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Jason Todd Headcanons: Magnetic Manipulating S/O

Thought I’d try this out, and I for some reason have loads of Jason feels right now??? Idk man, I just love Jason Todd. Thought this would be cool. Kinda long.


My ask

  • OK with your powers you can do some crazy shit.
  • Like move whole buildings, and you can even technically manip Earth’s electromagnetic field (meaning you can change the course of rivers, start earthquakes, the like). Basically, you can do a lot of damage if you were a bad guy.
  • Luckily you’re not.
  • But because of your awesomeness, plenty of people want you with them because you’re so badass
  • Batman kept tabs on you since the start, and even met you a couple times when he first “donned the cowl”.
  • So when things on Earth start to get a bit crazier (AKA: Darkseid, etc.) he obviously wants your help.
  • You lived in Gotham as one of the street kids, and often protected them and took care of the lowlifes. 
  • Your pops was an alien with a mutant-esque gene, to which he passed onto you. You learned you had magnetic abilities when you were really young. Your mom died in childbirth.
  • You knew Jason pretty closely when you were kids, and when you first got your powers you went to him ASAP.
  • You were about to get mugged for the first time (there would be other times, you lived in Gotham) and your fear or something must have triggered your powers cause the poor guy’s gun flew out of his hand and slapped him in the face.
  • Everywhere you went on your way to get to Jason was melting or bending if it was metal, like street lamps and fire hydrants (oops).
  • Jason calmed you down with hugs because he’s a softie.
  • Soon all the metals around you stopped bending and you told Jason the truth about your dad.
  • He wasn’t that surprised tbh, you just had an aura to you.
  • For the first few months, he helped you control it and soon you could bend stuff and shape things. It was really cool, and it virtually meant you could never get shot. You and Jason got really close here, and there were a lot of inside jokes around your powers.
  • You found your powers worked on metal, including metals from other worlds and from gods.
  • Then Jason stole Batman’s tires and disappeared. By now you’ve basically become every street-kids mom, and have like a little group of kids you take care of regularly.
  • You start to mess up drug-deals and interfere with the mob. Overall just causing trouble and being really sad cause your Jay is gone.
  • Jason tries to find you, but most criminals are actually too scared to even speak your name. He doesn’t want to ask Bruce for help, and keeps looking for you.
  • One day, there’s a disturbance in Earth’s magnetic field and you’re all like,”Oh shit, I need to tell Batman.” Because Bruce is basically the only superhero aware of you. You keep on the down-low.
  • You come to Bruce and you find out it’s a Big Bad Alien Guy™
  • Bruce calls in the Justice League and is immediately ready to adopt you because you’re hella cool
  • But he also thinks you haven’t mastered your powers, so he doesn’t let you help with the league.
  • bad decision
  • Finale battle comes, you come out of nowhere and wRECK the bad guy.
  • His Evil Ship of Doom™ descends on Earth or whatever and you’re just like:
  • *raises hand* *ship explodes* *BBAG™ is arrested*
  • The Justice League is just: shocked.
  • You’re 13. Decked out in super cool metal armor you can manipulate so you can fly and stuff.
  • Bruce: “I’m adopting her now.”
  • Dick: “I’m down.”
  • You take off your—totally not Magneto inspired—helmet and your cape is waving majestically
  • And then Jason is in the background and is  s h o c k e d.
  • Your reunion is hella cute.
  • Jason hugs you so tight you’re cleared from the ground and you’re both laughing like idiots and it’s just… ughhhh just date already.
  • “Nice undies, Jay.”
  • “Shut up, bucket-head.”
  • You do not hold hands when everyone turns around.
  • nooo
  • why would you do that???
  • You sleep at Wayne Manor that night.
  • Dick would be lying if he said he didn’t have a picture of you and Jason (Jason wearing your helmet, ofc) cuddling in his phone.
  • You spend so much time at Wayne manor now you’re basically part of the batfam.
  • Jason was really your only reason for staying at the manor, but that changed after you met Babs and Dick started staying over more.
  • Cue Dick trying to low-key get you and Jason together.
  • You’re the only person in the Batfam with powers.
  • (Except Alfred, his cookies are magical.)
  • So you use it all the time.
  • Bruce grounds Jason from patrol…
  • Every metal item in the Batcave is now on the ceiling. You won’t bring the Batmobile down until Bruce lets Jason go out.
  • Jason kisses your cheek in thanks.
  • You flirt with him a lot. It’s cute but really cheesy.
  • The most groan-worthy ones are:
  • “Guess what I’m wearing? The smile you gave me.”
  • “I like your last name. Can I have it?”
  • Jason: *sneezes*
  • You: I’d say god bless you but it seems he already has.
  • Jason starts to flirt back over time.
  • It get’s to the point where you’re basically nose-to-nose and Dick is SO close to pushing your faces together.
  • And then you are out on the streets, doing your thing. It takes Bruce no trouble to find you since you’re more out in the open now.
  • He and Dick tell you the news.
  • The entirety of Gotham quivers on its base. Cups of water ripple or fall over. Alarms go off in every building. Sirens start to sound. Superman turns his head in Metropolis, confused at the sounds he’s hearing. 
  • The Earth shakes with your grief.
  • You leave. You don’t go to the manor to see his body, you don’t look at his suit woefully.
  • You don’t say anything at the funeral. You cry. You cry, and at certain moments in the ceremony the metal parts on his coffin quiver.
  •  Towards the end, Dick tries to comfort you.
  • His watch bursts before he can complete his sentence.
  • When you run off, Dick says,”I hope the Joker isn’t wearing anything metal.” 
  • But then he thinks about it, and he doesn’t tell Bruce but he selfishly hopes the Joker is.
  • You leave Gotham. You make sure you’re as far away as the Joker as possible. You know if you see him you’ll kill him, and you know how much that will change you.
  • The Batfam doesn’t see you for a while. The only times they do is during important battles, but you’re only there for a moment and then you leave when it’s over. No one comments about it. Everyone knows how much you loved Robin.
  • When Bruce finds out Jason is alive, he doesn’t tell you. He wants to bring home Jason first and that’s what he does.
  • Clark and Diana offer you a place in the League after a while. You start taking shifts and you and most of the team get really close.
  • It’s mostly with you and Bruce. You never talk about Jason, but there’s a comfort there. He becomes more like a parent as time goes by.
  • So when Jason’s back and chill, Bruce brings him to the tower on one of your shifts.
  • Maybe that wasn’t the best idea on Bruce’s part because the Watchtower is literally a giant hunk of metal floating above Earth.
  • Jason tells Bruce this.
  • Bruce assures him that he can calm you down.
  • As soon as you see Jason the floor starts to sink and the Watchtower literally tilts. Like people are sliding across the floor and holding onto things.
  • (poor Barry, he face planted into the glass)
  • Jason hugs you as tight as he can, and he makes sure you know that it’s him and not some copycat.
  • “One of the kids you looked after when we were little, Silver, wanted to play house. So she was the kid, you were the mom, and you paid me five bucks to be the dad. I gave you back the money later and told you that I’d like to play house again sometime, especially if you were my wife.”
  • Bruce and Dick are not choking on tears internally.
  • Tim is like: who is this girl??? Why is Jason saying he wants her as his wife???
  • You kiss Jason right there. The Watchtower returns to place.
  • “Jason Todd, if you die again I swear I’m going to kill you.”
  • “Y/N L/N, I love you too.”
  • More kisses.
  • You move in together, get a nice place and start being the most epic duo ever.
  • “Screw the Dynamic Duo, we’re the Depressed Duet.”
  • Go in gun’s blazin’.
  • *a barrage of bullets suddenly stops mid-air and drops to the ground like metal rain*
  • You use your powers against him 24/7 because you know how hot he thinks it is.
  • Jason’s buckle: *jingles* *suddenly comes undone*
  • Jason: *glares at you half-heartedly across the room*… babe.
  • You giving Jason the love and attention my bby DESERVES
  • Like 99% of the stuff in your apartment is metal.
  • Metal and Death puns. Everyday.
  • Helmet Buddies™
  • Your ship name (created by Dick but mostly used by yourself, Babs, Steph, and then Barry and Clark) is totally Red Metal.


  • The Joker: HAHAAHA— *suddenly struck and knocked out by a floating crowbar*
  • You, controlling that crowbar: That’s for my fiancé, you fugly lookin’ used piece of TISSUE!
  • Jason, with one tear falling down his cheek as he claps more so than necessary: That’s my girl!
SEPTEMBER 12: Pride is released (2014)

On this day in 2014, the movie Pride was first released in the United Kingdom. With solidarity as its thesis, the film tells the real-life story of how the members of the 1984 Miners’ strike found unlikely allies in a group of LGBT activists from London.

The movie opens on a scene of the 1983 London Pride Parade. A 20-year-old kid named Joe wanders scared but curious through the crowd, and before long we are introduced to our scrappy group of underdogs. Mostly based on real life counterparts, Mike, Jeff, Steph, Gethin, and Jonathan are led by Mark Ashton with the iconic book store Gay’s the Word serving as their headquarters. After Mark sees news coverage of the Miners’ strike, he has the idea that he and his friends should start collecting money to send to the protesting miners. The small mining towns at the center of the strike are the very conservative hot beds that our lesbian and gay main characters have worked their whole life to leave and forget, and so Mark is initially met with push back, but before long, Lesbian and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) is up and running.

Originally posted by just-chilling73

Although Pride is not a huge blockbuster or the next film in the long anthology of comic book films, it is still worth avoiding spoilers over; watching the two worlds of gay London and small town Wales collide and eventually become both political allies and friends is a wholesome experience like no other. The sorrows and successes that follow these real life figures – all with anthems such as Solidarity Forever by Pete Seeger and There is Power in a Union by Billy Bragg playing in the background – will most likely have any LGBT person sobbing by the time the credits are rolling. Go watch Pride, then go follow the LGSM twitter account to learn more about the true story of the film. You can also now buy the recently released Pride: The Book by Tim Tate!


anonymous asked:

how do i start getting into comics? like there's so many i don't even know where to begin

Hi! God this is a mood… tbh I think the easier way to get into comics is to pick a character/team that interests you and then find some recommended reading lists to start getting into it.

Here are some recommended comics for dc / here for marvel, though I’d recommend looking around for lists. If there’s anyone you’re friends with/that you follow that likes certain character/comic a lot and you trust their taste, I think you’re probably better off asking them for their opinion for a reading list. (in case you’re interested in batman, heres a really complete reading list

Some tips I guess:

  • Comic’s continuity a mess so don’t feel bad if there’s some stuff you don’t get at first. There’s always google or people who can help you out if you ask, and in most cases we’re all in the same situation.. we don’t know what the fuck is going on, we’re here just for the laffs.  And anyways, most comics have been around for a reeeally long time and have been passed around a lot of different authors who cherry picked events and characterization to make their own canon, so at the end continuity doesn’t matter i guess.
  • Personally I don’t worry about context and just wing it when starting something new (and end up getting whats going on in the comic twenty issues later but that’s not the point) but if that’s overwhelming for you I’d start getting into comics with either new(ish) books, or books that were made especially to make things easier for new readers. (for example in dc’s case, any Year One comics, and anything from New 52 and Rebirth)
  • Talking about rebirth and new 52, Here’s some additional info about comic terms that you’re going to see around 
  • Don’t worry about getting into big events (such as Blackest Night, Forever Evil, anything with Crisis on the title etc etc etc) bc tbh? In most cases they’re not that important to keep up with whats currently happening, and the best non-event comics integrate these seamlessly or avoid them entirely. I’ve never once in my life read a single event and I’m doing fine. If you still want to have a general idea here’s a list of them, explained a bit and heres another list with them explained better imo, though I’d honestly advice you not to worry about them unless you’re interested in getting that over with first because it might confuse you more.
  • Uuuh and tbh the most important part is don’t try to read everything (like.. all events/crossovers/ continuity n universes differents etc) bc there’s… too much. Like, don’t bite off more than you can chew u kno what i’m talking about? give yourself time to get used to the characters/story/etc, and don’t fixate too much into the things that don’t make sense. Like, of course if that thing you don’t get keeps coming up to the point its impossible to enjoy what you’re reading, i’d tell you to google it and try to read the source, but if it’s something minimal, just a reference or something, dont stress too much to get it. Either way you’re gonna end up getting it as you read more or it won’t matter in the big picture.
  • and im so sorry i made this all about dc.. other comics machine broke. though if you want to get used to how comics work before diving into big companies, i’d rec you to start with stand alone indie comics (here a really good list)

anyways i hope this was useful n not a complete mess to understand rip… if you have any questions hmu!

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Okay, I'm sorry to bother you and I don't even know if you take these sort of asks, but in HLV right before Sherlock is shot and they're looking at Janine (who's been hit over the head) on the floor? I just noticed that like the carpet in the room John got shot in by Eurus, there was a bright red carpet below her shaped like a bloodstain. I don't know if this means anything or if you're still interested in this sort of thing or if you already knew, but I just thought it was noteworthy.

deviant-doll said to inevitably-johnlocked: Hi there! I just noticed something while rewatching HLV and I don’t know what to make of it (or if someone already noticed), but when they are in CAM’s office, Janine is lying on a carpet which looks exactly like the one in the therapist/Eurus’ office, the big blood red one… it’s fleeting but it’s definitively there… could this fit in one of the theories going on around here? I’m not used to write meta, but just had to share the thought with someone ☺

Okay, I don’t know if you’re both the same person, but these two asks came in only a couple days apart, and only took so long because I didn’t see the rug in CAM’s office, since there’s no above-shot of it at all. This was the best I could get:

Which actually I think is the EXACT same rug as the one in TLD:

It’s got the same little sploochy ends on it (just go with it okay LOL), so I do think they reused that prop. The questions now are: 

  1. Was it deliberately done as a foreshadowing of events (John will be shot, which is what I think the surface symbolism of the rug is in TLD), and is symbolic of blood / injury?
  2. IF TLD is part of John’s TAB, is this something John placed in his story because he has seen it before when he helped Janine?
  3. If TLD is part of Unreliable Narrator, is this something Sherlock added as a detail?
  4. If this is Sherlock’s mind palace, is this a little detail he plopped into his story because he had seen it before when John was helping Janine?
  5. Or is it just a nice prop that was expensive and they wanted to give it more screen time?

All are pretty valid thoughts, I think. Either way, there must be a reason it’s SO prominent in TLD. It shows up very glaringly in many scenes with the therapist, and I think it’s mostly foreshadowing John’s possible gun-shot.

Reasons to be happy today:

  • Odds are good that Tim has tried to participate in at least one rap battle. I say “tried” because Tim cannot rap, and trying was a mistake.
  • Dick downloaded snapchat solely to send Babs ten-second clips of himself staring at the camera while Tim and Damian scream at each other in the background. They’re on their 87th consecutive day. Eighty seven days since they knew peace. When will it end.
  • Steph and Cass both pack sidewalk chalk in their utility belts, so they can color on the rooftops and streets during slow patrols. Some of the local kids swap drawings with them. (They mostly draw Steph and Cass themselves, swinging through the city and doing superhero things. Every once in a while, they design their own costumes and ask the bat ladies for feedback.)
  • Damian’s version of hugging people is tackling them and pretending it was an accident. He thought it was an intruder coming around the corner. Totally. Problem is, if he tries that with Bruce or Jason, he just… bounces off. They’re too heavy to go down. A grave miscalculation. Yikes.

Where the Batfam can be Found at Galas

  • Bruce Wayne - smiling, talking to people, and generally doing the normal gala behavior while low key hoping his kids are doing something stupid like normal
  • Alfred Pennyworth - helping Bruce keep his cool with food, drinks, and telling him who he is talking to
  • Dick Grayson - when he isn’t flirting with someone he is showing off his dance skills and getting tipsy
  • Barbara Gordon - smiles and talks to who she has to but spends most of it trying to hide from people 
  • Jason Todd - trying to convince Dick or Tim or anyone to do something stupid (like see how many times he can ruin Bruce’s interview) and getting drunk
  • Cassandra Cain - plays the part of being a good daughter, talks when she is talked to, but mostly eats food and clings to Steph, Harper, or Damian
  • Tim Drake - eating food and taking photos of his siblings when they don’t notice and captioning them as something stupid. then adding the pictures to his snap story
  • Stephanie Brown - dancing and eating food. kinda loud because she didn’t realize the punch was spiked and drank some
  • Kate Kane - in between interviews and mingling, she is taking shots and looking at all the pretty girls
  • Luke Fox - does some of the shots that Kate does but for the most part mingles and does what you are suppose to do during a gala
  • Tiffany Fox - hiding underneath a table with a plate of food and her DS playing Animal Crossing or something
  • Harper Row - purposefully is drinking the punch because she knows it is spiked and dancing. constantly trying to get Cass to dance with her at least once 
  • Damian Wayne - does his interviews and mingles like he is suppose to (emulating his dad) stealing food off of Dick’s plate in the process. Dick convinces him to dance with him for a little bit but for the most part is mingling 
  • Duke Thomas - shows off his dancing and tries to dodge as many interviews or interactions with people he doesn’t know. likes to hide behind Alfred
  • Selina Kyle - loves the attention she gets and probably is posing for the cameras and using Bruce as arm candy. isn’t seen without a drink in her hand 
  • Carrie Kelley - spends their entire time at the dessert table probably only eating ice cream and then wonders why they are sick later that night

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so when are u gonna make a gen fic rec. list 👀👀👀 pull the trigger julieta

ok lets mcfreaking lose it

Tim is a really heavy sleeper because when he does sleep it’s mostly because he crashes. Because of how heavy he sleeps, Steph and Duke like to play pranks on him. They have moved everything on his desk over about an inch or two and then kept asking him if he noticed anything different, Duke dressed up as the grim reaper and clapped his hands real loud making Tim wake up and scream, and Steph has done his makeup multiple times. 

hello its me with a reminder that all of the robins are trans:

  • Dick -  trans boy
  • Jason - trans boy
  • Tim - afab genderfluid; between male and agender (mostly male)
  • Steph - trans girl
  • Damian - trans boy
  • Duke - genderflux trans boy
  • Carrie - trans girl/nonbinary
  • Helena - trans girl

I love that everyone’s just. on an island. in the middle of nowhere. living a domestic life. I hope Grif and Simmons finally got married and that Sarge tries to hit Wash with the warthog once a week and that Carolina has embraced a lesbian farmer aesthetic as she helps Donut and Doc work on their organic vegetable plot. I hope Tucker’s homeschooling Junior and they’re all just. resting. and mourning Church. but mostly just taking a break. they deserve it. 

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I'm really interested in the Batfam, but I have no idea what to read :(

Since the Batfamily is kind of huge, I’d recommend starting small, with individual characters who appeal to you, and branching off based on other Batfam members who appear in those comics. At least, that’s how I approached comics when I first started. So, pick one who looks interesting, and see where it takes you!

I don’t know every character inside and out, nor do I intend to do so. I’ll give a brief overview of the ones with whom I’m familiar (Batman, Robins, and Batgirls not including Kate Kane or Bette Kane), and provide initial recommendations either personally or through someone else.

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Batfamily Nervous Habits

My theories on habits the Batfamily has.   

Dick: Biting nails- An effect of guilt and a tendency to take weight on ones shoulders. He gnaws his nails and cuticles when he’s stressed out.

Barbara: Twirling hair- A result of stress and intense focus. She usually does it when uncomfortable or thinking really intensely.

Jason: Smoking- This one is actually canon for the most part. It originally started when he was living on the streets, but he still does it when he’s anxious. He’s not addicted, but he keeps smoking as a way to comfort himself when he’s stressed out.  

Cass: Biting pencils- It’s often a sign of frustration, so she chews on her pencils a lot when writing due to her difficulties with language.   

Tim: Biting lip- A sign of anxiety and nervousness. He does it whenever insecure or sad, which both happen quite frequently. He has chapped and dry lips because of this.  

Steph: Cracking knuckles- She does it mostly as a confidence booster to make herself seem tougher, but it became a habit after a while. It’s usually caused by stress, but also a way to cope with anxiety and uncomfortable situations.   

Damian: Tapping fingers/foot- It is caused by impatience or frustration, so he does it quite a lot when dealing with other people. It evolved to a habit he does even when alone if he’s focusing or especially stressed.  

Bruce: Grinding teeth- A result of anger and aggressiveness, so he usually does it when fighting crime or confronting villains.  


So I kinda started a trend for myself on Facebook. My friend Stephanie has a dog named Lucy, affectionately nicknamed Louie who absolutely adores the hell out of me and looks up to me in every way possible for a puppo. She was a rescue and never received much attention from Steph’s parents until she took over caring for Lucy. Steph, Tyler (my fiancé) and I all give her lots of love and attention but for some reason, she is drawn mostly to me. And she cries when I leave.

Well Steph and I were talking one night, in which I had a 6-11 shift on self scan. Steph reminded me that I was coming over the following day to work on cosplays and see Lucy and told me to “do it for her.” Hence how we started my motivational phrase “Do It For Louie” (which I tell myself every work shift). Remember, Lucy believes in you!

I don’t know, I felt like sharing it with you guys…heh

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@angel-gidget and @literati42 who asked for fic recs!

Tim Drake: 

The Adventures of Tiny Tim (I love this to bits)

De-Aged Tim Drake + Batfam. Hilarious and heartwarming.

Jason Todd:

Bird by Bird

Bullets, knives, a three story fall, even a fucking crowbar hadn’t managed to keep Jason down permanently, but Dick Grayson (and the rest of his “family”) was going to kill him with kindness. 

Dick Grayson:

Venir Ensemble

Fourteen-year-old Dick Grayson has found himself in an alternate reality, one in which Bruce has adopted a bunch more kids, and acquired a few new Robins, and now the boy must figure out where he fits in, within this new family.

Damian Wayne:

What Comes After

The last thing Damian remembers is being killed by the Heretic. Now he’s stuck in an alternate universe, where Grayson is still Robin, and his father has no idea who he is. Meanwhile, back in his own world, his family continue to mourn their youngest member. Set after “Batman Incorporated #8” in the comics.

Stephanie Brown:

Color Palette (mostly batfam, but there’s a nice section in there with Steph)

When a picture of sixteen year old Bruce Wayne resurfaces, his family will not let him live it down.

Bruce Wayne is pretty good at makeup, partly because of bruise-coverage but not only for that.

These things are definitely related.


Idk if you two have probably read some of these? Hope you enjoy them anyway.