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how would aliens react to tattoos? like, some humans undergo large amounts of pain to have an image permanetly inked on their skin and sometimes the reason is no more than "eh, it looks cool"

“Human Tyler, you seem to have acquired pigmented particles under your skin.” Rytrinq began, trying to gain their attention at the same time as xe remained polite and considerate. “Do you wish time to cleanse yourself?” Xe asked, quite pleased with xemself for remembering the appropriate question.

“Fuck off, don’t be rude.” Human Tyler repeated, looking enraged for some reason. Granted, Rytrinq didn’t have the longest experience deciphering human mannerisms, but the wording didn’t leave much room for ambiguity. “This took a loot of time, and I’ll have you know I’m really happy with how it turned out.” They added, baffling Rytrinq further.

“You got dirt under your skin on purpose?” Xe asked, getting more confused each time Tyler spoke. Fortunately, it seemed they realised xe genuinely didn’t understand. Or at least they were willing to indulge him. 

“It’s not dirt. It’s ink, and yes. It’s called a tattoo. It’s art.” They said, clearly still angry, though they did look slightly less terrifying, which xe decided to count as progress. Xe had heard that human art came in many forms, but xe had never heard of one involving the human body itself.

“Human Tyler, that is immensely intriguing. How is it made?” Xe asked, relieved when they seemed to realise it was a case of cultural confusion rather than xem being purposefully rude.

“Well, you go to a tattoo artist, and they make the design and then make a sort of template, I guess you could call it. Anyway, they put that on the place you want the tattoo, and it transfers a bit of ink so the artist’s got something to guide them. And then they have this machine, which is basically a bunch of needles that pierce the skin with ink. Which the artist use to sort of draw on the skin, leaving cool art like this.” Human Tyler said, adding a pointed look for the last part while showing off the art. Rytrinq was however too worried - and quite frankly terrified - to think too much about it.

“It pierces your skin and drags the ink machine through your skin? Is that not painful?” Xe asked

“What? No, no it goes up and down into the skin. If you drag it without the needles getting up you’ll end up with big scars. It does kind of hurt, but it’s not that bad.” They answered, clearly believing that to sound better. As if getting stabbed multiple times was no big deal.

“What purpose does it serve? Is it a hierarchical or sociological requirement?”

“No, some people don’t even like them. Think they look unprofessional or whatever bullshit like that. But it doesn’t really have a purpose.” Human Tyler answered with a brief elevation of their shoulder area.

“Then why do you put yourself through the pain?” Xe wondered. They had to have some reason after all, right?

“Eh, it looks cool. I mean, I just really like daffodils, always have. They’re cool.” They said, once again reminding Rytrinq that xe would never fully understand humans.


hello everyone! i’m caroline (although you can call me cal or callie). i’m new to the studyblr community as of today and thought i would introduce myself to you all! here are a few tidbits about me:

  • i’m a hufflepuff! fittingly, my favorite color is yellow
  • i am 15 years old (sophomore/10th grader)
  • i live in the u.s.
  • my inspirations in life are rory gilmore and my best friend: @roalddahlia
  • since i was a toddler, it has been my dream to attend yale university

why did i make a studyblr?

  • motivation! i’ve been stalking the studyblr tag for such a long time because of the beautiful notes, handwriting, stationery, etc., that i thought it was finally time for me to join in on the fun!
  • since i’m going into my sophomore year of high school, i thought that i really needed to get my act together. my freshman year went poorly due to mental health issues but i’m hoping to pick myself back up and come back stronger with the help of the studyblr community.
  • since the studyblr community seems so kind and loving, i was hoping to make some new friends as well (:

what classes am i taking?

well, i’m currently on summer break, but these are the classes i have scheduled for my sophomore year:

  • accelerated english 10
  • accelerated algebra 2
  • accelerated chemistry
  • band
  • (accelerated) french IV
  • AP european history
  • AP environmental science


  • i play alto saxophone in concert band (note: our school has 3 different bands, ranked by level. i’m currently in our top level band)
  • i play alto, tenor, and sometimes soprano saxophone in pep band at basketball games
  • i play alto and/or tenor saxophone in the pit orchestra for my school’s musicals
  • piano lessons
  • i took violin lessons for years, but quit for a while because my mental health was deteriorating and i could no longer handle any more stress. i am hoping to get back into it once i get my life back on track though
  • french club
  • various volunteering opportunities
  • babysitting (a lot!)

what are my interests?

  • i love the french language! i’m going into my 4th year of french. i actually visited france and switzerland over spring break and it was a really eye-opening experience. i hope to move there when i grow up
  • i adore reading and writing.
  • i love listening to music, as well as playing it; i play the piano, saxophone, violin (eh), ukulele, and a bit of guitar!
  • some tv shows i like are twin peaks, doctor who, it’s always sunny in philadelphia, and gilmore girls.

what do i plan on posting?

  • study motivation! 
  • pictures of my notes/studying in general
  • helpful advice about organization, note-taking and studying!

who are some studyblrs that have inspired me?

@lentilstudies @sprouht-studies @elkstudies @studyign @charlenestudies@areistotle @rhubarbstudies @eintsein @emmastudies @studyquill @ehrasers@focusign @moonshinestudies @scholarly @aescademic


feel free to tag me in anything in the future! i’ll follow any studyblr who likes/reblogs this (:

Here’s a much warmer piece compared to my wintry stuff that’s been going around. Based on an old request from @alessariel (I just loved the idea of them under a tree!) and I hope it brings some happy feels to the fandom! Thanks to everyone who left me ideas earlier - as to what Merlin should be reading. I got a few suggestions for The Odyssey, and I do think that would be something Arthur would like to hear… especially if read aloud by Merlin, eh? Well I experimented with some lighting and background effects… would love some thoughts. This is definitely more detailed than planned, but I tend to get carried away while I’m on holiday! (Hope everyone’s enjoying theirs!)

(My Art Tag) Please DO NOT repost this piece or use it anywhere without my permission, thank you!


“Daddy! Daddy!”

Rosie Watson comes thundering into Mrs. Hudson’s flat, her thin blond plaits fluttering behind her, her little Doc Marten boots pounding on the floorboards. Her favourite stuffed toy, Penny the Penicillin Microbe, is clutched to her chest and her eyes are wide as saucers; previous experience has taught John that his daughter has either discovered something terrifying or wonderful, and the likelihood of either is entirely dependant on whether she was with Uncle Sherlock when the breakthrough occurred.

With an indulgent smile Mrs. Hudson pats her on her head as she dodges around the older woman’s legs to fling herself on her father, Penny the Penicillin smacking him soundly in the backside as she does so.

The “oomph!” noise he makes causes Martha to chuckle.

“Alright then, young lady,” John says, staring down at his daughter with what he hopes is a mixture of sternness and reassurance. “What’s brought all this on, eh?”

Rosie stares up at him, lip wobbling, and it’s only now she’s close that John sees her eyes are glassy with unshed tears. Immediately his face softens.

“What is it, sweetheart?” he asks more gently, settling himself on Mrs. Hudson’s couch and swinging the child up into his lap. He sets her on his knee. “What’s the matter?”

The little girl stares up at him and sighs, giving every impression of a Christian who’s about to be tossed to some particularly peckish lions.

“It’s- It’s about Uncle Sherlock,” she says, dropping her voice until John has to lean in to hear her. “I saw him upstairs with Aunty Molly and, and I think… I think something’s wrong with him!”

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54 & 62 combo pls... but if you're also up for it, a 57 & 94 combo as well ❤❤❤

“Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?”/ “I warned you. He warned you. Your freaking mom warned you.”

“…Why’s there a pregnancy test in the bin?” Molly asked, looking down into said bin at a box that looked like a bear had ripped it open.  There were even teethmarks.


“You don’t say,” she said flatly.  "That’s not apple juice, is it?“  In her favourite glass, of course, the authentic midcentury one with the pixie-on-a-toadstool motif.

“Some of it is.”

“I don’t know if that’s better or worse.”

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Male Companions react to realizing they’re not as straight as they thought thanks to Sole - part I

A/N: 1) I REALLY like this ask. So thank you! 2) woah this is a good way for me to find out just how long my hiatus has been lasting, damn. Anyway, better late than never? 3) I get overenthusiastic and write too long texts… I’m working on it. Anyway, it’s the reason why I decided to post this in parts, 2/4 companions a day if I can get that done. - next up deacon and nick-  4) obviously I’m also writing one for the girls 5) when they’re all up I’ll make an overview with links.

Here ya go  VenusLena:

As soon as he realised he was attracted to anyone at all, he figured this came with the body. Nothing to worry about, at all. Except… why did it have to be Sole who suddenly had gone from his master to look after to someone who distracted him from medial tasks? This could hardly be considered a desirable outcome. Was it innapropriate? Surely, it had to be. For a fraction of a second he decided to ignore it but then he got distracted again by Sole’s arms, and that smile, and he decided to strike up a conversation, perhaps gain some information on what to do about this. “Sir, could I… pehaps have a word with you?” “Sure, Codsworth, what’s up?” Codsworth smiled, caught off guard for a moment. He noticed his body temperature seemed to go up, especially in his cheeks. Peculiar.
“ May I bother you with some questions about… some new feelings I am experiencing?” 
Sole raised an eyebrow. “Such as?” 
Codsworth had originally presumed a small system malfunction when it would take him this long to word a sentence coherently as a robot. 
“ Feelings such as eh… distraction and eh… Romantic… feelings?” Sole grinned. “ Look at that, in love, huh?” 
“ What can I… do to resolve such feelings? To stop it?” Sole shrugged. “In my experience you can’t do much about it.  You hope it goes away or you speak to the person you’re interested in. Have you tried that yet?” 
“ Y… yes? Not really but I’m eh…” he scraped his throat. 
“ Any word on who the lucky person is? Is it Curie? I figured perhaps with the background as synths…” Codsworth only just noticed that yes, it was statistically more likely he would be interested in someone who he could procreate with. Did this decrease his chances with Sole?
“ Eh… Curie is a lovely girl but I merely consider her a very good friend, sir. My interests are in someone altogether different. Say, a man.” 
“ Lucky man.” Sole smiled. That’s when Codsworth decided to just go for it. “You are aware I value your opinion highly, Sir, could I ehm hypothetically get your… interest?”
Sole’s eyes widened. “ Codsworth, are you saying that…?” And that was when he chickened out. If human bodies could have such a thing as an alert to retreat, he surely would have it going off this instant. 
“ Oh, no it’s just a nice, intimate chat between friends. I’m glad you got it off your chest Sole.” Sole had a massive grin on his face, looking at Codsworth , rushing away as fast as he could. “TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION, YOU HYPOTHETICALLY COULD!”  


Danse had never really had all that much time for romantic feelings, in a lot of ways joining the Brotherhood meant marrying it. He was dedicated to his goals there, to protecting those under his command.  Falling in love would be an unwelcome and even dangerous distraction from his duties. But his bond with Sole had been growing, and the more time they spent together, the less he could see him as another ‘brother’. He was starting to notice… things. That he sometimes zoned out and thought of him when he wasn’t around, that he caught himself involuntarily looking at Sole’s lips when he was speaking, that he even had some less than platonic dreams. It had happened without him even really being aware of it and now… now he wasn’t sure what to do with it. He couldn’t deny that he had a different kind of feelings for him than just friendship. And that was a first for a man. He had been infatuated with a girl before, but this seemed more serious. Less of a crush, more of… he shook off the thought. This was alltogether new. He had no clue on how to deal with this, no previous experience to speak of. He decided to keep it quiet for the time being; Sole had more important responsibilities. It would be selfish to take him away from those. He bottled it up for a long time, until the point he lost everything he once believed in, and Sole was still there. Still telling him he was worthy of his place in this world, still maintaining an unwavering trust in him. Danse felt like it was too late, that he  no longer had anything to offer him but a shadow of a man. Yet the moment he realised that he couldn’t just ignore his feelings was the moment Sole stood up to Maxson for him. He never saw anyone do such a thing before… show such strength and bravery… let alone do it for him. Every supressed thought came cascading onto him again. Still… he didn’t want to act on it. He didn’t feel like he deserved Sole, considering what he was, how little he had left to offer. Not until Sole managed to get himself literally blown away from the enemy. He rushed to his side relieved to see he was okay. “ If I lost you, I don’t know what I’d do.”  “Damn Danse, the way you’re saying that sounds like more than just friendship.”
” I… perhaps we need to talk.” Sole just looked at him, prompting him to carry on. ‘Look, all I’m saying is that if you’re… interested…. so am I.”
“ Are you saying you’re…in love with me? “
Danse sighed. “ I am, I’ve never felt closer to anyone before but I don’t even know what the hell this means. Nor how this… works. I mean I have an idea but.. “ Danse got flustered at the idea. “I’d be honoured to be the man by your side. “

sweet tooth

ok i swear this is sfw. let me just put that out there. 8. “You’re seriously like a man-child.” - bokuroo for @wakan-nai! hope you like this even though i am kinda brain dead rn and am too lazy to edit anything but geh i had fun
“You’re seriously like a man-child,” Kuroo observes. “How on Earth did you manage to survive this long on your own?” He wipes at Bokuto’s chin, futilely trying to get off all the whipped cream.

“I didn’t! I had Mom and Dad and Akaashi!” Bokuto explains, eyes wide. Kuroo contemplatively stares down at the napkin and chucks it at the garbage can. He watches it soar through the air before falling to the floor. It leaves white streaks upon the kitchen tiles, creating even more of a mess.

Kuroo stands up, cursing, “Fuck, I missed.” He makes his way to the fallen napkin, snagging another on the way. He can hear Bokuto’s boos as he walks. He tidies up the floor and properly throws in the waste this time. He turns around and is faced with Bokuto. He reaches around his boyfriend and takes another napkin to finish cleaning Bokuto’s face. As he pats gently, he grumbles, “So why couldn’t you just eat whipped cream on something like a normal person? Or sprayed it in a bowl. Or anything except squirting it straight into your mouth?”

Bokuto’s eyes narrow. “What are you talking about? Everyone just sticks it in their mouth. You’re the weird one here.” He sticks out his tongue.

Kuroo shakes his head sadly. “No, you are. What a poor, deluded soul…”

“I am not. Go ask Akaashi! Or Kenma! Or anybody!” Bokuto stomps his foot childishly. “I’ll text them right now!” He whips out his phone and all Kuroo can hear for a second is the rapid-fire tapping of Bokuto’s fingers angrily hitting the screen.

Answers come immediately, since nobody they’re friends with actually has a life. Bokuto triumphantly waves the screen in Kuroo’s face.

Kuroo stares in shock. “No way,” he whispers. “My whole life has been…a lie?”

Bokuto cackles gleefully. “I told you so!” he gloats.

Kuroo doesn’t respond, knowing every single one of his friends will never let him live it down. He sighs and buries his face in Bokuto’s shoulder. “My life is a lie,” he mumbles. “Leave me alone.”

“No way,” Bokuto snorts even as he reaches up to stroke Kuroo’s hair.

Imagine #5 - Elevator Encounter

You ran down the hallway of the convention hotel in your town. Out of lack of rooms, your school had permission to use some conference rooms and decided to move all the art classes for higher grades there. That meant you had about 5 minutes to get from your school to the hotel halfway across the town, though. Luckily, this was the last class of the day for you so you only needed to hurry through town once.

“No, nononono!” you muttered under your breath as you turned the corner and saw that one of the elevators was just closing the doors. You knew that waiting for another one to arrive on your floor was like playing roulette and taking the stairs would take too long as well. Not to mention that you really were not in the mood to take the stairs up to the 10th floor.  

You prevented the doors from closing all the way by quickly sticking one of your sketchbooks in the small gap. As soon as it fully opened up again, your eyes widened at the sight of already a good amount of people inside of it. They all turned their heads to look at you.

“I’m so sorry,” you apologized and tried to catch your breath. You could feel the heat rise up to your cheeks that were most likely tinted in a dark shade of pink by then. “I’m just gonna wait for the next one.”

“Nonsense,” a brunette guy said and nodded for you to get in. “Which floor did you need to get on?”

“Uh, 10th, thanks,” you answered, then standing next to a blond guy that was significantly taller than you.

“No problem,” he answered smiling. “I’m Ellington by the way.”

“(Y/N),” you answered, lightly smiling back. Everyone else introduced themselves and if you were remembering correctly, you were standing next to Riker. Next to him was Rocky and across from you were Ellington, Ross and Rydel.

The doors opened on floor 6 but no one was moving to get out. “This isn’t your floor either?” you asked, not actually knowing where they were headed.

“No, we’re going one above yours,” Ross answered, seemingly not fazed by the random stop at all.

Fantastic. Of course, the elevator had to stop at random floors just for the fun of it. You leaned your head back and sighed quietly while the doors closed again.

“Everything okay?” Riker asked from next to you.

“Yeah, these elevators are just worse than any gambling game,” you laughed lightly. “And I have a class that actually started a couple minutes ago already.”

Right as you said that, you arrived at floor ten. “Well, it was nice meeting you all,” you waved and stepped out.

“You too,” they replied. “Maybe we’ll see you around again.”

After your class ended, you had some time to kill and decided to sit down in the little café that was part of the hotel. Scribbling in your sketchbook to figure out some concepts for the assignment you just got, you heard voices approaching you.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Rydel said, smiling from widely. “Mind if we join you?”

“Not at all,” you shook your head and made some room on the table since your things took up most of the space. Rocky and Ross were sitting down next to you, the others scattering around the rest of the table.

“Your description of the elevator being like a gambling game was pretty accurate, by the way,” Riker laughed.

“Oh yeah? How many times did it take you to get to your floor?”

“I think it was 3 or 4 times,” Ellington overdramatically sighed and rolled his eyes. “But how was your class?”

You tried not to groan at the thought of the past one and a half hours, but it was to no avail. “Let’s just say that I can’t think of anything more boring than being stuck in a History of Typography lesson that is 100% theoretical for 90 minutes,” you chuckled causing everyone else to let out a small laugh as well. “At least the assignment we got is practical. But what were you doing? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“It’s fine,” Rydel waved her hand dismissively. “We had a little band meeting and finished earlier than expected so now we have the rest of the day off. Then we thought we could check out this café,” she smiled.

“Oh, you’re all in a band?” you wondered and tried to hide the fact that you were a little surprised. They seemed so normal and down-to-earth, you never would’ve guessed they were in a band.

“Yeah, R5,” Ross piped up from next to you. “Ever heard of it?”

You shook your head no and gave them an apologetic smile. “I will totally check your stuff out, though.”

“Is this for your assignment?” Rocky suddenly spoke up. Just then you noticed that he had taken the sketchbook that had been lying in front of you and was flipping through the pages. Usually, it was the probably biggest pet peeve of yours when someone would just flip through your sketches without asking beforehand. Seeing that this was the book especially for schoolwork and it was getting graded and critiqued by pretty much everyone anyways, you condoned it.

“Yeah, it’s just a rough draft of the first couple ideas, though. It most likely won’t look anything like that in the end.” Your eyes followed the book that was now making its way around the whole table.

“They are really good for just rough drafts,” Riker noted and passed it to Ross, who seemed to be eagerly taking a look at every page.

“Yeah,” Ellington agreed. “Maybe we will hit you up in the future when we need some new designs.”

“Thanks,” you blushed. “But I’m sure you would want someone with an actual degree or at least a lot more experience.”

“Eh, who cares about degrees when the final product is awesome?” Ross shrugged and handed you the book back.

You kept chatting for a while, getting to know each other more, until you realized that it was time for you to go. They asked to exchanges numbers so you handed your phone over and got theirs to put your number in.

“So, (Y/N), if you ever want to get away from boring history class assignments, we have a show coming up soon and could sneak you a ticket if you want,” Riker smirked and wiggled his eyebrows.

You laughed. “I’ll keep that offer in mind, thanks.”

“Just shoot one of us a text or something,” Rydel pulled you into a hug, squeezing you tight. “Not only because of that, but in general. You’re pretty cool.”

“You guys are pretty cool, too.” You grinned at your new friends.

You said your goodbyes and walked down the street, smiling while recalling the past couple hours. Out of everything that could have ever happened, you never thought that the shitty elevators in the convention hotel could actually be the reason for an awesome, new friendship to start.

(SPOILERS) I just got back from Rings. It was good...I think.

-You could tell they had paid attention to the movies and even the original Japanese ones.

-The opening scene was terrific.

-I liked the idea that the video itself is now a science experiment for college professors. Ringu 2 had a similar plot. These people are too stupid to even be scared: It’s all intellectual curiosity at this point. Gabriel was crazy.

-You see the twist coming in the first 20 minutes but that seems to make the whole thing a lot more more ominous. 

-The actors were, eh, fine. Not terrible, but, well, sorta there. The lead actress was not Naomi Watts, putting it nicely. 

-Julia liked exposition way too much. Stop talking to yourself, girl!

-”You think you’re the first Good Samaritan to try and help her? No. You’re the twelfth.” The best line of the film because it summed up the whole franchise. Everyone keeps trying to help this girl but, well, they just can’t. Julia ends up with a fate worse than death because she tried to love and understand her. Rachel got it in The Ring Two: She survived and saved her son because she finally understood something about Samara.  

-Those weird two minutes when you found yourself rooting for Samara for standing up to the creepy rapist priest dude.

-More intriguing a film than a scary one, though. Only Julia glimpsing Samara‘s shadow at the door and the cemetery scene creeped me out. 

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have you ever written/posted a comic that you were disappointed in for one reason or another? like it didn't portray exactly what you wanted it to or you couldn't fit in story elements you wanted to include? if so, how'd you deal with it?

A very good question.

Hmm… There is always things you could do better and improve on but I don’t think there is a comic in whole I was disappointed in. Sometimes I feel like certain pages are weaker than the others and wish I had more time (and energy) to spend on them.

As for how to deal with it. Eh, I take it pretty well. At least I did it. It’s all valuable practice and experience.

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Why don't functions work well together if they're both extraverted/introverted?

Two extroverted and two introverted functions can work well together to preform specific tasks, but too much emphasis on your dominant and tertiary function and neglect of your auxiliary function for a long period of time creates an unhealthy imbalance in your personality, often referred to as a “loop”. 

Healthy Function Dynamics vs. Loops

This first diagram displays the average amount of mental energy 1) devoted to each function and 2) oriented in each direction for both extroverts and introverts with a healthily functioning personality. 

As you can see, the directional emphasis of your functions (introverted vs. extroverted) is relatively balanced, though extroverts display at least a slight preference toward the outward orientation, while introverts have at least a slight preference for looking inward. 

The auxiliary function’s opposite orientation from the dominant and tertiary function is key - it counteracts the dominant and tertiary function’s directional emphasis by ensuring that the individual “check back in” either with the internal or external world. 

However, what happens when the auxiliary function is damaged, ignored, or unfit to deal with ongoing challenges in that person’s life? 

The tertiary function takes over. This is troublesome for multiple reasons:

1. The overall personality now HEAVILY skews extrovert or introvert

This means too much objectivity/action and not enough reflection for extroverts, and too much reflection and not enough objectivity/action for introverts.

2. The tertiary function is inexperienced at being the lead perceiver/decision-maker

This function played a supporting, complimentary role for so long that it’s had very little experience developing its skills, so now that it’s in charge it actually doesn’t really know what it’s doing.

3. The tertiary function will never get to truly lead because it can’t rid itself completely of the influence of the auxiliary function 

The auxiliary function is still there, it’s just… temporarily crippled, yet still whispering advice in the tertiary function’s ear. This means the tertiary function will never actually get free reign to lead the perception or decision-making process, because it’s dragged down and ultimately exhausted by the aux function’s ball and chain. 

This tertiary function takeover is referred to as a loop and is considered an unhealthy psychological state. 

Here’s an idea of what a loop would look like for the different types: 

ExFP (Fi-Te): OMG, I’m SO DONE with these feelings. Introspection has gotten me nowhere and only caused more pain. Morality is subjective, I’m over it, I don’t care about doing “the right thing” anymore, I’m just going to be objective and get shit done without caring about who gets hurt along the way. 

IxTJ (Te-Fi): Oh no, I feel like I’ve been a little bit… harsh. Now that I’m going through this thing, I’m realizing that there’s no way to be truly objective..  ok I’m just going to withdraw and ponder the meaning of this for a bit. But I hate that this pain is affecting my performance. Poke me and I’ll MURDER you.

IxFJ (Fe-Ti): I’m so done being hurt, unappreciated and rejected. Maybe I’m just not that valuable to others… but what I CAN do is withdraw and analyze the shit out of this. Maybe then it’ll make more sense. But for now here’s a complex fantasy novel I could lose myself in instead.

ExTP (Ti-Fe): Why don’t people like me?? I just want to be part of the group, to be accepted, to have fun. Screw what makes sense to me personally, maybe I should just act like everyone else. I’ll be all up in everyone’s face with my sweet sweet kindness. Or maybe I could just manipulate them to get what I want… 

INxP (Ne-Si): Eh, you know what? I’ve realized that novelty and new experiences are overrated. I’m just going to stick to what I already know, and analyze or introspect the shit out of it. Is it hot in here? I think I’m coming down with something… 

ESxJ (Si-Ne): Screw traditions, societal conventions, social norms - throw it all out the window!! It’s time for the new me!! All those things I used to want seem so meaningless. I’m already organizing my whole worldwide journey exploration, beginning with living spending 2 months living in a Tibetan monastery pondering the meaning of life. 

ENxJ (Ni-Se): Purpose is overrated. Who knows what I want to do with my future? All this emphasis on meaning and planning has just been getting in the way of experiencing life to the fullest. Plans are overrated - I can still achieve my goals by just adapting to whatever life brings. Now pass the vodka and let’s party!! 

ISxP (Se-Ni): The outside world was great and all, but like… what does it all mean? I can’t escape the feeling something terrible is going to happen… I must withdraw figure out what makes sense, what feels right, what’s true. Yup, meaning is an elusive son of a bitch, I’ve made no progress on this quest. Ah, I’m getting all existential… and oh great here comes the anxiety.


Sooooooooooo, i bought an art journal because a friend recommended it and I’m a followed (pssht no)… Anyways, so I’ve been sketching, which I barely do because it involves using pencils which make me feel uncomfortable…. But anyways I’ve been experimenting and this mountain is one of my experiments… I used a B, an F, and 2B pencils to draw this, it actually came out quite alright and I didn’t even use an eraser… There are however a lot of things I couldve done better but fuck it, it’s an experiment (yup, let’s all sound sciency). I’ll probably draw it in pen someday, but eh, that’s effort and I’m not that good with pen either…

SIDE NOTES[nope actually more stupid stories]:
•These are more like questions, but stop being technical…
•What’s the deal with fidget spinners, they were made for ADHD people (like me), but I got bored with it after 10 minutes and then lost it, found it two days later in the fridge… I’ve lost my phone like that a few times too by the way…
•why is running a blog so freaking difficult, this shit is effort bruh… I gota constantly draw shit to post shit and then think of random stupid shit to say with my posts…

Thanks you

aa i’ve definitely got a long way to go before i even reach that level haha, but i’m really flattered :) thank you!!

EYYYYY !!! we’re a rare breed, gotta band together!! those three Es always get people, eh

as for your question, geez honestly i’m in a constant dilemma about that; i actually feel that a lot of the things i draw are so wildly different that i don’t have much of a strong personal voice. BUT i feel like style is a very arbitrary thing in general and i agree with many (more knowledgable) artists who have observed that style emerges naturally from all our influences and experiences in life & in art, and isn’t something we should worry about! i’d say that any cohesiveness in my own work, regardless of subject matter, simply comes about from my habits in drawing certain shapes, lines, etc, which have developed (and are still developing!) over many years of drawing. also, in my experience, other people can see patterns and consistency in someone else’s art better than the artist can themselves, which is another reason not to worry about it too much! it’ll take form organically and be honed through constant practice :)

ps. thank you for all the lovely messages & asks i’ve been receiving lately!! i’m sorry i’m so awful at responding promptly on tumblr but i’ve read (and thoroughly appreciate) them all and i’ll get around to all of them individually soon, i promise ♥♥ 

qookyquiche: hed already teased the adrienette…

well we can blame zag for that. haha but when youre a company, you wanna keep an audience interested so u gotta give them something to tide them over. And what more than information about upcoming seasons :shrug:. Seems like a majority of other people have already lost interest because the seasons were spaced pretty far apart. Eh. Idk. I suppose im taking all this information with a grain of salt now. Try not to let these things ruin your experience :)

and im sure astruc and zag would never let that happen (knowing everyjing about th season before it even airs)

yeah, i’m trying to stay positive and i do still plan to watch it when it comes out, no changing that. i just wish they’d find other means to keep people interested in the meanwhile. i know recently the voltron fandom had some next season character design leaks and everybody freaked out. they stopped sharing the images to avoid a partner company or an individual working there from getting in trouble with the voltron creators who seem very tight-lipped about the whole new seasons. the leak was a fraction of the amount of spoilers zag has released though and yet people are still highly anticipating the new voltron season despite the spacing between seasons being roughly the same as MLs??

whatever though. i just dont like how zag inc runs things sometimes but nothing i can do about it.  ┐(´ー`)┌

i should just give in and write a character who explicitly falls somewhere on the au/ti/sm spectrum . i have a few muses who do but i never really talk about it .

Take Care-Tommy Shelby Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: Some fluff and mentions of being sick

A/N: I’m feeling a bit under the weather and I’ve been watching Peaky Blinders so I decided to write an imagine about the leader of the Peaky Blinders taking care of the reader. Also, I’m only on Season 1 so please no spoilers.

Originally posted by ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy

 The plan was that Y/N would attend another meeting with the Shelby’s at their home in Small Heath to discuss strategies on taking down their competition. The Y/L/Ns and the Shelbys had a long history of working together. In fact, the Y/L/Ns helped introduce the Shelbys to a life of crime. Therefore, Y/N had practically grew up with the Shelby boys and knew them all like the back of her hand. So, she knew that Tommy would be furious that she would not be attending the meeting this afternoon due to the fact that her throat felt as though someone lit it on fire, her head felt like it weighed fifteen pounds, and the nauseous feeling in her stomach kept her from keeping down any food or drink.

  Y/N moaned as she rolled over in her bed, dragging her warm blanket up higher onto her body to stop the chills she felt. “Jane!”

  A few minutes later, her older housekeeper walked into her bedroom with her hands folded delicately in front of her. “You called for me, ma’am?”

   “Yes, were you able to reach the Shelbys and tell them that I will not be able to attend the meeting this afternoon?” A cough escaped her throat.

   Jane smiled sadly. “No, unfortunately, no one is at their home right now.”

    Y/N sighed. “Perfect. Tommy will have my head when he finds out I’m sending Patrick in my place.”

   Patrick was Y/N’s hot-tempered cousin who would rather solve every problem with his fists rather than his words. Y/N was insulted when her father insisted that he help her run the family business since her parents stepped down as the leaders. Y/N was much smarter and rational than Patrick but she would rather not be on her father’s bad side. However, she knew that Tommy loathed working with Patrick and the only thing stopping him from putting a bullet between his eyes was Y/N. 

   “I’m sure Tommy’ll understand, ma’am. How are you feeling?” Jane asked.

   “Like the Good Lord is going to come and take me any second,” Y/N said.

   Jane pursed her lips. “Don’t worry, dear, it’s just a bug. I’ll go get you some more tonic and a hot water bottle.”

   “All right.”

   Y/N closed her eyes and tried to force herself to relax. The doctor had visited her yesterday and prescribed some pills, a tonic, and “good ole bed rest”. Y/N hated being stuck in bed because she felt like she wasn’t doing anything. For all she knew, Patrick was about to run her family into the gutter because he was attending the important meeting. 

   Y/N must’ve fallen asleep because she felt herself opening her eyes to the sound of yelling. The voices were muffled but she could pick up Tommy’s and Jane’s. Her heart skipped a beat just hearing her old friend’s voice. She would be lying if she said she never felt anything for Tommy that was more than platonic. Before the war, they had flirted with each other and would go out dancing together. He had been so much fun and sweet. Then, he went to war and returned as the shell of a man she once knew. At first, Y/N was hurt and cried often during the night. Then, she decided to keep her distance and would only go to the Garrison or the Shelby’s when it was absolutely necessary. But Tommy wouldn’t let her sever the connection and insisted on Y/N joining him on many “business trips” because of her experience. 

   The door to her room opened and Tommy walked in, looking a bit disheveled in his black suit. She noticed the fresh cuts on his face and had the desire to inspect them herself but chose to wrap herself up even more in the covers.

   “Don’t you ever knock?” Y/N grimaced at the sound of her sickly voice.

   “Why would I do that when I know you’re decent?” Tommy walked closer to the bed. “So you’re sick, eh?”

   “No, I always look like death in this time of year,” Y/N snapped.

   Tommy “tsked” at her. “I told you that you should’ve left the track before it got too cold.”

   “Are you here to rub in how right you were? If so, the door is right over there,” Y/N said.

   Tommy smiled a little at her words. At that moment, Jane came rushing into the room.

  “I’m sorry, Miss Y/L/N, but he just barged right past me,” Jane said.

  “It’s fine, Jane. Why don’t you get ‘im a cup of tea?” 

   Jane nodded. “All right.”

   “Bring her a tea as well and soup.”

   Y/N shook her head. “I can’t keep anything down, Tommy.”

  “That’s because you haven’t tried soup.”

   Y/N opened her mouth to protest but then closed it when she realized Tommy was right yet again. She let Jane go and fetch the food and tea, leaving her alone with Tommy.

   “How did you know that?” 

   “Because when we were kids, you would always try to eat your favorite foods whenever you were sick because you were too stubborn to admit it,” Tommy said.

   Y/N smiled. “So, how did the meeting go?”

  Tommy’s expression fell grim. “As well as it could when you send your idiot cousin in your place.”

  “I had no other choice, Tommy. I didn’t want to infect everyone!” Y/N fell into a coughing fit. Once it was over, she shivered. “Do you really think I like having a cousin as thick as him as a work partner?”

   “You need to get rid of ‘im, Y/N. He’s going to put you and your family in danger one day.”

   Y/N leaned back against her pillows and shrugged. “My father’s wishes is that Patrick and I run the business together. I cannot go against his wishes, Tommy, you know that.”

  “There’s always a loophole, Y/N. You’ll find it, you’re too smart not to.”

  “Thank you, Tommy.” 

  Tommy nodded as he lit a cigarette and turned his back to her as he blew out some smoke. “So, do you know exactly what you have?”

  “Some form of the flu. It should be gone in about a week.”

  “Good, I won’t be able to tolerate Patrick any longer.”

  “Do those scratches on your face have anything to do with my beloved cousin?”

  Y/N took Tommy’s silence as a “yes”. Of course, they had gotten into it when she wasn’t there. She was usually the one to break them up if she wasn’t fortunate enough to leave Patrick at home. 

  Jane returned with tea and soup and didn’t leave before scolding Tommy for smoking around the sick woman. Tommy apologized and put out his cigarette.

  “Do you remember the days we used to give that poor woman hell?” Tommy asked.

  Y/N nodded as she sipped her tea. “Of course, I do. You and Arthur used to sneak over here all the time because of those pastries she used to make.”

  “And she never let us have any before dinner so you helped us steal them.” Tommy smiled fondly at the memory.

   “She used to chase us around, yelling about the hell our parents would rain down on us once she caught us,” Y/N said with a laugh.

   “But she never did.” Tommy sat down next to Y/N. “Everything was so much simpler then.”

  Y/N trained her eyes onto her tea. “Not everything, Tommy. I remember the day you put a bloody frog in my tea and I almost swallowed it.” 

  “I thought it would be funny,” Tommy said with a shrug. 

  “I could have choked to death!” Y/N burst out laughing before drinking more tea.

  Tommy looked down at his hands. “You really scared me that day. I thought that I was actually going to lose one of my best friends.”

  “You weren’t going to lose me that easily, Thomas Shelby. Besides, I still had to exact my revenge.”

   Y/N ate more soup and drank more tea as she and Tommy reminisced about their childhood. Both of them skirted around their late teenage years since that’s when their relationship got complicated. Jane returned and took away the dishes just as they were talking about their secondary school days, when Y/N ran a small scale gambling ring after she learned how to play poker. She had made at least five hundred pounds within a week and Mr. Y/L/N was extremely impressed with his daughter.

  “You were always a mastermind, a leader,” Tommy said.

   “Maybe, but you’re a better one.” Y/N buried her face in his chest. “I must look awful being this sick and not being able to wear any makeup or do anything to my hair.”

  “You’ve never looked awful a day in your life,” Tommy said.

   Y/N felt her heart beat faster at his words. She didn’t know what to say so she just relaxed against him. There was something so calming about Tommy, perhaps it was his solemn nature and the way he never really talked a lot or maybe it was the fact that Y/N was comfortable around him since they had known each other nearly their entire lives. He also felt very warm under her touch. Tommy began running his hands through her soft y/h/c locks which relaxed her even further.

    “Tell me what you discussed in the meeting,” Y/N said with her eyes closed.

    “We’re simply going to move in on the competition when they least expect it if they don’t accept our offer and leave the area. We have more men than they do and more guns. But they have connections as well.”

   “Shouldn’t be a problem,” Y/N mumbled. “When will this happen?”

   “In a few days but don’t worry about it too much. I want you to get better before you get yourself into fights,” Tommy said. “Hopefully, Patrick will be able to control himself in the meantime.”


   Tommy sighed. “Y/N, I know we haven’t talked about what happened before…before France and I’m tired of not addressing it. Honestly, I couldn’t stop thinking about you the whole time I was away. In fact, I wanted to impress you with the medals and honors I would get for fighting. But so much happened in France, things that I’m still trying to get over. I know that I came back a different man and that it made you stay away for a while and I don’t blame you for it. But I can assure that one thing hasn’t changed: I’m in love with you. I have been since you helped my brother and me steal pastries from Jane.”

  It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He had expressed everything he had felt for the last few years which was a job in itself since Tommy did not express his emotions openly. The fact that he got silence in response made him anxious and angry. 

   Y/N lifted her head up and he saw that her eyes were closed and her mouth was parted a little so that she could breathe. Y/N was asleep and there was no telling if she heard any or all of what Tommy had to say. He didn’t know whether to feel relieved or a little crestfallen that the woman he loved hadn’t heard his confession.

  Suddenly, someone cleared their throat. Tommy’s eyes snapped to the housekeeper standing in the doorway with a bottle of pills and a cup of juice in her hands.

  “I came to give Y/N her medicine but it looks like she’s already asleep,” Jane said.

  “I’ll give it to her when she wakes,” Tommy said.

  Jane nodded and set the medicine and juice on a side table. She turned to Tommy. “She’s loved you since you were six and she was five. I see it every time she looks at your or your name is mentioned in her presence.” 

  “Thank you, Jane.” 

  She nodded her head and exited the room.

  Now, Tommy had to decide whether or not to repeat his words to Y/N once she woke up.

navhrey  asked:

i think i might be aromantic. i have crush on my friend. i find her pretty and all but when i think about holding hands, cuddling and kissing her i know it's big no. i tried to imagine some romantic situations with me but i was so disgustied to just think about it with me as main role. eh i really feel so lost

Preface: None of the mods here are aromantic, so none of our information on aromanticism is based on first-hand experience.

You have a crush on her and find her pretty, but are repulsed by hand holding, cuddling, and kissing. It seems like you have romantic feelings for her but are repulsed by physical contact or are scared of being in a relationship. You may be aromantic or you may not be. I honestly don’t know. 

I’m afraid I can’t give much more advice here. If any of our followers have some advice or answers, please leave a reply in the notes!

-Mod J


OK. Time for my review of tonights episode, being a fucking rollercoaster of emotions like always 

this episode starts with our smog angry kitten yurio arriving with Yakov and Mila and the old ballet-lady whose name I’ve forgotten 

he’s greeted by a bunch of fans but apparently he’s not much into fangirls, ‘cause he runs off

and apparently he’s not the Russian Runk anymore, now he’s the Russian Ice Tiger (more like smol angry russian kitten tbh)

he’s meeting his cute russian gramps who picks him up and when he sees him he’s not a smol angry kitten anymore but a cute ball of fluffi- and happiness 

I mean, look at this cutie 

he brought him his FAVORITE FOOD Y’all I’m dying 

now we know where all the angriness and the “lol me no care” attitude comes from, that stare though

the look when you’re getting scolded bc gramps thinks you don’t like his food anymore lmao so relatable 

I love how we get a little insight on his mind I mean he’s a fucking precious cupcake that needs to be protected at ALL COSTS 

then we get to see Viktor who looks even more badass and ah-ma-zing than he usually does (hm, I wonder why??? maybe bc he’s happy with his cute bf)

lmao I’m a rockstar pls fuck off 

but then he sees Yurio is suddenly all happy and touchy and fatherly even though Yurio is his usual pissed angsty self - but Viktor doesn’t give a single fuck he adores him anyways

the look when you’re forced to be the center of attention, so miserable

the look when your kid acts a little off but you don’t care because your kid is a small perfect angel anyways

scenery switches to Yuuri who’s kinda stoked that he literally has no friends around him this time (and his bf doesn’t count)

then we’re introduced to his high-premium skaters, but I’d like to call them high-premium visages bc their faces are a whole new level of hilarious

I mean look at them (and for the record, the two on the right are brother and sister even if you’ll need time to understand that bc he’s overprotective AF about her and kinda obsessed?? and the guy on the left wants into her panties bc she’s an italian beauty)

we’re also introduced to the Korean Skater Lee and he just doesn’t give one single fuck about anything really 

a lot of glances are shared and apparently the italian beauty (who’s called Sala) knows Yuuri and looks really happy to see him (bitch stay in ya lane he has a boyfriend and is overall happy and shit)

then the angry Korean Lee says some rude shit (not even that rude) to her bc he doesn’t give a shit 

and her and her brother don’T take it so well (again, their faces what are they???)

and Lee could not care less

Yuuri decides it’s time to leave in silence and just take the other elevator bc they do take their time fighting

but no! who could that be? who’d wear lilac cheetah sneaker? 

why u blushing bitch

bc apparently the Russian Ice Tiger (who wears cheetah instead of Tiger Stripes, kinda ironic) is intimidating AF

but Yuuri is really happy to see him again and like always Yurio’s threatening him with keeping Viktor in Russia (but at this point no one really takes that for serious, ugh)

OH MY a small glimpse at my cute babies Leo and Guang-Hong! Oh how I miss them! I need them to have more screen time, or like their own SPIN-OFF! (make that happen pls)

Wow, look at that narcissistic guy over there wonder what his name is, oh Jean-Jacques? Not even surprised 

but more on him later 

then we get a quick look at Lee twerking his ass off (wondering who he’s tryna impress???)

and of course the king of grimaces and his sister (he’s kinda hot tbh) and btw everyone calls him Micky! 

dem legs! that grace! yakovs face! 

and of course: the gays 

Plus, Phichit kinda lost his chill

Minako, who is all of us trying to watch the new episode lmao

and those three precious babies who are also totally relatable to every fangirl (but their mom too, kinda)

I don’t give a fuck is the first to compete and he wears a really nice piece of clothing that kinda reminds you of a parrot 

Sala is totally in awe, Emil annoying Micky like usually (at least what we’ve seen up to now)

he doesn’t look 18 tbh, more like 26

that look, why aren’t those two dating?? (I know not everyone can be gay in this series *sigh*)

then again we see this guy 

who kinda invades Vickys personal space 

finally someone who actually expresses his happiness about his score 

now it’s Mickys turn (and this still doesn’t look like a healthy brother-sister relationship tbh)

he’s fit

with that face expression he should totally meet Chris sometime

his biggest fangirl 

he really hates that Emil is after his sister lol

all he thinks about during his performance is his sister and we get some really cute and glamorous throwbacks 

and some creepy shots of his sister sleeping????

he really is a pretty guy though (who’s just a little too overprotective)

strike that manly pose! 

they all look so not impressed 

but he gets a sisterly hug from .. well .. his sister 

SWITCHING SCENES TO KNEELING VIKTOR (he looks comfortable in this pose, wonder if he’s been kneeling like that some other times too??)

Yuuri looks so hot and dominant (kinda like a servant and his master, oh my) but seriously he’s making sure his laces are properly tied how cute and thoughtful???

“YOu’re my babe. Show what you got”

“I’ll make you proud, if not now then later in our shared hotel room”

then we get a hint that shit’s going down so fast

when you forget your responsibilities bc you wanna watch ice-skating live

Viktor being his cheerful self, but Yuuri doesn’t buy it and demands all his attention

“give me all your attention my love, I’ll perform only for you”

oh my yes you showed Russia all your fucking love for this man and oh my god nobody can tell me those two haven’T already been getting it on in bed at this point

the he showed us the most beautiful and fab performance ever, he was actually shining like a star, all about him screamed sex 

*when you’re thinking bout what you gonna do to your boyfriend in bed tonight*bc he’s hot holy shit

he’s SO HOT

everybody is stunned (and probably thinks about what’s underneath that really tight suit)

you’re such a good boyfriend you’re cheering for your babe 

giving the smog kitten some prep talk

seeing how hot the other Yuuri actually is and finally being intimidated by him, kinda (and get even more angry)

still cheering

that pose lmao

but that face, utter hotnesssss 

cheering intensifies 

blushing babe

and when you thought it couldn’t get any better 

an angel appears 

and that angel offends you but you don’t even care

you’re too overwhelmed by all that grace and beauty

like, really overwhelmed

and then you and your gay bf act like the proud parents that you are 

the love in their eyes I can’t they’re so proud

some more prep talk by the most ignorant people ever (and where’s his grandpa??? I was so sorry for him)

anxiety hits him

meanwhile those two are celebrating

VIKTOR EVEN KISSES HIS BLADES lmao someones getting treated good at night for being so perf I swear 

little Yurio just is fucking annoyed by all their PDA (maybe he has to listen to their sweet talk all the time lmao)

then they see him and get all fucking proud and happy

Yurio’S like the annoyed kid who’s getting embarrassed in front of his friends by his parents

kissy kissy make us proud we love you anyways 

“oh MY GOD Dad that’S so embarrassing I’m not five years old anymore” he’s wild lmao, really looks like an angry kitty

parents have no clue why he’s so pissed off

then his performance starts and OH EM GE it was everything! He’s the most beautiful human being e-ver

that face he’s prettier than any of us 

my kitten has to be protected

then he meets someone he hates even more than his parents

here I can see the tiger in him

their faces, I’m dyING

Yuuri is still first place and Viktor couldn’t be any more proud, just look at him watching his bf realize that he’s a sexy beast and in first place

now we get to see Jean-Jacques Leroy or as he likes to call himself King JJ

and to be hones he’s a fucking rock-star (literally??)

he loves himself a lot (kinda the kanye of ice-skating)

and is not afraid to show the junk in his trunk 

like I said…. rock star

“JJ Style” is apparently a thing

I’m digging his lavender costume tbh

he loves himself so much that he makes out with himself in front of everyone

and this is his signature hand-move

SUDDENLY the fun’s over, apparently Makkachin is on the edge of dying and Minako is at the Vet with him (I was crying tbh)

Yuuri immediately thinks about how he wasn’t there when his beloved Vicchan died and then … 

he tells Viktor to leave for Japan BECAUSE HE CARES MORE ABOUT HIS BOYFRIENDS FEELINGS THAN ABOUT WINNING (this gives me life) and eh doesn’t want his boyfriend to experience the same hurt and grief that he went through and all the ‘what ifs’ etc. 

he cares so much

I think Viktor knows that too 

then those people come along

why are my parents fighting?

Viktor is torn on the inside, he doesn’t know what to do

but then he gets an idea…

why not trust this heartless and emotionless men with taking care of his anxious and sometimes confidence lacking boyfriend????

he looks so desperate I can’t

and everyone is like: ?????????????

and then: cliffhanger 

let’s all pray for Makkachin, and for Yurio that his grandpa will show up and for a meeting between JJ and Chris! *prays*

Eh, I only have a PC and my internet is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad. Like, it takes 36 hours to download a game off of Steam bad. And that’s assuming nobody is streaming any videos

But, aside from that, I just really like the idea of a pure experience without intervention from anyone |8 It feels more immersive that way, and I can take my time to look around and look for items and farm and whatnot. I like having things under control and PvP feels too chaotic and rage inducing ahaha. I’m just not a huge fan of playing with others |8

Tsukiuta [Artbook] Bonus Drama CD Translation

(?) = unsure if the translation is right or not.

[00:02] *Pouring tea*

Haru: Here, the tea is done.

Kai: Thank you, Haru. Come on, wake up, Shun.

Shun: Mm… *yawn* So the tea is done. thank you, Haru.

Haru: Hajime and Shun, during this time making tea so were you able to sleep for sure. Come on, Hajime. Shun has woken up so Hajime, you too wake up. This is the last time.

Hajime: Mmm…. I fell asleep… Good morning.

Haru: Now when the leaders was somehow able to wake up, let’s start then, Kai.

Kai: Yeah. Then, Tsukiuta artbook special privilege: Aftertalk with the nencho-gumi!


Shun: Waaai!

Haru: That’s how it is. We’re now in Tsukino production dorms in Gravi’s share room. In this artbook so is the mostly of it pictures of us who will reach you.

Kai: One for one person, twelve for the bastard alone. Taking, taking and continue to take and choose one that will be in the artbook. To make sure that everyone are having fun, before we go into further details so is this rather than an after talk so is this a little meeting, that’s it.

Shun: It was really fun today, lately so has the solo work and combination work gotten more and it’s been a while since all the twelve of us works together.

Hajime: That’s true. It’s happen a few times that we met Procella in the studio but it’s never been so tht we get to be together from the morning. Watching Procella doing their work was kind of interesting.

Shun: Ehehe! Me too. Watching Hajime work and Gravi’s work, it made me really happy. (You were just drooling all over Hajime for sure >u>)

Kai: You sure made it easy to understand that you were competing with yourself.

Haru: Ahaha…

Shun: I’m sure that the schedule was tough. We need to be thankful for Kanade and Dai who worked hard.

Hajime: Yeah. But… *yawn* I’m sure tired.

Haru: You seem to be sleepy. If you rhink about it from around 8 in the morning so were you working hard in the studio. No wonder that you’re tired.

Kai: Rather than that so is Hajime the busiest one here. Not only following the schedule but also making sure that everyone is working, of course he would get tired.

Haru: Here, to make sure you don’t fall asleep, drink some tea. That’s why I said let me help you out and not only care about my photoshoots, leader.

Hajime: Yes, yes, I got it. I’m selfish too, since only one could take care of the work so did I want to do it.

Kai: It’s not like I don’t get your feelings.

Shun: Even if you say so, don’t overwork yourself, doing your work as a leader and taking care of the solos so it’s an obvious thing that you get tired. I heard that as a reward for our hard work so are we off tomorrow and the day after it. It’s the result for Kanade’s hard work, so take your time and rest. Destroying your own health isn’t good either.

Hajime: Shun…

Shun: Ehehe! As your rival and the sibling unit, Procellarum’s leader so is this a request for Six Gravity’s leader. The rival leader collaps from overwork it would be really sad.

Hajime: That’s right. I’ll do so. (Shun, Hajime, get a room you two.)

Kai: Oooooh! Shun said something rarely good!

Shun: Oh, Kai, the one after the busy Hajime so am I busy too so I’ll be resting together tomorrow~ I’m resting together with Hajime~

Kai: I refuse. Acting like a good leader is a second killing. Work for now. For you to work double as usual is no problem for you.

Shun: Eeeeh~!

Haru: Ahaha! Shun really loves Hajime~!

Shun: Ehehe! Of course! The reason I got scouted was for Hajime sake. Right now existing as Procella’s Shimotsuki Shun so is the existence Mutsuki Hajime needed, just thinking abou-……….. See~ Don’t you feel the fate, Hajime~

Hajime: No, nothing.  

Shun: COOOOOOL! (He said this in english) SO COOOOOOOL!!!!*

Kai: For you so is anything okay. Aah but that good for now at least. This meeting is actually parted in two parts, the first one is “tell the reason you got scouted”.

Shun: Aaah! Yes, yes! The reason I got scouted was-

Kai: Okay! We’ve already heard enough of Shun’s part so let’s go to the next one,  let’s go to the next one! Let’s go with the second leader, Hajime, here you go.

Hajime: Hm? Ah, I… The reason I got scouted…

Kai: According to the notes so is it ojkay to answer thing like “I just felt like it” there are sure things you wanted to run from in the start.

Hajime: I see… Hmm… In my case so do I think I wanted to make a big change, that’s my biggest reason, I think. What I wanted to change is something I don’t really know. Anyway, I just wanted to see what was outside from what I’m used to see. Take in new things, put on more power, above that so did I want to see how far I can go. That’s what kind of feelings I have.

Haru: Right when we debuted so did you tell me something like that.

Hajime: Ah, I found the wounded Kuroda and went to take him to his owner which was the producer and he put his eyes on me. After I called for help so did I get dragged and I ended up being in this situation I tought I had a job to explain this.

Haru: I don’t think you got dragged in it though. Ehehe!

Kai: Oh! Then going with this flow Haru, here you go.

Haru: Then, first, the thing that happened before I got scout so is it just like Hajime said. Kuroda got wounded and we saved him.

Shun: And the producer talked to you.

Haru: Yes. Together with Hajime. The first thing i tought of when I got scouted was just a normal surprise like “I, debut as an idol?” Then, that shock calmed down and I somehow got interested. Until now so didn’t I have any interests for this world. Anyway so did it seem like I could gain experience and see all kind of things and I thought it was somehow interesting. I will say it because it’s now but it was a light feeling.

Shun: Haru is sure curious and the result of that curiousity is actually a reason.

Kai: Ahaha!

Haru: I get called in that way too. I’m honored. Actually so was the dorm live pretty fun and my family gave me a puush in the back.

Kai: Your little sister and your mother was interested in the entertainment industry.

Haru: That’s right. By the way, it was around the exam period so did I have things like future in my head.

Kai: That’s obvious. The school you and Hajime were in was a top class high school after all. In the end so did you accept it.

Haru: Please listen to me~ That Hajime has accepted it all of sudden and started to study about how an entertainment industry works and he told me about it later. We got offered to do it together so wouldn’t it be bad to talk to me before going and accept it. How cold. So that “I don’t want to lose to him” part was there too.

Hajime: Really?

Haru: Really, really. I know that there’s alot I can’t do against the king but I won’t forget the feelings that I’m competing to you. Saying “competing” is a bit hardcore… The feeling not wanting to lose.

Hajime: Oh… I see. That’s nice, Haru. Thank you.

Haru: You’re welcome. Then, the last one is Kai.

Kai: I? My thought is pretty close to Haru’s, wanting to see all kind of things and do all kind of things, that was the basic of my thoughts and I was okay with doing anything.

Hajime: Doing anything. Can you specify what kind of things.

Kai: I was really doing anything orginazing things or hanging up announce, just normal Part-time job-like things. Searching for lost pets or helping lost children, I also did some detective-like things. Hm! All kind of things.

Hajime: Heeeh~

Kai: By the way, did you guys do anything like part-time jobs?

Shun: Never.

Haru: Straightforward answer~ I used to help out a bit during the long breaks. Since our school didn’t allow any part-time jobs so wasn’t there many people who did it.

Shun: It’s the same thing at my place. Everyone was into studying.

Kai: What about Hajime?

Hajime: I worked as a tutor and… I also did some small things like keeping a shop for someone.

Haru: Eh? What is that? First time I hear about it!

Hajime: It’s because it’s my first time saying it.

Shun: Of course so is he keeping it as a secret from the school.

Hajime: Of course, I would be expelled if they found out. Well a lot happened.

Haru: The list of this Hajime didn’t tell me is getting longer.

Kai: What is that? Let’s continue, I’m the same as Haru, rather than being interested in entertainment industry so did I do it to gain some more experience. That’s why I accepted the offer. There were things like first love’s promise and romantic reasons but talking about that is a bit embarrassing so I’ll be keeping it for myself.

Shun: I know it in a veeeeeeeery deep way though.

Kai: Don’t say it. Then, let’s go to the next part, eeeh, the impression you have right now for every memeber. This time so will I start.

Shun: Here you go.

Kai: Rui - He’s the one who grew up the most so watching him is funny. Iku - someone who’ll be really manly in the future. This impression will never change which is kind of awesome. You - Good at taking care of other people, a tsundere type (Omg I’m laughing so hard right now) He’s really funny sometimes. Yoru - Good at taking care of people, a serious, good at cooking, his cooking is really good. (The ultimate wife) Shun - well, I count on you from now on too?

Shun: Yeees! I count on you too. Just like Kai’s name so are you a kind  and caring just like the ocean. Rui is cat, he’s starting to show himself lately. Iku is a serious and cute puppy. He’ll grow up and become a proper person. You - is the one who takes care of the awesome tsukkomi. Yoru - Serious and honest a hard working child. I thiiiink~

Hajime: You answered surprisingly serious.

Shun: Well that’s because it’s about our precious members. Same as Hajime. Ehehe!

Hajime: I see

Shun: Yes, yes.

Haru: The leaders are getting along. Then it’s Gravi’s turn. Starting form me, Kakeru - Mogu Mogu Kakeru there’s a lot of times where he happens to be unlucky but he has the strenght that he doesn’t want to lose. Koi - Talking about unfortunate but he doesn’t run away and he works hard and has a good focusing skills. If he continues like that so will he graduate from bring unfortunate. Arata - A my paced guy. He’s impossible to read and it makes him interesting. Aoi-kun - A honest, has a balance sense and a kind child. Hajime is, juslt like I said before, someone I don’t want to lose to, let’s do our best to pull the other childs with us.

Hajime: I… Hm… Kakeru - grow up. Koi - Working hard. Arata - Make sure to look and walk forward. Aoi - take it easy and have fun. Haru - Roger! From now on I count on you. Something like that…

Kai: Hajime sure made it easy.

Hajime: Why not?

Kai: OKay, okay, I didn’t say it was bad.

Haru: That was the end for the meeting for now.

Shun: I was sleepy at first but after we started to talk so did I end up wanting to talk instead. With the four of us chilling lose and having a good time. It’s my lovely time.

Kai: Ahaha!

Haru: It’s my lovely time too. A good tea and nice friends, it’s nice, right?

Hajime: It happens a lot that we get combined even with people from other units.

Kai: “The leaders and the under boys (?)” is what we’re being called for, it seems like.

Haru: What is that? I get the leaders so I and Kai are the under boys. It’s sounds somehow evil. I don’t hate it though.

Kai: Right. Okay! Then let’s try to make a plot of it next time.

Haru: Making a plot is a part of being an idol.

Shun: I and Hajime are the leaders, I’m honored standing in the same place. Hey, Hajime, looking at you shine makes me happy, as your number 1 fan and as a leader so do I want you to shine more, more and show it to the world and to me.

Hajime: Shun…

Shun: Hm?

Hajime: You’re the same too? Show me more of your height. I too, will take the guys under us.

Shun: Ehehe! That’s right, Hajime, if you wish so, so will I do anything to grant that wish.

Haru: The leaders are somehow getting along.

Kai: Right, our leader is sometimes our reliable Shun-sama when he puts on the face of a leader. Well, that’s why he is our leader.

Shun: Ahahah! That’s how it is.

Kai: After all so did we have a nice time shall we end it soon.

Haru: That’s right. Aftertalk that’s the end of it, Hajime, Kai, Shun, everyone thank you for your hard work.


Kai: Thank you for your hard work.

Shun: To all the listeners, thank you for hanging out with us until the end, see you later.

Hajime: From now on with Six Gravity and Procellarum I look forward to work with you. See you later.

*He acually said かっこいい(Kakkoii) which means cool. but writing cool twice would make it seem weird so I go with “So cool”

I had a fun time tranlsating this. Actually after looking at how everyone gave their impressions of the members of their units made me want to do it too. So the next post will be my first impression of all the Guys in both Procella and Gravi. Thank you for reading my translations :D