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Alec Appreciation Weeks ♡ Week 12
    ➸ Favourite Emotional Scene(s)

“You’re the only person who took the time to try to be my friend, except for Saeyoung. Did you know I had a crush on you then?”

I can’t express how beautifully-written It’s Not Lucky to be Loved is. Hurts so good. Everyone go send @blackprose some love and read this work!

Spinning! I am still an amateur, self taught animator but I love making little animations like this, even if they’re so rough. I’m just practicing and trying to not focus on making it look perfect but rather just trying to get the movement down. Only 11 frames just me having fun ^.^

Miraculous Ladybug, of course XD

The King of Hawkins Goes Soft

Summary: The reader helps chaperone the winter formal, which leads to a very eventful night involving the King of Hawkins. 

Word Count: 2648

Song Pairing: Talking in your Sleep- the romantics

authors note: kinda spoilers for season two? This also doesn’t 100% follow the plot! I had SO much fun writing this!! Let me know what you think!! (single mom Steve is the best Steve)

You smiled to yourself watching the event unfold. Steve was giving some version of a pep talk to Dustin before the winter formal, and you laughed as you saw the deal sealed with a handshake.

Dustin walked by you with a huge grin, “Hey (y/n)!”. He saluted you, and you saluted back matching his grin. You winked, “Good luck tonight soldier”.

By now Steve had parked his car, and was resting against the hood. You walked over to him, “What are you doing here? Hate to break it to ya but you’re a little too old-”.

Steve crossed his arms over his chest, laughing while shaking his head. He smiled, “I gotta keep an eye on the little shits”.

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