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maybe is just me but .. lapis was not very interesing looking in the first place? sure the eyes were cool but her basic body and design is. bland and uncreative? to me

tbqh i agree lol 

lapis is the least interesting character in terms of the shapes used for her body? like, check out the shape diversity in the CGs:

garnet is lots of squares, pearl is lots of triangles, and amethyst is circles! it’s nice to look at and it adds some interesting shapes to the characters as they move.

and peridot, made of mostly triangles, is dynamic and interesting. (with her limb enhancers. her skinny little gremlin form is depressing imo) but lapis…. i don’t know. she’s made of very few shapes in general, and the shapes that are there are… like. boring.

i thought her water powers were cool in ‘mirror gem’ because the water from the sea was dark and realistic, not shiny and cutesy like it is now. i liked her eyes because it was the first time we’d seen a gem with an interesting alien feature. her design is just boring to me, especially since it doesnt look anything like the gemstone’s palette??

tl;dr i agree lapis is boring and lapis stans need a new fave

idk i might lose followers for this or smth but tbh im leaning more and more towards radical feminism bc most of the points are far more logical and based in reality than liberal feminism, and actually tries to do something about misogyny rather than just make it more appealing to women lol

also ive seen lots of people on here who got labeled swerfs and terfs and upon checking their blog, these people have a better understanding of sex work and gender than most people

idk i guess if anyone has a problem with that feel free to unfollow me or whatever but yeah idk i dont really consider myself a libfem anymore, ive realized more and more how damaging it actually is, the past few years liberal feminism on tumblr has done me more harm than good

tbqh tumblr liberal feminism has made me push myself more into gender roles, “sex positivity”, and made me feel it more necessary to be “feminine” than any man ever has and im tired of it

its lame and i dont have the patience for it, its mostly just the same old misogyny rebranded to appeal to young girls and i dont wanna promote it anymore

tbqh… to me the unnecessary fear-mongering that happens when a fandom pulls a bad, particularly harmless, joke is more annoying than the joke itself like 

yes, tell the people who participated how to right the wrong, and why it is a detriment to the people and business who would be affected by it

no, don’t scream at all these (mostly) young teens that they are all horrible and that they’re going to get the show cancelled and the network is going to throw all the future merchandise of the show into the firey pits of cancellation 

like, that is so grossly unnecessary and probably going to trigger lots of people’s anxiety and start the whole “bad side” “good side” fandom elitist bs that usually ends up painting all younger and less mature fans as terrible people, they didn’t do this with the intention of ruining someones business they did this as a joke-tribute to something they like, something a ton of us as younger fans would have done as well

step back for a few seconds and actually think about how ridiculous it is to be proclaiming that leaving a fake google review is going to get mainstream cartoon show cancelled, yes it is annoying, the crew has asked everyone to stop, and they DO need to stop, but you don’t need to fly off the handle like that and start all the shouty bs


happy blackout day!

i’ve purposefully refrained from posting for the past blackouts. mostly because being a light skinned afro-latinx has always been complicated for me and my identity but what the hell!!! for those who don’t accept me you can kiss my black ass tbqh

also i am just feeling my hair right now and how amazing it looks both with my fro (not pictured) and straightened (pictured)

i know that chai is pronounced like “chi” and “chai tea” is redundant but if i’m somewhere and order a cup of masala “chi” (not bc i want to be pretentious or anything but there’s rlly no use in butchering a word when i know better) i get corrected or they ask me to repeat myself and i gotta tell them the wrong pronunciation bc it’s jst the norm… it’s a caffeinated ouroboros tbqh