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Becky Sue

This is a bit of a rant, sorry for any gratuitous swearing.

I know there’s the term ‘Mary Sue’, but I feel like there should be a ‘Becky Sue’, because both in fiction and life, white women are made out to always be the one who is right, the one who needs protecting, etc. There’s white privilege, and I feel that when a white woman against a PoC is involved, the privilege is taken to an even higher level because white women are always seen as the innocent ones.

I feel that the worst kind of Becky Sue in fandom and fiction are the ones that write stories where PoC only exist to fucking bow down to them and be there only to accomplish whatever goal they have. Like a PoC man sees a white woman at the beginning of a fic and is like–

 'Omg, it’s a white woman and she’s the prettiest most precious woman I’ve ever seen and I know absolutely nothing about her, but this is love at first sight and I’m going to marry her as soon as possible. Nothing else matters. Not my family or my identity, nothing. I’m just here to please/worship the ground of Becky Sue.’

It’s fucking nauseating. Then they have the Becky Sue writers who make their Becky Sue characters complete disgusting bitches to PoC, and when they get called out for it, they’ll be like: 'Oh em gee, you’re misguided, you’re a drama queen. Like, just don’t read my story and let me have my fantasy of shitting all over PoC in peace.’

And then there’s the Becky Sue writers who write kind, intelligent PoC out-of-character (because if there’s a kind PoC character, white people have to knock them down a few pegs though shitty writing, jokes, or white-washing) then when this is pointed out they’ll be like, 'Omg, not everyone sees everything the way you do. I don’t care about the source material, I just want to treat PoC like trash.’

Then, there’s the Becky Sues that will make up excuses for their racism and microaggressions with fake (or real) excuses like: 'Oh em gee. I have depression let me write whatever I want.’ Or, 'Oh em gee. I have Stigmata and a hang nail so you can’t criticize me.’ Or, when all else fails, just resort to name calling and flipping the situation around (white women’s favorite tactic) to where they say the big bad PoC is being a 'troll’ or 'mean’, or a dick, asshole, etc. And they’re the victim of harassment.

Or, another Becky Sue will come along and be like, 'Omg, your Becky Sue character and her shitty treatment of PoC is the best thing I’ve ever read! This is better than any novel I’ve ever read! You’re the greatest writer ever! Like, your Becky Sue is SOOO down to earth!’

Or, they’ll be like: 'Oh em gee, pointing out my racism is a personal attack. Becky Sues unite! Take down the big bad PoC!’

Just because you have depression or whatever, that doesn’t give you the right to be a fucking racist, and to treat PoC characters like trash. It doesn’t exempt you from being called out or criticized either. If you can’t write (or draw) PoC without being gross, racist garbage. STOP - FUCKING - WRITING - ABOUT THEM, if you’re that fragile to criticism. (I guess white women compare themselves to porcelain because they’re fragile and crack at the tiniest thing–I guess their evil ways is also one thing that makes their looks crack at an earlier age too. *pettyTM*)

I think that white people who are adamant about writing PoC like that are TRYING to antagonize PoC. And may karma just kick them in the fucking ass, please.

Plenty of PoC deal with both depression and OPPRESSION on a daily basis. And do most white people care? Here’s a tiny hint…HELL, FUCKING, NO.

Representation and the things you write do have an effect on others. Don’t try to make excuses or pretend that it doesn’t. 

Can PoC writer’s/fanfic writers and artist start tagging their work as 'PoC writer’, 'PoC artist’? Or 'Black writer,’ etc., etc.

I’m so drained of navigating through klandom’s filth, and having to handle white people (many who claim to be “progressive”) with kid gloves for every little thing because they can’t take discussions about anything that isn’t about glorifying everything they do, or anything that takes the focus off their white world.

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I’ve been thinking about starting some rec lists of fanfic writers of color maybe we could do that?

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What is it about Dragon Maid that you like so much?

there’s a couple things!

  • i like the art style/animation and think its really cute 
  • i ADORE the music - the OP and ED and just, the entire soundtrack
  • i think a majority of the humor is really funny
  • kanna?? is the most precious and best
  • i really like tohru and kobayashi’s relationship!! i wasn’t sure about it at first but i’ve really enjoyed the way it develops
  • I really like kobayashi as a protagonist!
  •  i think tohru is a pr interesting character on her own as well, and they never really sacrifice that aspect of her (aka her general disregard for any human that isn’t kobayashi) in order to make her more appealing to the audience. i feel like we don’t get to see many cute and bright anime girls who are also mean, selfish, and easily jealous
  • im a fucking sucker for domestic, slice of life shit and that’s like 98% of this series 
  • it’s a pretty nice, feel-good anime that i don’t have to worry about or think about much while watching
  • the relationship dynamics in general are mmmtasty i love ‘em

hmm i think that’s mostly it! 


I’m crying right now… Nayeon’s cover , she spent it rewinding the memories spent with Twice. I can really feel how much she treasures being in #Twice and the memories they shared through months of shared tears,laughter and success. She’s the most precious and loving eldest member of Twice. I love her. I love her so much till the day I die. ;—;


Title: Heart
Fandom: Blue Exorcist
Summary: A demon’s heart is his most precious possession. It’s only when a mission goes wrong that Rin disagrees with Mephisto’s word. His heart has never meant all that much too Rin, especially not when Yukio’s time was running out right in front of him.
AN: Because angst. I need season 3! Now!

Somehow it is funny that even when he knows about a hundred ways to kill someone, Rin still hasn’t got the slightest idea what to do when he has to save a life. The Order wants a perfect weapon and that Rin has become.

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