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Honestly I live for thot stan, you're such a great writer plz help me fulfill my need for sassy stan who causes Bill to stutter sO MUCH when he sashays by in his tight baseball uniform or when he wears that crop top that one time and he chews bubblegum and Eddie and Richie have to check on Bill like 'you good???? Please don't pass out we have a chem test later' (his favorite song is bubblegum bitch by marina and the diamonds and he thinks it's lowkey his anthem and nobody can prove me otherwise)

first of all stan playing baseball is my new favourite thing

- he’d always wear his uniform and that stupid baseball cap to school and even when richie teased him, calling him a nerd, bill thought stan looked so damn good in the derry colours 

- stan would always turn richie’s jokes around on him and bill would laugh the hardest

- stan has a habit of giving bill these looks that only he catches, like he’s looking down at something and then when he feels bill staring he’d look up through his lashes and smirk at him and bill would just die on the spot

- stan is always chewing bubblegum and constantly blows bubbles and bill watches the way his lips move and form an ‘o’ shape before blowing and he would feel himself sweating just watching him

- eddie would usually notice bill go quiet whenever stan was around and ask if he was okay in private

- richie would just bluntly ask bill if he needs to use eddie’s inhaler the moment stan enters the room

- stan would listen to music all the time, like he’d always have an earbud in, and he’d be tapping his fingers on the table and mouthing the lyrics and you’d usually catch bill staring at his lips a lot whenever he did that

- stan knew exactly what effect he had on bill, he’d just use it to his advantage by constantly doing things to make him flustered

- he once winked at bill when he was sucking on a lollipop and bill nearly had a heart attack

I could watch Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb music video forever. It’s just so visually appealing and fun to watch, and I never get tired of it. It also gets to me how when I first watch it, I couldn’t tell any of them apart, but now, I can identify them all so easily! Red Velvet’s music videos are also fun and unpredictable, but this one is by far my favourite.

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as always, i shuffle my ipod which has 1.3k songs on it, so these kind of get a bit messy for me. i skipped a few to avoid duplicate artists [with the exception of all time low hehe] and a few Strange songs.

she’s got you high // mumm-ra 
uprising // muse
truce // twenty one pilots
if these sheets were the states // all time low
falling asleep on a stranger // pierce the veil
life of the party // all time low
wolf like me // tv on the radio 
chocolate // knuckle puck 
remains // bastille 
tonight tonight // hot chelle rae 

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The little bag that Jin had in the post with his sugar gliders is for bonding and it's really important to have so I'm glad he did his research and has one

well of course, jin knows what he’s doing !! he’s the best dad :’) my heart gets all warm inside when i see him with them /cries/ 

When you leave
I’ll wander your absence;
I’ll miss the future-
swallow the past,
I’ll walk in your words
and sleep in your silences,
I’ll think about all the ways
you’ll think of coming back-
so I’ll put flowers on my porch,
never keep a silent phone,
I’ll dress up well each day
and visit my favourite stores,
I’ll go to the place you saw me last
and I’ll live well
till you come back,
so when you do
I’ll be here
able and strong,
and I’ll welcome you
with open arms.
—  Eliot Knight
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Name: Sayu and that’s all you need to know. Besides irl only people I have full trust in know my real name over here

Gender: She/Her

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 4′9 moreless / 1.48 m

Sexuality: Ace

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favourite Animals: Hawks, bats, crows, whales, wolves

Average Sleep: Whether it’s very little or I totally hibernate

Current time: 23:46

Dog or Cat person: Both

Blankets I sleep in: 1 on summer and full cocoon on winter good luck finding me

Dream Trip: At this point I just want to travel sayonara everyone I shall return… Eventually!

When I made this blog: Ehhhh 2012 I think? It was on October though that I remember!

Dream Job: Literature teacher and/or writer

Why I made this blog: Meh just because I never thought I would stick for very long tbh. How was I wrong…

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Name: Minji

Nickname: fasdfa;ldfk my nicknames are the WORST lmao: minpae, munji, murder minji, minmin

Gender: Female

Height: 5’1 :’( 

Ethnicity: Korean

Favourite fictional character(s): Hermione Granger, Esmeralda, Belle, Santana from Glee, Ron Weasley 

Favourite fruits: Watermelon! 

Favourite season: Fall <3

Favourite book series: Harry Potter, the Mysterious Benedict Society 

Favourite Flower: Roses

Favourite Scent: Vanilla, mint, any fall/winter scents!

Favourite colour: Blue, light pink, white

Favourite animal: Cats all the way

Coffee/ tea/ cocoa: I am an actual coffee addict

Cat or Dog person: CATS

Number of blankets: currently using 1

Dream trip: Backpack trip to any foreign country I’ll be able to half communicate in? 

Favourite Bands: One Direction, Big Bang

Favourite solo artists: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, IU

The song stuck in my head: Ready For It is always hella catchy

Last movie I watched: Too long ago that I don’t even remember honestly :(

The last show I watched: 13 reasons why

When did I create my blog: 2013?14? 

What do I post: 100% shitposts

Do I have any other blogs: yeahh a tswift collab blog and a blog for mushroom drawingss

Do I get asks: Usually nah but sometimes my buddies do and make me feel less lonely lol 

Why did I chose my url: We all know

Following: 193 and can barely keep up with my dash lmao 

Followers: 3537 (<3) 

Average hours of sleep: 2~4 (ik its baaaadddd) 

Lucky number: 22

Instruments: Piano, tuba, flute, little bit of guitar

What am I wearing: sweatpants, hoodie, pj dress (don’t judge – my cold weather clothes aren’t out of the dark, deep closet yet lmao) 

Dream Job: Anything law, drawing, writing, and environment related!

Favourite food: Honestly I love all food but I guess fruits? 

Nationality: Korean (adios college scholarships) 

Favourite song rn: All Too Well cuz now it’s actually fall and yall have been bringing it up so much these days lmao 

Star Sign: Virgo

Time: 12:36am 

Birthday: Sept. 22nd

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Once again…. a fucking insane reaction to TFA. I’ll never be able to word fully how much I appreciate you guys leaving your thoughts, and being able to talk to you about everything. I love it. I love you all. Forever my favourite people. Thank you thank you thank you!!

So, I have been hit with the Mystic Messenger kick again… ;;

I don’t mind though! Although currently I’m going through the 707 route, Yoosung will always have my heart!!
This image of him is actually one part of a whole, and if you stick around long enough you’ll know what I mean!

Anyway, you should all tell me who your favourite character is!! I’d love to know!!

so my up his arse lecturer is leading a seminar about himself and all the documentaries he’s made- because he’s like that (not to mention he’s shown me one of these films a few times now) anyway turns out he made one of the first documentaries about trans people in ‘79 and thats one of the films i have to watch for this seminar

so time for a gross portrayal of trans women by my least favourite man on campus…monday you done it again

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I've noticed that you have a habit of diminishing roberts actions, saying things like it was inly a mistake when robert admitted to it being a cauculated move to hurt aaron with the cheating and calling robert harrassing aaron to be romantic 'if you leave me you'll just hurt yourself more' but always seem to present aaron reacting to these things in a reasonable way as if he is a tantruming child as if he didn't literally almost kill himself to keep robert happy. And I wonder why that is?

It’s plain and simple really: Robert is my favourite. I’m biased. I tend to look at things through my Robert loving glasses.

I will not get into this whole debate who hurt who more, who did what more because we will never agree and that’s fine. We all have our faves, we are all biased and that is totally okay.

You will probably always see Robert as the big bad villain that is only there to hurt people and I will always defend him because I see him differently.

I think that is just the way it is, nonnie.

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3 for Squalo n Dino??? ;;v;;

“I just want to see you smile…” 

“Stop harassing me,” Squalo spat out, turning to Dino. “Seriously - you’re gaining nothing by doing all of this.” He gestured wildly at his surroundings.

His favourite foods being sent to him. Paperwork being done miraculously. Even his favourite conditioner - which no one knew about - being sent to him, even thought it was normally so expensive. (He couldn’t afford it on Varia’s stingy pay.)

“I just want to see you smile,” Dino blurted out. The words hung in the air for a moment as they stared at each other.

“Voi,” Squalo said absently before snapping back to reality. “Voi! What the fuck are you talking about?”

Dino scratched the back of his head nervously. “Ah, don’t worry about it. But it’s not harassment, you know.”

Squalo clicked his tongue, looking away from him irritably. “Like I believe that. Just ‘cause you’re a mafia boss-”

“And you know it has nothing to do with that,” Dino snapped back, finally losing patience. “My position as mafia boss has nothing to do with the fact that I-” He cut himself off, clamping a hand over his mouth.

Squalo glared at him. “What?”

“What what?” Dino shot back innocently, regaining composure and acting as if nothing had happened.

“What were you going to say?” Squalo snapped the words out sharply.


“Your tone makes it sound like a lie.”

“So? I wasn’t going to say anything?”


“I’m not gonna tell you, it’s why I stopped myself.”

“Voi! Tell me-!”

“I’m not going to, okay?” Dino was blushing furiously. He turned away, walking quickly. “I’ll see you later, okay?”

“Fucking hell,” Squalo muttered as he watched Dino walk away. “What was that all about?”

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hello! where do you buy your clothes?💕

Hi! 💕
I mainly get my clothes from three different sources: thrift shopping/second hand, order from Japan via shopping service or make myself. Most of my clothes I have bought second hand since it’s cheaper and better for the environment! It’s easy to find most basics from thrift shops and sometimes you can find some really interesting and unique pieces too! I often buy tops and knits from thrift shops. Sometimes I order some more bold “center pieces”, from Japan from my favourite brands because I know I can’t find anything similar when thrift shopping. I usually buy from Mercari, which is a site where people sell second hand items, since it’s easy to find pretty much unused items for a really low price! I order pretty rarely though since with all the shipping costs etc. it wont be cheap. And the rest I make myself! At the moment a very tiny amount of my clothes are made by me because I’m quite picky with fabrics. I often get these ideas about designs I want to try to make but I try to not fill my wardrobe with experimental stuff I’ll never wear just because I wanted to try making it. 😆 I also customize some thrifted items to make them more j-fash/larme!

Sorry for the rambling, I hope this answered the question! Have a lovely day cutie! 🌸

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Nickname: Someone give me a cool nickname all I got is four letters and a void

Gender: Male

Star sign: Libra~

Height: 6′0″

Sexuality: Dude I have 0 clue I just like nice people

Hogwarts House: I don’t even remember the last time I watched a hagrid movie

Favourite Animal: I like dragons and turtles and bears and wolves and cats

Average hours of sleep: 5-6, I need someone to clock me on the head and knock me out every night I want to sleeeep

Current Time: 10:53

Blankets you sleep with: One or two, depending on how cold my room gets, I actually just switched to two today but it might be too warm for that still

Dream Trip: Screw travelling I want to sit at home in blankets and cuddle (Actually Japan might be nice)

When I made this blog: 2014, I think, it’s only gotten weirder

Followers: 161 wonderful people

Reason for my URL: It’s just my general gamertag? Is that what we’re calling them? Username? But Earthbound plus Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts because I was and still am a fucking nerd.

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