this is more than just bad

yeah all offense but y’all need to stop depending on Black women to fight your battles. this attempt to faux praise black women for saving an election is starting to get embarrassing when all of our hard work is still deeply disregarded. there’s a lot more to us than just saving elections from white voters who can’t distinguish between a bad candidate and a good candidate lmao. you wanna give a shit about black women,?????? acknowledge our work, listen to our stories, elect us, buy from our businesses, support our ideas. stop using us as a societal fallback for whenever the political climate gets too complicated for y’all

Have a Max doodle wearing my current pjs… I’m sick and that sucks. I have such a bad immune system that my sickness normally last a whole week or more. And when I get sick, I get REALLY sick to that point where I lose weight, crack my voice or throw up during the night. Like, I fear every time I catch a flu and it’s so hard for me to gain weight again.
I had bad experiences in the past. The most “funny” one was that time my doctor stated that I had cancer in my heart (is that possible?) due to low heart rate but in reality it was just the pneumonia I had that caused my heart to beat slower than usual, haha.

So yeah, please stay safe, folks!~
Don’t get too sick and if you’re sick, then don’t come near me…
(Btw, my shirt is in French and it translates to “a cute cat”)

i wish i was an aquarius

u guys always look fucking cute, literally you just have your own style and u just rock it so well i can’t help but always being influenced by aquarius style! aquarians are always so highly intelligent, humanitarians and independent. a lotta people don’t understand aquarians, it seems like they really don’t have many emotions but in reality they just got way more to focus on than those things! aquarians always wanna make a difference to the world and inspire others with their unique ideas and styles. i love aquarians bc they’re always bad bitches who don’t respond to no one but themselves. i could talk for hours with aquarians about the world bc they just know so much and it truly intrigues me esp as a fellow air sign

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Why can't I find a muffin recipe that doesn't use milk?! I'm out of milk and want muffins! Why do muffin recipe makers hate me?

This is relatable! Dairy is usually the one ingredient I never have on hand when I have the spontaneous urge to bake. I don’t regularly consume milk and/or cream so I usually only buy it for baking, and then once I use what I need it just sits in the fridge and goes bad.

I do know that buttermilk and heavy cream have a longer shelf life than regular milk so if you find a recipe using those you have more time get more uses out of them. I don’t really know if things like evaporated or powdered milk could provide solutions, but it’s probably worth researching.


Glimmer tried to look neutral, but I could see she was upset. “No, it’s okay. I just thought… I mean, when I found that notebook, that maybe…”

“It’s okay. We failed step one, so we’ll keep trying. Okay?” I gave her what I thought was a comforting smile. Berry, I’m bad at this comforting thing.

She sniffled a little bit. “Thank you for being such a good friend.” 

“Of course, that’s what I’m here for.” I felt a lot more calm than usual. Something about her needing some strength gave me some to lend.

“Baby, I can’t thank you enough for loving me when I seem unloveable. You are always by my side no matter how hard life gets or how difficult I can be.. but nothing could ever say, "I love you,” more than the way you are always by my side. I could apologize a million times and to me it wouldn’t mean a damn thing cause it will always happen again.. and that fills me with great sadness. All I can really do is show you just how amazing you really are to me on my good days and hope that you will understand that, that’s how I truly feel inside.. I hope with all my heart that you will also always understand that I am not a sum of my bad days cause there are far more good than bad and that’s because of you.. and one day I don’t drive you away cause baby, they’d all be bad without you. I truly love you with every breath I take, with every fiber of my being, and every electron in my soul.. there is nothing worse than how I feel after days like that but there’s also nothing in this world that compares to how you love me.. and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. Bad days are just that.. a day.. but my love for you is an eternity. I appreciate you so much.. you have no idea. Beautifully yours for all of creation.. me..“

From my wounded soul to your wounded heart - Thank you for being there when I need you and standing by my side and loving me baby - Eue

my favorite books of 2017, a list that will probably be shorter than in past years for divers reasons including my depression, reading less, and just generally being a Bad Reader

i feel like I have to mention Kai Ashante Wilson’s A Taste of Honey, because it’s very good; it wouldn’t belong on a “my absolute favorite books of 2017” list because of A Certain Twist, but i’ve got infinite room, baby. His prose is wonderful; his world is fascinating; and he’s got good Fantasy Romans. What more could I want? 

What can I say about Starwolf? I can say that it has much more at its emotional core than you’d a midcentury stunguns and sorcery book called “Starwolf” would have; I can say that I had a lot of fun. It uses a bunch of my favorite tropes, including, like, heists and You Can’t Go Home Again and Duels. 

It didn’t stick with me, exactly, but I did care more at the time about Sonia Orin Lyris’s The Seer more than about a lot of other things; it’s a first novel, with first novel’s flaws, like pacing and some characterization flaws, but it got me - me! - to like a book about Seers, Special Children, and Mages, three of my least favorite things in fantasy. 

On a different note, I loved the Georgian lesbians in Emma Donoghue’s Life Mask; it’s a slow book, with not much plot, but it’s very atmospheric and the prose is wonderful. 

Look. I really enjoyed the Duainfey series.  It has problems, for sure, one of them being the romance in the second book, but if you read the goodreads reviews they complain a lot about the clearly intentionally abusive relationship in the first book, which isn’t fair at all; Miller and Lee do Fey and Faery and the difference between worlds really well, and I loved the end. 

Just read Robert Jackson Bennett’s Cites series; I preordered City of Miracles (and then took forever to read it) and it was a Worthy Conclusion to a wonderful series. 

Ok, fine, I did read Raven Stratagem this year; it’s wonderful and I love it and I’ve already preordered the third one, even though June 2018 is so far away. 

Here’s an offbeat one: if your library has Carlo Fruttero, Franco Lucentini, & Charles Dickens’s The D Case, or, The Truth About the Mystery of Edwin Drood, you should read it: basically, a bunch of fictional detectives get together to “solve” Edwin Drood. It’s very meta and I hate 90% of things like this, but this was actually as funny and clever as I thought it was. 

Oh, yeah, Bookburners: I hate urban fantasy. I loved this. 

I read two books by Cecilia Eckbäck this year and really enjoyed them both: she does a wonderful job of giving the atmosphere of the global North - of darkness and real belief in magic and the claustrophobia of a small town.

S.M. Stirling and Holly Lisle, The Rose Sea. Okay, so this was weird: it’s got odd tonal shifts even at the climax and it starts out with our horse-loving heroine getting press-ganged into the army + an evil emperor who can put his spirit into his heirs’ bodies but it’s actually got interesting worldbuilding and a solid emotional core (and a “we’ve saved the Shire, but not for me” moment I cried at a little bit). 

A.L. Berridge, Honour and the Sword. I don’t know what saves this from being a generic historical novel, but something does; it’s about (duh) Honor and Who You Are and a young man doing everything he can for vengeance and doing a lot of growing up, from a pampered aristocrat to a…well, a slightly less pampered aristocrat, which I really liked; I really and truly liked the characters; and there is a lot of good interaction between them. 

Mightier than the Sword is K.J. Parker on his A-game. It’s nasty, it’s clever, the main character hates himself, there’s an Empire. 

So, that’s 13 of 245, or 5% books recommended of books read. Which is pretty bad! but you have to realize that I also read a lot of academia this year, and also that there are some things I was on the edge about, but didn’t give the benefit of the doubt. As always, if you want to see more of what I read, though not necessarily what I thought of it, friend me on goodreads

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How Finn Balor would treat you when you’re on your period would include??

  • Finn wouldn’t be super crazy attentive worried boyfriend
  • He’d do basic stuff for you, get you food if you wanted, go to the store, etc but he would be over the top not leaving your side for one moment
  • More than anything, he’d want to take your mind off of it
  • Cuddling, making stupid jokes, watching your favorite movies, etc
  • Even if he was out on the road I think he’d do that, facetime you and just try to make you feel better by taking your mind off of it
  • Cue his roommate (probably Sami or Kevin) yelling at him to go to bed Finn, it’s 4 in the morning why are you making corny jokes at this hour
  • Although, if you had a really bad period, laying in bed crying in pain, I think he’d probably be super worried and about get you anything he can think of that would make it better. (Aka stereotypical things he’s heard that girls like on their period) Heating pad? Check. Chocolate? Check. Ice chips? Sure. All the midol he could fine lbr. At some point you’d be like, FINN. I LOVE YOU, BUT CHILL.
  • Finn would be 100% okay with period sex
  • This was horrible I’m sorry

Do you guys remember that Mikko had a bad feeling about Gardie in episode 9, when she was about to search Yvonni on her own? After 16 episodes I can’t help but wonder: How the hell doesn’t Mikkos sixth sense start ringing every time Gardienne is unattended for more than five seconds?! It really seems like you can’t leave her alone without her getting nearly killed, hurt or planning some dangerous stuff…

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my dad can adopt you, both of my parents are very encouraging about this shit. also they (especially my mom tho) love adopting everyone i ever talk to in friendly terms.

That’s so nice!! My mom is a lot more accepting of the general idea of needing mental health support than my dad, but I can’t talk to her about a lot of it because she takes everything super personally and pulls the whole “oh so I’m a bad mother is that why you need therapy” thing if I don’t talk about it in just the right way. But I’m all for being adopted what’s for dinner

8 Nights of Jewish!YOI Head-canons: Part I

To celebrate the Hanukkah season, here are some of my personal Jewish Yuri!!! on Ice Head-canons:

  • When Viktor hears that Yuuri has never celebrated Hanukkah before, he makes it his sole duty to give him an over-the-top traditional celebration even though he hasn’t properly celebrated the holiday in years
  • Viktor definitely uses the holiday as an excuse to buy Yuuri presents for eight nights (and all of them being ridiculously expensive and unnecessary things)
  • Viktor likes to make latkes from scratch which leads to him cutting his palm open with a potato peeler twice
  • When making sufganiyot (fried donuts), they somehow get powdered sugar everywhere, including in Makkachin’s fur
  • And when saying the prayers, everyone expects Yuuri to be very bad at the pronunciation but somehow he says them better than Viktor (and Viktor is so proud)
  • At the end of the night, they just cuddle together and watch the last of the candles dim

Feel free to add more

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How do I find motivation to work out? (and what work outs work in your opinion?) I've come to realize that just fasting won't give me the results I want. I don't want to hate myself anymore.

The motivation I use is just how bad I want it but with depression and stuff I know it can be hard (I even slack a lot more than I should) and what I do or try to do every day is in my daily workout post :)

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Not a question but. My mum just told me of a woman who says she's going to make her 3 year old transition because transgender people are wonderful. I'm like. wtf? If her kid is trans, great. But apparently this woman is just going to do it regardless of if her kid is actually trans or not. Because trans people are wonderful. We can be dicks as much as cis people lol i just.. it baffles me. That someone would force their potentially cis child to transition.

I dont even know what to say to that.. Great if they were trans to be supportive at that age but if its nothing more than forcing it on them its as bad as forcing the wrong things onto a trans person. Good thing though, she wont get anywhere with it beyond social stuff. Nothing medical can be done and they will eventually begin to know who they are and hopefully speak out if they are being treated wrongly. I dont like things being forced on people assuming cis and forcing roles and all the rest of it but this isnt any better, its just doing the same thing in a different way. A parent does not get to decide who their child is for them

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Everything you said about Shiro is how I've wished his character development would go. I feel like they would just be wasting a good character like Shiro by making him remain a static Mary Sue Space Dad if the clone theory turns out to be canon.

I think they have a good story for Shiro. Clone or not.

They kinda seem to be doing this “breakfast club” thing, where you have these stereotype characters like “Loverboy Lance” and “Shiro the hero” and then they gonna deconstruct that and show us how it’s not really how it seems and there’s alot of other stuff under there.

So there’s no way they gonna leave Shiro where he starts..


Adwin: So…I had this idea…and I’d like to see what you think of it.

Carla: Okay…what is it?

Adwin: So…you know how we got an ‘A’ on our project?

Carla: Yeah…

Adwin: Well, what if we - 

The waiter walks over and unintentionally interrupts Adwin.

Waiter: Hi there! Can I take your order?

Adwin stops talking and he and Carla grab their menus. Adwin’s unsure what to order.  He doesn’t want to order something that’ll make his breath smell bad.

Adwin: What are you getting?

Carla: *points to her menu* Popcorn shrimp…

Adwin: But that’s just an appetizer.  Are you sure you don’t want something else too?

Carla: Yeah, but I usually only order appetizers when I’m out with my mom because I know she doesn’t have a lot of money.

Adwin: Oh

Adwin wants to tell Carla that he has more than enough money from his allowance and from selling some of his photographs, but he doesn’t want to sound like he’s bragging and make her feel bad. He remains quiet while she orders popcorn shrimp and an iced tea.  Then he takes his turn ordering fish and chips with soda. 

Top Five Wednesday

Welcome to Top 5 Wednesday! Every week, join me and other bloggers/booktubers as we discuss our Top 5 Books according to the theme from the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads Group! This group, started by @thoughtsontomes and @gingerreadslainey, has prompts every week.


These can be villains or just characters you don’t like!

#5 - The Darkling from The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

I know he’s a fan favorite, but I’m not a huge fan of the Darkling! It’s not because he’s bad–though that certainly puts him on the naughty list–but I found him to be more overdramatic than sexy, and I don’t exactly buy the feeling that he was at all redeemed! I’m much more of a Nikolai fan, myself.

#4 - Eragon from The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini

I’m surprising myself with this one, but as I’m thinking back, I’m realizing that I really didn’t like Eragon all that much. Especially once Eldest came around, I was far more invested in Roran’s plotline and found everyone else way more interesting. I found Eragon a bit whiny and entitled. So he’s not on the list for being naughty (except maybe his obnoxious fixation on Arya), but he’s not a character I enjoyed!

#3 - Vin from Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

I had a really hard time connecting to Vin as a character in this book. I largely attribute it to how she was written, but she was so repressed in so many ways that she just didn’t stand out much to me, especially compared to Kelsier. I know people will disagree with me on this (don’t @ me, lol), but Vin is on the list, not for being naughty but just for not being a standout to me.

#2 - Tamlin from A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

Obviously, we’re not meant to like him (and there’s an inherent problem with the narrative giving you essentially no choice), but there was also something an attempted redemption arc for him? Which didn’t succeed, in my opinion. But also, I remember when I was active in the fandom that people would ask me my thoughts on Tamlin, and I just … didn’t care. He’s a trashcan and I don’t really think often or highly of him.

#1 - Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling

I’m sure she’s going to top everyone’s naughty list forever and all time, but I don’t care if it’s predictable! She’s one of the slimiest characters in any book I’ve ever read, and her kind of evil is far too real.

What characters are on your naughty list this year? Whether it’s because they’ve been bad or because you simply don’t like them, get your list together!

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Look Logan that anon is right. This is your fault. But you can make it right. Stop the self deprecation and focus your mind on Virgil. Focus and think like him. You said it yourself, he’s a really smart kid and you’re smart to. Use your brain. Stop feeling bad about yourself and focus solely on finding your son. He needs you more than ever right now

I am trying. I just find it hard sometimes, but you are right. Virgil is the main priority. I can fix this. I can. - Logan