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Naruto characters + Quotes about Sasuke
↳ 23.07.2017 | Happy Birthday, Sasuke! You are loved! ♥
the foxes as things i've overheard at art camp
  • neil: i haven't slept in two days but i can still hold this pencil [pencil is shaking in hand]
  • andrew: i'm gay and i like this knife
  • kevin: my son has abandoned us for soccer— he's dead to me now
  • aaron: do you think this white pastel is actually just powdered pills solidified again
  • nicky: 'someone called me straight yesterday' <i>'i'm so sorry'</i>
  • matt: not all heroes wear capes, bro
  • dan: <i>'yeah i'm a feminist, i'm wearing pink even though i'm a guy'</i> 'that's not feminism, bitch'
  • renee: everyone is beautiful...
  • allison: ...but some people are more beautiful than others
  • seth: <i>'there's a lot of hostility going on in here, isn't there?'</i> 'oh yes, there is'
  • wymack: i used to avoid them, but then i realized something— i don't give a shit what they think of me
  • abby: do not poison your body with expired plastic and chemical juice or i'll have to hold your hand all day
  • bee: aw, look at you guys with all the life crushed out of you, come chat with me about that if you want
  • jean: my goal today is to be as edgy as possible
  • jeremy: all my professors were like 'ugh, no one uses bright color in serious artwork,' and i was like 'SCREW THAT!' and used Lisa Frank colors in everything
  • riko: i want to use a dead body in my art, like in the horror movies

moving her arm made sparks dance before her eyes, but she extended it until her fingertips reached the line of chalk, and there not an inch from chaol, the thick white mark separating them. 

and in that moment, somehow his face was the only thing that mattered. she stirred, and couldn’t stop her sob as her body erupted with pain that made her lie still again. but she kept her focus on his brown eyes, on his tightly pressed lips as they parted and whispered, “get up.”

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[au] jodice at san diego comic con from 2011 - 2017 (✿◠‿◠)

“our amazing six year long journey… is sadly coming to an end. it just feels right you know?we’ll miss playing hybrid ken and vampire barbie as much as you’ll miss seeing them on your screens. thank you to all the incredibly fans, we couldn’t have done it without you! but this doesn’t mean it’s the end for klaus and caroline… it’s only the beginning to their eternity together.”