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So I noticed another slight thing, this isn’t AS big as my last post, however… all SOMA is important to me so here goes nothing;

In this scene, look closely at their bodies. Soul is literally reaching out to her to pull her in close.Their hands are clasped together as to signify trust. Their faces are closing in together, now pay really close attention to his “smirk” what if that “smirk” was really him holding back from kissing her?

They are looking into eachothers eyes and her eyes give the clarity of “Let’s go Soul” Where as it seems his main goal is to bring her in closer? by the end of this, his hand is close to her waist and their hands are as shown. Its’s almost as if this was a dance in their souls. Their bodies tingling in the essence of passion, trust, loyalty, pain radiating through each of them; yet they can still smile at eachother with knowing grins. They know they will get through things. Maka’s facial expressions may be seen as “angry.” but that is not anger. No, that is Maka’s fear. That is maka’s trust, her love, her loyalty, her anxiety, that; is maka’s soul. Maka’s soul is like a novel, you never know EXACTLY what to expect. And soul ? Soul’s soul is the bookmark. It keeps her place in the novel, His soul is the words, the little Author note’s in the back. Soul completes her. And that is what the look she is giving him means.And that arm around her you see? That arm means that Soul has her back, that he is going to stick beside her for the rest of her life; even if it means meaning his. It means “Cool men don’t cheat on their partners.” 

now, i move on again

This is right before they in the posiition above; Soul’s hand is ready, and look at Maka’s other hand, going to his side. Soul looks happy,genuinely happy that he is about to bring her so close.Maka is in fear at this point, so her look is of “Let’s do this” So ready, So determined, They are putting eachother’s live in their hands. And they are okay with that.

Once again I move on hehe,

This is directly after the first positon i showed you, notice, Maka went from frightened but putting on a brave face to a smile. Soul doesn’t want to let go; look at both of his hands, where as one looks like it was gripping something before it was pulled off ;the other  is still grasping her hand quite firmly. They are both looking eachother in the eye with a smile, happines.And they are both relaxed, notice?

once again heres another picture

First of all, what move is that? That technique is the witch hunter, it requires a resonance. So, let’s say that this entire thing, you cant deny is like a dance, they come together, holding hand in hand with an arm to the waist and then go out, but it wasn’t just that. NO. This entire thing was a resonance, and a dance. What do they do in Soul’s soul with the little demon guy? They dance, in resonance, in his soul. That is all, have a good day cx