this is me trying to coloring

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Oh my god your art is amazing. If you're taking requests, could you try Remus Lupin w/ the Mountainous palette? thank youuu

Thank you so much!

And here he is.

Seems like Remus snuck out of Hogwarts again. Maybe to enjoy the night air, maybe to prepare a prank, who knows!

Let’s hope he doesn‘t get caught!

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—Lost In Space—

I crafted this cutie weeks ago but never shared her publicly because I was trying to keep her a surprise! But yesterday I told Villitunes I had made her a thank you gift and she was so excited when I showed her these photos!!!

Anyway, this is “Lost In Space” and NGL I am so in love with her color scheme. (Some artists work in pastels but it seems neon is my true medium, lol.) She’s a cyclops for Villitunes’ own Mizuki and a friend to Ziggy’s uni, Space Oddity.

Please help me wish Lost In Space a safe journey to Russia! I really hope she beats the crazy Christmas mail rush! :D :D :D

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im so worried about you and your wife im ausgsvsv,,, im so stressed out because when i can't help with something im just??? i dont know just sgsvaa i hope you're both okay hh

mA CHER don’t worry about us, we’re okay! 

Some people just have nothing better to do than to stir up drama. (They even said that was exactly what they were going to do on their blogs) We’re both okay, it’s just stressful that people feel the need to attack others with words.

You can’t please everyone, unfortunately. I’ve since blocked the 4 people I know who were stirring things up, and if more come I’ll block them too. I still gained about 10 more followers even after blocking the 4 of them, so their attempts to condemn and ostracize me without basis are p much null. 

I stand by what I believe in, they’re in the wrong here for trying to invalidate pale-skinned puerto ricans or any lighter-toned person of color. 

What can you do? People just thrive off drama and let false senses of justice fester inside of them and will never admit when they’re in the wrong.

I will never back down from defending the ever invalidated lighter-skinned POC. IDC if they come after me with their torches and pitch forks. Take a frigging thumb through my blog and see that I worship Oak, that I’m in love with Daveed, that I adore Anthony and that Lin is like the reason I live and breathe. 

People just want things to be mad about. I’m 25. I’ve learned this my whole life.

You just have to brush them off, pick yourself up and keep going. Don’t let things knock you down. 

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Do Snyails have complex communities with a specific hierarchy? How do they generally communicate/what are their social cues (do they have a spoken language that could be written with simple characters/symbols)? Are there specific color combinations that are rarer than others? Are there mutations, even dangerous genetic ones, that would harm the Snyail--like pugs, or bull dogs with skeletal/breathing problems (so in a Snyail's case, slime composition). Do Snyails have/want pets?

sorry it took me to long to get to this it was a lot to think about BDHJKG

i’ll try my best to answer under the cut tho!!!

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Yes, half of keith nightmares are Lance’s fault and yes, again, he didn’t paid attention to Lance during the mind bonding exercise, so his sleepy mind had supplied with his own version of Lance’s siblings (which consist in 4Lance + (4Lance+wigs)).

(This all started because I was relaxing sketching Lance family, I love their design, and boh. This happened.) 


Did I already mention the fact that I love that black-hair Kirishima is canon I think I might have


You were able to reach within everybody’s souls with every song you write and every melody you create. And although you have a way with words that makes it seem like every song you write is a story that everyone has personally been through even if they haven’t., the creative combination of notes and elements you create even without the words is enough to make a person emotional and I think that’s why I truly believe that you’re meant to be where you are right now.  But you know what makes people—your members, your colleagues, your fans and even non-fans—regard you with respect shining in their eyes? It’s the blatant truth you say, the unfiltered thoughts that slip past your lips, and even the reality in jokes you spout.. It’s quite endearing and refreshing to see someone like you—an idol. a celebrity—so, so relatable that unknowingly, in a way, you blur the line between you and us, your fans. Honestly, I could go on and on and on that I’d even rap on the spot about how precious you are to me and to everyone else. *clears throat and bobs head to the imaginary beat* Uhuh. Yeah. Okay. Let’s go. This is a rap. I am rapping now.  About Min Yoongi. And his gummy smile. And his—OKAYYYYY I think that was enough. But just know that I’d do it….. lol. 

Never stop showing the same burning passion you have for music (and your dream to become a rock) because that’s how you’ve inspired people in different parts of the world. Never stop letting people believe to keep dreaming and dreaming and dreaming. Never stop saying the truth as it is. And I hope you continue to share parts of yourself in every music you create. Suga. Agust D. Min Yoongi. Min Yoonji. I love you so much. You deserve the world and nothing lesser than the world. The universe even. Happy Birthday, my grumps! #HappySugaDay

i redrew and messily colored my favorite two pb panels for fun hfjksdj