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I made a crown! I actually made this at the end of last year to go with my menswear inspired cotehardie. I filmed the process so I could make a tutorial and I finally have it edited and ready to share!

The crown is made from brass stampings that were embellished with rhinestones. The base is made from boning that is covered with velvet and beaded with seed beads and glass montees. 

My rhinestones were too deep for the settings in the brass stampings, so they aren’t as straight as i’d like. But overall i’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!

The tutorial can be watched here, or below :)


70th Cannes Film Festival 🎥
Montee Des Marches LIVE 🔴▶️


It’s done! I decided against the gold mesh trimming and veil, so I just had to attach the fancy jewel.

It’s actually a glass montee which I colored with alcohol inks. Then I glued a beaded  border around it and attached it to a brass cameo frame. 

I’m super happy with how this turned out! It isn’t perfectly symmetrical but it’s so different from the headpieces i’ve made before and as a whole I really love it. Especially the way all the materials work together, I think it’s quite striking.

I’ll try to get a worn photo of it tomorrow - but I have to finish the dress that goes with it before taking fancy photos, and that might take a week or two.


More beading~ This time on the pocket…things (covers? flaps?)

Used gold lace basted onto the red wool as a base, then sewed sequins all around it. Seed beads cover the open portions of the lace, and clear montees are placed at various points. They look a little crazy on their own but I think they will look lovely once attached to the jacket.


Hey it’s LaMont Chaney II AGAIN
I’m 19 soon to be 20 an I’m a D1 football player🏈 transferring from Hampton university to NC state
Im nothing special just a black man trying to make it in America an be happy an successful to raise a family one day !
This blackout post features my dreads that I cut an miss so much 😓

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I spent longer than I would care to admit reorganizing my beads last night. It was a ridiculous mess before and everything had to be removed from the big box to get to anything. Now it’s nicely sorted and a lot easier to find things in!

The downton abbey box has all my sew on montees. The black box is  filled with rhinestones and sequins. The hot chocolate tin is the perfect size from 3″ vials of seed beads.

The boxes in the bottom picture are for thread & findings, hotfix rhinestones, and various beads that are stored in tic tac boxes. Beads I have larger amounts of are stored in spice jars around my sewing room!