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Op being high and dylann getting mad for it

“It’s been such a long day at work I neeeed to let loose tonight”, you text your best friend Ash. 
“Oh honey I agree, we need to get fucked up”, she responds aggressively.

You’re keeping yourself stuck in the bathroom stall with the hope that your coworkers will finish up the last five minutes of your job. They know you just went through a horrible breakup a couple days ago. Finally, after you hear things settling down you exit your stall to wash up. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you just look…haggard. Like you you’ve been beaten up and thrown in a ditch. You rustle through your purse looking for some chapstick you had in there, but slam the sink with your fist out of frustration. 

“Alright guys I’m outta here”, you scream at your co-workers. 
You’ve lost so much weight on your already slender frame because of the breakup and get infuriated at the fact that you have to keep picking up your pants. So you don’t and your thong begins to show as you sit down in your car. 

The parking lot is dark and smells densely of pee. Like usual you thought. You light a cigarette and inhale your urine tinged smoke deeply into your lungs. Your phone rings loudly, startling you. It’s Ash.

“God damnit dude what the fuck!”, you yell at her.
“Ahh alright, fuck you too dude”, she laughs back at you.
“Sorry, you know how it is”, your car breaks screech as you try to talk and drive.
“What was that? That sounds fierce I love it”, Ash jokingly says.
“Oh baby you know, the sound of poverty”, you both laugh as a smile rushes across your face. 

Ash gets you through everything and you know she’s going to get you through tonight. You’re about to pull into your apartment building drive way and you spot a weird looking guy casually walking right by it.
“When should I come pick you up?”, Ash says as you stare at this man. 
“Hellooo”, Ash still waiting for an answer.
“Sorry, there’s a weird guy walking around out here, but give me like an hour so like 10:30″, you say putting your car into park.
You’re hesitant to get out but he seems to be walking away.

You get out and he starts trailing back to you.
“Sorry miss but this may be a little forward but do you know anyone who would be willing to buy any of this”, he opens a bag full of pills, weed, and what looks like coke.
“Uhh, are you my guardian angel? I sure would. Unless your a cop.”
You smile and twirl your hair.
“I’ll take this. This, and some of this.” You point out at some weed, a few hydrocodone, and a small baggie of coke.
“Wow thanks miss, I guarantee all my shit is top of the line you won’t be disappointed. Hey, I’ll give you the weed for free. Tell your friends about me babe.”
Suddenly your new apartments that you moved into don’t seem so scary anymore. You hold your things to your chest as you open your apartment door. 
You get a quick shower, do your makeup fierce as ever, and apply your best perfume. You’re goal is to get messed up AND fucked if you can help it tonight.

Ash pulls up right on the dot of 10:30. She texts you “I’m here”.
“Uhh bitch I see”, you jokingly say.
“Alright bitch well hurry up”, Ash slams on her horn.
“Haha calm down I’m coming”, you run out the door.

You’re wearing all black. Your black jeans nicely holding up your ass. Your long hair down in soft curls, your chest and tummy slightly showing in your black crop top. Your black boots tightly tied. You look like you could kill a man and  you smell like soft roses.
“Bitch I always knew you’d look good at your funeral”, Ash slaps your leg.
You both crack up.
“Hey I got a blunt, where we going?”, you ask Ash.
“So there’s this party up the street, but there’s also this thing going on at this dude Joey’s house but it’s up to you”, Ash moves her hands around.
“Joey hot? I need vitamin D too hah”, you lick your blunt again.
“Hardly, but there might be some other guys there”, Ash assertively tells you while grabbing and licking your blunt again.
“Fuck it lets go”.

You pull up to Joey’s. You both only see a couple cars.
“Heyyyy, are you Nate’s friends?” Joey asks you as you pull in more.
“Yep.”, Ash responds as she explains who Nate is.
“Alright cool, pull up here, also only a couple more people are comin’’, Joey excitedly says. 
Joey invites you guys in, noticing you are a lot taller than Ash.
“Wow, you’re pretty tall, and I like your hair”, Joey says practically drooling.
“Hah, thanks hun”, you say with a half smile.

“You guys want something to drink?”,  Joey asks as you look at the lineup of cheap liquor, sodas and fruit juices. 
“Yea I’ll have some of that whipped cream vodka with some of that orange soda, just like half both in one cup”, you say stumbling on your words.
“A little specific but alright”, Joey says laughing and looking straight into your eyes.
“Sorry”, you laugh back.
Ash is already outside with some other girls, maybe Nate’s friends you think.
Joey hands you your drink and you both go outside too.
“Hey” everyone says as you wave your hand. Except one guy sitting and staring at his phone in the corner not covered in light.
He looks up for one moment, catching a glimpse of you. You both lock eyes. he fidgets with his hair and looks down letting out some what of a sigh.
“Dylann, you gonna drink buddy?”, Joey asks him.
“No, I’m okay for tonight.”, he says getting up and going back inside.
Dylann, huh. You thought. Why was he so mysterious? Or maybe he just felt awkward around people he didn’t know.
You reach for your little black backpack and grab another blunt out and begin to share with everyone. There’s a couple decent looking guys there but none worth a rebound. You take extra long hits off your blunt before passing it around. And others start to notice.
“You alright?’, a random guy asks.
“Yea man, I’m cool just a little stressed and need this right now”, you say taking another hit off your blunt. 
Everything is getting warm and your problems are starting to ease off with the nights conversation.

Suddenly, that guy Dylann you saw earlier comes back outside with a cigarette in his mouth. Ash jumps all over him for one. “Omg you have cigs please let me have one”, as she begs and pleads to him.
“Sure, here.” Dylann says handing her one. His hands delicate yet strong, you touch it as you grab the cig to hand to Ash, who is clearly already too drunk.
“Thanks, Dylann right?”, you ask him. 
He smirks up at you, “Yea, no problem”.
He lights his own and offers to share with you.
“Thanks, sure.” You giggle at him. “I know Ash here won’t share with me anyways.” you say sticking your tongue out at her.
He throws his head back and lightly laughs then bends down to tie his boot and fidget with his jeans really quick. As he’s coming back up you begin to hand him the cig but almost hit his hair and ashes fall all over his head.
“Sorry oh my god, here”, you say wiping it out of his head disturbing his odd bowl shaped hair cut. 
“Don’t worry about it”, Dylann says as he seems a little mad.
“Sorry though”, you say awkwardly once more.
Dylann just looks at you and goes back inside. Treading his heavy boots with him, on his extremely lean frame.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s sensitive about his hair”, Joey says.
“I know I see that now but still I feel bad”, you say looking down.
 “Hey, I’ll be right back, gotta go the bathroom”, you look at Ash.
“Be careful baby girl”, Ash screams as she hangs onto a guy she must be attracted to.

You go back into Joey’s house, noticing how unkempt it was and just full of clothes and old fast food trash. You’re standing in the kitchen and you notice Dylann had gone outside in the front.
You refill your cup with the same things you had earlier and head outside.
“It’s soooo nice out right?”, you say to Dylann. He’s leaning against his car.
“Yea it’s pretty nice out”, he says shifting his body away from you.
You walk up to him closer and closer going right in front of his face.
“Look, don’t think I’m a bitch please. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable back there”, you say looking straight into his eyes.
“I don’t, it’s alright”, he says looking down.
He looks you up and down like you couldn’t tell he was. Then looks up at your eyes before looking right away.
“Can I have another cig, I promise I won’t do anything stupid”, you ask twirling your hair looking at him straight in the face.
“Yea alright”, he says as he licks his lips nervously and reaching for his pack.
He lights you one and hands it to your right hand. You begin smoking it as he lights his. He reaches for his pocket and puts his lighter back up and shifts his body a little while leaning into his car more. There’s an awkward silence but you get the vibe that he finds your at least someone what attractive by the way he’s looking at you.

“I like your style”, you say to him in a cute little voice looking at his rolled up jeans, boots, and sweater.
“Thanks you too”, he nervously smiles and laughs.
You accidentally drop your cig and reach around to get it. As you come back up you notice Dylann had been looking at your ass so you decide to play on it.
“Do you think these jeans make my ass look good?”, you ask grinning at him.
“Uhh, sure” he says slowly seemingly getting uncomfortable.
“Hey I’ll be right back”, you say smiling as you go a few feet away to your car.
Dylann grabs his phone back out and plays with it while also looking at you. He reaches in his car and puts on some music and drinks whisky from a small bottle straight. He fumbles with the volume until he reaches his desired level and pops his head back out of the car. 
“I’ve got some of this”, you wave the coke bag at him.
“Oh cool”, he says kinda of taken-a-back by realizing what it was.
“You want some?”, you ask as you take some onto your nail.
“Yes, please”, he says in a polite southern drawl while fidgeting with his mouth.
“Hah alright boy calm down”, you say as you nudge his arm. His face quickly changing to a straight expression.
You thought it would be a good time to flirt considering how horny you were and how cute you thought he was. 
“Here, take this”, you offer up your loaded finger.
He snorts it off your finger, slowly looking up at you with his bright blue eyes.
“Wow, thanks…hey I also never thought you were a bitch”, the coke already making him feel talkative. “Actually you’re far from that, and far too cute to be a bitch.”
“Wow okay”, you say laughing, “Umm thanks, you too boo.” He’s now smiling at you from ear to ear. You playfully reach in his car to turn his music up and suddenly feel him press against your ass. “Yea your ass does look good in these”, he says as he tugs on your belt loops.
You turn around and he’s right in your face. You lock eyes and can no longer hold it in anymore.
“Oh yea, why don’t you show me how good”, you swiftly tell him in his ear.

He flips you over and presses you against his car, tugs down your pants and starts fucking you in your dripping wet little pussy. 
You’re moans are rhythmic and cute as he’s pressing his hard cock into you more and more. Grabbing onto your soft curls, he says “Open your legs a lil’ more” and you suddenly feel him shove something cold into you. 
Your eyes widen and you try to look down but something isn’t letting you. You realize he wrapped his brown woven belt around you neck, and was sticking his gun…it was a gun…inside of you. You begin to whimper and tears flow down your face while he covers your mouth to dampen any screams. He’s slowly and softly pushing and pulling the gun out of you as you keep dripping all over it and his hand. You never thought such a quiet nice boy would be doing this to you right now. You want to be scared as he’s whispering in you ear “It’s loaded so don’t move to hard babe”, but your clit just throbs more and more at the sound of his southern drawl. You slowly move your hips upon the gun letting him know you want it now. He takes the gun out and props you up infront of him facing him. Sticking his warm wet cock back in you making you scream out with more pleasure.
“Now you’re being a bitch”, he says while covering your mouth again.
Suddenly you feel his cold gun on your clit rotating around it sending shivers down your spine.
“Ohhh my goddd”, you sigh out and he keeps a steady pace in you with the gun. 
“Mmmffffff unnhhhh fuck mee”, you moan in his ear and then bite his lip.
He throws his gun down, flips you over and gets you from behind again. Grabbing onto your waist and pounding you as hard as ever.
Suddenly he sees your baggie of coke. Still fucking you he grabs the baggie, licks his finger and gets it full of coke shoving it in your mouth.
“Heyhhh”, your mouth full of his finger, “What thhh fuchhk”, you try moving your head.
He keeps pulsing in you laughing and laughing grabbing onto his belt around your neck.
“Stupid bitch, I don’t wan’ you fuckin’ me if you’re not high since all you like to do is get high you stupid bitch. Now you’re gonna get really high”, he viciously laughs grabbing onto your hair, letting go of the belt.
Suddenly the mix of weed, alcohol and all the coke sets into you too much and you can’t handle this much. Your knees buckle as you fall to the floor.
“Asshhhhhh”, you call for her with your last amount of energy. You were now scared and suddenly it happens. You lose control and fall into a zombie like trance, foaming at the mouth. You look up at Dylann as he takes your head and shoves his dick full of your juices into your mouth, which you can’t keep closed.
“Now you’re not doing it right stupid bitch”, as he slams your head against his car over and over again forcefully with his dick, while his hand is holding your head. You’re experiencing everything in slow motion. Unable to move your arms or body. Slowly zoning in and out as he moans and throws his head back fucking your mouth. He looks at you and says “You still want this you stupid junkie bitch?”, you nod your head up and down signaling yes as your eyes roll into the back of your head and you feel his hot cum suddenly go down your mouth and on your face. You try to wipe it off with your hand when he leans down and grabs your hand by your wrist and laughs. Your wrist still weak, your mouth still open and your eyes still rolling around.
“Uh uh no, little junkie bitch. I just gave you the best drug you’ll ever have, now lick it up”, as he pushes your cum soaked hand back into your zombified mouth. You lick it up as best as you could, whimpering as he grabs onto your hair in excitement, right before you finally pass out.


Teenager (Request)

Could you maybe do one with Harry and a teenage daughter and she’s insecure about something and won’t open up to him but he gets her to and just daddy!Harry fluff??

I’m gonna try not to rehash any of the stuff I wrote for blurb night…


Harry had definitely not prepared himself for being the father of a teenage girl. How could you, really? It’s one thing to read all the baby books when they’re little and get advice from parents and friends who also have babies, but as soon as the baby is no longer a baby but an overemotional, unpredictable 14-year-old teenage girl, all the books and advice get thrown out the window.

Both you and Harry had been trying your best to deal with (Y/D/N)’s rapidly changing moods and needs for the past few years ever since she decided that being 11-years-old was a perfectly acceptable time to start acting like a 16-year-old.

You knew it was hard on Harry to see his little girl start to shut him out more and more. Gone were the days of the two of them having daddy/daughter dates and telling each other secrets that not even you were privy to. Harry and (Y/D/N) had always had a bond between them that you couldn’t understand. She loved you, of course, and the two of you had a special connection as well, but it paled in comparison to what she and Harry had. You figured it was likely the result of Harry wanting a little girl for so long and finally getting one after waiting so patiently until you were ready.

Harry tried his best to keep things as normal as possible, but there were just some things that a 14-year-old girl didn’t want to tell her dad. The first time that (Y/D/N) had gotten her period, you were at work and she was home with Harry. Harry had called you in a panic saying that she had locked herself in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out. When he asked what was wrong, all she would say was, “I just need mom, okay!?!” She had calmed down as soon as you got home and helped her clean everything up. When Harry had asked you about it that night and you explained it, he couldn’t understand why she was so hesitant to tell him.

“I don’t get the big deal. It happens to every woman, yeah?” He mumbled.

You had laughed. “Babe, it took me months before I would tell you when I was on my period. It’s just…one of those things that sometimes girls get a little embarrassed about. But she’s fine now, don’t worry.”


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