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eat your heart out <3

I told myself I was going to do another giveaway thing at 1500 if I ever got there but I had stopped checking until recently, so- I love you all lots and super appreciate your awesome rays of sunshine beaming into my darkness :]

My giveaway this time is going to be;

- two free basic hannigram idea doodles (like above) for two re-bloggers

- two dvd’s of a re-blogger's choice from this list pertaining to Hugh or Mads: Blood & Chocolate (Hugh),  Clash of the Titans (Mads), The Jane Austen Book Club (Hugh), or The Hunt (Mads). 

- and last but very least because I don’t really share that I do like to write, a ficlet with your prompt choice for a reblog - with a scribble doodle to go along

This giveaway thingy starts September 17 (Sunday), ends September 22nd (Friday) 

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(yet another) college au prompt meme

cause im trash and i wanted to make my own based off some of my fun college experiences. (these have probably been used in like 80 other peoples prompt lists but whatever.)

  1. “the obligatory my roommate is super cute and i’m crushing on them au.”
  2. “the obligatory my roommate is trash and leaves me locked out, but thankfully youre a decent person so i’m not alone”
  3. “my roommate is doing push ups on the floor and i’m not sure whether to be turned on by their athletic powers or freaked out”
  4. “i work nights and you have an 8am class, so we always end up running into each other at the campus coffee shop.”
  5. “its the first week of the semester, what reason could you possibly have for being at the library right now?”
  6. “you work for the campus radio station and keep passively aggressively dedicating songs to me”
  7. “i was really drunk and you walked me safely back to my dorm room.”
  8. “youre singing in our dorm shower, and i just want to let you know that you have a wonderful voice, also oops i’m naked.”
  9. “were both running for the same associated students position and are sudden rivals.”
  10. “its my senior year, and ive created a bucket list of things i want to do before i graduate - one of those things happens to be you.”
  11. “i really want you to join this organization i’m a part of - not because you’re super attractive or anything, haha, not at all.”
  12. “oops i accidentally slept with my ta.”
  13. “i have a term paper due tomorrow and yours is the only 24 hour cafe with internet.”
  14. “i have the keys to the roof of the chem building and you need somewhere to smoke.”
  15. “you just hit me with your bike, but you’re also really hot so i forgive you.”
  16. “my org requires community service hours, and your program is the only one that sounded semi-decent.”
  17. “i literally only joined this org because the person handing out fliers was cute, wtf do we even do here?”
  18. “were in the same orientation group and we might never see each other again but i still want to do this.”
  19. “wait so you’re saying you still live in a college town even though you graduated years ago?”
  20. “hey hey its alumni weekend and everyone else has become freakishly successful after graduation, the fuck.”

antis’ outraged reaction to Rian saying we can all relate to Kylo is reminding me of this C.S. Lewis quote @themoonslayer reminded me of the other day:

When a man is getting better he understands more and more clearly the evil that is still left in him. When a man is getting worse he understands his own badness less and less.

these people that systematically bully and harass people over fictional characters and ships seriously think they’re like the heroes of the story. they relate to Rey and Finn because like Rey and Finn, they’re good and kind and brave??? have they looked in the mirror lately??????

meanwhile, reylo shippers/ben redemptionists are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I think it’s because we see ourselves in Kylo. we see ourselves for the flawed people we are, people who fuck up and hurt people, and get up again and try to do better, which is what we hope Kylo will do. we like the heroes too, but it’s not because we think we are them, but because we admire them. they’re what we aspire to, but they’re not a reflection of who we are. who we are is Kylo (and no, this doesn’t mean we’re literally going to betray our families and kill our dads. this is a story, and Kylo functions as both a metaphorical reflection of our worst impulses and the hope that we can overcome them).

it’s just supremely ironic to me that here Rian is talking about how Kylo’s anger is a relatable quality, and then antis, the angriest people I’ve ever encountered, are screeching about how they don’t relate to Kylo at all. ‘understanding their own badness less and less’? sounds about right. (and I could add here that they’re possibly even more regressed than Kylo, who’s already showing signs of regretting what he’s done, Adam saying ‘humanity’ and ‘patricide isn’t all it’s cracked up to be’, etc. and I just laugh because it’s possible Kylo the fictional character who they think is worse than the devil is already more self-aware than they are.)