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stragan and dancing

“Dr. Strand,” Alex huffs out a laugh at the pathetic placement of his hand much, much higher than it should be on her back, like he’s afraid that if he puts it lower her ass will bite (which it won’t, she thinks, unless this place has put some sort of curse on her) “it’s okay.” 

He doesn’t move his hand any lower, but his eyes crinkle at the corners in silent amusement, a quality of of his that she’s recently come to admire, along with the conspiracy beard — and god, she can’t believe she actually misses the conspiracy beard. 

“I don’t really think proper dancing technique is in question at the moment, Alex,” he murmurs, gaze flicking towards where Nic is currently attempting to read through a horribly decrepit latin spell-book, and Alex snorts in agreement.

send me a pairing + a prompt and i’ll write you a three-sentence fic !!

I must say, I really like the way Japanese anime magazines write about Victuuri.

Take this one for example - it’s a tiny excerpt from the February Animage. (Feel free to correct me if you think my translation is inaccurate.)

Transcending teacher and student
Yuuri doesn’t have a name for his feelings for Victor but he decides to call them “love”. The relationship between Yuuri and Victor transcends mere student-teacher relations and may be something even deeper and warmer than that.

What I find amusing about this is the use of the word “maybe” (かもしれない). It’s like they’re trying to somehow water it down and make it sound less romantic than it really is (and they’re failing at it pretty badly lol). They paint this sweet, warm picture of their relationship only to later go “…maybe!”. It just feels like such an afterthought, like someone checking the original text and going “Hey, this sounds too gay, try to make it sound more casual, ya know, more platonic or something” and the person just slapped ‘maybe’ onto it and called it a day lol.

Anyway, where I’m going with this is to say that most Japanese viewers know that they’re more than a student and teacher, more than an idol and his fan, more than friends or family. The authors of the articles even go as far as to point it out in pretty clear terms (in an official anime magazine)! The reason the “maybe” is funny, is because they’re still trying to keep it ambiguous, like “ooh, maybe they’re fiances, maybe they’re just really good friends, who knooooows~” like some sort of self-indulgent cock-teasing of the fans, as though we don’t know the truth. I have a feeling it’s also a means to fend off the fans who don’t see Victor and Yuuri as a couple (heretics, I know) and a way for them to say “Well, we said that they are more than a student and teacher but we didn’t say what they are exactly“ as though it’s not obvious, meaning that some fans who completely reject the idea that they might be gay can come up with their own explanation for what they are.

I suppose I just find it amusing that they go out of their way to describe how their relationship is not platonic and then go “But hey, if you want to think otherwise then we can’t stop you (but they’re still more than student-teacher, mate)”.

It’s a bit like they’re implying that “You can think what you want, but we all know that they’re in love.” without actually saying that.

It’s like they’re both conforming to Japanese standards and going against them all at once.

And, I don’t know, I just really like that harmless contradiction. Their message is subtle and almost hesitant, but clear - Victor and Yuuri love each other in more ways than one - and I really do appreciate that they took the time (and space) to point it out.

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listen i am so emo abt those macdennis headcanons can u give me more they're so sweet

  • mac eventually tells dennis about the erotic nightmare he had about him. dennis can’t stop thinking about it, so one night he decides to reenact it for mac, who finds the whole thing so amusing that he can’t look at the other man for a whole week without bursting into peals of laughter. dennis tries to be angry about this, but it’s hard to when mac is smiling like that, all because of him. 
  • dennis loves tracing his fingertips (and when he’s buzzed, his tongue) along the freckles on mac’s shoulders. “i’m trying to count how many you have,” he says to mac every time, but really he just likes the way mac sighs and leans into his touch.
  • mac likes it when dennis wears any kind of makeup, but he especially likes it when dennis wears lipstick. a lot. not just because dennis looks prettier than usual (which he does), but mac absolutely adores that dennis’s kisses leave a mark behind on his skin.
  • they still go to guigino’s without fail every month - the only thing that’s new is the hand-holding. dennis lets mac order whatever he wants, as long as they get to share dessert (which mac feeds to him, of course).
  • laundry day is something both of them look forward to; mac because dennis lounges around the apartment wearing mac’s old sleeveless tees, and dennis because mac does the same, only he’s shirtless.
Being short sucks.

I’m a short freshman in a public high school (5 foot) and at least everyone I know is taller than me. Some more than others. But the is my one good friend who is around 6'2" and he usually walks me to class with his arm resting on my head or shoulder. Now I don’t mind this I find it quite amusing but not some of the teachers. The other day the bell for out first class rang and we were walking down the hall. Everything was going smooth until a teacher stopped us and told the guy “y'know she isn’t going to get any taller if you keep weighing her down like that.” This was all fine and dandy until I realized the teacher just roasted me and my tall friend. I laughed about it for the rest of the day though.

Thrill Seeker

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 489
Warnings: Fluffy Lucifer. Probably very out of character
Written for my 400 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @nicolesyneah25 . Prompt: Roller Coaster / Quote: “Are you sure you want to do this? Because there’s no turning back.”

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BTS Reacts to You Singing Obnoxiously Loud in the Shower

Hey guys! A new day, a new reaction, I guess. I have a few requests, but there’s always room for more! Inbox me any reactions that you would like to see!


     Anonymous:  Bts reacts to their S/O singing obnoxiously loud in the shower.

1. Jin 

     As long as you’re not doing it super late at night, he owuld probably find it cute. If he knew the song, he might hum or quietly sing along. When you get out, he won’t say much about it.

     “Cute, Jagi,” He says as you walk passed, grinning.

2. Suga

     Suga would be less than amused. He’s a stickler for perfection, so he’s probably dying on the inside. If he was trying to nap, he might even get angry. He would definitely say something about it.

     “Make sure no one is home next time you do that. I prefer my ears as they are,” He mutters, his expression bordering on anger.

3. J-Hope

     J-Hope would find it hilarious. He would dance around, just happy that you’re singing at all. He strikes me as someone who would find everything his Jagi did adorable. When you came out, he would probably still be dancing and singing just as obnoxiously as you were.

     “Jagi, come duet with me! It’s incomplete without your voice! Please?” He would resort to aegyo in hopes that you’ll join him.

4. Rap Monster

     Rapmon would immediately join in, giving an extremely enthusiastic performance. In doing so, he would most likely knock something over. You would end up coming out while he’s cleaning it up, still singing loudly and off key.

     “What? I didn’t mean to break it, okay? I’ll get you a new on, I promise,” He looks sheepish as he finished cleaning up.

5. Jimin

     Jimin would be amused by your singing. Depending on what songs you were singing along to, he might quietly sing along. He would definitely tease you about it when you got out.

     “Are you okay, Jagi? It sounded like there was a dying cat in there,” Jimin’s expression is amused as he tries to hold in his laughter.

6. V

     V would be cracking up instantly. He found it hilarious that you were able to sing like that. He might try to see if he could match what you were doing. He would be dancing around and wouldn’t notice you come out.

     “How do you do that with your voice? It’s so strange,” He would be genuinely curious.

7. Jungkook

     Jungkook is the other member I see cringing throughout the entire experience. He would end up putting his headphones in, shutting out you singing until you come out.

     “Huh? What did you expect, Jagi? That was terrifying,” Jungkook teases, attempting to keep his expression neutral and failing.

It’s not too long, but I hope you enjoyed it! Inbox me any requests you have!

A Roleplayer’s Guide to: The State of Ohio!

I’ve seen these posts floating around that are giving roleplayer’s help in regards to writing about certain places but haven’t really seen any regarding the great state of Ohio, so here we are! If you want to play a character from Ohio, here are some helpful tidbits for you!

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Veela and Valiant Heroes


(I decided to write a little something based on this samodivas post of mine)

“Well, this book says that Veela are especially attracted to valiant heroes who have done them good.” And Potter’s as valiant a hero as they come and he saved your life. You didn’t stand a chance, Draco.” Pansy said, her eyes glittering with amusement while Draco groaned loudly and more dramatically than Pansy thought necessary.

“I’m not a full Veela though. I’m 1/16th of a Veela. Surely any… attraction the tiny Veela part of me feels for Potter can be overcome with a potion or something!”

Pansy gave him a flat look before snorting. “I don’t think your attraction to Potter even has anything to do with your Veela heritage. You had the hots for him even before he saved your arse.”

Draco went pink. “I did not have the hots for Potter!” he spluttered in embarrassment. “What else does the book say?!” 

Pansy shook her head with a sigh. “It says that if the valiant hero rejects the Veela, the Veela will gradually lose their attraction to the hero. However, if the hero accepts the Veela’s advances, the Veela would feel a strong desire to bond as soon as possible with the hero.”

Draco groaned even louder. “Fuck me.” he said in dismay

Pansy grinned. “No, darling. You need to knock on Potter’s door for that.”


make me choose @powerprincesses​ asked: jayden being unneccesarily dramatic or dillon being unneccesarily dramatic

GD's Proposal

A/N: this took longer than intended, troll Taeyang will always be my ultimate favorite!

Originally posted by hell-ogoodbye

“Where are you taking me!” You pleaded as GD dragged you across the street to what looked like a restaurant.

“Shh, it’s a surprise!” He said enthusiastically like a kid at an amusement park. His palm was sweaty. You knew he was nervous. You two walked into the restaurant the waiter seated you two on the spot. “I ordered for you already,”

“Ji, seriously what’s this for?” You asked suspiciously eyeing him and the restaurant.

“What? I can’t take my girlfriend out to dinner?”

“No, that’s not what I’m referring to, you’re acting weird today.”

“What!” His voice became a slight pitch higher than usual. The food came in right on time. He looked relieved. “Let’s dig in!” He said eagerly, stuffing his face to avoid any more conversation. You two spend your time talking about either work or friends, over time you brought up his odd behavior, he would ignore the question.

“Hey, Y/N.” His serious tone made you sit up straight, you were worried, he never talks like this.

Was something wrong?

“Y-Yeah,” You stuttered, all the blood rushed from your hands leaving them feeling cold as ice. You could see how nervous he was from the lip biting to the rubbing the back of his neck. His behavior had been going for a while; you brushed it off at first but today it seemed to worry you even more.  

He wouldn’t cheat on me. Or would he?

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Give me an...S


Sex is one of the any things Shu is actually willing to be awake for.
Obviously cowgirl position is his favourite because you do most of the work but don’t be mistaken; that doesn’t mean you are in control.
He likes dominating you until he’s all you think about, but is always amused and willing to let you try it on him.
It can get seriously kinky, remember if you are going to bed Shu; you need to have an open mind..and a good pain threshold.
Shu loves nothing more than teasing, he likes control, he likes pain. Your pain of course.
Don’t be surprised when he brings out a knife to play with.
You are guaranteed a mind blowing orgasam.


✨🎉Let’s Parties for Trade/Sale!!!🎉✨

No tags; condition is used/loved. For closer pictures and more angles, please pm me here!

Trading for: 16cm: Blue and Orange Macarons, Purple and Yellow Cotton Candies, Yellow Eden. Feel free to offer up any 16cms! I’m interested in the Olympics series, Monotone, Regional, Lovely, etc. etc. try me!
*16CMs will be partial trades unless we make a deal for more than one.

Selling for:
White Large: $120 Including Shipping
Beige Large: Offers + $15 Shipping
*Feel free to negotiate on any price; Shipping price is for USA; Outside of USA please ask.
Signal boosts would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

i and love and you | naruto

prompt: one of them gets sick and the other has to take care of them. @stellatiate
sum: you and me, we flew
a/n: i’m going to start taking prompts on my narfic sideblog @datte-ba, just fyi! also, please reblog + comment! 

Hanabi doesn’t expect him to make an appearance. Or, maybe she does, but not this quickly.

Kou offers the younger Hyuuga sister an amused look as she passes by, but Hanabi is careful not to do more than smile. Naruto’s eagerness in regards to all things concerning her sister is an easily laughable thing, but in a good way. His open and endless love for Hinata Hyuuga brings a smile and affectionate laughter to almost anyone’s face, sometimes even Hiashi’s.

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I am weirdly invested in the idea of Solas having a kind of fatherly pride in Fenris
  • Solas: Your name is Fenris. "Little Wolf."
  • Fenris: You find my name amusing? So did my master.
  • Fenris: He gave me that name as a kind of joke. He relished any chance to twist what he knew of Elven culture and language to his own ends.
  • Fenris: And he enjoyed the thought of keeping a wolf at heel.
  • Solas: But you did not stay at heel, did you?
  • Fenris: I did not.
  • Solas: Then you have more than lived up to the name. Your namesake would be proud.
  • Fenris: My namesake?
  • Fenris: Do you mean Fen'Harel? In all honesty I could not care less what ancient elves would think of me, much less their gods.
  • Solas: *laughs* Good.

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Your wish is my absolute pleasure! Just a bit of fluff (I’m in the midst of writing something much more substantial for these two!) but I hope you like it:

“Ah, Cogsworth!”

On any other day, Cogsworth would have found the odd emphasis on the final syllable of his name amusing. Endearing, even. He’d never heard anyone else, even a Frenchman, pronounce his name the way Lumière did. The former candlestick insisted that he was from a very small village with an exceptional accent (‘Rare, like a fine wine, mon cher!’) but Cogsworth wasn’t sure he believed him. His culinary training, after all, could only be Parisian.

“Your forehead is more creased than the bedsheets, mon ami! Relax, it was only a kiss. We were celebrating!”

Cogsworth thought that the residents of Lumière’s village must have very strange ideas about celebration. It had been three weeks since they were returned to their human forms, and he still hadn’t found a way to talk to his friend about how his wax lips had felt against his pane of varnished wood. Apparently, he wasn’t going to.

“It was not proper,” he tried, knowing even as he let the words out that they sounded weak. As if he was looking for an objection, rather than believing it. Apparently Lumière knew that, too, because he raised one eyebrow and quirked his head in amused fashion.

“Not proper, mon cher?”

Cogsworth hated how much he didn’t hate when Lumière called him that.

“Or not good enough?” Before the butler could even begin to splutter in indignation, Lumière was speaking again, stepping forward on the end of each sentence. “Perhaps you were feeling more jubilant than that, no? Perhaps you feel that my little efforts did not express how…” He was very close now, “wonderful you feel?”

Cogsworth decided that how he actually felt was as if someone had pulled the tablecloth from beneath him, and all his gears had come loose. Was the other man right? Cogsworth’s mind rebelled at the idea, but there was a little click elsewhere in him that disagreed.

“Perhaps you feel Plumette should not have had my lips after they had become yours.” Lumière’s voice was quiet, measured. He was looking Cogsworth directly in the eye, and Cogsworth found he couldn’t quite look away. Not even to blink.

“N-No,” he managed.

Lumière shook his head. “Try again, mon cher.”

Cogsworth struggled to find another option, but it was difficult to think of any more objections with Lumière so close to him. The truth had, very unexpectedly, become the easiest choice. He took it.

“Yes.” Cogsworth’s voice was barely above a whisper, but it drew a smile from Lumière so bright that for a moment, the butler wondered if his candles were flaring. And then Lumière leaned closer, and Cogsworth felt sure that his face must be as hot as it would have been if he was close to those burning flames. Cool lips brushed his cheek, and shining eyes found his startled gaze.

“Come, amour.” Cogsworth blushed, and Lumière grinned. “We have a dinner to present.”

The Consequence-Sentence Meme

● „Do your past secrets haunt you? Do you wish to tell them, but something holds you back?“
● „Hey you! What’s going on?“
● „Are you kidding me?“
● „Do you have any idea why the world is the way it is?“
● „There must be some way to stop him/her.“
● „You should find this useful.“
● „Why would you hide that from me?“
● „I am willing to overlook your certain ‘peculiarities’ for what you can provide me.“
● „You are testing my limits.“
● „You need me and there’s no way around it.“
● „Keep your emotions out of this. He/She brought it upon himself/herself.“
● „The irony of this situation is amusing.“
● „Your assistance is even more necessary than before.“
● „You’re not required to trust me; only to obey.“
● „We need to talk. You’re getting out of control…“
● „I don’t need you hiding shit from me too!“
● „I’m trying to help.“
● „I don’t know what would have happened to me if you hadn’t brought me in.“
● „I’m sorry for putting you through this.“
● „What is it you plan on doing?“
● „I don’t need your excuses!“
● „You run because you’re weak!“
● „Can you discern between evil and good?“
● „Just stay out of my way!“
● „Stop! You’re making a terrible mistake!“
● „Expendable? So that’s how you see me? And I trusted you…“
● „You made the choice of your own free will!“
● „Fear is such a subtle thing… when one experiences true fear is when they can be controlled.“
● „You will bow under this fear or you will die!“
● „I gave you an order. And you failed.“
● „You know the consequences for failure.“
● „Fuck you! I’ve had enough of this, I’ll kill you right here.“
● „You don’t know me. I’m stronger than you think!“

it’s a cold, cold place in the arms of a thief

“…leave me alone but just don’t leave me here, all right?”

Say what you want to about Nakamori Aoko. She’s not stupid, you know. You don’t just grow up with someone and not be able to put two and two together.

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Keeping it Professional

Fandom: Chicago PD
Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Set sometime during S3
Genre: 100% pure and shameless smut
Summary: Linstead left on paperwork duty while the unit is out in the field and they take advantage of their ‘alone time’ in the workplace.

Requested by Anonymous

A/N: Again, a huge thank you to my beta @dylanobrienstyler. You are the best.

If there is any Stydia shippers out here, you should check out her Relentless slow-burn Stydia romance. It is so good!

If you like this, reviews are sure to inspire me to write more! And every feedback counts.

“I need you,” she announced after coming back from the storage room.

His head shot up from the papers he was leaning in to see better, his look a bit confused, amused and more dirty than she’d like to admit.

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