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This is my 9th attempt at getting into medical school in four years. Getting into med school is not my goal; becoming a world-class research rheumatologist is. To connect with and to cure the millions of people who, like me, have lupus or another autoimmune disease. 

They say that every advance in autoimmune disease research has led to major leaps in the understanding of other diseases, including cancer. I will dedicate every single waking hour to make sure I get there, no matter how long or what it takes.

Laugh at me if you want. I am still not there after three long years of trying, trying, and trying. Of spending entire summer vacations in front of a desk. Of slacking off and picking myself back up. I have been, and still am, a “failure”. But this is not something that I will ever give up, not after more than 15 years of wanting to become a doctor.

A press conference. An actual press conference. Peter would have been surprised if he didn’t know Tony Stark’ s penchant for showmanship.

He knew that, yet this was still immediately worse than every speech he had ever had to give in front of any class since Kindergarden. This was like *every* speech he had ever had to give in front of *every* class he had ever been in times a million, abd he didn’t even have Ned to help him bullshit his way through it. Peter took a tentative step back once he was through the door as the camera lenses began to flash like hundreds of tinkling stars suddenly brought startingly close. One of his heels landed on a shoe, and a hand pressed onto his shoulder to steady him, a welcoming weight.

“Don’t tell me you get stage fright, kid.”

Mr. Stark ’ s voice was light and slightly teasing, but there was also a layer of concern underneath it that made Peter force himself to straighten up a little.

“It’s all the lights,” Peter answered, gesturing vaguely at his squinting eyes. While this was true, Mr. Stark didn’t need to know he was also scared out of his mind in front of all these people. “Don’t take this the wrong way, Mr. Stark, I know I’m something without the suit now, but I wouldn’t mind the sensory deprivation goggles right now.”

Mr. Stark made a small ‘ah’ noise as his hand left Peter’s shoulder. A moment later, Peter’s vision suddenly darkened as a pair of sunglasses was placed on his head.

Peter blinked at the sudden dark umber tones around him. It didn’t dull his senses completely like the suit would have, but it certainly helped. He looked over his shoulder and smiled. “Thanks.”

Mr. Stark ’ s face brightened up back at him, before slipping into the smug public face he kept when his name was announced by Ms. Potts.

“Don’t break those,” Mr. Stark said as he swept past Peter and grinned for the cameras. “ They’re Dolce and Gabbana.”

if i was a 1-A student i would be so fuckin mad all the time, like you’re telling me my super-strict super-strong pro-Hero teacher who once expelled all of his kids for not meeting his standards can’t scuttle out of his damn sleeping bag every once in a while to tell the resident goblin to stop sexually harassing 30% of the class???? more like EraserDICKhead

The eclipse stirred up emotions in many of us and made focusing on our day more arduous than usual. Practicing yoga can help release pent up emotions stored in the body and also release more gaba to the brain which decreases anxiety and stress. Join me on Tuesday at the classes listed below to help shake off any extra baggage the eclipse may have left and embrace your exciting week ahead.
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This was me earlier before I wanted to die.

Also I’m mad at you Tumblr app. I’ve tried to post this THREE TIMES 🙄😤

I just spent three hours going through all Juniors documentation regarding getting evaluations, diagnoses, and therapies. All of my correspondence with school people.
A nice big timeline of it all.
I eventually want to scan every item and copy every email and include that crap to the end of the tidy typed out timeline.
I emailed it to a friend who’s boss has connections so maybe they can help me out or tell me what to fucking doooo.

I have my first in school class tonight.
Lab and then a mandatory meeting with the online instructor. I’m really nervous. I was excited but now I’m just fucking exhausted from going through all that paperwork. It’s like I re live the crap everytime I read through them and I don’t like it. Especially the OT stuff:
Muscle weakness (generalized), other lack of coordination, visuospatial deficit, Impulsiveness, Balance deficits, Basic activities of daily living deficits, decreased knowledge of condition, endurance deficits, proprioception deficits, safety awareness deficits, sensory deficits, strength deficits, and visual perceptual deficits.

I cooked dinner tonight. So that’s a big deal because lately I just don’t want to ugh. What’s the point when Molly won’t eat anything and I can’t eat what they do eat. Boring.

I still haven’t finished the main things on my to do list from LAST WEEK because I can’t keep up w the day to day maintenance, the children trying to kill each-other, and set the house ablaze.
Now add advocating, no school for Junior, and Bio211 for me and it’s just a fucking joke. You can’t have a life or get anything done jessica. How fucking selfish of you to even dream of it. Middle finger to everyone
😭I don’t want to play anymore.

schoolgate? i have a fun little story

okay so when i was in third grade my teacher used to give out jolly ranchers to the class every now and then (i don’t really remember why???) 

anyway she literally just left them in this small treasure chest on the bottom shelf of a cart in the room. when we hard free time to read we were able to sit anywhere we wanted in the room and read whatever book we had

me and 3 of my friends always sat near where the jolly ranchers were and would sneak some out when no one was looking, we literally stole them almost everyday. eventually we got caught (i literally don’t remember how someone probably ratted us out) we had to sit out at recess and got a letter sent home, and i was so afraid that my parents would be mad at me so i lied and told them that my friend was the one who stole them and he just gave them to me, i had the tears going and was putting on the show of my life & they actually believed me! i’ll never forget the little third grade klepto that i was 

A typical Tuesday in the classroom
  • Me: Okay let's finish up our maps of the U.S.
  • One Student: Um what map?
  • Another student: (desperately searching for his copy he had 3 hours previously)
  • Another student: Did I do it right? Did I do it right, Ms. Kause?? (Waving paper in my face)
  • Rest of the class: (talking and working at the top of their lungs)

when i was a freshman in college, in the honors program class I had to take, the professor made us write a letter to ourselves to open senior year. after we wrote it, he specifically told us “i guarantee you will not remember that you wrote this letter when senior year rolls around” so naturally my brain forced me to think about it at least once a month for the rest of my college career and i still remember every fucking thing i wrote in it BUT HE NEVER EVEN GAVE THEM BACK BEFORE WE GRADUATED

Pansy' Rumors

“I’ve been invited to Pansy’ birthday party! I’m so excited!”

“Whose party?”

“Come on! Don’t tell me you never heard about her! At the Care of Magical Creatures Academy her birthday parties are very well-known. They’re exclusive and high class and unpredictable and so much fun. People talk about them for weeks, before and after. But it’s not easy to be invited…”

“Mh, I may have heard something here and there, but I don’t really care…”

“…People are coming up with the weirdest stories about this parties, so I didn’t bored listening…”

“What stories?”

“Like that every year they happen on a different date. Different day and different month too! Non sense…”

“But it’s actually true. No one knows when Pansy’s birthday really is.”

“How is this even possible?”

“Her friends asked her many times, they often try tricks to make her spill It out, but she never falls for them." 

"But that’s just stupid! She does it just to gain attention, to feel important. Maybe she doesn’t want people to know her true age…Maybe she had to repeat some school years…”

“No, she never made a mistery of the year…But one of my classmates heard something, by a girl who attended Hogwarts in the same House of Pansy…”

“So what?”

“Seems like the last time she celebrated her birthday on the right day, was the year she completed her studies at Hogwarts. There were all her closest friends and ex classmates. All but one. She waited all night for him to show up, to send at least an owl with a birthday card, but nothing.”

“Oh my, that’s sad…I feel a bit more simpathy for her now…Who was the guy?”

“I can’t recall the name…It sounded a bit like a French surname…Mauv-foi-something, some blond, rich ponce. ”

“This bastard.”


Go here for HC about this.

5 Things Tag

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Shout out to @estudiear and @cypherstudys for the tag! I actually love doing these, they’re so fun lol

Rules: List 5 things for each category and tag 10 people!

5 Things You Would Like to Do Before School Starts

1. Finish reading 1984 by George Orwell (I’ve been slacking, y’all).

2. Get a head start on organic chemistry notes.

3. Hang out with my friends at least once more before we all go our separate ways.

4. Finish watching Jessica Jones and Daredevil…and then The Defenders…R.I.P. me

5. Learn how to skateboard.

5 Things You Would Like to Do Once School Starts

1. Post on this blog a whole lot more!

2. Actually go to office hours for once in my life. I’ve heard they’re useful?? Who woulda thunk it.

3. Master the art of time management…lol.

4. Review class notes every evening and week to make sure I keep up with the material.

5. Finish all my assignments way before their deadlines to avoid unnecessary stress. 

5 Things You Have Done to Prepare for the Start of School

1. Bought a new pencil case. It fits all my Mildliners and favourite pens and pencils without being too bulky like hallelujah praise Jesus it has achieved the impossible!!!

2. Did research on all the prerequisites I need to take this year for my postgraduate studies.

3. Purchased my subscription and textbook on Top Hat for orgo and downloaded the app onto my phone.

4. Screenshot my fall schedule and made it my wallpaper - I do think for the first few weeks of school until I have it memorized.

5. Matched my schedule as best as I could with my friends. 

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  • you: what's wrong
  • me: nothing
  • me, internally: why is dumbledore lauded as the best thing that every happened to the wizarding world when professor minerva mcgonagall, o.m (first class), was clearly more deserving of that title. she actually stood up more to umbridge than dumbledore did, and was more of a guiding force to her students than dumbledore was, actually personally helping them with their studies whereas dumbledore was only interested in harry potter. mcongagall took four stunning spells to the chest and came back angrier; she stood up to death eaters and snape and voldemort and even neville's grandmother, and it is a crime that she never got acknowledged for that in universe
💞Back To School Glow Up💞

Alright y'all, with school season comin back, here are some prime hoe tips to get y'all ready to slay.

1. Develop a skincare regimen at least once daily: wash, exfoliate*, mask*, toner, essential oils, moisturize.

*once weekly, to avoid overshocking your skin.

2. Tea tree oil is bomb for acne and acne scars. Apply that shit.

3. Coconut oil and castor oil for brow/lash growth every night.

4. Go through your closet, and toss clothes you don’t wear. Invest in more neutral colors and fits to configure a wider variety of cute ass outfits.

5. Don’t be afraid to thrift shop; places like TJ Maxx and The Goodwill have bomb ass brands for cheap.

6. Get your books/supplies ready a week before. Prepare yourself.

7. Have all of your test dates/assignment due dates in your phone before classes start. Make sure to request off days of work the nights before major assignments and exams if you can help it.

8. Things to keep in a bag in your locker: pads/tampons, an extra pair of panties, a spare change of clothes & shoes(in case of a wardrobe malfunction), hairbrush and hairtie, nail file & clippers, makeup remover wipes, concealer, masacara, gum, water bottle, extra pens, some spare cash, phone charger, and earbuds.

9. Keep a water bottle in ya bag at all times. A hoes gotta be hydrated.

10. Keep up with ya studies (see my School and Studying Tips post for more details on how to boost that GPA)

11. A week before school starts, develop getting sleep schedule for school by going to bed half an hour earlier every night. This’ll make waking up earlier less of a hell, trust me.

12. Have a go-to makeup look for school that takes 30 mins or less as a default, if you beat your face in the morning.

13. Replace coffee with tea for a more healthy caffeine fix before class.

14. Prepare yourself a decent breakfast before you go to bed, so you can easily grab and go in the morning. Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism and decreases cravings throughout the day, and generally boosts your mood and brain power.

15. If you wear a uniform, make sure that shit is comfortable and actually fits you. Make sure nothing hangs off of you, cuts off circulation, itches, irritates, etc.

16. Need a break from studying? Work out. Burn some calories, clear your mind, and stimulate your brain with some exercise. Swear to god this keeps my grades up and my body lookin fly.

17. Invest in a hair mask (any pharmacy or makeup outlet will have them), or make one yourself. They make your hair super soft and shiny for flipping it when you walk past that group of girls who hate you lol

Thats all I can think of for now hoes, get good grades, I believe in all of y'all✨

anonymous asked:

pls do bts as classmates to make me feel better about school starting


  • the class clown
  • super popular
  • head of the drama club
  • talks during the lessons
  • balances pencils on his nose
  • highkey annoys all the teachers
  • says dumb stuff when he gets called on which makes everyone laugh 
  • i’m not saying this vine is him but that vine is him
  • slacks off during class because he always has the plug™ for answers on upcoming tests
  • “knock once if it’s A scratch ur nose if it’s B and blow a kiss if it’s C” 

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  • the artsy cute guy who always smells like coffee
  • zones out during lessons
  • sits in the back with his headphones in
  • hides his phone behind a book and watches netflix
  • doodles instead of paying attention
  • either he’s sketching 
  • or writing names in a death note
  • no one knows
  • on rare days he’s in a really good mood and dropping funny sarcastic comments every now and then
  • has a tight knit group of friends
  • eats lunch in the music hall 
  • intimidating but once u get to know him he’s super sweet
  • orders pizza during class
  • has no fucks to give


  • one of the cool rebel kids
  •  u get forget he’s enrolled because he’s never there
  • strolls into class late every day 
  • chews gum really loud
  • “okay but how will trigonometry ever help me in the real world
  • u can hear the music through his earbuds from a mile away
  • throws a party at his house every weekend
  • never studies but somehow has all As
  • because he’s actually really smart
  • acts like he doesn’t care about school but secretly stays after school in the library reading 

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  • teacher’s pet
  • has color coded notes with neat diagrams
  • and more highlighters than any normal human should possess
  • raises his hand to answer every question
  • reminds the teacher about homework before class ends
  • captain of the academic decathlon team
  • voted most likely to succeed
  • tried to set the frog used for dissections free
  • [throws it out the window]
  • namjoon it’s DEAD
  • is seokjin’s plug™ for answers


  • social butterfly 
  • so perfect and angelic it’s sickening
  • “sorry i was late, i was taking my neighbor’s kitten to the vet when i saw a homeless man who need a bus ticket, so i gave him mine :)”
  • voted prettiest smile, nicest hair, and most likely to be a backup dancer for beyoncé
  • didn’t even run but somehow became class president 
  • the only one who actually likes group work
  • popular but isn’t stuck up
  • flirts with the female teachers which gets him all As
  • wow mrs. you look gorgeous today ;)
  • has tea on everyone 


  • the weird guy that all the girls have a crush on
  • lowkey thinks he’s better than everyone in the class
  • and let’s be honest he is
  • denies he’s rich yet wears designer brands
  • has 20/20 vision but wears glasses to look smart
  • looks like he has his shit together 
  • but procrastinates and is internally screaming half the time
  • in every social group
  • goes from the jock table to the nerd table to the preppy table all in one lunch period 
  • always tries to leave as soon as the bell rings
  • teacher: the bell doesn’t dismiss you, i do
  • taehyung: then why is there a bell ??

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  • the socially awkward jock
  • in every sport offered
  • including bowling
  • but unlike his teammates he’s not an asshole
  • quiet and keeps to himself
  • but once u get to know him you’ll need ear plugs
  • well mannered and polite to everyone
  • teachers pray that he ends up in their class
  • backpack looks like he’s hiding bodies in it
  • and he probably is
  • falls asleep in class 
  • because he stays up all night playing overwatch
  • but never gets in trouble
  • accidentally calls the teacher mom
  • several times

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Hey babes! August is here, which means that the first day of class isn’t far for a lot of us! The first day is exciting, but it can also be pretty scary. Here’s your guide to tackling the first day with grace, and setting yourself up for your best year yet!

be prepared

Having the best first day means putting in some work beforehand! This way you can wake up the day-of and have a relaxing morning, instead of rushing around trying to find your textbooks. 

  • Save your class schedule to your phone
    • I like to add each class (including details like the room #) as an individual reminder in my iPhone. That way all you have to do is swipe right on the lock screen and everything you need to know is there! If you have another type of phone, setting a picture of your schedule as your home screen works as well. 
  • Prepare your supplies
    • Make sure you have everything you’ll need for the first day, and pack your backpack completely the night before. 
  • Think of some ice breaker answers
    • I don’t know about you, but for me the worst part of the first day is sharing “a fun fact about yourself” or “one word that describes you” in every class. Save yourself some stress and think of those now!
  • Pick out your outfit
    • First impressions are important, so show up on your first day feeling confident about how you look! Make sure everything is ironed and laid out the night before so all you have to do is put it on!
  • Pack a lunch and prep breakfast
    • Make sure you have a healthy lunch packed and ready to go before you go to bed the night before, and go ahead and get a head start on breakfast too. Lay out the ingredients on the counter so all you have to do is fire the waffle iron up and go. 
  • Get a good night’s sleep
    • Go to bed a little earlier than you normally would. Nerves about the first day mean that you may not get to sleep as fast, and you’ll probably be waking up earlier than you’re used to anyway. 

the first day!

  • Wake up early
    • If you wake up a little earlier than you need to you can start your day relaxed, and that sets the tone for the whole day! Take your time getting ready & eating breakfast, and avoid using your phone (or you’ll totally find yourself on Twitter instead of getting dressed)
  • Get to school early
    • It usually takes me a little while to get my bearings on the first day of class, especially if my first class is in a new building. Show up early so you have time to scope out the halls and find your way.
  • Bring a planner
    • You’ll be getting a lot of dates thrown at you the first day, so be sure to bring your planner to write it all down!
  • Introduce yourself
    • Before class, say hello to the person you’re sitting next to and get to know them a little! After class be sure to introduce yourself to your teacher (or say hello if you’ve had them before). It’ll leave a good impression and may help you out with your participation grade!
  • Relax!
    • First days can be scary, but they can also be fun! Try to relax and enjoy it and know that you’ll have the best year ever!
Back to School/Uni Tips!

I’m headed into my 3rd year of uni, so I thought I’d make a post sharing my tips on how to do well in school, not burn out, and keep your mental health relatively stable.

1. Snacks - seriously, don’t leave home without at least 2 substantial snacks in your bag. If you’re go-go-going all day and suddenly your sitting in a lecture about to crash cause you haven’t eaten anything all day, you’re gonna want snacks. Some suggestions: Cashews (they’re not super loud/crunchy, so they’re perfect for lecture snackin’), a granola bar, an apple, cherry tomatoes, trail mix.

2. Don’t buy the textbook before you go to your first class - I’ve worked at a university bookstore for 2 years, and every year, people end up buying 700$ worth of first year text books, and then they don’t even use them. Wait. and then wait some more. If there are required readings, then get the textbook, if your prof says there will be questions from the textbook on the exam, then get the textbook, but trust me, for 90% of first year classes (and a lot of other ones) you don’t need the textbook. SAVE YOUR WALLETS

3. Take notes efficiently - honestly the best way to take notes, is type up the lecture notes that are provided, BEFOREHAND, and then during lecture, fill in the blanks/add information/take down any important things your prof is saying as you go through the lecture on your laptop in a different color. This way you’re much less likely to miss any important information, you won’t be confused about what to take down, and you won’t fall into the trap of taking down notes that are already being provided to you. After class, or while making study notes, copy these notes out by hand to remember what you learned.

4. Keep it simple - pretty notes are GREAT if you have the time, but once you get to upper level uni, and you have 100 slides of notes to turn into study notes, you will not have the time to make your notes look aesthetically pleasing. Just get the info down so you can focus on learning it.

5. Have a designated study space - i did all of my highschool homework and studying in my bed, and 90% of the time, I ended up falling asleep. My bed wasn’t going to cut it for uni, so I got a cheap ikea desk, and it’s made me so much more organized and productive.

6. Take as much ‘you time’ as possible - take a bath. light candles. binge watch a tv show. veg out with a book for 4 hours if you have the time. do your makeup super special one day. get yourself that venti pumpkin spice latte with extra whip whenever you feel like it. Uni is a shitty time I’m not gonna lie. It’s stressful as f*ck, and whenever you can spare a couple hours or a couple dollars to TREAT YO SELF, do it.

7.  If you have anxiety, CUT THE COFFEE. caffeine is a huge trigger for anxiety. Caffeine takes away from your sleep, messes with your adrenalin systems, and can make you super paranoid and anxious all the time. 

8. If you think your in the wrong major, change it - I started in geology, and I HATED IT. Now I’m in psych and I love it. It is never too late for a change of program. If you think you’re doing something you don’t wanna do, or your not enjoying it, don’t do it.

9. For mornings you have to be ready and out the door, or if you’re a person who always runs late, have a getting-ready routine and get it down pat. Have a mental list of things you need to do, and things you need to remember, and find out how much time it takes you. Get up at 8am, shower, wash face/brush teeth, get dressed, do makeup, pack bag, remember keys, wallet, laptop, notebook, pen and train pass, have breakfast, put on shoes, leave by 9am.

10. Utilize your time in transit. - finish a reading, go over flashcards, read study notes, listen to an album you’ve been meaning to listen to, read a book, read some fanfic, idk but don’t just sit there unless just sitting there is what you need.

11. Find a hobby or passion that is separate from your school/uni life. Whether its playing sports, or running, reading, collecting plants, making scrapbooks, curating a refined taste in tea, having baths, writing in a journal, find something that if you’re bored with watching shows or studying, you can go do it, and enjoy it, and get your mind off all the other shit that’s going on in your life for awhile.



                        My realistic back to school tips

I got this idea from so thanks to her for this idea.

I thought since it is back to school time I would share my back to school tips that aren’t that far fetched because a lot of the studyblr community assume most people are organised. I on the other hand am not. I need a planner but sometimes I forget to use it. Sometimes we need straight to the point tips so here I am for you!

  • Get a planner/bullet journal: Over the past few years in school I was very unorganised so I started a bullet journal last year. I use a cheap notebook as my bullet journal and I use a very simple layout so it doesn’t take up too much time because typically I don’t have time to do much other than my school work. I have found it to be super useful to help me and keep myself motivated through out the year.
  • Write out your timetable: I takes me forever to learn my timetable. In April of this I stood outside a class that I didn’t even have for about 10 minutes So I like to write out my timetable at least three times and stick one in my school planner, one beside my door in my room and then save one onto my laptop. It comes in handy during the year if I get lost.
  • Go through all your stationery: I normally have a lot of stationery from the year before so before I go back to school shopping I like to go through every bit of stationery I own and make a list of what I need. This way I only buy the essentials and it saves money as well! I often buy stuff I don’t use or need.
  • Cut out people that have a negative effect in my life: I think this is a super important thing to do. If you have a “friend” that everyone in your life thinks has a negative effect on you believe them and cut them out of your life. I have had to do this with a few friends over the past few years and I have finally found a group of friends that I am super happy with.
  • Look through your textbooks: I usually wouldn’t do this but I have been revising over the summer so I plan on just reading over my notes before class starts in September!
  • Treat yourself the night before: I find the day before I go back to school is stressful and I tend to get very anxious so I like to treat myself the night before school starts. So I might have a bath or shower, moisturise, watch a few episodes of my favourite show or listen to music.
  • Start a routine about a week before: I start to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to get my sleep schedule back on track. It won’t be too drastic but I will aim for an hour earlier than what I have been which is about 3am so I will try go to bed at 2 or half one and wake up about 9 or 10am.

So these are my realistic tips because sometimes we need those simple tips to get through the start of school year. Hope they help at least one person. I would be happy for people to add their own tip if they wanted!

been trying out new things with my art involving realism and values :y

process gif under the cut!

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are you familiar with the feeling of oh-my-holy-moly-my-life-is-a-complete-mess? me too fam. but now, it’s time for change. It’s time to get our shit together and here are some tips to get started.

note : this is just a beginning guide; which only includes 1/100 of the tips to get you life together. I’ll probably make a part two if this is helpful?

1. do not procrastinate.

sounds crazy? but honestly, just don’t. procrastination leads to stress and anxiety and helps you lose your shit.

but, how do we not procrastinate?

  • ‌get things done early. remember that sheet of paper your professor gave around in class having the list of all the assignments to be done that semester? yes, do that work months before if you have time.
  • do your homework the day it’s given. (no watching tv before you do)
  • ‌study in the time you’re actually studying. don’t go on your phone half the time. If you’re doing that, you may as well put your books away.

‌other resources -

2. become the master of  “fake productivity”

fake productivity is basically when you do mechanical work (i.e. stuff which doesn’t require much brainpower) to get into the real “productivity” zone. it helps you brain prepare for the big task ahead. here are some things to do -

  • make your bed
  • do the dishes/laundry
  • clean your room (i know it’s messy yo)
  • get your closet together
  • empty your inbox (be it gmail or tumblr)
  • do a smol workout?
  • make a to-do list/ organize you calendar
  • do a easiest or the most enjoyable task off your to-do list

3. plan, plan and plan

your planner/bullet journal should be your best friend. plan those essays you got to write, that research paper you have to do, down to the time you need to go out for dinner with friends. Plan. Every. Single. Thing. I. Really. Mean. It.

+ and follow up with those plans!! you have already wasted a lot of time on planning, you hAVE to follow up with that planning, right?

4. wake up early

why?  waking up early gives you the time to do things slowly and carefully so that you get it perfect in one go and your life isn’t a complete disastrous mess.

how to wake up early? i got you.

5. have a healthy lifestyle

an example -

x wakes up at 7 am every morning, goes for a short run to wake herself up and comes back to have hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, slices of bread and a mug of steaming hot tea. she starts on her work after that, doing it without stressing about it. Then, after a nice hot bath and a delicious lunch, she goes out to a cafe to work on her online classes and to hang out with her friends. coming back home, she does a quick workout, takes a shower and heads off to make dinner. Having an early dinner, she spends the remaining few hours relaxing, drafting blog posts and spending time with her dog. at 10 pm everyday, she heads off to her bed, looking forward to a glorious tomorrow.

..sounds like a fairy-tale, right? you can definitely live it though.

In general, your day should have the following stuff  -

  • ‌sufficient hours of work using which you can get all your work done
  • ‌a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner (yep, no skipping meals)
  • ‌a workout, generally of 15 - 30 minutes at the least
  • ‌interaction with people, like hanging out with friends or family
  • ‌sufficient sleep and resting time (preferably 8 hours of sleep)
  • ‌a fixed routine consisting of you waking and sleeping at fixed time
  • ‌a ‘me’ time at some point of the day where you don’t worry about work or anything and focus on relaxing after a long day.

6. believing that coffee sucks

why? its basically a drug and if you need three cups of it just to get started on work, you’re going to have a really hard time during finals.

Instead, get enough sleep so that you have enough energy to study without being a coffee addict. or you can even swap coffee for water. (hey, you’ll be more hydrated!)
side note - a cup of coffee per day is okay though. I love coffee too and I totally feel you but don’t overdose on it, okay love?

some extra things to know about -

  • ‌have a companion to keep you accountable at the start.
  • ‌do have a laid-back day once in a while, you’re human after all.
  • balance work and play. reward yourself for shit done.
  • keep track of your spending, earnings, investments, etc.
  • stop being a perfectionist. seriously, you dont need to rewrite all those notes, trust me (comes from a was-a-perfectionist-kind-of-still-am-but-trying-not-to-be perfectionist)
  • ‌don’t stress yourself out. getting your shit together is a journey and not a result.
  • remember, change will come. yes, it will; but only if you take action. start now.

also, on a side note - and this might seem very ironic, but sometimes you don’t have to have your shit together. life is always a mess and trust me when I say this, no one - yes no one - has their shit together and sometimes it’s worth it to lead a messy life and enjoy it without having any fixed rules and regulations like you would have if you wanted that perfect life. enjoy the life you lead and stay wonderful, loves!

- ̗̀   the adulting 101 series   ̖́-        

part one : kicking a rut

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