this is me trying to make gifs again

Have a tiny self-indulgent gif while I try to remember how to hold my pen!

Toothless Alpha Mode!

Thank you so much for my 100 followers out there who always have been loyal to me to reblogged all my post xD. I’m so happy that my followers finnaly reach 100 people who following me. You guys that already talked to me and friend with me, i can’t thank you enough. You guys already motivated me too.

Okay have toothless here trying to motivating you. Dont worry i also going to make hiccstrid animation and fanarts too. Lol finnaly i can make fanart again.
I Hope you guys like it :-).

Thank you.

We gotta make 2017 worth it and thank you my over 3000 followers! ♥ ♥


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#1 “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”
#16 “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
#44 “I’m not losing you again.”

Carefully you patch Frank up, trying to hurt him as little as possible.
“I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” Frank mumbles and bites his lower lip as you stitch a wound on his eyebrow.
“Me neither.” You respond with a teasing smile, making him chuckle.
Your nose almost touches his and you feel his intense gaze on you.
“I’m done.” You say with warm cheeks and want to go in the bathroom to wash your hands.
But Frank grabs your hips, forcing you more or less to look at him.
“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” He says in a low voice, his fingertips touching the scar, from a shot, on your shoulder. “But I can’t… I’m not losing you again.”
“You’ll not…”
“You know what I mean, (Y/N).” He interrupts you. “Please allow me to protect you.”
“Ok.” Touched by his words you look on your bloody fingers as he lifts up your chin and puts his lips on yours.

There’s the girl that I like.
Now, more than ever, she gives me butterflies.
It makes my stomach queasy every time she walks by.
I know I can be cool if I try.

i actually draw the bg okay, i tried, but i failed drawing those pine trees im not satisfied with the one i made :((( ill try to draw it again next time

plus i made some poor simple animation idk im bored sorry but i just upload this early just in case

I had to find this gif again now that I’ve officially upgraded Sokka and Suki to OTP level. I mean, there are so many beautiful Sukka moments to choose from (”I am a warrior… but I’m a girl too” ranks pretty high, as does that little Sokka-Hakoda bonding moment with the “That’s some girl”) but this one just makes me so happy. They’re not kids fighting a war here; they’re not trying to defeat the enemy. They’re just so light. So happy. So carefree. And so in love goddammit

Submitted by @madamelibrarian. I’ve done this one before.. I may do it again. 

Warnings: Angst, death, dying… 

Listening to Early Sunsets Over Monroeville by My Chemical Romance

I’m very proud of all my little masochists that are reading these and not asking for me to make it better. You’re learning. I am going to try to smut on the next one.. but… I appear to be in a mood. <3

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okay, so. in honor of my birthday and shinee’s upcoming anniversary, i’ve decided to release this skeleton theme ! *throws confetti* i tried to make my codes as organized as possible, but there might be a few bumps. if you come across something and you aren’t sure how to fix it, feel free to shoot me an ask and i’ll help you sort it out. other than that, image dimensions are on the preview & i hope you guys like it !


  • feel free to edit as much as you want, but do not remove the credit link.
  • do not copy & paste any codes into another theme.
  • again, if you have any questions, i’ll try my best to help you out.
  • if you’re using / plan on using please like or reblog!


  • 2 link options
  • pop up containers for each skeleton


A long time ago Natalia Romanova made me remember what it was to be human and they punished us both for that, in different ways. Fighting her now is like punishing myself all over again- Captain America Vol 5 #27

My personal headcanon at this point is that Nat jumps down from that ledge and pushes Bucky out of the line of fire, maybe from one of those explosions, saving his life. Hence the look I think he gives her when he looks up and sees who saved him. Not only did this woman save his life…but she did it with an ease and dangerous elegance about her that is so familiar. Why is she so familiar? This amazing woman with the fiery red hair.

It was on my dash again…

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Hi there! So, there was a thing I did last year where I collected a bunch of manips that’d done which I loved, but didn’t fit a story or were something I just couldn’t work into a story and I put them up here so you guys could write them some. It was good fun and I have a good enough collection again to attempt this so how about we give it another go?

It works like this. I post an image every week, probably Friday or Saturday afternoon (Let me know what works best for you!) and anyone who is interested can adopt it and write a little drabble or a whole fic if you’re inspired or make art, whatever! You could even just add a caption if you like.

If you want to see what people did last year, you can find all the stuff here.

Try to finish it before I post the next one (or not, schedule at your own pace) and it’ll be a fun little thing to see how everyone interprets the image.

Just be sure to link your work to the original image and tag them with #CHPC or #Chinx’s Hiatus Prompt Challenge or just my url, #seastarved and I’ll find them.

Reblog this post and spread the word! If enough people are interested, I’ll post the first one tomorrow! :)