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i hope you’re aware that you dont have to get a lot of facebook likes to be beautiful or radiant. your art works do not need to get a lot of tumblr notes in order to be considered your masterpiece. your poems or prose do not need twitter likes in order to be magnificent. the photographs you took do not need to have a lot of instagram comments in order to be spectacular. because the truth is, you already are extraordinary even before the people behind their computer screens thought so.


January 21st, 2017

Current desk situation: organic chem notes from last year, current notes, overflowing binder of things to do (including a grant proposal due in a few months????), biochem and chem textbook that I neglected until too late (do yourself a favour and don’t fall behind on readings). Not seen in this picture: post-lab reports that I haven’t finished because I have a biochem midterm in a few days, my personal lab notebook (I also accidentally brought home my official lab notebook oops), and papers, papers, papers everywhere. On the plus side I’m finally out of my studying slump!

(The flowers are for Chinese New Year, let’s hope I don’t kill them this time)


3/100 days of productivity!! I made biology notes today!! currently learning about the membranous and non-membranous organelles of eukaryotic cells!! slow progress but I’m getting there!! 💫


july 22, 2016 | 5:41 pm | (5/100)

my biology test was returned yesterday and i didn’t expect to actually get a good mark, but i did! yaay 🤓  here are my cosmology notes for today’s test 💫🌎🌟☄🌞🌛  one of the few tests i had to think through rather than rely on definitions, facts and other information! i hope u all have a productive weekend!!! 🤗💓


Lunafreya Nox Fleuret ; The Passing of the Oracle


06.06.17 // catching up on chem ft. pokémon themed notes!! :’)

i rly like supertips they r so fun!! hoping to get some things done today heh… i just wanna snack ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ ) good luck to those of u examining soon!! 

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19/100 days of productivity!! the chem test today was so hard ahhh (-。-) really hope I get decent marks :’( anyways!! best not to dwell on what’s over!!! gonna continue working hard and doing the best that I can!!! to everyone out there, all the best!!! 🌟


101716 – fall break ended too fast 😓 but, i’m back + ready to kick ass on the second half of this semester, which means getting organized! i recently printed out some printables for my adolescence notes. here is my bujo spread for the week! i was really into peachy/pink tones even though it’s fall 🌸 hope you enjoy! have a good week everyone!! 


Ilvermorny Houses

“The boys’ ideas of what a magical school ought to be like were based almost entirely on Hogwarts, so they insisted that it ought to have four houses. The idea of naming the houses after themselves was swiftly abandoned and instead, each chose their favourite magical beast. For Chadwick, an intelligent but often temperamental boy, it was the Thunderbird that can create storms as it flies. For argumentative but fiercely loyal Webster, it was the Wampus, a magical panther-like creature that was fast, strong and almost impossible to kill. For Isolt, it was, of course, the Horned Serpent that she still visited and with which she felt a strange sense of kinship. When asked what his favourite creature was, James was at a loss. The only No-Maj in the family was unable to consort with the magical creatures the others had begun to know well. Finally, he named the Pukwudgie, because the stories his wife told of curmudgeonly William always made him laugh.”


05.03.17 // hello everyone!!! it’s crunch time :(( i have like 6 evaluations this month so I better get going :’)!! Here are some bio notes I made after my tournament!

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I Thought You Hated Me - Part 1

Request from @brieflybigwonderland​: Hi! Not sure if it is too soon to be asking for requests with you just starting this blog but you did an amazing job with the one I sent to your primary blog so I know you will with this one 😀 I’m thinking that reader works with The Avengers and she gets along with them all….apart from Bucky. They seem to hate each other and one night end up being the only ones in the gym, insults soon get thrown into the mix but then something changes and the situation gets more….hot? ❤ haha!

Note: So this is my first time writing any kind of smut so I hope I have done this request some kind of justice. I stopped before it got too long so if anyone wants more just let me know…I rather enjoyed writing this <3 I hope this isn’t too terrible!

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1721

Warning: Smut and slight dub-con.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

It had been a couple of years since you started working with S.H.I.E.L.D and The Avengers and you couldn’t have been happier. Each member of the team had become like your family and given that you had grown up without one for the majority of your childhood this meant a lot to you; there wasn’t a single person that you couldn’t confide in, spill your secrets to, even Tony Stark was occasionally a good listener….even if the conversation soon turned to him.

But then he wouldn’t be Tony if he didn’t boost his own ego.

Life couldn’t have been any better really. But then James ‘Bucky’ Barnes came along and it wasn’t long before things started to turn sour. Before you had spoken so much as a single word to him he had decided he didn’t like you – that much was clear by the death glare his sharp blue eyes had thrown in your direction the moment he stepped into the lobby of the building.

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