this is mostly for julieta!

Concept: every year alfred gets the batkids hero themed ugly holidays sweaters.. this year they got:

  • jason got nightwing (“were the matching gloves with blue stripes necessary??” “Of course master jason.”)
  • dick got red robin (“I don’t even have a cowl anymore alfred c'mon..” “i, for one, love the addition, shut it jimothy, thanks alf”)
  • damian got batgirl (he looks really cute on purple and black okay! even if he’s sulking because he wanted batman)
  • stephanie got robin (“look dami we got each other!!” “todd i demand you give me yours right now.”)
  • tim got oracle (“alfred this is just the symbo-oh god are these keyboard sleeves… this is awesome..”)
  • duke got batman (and had to fight damian off him to put it on, but it was super worth it okay, no one could stop him from making The Batman Voice™ )
  • barbara got black bat (“ow no cowl for me? shucks, i would have rocked the black bat cowl.”
  • cass got lark (“yellow really is your color cass, it doesnt even look that good on me damn..”)
  • and bruce got red hood (“thanks jason, but i dont need the guns to complete the costume, keep them. stop. stop showing me your mid-alfred why did you put the blue stripes on the middle fingers.. ”)
Some random thoughts on the finale of IBO

Man I gotta start with…just…damn. That last episode left my feeling like I just got punched in the gut. Lemme just leave some random thoughts on things in bullet format for anyone who wants to read

- that final battle was one of the best things I’ve seen in a long while
- you often get the “bad guys” of every Gundam series calling the main MS a devil of some variety, but since we usually focus on the pilot which greatly humanizes the main Gundam, that’s usually undone. This final fight really did a good job of helping to characterize the Gundams as devils to the troops of Gjallarhorn.
- having Akihiro and Mikazuki pair up as the last two to be fighting worked really well and brought me back to the very beginning where they were the only two pilots.
- Akihiro and Mika take a huge beating, and I’m not just talking about their gundams. They were covered in shrapnel which would instantly kill anyone else. I think the only reason they stayed alive as long as they did was because of how fit they are, and also the fact that they were hooked up to the Gundam’s AV systems
- even though they are scary weapons, I seriously am not sure why Deinsleifs were banned. They don’t strike me as something on the same level as say gas and chemical attacks which rightfully are a weapon that should be banned. Regardless they had yet another great showing this episode
- while it was sad to see Mika die, I think they had him go out in a good way. It didn’t feel like they were cheating us or giving him a weak death
- someone needs to get a kill count for barbatos and Gusion for this fight

- on a lighter note, I’m glad things ended mostly good for everyone who survived
- Gaelio and Julieta getting together is kinda nice. It’s good to see Gaelio getting back to normal
- Rustal ending up being a good guy was a surprise. I really understand why he was calling McGillis childish now ( although I still like Macky for trying to make a change, just not in the best way)
- Ride getting revenge for Orga feels good, although I, like everyone, feel bad that he can’t move on. If we ever got another part of IBO I’d love to see him reach some closure
- I’m glad things with Kudelia are going well. I’m not much of a shipper, but I low key kinda would have loved to see her and Eugene get together just a tad bit
- Atra grew up alot, damn. She looks good lol
- Akatzuki is great, I hope he grows up to be a bit smarter than his father
- seeing everyone else with different and more safe jobs was comforting.

- I wonder if they ever salvaged the Gundams on Mars, or did they just leave them there like with Barbatos’ mace. We clearly see that Bael was returned (with not as shiny a paint job this time around), but did they just leave two very rare Gundam frames on Mars for no reason? Even if they are in shambles, it would be a smart thing to take those and put them somewhere safe.
- the new graze or reginlaze looked neat. When kit bandai