internal processing, “I believe in XY value”, “You can’t do [wrong thing] and expect your children to grow up with [positive trait]” or “I think WZ is important”, but she’s a lot more loudly expressive than other Fi users in our family, and cultivates a warm and lively atmosphere around her.

Or for, INFJs, it’s Fi. They’ll reason in very other-oriented ways of wanting to help and do right by everyone, but when reading their many tumblr posts you do get the sense that many of them actually have deep ethical/personal convictions.

7th Function -

Called the “Point of least resitance”, “Vulnerable Function”, or “Polar Function” , this is your weakest function overall, even more pitiful than your inferior, so unused as to seem completely absent, and as such quite relevant to what makes up a person because this is the thing that everyone else in the room has or is consciously or unconsciously sensitive to, while you aren’t, and might not know the thing you lack is even a thing.

This is why it’s often called the “blind spot” beccause it’s really like not having a sense - or lacking a screen on which to broadcast certain things.

Even more so than the inferior, it’s an “all-or-nothing” thing, either completely off or berserk - on the other hand, this being off most of the time contributes to the freedom you have with your auxillary, as this function rarely ever flips it off, and having people who do not respond to one certain communication channel can, in a way,  be helpful to society as you will also be nearly immune to some of its pitfalls and have an unique perspective with which to evaluate things.

In fact the guy explaining this said that he sometimes finds it easier to type people by what is utterly absent fem when they’re hard to pin down.

You are likely to distrust things or activities related to this function and ome ppl expend a lot of energy resisting it, so understanding it and the philosophy behind it/ what it does for others can help a bit, though mostly you’ll have to use your other functions to compensate for this/ express some of the things you’d normally use this one for in a different way.

Again this is something that’s easier to see in others than yourself - My brother is an INFP and it’s easy to see how he’s “Se polar” it’s something I noticed about him long before I had a word for it, though of course from my perspective it looks different than most ppl’s.  He’s even less into material things than me and generally the most civilized,patient, reasonable guy you could find,  and I can count on a hand the times I’ve seen him display overt agression (if anythng he gets passive-agressive when truly stressed), just very little animal parts inside him.

For me, this would also be Se, which, in the simplest way, is about data intake and immediate in-the-moment reaction to things, so obsly, I’m clumsy, I miss stuff that’s directly in front of me, I’m not that big on pretty objects (MTBI has really helped me understand why some people do and look at them in a different, more neutral/open fashion), I usually do things for a reason…

But there’s more to it, the “secondary powers” include being really aware of posture - a high-end Se user is going to be someone with good and reliable instincts and reflexes and “intuition” in the colloquial, gut-feeling-y sense rather than the myers-briggs sense (not quite “mere” impulsiveness and way more reliable), they’d be more aware of what their body language is projecting, the tangible impact they’re making,  or have more deliberateness about it, force and the ability to make themselves seen,  and these are all things I don’t really have.

I might accidentally come off as irreverent, but on the other hand, someone going all alpha/gesturing isn’t going to intimiate me that much nor is status that big a temptation, so society’s going to have this reservoir of quiet people who step out of the shadows to say  “Wait a sec big guy, this does not make any sense/ is unethical!”

So when all those ppl told me to “show more assertive attitude/ body language to scare off bullies” they might as well been talking chinese to me. From what I’ve read another way this can manifest is that INXPs don’t have this poking them in the butt telling them to produce tangible results so we might spend much time building our ideas without ever doing anything with them which… is certainly a problem I’ve encountered, actually doing stuff.

So… don’t assume INXPs are pushovers.

I guess the same could be said for, say, IXTJs (7th function: Fe) who might come of as serious, humor-less an unpersonable… but might or might not actually be that way once you get to know them, they’re just not aware of how/why to broadcast it beyond perhaps a purely intellectual understanding of the concepts.

Or, EXTPs (7th function: Fi) and how some of them might come off as hilariously inappropiate/ insensitive sometimes. They might genuinely not realize/ not have intended to cross any lines and it’s possible that they have some personal principles/codes in their own way.

It is possible to learn to tap into it (say, an INXP who learns to project a bit of a presence for public speaking or to become slightly less clumsy at sports) but it’s never going to be more than a slight mitigation.

I, personally, have come to find that I can walk down a street in such a manner that ppl are slightly less likely to run into me, make myself slightly more aware of the weight and outline of my limbs, notice slightly more things in the corners of my vision field while doing so, and speak in a manner that is… not exactly assertive but more chill than clueless, and… that’s it. As long as I have complete unbroken concentration, that is.

(I have little to no interest in becoming more athletic or imposing anytime soon, but it was an interesting experience)

The last two functions also shape and influence your concept and perception of evil, both what you associate with evil and what sort of evil particularly shocks you. For example, an INFP could particlarly dislike shallowness and uncivilized barbarism. (What did Tolkien (one notable INFP) make the enemies? Hordes of bestial Orcs and people who were crazy for status.)

8th Function -

The so-called “Role Function” also potentially relevant for mistypings and the like.

This is a function you actualy have a pretty decent understanding of, comparable to your tertiary depending on how much you’ve practiced it (and as you can practice this one way more easily than the other shadow functions this can vary) but as it’s the most disconnected from your sense of “self”, you see it in a very “instrumental” perspective - At worst, as something society or the external world expects from you, and at best as something that’s sometimes useful as a tool - hence why socionic calls it the “role function” as it’s used to play a societally expected role-  

So sometimes this is something you see when you first meet the person,

In the case of 8th function Fi, (as for INTPs),  this might be a person who’s formal and polite in word choice but blunt in the actual content of what they’re saying, or, as in my case, sometimes over-the-top stiff polite with new people,  but not very polite at all, or even not seeing that much actual value in it.  (I’m somewhat polite with new people/ never know when to first-name-basis someone, but in private (or online) I pretty much say “fuck” a lot.)

Now you Fi affectionados might wonder, “But isn’t connectin to your core self the whole point of Fi? What does it even do?”

Well, I write. I do discuss ethical conepts sometimes, I’m fairly articulate at describing nuances

Kind of frustrating that I can describe in detail the complicated motivations/ mixed feelings of some fictional character or discuss varying position to an issue, but can only express my own as “XD”, “=D”, “>.<”, “.////.”, “:(” or “Rawwwr!!” thanks to my brilliant Fe - which is why I have really preferred written communication from an early age. But on the other hand, I didn’t see this as a painful limitation of my self, but just “can’t make other ppl understand my point/rationale”

Which is anotherthing about the Role Function - there’s a tedency for you to veer off into your lead function’s territory/ steer the conversation/argument there, like seeing an ethical discussion in terms of “what makes sense” and such concerns or putting feelings into analytical frameworks.

Because while the role function is halfway decent, it “describes” the same sphere as your lead function, which is very comfortable to use so you default to it.

This can also lead to scrambled signals, such as presenting something as a factual conclusion that’s really fueled by subconscious emotion, or, conversely, an INFP might present something as an ethical conlusion that really comes from a place of calculation - So this is a pitfall to watch out for.

But as it is ‘disconnected’/ unvalued/ not used for actual decision making, in some respect it might well be as ‘nigh-absent’ as the 7th function - For example, I’ve always been rubbish at describing myself for online profiles. Other people just immediately spit out a description, I often find myself having to use conscious thought when asked for my preferences -

Whereas when you ask me specific questions, I can react to them and come up with verbose replies by the power of Ne.  

Another classic example is an EXTJ using Fe - They might seem warm in the job interview or know the strategic value of cultivating a sense of cameradery in their followers, but are actually “get down to work!” sort of bosses in day-to-day life. You’ll see some of them use artificial charm or finesse here and there but underneath, be actually pretty awkward when forced in situations relating to their genuine emotions, and there’s no ‘pipeline’ between the true feelings and whatever produces their artificial projections.

I also know one INFP who was moderately good with maths & had mild interest technology, so he had some decent Ti there, but he didn’t use it as a basis for personal decisions… at all, and, after giving a semester of computer science a go, decided that a job where he’d have to do math all day would not be fulfilling to him/ decided to become a history teacher instead and use his “reasonable diplomatic big brother” skills to mentor kids and tell the curriculum in an interesting way. (ie, something that would utilize more Fi)

As a general statement, I find it interesting how each type uses each function (including the ones on the stack) in a very unique way even if they’re weak, so when you feel frustrated with your inability consider that if you don’t get discouraged, you might add something unique to the world. Your teritary and inferior might but they can be - or at least become - actually pretty good in things related to your main interests/ pursuits - Say, an INTP will never be any good at logistics or picking up what person X wore on day Y the way a highgrade Si user would, but Si is apparently what saves and catalogues all that random nerd knowledge. Another example I read is that an ESXPs Ni is quite workeable on a “short range” context, like having some gut feeling about a business desicion or how your conversation partner is going to react to the next thing you’re about to do, though it often spits out only doomsday scenarion when used “long range”/ “large scale”. Or lowgrade Fe manifesting as troll humor and a general, abstract caring about “the greater good” while still being able to make hard logical decisions… there’s times where society might need someone with a perspective like that as much as it very much needs the directly interpersonal caring and nurturing of an EXFJ.

“You dumbass.
“Hey! I didn’t screw up that much!”
“The FBI is hunting you down, you did screw up that much!”

“Hanni, please control your precious hubby before I lose my patience with him entirely.”

“Hannibal, tell your dearest brother to get the fuck out of our house before Jack kicks our door down!”

Hannibal looked up from his book to blink at them. In the lazy, impassive manner cats did when looking at prey they weren’t quite in the mood to hunt.

“My brother’s place is my place. We’re practically the same fucking person.”

A sigh from Hannibal. “Again, Nigel, that is not how twins work.”

“Who gives a shit.”

Will rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, which to Hannibal was basically a signal of how much he was digging his heels in.

“Yakisugi, Hannibal! From Yakushima! The real stuff! Tell him to leave! Or I’ll let my shotgun start doing the talking.”

Nigel’s shoulders tensed, his eyes narrowing.

“I’d like to see you try, cocksucker.”

“A damn good one, might I add.”

Another sigh. “Will. Don’t you have a half-brother in California?”

A pause. “No.”


“I said no, Hannibal! I’m not getting Adam involved in our mess!” Cue a dirty look thrown at Nigel. “Especially that mess.”

“Now listen here you dog-fucker-”



“Would you be amenable to living in the Northern Californian countryside?”

Another pause as Nigel lit a cigarette, inhaled a mouthful of smoke to calm his nerves, ignored the looks of irritation from both Will and his brother.

“I don’t give a fuck as long as it’s not completely shitty. Which means beer better be included. Good beer too, not the piss water you Americans like to call beer.”

Hannibal smiled thinly. “It’s settled then. We have the makings of a plan.” He closed his book and went to start dinner.

“Excuse me, did I not just explicitly tell you no?” Will followed him into the kitchen, though not without throwing Nigel another dirty look.

Nigel rolled his eyes and went outside to finish his fag. They were probably going to fuck in the kitchen and he wasn’t in the mood to see how his brother’s technique had improved over the years. 

It was fine. He wasn’t interested in intruding upon their honeymoon anyway. And god knows he and Hannibal would have come to blows within the first week. He sighed to himself, hoping Will’s brother wasn’t as difficult as he was.

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Out of the snake brothers, who is your absolute favourite and why??

I didn’t really have a favourite until recently, but you probably guessed it’s Solidus. I don’t know why exactly, I do know it’s mostly my own interpretation’s fault + the wasted potential of him being so underused. I like him, I’m currently playing MGS2 to live the experience of meeting him myself!!!!

Look!!!! he’s without a beard!!!! HE HAS A BABY FACE 

So basically the president wins

I Thought You Were Different (Part 8/?) (Rogers/Barton x reader)

Part 7

When you woke the next morning, Steve wasn’t there; his side of the bed had already grown cold and the room was silent.  Grabbing your phone, you found it to be much later than you usually slept, quickly shooting to wakefulness at your realization.  But Clint hadn’t been by to wake you for your therapy session as he had for the past several days…and now your curiosity was awake as well.  You texted him with no reply, followed by a text to Steve, again finding silence as your only response.

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Hello, can you do headcanon about a deaf S/O with Sakamaki/Mukami bros?

//a deaf s/o…
//alright, I’ll get right into it! ^v^
—admin Red



-would most likely not really care all that much, if you put in the effort to read his lips when speaking he’d maybe appreciate it, either that or call you naughty for looking at his mouth. He just generally wouldn’t make any real effort in the beginning to make things easier for you.

-would eventually start once you are closer to him, but not any sooner, he’d probably learn a bit of sign language to both communicate with and better understand you, as your speech with a deaf accent makes things difficult sometimes.


-he’d likely be the first brother to actively make an effort to make it easier to communicate with each other, though if you start off lip reading he might punish you for looking at his lips so intently at first without realizing you were trying to see what he was saying.

-he wouldn’t verbally apologize for it, but would probably help you more to make up for his own idiocy. He hates the deaf accent, but knows it’s only a product of your loss of hearing.

-would probably start trying to find a way to give you the ability to hear and rid you of your deafness, so beware of what he might do to figure it out.


-relentless teasing for reading his lips, would constantly wheedle about it really just being you wanting to kiss him.

-he doesn’t enjoy hearing the deaf accent at all, even for his own amusement, he prefers it when you use sign language instead of speaking. Greatly. Even made sure he knew it so he’d be able to understand it and not force you to use the deaf accented speech.


-he’d not have any patience for it. Suffice to say, it would be one hell of a battle for you to just get him to understand you can’t hear him as you’re deaf, not because you’re ignoring him. Honestly would probably go through a couple stranglings and other things before you speak and tell him to stop. And he finally comments on how strange your accent sounds.

-this is your opening to tell him you’re deaf, and once you’ve told him. He seems a bit more understanding, though he’s still impatient.


-like Kanato, wouldn’t have the patience for it, though you’d be able to tell him sooner than with Kanato. He’d still not understand and think you’re bluffing. Until at least you show him a video clip of a deaf accent and then repeat the words exactly after looking over the subtitles for several minutes.

-he’d eventually just ask which you think is easier for your to understand, sign language or reading someone’s lips. And even if you say the former, he’d probably still have you read his lips so he can see you staring so intently at them.


-he’d know right off you’re deaf, though it’d still make him angry when you don’t immediately understand him at first. He’d eventually realize you read his lips when speaking with him and keep his head turned so you can see his mouth moving to form the words.

-you’d have to stick with lip reading and speaking in the accent. Subaru just doesn’t have the patience needed for him to learn sign language. You tried, and many walls were broken due to his frustration.


-your his livestock, if he can’t understand you very well. And you can’t understand him. He’ll put I the effort to improve it. He’d probably figure out your deaf on his own anyways, it can’t be any harder than doing simple puzzles right?

-that isn’t to say you’re home free though, you still get punished if he thinks he’s repeated himself enough times for you to be able to read his lips accurately, or if he used sign language to give you the directions.


-he’d probably just be fairly confused in the beginning until you explain to him(or Ruki does) of what deaf is. He’d generally try to accommodate you after that, after all you can’t help him in the garden efficiently if you can’t understand what he’s telling you to do.

-would learn a little sign language, but would mostly face you so you can read his lips. He doesn’t mind the deaf accent, he knows it’s not your fault if you’re deaf.


-he already knows sign language for those of his fan base who are mute so he can understand them. You’re not any different, though he’d probably want something done so you can hear. After all if you’re deaf you can’t hear his music or his lovely voice.

-he’d want something in return for it, of course. Nothing is really free when it comes to Kou. He’d probably make it a favor or something minor, since he only wants you able to hear his voice and music.


-he’d have to have the concept of being deaf explained as well. Though he’d try to accommodate so you can know when he’s asking you to hurt him, though you never do and he generally hurts you instead to show you his ‘love’.

-he’d wonder if being deaf is painful, probably ask you tons of questions about how it feels. He also learns a bit of sign language, though it’s very little, as he cant pick things up very quickly. He’d probably find the fact you also talk oddly somewhat comforting. Since he speaks very slowly.

//aaaaaaa hope this is okay Hun, I tried my best!
—Admin Red

BTS Reacting to their S/O tripping in public

》 FAQ // Masterlist 

Jin - Mama Jin would freak out the second he saw you fall and run to your aide. He wouldn’t feel the slightest bit embarrassed and would just make sure you were okay.

Suga - Suga would see you trip and help you up with a small chuckle, but he would feel a lot more embarrassed for you then he did for himself. Overall he wouldn’t really care.

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J-Hope - J-Hope would let out a loud laugh before helping you up. He knew how easy it was to lose your footing, but he might not be able to look at you the same for a few days.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Rap Monster - He would probably be the most embarrassed if you tripped in public, but would help you up and keep an arm securely around your waist so it wouldn’t happen again.

Originally posted by holy-yoongi

Jimin - He’d get a little scared when he saw you trip, but once he helped you up and saw you were okay he’d start laughing. He’d mostly the second-hand embarrassment for you.

Originally posted by sonyeondan

V - It was probably his fault you tripped in the first place, and once you got up and glared at him for laughing he’d give you a fake innocent smile, pretending like it wasn’t him.

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Jungkook - He’d feel a little embarrassed once he watched you trip, but once he helped you up and saw that you were fine would then begin to laugh at your failure.

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- Admin H

REQUESTED: “Y/N and Credence are best friends but cuddle when they’re alone and all that and are always together so people always think they’re a couple but their whole relationship is purely platonic?“

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse

Word Count: 1,126

You knew it wasn’t technically anyone’s fault for assuming that you and Credence were together romantically and that it probably honestly looked that way, objectively speaking, but it was aggravating to have to justify yourselves when you two quite enjoyed (treasured, really) the platonic relationship you had spent months building trust and care in order to establish.

You met Credence a little over a year ago now, when you had started a new job and ended up working with Queenie, who had read your mind (mostly on accident) and found out that you needed a place to stay, since your sister wanted to move in with her boyfriend and you just couldn’t afford to live at your old place on your own. That is exactly how you ended up living with Queenie and her sister, Tina, around the time that Newt moved in with a boy named Credence. You mostly tried to stay out of the way at first, but you and Credence found yourselves oddly drawn to each other. You were the only one who didn’t seem to tiptoe around him, even after you realized he had been the one who destroyed the city those weeks ago, and he was the only one who seemed genuinely interested in taking time to get to know you whenever you began to talk about your day or your past. And as time went on, you both realized you had a lot in common—parents who were afraid of magic and took it out on each of you as well as similar world views and general mind sets began to draw you closer together until you were inseparable friends, always together, without question. This never seemed to faze Newt, Jacob, Tina, or Queenie, but when it started to become a problem was when Credence began leaving the apartment with you and began making new friends with you outside of the immediate group. These new friends assumed the two of you had developed a mutual crush that you were each denying yourselves, but they accepted the fact that you two came hand-in-hand, regardless of rumors that went unconfirmed.

As time progressed, though, Credence became much freer with physical touch and craved it in much the same way as he always had, which led to the two of you holding hands whenever you went out and spending afternoons cuddled up on the couch and having conversations with your noses pressed together. It gave you reason to be affectionate with the person you cared most about in the world, and it gave Credence the affection he always wanted but never seemed to get. It was mutually beneficial and a friendship neither of you realized you had needed so badly. Again, these things had been generally accepted by your immediate friend group as common goings on, since they watched these habits develop over time, but to a mutual friend group you and Credence were spending the day with, it was absolutely bizarre and confusing and new. They had watched you both as you walked around town, talking animatedly with one hand while the other held onto one of Credence’s, and began to question exactly the nature of your relationship with each other—especially as you neared a large crowd (something Credence was still uncomfortable with) and allowed Credence to wind an arm around your waist and bring himself closer to you as you swung an arm over his shoulder. But for the time being, they refrained from mentioning it or asking you or Credence about it in favor of continuing the day out you all were enjoying.

They could not refrain from asking, though, when they returned back to one friend’s apartment, and Credence jokingly sat on your lap so there would be enough seating but ended up staying there once you wound your arms around his waist and nuzzled into his chest after he draped his arm along the back of the seat. He was light, so it wasn’t uncomfortable, but he was tall, leaving his limbs to dangle hilariously across the seat, leaving you a giggling mess as you each tried to situate yourselves comfortably for the rest of the evening. You and Credence found yourselves wrapped in conversation while your friends went to get drinks in the kitchen and didn’t realize that they were watching you the whole time, debating whether or not the two of you “finally” got together. Once they observed you two press your noses together in your signature “We’re having a great conversation” way, they decided that you must have and were simply trying to integrate this new development easily into the Group Dynamic.

They thought it would be funny to call you out on it in a friendly way, so when they began to meander back into the living room from the kitchen, one friend called out, “Ohh, look at the lovebirds!” before being joined by cacophonous laughter of the other friends.

This left Credence pulling his face from yours in confusion and left you simmering in irritation, especially when a chorus of “Lovebirds! Lovebirds!” persisted. You didn’t want to make Credence uncomfortable, especially since you two had discussed many times how much you enjoyed how affectionate your relationship was platonically and that it wasn’t romantic in the slightest and that it allowed you each to trust each other more completely, since neither of you really ever asked the other for anything in return besides friendship. “It’s not like that you guys!” You tried to sound teasing, but you were sure you mostly came off angry (probably because you were getting there).

Credence could feel you stiffening angrily underneath him and leaned down to your ear. “They think we’re dating?” His voice was so soft and calmed you immediately as soon as you heard it, as it did every time you heard him speak, so you just nodded and sent a loose smile to him as reassurance that you were fine. “Oh, we’re still just friends.” His voice raised slightly (as loud as it would ever get) and his smile was small, but it was enough to get the group to shut up about it and move on with the evening without mentioning it again. Neither you nor Credence were totally sure if they were convinced, but you also knew it didn’t matter so long as you two knew the nature of your relationship, which you clearly did.

However, whenever anyone so much as hinted at wondering if you two were together, there was a general groaning in unison as you snapped about being just friends, even as you held his hand, because that would always be the truth—and it was a truth Credence knew he could always count on and love you for.


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How would arguments with Kim Jaehwan be like:

  • won’t be real fights, more like long serious talks
  • as both of you are mature enough not to start yelling and over-reacting over the smallest matters 
  • during a fight Jaehwan will mostly keep his cool and will be calm as you two discuss the problem 
  • he won’t blame you or anything, but if it was your fault he would probably ask you to apologize
  • and also try to explain you why you are wrong 
  • if you keep insisting it was not your fault and he’s the one who is wrong, Jaehwan may get a little irritated 
  • “can you stop yelling? it’s getting annoying and I really don’t wanna do this with you” 
  • once you calm down, Jaehwan would be kind enough not to mention or do the thing that bothered you for a couple of hours or even days 
  • but both of you know that it’s still there and it’s bugging the hell out of you 
  • so during one of your late night pillow talks he will subtly leave hints here and there that you have to talk about it 
  • if you don’t react badly, then he will just outright say it and ask you about it
  • he is mature enough and would probably expect you to be the same 
  • honestly, if you were to be a baby and just act like a spoiled little kid during your arguments, he may lose his temper 
  • he prefers discussing the matter, but if you start throwing a tantrum for nothing 
  • he will get out of the room and ignore you for a few hours until you calm down 
  • he probably avoids all the petty fights really well 
  • but if you guys were to go through a phase in your relationship where you can’t understand each other anymore 
  • and just like plain argue about everything 
  • he will just ask you bluntly if you want to break up because it would be better 
  • it may seem cold-hearted at first, but in his mind it’s the best option to avoid petty fights and getting hurt later on 

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mckirk au: and adorably grumpy de-aged bones featuring an amused and swooning jim?

  • So from one day to another, Bones is younger than Jim. Not by a mile, but still. And he’s not as grumpy (but still far more so than Jim ever was a this age), he’s this close-to-graduating Medical school student who doesn’t really drink as much as Jim is used to from him, who occasionally smokes weed, and who enjoys parties. Honestly, what happened to turn Bones into Bones is something Jim is still curious about. But what’s even more curious is the fact that Bones is somehow younger now. And Bones wakes up missing at least 10 years of his life worth of memories, which kind of sucks, because that includes all of their Academy shenanigans, and all of their space adventures. But despite all of that, Bones has the biggest, most obvious crush on his captain, and that’s kind of endearing. 
  • Against all of Jim’s expectations, Bones has always been a charming flirt, okay. On supply stops in York Town, Earth, and other planets, he knew how to wrap girls around his fingers with his “steady hands”, “I’m a doctor”, and that sweet southern accent. Always a casual flirt, and almost always successful. But a younger Bones has a completely different ballgame. Not casual at all. He is full on touching Jim’s arms and going “You are really attractive, it’s distracting”, dropping things on accident to pick it up seductively, and he’s a constant “how does this shower work in space? Oops now your uniform is all wet better take it off”. And Bones being so openly into him is both the best thing, and the worst thing. Because this is still his Bones, but at the same time, it couldn’t be further from the Bones he fell in love with. Still, it’s difficult not to be into this guy. Who’s all flirt, who’s a heavier southern accent than usual, and who sometimes throws Jim an annoyed “damn it Jim I’m not a doctor yet how do you expect me to do this thing!” and when he yells at Jim is mostly when Jim’s most into him. Because Bones still bickers with him, and when he does, Jim just shoves him up against the wall and kisses him, because it’s the best way to shut Bones up. 
  • And Bones is real smug about sleeping with the captain, and he’s far bolder than Jim’s used to. Because 20-something year old Bones would show up on the Bridge, throw himself on Jim’s lap, and kiss him right there and then. “I think you’re working too hard, you should take a break,” Bones says, and it’s not very subtle. Not subtle at all. Jim laughs because it’s cute. “I’m on my shift.” And Bones shamelessly slides his fingers under Jim’s uniform. “You should definitely take a break,” Bones says, and when he gets off the chair, he pulls Jim up with him. Jim looks both shocked and entirely smug at the looks he receives. “I’ll be back in 10,” he says, running a hand through his hair with a small smirk. “Five,” Bones calls out, “I can do things with my mouth that’ll last him only five minutes.” “That is way more information than I was willing to learn about our captain.” Sulu replies with a sigh. “And our doctor,” Chekov agrees, rubbing his temples as if that’ll get those images out of his head.
  • But for all this new Bones is; this hyperactive, getting grumpier by the day, with the stamina and libido of an early twenty-something year old, quickly forcing his way into Jim’s hear - for all of that, he still misses his old Bones. 
  • And Bones is starting to get on edge. Because he’s not a graduated doctor from his normal med school yet, let alone is he a Starfleet worthy CMO. So Bones is bored a lot. Jim gets him to shadow M'Benga and Chapel, and he plays video games with Chekov when they’re off their shift. But it’s not really enough. Jim can tell Bones misses Earth. Bones keeps himself busy with having lots of sex with Jim, too, which is incredible. But as irresistible as this young version version is (and Jim finds himself staring a lot), it’s just not really his own boyfriend. 
  • And so they retrace their steps until they get back to the planet they got to before Bones changed to this newer, younger version of himself. Jim drags Bones down to the planet, who looks really uncomfortable to be there. “I hate space, I hate alien planets. There could be so many strange diseases around here we are totally unfamiliar with,” Bones complains and Jim sighs. “Don’t complain, because somehow that thing you do with your voice when you’re angry is working for me and I wish it wasn’t. We’re on a mission here.”  And Bones gives him the smuggest grin which Jim really wants to wipe off his face, but not now, because he wants to find out how to get Bones back to normal. But Bones doesn’t remember his trip to this planet and so it feels like a lost cause.
  • Jim gets himself hurt, though not majorly so. He needs some stitches on his forehead, just above his eyebrow, and Bones is actually the one doing it. Because that he can do, and he’s happy to. He just stands closely in front of Jim in med, stitching him up while M'Benga tends to other patients. “You’re not so bad at this,” Jim says. “You’re an idiot for getting hurt,” Bones replies, and Jim huffs. “You haven’t seen anything yet.” “I’ve seen enough,” Bones replies, his fingers running through Jim’s hair. “I’m sorry that I don’t remember you. I know you’re struggling with this a little bit,” Bones says, and Jim shrugs, giving him a faint smile. “It’s not your fault.” Though, it probably is Bones’ fault for getting infected with something.
  • Jim considers himself very lucky, a few days later, when he wakes up to this slightly taller, mostly broader, and definitely older guy next to him. And no matter how much Jim could swoon and enjoy this younger version of him, nothing beat the groaning, complaining older guy next to him. Jim wakes him up with kisses, grinning widely when Bones wakes up slowly. “I feel ages older. Like we’ve been on a three day bender,” Bones replies with a grunt, though he’s grinning too, when Jim straddles his lap, cups his cheeks and kisses him slower, more deeply. “I missed my old man,” Jim says, and Bones just huffs. “I’m not that old.” “You age perfect, like a fine whiskey, Bones. You taste good when you’re in your early twenties. You taste even better now.” Jim mutters, and Bones laughs. “That’s the cheesiest. You’re the cheesiest ever. But I’m happy to be back, too.”

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Do you like reading fics? I think most of our fandom survive through them. What's you favorite Clexa fic? Canon and non-canon ones. :)

yes i love fics! reading them has helped so much in keeping lexa/clexa alive. tbh most of the ones i’ve read are probably the popular ones that everybody has read, but here’s a list of some of my favourites anyway


-freak show (i think this got abandoned rip)

-don’t wanna be your girl 

-start of something new

-living on a fault line

-once upon a confession (probably abandoned rip)

-feels like home

-after you


-somewhere i have never travelled (this was the first clexa fic i ever read)

-losing my religion

-a year of sundays

-quality ingredients

-cigarettes in the theatre

-you see the smile that’s on my mouth

-this is heaven in hiding

-the world had less colour without you

Meadowlark: “I think I have slept overlong. I wish to talk to my friends again! To answer their questions about myself, and endeavor to make more friends.”

Ember: “I mean, it’s your fault you slept in. It was fine, I guess.”

Meadowlark: “I simply need questions, and I shall do my best to answer them.”

Ember: “We all go through long hibernation I guess. Probably not that concerning. I wasn’t worried about you or anything.”

Meadowlark: “My friend Ember is available to answer questions as well.”

Ember: “Gah! Err, I am? Yes, I am. Right. They mostly want to talk to you anyways. You’re the friendly one.”

Meadowlark: “Lemon, my faithful companion, is also available to answer questions, though I fear her vocabulary may be far more limited.”

Ember: “Quack.”

((I want to get back in the habit of regular posts, but have found my own art style an impediment! My lengthy times it takes to draw, ink, color, and edit images have been more of a disincentive than anything else. So, my next few (or more) updates may be experimenting with different styles, different techniques, different ways to draw Lark and her friends. In addition to Questions for these three, feel free to make suggestions for styles or inspiration, and I’ll see if anything strikes me.))

Home means nothing without you

Summary: You’re the daughter of one of the well known hunters, the Winchesters. After a huge fight you ran away and didn’t contact your father or your uncle in three years, now that you’ve heard some rumors you’d decided to see for yourself if they were right or not. Who knew if it would be a Christmas of reunion or not?

Words: 1665

Pairing: Father!Dean x Daughter!Reader

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Warnings: yeah… no

A/N: I highly recommend you to listen to Dad by Neele Ternes on repeat because this one shot is based on this song and I listened to it while writing so, yeah. The beginning sucks but it get’s better at the end. Tell me what you think!

After your successful hunt you made your way to the bar, like always. Just that you would be there every day since Christmas was coming and you were sick of all those happy celebrating people. As you entered, everyone greeted you. They knew your name, but didn’t know who you were. You were the Winchester’s daughter and if they knew, there hell would be going on.

You nodded your hellos before sitting down at a barstool.

“Same as always?” the bartender said and you nodded with a small smile. You glanced around the bar, no new faces, just the same like always. Hunters, of course they didn’t have anyone to celebrate with, so they spent their times at bars. You knew a few of them since they asked you to help them out on hunts. You were a hunter and not a bad one. Must be the genes. You sighed a little at the thought of your father, but quickly shoved it behind when the bartender handed you your shots and a glass of some whiskey.

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my-anime-romance  asked:

Akashi angst ψ(`∇´)ψ PLEASE

(Sorry I’ve been dead for ever)

Yes yes and more yes! You guys, I complain about angsts all the time because I don’t want to put my heart through it (I get way too emotionally attached) BUT I LOVE WRITING THEM (and reading them..I am a sadomasochist after all >.<)!!!!! I dunno man…I just like deep, emotional, melancholy things! >.<

Remember!! I ALWAYS write angsts with a song to tie into the plot! (Look at past angsts to understand if you still don’t!) This themed song is new(ish), very popular, and it’s trending right now..So you’ll probably roll your eyes at it BUUTTTT I love this song right now and I saw a I took it Mwahaha (¬‿¬) So:

Akashi Seijuro- “Hello” by Adele

Also— if you’ve read my past angsts, I’ve mostly channeled the angst-y emotions towards the KnB character instead of the reader (ie. I’ve made the KnB character at fault and the cause of the angst feeling). This angst is different. I’ve centered the angst-y emotions toward the reader. I hope it doesn’t matter too much but if you’d like me to write the angst focusing on the KnB character doing wrong, then request again and I’ll write another one!!

**Also one more note!! This writing has a lot of Math involved..I hate Math and the simplest addition makes me frustrated because I’m lazy (xD)..It doesn’t make too much difference if you don’t get it, it’s just written to make the timeline real. Math to back it up as proof. So don’t focus as much on the math as you should emotions. ^u^ Now onwards!

Akashi: “Hello. It’s me.”

The bright red hair strands shifted as he snapped his head up at the sound of a vaguely-familiar, feminine voice singing out.

“That sentence..she starts out every voicemail with that exact wording..” Akashi Seijuro murmured as if the song and singer set him in a trance reminiscing in the past.

“What?” Another feminine voice pipped up, making Akashi snap back to the present.

“Hm? Oh, nothing..” Akashi couldn’t help but wince in annoyance at the high-pitched voice.

“I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet,” The first feminine voice continued singing as she gracefully played the classy, white, grand piano that set the scene. “To go over everything.”

Akashi was twenty-three currently, only four more days needed to pass before he would turn twenty-four. Only four more days needed to pass before five years turned into six years since they had not talked. Six years since they’ve seen each other. Six years since she’s heard his voice. However, he knows what her voice sounds least the way she talked in her voicemails, trying to get ahold of him before she started crying. Unfortunately, he knew the sounds of her crying way more then he knew the sound of her own voice speaking.

It was the day he had turned eighteen when she ended everything. The day when she broke Akashi Seijuro’s heart while trying to give it back to him. It was the day she felt as if she clawed her own heart out, dropped it in the garbage, and walked away from it. The day she ended her chances to have a potential happy family.

That was the day she walked away from any future she had with him.

“They say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much healing.”

After ending their relationship once and for all before walking off, she went M.I.A. from him or anyone else she knew. She packed her things and fled from the whole country, ending all possibilities for Akashi to hunt and chase her down.

“Hello, can you hear me?”

She began her new life half way around the world where she originally lived. Her father was American, her mother was Japanese, and she was the best of both worlds. When she was young and in elementary, they lived as a perfect family in California, USA. She was twelve when her dad passed away and thirteen when her mom decided to move back to her homeland, Japan.

She was thirteen when she met Akashi and thirteen when they both started hitting it off. Akashi saw an emotion held in the girl’s eyes that matched his same emotion. Akashi saw that a part of her was dormant, almost dead, inside. She had lost a loved one that was very close to her and he could tell because he went through the same thing. That’s when he realised she was much like him— that’s when he realised she was everything he wanted in his future wife.

“I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be”

She was eighteen when she left Akashi and her childhood life behind in Japan and moved back over to California. She stayed with her dad’s side of the family. She wanted to start anew. She wanted to forget everything that happened in Japan— including Akashi. She thought that if she ran fast and far enough from her problems, then she would forget about all of them and they would just vanish.

“When we were younger and free.”

But alas, no matter how much she tried to forget him and try to move on, her mind was stuck on her one true love. Two years past before she turned twenty. Two years she had tried her hardest to forget Akashi before realising she just couldn’t. She thought that since she’s older and twenty now, she could try and talk about the things she just couldn’t in the past. Maybe she could move back, maybe they could start again. Maybe he would answer his phone and admit he still loved her and wanted her back.

“I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet.”

The call never came. His voice never spoke. The closest thing she got to hearing his voice was his voicemail recording: “This is Akashi Seijuro. Leave me a message and I’ll call you back”.

Another two years past and she was twenty-two. For two years she kept trying. Call after call, she kept thinking that he might pick up this time. She knew she probably sounded desperate and pathetic, but she didn’t care. She was desperate to try and mend things that she ended. She knew it was her fault and she would gladly admit it if it meant she could talk to him again.

California was where her ‘dream’ began. She reached her dream job and goal when she became a singer, getting gigs from all over the world; however, there was no joyous feeling she had because she had forgotten what happiness was after she walked away from her lover.

Akashi had to admit, whoever was singing knew how to make bittersweet emotions stir up. He wanted to admit so badly that he could never love anyone else after giving his heart away to his childhood lover..but things weren’t that simple.

“I love you so much, Seiju..” His wife sighed lovingly, caressing the top of his hands from across the table.

“That makes me really happy to know that.” Akashi smiled forcefully, tilting his head to the side while putting on a poker face.

The woman sighed, her smile now turning into a frown. She couldn’t understand why Akashi never said the three special words back.

“Seijuro..we’ve been married for three years, almost four…and you’ve never told me that you love me even once…” Tears brimmed her eyes as she began to pretend to weep with a high-pitch sound, hoping she could get Akashi to feel bad.

Akashi said nothing but sighed and looked away, rolling his heterochromatic-coloured eyes. The woman pouted as she realised she would never get her way; meanwhile, Akashi couldn’t help but think about the one girl he really wanted as his wife, not this annoying trophy wife that was currently sitting in front of him.

“There’s such a difference between us and a million miles.”

Akashi couldn’t help but begin to wonder why she stopped calling nine days after her twenty-second birthday. She had tried so hard, for two years straight, to talk to him and then suddenly she just..vanished. No more calls rang, no more voicemails were left. It was as if she gave up completely. And he hasn’t heard her voice in two, almost three, years because of it. His heart broke every minute as he thought about it.

“Hello from the other side.”

____’s heart broke as she belted out the notes while playing the chords on the piano; she couldn’t help but wonder where Akashi and his wife were at at this moment she was in Japan. She’d been traveling for a year all around the world, singing at different places; however, she’s avoided the one country she swore she’d never come back..yet here she was, singing at it.

Maybe if she came and saw him personally, maybe if she came back. Maybe he would take her back, maybe they would mend everything back together. So many “maybe”’s ran through her many “maybe”’s that would never be.

“I must’ve called a thousand times”

A thousand times wasn’t enough and two years were too short. Akashi secretly wished she would keep calling, that she would keep trying to get ahold of him, because that proved she still wanted him and that she still had not moved on just like he.

He was angry at himself; angry that he let his pride get to him. He wished he could just pick up the phone and tell her how he wanted her back..but he didn’t, and because of that, she stopped trying. Now he would probably never see her again.

“To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done”

The trophy wife sighed while grabbing her coat.

“Come on, it’s time we get home.”

Akashi only nodded as he got out of the booth and walked ahead of her, not caring if she was behind him or not. He didn’t know why he hated her so much, but he did. He despised her, wish he never met her. She wasn’t ___. She wasn’t what he wanted..and she would never be. And for that, he hated her.

“But when I call you never seem to be home.”

If only he knew why ___ quit calling, he would hate his wife even more. He would never be able to forgive her for what she did.

___ couldn’t get the memory out of her head; the memory of the day she stopped calling. The reason why she stopped calling was not because she simply gave up.

The memory of when the phone finally picked up. The memory of ___ expecting to hear a male voice, Akashi’s voice, only to be surprised to hear a female, high-pitched voice. The horrid memory of the woman only saying “He’s moved on. He doesn’t love you anymore. He loves his wife. He loves me. Never. Call. Again.” before hanging up for good. The wretched memory of ___ crying for hours before accepting that Akashi was not hers and will never be ever again.

“Hello from the outside.”

The memory of when she stood outside, in the pouring rain, watching Akashi’s wife engulf him into a loving hug through the window. ___ didn’t want to accept the fact that he moved on. She wasn’t going to accept the fact until she saw it with her own eyes. The proof was right in front of the Akashi mansion’s window as she stood from the outside, looking in.

“At least I can say that I’ve tried”

Akashi and his trophy wife walked to the front of the restaurant, already paid for their meal and his wife was ready to get home. She knew Akashi was thinking about ___ and it was probably because of the stupid song. She wanted nothing but to get out of their so Akashi would pay attention to her again.

As his trophy wife was walking out the door, Akashi followed behind with his head down; however, for some reason he felt as if something was pulling him to look at the singer who was singing. There was this unknown force that whispered to him to turn and look at the stage where the singer was singing this song that touched his heart.

“To tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart”

Akashi stopped midway, in between the door from going outside and inside the restaurant. His eyes widened to where you could actually see the whites of his eyes. He thought his heart stopped as he stared at the beauty on the stage. He knew that face from anywhere. He couldn’t believe it took him that long to realise it was her voice. It was ___’s voice that was singing. It was ___ who was on the stage, right in front of his eyes, singing about their lost love.

Everything drowned out after this point as Akashi started to change direction in his walk and started hurriedly walking towards the front of the stage, excusing and pushing people who were in the way. The comments from the bystanders and the sound of his wife yelling at him to come back was muted out as he focused on his one true love.

“But it don’t matter..”

As he got to the front, he put together everything. He realised this song was about him. He realised she didn’t stop calling because she gave up. He realised she stopped calling because someone made her give up. And he realised that no matter how much he could try and persuade her, ___ wouldn’t take him back since he has a wife “that he loves”. Realisation hit him hard as ___ and his heterochromatic-orbed eyes met, their gaze smoldering.

This was all his fault.

A shaky breath was inhaled from Akashi’s lungs before his breath got stuck in his throat as he watched the solo, clear tear run down ____’s cheek before dripping onto the white, grande piano. Teary eyed, ___ holds his stare down as she drew in a shaky breath, knowing both of their hearts were completely broken, and there was no chance of them healing back after she sang the last words.

“..It clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore.”

☯ Just in Time pt. 2 // Jinhwan Two-Shot

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Title:  Just in Time pt. 2 (pt. 1)

Pairing: Jinhwan x Reader

Genre: Soulmate AU, Romance, Slight Angst

W/C: ~5,300

A/N: IT IS FINALLY DONE THIS TOOK ME FOREVER BECAUSE I JUST HAD SUCH A WRITERS BLOCK WITH THIS FIC. I know so many waited for this, it’s 3 am i am so tired please give it some love so i can go to sleep in peace and don’t mind grammatical errors, i’m too tired to deal with it right now. i will edit tomorrow i promise. 

of course i tag my beautiful @hwan-tastic and also @jinhwanists because i know i promised you a while ago i’d finish this. 

thank you for reading, ily.♥

- moyo

2 days had passed.  

134 missed calls, 269 texts and probably a hundred knocks at your door. All from Jinhwan. You hadn’t seen him ever since, it already felt like it had been weeks ago when you had met him for the first time. It was hurting so much and it was mostly your own fault for falling in love with him.  

You had spent your past 2 days crying until you had no tears left anymore. Was it stupid? Yes. Did it make you stop? No.  

Those 2 days didn’t make such a difference anymore, in a month all of this would be over anyway, right?

You couldn’t help but remember all those stories your mom had told you about soulmates, that person who was connected to you through a string of fate and once in your life you would be able to meet this person and spend your happiest memories with them. It was something that made your heart tingle in anticipation because you had thought one day, something as magical as that would happen to you, too.  

You laughed bitterly, who would have known that it would end up like this. There was still so much you wanted to do with him, you hadn’t even held hands yet and it was already close to being over. It wasn’t fair at all.

“Y/N…” So lost in your thoughts, you hadn’t even noticed a presence in the room. Jinhwan was stepping forward, nothing but concern imprinted in his eyes. You didn’t know if you were extremely heartbroken to see him like this or just relieved since he was there.

You suddenly felt a haze of calmness surrounding you.  

“You stupid girl.” Jinhwan murmured before embracing you with his warmth. He didn’t let go for a while and you were thankful, closing your eyes and just inhaling his scent that was so tranquil, it automatically put you at peace.

"I’m sorry.” He apologized quietly. You didn’t say anything. You didn’t have the energy to explain to him why he shouldn’t do this and that it’d only make it harder to say goodbye in the end. Instead, you pushed away every possible thought and just enjoyed the warmth that went from his hand into your heart.  

“I’ll make you something, alright? Do you have something at home or should I go–”  

“No!” You desperately held onto his hand, “I mean you don’t need to get anything. I have everything at home.” Just stay with me for a bit longer.  

Jinhwan ended up kissing your forehead, seeing right through your secret desires. “I will just order something. How about a coffee until then?” You nodded with a smile, “I’d like that.”  

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