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I just marathoned Sherlock with 2 literature professors. Both male and straight! They'd never seen it before and were absolutely delighted, picking out metaphors and subtext as they were watching it. Both agreed it's probably a gay love story. They pretty much came up with their own tjlc-theory on the spot. So there's more out there in the straight world than just antis. Thought this story would amuse you tjlc-ers. But then literature profs are used to Andre Gide, Oscar Wilde et al. No surprise.

Hi Nonny! What a lovely story! It’s nice to know that TJLCer’s and the general audience and media weren’t the only ones who picked up on the subtext of the series. I really REALLY still don’t think we are wrong, Nonny. I REALLY DON’T. The fact that everything took such a drastic turn in TFP is a large part of why I don’t think we’re done with S4 yet.

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Okay so I just started watching the 100 (literally on episode 3) and mostly cause of you I already love bellarke so can you recommend me some of your favorite fics 😬

i have a fic rec page here that you should check out because there’s a lot more fic and it’s sorted way better, but in the mean time, here ya go


Brief Episode Reaction: “Rocknaldo”

***spoilers ahead***

I get the cuteness and importance of preaching acceptance and love and all of the stuff that Steven was saying, but I did not like this episode. Ronaldo was really irritating the whole time and it was uncomfortable and idk. It was great that Ronaldo chose a gem name and that Steven was accepting and made the switch easy. Maybe as a transgender individual that resonated with me a bit more than most viewers.

I think the best part was Amethyst’s line about Ronaldo being dead when he was just asleep and Pearl saying to Amethyst “that was really good!”

the shit with why Steven doesn’t use his gem name at the end though like wow just slide that in really quick okay

I’m not unhappy the episode exists, but I would venture to call it a filler.


So, this is how my story develops… This was my original intention with the story then learned that Kallus became Fulcrum which only made this part of the story even more justified. I really-really wanted to finish this comic before ‘Through imperial eyes’ airs. The guy in the white uniform is Essho Lieh, another ISB agent in my story who hates Kallus ever since the academy because Kallus was always better than him, and his biggest achievement would be to defeat Kallus, so setting up a cruel trap like this makes him incredibly satisfied. If you see Kallus acting too emotional please bear with me but just think about it, he just realizes that he fucked up… Fucked up badly. The woman who he loves will get tortured and executed because of him, moreover Tora has no freaking idea about Kallus’ new affiliations, so she will suffer innocently… Kallus can’t do anything else than walking into the trap and ask help from his newest friends, the rebels.

This makes me so happy!!! More than 500,000 views!!! I just want my babies to be happy. That is what I want for all my favorite fictional characters. They make each other happy. They might disagree, they might have to work at it. But that is every relationship. And it is always worth the fight, if you are fighting for each other.

And I love that there is a fandom that supports the characters, storyline, actors and show. That share my idea, that what matters is less about who is in the ship and more about the characters finding something and someone they truly care about.

In My Opinion...(Spoiler Warning!)

I think it would have been more heartfelt (and had made me ugly cry even more) if Noctis had kissed Lunafreya on the head or even the cheek in the wedding scene than on the lips.
I don’t think I’m alone when saying that I just didn’t see a “love story” happen between these two. The idea of a wedding seemed forced to me…An attempt to create peace among the feuding kingdoms. (And if you saw Kingsglaive, it was a proposal of Ardyn’s)
There was love, yes, but in a romantic sense? No.
Also, I wish we had seen more of Luna in the game. Her death was so sudden and tragic. A Luna dlc would be nice. Maybe of her journey from Insomnia to Altissia with the ring?

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I love your translations and I thank you for them completely. However, I honestly think you should stop them. Posting free translations is stealing from Koogi and she is losing money because of this. Lezhin is trying their best to prevent this. If you really support Koogi and her work then don't post anymore because it really does her more harm than good. I understand you want to help people who can't afford to read them but Koogi losing out for her hard work just isn't right.

You’re right about how it hurts Koogi. However, completely cutting off a group of people based on issues they probably have no control (because who asks to be poor) is also deemed unfair. Artists and workers have to be paid but is this the correct path to take? 

Fan translations will never stop, even if I do. Someone will always impact Koogi (negatively or positively) and what my post states (you can read about if you click hereare understanding the issues and working on them rather than making it less lenient for fan translator. 

If you really care about Koogi, talk to Lezhin about middle grounds. Suggest solutions to the problems with fan translation and money issues. Say something that will create a desirable result.

Because I’m trying to do what I can as a problem solver by making everyone happy (read my solution in my conclusion).

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You are the most amazing person I ever met and I love being apart of The Crew. I look forward to whenever you bring new content cause it's always the best and I know your book is gonna be just as or even more amazing than what you already do. It's honestly an honor to get to see you grow in your career because you are truly a talented and beautiful person inside and out.

I’m a person who prides themselves on having the right words. But right now I don’t have any. I’m not sure what the perfect thing to say is, or even the best. So i’ll just say thank you. 

There are so many moments in my life where I don’t believe in myself, for one reason or another. I don’t have any words at all or pictures to share, and I get frustrated. But then I look over my shoulder and notice, quite suddenly, that I never took a step back, I didn’t so much as stumble. Because when I get lonely or frustrated I find that I have people behind me, every time. I am very very lucky to have that. So thank you <3 It means more to me than I can say, but I will keep trying to find the right words to express what this kind of support feels like

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and please know i always stand behind all of you too <3

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I'm lonely and sad, can you tell me about a few of your fav jongyu moments of all time? To heal my soul 💕 (btw I love you/your blog sm)

first i’m sorry you’re feeling like this, friend;;;; i hope this reply isn’t really late rip;;; but oh geez…literally any jongyu is a fave to me that idk where to begin omg

but i have to say one of my favorite is really this??

like not necessarily the fact that they’re holding hands (which is really great already) but more that they let go once they saw the camera flashes like!! how long were they holding hands for?? i just really love boyfriends

also!! this picture

like yes it’s cute and all but can we appreciate that we’ve seen jongyu take selfies together more time than we’ve actually seen the actual pictures?? like this one is a gift (it was also posted on jinki’s birthday so ajfka)

also there’s that one moment when they performed 321 where you know jongyu get to the center and do their thing? and jonghyun is usually the one to kind of lead it and all and jinki goes along but then once this happened??

and i can’t find the next part but jonghyun looks so shocked when jinki pulled his face really close like he wasn’t fuckignn expecting that and it’s so funny to me aksldaj

that new year backhug

they’re on a stage filled with other people that they could go and talk to and shit but nooope let’s just stay here swaying with one of the person i spend the most time with. like it goes on for so long and just look at jonghyun’s face he looks so content!!

OH also i don’t have a picture of it but i think it was one of the tokyo dome performance?? where jonghyun would not let go of jinki’s like….at all he was just bowing and crying and clutching his hand and i’m;; he needed the bf support and jinki just waited for him to be done ;;

I could literally go one forever i just love jongyu so much and i feel like i’m forgetting very important moments kalnfafal but like i said everything is a Moment to me i am trash i love you i hope this made you a little happy;;;

Guess im throwing out some more potential kirby charms / stickers for a blind bag type of thing.

Imagine some sweet sweet young child who just loves kirby buying one of these, and getting the bleeding eyed fallen angel secret boss from a game that came out more than ten years ago.

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Francis=dat boi. Alfred=fuck boi. Allen= pretty boi. Ollie= pink boi. Arthur=will stab a boi. Toni=booty boi. Gil= toi boi (< Gil was very proud of making up these names for them all, and wants them all on matching bomber jackets)

((this has gotta be on the list of the many things i love you for omg Francis made them get creative and make shirts uwu. Artie might of written on Alfie’s a bit more than Alfie would have liked. ;3c))

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can you link some multi-chapter fics that are really good? I've already read a couple of your recommendations and they were phenomenal (would love more!!) thanks!!

OK I really just picked a lot that I love and I’m gonna put a read more after this. I should have written if they were completed or not but it’s like half and half and usually anything else written by these authors is amazing too 

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Kind of a fun question for you to play with, Rosy: What do you think all the anti-Bellarke / anti-Bellamy reviewers/commentators - whether they write articles, have podcasts, use social media, etc. - will do when Bellarke becomes canon? Ignore it? Acknowledge it? Say Clarke must be under a spell or love potion, lol? ;) I'm waiting for them all to eat crow . . .

I’m waiting for the apologies to come rolling in.

ha ha.

No I’m not. 

They’re going to act offended all over again and say we are whatever variety of evil they’ve decided we all are. 

But you know, I’ve had some very nice anons from the CL side. Happy that we’re getting our ship and just lovely sentiments all around. 

I really don’t know why they decided the bellarke fans were their enemies. Maybe I just don’t understand fandom enough. 

I’d like it if, more than acknowledging Bellarke, they’d recognize that Bellamy is actually the hero, has always been the hero, and we’ve been watching him struggle and grow BECAUSE he is the hero, not the villain. He’s human, like we all are. He has prejudices and biases and anger and pain and he makes the wrong choices and picks the wrong people to listen to.

He’s not the bad guy.

ive been seein shippy stuff w kayla w members of the 7 or older characters which makes me Uncomfortable so heres some headcanons about my favorite Canonly Younger Than 13 Years Old kayla knowles

1) kayla is absolutely a complete gremlin. she gets into more trouble than most members of the hermes cabin (mostly because they dont get caught) and she absolutely loves it. she always has scabs and bandaids and bruises and when she asks will (jokingly) to heal them, he says “what, so you can get more?” fondly and when austin asks if he can do it, she just grins and says it gives her more character~

2) she dyed her hair green hoping it would camoflage her better for when shes using her bow up in the trees, but oddly enough, a shock of neon green with bright ginger roots isnt exactly good for hiding. she doesnt mind so much, green is a cool color

3) she always has her bow. shes so proud to be the child of TWO of historys best archers, her two amazing fathers, one am olympic gold medalist, one a LITERAL olympian. her father is so proud of her (“wait which one?” “both”)

4) she’s considered joining the hunters. its so tempting it hurts sometimes, but the look on her siblings faces when she mentioned it once and the thought of leaving her father and her goals of competing in the olympics stops her every time.

5) she and austin have a close relationship, being so close in age. she and will are close too, but will has a habit of trying to be The Adult for them, which means she doesnt know him as well as she could. she still drags him out to practice shooting with her, and she tries to help out in the infirmary when she can. she finds she doesnt have the natural healing touch that most cabin 7 campers do, but she doesnt mind. thats never been where her future lies. will and austin say they’re proud of her anyways

6) one day kayla asks out of the blue “hey will?” and will stops humming as he sterilizes equipment and says happily, “yes junebug?” she doesnt hesitate, just jumps up on the counter hes standing by and asks, smiling, “how did you figure out you werent a girl?” he raises an eyebrow and doesnt look offended. “why? you thinking maybe youre not a girl too?” she scoffs and throws her hands in the air, eyes wide. “who the heck knows!!!!!!!” will laughs for a solid 10 minutes before he has the strength to blow a raspberry against her cheek. she yells out “youre worse than my dad!!!!” but she doesnt mean it. she loves them both - loves her whole family more than anything.

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My boyfriend is talking with his ex again and i know i shouldn't worry because he loves me and they're nothing more than friends but they get along so well with each other i can't help but feel worthless and like i'm not enough... I'm sorry i just needed to rant and the few times i talked to you you seemed like a great person...

Hey – he’s with you. Not her. He chose you and they broke up for a reason. He chose YOU. You are not worthless AND most importantly your worth has NOTHING to do with him or anyone else. Your worth isn’t reduced due to someone’s ability to see it or acknowledge it. You are a star. 

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I'm marrying ALL of your Luka models, I love them all and can't pick JUST one ( ´༎ຶㅂ༎ຶ`) (yes this is Ruka here heh)

SEE HERE IS MY ISSUE!!!!!1 luka has been hardcore UNINTERESTED IN ANYBODY (incl me) BUT just for u lil ruka

she’ll make an exception from just being friends to more than friends