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thevioletonyx  asked:

How the Decepticon from TFP react to nicknames? I could see someone using the more endearing ones just to annoy them

Oh boy… be careful what you call them ;3

-He doesn’t respond to your nicknames because he doesn’t realize you’re talking to him
-When he realizes those are your nicknames, he’s not amused and gives you the silent treatment until you say his name right

-He usually doesn’t mind as long as you’re not around any of the others
-Call him a name that has to do with bird or making fun of his feet and he will go straight into a bad mood, he gets those nicknames enough that he’d rather not hear them from you

-He is ignoring you, but he’s secretly filming you to laugh at later
-He doesn’t take any of your not as sweet nicknames to spark, he knows you’re only playing

Knock Out:
-He finds the sweet ones charming and encourages them
-He will not tolerate the obnoxious ones and thinks they’re rude

-He gets blushy over the cute ones and laughs at the ruder ones
-He gives you nicknames too but he treads carefully because he doesn’t want to insult you by accident

-You call her something sweet and she will just look at you completely annoyed
-Don’t call her nicknames that are insults, she does not like them at all

-He thinks your nicknames are sweet, usually, but asks you not to use them
-He gets easily embarrassed and annoyed by them

-He finds your nicknames illogical
-You end up having to explain why you’re calling him that and why that it’s easier just to say “never mind”

-He doesn’t mind nicknames at all and thinks they’re cute, besides he has some for you too
-He especially likes the ones about him being royalty and teases you that by being with him you are a royal too


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