this is mostly for nuke but

what humans are

what i’m getting from all these “humans are weird aliens” things is that we as a species are best known for being batshit fucking crazy

batshit crazy brave [the “lets get the space pirates to talk about their babies and see us as people so they won’t murder us, and it WORKED” species]

batshit crazy loyal [the “defend pack bonded entities until death” species]

batshit crazy affectionate [the “pack bond with cleaning droids and name them Stabby” species]

batshit crazy curious [the “tape two warp cores together and ride them into the sun, twice, just to see what would happen” species]

batshit crazy resourceful [the "we made a replacement warp core engine out of duct tape, a bobby pin, and a spare nuke” species]

or just batshit crazy in general [the “sees a predator and tries to tame it” species]

we’re not big or mean or super smart

we are, at least to other species, out of our fucking minds

and they like us for it

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Xylion is definitely not ready to hear about nuclear warfare

He most definitely is not.

Xylion was sitting in the break room, drowning out the cries of the humans as they played that sickly game known as Grand Theft Auto V. The occasional explosions and screams from pedestrians was terrifying.

However, after thirty minutes, the sound seemed to stop. Xylion was confused, so he took a glance at the Humans, only to see them playing a different game.

Fallout 4.

 Xylion carefully made his way over to the TV and sat down next to Human Jenny, who was carefully watching Human Fredrick as he navigated the world around him. Xylion was confused about the way it was put together. It was mostly destroyed, and was clearly not the Earth he had seen the one time he went down there. “What is this place?”

“Diamond City.” Human Fredrick said, absentmindedly.

“And what happened to it?”

“The world got nuked.”


Human Fredrick sighed as he paused the game. He turned around to face him. “I’m going to assume you’ve never heard of a Nuclear Bomb before, huh?”

“What is a ‘Nuclear Bomb’? I know what a bomb is, but those aren’t typically used nowadays.”

Human Isaac held back laughter after hearing that. Xylion looked towards him, but Human Jenny was the one who refocused his attention. He nodded, apologizing to Human Fredrick for losing focus.

“It’s alright. We humans do it all the time. Anyways, a Nuclear bomb is similar to a normal bomb, except way worse.”

Xylion was confused. A bomb was already terrible. When activated, it could kill hundreds to thousands of people. How worse could a Nuclear bomb be?

Before he could ask it, Human Jenny stood up. “Let me go get my textbook.”

He watched her run off. Xylion sighed, and began to knot his tentacles together. Human Isaac seemed transfixed on it. “Woah, now that’s some cool shit.”


Human Jenny came back moments later, carrying a few textbooks. She dropped them on the ground before grabbing one. “This one talks all about World War II.”

Xylion attempted to throw his tentacles in the air, but he only tightened the knot, and ended up crying out in pain. “World War II?” He managed to squeak out as Human mason helped him untie his tentacles.


“More than one?”


Xylion looked down as Human Fredrick grabbed the textbook from Human Jenny. He flipped through the book before showing a page to Xylion. There were models of some weird shaped objects labeled ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’. “These are the two nuclear bombs used at the end of World War II. Little Boy was dropped on a city called Hiroshima in Japan, and Fat Man on Nagasaki.”

“Why? What was the point?”

“Well, see, in World War II, there were the Axis powers and the Allies. The Axis was built up of Germany, known as the Nazis at the time and led by Adolf Hitler, Italy led by Benito Mussolini, and Japan led by Emperor Hirohito. The Allies were the opposing team that is considered the good side now. The three main ones, while there were others, is the United Kingdom led by William Churchill, the Soviet Union led by Josef Stalin, and the United States led by President Franklin Roosevelt, at least for a good chunk of the war.”

Xylion rubbed his tentacles together. “And why were the bombs used?”

“I’m getting to that. So, Germany and Italy were eventually defeated, but Japan had different beliefs when it came to war. It was essentially, surrender is never an option and death is more worthy than surrender. So, surrendering was not an option for them. The United States, worried the war would drag on for even longer, turned to president Harry Truman. Truman had to either decide to continue fighting as they had, or threaten them with Project Manhattan. No one really knew what it was, but all he said as a threat was that they would drop a bomb on one of their heavily populated cities.”

“And why would they do that? They could kill everyone!”

“That was kind of the point, Xylion.” Human Isaac said, rolling his eyes.

Xylion sighed, ignoring him. “Anyways…” Human Fredrick said, narrowing his eyes at his crewmate. “Japan refused to surrender, either not believing America or just out of their principle, I can’t exactly remember. So, America sent Little Boy off to Hiroshima. And they dropped the first nuke.”

“A nuke is essentially a large scale bomb. They not only have huge explosions, but they also release a ton of radiation, which is highly poisonous to humans. In large amounts, of course. It can cause different deformities and cancer, which can be incurable in some cases. 70,000 to 80,000 people were killed by the blast, and another 70,000 injured. About 20,000 military personnel were killed and/or injured.”

Xylion couldn’t believe what he was hearing. With that many dead, surely they would’ve changed their principle, right? Accepted defeat?

“So they stopped fighting?”

“No. They refused to surrender, so we were forced to drop another bomb on them. Fat Man. We dropped it on Nagasaki, another Japanese city. The death toll, in it’s entirety, grew to 129,000 to 240,000, though some believe the total death toll could be higher. Japan soon surrendered.”

Xylion felt his body begin to get covered in mucus. He grimaced. “Surely you don’t use them anymore, right?”

“Of course. Nuclear weapons are strictly banned in military wars. Now, it’s used as energy and fuel.”

“At least Japan has moved back into those cities, correct? Rebuilt everything?”


“Well what?”

Human Fredrick scratched the back of his head. “The cities are still uninhabitable.”


“See, the radiation is still sticking around, and it will stay there for a few decades, I believe. No one can set foot in there without getting sick or dying.”

“So no one can live there?”

“Unless they want to grow a third eye or die of cancer, nah.” Human Isaac said, grinning at Xylion.

Human Fredrick sighed. “Essentially, yes.”

Xylion shook his head.

Humans were terrible, especially to themselves.

He stood up and carefully made his way back to his cabin. Once he got into his room, he sat on his bed, the horrors of what he heard still replaying in his mind.

Xylion didn’t think he could ever be the same, knowing just what humans did to one another.

I hope you enjoyed that.

I’m a huge history nerd, and I especially love learning and talking about WWII, mainly because of how it showed what humans are capable of, etcetera. I just think it was an interesting time period, because it helped dictate everything that has happened thus far. The Vietnam War, the Cold War, The Korean War, and so on.

Anyways, I especially know a lot about nuclear bombs and energy because we had to do a whole project on it in Chemistry last year. Me and my partner did the Yucca Mountain Power Plant in Nevada, but I still paid attention to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

So yeah, I hope you enjoyed the-blue-butterfly-effect!


Alright guys, here it is. I have managed to compile art from roughly the past ten years. This was quite the trick seeing as back in the day I drew only traditionally and rarely posted anything. I didn’t get a tablet until I was 18. 

So here is my progress as seen above. I’ve been drawing a lot longer, but this year marks ten years of posting online with my work. I was honestly hoping to see more improvement than I do with these and it’s a little disheartening, but I wanted to show you guys where I’ve come from, and hopefully you’ll be with me as I continue to work hard to improve. c: 

My old art is mostly up on my old Deviantart Hazumi-Yuki. Someday I’ll just nuke that account. XD

want me to reply to sth or start sth new? hit that like button! i’ll get to it tomorrow night! people who like this will take priority, but tell me which one you might want to continue, or if you want to drop everything and start a new interaction altogether. 

Loki’s Song (Soulmate AU Tony/Loki) (Part One)

Soulmate AU, with Tony and Loki.

This is a completed fic! Check out the MasterList HERE for all the chapters!

Most people hit puberty before their Mark appears. Some people have to wait until into their twenties. Most of the time it’s the first name of their soulmate. Sometimes it is a symbol representing that person. Rarely, it’s an entire phrase traveling up their arm or across their back.
Sometimes, you are born after your soulmate passes, and you are doomed to live without a true love.
When that happens, the words or symbols turn from the blue of true mates, to the white of a funeral lily.
Every once in a while, you are born without a soul mate. Able to roam and fall in love and do what you wish without worrying that you are breaking someone else’s heart.

They say when you meet your soulmate, it is a visible, physical reaction. Some people describe it as sparks when their eyes meet. Others say it was like being attached with a cord that kept pulling until they couldn’t resist anymore and had to stay physically close to their mate. Some, mostly the older generation, talk about hearing music when they came across their mate.

A soulmate bond is stronger than marriage, more binding than any legal contract, and out lasting even death. Stories in the old countries of soulmates finding each other again and again in each life.

One could only wish to be so lucky.

Tony was born cursed.
He knew it, and so did everyone else.

Little Anthony Stark had been born with the name of his soulmate scrawled across his tiny upper arm.
In an entirely different language.
In fact, his father, the genius, with all his brain power, couldn’t figure out what it said, or even what language it could possibly be in.

It made everyone uncomfortable.

It turned worse, when the writing went from the deep blue to the pale white of a lily, and Tony spent a week in bed, his four year old heart breaking and he wasn’t even old enough to understand why.
But the next morning, it was back, royal blue, unreadable script.

And Tony had reached for his markers and scribbled over it until his arm was raw.

It happened again halfway through his kindergarten year.

Once more right after his seventh birthday.

Tony’s mom had soothed her seven year old son when she brought him home in tears, crying because his mark had bled white during recess, and he had collapsed in a fit of grief, inconsolable. The teacher had called her in a panic, and Maria only had to see her son to know what had happened.

“Sweetheart.” She had murmured, wrapping her arms around his trembling frame. “Most people’s soulmates walk this earth. Some have to travel the skies searching for their way home. It doesn’t make the one meant for you any less real, or any less important. Just because we don’t know what’s going on doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.”

Tony had just cried harder, scratching at the script on his arm until he bled.
Tony was twelve the first time he actually tried to erase the mark, scrubbing at the white writing with a pumice stone until a maid found him and started crying for bandages. Howard Stark shook him until Tony ripped away, screaming at his father to leave him alone.

“Why are you hurting yourself?” Howard roared and Tony cradled his arm to his chest and yelled right back,

“I hate him!”


“My soulmate!” Tony ripped the gauze off, blood still dripping from his arm. “I hate him!”

“Your soulmate is a he?” Howard asked, and Tony saw all the disgust written across his father’s face, and smiled bitterly.

“You hate him now too, don’t you?”
When he was seventeen, he was rushed to the hospital for a severe burn, his mother crying next to him. Tony just grit his teeth and held the compress to his upper arm, refusing to scream.
“Honey why? Why would you do this?” Maria was hysterical, and Tony closed his eyes so he wouldn’t have to see her tears.

“I am tired of him doing this to me.”

“Wha-what?” Maria reached out and touched his face tearfully. “what do you mean Tony?”

“Five times. Five times my mate has died, and each it’s nearly driven me mad and I am done.”

“Honey, burning the mark off your arm won’t change the fact that you have a soulmate out there.”

“Maybe not.” Tony laid his hand over hers. “But I hope this hurt him as badly as it hurt me.”

“A knife, baby. You put a red hot knife to your arm and–”

“And I hope he screamed.” Was all he said, turning his head away.
The last time Tony tried to erase the mark was after his parents died, and he nearly drank himself into a coma. It was then, swaying on his feet, hardly able to see straight, that he stroked the words on his arm, feeling the slightly raised edges, and letting himself hate whoever was on the other side.

Barely making it into a taxi, he headed for the closest Tattoo shop, and in big black blocky letters, had his mother’s name inked over the foreign script.

It was the last time anyone ever asked about his Mark.

It made Tony uncomfortable, the way the Asgardian watched him.
When he had knocked him on his ass, goading him to make a move, called him “Reindeer Games”.
The god-or whatever- had simply stared.

Tony had thought Loki was just in disbelief that Tony had managed to stop him, but that didn’t seem quite right.

Even after Thor had hauled Loki’s scowling hide into the SHIELD transport, locking him in that glass cage, he had searched out Tony’s gaze, a secret smile lurking on his lips, eyes that were not quite green but not completely blue following his every move.

And when Tony had landed on the Stark Tower, confronting Loki face to face, his arm had started itching so badly he almost couldn’t concentrate, and Loki had just grinned wickedly.

After his crack about performance issues, Loki had lifted him by his neck, their faces so close Tony could have leaned in and kissed him, but didn’t, of course he didn’t, mostly because Loki had smirked, and tossed him out the window and into the open air.

And then, the nuke. And the terrifying trip to space, and the moment when he should have died, but the Hulk had ripped him back into the living with a ground shaking, heart starting roar.

Tony hadn’t thought about Loki again, not for a few days, because they had lots to do. But then, he remembered. Remembered when Loki had touched him, had wrapped that big hand around his neck and lifted him like he was nothing, and a melody had run through Tony’s head. A few bars from a song he’d composed on the piano when he was nine or so. It was there and gone before Tony could catch it, but later, as he watched Thor take Loki away into that interdimensional pathway, Loki’s eyes had met his again, and a few more bars floated through his head.

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Hey ouija mom I'm pretty scared right now that we might be headed for ww3 and the whole world is gonna be nuked.

So my Mom grew up during the Cold War, and she used to tell me that she would have crippling phobias of a nuclear war all the time. She used to wake up wondering if this would be the last day. During nuke drills she would hardcore panic and not stop thinking about how pointless it was to hide under a desk. There were days when she didn’t want to play outside because if a bomb went off, she would be annihilated. That anxiety got better with time, but it came back when this TV movie came out called The Day After, that showed life before, during, and after a nuclear attack. One time she sat me down to show me the “during” section, which was mostly stock footage of actual nuclear tests, just to show me what she felt was so terrifying. And yes, it’s horrific.

But she later told me that it’s an irrational fear, deep down. It’s kind of like a fear of death, in that there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s out of your hands. If it never happens, great, if it does, you’ll most likely be disintegrated and not feel anything.

But, we have a strong UN now. The United Nations’ job is basically to keep another world war from happening, and making sure that one world superpower is not as strong as the other. The Security Council exists to make sure that the nuclear countries are all in agreement with each other and never officially toe the line, and therefore never start a World War III with each other. Not to mention, North Korea does not have a nuclear power that is strong enough to attack a Western nation. They’re testing missiles, but if they ever actually fire on another country, they would be completely sanctioned off, meaning no trade of any kind from other countries, meaning no food or new technology. If either country attacks, the UN is going to step up and make sure that a) that country is reprimanded, and b) put a stop to any kind of war whatsoever.

So, listen. This is not something you need to worry about in the big picture. Live your life, be happy, do what you love. But also include activism in your daily life. Teach others about what atomic weapons really mean. Check out websites like Global Zero that advocate for the removal of all nuclear weapons from the Earth. Take a virtual tour of the entire Hiroshima Memorial Museum. Contact your Congressmen and Senators and tell them that they must not allow one man to have the ability to launch a nuclear missile. Attend town hall meetings and protests and voice your opinion. Be active, stay aware, but most of all, stay positive.

Edit Annotating some of 9.06

Ok, so I was looking through Mick’s last scene in 12.17 but I got distracted by the blocking… and Homeward Bound. I also still have to rewatch 12.18 again to finish that post, but @obsessionisaperfume talked about 9.06 and it intrigued me to have a look again since it does heavily remind me of the current arc with Cas. It’s also on Netflix so yay not dealing with ads. I had used this lens before but actually writing it down showed some interesting patterns. Have 3 scenes from 9.06 with Cas and Dean annotated with editing.

As before, bold text doesn’t necessarily mean important, it just means coverage. Not in coverage is a reaction shot. I’ll note inserts of other things but  there really aren’t many. These scenes are all pretty focused.

Some notes about these scenes: There is a lot of OTS (over the shoulder). This shot is often used to show connection and closeness. Having a character in 2D space OTS minimizes the space between the characters in the shot. It also builds a connection and sense of space. Some of these shots could be considered a 2 shot, but they sort of osculate between 2 shot and OTS.

Both denote connection, the 2 shot says that what’s happening from both characters is important.(unless the focus is the environment or space. You can usually tell which is being used when in practice) In western film, if the shot is close, the subject is important, if the subject is far, the environment or space is important. People generally take a more individualistic approach in western cinema, so if someone is in the shot with another character, it probably means something. It could mean that whatever is happening affects both of them, or it could mean that they are the only couple in the crowd. It depends on the narrative.

Scenes below with notes:

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Sorry, but... Team Iron Man for life. Steve's love for Bucky is admirable and all, but I'm gonna have to side with Tony for actually attempting to compromise and working with the will of... almost every country of the planet, basically.

Okay so I think the idea behind the Accords is great but the execution was so fucking dodgy. They barely gave the Avengers time to consider it– the countries were making the decision as the team was informed this was happening? That’s messed up. The Avengers, the people who were going to be effected by these laws, weren’t represented in the debate at all, they barely had time to read the damn thing, and it felt very much like they were… property or something. To be moved around and used at the discretion of the UN panel.

It was a complicated situation, but I feel like the better compromise would have been “The Avengers / other superpowered people can only operate during world saving situations or with consent of local governments for more minor situations” not “The Avengers are going to be controlled completely by this panel of randos sorry lol.” We got proof in Avengers of why trusting world governments to make important choices can be a bad idea– remember the World Security Council, who wanted to nuke New York City?

Another reason I’m Team Cap on this one is that Tony was mostly motivated by his own personal guilt and distrust for himself when making this decision, to the point that he kind of projected on literally everyone else on the team. Ultron was his (and Bruce’s) bad, but suddenly everyone has to be held accountable? They’re all dangerous and can’t be trusted to make decisions? I mean I definitely think that there needs to be accountability in these situations, the thing with Wanda raised a good point, but Tony was ready to comply with anything because he was afraid of himself.

I don’t necessarily think Steve’s approach was the best either because while we know Steve is a good guy who does genuinely try to help others, there’s always the danger that someone who isn’t good will get superpowers, be able to do what they want with no accountability, or that someone good (Wanda) will fuck up and hurt people, etc. etc. But god damn, after the whole SHIELDra thing, I empathize a lot more with his distrust for organizations controlling what he does than with Tony “I need a council to keep me from making bad decisions” Stark. And I do think Steve would have compromised on the Accords, if given some time to. And I believe the same for Tony.

So I dunno, the Accords were sketchy, Ross didn’t really show an inclination to listen to the Avengers at all which was also sketchy, and I just think Tony needs like a nap, a hug, and some therapy so he can stop almost destroying the world order.

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What made u ship Xander and Reinhardt

Oh honestly… that’s a bit ridiculous xD I’m a super easy shipper. At first it was strategy wise. Since I got Xander & Reinhardt I always used them together because they have a great synergy on the same team (like Rein nuke most of the units & Xander protects him when it comes to his counter like green tomes & some archers).

I also like both of them, design & personality wise (they kinda have a lot of similarities like their loyalty & such, forced to fight their siblings, blindly listening to their kings… and I also like the fact that Reinhardt is rumored to have this unrequited love to Ishtar, and Xander’s somehow insecure part & the fact he struggled to be what he is now.)

But what sold me to draw them was I think mostly because of the support system… ahah. It kinda made my love for this ship stronger, I secretly shipped them together even when the supports weren’t out already xD

//I’m a bit ashamed but I may continue to draw them uahah 
Thank you for asking me this! 

Common Slang in Konoha.

Miss/Nuke: a criminal, derived from a missing-nin/nukenin. (This actual is a universal slang word, though Kumo, Suna and Kiri are the ones who really use miss. Iwa and Konoha use nuke. The minor nations are pretty diverse in it.)

“He’s a nuke man, give up on it!”

Red-eye: A cop, given most cops used to be Uchihas. (Mostly used in the slums or the civilian populace.)

“Did you see how the red-eye acted?”

White-eye: Someone nosy, or someone who knows too much. Based on the Hyuuga clan. (Mostly used in the slums or the civilian populace.)

“What are you a white-eye? Fuck off!”

Eat a Branch: Eat shit really. This is because of the First Hokage. (Universal, though very vulgar)

“Eat a branch asshole.”

PN: Paper-ninja. A nine to five worker. Mostly used on reports. (Used only by ninja.)

“The PN was so rude.”

Buggy: Someone mysterious and strange. This was created because of how the Aburame clan acts. (Mostly used by the slum or common populace.)

“Don’t be so Buggy!”

Slummer: Someone from the slums is also used for a petty thief.

“Hey, don’t talk like a slummer here.”

Street: The term used for how people from the slums speak. (Used by the military police.)

“Whys ‘hat?”

 “Me mum ain’t done nothin.”

 “Ah ain’t done it.”

Beastly: Means being possessive, or protective of people. Tends to refer to the Inuzuka’s canine instincts. This is actually a pretty positive slang term though it can turn bad. (Used by all In Konoha.)

“Man, you’re right beastly about you’re daughter, aren’t you?

I’ve been thinking for a while if the Civil War movie is something I actually want to revisit in my head, mostly because there are so few things on this earth that can make both my head and heart hurt so much simultaneously, but as this is a Steve/Tony blog (more to the point, it’s an MCU-focused Steve/Tony fic rec blog), I would feel somewhat like a cop-out for not addressing the elephant in the room.

So here are my main thoughts about the movie. Let’s address that elephant!

To summarize, at best, I am ambivalent about the movie. In review terms, I’m mixed (to an arguable negative) about it. I liked a lot of the things most other people liked: Spidey finally feeling a lot like Spidey, T'Challa’s general T'Challa-ness, Bucky being adorable and buying plums, the Sam/Bucky dynamic, the fight scenes, TONY’S EMOTIONS holy shit (sidenote: don’t believe all the hate Tumblr spews, most people who aren’t on this website and/or are casual fans are actually incredibly sympathetic to Tony; this is knowledge that has kept me sane in the past month or so), and of course the irrevocable purity that is James Rhodes.

My problem, rather than being with characters (though I have a lot of those too), is mainly with regard to the movie’s narrative and (mis)treatment of Tony Stark’s character - which has resulted in fans believing in false dichotomies, from the most obvious of either only being completely on “Team Iron Man” or “Team Cap,” to insane reaches like ”you’re on Tony’s side, so what, you want Bucky dead?!! HOW DARE YOU” (Fandom, what? You realize part of Tony’s original deal was that Bucky gets to be free, correct? And that the first thing he did when he realized he was wrong was to fly alone and illegally and with a broken arm to Siberia just to make amends? Anyway.)

(Same, Steve. Same.)

My main problem with the movie is that the narrative’s continual punishment of Tony’s decisions and continual rewarding of Steve’s robs both (but mostly Steve) of character development.

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I gave the car to my wife.

(warning: long story)

Years ago, I used to be married to She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-(In-My-Family). For the purposes of brevity, we shall call her Alice.

Somewhat significant age gap when we got married: I was 27 and Alice was 19 at the time. We had our share of ups and downs, and during one particularly hard time about a year after we got married, we were sunk in credit card debt and had to move in with her mother, who had a whole bunch of chronic medical problems and no insurance. Stepdad is a shadetree mechanic (who was not bad at it, actually), but couldn’t get regular work because he had medical problems all his own. Move in, cut some costs, help family. It’s the right thing to do, right?

Problem was, Alice and I couldn’t seem to both hold jobs at the same time. She would get laid off a week before I would start a new job, and vice-versa. After about 9 months of this, I was like, fuck it, Imma get ALL the jobs.

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I’m about to be Old On Tumblr; will you all please bear with me? Because I’d like to tell you a thing about the ‘80s. (Well, probably more than one thing.)

Right now we look back at the ‘80s and see bad hair and bad clothes and music of questionable aesthetic value and shake our heads. But, having been there, I can tell you there are basically two factors that explain it all.


Originally posted by tillchicagowin

Second, we were all aware that there was a non-zero chance we were going to be nuked in our sleep on any given night, and the odds of that seemed to be going continuously upwards, because our parents and their parents had elected a right-wing militarist to the Presidency. Reagan gave us trickle-down economics, the War on Drugs, union-busting, Iran-Contra, Antonin Scalia, condiments as vegetables for school lunch purposes, and an ineffective response to the AIDS crisis, but mostly what’s relevant to my point here is that he also gave us an all-out arms race with the Soviet Union.

In retrospect, it… kind of worked? The idea was to force the Soviets to keep up with US military spending, assuming the US economy could handle the increase and the Soviet economy couldn’t, and that’s basically what happened. But at the time, it was terrifying. Here we were, just getting ready to get going in life, and the world is getting more and more dangerous, and we’re invading Grenada, and there’s a proxy war in Nicaragua, and building more and more nukes, and working on this satellite laser system (that ultimately didn’t work) that’s supposed to shoot down the Soviet nukes but that’s just freaking the Soviets out and maybe will freak them out enough that they shoot first while they still can? and rattling every saber he could rattle everywhere else in the world. We were certainly not going to use our nuclear weapons first, because we were the United States of America and we didn’t do that kind of thing (hey, I was a teenager and not especially woke), but what if we scared the Evil Empire (Reagan’s words) enough that they made that first strike?

So… basically, there was a certain nihilistic streak to the pop culture of the ‘80s. When there’s a non-zero chance you’re going to get nuked in your sleep, you don’t worry too much about the future you’re probably not going to get to have.

Then 1991 rolled around. The Soviet Union spent the summer and fall disintegrating, and twenty-five years ago almost to the day it was officially dissolved and it was like a collective weight was lifted off us. Right then, right there, that was the time to be alive, because we were all going to get to live.  

For the next twenty-five years, every time I heard that song - the one in the video at the top of the post - I felt that lightness again.

In the eighth grade, my daughter had to write a paper on the Holocaust that gave her nightmares while she was doing the research. I comforted her as best I could and I was secretly glad of it because in the eighth grade, I had to write a paper on which four of these twelve people I would let into my hypothetical bomb shelter knowing the other eight would die and if she was writing about the Holocaust it was because for her, bomb shelters were never going to be a thing.

Today, I feel so… disillusioned? The weight’s been dropped back on me, the lurking existential dread is back, and I play that video and I want to cry because it feels like a promise has been broken.

Russia is under the control of one of the very few humans on this planet who missed the Cold War. He missed it so much he launched it again, entirely one-sided, on a much subtler and less expensive battlefield; he won it before we even noticed it was back on.

And the United States, in about a month, will be handing the authority to launch nuclear weapons to a narcissist with anger management issues.

I wasn’t kidding during the election campaign when I said that one reason I was supporting Hillary was that I was 99.9999% certain she wouldn’t launch the nukes because someone subtweeted her and I couldn’t say the same about Trump. 

The thing is, for all that I now oppose almost everything Reagan stood for, I recognize that he was still more or less on the Reasonable People Differ scale, and I believe that he would not have actually been willing to turn the planet into a wasteland of radioactive glass without something he considered to be a damn good reason and due consideration of other possibilities.

At 3 AM, all Trump knows is that someone said something insufficiently flattering about him and he’s going to make them pay. And a coworker of mine who’s ex-military, when I asked him what kind of checks and balances there might be if Trump decides he needs to show some other country who’s boss and calls for a nuclear launch, said “Do you remember that movie with Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington on a submarine?”

Bomb shelters may be a thing for my daughter after all. And that’s one more thing I will never forgive Trump’s voters for.

What if ancient humans used to coexist with alien races but were exiled to Earth for their crimes because whoever was in charge was like “no way they can survive on that scary Hell Planet” but humans ended up adapting so well that in the end they ended up warping the planet itself and over millions of generations the humans mostly forgot about the other aliens that we used to know like the cyclopses and the mermaids and dragons meanwhile whoever sent us to Earth is just sitting in space somewhere like “well shit that backfired, Jim. Look, Jim, they’re fucking reinventing space travel, Jim. They’re coming back for revenge, Jim. Good fucking job. Now they have nukes, Jim. Fucking nukes.”

First StarkStrange HC
  • Me: regarding the movie i love how much of an asshole and smartass strange is , i literally got so many StarkStrange ideas with how similar their personalities are , and then his hands ! How important they are to someone like Strange and Tony god the ideas and that i got from that alone ! but yes i love the cloak (cap) thing which also gave me a bunch of fic ideas. honestly i cant wait to see it again . very impressed with marvel again .
  • and did you stay for the ending credit scenes ? cause the movie had two of them , which gets me excited for what's next .
  • Zhou: I've seen both ending scenes a few times. Laughed my ass off at Thor and they're moving to comic Mordo. Very exciting.
  • I also have so many ideas. But mostly I kinda want them cuddling under the cloak n holding hands.
  • Me: omg i was not expecting to see Thor in that ending credit scene. but as soon as i saw him i was like "does this mean Strange is gonna be in the next Thor movie !? cause i know the Hulk is gonna be in it but damn that would be awesome !"
  • please tell me these ideas you have , right now ill i can think about is them (StarkStrange) and its my current addiction.
  • Zhou: Ok! Ideas! They both had horrible experiences in space. Tony with the nuke n suffocating in that portal and Strange with dormamu killing him over n over again. So what if one day they're talking and Tony lets slip that he used to love space. They end up sharing their experiences. Strange gets annoyed that something they loved was taken from them and starts trying to fix it. By finding the most beautiful places in space to show Tony. Helping both of them let go of their fear in the process.
  • Or the cloak following Tony like a puppy and Tony just kinda treats it like one of his bots. Teases it, pats it just generally adores it. Dum-e and the others like to play tag with it and Strange can't help but find it all adorable.
  • Me: soo cute , the space thing never even crossed my mind that was genius .
  • and the cloak , to add on . it seems like the cloak always knows when Tony is getting tired . it'll just show up and wrap itself around Tony and the warmer he gets the more tired he gets until eventually he just falls asleep . and then the cloak just wraps itself around him and floats him up to bed or to Strange like "i have brought you your human, take care of him."
  • i had ideas where Tony calls him C , like Strange walks in the room and the cloak isnt on his shoulders and he's just like "Where's C at?" and then he feels the cloak wrap around his shoulders, and then he gives him nicknames like Cloaky , C , my warm baby , floaters . gives the cloak a birthday . makes sure all the babies get along like introducing the Cloak to Dum-E and the bots as their new sibling (kind of being gender neutral with the cloak and i think Tony would too)
  • or Tony having an actual interest in magic because he loves knowledge , and with how smart Strange is in their downtime they pick random subjects to learn about together. Like Tuesday nights is Foreign Languages , Thursday is some type of science and Sunday's they study magic together .
  • Zhou: All of that. That's perfect. "Here is your human. Care for him." I love it! And learning together is the cutest thing. I want all of it.

janne-enchy  asked:

(Ask of a friend who doesnt own tumblr) "something I want to See From you is what dog breed you think the companions and factions would own and what they do together/How they Use them. Thank you if you do this! ^3^"

Ahhhh okay this was much longer than originally expected but I’m quite pleased with it. ^-^ Alrightly roo well @janne-enchy​ I hope your friend enjoys this and tell her I said thank you for sending it in because omg I got to look at so many dog pictures because of this it was so much fun. Also Danse’s dog’s name would be a tip of the hat @raiven-raine​ and her wonderful character ;)

Hancock: A Chocolate Lab named Sam. She’s really just a pet and she is completely spoiled tbh. Hancock complains about her sleeping in his bed, “You have a bed over there! Go get in it!” he always tells her pointing to her pile of blankets on the floor, but has yet to push her out when she joins him for a nap. She’s friendly to most but does seem to have a natural talent for knowing who the bad guys are and does not try to hide it (even going to far as to nip one man, who later turned out to be planning on killing Hancock). Needless to say she got a treat for that.

Nick: A Bloodhound named Winston. Half because useful for when your tracking people down in the Commonwealth, half because he just wanted someone with him when he went off for a case by himself. Nick’s been known to have full conversations with Winston, even around people who could most certainly talk to. “Now don’t give me that look, Winston. You know as well as I do that she won’t be there. We’re gonna have to go down into the sewer. Look, I know you don’t like it but we gotta,” Nick sighed. “Of course there’ll be treats you old mutt.” He says it’s easier to bounce his thoughts off Winston. Ellie says he’s crazy. Winston just listens to what his people has to say and hopes he’ll get a treat soon.

Deacon: A Canaan named Iris. She was originally just suppose to be used to support one of his disguises but they bonded during the mission and then he just couldn’t give her away afterwards. He takes her with him on some recon missions but mostly she says at HQ now. She kinda mopes when he’s away, but is always so excited when he comes back. Course by then she’s gotten used to sleeping in his bed and he has to deal with her trying to sleep on his chest every night. She’s not useful for much except for fetching balls, but she has been known to really calm down the nervous newbies who pass through HQ just by being around.

Maccready: A Weimaraner named Lucy. Did he want a dog? No. Did he need a dog? Also no. Did he have a dog? Yes. Their paths crossed one afternoon when he was literally thrown into a dumpster by some of the Gunners had been with at the time. She had been in there with three of her dead siblings. He couldn’t leave her. The other had made fun of his feeble attempts to get her healthy again, but he had done it. Eventually she was just as playful and healthy as any other dog. He probably would never admit it, but having her around makes him feel safer. She’s a good guard dog and on top of that not even a little gun shy (which is a good thing all things considered). The only problems he’s ever had with her are her not getting along with Dogmeat. Other than she is the epitome of a good dog.

Preston: An American Foxhound named Henry. Henry was given as a gift from someone who wanted to express their gratitude for Preston saving their lives. Preston was very unsure about it at the time, but he had accepted him. He was already trained and everything he figured, what’s the worst that could happen. Apparently the worst is that Henry bays at literally every single stray noise he hears. And Preston has had to run after more than once because he went sniffing off to find a Radstag or a squirrel or just something. Preston complains but he loves him anyway.

Cait: A Mini Dachshund named Dog (Cait is so creative). Only God knows how Cait managed to find such an old dog in the Commonwealth but she did and ended up keeping him. Dog’s got about the same temperament as Cait does tbh. He barks/growls at pretty much anybody who isn’t Cait or Sole. Cait, Dog, Sole, and Dogmeat go out on walks quite a bit. Cait always ends up carrying Dog back home though. “Short fella outta learn the he can’t keep up with such a big dog,” she always says.  He likes to try and sleep under her, which annoys Cait but, she let’s him burrow under the covers with her anyway.

Piper: A Beagle named Biscuit. Nat just hadddd to have a dog. She begged Piper for months until Piper finally agreed. The pup somehow ended up being more of Piper’s dog than Nat’s though. He likes to try and get in her lap when Piper is writing. Which often prompts the talk she so often has to have with the pup. “Now, Bisk, we’ve talked about this before. When I am writing, there are no cuddles and there are no pets and there are no treats. Go lay down,” she told him, putting him back down on the floor. He always gives her that look that makes her feel very guilty about the whole ordeal but she had learned she couldn’t cave when she got those looks or else he just wouldn’t listen. And that was how he always managed to wiggle his way into her lap whenever she sat down anywhere beside’s her writing desk.

Danse: A Golden Retriever named Lucky. Sole gave it to him after the whole Blind Betrayal ordeal, they said it would help him, maybe take his mind off things. He had agreed only because Sole had seemed so hopeful about it. And perhaps he was unable to admit it but Lucky really had helped him. More than once she had comforted him when he was having a panic attack or when he woke up from a bad dream. And all she asked for in return was that he take he takes her for walks and that he play ball.

Curie: A Schipperke named Shadow. She stumbled across him one even and almost shot at him because she thought he was a Molerat, but then he came closer and she realized he was just a dog. A mangy, skinny dog at that. She couldn’t leave him like that. So she ended up taking him home and taking care of him. She had meant to give him to somehow she just kept putting it off and putting it off until finally she just ended up keeping him. She may of may not give him too many treats……..It’s probably a good thing they go for so many walks. He’s just a pet really, but he is also a great watchdog. Course he barks at everything that moves, but that’s okay. Curie says she’d rather be woken up because he was barking at the wind than dying in her sleep cause it wasn’t just the wind.

X688: A German Shepard named Nuka Cola (mostly called Nuke or Nuka). Nuka was trained and breed specifically for battle. The Institute had wanted to see how well the dogs worked with their coursers. Nuke did very well but once the mission was over the scientist had wanted to take the dogs back, which was unacceptable. Of course X6 couldn’t directly disagree with such an order, as that would contradict his programming and mean he had gotten attached to the dog. Sole stepped in though. There was quite an argument but in the end, X688 got to keep Nuka. Now Nuka goes on every mission with him and also has a bed in his room at the Institute. The only problem she has is that she growls at the scientist, but they don’t dare say a word about it when X688 or Sole is around. Both of whom give her extra treats when she does it.

Strong: A Saint Bernard named Bernard. It’s not really that he got a dog it’s more like, there was a dog and he gave it some food and then the dog just decided to stick around forever??????? Strong just calls him Bernard and feeds him really. He’s gotten attached to the stray though. He has bashed people’s heads in more than once because they had shot at/ kicked/ or just been mean to the dog. In turn the dog keeps watch while he sleeps. They have an agreeable relationship.

Desdemona: A Boxer named Thor. He’s a bouncy big dog who has really always been there for her. She’s had him since she was a child. For some reason scares quite a few members of the Railroad though. Some say she needs to get rid of him. Dez tells them, “You can either deal with him, or you can leave.” They go for walks semi regularly. He’s about the only reason she goes out anymore. When she can’t do it, she makes Deacon or Carrington take him. They’re the only ones she trusts with him. She does worry that he’s getting old but Carrington says he’s healthy as a horse as far as he can tell, so she tries to relax about it.

Maxson: A Rottweiler named Odin. He tends to scare the Imitates, but really that’s not his fault. He’s actually pretty friendly, the children aboard the Prydwen love him. He always begs for food in the cafeteria but Maxson says they shouldn’t feed him their food….not that that has ever stopped the kids from sneaking him some scraps every now and then. No one knows how Maxson ended up with Odin, not even Maxson, who had woken up one day to find a puppy in his room. Begrudgingly, he had decided to keep him though. He had convinced himself that the pup would one day be useful in a battle if trained properly, but really that dog has never been anywhere near a battle and never would cause Maxson had become so attached to him.

Father: No pup here. He doesn’t like dogs and has never had one.

Glory: An American Staffordshire Terrier named Fluffy. (A name Deacon had suggested as a joke) She got him because she was tired of going on missions alone tbh. Fluffy was more than happy to go anywhere she wanted as long as he got a treat and a scratch behind the ears when they got there. Glory likes to talk to him when they’re alone but never really does it when there are other people around. Somehow Deacon found out about it though and now he likes to tease her about it. “The secrets this dog knows,” Deacon often marvels. “Bark once for yes, twice for no, now,” he tell him and starts asking him questions. Glory just rolls her eyes and tell him, “Are you kidding? I have Fluffy sworn to secrecy. Plus, I’m the one who gives him the treats around here. You’ll never get a word outta him.” 

Flame Anon

In a lot of ways talk of a Weirdo rebrand reminds me of the way some of the media here in the U.S. praises Donald Trump whenever he manages not to horrify us on a minute to minute basis. He reads a speech off a TelePrompTer without accidentally nuking Maine and somehow he is magically “presidential”.

With Weirdo, her behavior from the beginning was so utterly abhorrent and miserable that when she mostly disappears for a few months and manages to look somewhat less unpleasant (mostly because we can’t see her face clearly) upon her grand return, we assume she’s being rebranded.

I’m not saying that isn’t something Harvey and/or Ben’s delusional PR are attempting but it’s really kind of funny how low the bar was set that basic civility toward her husband looks like a drastic overhaul.


A million per cent

Pro-Brotherhood rant ahead

I keep seeing Fallout Confession submissions and other posts dissing Elder Maxson and the brotherhood of steel in general. So because my gears were sufficiently ground, and I have nothing better to do, I am going to explain why the brotherhood under Maxson is great. Possibly even better than the Lyons Brotherhood.

1. No more outcasts. Unlike Lyons, elder Maxson not only doesn’t have a civil war on his hands, but he’s unified and focused his chapter into not having another civil war. Not only that, but his leadership is string enough to where he will solve certain problems himself (Danse’s execution? Final battle missions?)

2. A large and effective army that openly recruits wastelanders (and trains them pretty darn well). They no longer rely solely on members breeding with each other to bolster brotherhood ranks (takes a long fricken time to raise a kid into a soldier. 18 years ideally.)

3. Vertibirds. A tactical advantage once exclusive to only the enclave. Now the brotherhood has their own and possibly (possibly) the means to make more as well as repair existing ones.

4. T-60 power armor. Never explained how or why the brotherhood has T-60 armor, but it’s a step up from shitty T-45, and a valuable asset the Lyons brotherhood likely wouldn’t have procured.

5. This one kind of ties in with the first point but a return to Brotherhood values. If you didn’t notice, no brotherhood chapter has time for outsider BS so they treat the player like shit unless or until the player joins their ranks. In fallout 1 they sent people to certain death in radiation hotspots. In new vegas they strap a bomb collar to your neck to kill an NCR ranger or convince him to leave. In Fallout 3 they only care about you as a result of the Enclave showing up. And I’m pretty certain in Fallout 4 you join by retrieving that recon team’s audio logs (two of which are in very high-threat locations) if you didn’t become an initiate by helping Danse and pals in Cambridge. They will spit and shit on you to either keep you out if the way or toughen your resolve no matter which chapter it is.

6. The Maxson line of elders rules again. This one is mostly to dissmiss the theory that Sentinel Lyons was assassinated by LITERALLY the least stealthy faction to exist. The Brotherhood was founded just after the great war by Roger Maxson at Mariosa. There have been many Maxson elders and high-elders who have lead the Brotherhood. Arthur Maxson is the last direct descendant of Roger Maxson. So even if Sentinel Lyons hadn’t reportedly died in combat, Maxson still would have had much more support for becoming the new elder after the death of Elder Lyons. And even then, can we say that Sentinel Lyons would WANT that kind of responsibility with the title of elder? She was a good leader and great soldier sure, but nothing about her ever seems to scream “let me run an entire army and oversee it’s long-term goals and future!” And given Maxson’s legendary lineage, he was expected to uphold the Brotherhood Codex. And he holds to it so well that he shows fans of the franchise just what the brotherhood is all about.

The only thing the Maxson Brotherhood needs is more understanding. They did not understand the institute or their synths, so both were annihilated. The brotherhood does understand lasers and power armor, so they collect as much as they can of both. And the brotherhood understands ghouls. They understand that ghouls are walking corpses as well as ticking time bombs waiting to turn feral. And if the Maxson understood the deep and grave implications of nuking the Institute, maybe something more agreeable could be worked out regarding the synths.

Whatever, that about does it for this pro-brotherhood rant. I may have more Institute characters than Brotherhood, but that’s mostly because of how I make an OC in this game. So reply to this or message me on something else about the Brotherhood and I’ll talk about it more.