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Mob Psycho 80′s style!
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100 Days of London Flat Memories → (42/100)

MINECART MANIA - Dan and Phil Play: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze #2

Hello graphic makers!! You’re probably aware that there is a huge problem on tumblr with whitewashing. Or maybe you’re not. As a predominantly disney-based blogger, the whitewashing I personally see are from the disney fandom, so I’m going to use screencaps from those movies to show you several quick techniques so you’ll see just how easy it is to have your pretty bright and pastel colour palettes and not whitewash characters of colour.

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endless summer, wheel of fortune.


It just took time for me to really feel like I deserved my place [in the band]. Rightly or wrongly, I just had to go through that process myself. That’s why I always, and I hope it always comes across as thoroughly genuine, I always make sure to thank the fans. Because genuinely, they gave me the confidence to do this.

Okie dokie, artichokeys! I reckon it’s probably been long enough that I should make another one of these posts; This blog, its writer (hey, that’s me) and all original (and also, I should very well hope, reblogged) posts on it are staunchly, vehemently, and unapologetically: 
and just generally,
ANTI-bigotry, in general (feel free to remind me of something I may have missed, if you’d like to see it specifically listed).

and thus, in logical-conjunction, are also:
PRO-”antifa” (~oooo!~)
PRO-poc lives and rights
PRO-lgbtqia+ (and NO the “A” doesn’t stand for “allies”, fuck me…)
PRO-working class
and just generally,
PRO-fucking everything that should just be inherent to being a decent person!! (again - tell me if i missed something you’d like to see specifically listed: I’ll edit the post. Plus, I try to do my best to make/keep this as a safe space, so please let me know if i have failed in anyway at anytime and I will work to fix it and to do better in the future).

If you are, or if you align yourself with, or if you even sympathise with: the people included in the “ANTI”-portion of this listing, kindly give yourself an habanero-salsa enema and get the fuck off this blog; I hate you. I despise you more than I could ever put into words but the curses i’ve posted on here might possibly give you an inkling of an understanding.
This space is not for you, these works are not for you - I am not for you; In fact it, they, and I are all very specifically against you (lemme give you a quick idea of what i mean; I am a German/Ashkenazi-Jew, agendered, bisexual, anarchist) so leave! There are so many different and colourful ways for me to say it but they all boil down to one very simple and easy to understand command:



saudade (n.);; a deep emotional state of nostalgic and profound longing to be near again to an absent something, or someone that one loves.


· YA LIT MEME: eight friendships (7/8) - nina zenik & inej ghafa

inej placed her hands on nina’s shoulders. “we’ll see each other again.”
“of course we will. you’ve saved my life. i’ve saved yours.”
“i think you’re ahead on that count.”
“no, i don’t mean in the big ways.” nina’s eyes took them all in. “i mean the little rescues. laughing at my jokes. forgiving me when i was foolish. never trying to make me feel small. it doesn’t matter if it’s next month, or next year, or ten years from now, those will be the things i remember when i see you again.”


Willow stepped out into the rain, a crossbow in her hands. The girl was shouting at the riders, but a clap of thunder rolled across the yard, drowning out her words. As it faded, Brienne heard the man in the Hound’s helm say, “Loose a quarrel at me and I’ll shove that crossbow up your cunt and fuck you with it. Then I’ll pop your fucking eyes out and make you eat them.” The fury in the man’s voice drove Willow back a step, trembling. Seven, Brienne thought again, despairing. She had no chance against seven, she knew. No chance, and no choice. She stepped out into the rain, Oathkeeper in hand. “Leave her be. If you want to rape someone, try me.” - Brienne VII, AFFC

for @sakoorathebeautiful

So hey, this is done.  I finally finished dubbing the scene from @squigglydigglydoo ‘s Toon Henry AU.  This is one of the most ambitious creative projects I’ve done in my entire life and it was an absolute joy to make.  Thanks so much to Squiggly for letting me do this!

Enjoy the fruits of my labor.

PS: This sounds waaaay better with headphones, I swear


Sketches, Hellfire Follies, and the ambience for the game which I don’t know the name of are all credited to TheMeatly.

anonymous asked:

what are the most common mistakes writers make? and how do you fix them?

Thanks for your question, nonny!  This is a very wide topic, so I wasn’t sure how to answer it – but I’ve come to a conclusion.

I think the most common writing mistake is to self-edit, and it’s detrimental to writing time as a whole.  Self-editing is basically editing your story while you’re writing it; going back and correcting mistakes and rewriting sentences while you’re still putting paragraphs on paper.  The worst part about this problem is that it feels like you’re doing the right thing – that by “fixing yourself” and keeping a scrutinizing eye on the page, you’re becoming a better writer.  But you’re not helping yourself.

Think of it this way, because this is how I learned it: I grew up in dance.  I took over a decade of ballet, jazz, and tap classes, and I moved up in the classes at a steady pace.  I was awkward as hell, but I was a fast learner.  I was meticulous and made sure to pay attention, learn all the steps, and master the timing.  I was, in retrospect, one of the most accurate dancers at my level.

But I didn’t get lead roles.  Ever.  No matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t get any of the starring roles in our productions.  And every time I asked for critiques from my mentors, I got the same message, over and over.

You’re too in your head.  You’re too focused on being perfect to engage with the audience.”

And they were absolutely right.  Going back and watching tapes of myself, I never smiled – even when I was having a good time.  I never showed my own personality; I never messed around between run-throughs. I made fewer mistakes, but I missed out on the personality and fun and interactive aspect of art and performance!

So instead of focusing on getting things right, approach it like this: prepare beforehand – study and revise afterhand.  But let writing be writing.  Let yourself get lost in the scene.  Let yourself make mistakes.  Try turning the font white or closing your eyes; try Write or Die to turn up the heat.  Whatever you do, just do it and don’t think until it’s over.  That is my advice.

Thanks again for your question!  Happy writing :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

The Story of Viktor Nikiforov

I have always, ALWAYS said that I am very happy for Viktor because he found someone to love in Yuuri. I know we have all rooted for Yuuri throughout the show, but I guess I am at a point in my own life that makes me sympathise more with Viktor. He appears to be set in life, but he also had a loneliness about him that bothered me for a very long time. It truly must have been lonely where he was. Where does one even go when there is nothing more up there to reach for?

Viktor Nikiforov had an amazing journey after his meeting with Yuuri Katsuki. It brought colour to a world that was becoming lacklustre. Even Viktor’s coming to Hasetsu only to find a different and much more fragile person than the one he met at the Sochi banquet helped him to grow as a person and live a life beyond himself. Something also tells me that he prefers living life that way, too. He has such a good heart in him, and I feel so proud of how thoughtfully and sensitively he handled the situation. In the end, he found himself a happy ending and seems so happy and content with Yuuri. It’s just a beautiful story and. I. Am. Just. So. Happy. For. Him. *starts crying*

The song is “Before You” by John McLaughlin. It just screamed Viktor Nikiforov to me the first time I heard it. 

This is a fan-made video that was a result of me wrestling with writer’s block for about two months now. No copyright infringement is intended. I thought to try my hand on a different medium this time (lol you know you have sold your soul to a fandom when you learn video editing from scratch just to “find an outlet any outlet oh my god the feels are killing me!). It’s a bit rough in places; I’ll try to fix it next time I’m on a laptop again. EDIT: Fixed! Okay, I like this version better. ♡

Giac x Fanny

When tensions are high … 

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Hello, hello everybody! So it is day number six of No Hate Awareness Week 2.0! so I am here to show love to all of my favorite graphic and edit makers! 

This hits home for me because I am a graphic maker myself, and I know how much time, and effort can go into just trying to make a gif better quality while keeping it under 3MB. Let alone matching entire gifsets in color even though light settings are different, etc. To put it simply, making graphics is HARD. It takes a lot of time and metric fucktons of effort and a majority of us are entirely self taught in this area. I know some folks here on good ol’ tumblr dot com think it takes five seconds to make graphics and edits, but believe me when I say it can take hours upon days and even weeks to make them. Especially when you’re trying to come up with new ideas using the same materials over and over again. 

We put a lot of work into making those and I want to show appreciation to my favorite graphic makers in the fandom because you all more than deserve it! Thank you for all the effort you all put in and for giving me inspiration and motivation to keep fighting with photoshop myself! All of you are incredible <3 

@aurieackerman, @fuku-shuu, @fudayk, @sookashira, @erensjaegerbombs, @kuchenackerman, @omeinfreund, @ohlevi, @ackersoul, @sexyassheichou, @dithe-r, @ravenliz, @ackermanss, @hiruma, @guyinlovewitheremika, @eren-eren-eren, @viktvr-nikiforov.