this is mostly for my own pleasure

because it is donald fagen’s burthday, i will proceed to pleasure myself with these fish:

my favorite tracks from each one of his solo albums with some tiny suck text about what i think about the track

i have zero experience in writing and so a lot of this probably dry and insipid but i’m doing this mostly for my own sake because i love my donny boy. also run on sentences.

The Nightfly | The Nightfly (1982)

because this is the first album donald fagen produced under a completely different brand and label (aka not steely dan), he seems to have exercised his newly acquired flexibility by incorporating themes and lyrics which don’t primarily serve to deride his own subculture or the pop culture of his era, but to weave a delightfully nostalgic tapestry of the feelings he once had growing up in the suburbs of passaic and listening to the radio by placing himself in the shoes of an after-dark radio show host aptly named “the nightfly”. in this vignette, the titular protagonist bemoans the ridiculous and mundane calls about “men in the trees” (conspiracy theorists) and “tough legislation” (probably right wingers) and a failed relationship/marriage. this is my favorite track on the album because no matter how far removed i am from the lonely suburbia of the ‘60s, i still get a clear image of fagen’s affinity of radio from the time. coupled with the slick and sophisticated hipster imagery that rings throughout the fagen/steely dan oeuvre, the narrative is extremely captivating and coats your palate with a thin, flavorful jazzy film.


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Jean du Buffet - La Campagne Heureuse 1944.

Excited today. More stuff out of storage - especially this painting. I bought the poster and had it laminated back when I was younger. Jean du Buffet was into Art Brut and was fairly anti-authoritarian.

What I love about this poster - Is the whole idea of a Happy Countryside in 1944. The war was not yet over. And yet he took pleasure in the green and growing things of the country. There is a passionate love of life in this picture.

To me, at least. I should preface all of this with I have never studied any art myself and apart from some books on Art Nouveau and C.R.Mackintosh which I adore, I mostly reading this from my own gut.

If there are tumblr art historians out there that can shed more light on it, that would be severely cool.

In the meantime - I’m happy and excited to have it back in my house.


My trash Undertale ocs- Karrie and Carrie.

Karrie is from the main Undertale universe, while Carrie is from the Underfell AU world. They’re the same person but I needed to layout the differences in their essential designs.

Figures I’d make an Undersona that’s basically a lewd party chick. Also both their names are pronounced “Carry”- just one’s with a K.

Karrie is typically always levitating off the ground. Unlike Carrie- Karrie’s vamp traits are a lot closer to the surface. She basically rocks what she is; a trashy monster who just wants to have fun and indulge in life’s pleasures.

Carrie is a lot quieter. She doesn’t say much and hides her vamp traits to the best of her ability. She just wants to be a normal person and wish she could rid herself of her “monster side”.

That’s all I have on them. I dunno. I’m always self conscious when it comes to posting fan characters sooo don’t take these girls too seriously. They’re mostly for my own enjoyment.

Okay. I went through this again because Kikyo being under evil and Miroku being under lawful didn’t quite ring with me. Here’s my rambling opinions of alignments.

I base my slotting largely on intention. Chaotic and Neutral are defined by self-interest and preservation, while Lawful doesn’t necessarily mean following national laws. Naraku, has his own line of morals and follows that accordingly. The consideration of making him Evil is that he takes pleasure out of hurting people. What makes him Lawful though is that he will manipulate people into thinking they are acting of their own accord. Truly nefarious.

Kikyo being Evil doesn’t make sense because she mostly doesn’t act out of malice, but sometimes she does. This makes her Chaotic. She doesn’t care who she helps or hurts as long as she gets her way, but she also does as much damage control against hurting people as she can, which makes her Neutral.

Similarly Shesshoumaru largely leaves everyone alone, but Neutrality doesn’t mean you don’t have your own agenda. If you approach him antagonistically he will fight you. If you approach him requesting assistance, he will listen but say no, unless it benefits him, no hard feelings until you take it hard.

Kagura is in the situation of having her side decided for her, although her lack of true malice and sense of self-preservation makes her Neutral. She doesn’t care what side she helps or hurts as long as her agenda is fulfilled, making her Neutral. Unlike Kikyo, she doesn’t have the choice of who she hurts, but there is no actual ill will in her actions which negates Evil. Her lack of scruples is what makes her Chaotic.

Miroku is obviously Good, but he didn’t fit Lawful because he’s been known to lie for his benefit. I believe perversion is supposed to be something he actively fights, which he doesn’t. He is mostly predictable to do right thing regardless of harm to himself, and I think this is why he fits better in Neutral, but not Chaotic and certainly not Lawful.

Chaotic Good I think is defined by doing the wrong things for the right reasons … but with a strong sense of self-preservation. Kouga is on his own side, though he has a strong sense of honor and fairness. He does what he thinks is right, but runs at the first sign of a pointless loss, abandoning the good guys to save his and his own pack’s skins.  Arguably, this makes him Neutral due to him prioritizing himself, but I think the narrative of the story fits him more with Chaotic.

The same for Myoga, he actively tries to help but not at the loss of his own life, and sometimes to the detriment of his comrades.

Lawful Neutral was hard for me because I don’t think Lawful necessarily mean “right”, but I have a hard time imagining Lawful characters actively trying to do the wrong things (Unless for the Evil alignment).

Anyway, I went with Izayoi and Kaede because we don’t know a lot of their personal feelings, and haven’t done a lot to actively hurt or help either side. Kaede can probably easily fit into Good, though I think her lack of sacrifice leans her more to Neutral.

Izayoi hasn’t done anything wrong, making her Lawful but certainly has acted selfishly, bringing a child into a harsh situation because of her self-interest. although not benefit. If she had abandoned Inu Yasha, I think that would make her Chaotic, but she didn’t, taking responsibility for her actions, making her Lawful.

3 hours ago I made a post asking people to describe me. It’s really hard when you connect with someone so well via social media and you meet them in person and they’re not the same. This is why I run my own Instagram account, because I want it to be “what you see is what you get”. So I’m now going to describe myself and you can see how close you were to the truth.
My name is Kayla Itsines and I’m 24 years old. I have been mostly introverted during my life, but I feel so confident when speaking to people because I truly believe in what I do and what I say.  I’m never fake and VERY honest, I say it like it is, even if I know it may get me in trouble sometimes. I get pleasure out of helping people and watching people grow, but I do not ‘baby’ people. I struggle to take a compliment and I also can’t give a compliment unless I 100% mean it! This means, when I say something is amazing, I actually do think it’s amazing. I love people who are genuinely HAPPY “for you” but there isn’t many of them. I get along with any person who is driven and wants to learn. I know when people are lying but I never say anything. I enjoy sitting in cafes with lots of people but not actually talking to anyone - just observing. I cringe when I get called famous. I do not consider myself famous or any sort of celebrity or ANY different to anyone else on this page. If I get something in my head, I HAVE TO do it right now. I 'mother’ people. I’m the mother to everyone. I ask things I already know the answer to. My favourite colour is white. I try new foods but always stick to what I love most. Family is very important to me, I love them lots. I see personal training as a way to help people, not a “cool, trending job”. I always stay humble and I’m ALWAYS grateful for the amazing people and opportunities in my life. Describe yourself using #thisismebbg so we can get to know each other better!

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