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hi!!!! i know youre a baek stan but i really really want to know why you think chanyeol is ideal~!

Hi anon

This is unbelievably long im so sorry i cant add a read more rn

Chanyeol..i mean first of all hes insanely good looking on camera but even better looking irl, hes tall and has a good (aura? Theres a chinese word to describe it but it doesnt have the same meaning ..its like how u hold urself and how u look to other ppl and what others can deduce from ur feeling. Like i.e person who walks confidently but not cockily, looks neat and clean and has a very kind disposition..etc etc..)

He is so kind and helpful, any person hes ever worked with has always praised him to the high heavens and they dont do that with every guest bc its simply not necessary, but u can tell he respects everyone a lot from the way he acts around them, theres a reason why people say hes one of the most enjoyable idols to work with!

HE ALSO DOES THESE V DISCREET BOYFRIEND THINGS Like grabbing ur glass and pouring ur drink /baekyeol/ or insisting to help with ur suitcases without a physical word, or opening the door first, protecting u in public, etcc -INTERLUDE FOR MY BAEKYEOL FEELS- its just v gentlemanly and i like that! According to the members he doesnt get outwardly angry but just loud, as in he wont lose his temper and say incredibly rude things or throw/hit things which is good bc im sensitive af LMAO

he has a really good sense which is smthg a lot of fans like about him, he knows what to do in undesirable situations and makes the most out of whatever he has! He makes mistakes like anyone else and sometimes his tendency to want to brighten the mood can end awkwardly but he tries nonetheless, hes not quiet but hes not obnoxiously loud…

I love his tendency to buy things/ food for the members for no reason, just “hi ily i thought of u take this” and he doesnt only show his love with materialistic things. Thats v important too, he genuinely gives u his entire heart and thinks of you too, especially with his fans, he makes music and shares it with us so every update from him is like a surprise, to share ur work with the public like that where its not official is a v intimate thing to do its beautiful ;~) the first thing he does when he makes or discovers something is to think of his fans! V thoughtful boy ;~)

he is confident and sometimes may come off as cocky to some but hes not, if u guys look closely u’ll see that he ALWAYS compliments his members too ^^ He doesnt think hes superior but rather is confident of both himself and of others~ he incessantly praises his members and never fails to include them regardless of where the focus of conversation is! It means that he takes PRIDE in who he is and where hes gotten but still sees the beauty in others as well and compliments them where its due–

Hes such a momma’s boy tbh those fanaccounts both from others n my friends… he respects his family so much (ESPECIALLY the women which is really important tbh i forgot which interview but..yeah) so much which is why im pretty unfazed by what happened recently because in countless fanaccts and from his own mom’s mouth he loves them like no tomorrow (when his mom would go wake him up for school hed put her hand on his and tHATS SO CUTE I JUST!!) and not everyone does that so openly trust me orz he visits his family and their workplaces v frequently and plays pool w his friends and family with such a lowkey, humble disposition its like u wouldnt have remembered he was an idol, its not designer and glamour all the time he knows when to relax and hang out with family, sans makeup and nice clothes or publicity ^^

He is so hardworking and ambitious it doesnt matter if hes down there or up here, hes always looking higher and higher but never forgets his origins! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT…Having money is not important but having the hard worker “i will not stop doing my best” mentality is crucial for being able to support yourself and ur loved ones but still maintain a healthy life! Some people get comfortable when they’re at the top but hes constantly surprising us with his many skills throughout the years and thats because he has such an overwhelming love for music and for LEARNING that he never stops picking up hobbies and i think thats so admirable ( and cool, the fact that hes actually good at almost everything he decides to learn)

suhos said that besides himself being rly smart chanyeol is the best at solving logic puzzles and such bc he has a lot of patience and diligence! I still remember when he was explainin a derivative or something to sehun and it was impressive bc it tells u that he at least listened in class enough to remember it a few years later, i forget my math like a year after passing the course LMAO

He loves kids with like..a passion..AND THEY LOVE HIM TOO..And children never lie they always know whats up hnmmm heh h O and he knows how to take care of them well! And u can tell hed be willing to even go through the nuances of taking care of children heh~ he can cook which isnt something i can say for everyone tbh sweats…

If u havent noticed hes super diligent in interacting with people he cares about its not just a simple i love you but he always goes that extra mile, whether it be to literally reconstruct a fan banner to reciprocate his love for his fans or folding 1000 paper cranes for a simple crush /LMAO POOR YEOL THO/ he puts a lot of thought into his affections but doesnt feel entitled to anything even if he works hard! Like w youngstreet radio no one formally requested for him to make anything but regardless of what kind of promise it is he fulfills it diligently and still doesnt “expect” anything just bc hes a top idol! He was still surprised to hear it on the radio heh~

But hes not showy! He doesnt flaunt what he has
Nor does he take advantage of it, hes the first one to speak up and explain to fans about his condition, and hes the first to clarify when fans thought he was sick or being lazy on broadcast! He deals with his haters in a really direct but respectful way and thats a really mature levelheaded thing for him to do ^^ he doesnt act up about anything and knows when to just let things simmer down all without losing his confidence and image in public~

Hes just overall a really respectful, humble, levelheaded caring guy who has an UNBELIEVABLY strong passion for music and has no hidden agenda..the most important part to being an artist is the drive to learn more and perfect, this is indisputable! Hes got a huge heart and knows what to do with it, and he doesnt give up just because of his mistakes or because of a few bumps in the road and u can tell hed love his girlfriend or wife and/or family with all he has without losing touch with his roots or passions ;~) and im kind of in love with him hes the only idol ive ever said id marry if the occasion came up