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Oblivion (Joseph Kosinski, 2013).


The Sigurd Stones are a group of 8 Viking Age runestones located in Sweden. Each stone depicts, in some way, images from the Norse legend of Sigurd the dragon slayer. They are the earliest known Norse representations of this legend, which also expands into German lore as the Nibelungenlied: an epic poem written in Middle-High German that tells the story of Siegfried and his wife Kriemhild. The Vikings even erected stones in Great Britain depicting aspects of these stories after their invasion. As such, the legend is considered amongst one of the many stories Vikings told to understand themselves and the world they lived in.

One of the more famous, and more impressive, Sigurd stones is the Ramsund Carving, which I’ll talk more about in the next post!


Sunset, Monument Valley, Arizona


One of many rainy days in Yosemite this year.

I mean I reject the notion that the “feminine lesbians played by straight women” in the media actually represent femmes, but they sure as shit aren’t butch! And even if we are playing the “well masculine women and butch/femme couples are idealized in queer spaces” game I’m gonna ask again… where??

The queer community is not some monolithic thing, what is good for the community in one place is not good for the queer community globally. While it is helpful to organize on larger scales it is important to recognize that from country to country there are different needs and histories so listen to the citizens of the country to find out what they need. Strangers stomping in and making judgement on a countries queer community is rarely helpful.

Instead consider taking time and finding preexisting organizations within the country and supporting them, and listening to their expertise.