this is most likely happen to me

i’ve said over and over again that i veeeeery strongly doubt that Julie would break up the girl squad in any way, which is why i very very highly doubt that she show will end with Sana and Vilde not being friends. Vilde will be redeemed someway. But i’ve been very confused as to how that will happen, since we’re basically meant to hate her right now. And then i read monstermonstre’s meta on the fake fake fake clip, and the part about how Vilde knows that Sara doesn’t like her, really got me thinking.

Like Sana said in season 2, most people underestimate Vilde. Vilde is smart and sneaky when she wants to be. Like how she basically played Noora all through season 2. I’m thinking that Vilde very well knows that Sara doesn’t like her. She knows that it’s all fake, fake, fake. And she’s soooo gonna come for her. She’s acting like she’s Sara’s biggest fan and like she loves the pepsi max girls with all her heart, but she so does not. That she’d be that naive that she truly believes that the pepsi max girls like her now, despite how they treated her in season 1, just doesn’t sit right with me. So she’s acting this way to make them believe that she is exactly this naive, so that they wont suspect whatever it is she’s planning.

This just makes sense to me. We’re supposed to hate Vilde right now, Julie is making us hate her more over and over and over again. Like, to just write that off as “Vilde has been a huge islamophobe all along and never liked Sana in the first place” seems too obvious, and doesn’t fit with her previous relationship to Sana at all, which i’ve talked about before. And this is basically the only way i can see Vilde be reedemed this season, which i am 95% sure she will be.

I don’t want to see any more arguments about who “started Stonewall” as if it decides who is most important in gay rights today, globally.

Maybe this is just me but trying to decide who “started” gay rights by throwing the first brick at a cop is like making someone king for pulling a stone out of a rock and ignoring that the legend happened because of historical wars or blaming a multi-year war that happened in the Mediterranean on some dingus chucking an apple at the wrong goddess.

Stonewall is a great rallying point for gay people in the United States. But it didn’t start gay rights, it didn’t finish them, and it sure wasn’t a coronation ceremony. It is not even remotely close to being all of gay history. There could have not been a single woman there–would that mean that lesbians had no place at the forefront of the movement?

Furthermore, Stonewall happened nearly fifty years ago. Things have changed. Who is doing good now? Like… I appreciate my foremothers, but my mom told me something important: people should raise their kids to be better than they are, smarter, kinder, less prejudiced. And if any one of those people at Stonewall holding a brick heard those who believe themselves to be their children spewing the homophobia they do at lesbians they would be ashamed of you.

I’d rather hang out with a bunch of cop-kicking drag queens than those who pretend to idolize them but use them as a way to excuse their homophobia. Honestly, it’s like when Paul Ryan said his favorite band was Rage Against the Machine.

i’m so jealous. i’m so fucking jealous of people who are happy, i’m jealous of people who are confident, i’m jealous of people who have healthy relationships and friendships and lead healthy lives. i’m so jealous of people who are not afraid to express themselves. i’m so jealous of people who confidently work towards their goals until they achieve them. i’m so fucking jealous how life is just so effortless to them and they seem so happy.

meanwhile, to me every single thing is a struggle. what other people don’t even think twice about, to me is a huge challenge. i’m too scared to know myself, let alone be myself. none of my relationships are healthy nor by any stretch of imagination normal. i’m too anxious to do anything about my life, i’m too depressed to get out of bed, i’m too fucked up to do the simplest tasks right. i’m too fucked up to live my life.

and i’m so fucking jealous that these people are happy because they had a healthy childhood. i’m so fucking jealous knowing they have the confidence to be themselves because they weren’t ridiculed and harassed as children by their own parents. i’m so jealous that they can effortlessly make new friends because they’re not plagued by strange anxieties that stem from childhood abuse. i’m so jealous that they can be fucking happy because their childhood wasn’t fucked up. i’m so jealous that it’s not my life. i’m so fucking jealous because my entire fucking life is a fucking mess because from the moment i was born i was treated like shit by my own parents. i’m so fucking jealous that i never got to learn what love and affection was or how to express it. i’m so fucking jealous because i never learnt to love myself. i’m so so fucking jealous because my entire life up to this point has been a fucking pile of shit and it will most likely stay that way just because of what happened to me as a child, because of what could have easily been prevented, and my life is so fucking different and so fucking shitty compared to the lives of people who didn’t go through what i did.

i’m so jealous of people who didn’t go through childhood abuse. i’m so jealous that such a seemingly small detail, something so easily preventable, could have resulted in me being a completely different, happy, healthy and successful person. and instead i’m me.

Guys, I’m fucking wrecked. The longer I sit on the episode the heavier the gravity of 6 years weighs on me. And Jason’s interview didn’t help, either. He is emphasizing how different characters and relationships will be.

Arguably Clarke will be the most like her old self by the beginning of season 5, because she was isolated and that doesn’t leave much room for growth. But even she has what is essentially a daughter that she would do anything for and that will deeply affect her relationships with the other characters (according to Jason himself) .

I can only imagine what has happened to everyone else. I’m terrified. Clarke isn’t the only one who doesn’t know her friends anymore. We don’t know them, either.


If you’ve never read my initial theory post, please do yourself a favor and check that shit out. It is a foundation for the theory that, regrettably, was missing a lot of information that I wasn’t able to get to until I was able to do a reread of the series, plus I wanted to wait for the series to develop a little further. The original post was made right after “Deku vs Kacchan 2” was released, so we’ve had about 30 chapters of development. You might be wondering how on earth 3k words isn’t enough to make my point the first time, but here I am yet again! 

I might sound crazy, but believe me when I say… I am the MOST serious. 

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I’ve only been working in retail for a short time period, but I’ve already had the most retail thing happen to me.

I asked my supervisor if I was allowed to bring anything other than water to the cash register with me.

He said no–AND that I really shouldn’t bring water, either.

Stupid me, I thought it was some sort of hazard, like Oh No Stupid Kim Spilled on The Register Again. BUT NO.

He said if you bring a bottle, you have to stash it out of sight BECAUSE IT LOOKS BAD.

Cashiers having water with them looks bad. Looks. Bad.

Spider-God forbid that we weak mortals might need hydration during a busy day.

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to go with the last anon: i don't think its that they want them to catch on and be the new flags, i think they want to deliberately cause confusion, while pretending the old flag is "problematic" so no one knows which flag to use... so people just... don't use flags at all anymore. that's the part about this that's been bothering me the most. because i can see that happening pretty easily since it's happened with other flags for other identities in the past

Every inclusionist knows there’s nothing wrong with our flag, the people this could ever really affect would be baby aces and aros, but I don’t see this getting widespread enough to cause too much confusion. If it does, we’ll just have to keep combatting it and pointing out all the ridiculous flaws, like we were already doing.

I think what is and what has been my problem with getting through school and picking (what feels like to me) these golden standard universities to get my masters from…has been getting so close to what I want that I can almost touch it…and then everything going up in flames. Having everything fall into place so perfectly that it feels as some divine intervention happened but then this entity blows it all to hell in my face for fun. Least that’s how I use to feel.

And I know exactly where this comes from. I know it’s been a few years now since all that happened and I’m steal dealing with the traumatic stress of it all. I know I needed to learn things and my stubborn ass was only going to get through that the hard way. I also know I’m a better person now than I was back a few years ago. But it’s still there this…this hindrance and the only way I’m going to get past it is to do the thing™ anyways.

What I want more than anything right now is to get my bachelors, be accepted into my top pick university (Emory,) and get my masters plus certification as a genetic counselor. That’s it. At this point in my life that’s all I want. I can’t begin to describe to you all the rapture I experienced making this connection. Funny how after years of therapy, over a year of medication use, and over 4 years later I’m still figuring out the ways he is holding me back even when he isn’t apart of my life anymore.

I really hope I don’t get hate for this

I understand Tamlin. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t quite forgive him for everything that happened, but make no mistake his character was real. It wasn’t some “Big Bad” or “Pure Evil”. He was a gray character. Like, most everyone in the series. The bad guys could get you to root for them, the good guys could make you cringe at them. While I’ll admit I didn’t like it with certain characters(huhu Aedion), they felt so real then. Tamlin was doing what he’s always been doing. Protecting. Ferociously protecting. Yes, he was protecting someone who didn’t want to be protected, and yes he is Sarah’s personal version of Gothel from Tangled singing “Mother knows Best” but damn, the things that happened in ACOWAR… I felt bad for him. And wishing Feyre happiness? I broke. 

More than anything though, I salute Sarah for always making these amazing characters. I mean, I was SO into Feyre just burning everything to the ground with the Spring Court–

But when you start to see all those repercussions?… Hot damn.

He says a line that goes, “I once told you I would fight against this” or something and it felt like he was also telling me, “You forgot such a crucial part of who I am. You forgot the good in me.” 

And I could feel the guilt seeping in my bones. 

Bucky Barnes Imagine

What am I going to do? Bucky and me were dating only for a years. He wasn’t ready for a big commitment.
Bucky was already fragile. But I didn’t ever even for a second think of leaving him. But will he?
The last days I’ve been acting strange. I could feel it and Bucky could too. How can you not when the person you spend most of your time with suddenly doesn’t really talk or even look at you. I hated being like this bus I was more then scared. I know there would come a moment were I would have to tell him but I didn’t know it would happen this soon.
After dinner with everyone in the Avenger tower I started to walk to my room. Hoping to get their fast before anyone talked to me. But when I got there someone was already there. Bucky. He looked up at me as I opened the door. My first thought was to run. I could see in his eyes what he was going to talk about. I turned but he stopped me.
“No. Please we need to talk” I could feel the hurt in his voice. Without looking at him I sat on the bed. He stood in front of me. “What is going on? And please don’t tell that everything is fine. I can feel it and see it. I’m not dumb (Y/N). Tell me” he begged for me to tell him but I was too scared to I just looked at him. He started to name things he thought I was thinks or was happening. One of those things were me not loving him anymore. I was taken back about it so much that I just couldn’t speak. Because of that Bucky took as an answer. He thought I didn’t love him. I watched as he got closer to the door and then I yelled out
“I’m pregnant” this is not how I imagined this to happen. Bucky turned around. Shock was filing his eyes.
“What? Are you?” I nodded. Suddenly a smile was on my face but not on his. What he did made me drop on my knees and cry. He walked out. He walked away without saying a thing. Sitting on my rooms floor in my own tears. Was I really gonna do this on my own. Did he just really walk out of my life, out of his own child’s?

–Buckys P.O.V–

Panic. Panic was all over my body. I didn’t know what to do. Just ran. I had been running till the moment my legs gave out and I found myself at a park. Just couldn’t believe it. Was I going to be a dad? Was I ready for this? Don’t know how long I was there but at one point I heard small laughter in the distance. Looking its way I could see a little baby boy playing with his day. He was so happy. Running around and jumping in his dads arms. Suddenly found myself smiling and laughing along. Then it hit me. 

“What am I doing?” I wanted a family but most of all I wanted it with (Y/N). I looked in the direction from were I ran. Guilt hit me right in the face. “What did i do?” with the new found energy I ran back as fast as possible. When I got to the tower, (Y/N) was quit, too quit. With panic in my heart I opened the door and what I saw broke me. 

(Y/N) was curled up in a ball on the bed. Tears still on her pink cheeks. i did this to her. Slowly i got next to her, my moving waked her up. With blurry eyes she looked at me. (Y/N) was about to say something but there were things I need to get off of my heart. 

“I’m sorry. Very sorry. I love you and yes I was freaked out, I didn’t know if i was ready but I am. I want this. I want to have a baby and I want to have it with you. I’m sorry I ran away. That will never ever happen again. I promise. Please forgive me.” Now I was the one crying. I couldn’t lose her. I just couldn’t. (Y/N) pulled her self up and kissed me. We stayed there together not nothing, just enjoying us being together. All I could think about was our future. Having a baby of our own, and how he or she would look like. With a smile on my face and the love of my life in my arms I fell asleep. 

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Hey Shaya! Have you read the Cursed Child? If so, what's your opinion on it? By the way, I have a free day tomorrow and I'm totally going to read the new DoT updates <3

I haven’t read the whole thing, but I know what happens. I’m … eh. I have a LOT of issues about it, and I’m sure if people were to ask me specific “Did you like ____?” I could go on and on, but I really don’t want to LOL. My biggest issue is that I loathe what they did to Harry’s character. LOATHE.

That being said, Scorpius Malfoy is the most precious thing to ever exist, and I love that he’s just this awkward pile of goof. 

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yeah I get what you're saying and I honestly feel so blessed and thankful for that, but I joined this fandom 2 months before season 10 was confirmed?? so I've never lived without x files so to speak, I don't know what is like not having another season to look forward to. I'm worried we'll have years without gillian and david doing an event together and stuff like that. sounds silly but those things are so exciting to me and they helped me through personal hard times.

Sorry, Anon for taking my time to answer this question…First, I wanna make sure that you know, it does not sound silly. I totally get it. Most of us on this website will get it. David& Gillian are inspirational people and they really do have the ability to make you feel better when things get a bit more difficult. We’ve chosen our idols well. 

I don’t know what will happen once the last episode airs. I’ll cry, I’ll be emotionally unstable and I’ll feel empty. At least, this is what happened after The Truth aired. Only this time it will be better. I won’t be alone. You won’t be alone either. We have Tumblr, we have Whatsapp, we have all these platforms when we can come together, share, love, cry and spiral 😊😊 

But, let’s just focus on the upcoming crazy months! You’ve been here for the last season, so you kinda know the drill. Only this time it will be for 5,5 months! I honestly doubt it that we’ll come out of this in one piece. 5,5 months of shooting, plus the press tour, all the promotions leading up to the opening of the new season with 10 episodes! 10 episodes! I think it will be a whole year of fuckery. One whole year of happiness and craziness. And I’m soo here for it!  You are soo here for it! We are all here exactly for this

Don’t worry about the future, Anon, not yet. We will deal with the end when we get there. and we will deal with it together. ❤️ I hope you don’t mind me quoting from one of my favourite books:

“Time isn’t precious at all because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious indeed. The more you are focused on time—past and future—the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is.”  

things he said that hurt me:

- my name (instead of my nickname he’s used every day for 5 years)

- “you keep telling me things that are not my business anymore” (regarding my suicide attempt)

- “sorry i couldn’t call today, i’ll call you tomorrow” (when i begged him to call me before my suicide attempt. he never called)

- “it’s too early into the relationship”/”it happened so fast and it feels so right” (regarding being unable to see me more than once a month because of his relationship but he was fine with moving in with his gf after a month of dating her)

- “i promise nothing would change it’s not like there’s a competition over who’s the most important to me”

- “she finds it weird that we’re so close and honestly i’m starting to see it too”

- “I’ve been trying to keep you out of my life for a very long time”

- all the fucking times when i invited him out and he said he couldn’t come while being in my city with other people

why do i still cafe about him why do i still miss him he fucking left me to die he left me to fucking die he didn’t fucking care that i attempted suicide he didn’t care that i started drinking and doing drugs and cutting again he didnt give a fuck that i was falling apart he is a fucking coward he is a stupid selfish fucking coward why do i still fucking miss him so much 


I don’t think I ever made an official post about it on tumblr but I am leaving tomorrow to go to Greece for 2 months !!! I’m working at an archaeological field school for most of it, followed by a very short vacation at the end. bc of that, I will likely be on tumblr far less often, so if for whatever reason you realize I’ve not been as active and are wondering what happened to me, I am away for most of the summer!!

hey nyall its another post from me: one of the only people who seem to understand relationships in the tg fandom

yall are saying my last post was negative? hooooo boy you were so wrong. i read that chapter and there was like no fucking build up. they just… started fuckin… touka was in pain for part of it, which means she wasnt ready or aroused or something else was up. sex shouldnt hurt unless ur doing it for a kink. and it was a whole fucking chapter with hardly any dialogue. there was no point! nothing important happened why was that included?! yeah, i dont think ishida knows what hes doing anymore. the whole scene just seemed unnatural and wrong. im uncomfortable with most sex as is but that was just bad. if you can convince me im wrong ill literally pay you but i just… this is really upsetting for me. another comfort object ruined by bullshit. and yall touken shippers are fucking annoying. so many of you act elite for liking the ship but no one who said my last post (which was a badly written analysis) is negativity and say im being ignorant or dont understand when i have seen so many similar relationships crash has any damn room to talk. (this is totally to start discussions)

okay, so last night I woke up at like 3AM and like…. when that happens, it usually means I’m hella in my feelings either about my own personal life or about Barisi lmao 

So, this episode got me thinking, and it took hours for my mind to conjure it up, but it reminded me of a story my boss back at college told me about his own experience with all of the obstacles involving deportation and immigration.To make a long story short: I’m inspired. Like…. More than I’ve felt since this season begun, So I wrote a small draft of fic (just an intro really) and I have ideas still floating around in my brain but if I can’t pull it off, which is very likely, I’ll end up just posting the bits and pieces of dialogue that were good, mostly involving the commentary/shade SVU threw at ICE and Carisi’s experience in dealing with them and then the shade/commentary Barba made about the US CJ system in general; those moments seem to run parallel to one another and it’d be interesting to dissect that, especially from Barba’s and Carisi’s perspectives.Those moments stand out to me the most for pretty obvious reasons and it’s gonna involve some research on my part. But I’m really excited about it??