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gregfahlgren  asked:

Brian, lately with all the horrible shit happening in the US right now, I've been finding it hard to get any work done. I have Patreon posts to write, a novel to edit, and drawing lessons to do, but I can't get going. I can't stop thinking about how bad things are getting for you guys. I feel helpless to stop any of it from happening. I want to work, but I just can't. Do you any advice for me on how to deal with all this?

people have written entire great novels in nightmare prisons, with bombs dropping around them, in insane inhumane situations…

you can sit down and get to work. turn off the tv.  we literally might not be here tomorrow. finish what you started.

and if you can’t…  write about that!

(you knew I was going to say something like this :) )

I was tagged by @awinterbornrose, thank you lovely! (I’ve actually never done this one and it was fun!) xo

One Insecurity:

  1. My default assumption is always that people don’t/won’t like me

Two Fears:

  1. Losing a loved one
  2. Sharks

Three Turn-Ons:

  1. English accent
  2. Pretty eyes
  3. Nice arms

Four Life Goals:

  1. Raise my kids to be happy, productive adults
  2. Write and publish a novel
  3. Learn to be better at sewing
  4. Become fluent in Spanish

Five Things I Like:

  1. Traveling
  2. New clothes
  3. Rainy days
  4. Sleeping in
  5. Eating

Six Weaknesses:

  1. Sugar
  2. Celebrity crushes
  3. Wasting time on Tumblr
  4. Buying fabric I don’t need
  5. Staying up too late
  6. Impatience

Seven Things I Love (Things Not People):

  1. London
  2. My iPad
  3. My wedding ring
  4. The Hobbit movies
  5. Writing
  6. My travel journals
  7. Cute pajamas

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I am proud to say that I've read almost all your fics. I've been postponing reading Lustful since forever but I'm currently reading it. I managed to read 1/4 cuz I would scream and squeal after a sentence LMAO. I start reading at 4.45pm and it's already 7.17pm 😂 I could read 500+ pages novels in one day but it takes me 2hours to read 1/4 of Lustful. I didn't really like threesome but I really want to read DS Gruvia fanfics. I hope u will write DS gruvia fanfic in the future💖💕

Yay! I’m glad you liked them!

And don’t worry, I can see why many people won’t read it; I myself rarely read threesome stories and the ones I did read it was because I liked the author and the characters she showed beforehand so I gave it a shot and boy, was my mind blown. HAHA It’s a whole different lifestyle we open our minds to. Some people have problems with it, others don’t.

And I have thought of writing a oneshot with the Ds dynamics. Let’s see if or when this will happen. HAHA

anonymous asked:

I am in love with your writing style and how great you can portray characters and scenes. Honestly you could write anything and I would be all over it because it's just really nice when I am able to get a perfect visual of what I am reading. And not a lot of authors do that for me. So if you ever write a book or something I will read the hell out of it and make all my friends buy and read it too

oh my goodness thank you T.T i appreciate it!! i try my best so it’s nice to hear things are coming across the way i intended!

and no plans for a book on my end haha tbh i dont think i could write anything that would be short enough to publish (most novels aren’t 200k like oti will very soon be) so that’s part of it for sure lmao

Hey true crime peeps!

Not sure if this fits the tag per se, but I changed the focus on my blog so I wanted to introduce myself. I write horror, thriller, and mystery novels, and I’m passionate about true crime and all things scary.

Feel free to stop by my blog and say hi! I’d love to make friends with some like-minded deviants. :) Also, if you follow me, I’m following back all true crime accounts.

writing ask game

made for novels, but can be used for fanfiction or other types of writing!

  1. describe the plot in 1 sentence.
  2. pick one sight, smell, sound, feel, and taste to describe the aesthetic of your novel.
  3. which 3+ songs would make up a playlist for the novel?
  4. what’s the time period and location in which the novel takes place?
  5. is this a standalone or a part in a series?
  6. are there any former titles you’ve considered but discarded?
  7. how many times does the word ____ appear in the novel?
  8. what’s the first line that comes up when you search _____?
  9. what’s the first line of your novel?
  10. what’s a line of dialogue you’re particularly proud of?
  11. which line from the novel most represents it as a whole?
  12. who are your character faceclaims?
  13. sort your characters into harry potter houses!
  14. which character’s name do you like the most?
  15. describe each character’s daily outfit.
  16. do any characters have distinctive birthmarks/scars?
  17. pick a color to represent each character.
  18. pick a font to represent each character.
  19. which character most fits a character trope? which trope?
  20. which character is the best writer? worst?
  21. which character is the best liar? worst?
  22. which character swears the most? least?
  23. which character has the best handwriting? worst?
  24. which character is most like you? least like you?
  25. which character would you most like to be?
♡ OC ask meme ♡
  • --answer these however you like! some parts have multiple questions, you don't have to answer them all. you can answer for one OC or many, or askers can ask about a specific OC. approach them however you like. you can use these for character development exercises too. just have fun with it!--
  • #squad: who's friends with who? what are the squad dynamics like?
  • microscope: zoom in -- describe the little, insignificant details about an OC.
  • fragrance: what do your OCs smell like?
  • photo album: describe one of your OCs' favorite memories.
  • mixtape: 5 songs that describe your OC(s) or songs they themselves would like.
  • wardrobe: what's your OC(s) style like?
  • lightning: who's the most impulsive character? and who is their impulse control?
  • ufo: identity! what are some key identifying qualities or traits of your OC(s)? how to they identify in regards to gender/sexuality?
  • love note: who likes who? crushes? relationships? are they mutual or unrequited?
  • poison: vices/bad habits? what are they? how do they affect your OC?
  • compass: who's the moral compass? in general: what are your OCs' morality like? do they have high morals, or not? are their morals self imposed, or do they base their morals on religion/family/influence of others?
  • track & field: which (if any) of your OCs are athletic? what sports to they play? which of your OCs would go HARD in P.E.?
  • parachute: who does your OC(s) trust the most? who makes them feel safe? who would they do absolutely anything for?
  • conspiracy theory: what are your OC's beliefs? are they skeptics or do they believe easily? who acts on blind faith? who needs to see to believe?
  • zodiac: what's their sign? does it influence their personality? do they care about astrology?
  • spellbook: are any of your OC(s) supernatural? if so, what are they/what are their abilities?
  • contact: how does your OC(s) feel about touch/physical contact? are they affectionate? if so, how do they display affection to others?
  • interiors: describe your OC(s) bedroom/home/or a place they consider "theirs". what's in it? do certain items have a special significance to your OC?
  • hobby: what do they love? what captivates them? what are their passions?
  • psyche: what's their head space like? do they have any mental illnesses? how do they process difficult or emotional situations? what are their coping mechanisms?
  • chess board: who is the most logical? or the schemer/planner?
  • shooting star: if your OC(s) could have one wish what would it be?
  • wild card: talk about any OC! anything you want!

My brother jackson was telling me about an AU where Bakugou goes hard of hearing because of his quirk, and I absolutely fell in love with the idea. I want a 50k novel about this please somebody write it.


tfw your gf and bf sass you

Don’t Doubt Your Writing

Anonymous asked: “Any advice for the crippling self-doubt with writing? I do short stories and I never think they’re good enough.”

Get ready for probably one of the worst pep-talks ever written. The first time I heard someone say (and not to me actually), “No one asked you to be a writer,” was probably the first time I realized I didn’t actually have to write. 

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R O M A N C E (poem about glamourising mental-health)

• R O M A N C E •

don’t make it sound romantic,
It’s like drowning in the Atlantic,
it’s not a fan-fic,
I can’t stand it,
so now I’m ranting,
and the notion,
of this emotion is rancid,

OCD is a never-solving riddle,
I don’t ‘wash my hands a little’
or put my stationary in the middle,
it’s bigger than an acronym,
it’s not fun, a fad, that’s rad,
it’s telling my mum and dad,
that the kid they had
is sad,
and quietly going mad;

it’s pills and fluoxetine,
being eighteen, nineteen,
quiet screams,
and routines,
than you follow like an order,
clean your phone, your glasses,
your school bag,
your schoolwork goes in the bin,
because you don’t like who touched it
and now you’re failing all of your classes,
time passes,
and this illness harasses
like a person on the street
a bully at your feet,
makes you retreat

so you have social anxiety right?
but you’re at a party every Saturday night,
when there’s people who might,
not even go to the store because they’re afraid of the line,

OCD is being constantly indescive
a “where shall I sit?”
when a phobia becomes violent,
and you can’t make up your mind
about where your mind is,

when your body is a canvas and you paint in red,
wear long-sleeves in the summer,
to cover where razors bled,
kissed your skin and fled,
and now you can’t get out of bed
but at least self-harm,
gets you out of your head,

being depressed isn’t being tired
it’s an anchor in your chest,
bulimia isn’t pretty,
it’s sickly,

and imitating false anorexia
doesn’t make you sexier,
but don’t say it’s for boys to text you,

it’s not an attribute
it’s a weapon, a noose,
do you also find knives attractive?

social media is interactive
but it can hold you captive,
don’t adapt to it,

don’t make it glamorous,
your illness is not a model,
it doesn’t pout for cameras,

a panic attack
is a blood curdling scream
that no-one hears,

and I’m not trying to offend,
I just want to comprehend
How my worst nightmare, become my generations trend?

maybe we’re shining a spotlight on this and diluting the stigma,
or maybe the whole thing has just become an enigma,
a balancing act, where no-one can say the right thing, so we all just stay silent,

I’m not an advocate
who wants you to cut,
and please nourish yourself
don’t starve and punish yourself,

it’s not a game, it’s not playground fun,
a trigger isn’t just something on the architecture of a gun,

it is not a small irritation,
it’s not an infatuation
you use to impress your generation

I’m tired of these stereotypical claims,
categories and lanes,
young adult novel popularity
where the girl is just something to save
when she’s a slave,
to the way
her mind behaves,

I lost the best years of my life to these chains,
and I refrain from ever falling into that rabbit hole again,
just because tumblr taught me to glorify my pain,
I write poems on there too,
but they’re a helping hand
not a brand,
I wear because it’s cool

the real victims lost their voices,
so you can call this a mouthpiece,
bipolar disorder is not being moody,
it’s not some alternative niche,

I collapsed in my bathroom,
have metal plates in my jaw,

so it’s important to speak while you can,
turn a whisper into a roar.

I’m literally at the point in my life where I exhale softly and swear under my breath when I see nice office supplies and nothing else


✏️ HEY GUYS! 📚

I know I’ve mentioned that I’m working on a project over the last couple weeks, (and that’s part the reason why I whipped up those icons for Dre, Sanzu & PT- so posting here won’t get quiet while I’m busy!) and this is it!

📖 StaringBack’s story Sooner or Later You’re Gonna Be Mine is ✨SO ENTHRALLING✨ ( She just added chapter 23 today!! *SCREEE* ) and when I came across it for the first time, her characters and way of storytelling performed a violent B&E on my mind, taking that and my heart hostage.

Well I succumbed to my captor and begged Star to let me turn this beauty of a story into a beastly graphic novel and, to my hysterical surprise, she agreed!! 😖💕 ( Not to mention, she’s been so graciously lending her time to answer my many questions and requests for opinions an’ such! )

If ya haven’t given SB’s story a read yet, PLEASE DO! Let her writing skills wash around your skull and tickle every flavor of your brain. She’s phenomenally supportive, loves her fans & followers and deserves the serious attention she’s worked for.

What a sweet creator. <:3c