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Chapter 4: Katsudon

As promised, here’s Chapter 4 of Icicles Melt in Summer! I’m so sorry I took so long for this one, but I was super busy!! If you want to read from the beginning, click here !

His Soldier - Part 5

So part 4 went out the other day, and I’m glad people enjoyed it. I really didn’t expect many people to actually like this series, but it turned out well. Just want to say thank you for all the support I’ve received. 

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Anyway, here is Part 5~.

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shufuta  asked:

My OTP ship is Akira x Futaba so obviously there's lots of Sojiro interaction there, but I've been curious with how other Futaba ships deal with Sojiro's reaction. I wonder if there's any fanwork recs / headcanons with that theme. I do multiship though not as hard as my OTP of course, I just really want to see variations in Sojiro's reaction especially in which Futaba is shipped with a girl?

 On AO3 there’s honestly not a lot of Futaba shipped with girls at all like Futaba + f/f tag has 47 and almost all are still her as a minor character or with Akira.

There’s Le Blanc Royale which has her with Haru (I’m not sure about Sojiro interaction)- it also comes with heavy angst though. It’s a missed deadline story.

Girl Talk  (part 2 of where the lines overlap) has Poly-phantoms which is always a plus, and it has Sojiro giving it a valiant effort by giving it to -you guessed it- the girls to handle. Futaba’s going to have all the girlfriends

Here’s one with him handling it with a female reader, it’s called girl, friend, and is kind of nice.

And this one has Akira/Futaba but it’s trans!Akira, A new Persona. Be warned I haven’t read that one so I don’t know how accurate the representation is.

katielyn-miser  asked:

I Love Cas so much because he's so delightfully odd and his quirky little ways are the most adorable thing, he is the master of deadpan sass 😇 but he is also so selfless and cares so much about Sam and Dean, and somehow out of all the angels he is the most motherly, nurturing and protective.He is determined to do what is right and amend for his mistakes no matter what it takes, Really he is so honorable it hurts,and not to mention what a badass he is 💪 I could go on& on but I'm out of room 😛

I’m titling this ask “A Ballad to Cas”

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Thanks to everyone who tolerated my self-indulgent rant last night

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When I’m 30 I’ll be at Anime conventions dressed as a Bleach character and people are going to be like “Woah did you see that, the woman, the myth, the Legend, Strawberry!”
and I’ll be like “Step off, peasants, with your Hawaii Zombie cosplay and your Multiple Fragment gear. I’m here to rock”

Tamlin Met His Match

But then Rhoswen reached out to the Ilken. Grasped his dark scaly wrist and held on tight. A startled sound came out of the beast, but Rhoswen only smiled, turning her head to where Tamlin was running to her, screaming, claws ripping out of his knuckles.

Too late.

He was too late, and he knew it. Still he ran to her. The Ilken stood high, taller than Tamlin even. He reveled in all of it, a wicked smile peeking from under his deep hood. The life left her eyes and the smile disappeared from her face as he drained her of everything she was. A life for a life–that had always been the deal. Tamlin had never seen this coming though. No, not his mate. Not Rhoswen, his light in the darkness. He should have known that she would sacrifice herself to save him. They all should have known. 

Then he felt it. Her hand loosened on the Ilken, and he crept away without another glance back as Rhoswen began to fall to the ground, her body limp–her lips blue. Tamlin was there, catching her body as he felt a crack, a snap inside of him. The bond. She was dead, and the bond was dead with her. The pain was indescribable. Unlike any physical or emotional pain he had ever experienced in his years. He had fallen to his knees and grasped her tightly in his arms, holding her still warm body to his chest. 

A sob escaped his lips, and he screamed her name, loud enough to be heard for miles. His tears fell freely onto her face, her lifeless face that was once filled only with joy and hope. Half smiles and sarcastic smirks, eyes that lit up whenever she walked into a room. She was gone. Her heart was no longer beating. 

It was too much. He couldn’t bear it as he started down at her face, her body, her eyes.

anonymous asked:

My girlfriend and i have been together for a year and 3 months, and we live together (kinda uhauled, moved to a new town together 2 months in lol). I love her so much! She is kind and funny and she takes care of me when I feel bad. she is absolutely beautiful and I want to spend the rest of my life with her


anonymous asked:

Madison bless us with your vld gender/sexuality hcs


keith- gay/trans demiboy (as you can see by my bicon im also very open to bi/pan keith too jfjfkhfgh) 

lance- bi/genderfluid (and trans… whom would have guessed lol)

hunk- pan/trans demiboy

allura- bi/trans girl

pidge- lesbian/trans demigirl 

shiro- gay/trans boy

coran- gay/trans boy

these are just my faves and the only one i really would never change or go against is trans girl/fem aligned pidge but im open to p much any other fanon sexuality/gender headcanons!!!!