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It’s time for… A giveaway!  (Insert excited cacophony of music here)

This time there will only be one winner, mostly because I don’t have the energy or time to do much else.  No particular reason, though I did hit a follower milestone sometime recently, so let’s go with that.  


This time I am going to give away… THE COLOSSUS. 

That’s right, the precursor to The Juggernaut!  To go with The Colossus the winner gets 75 ectoplasm AND 25 gold. 

Now for the rules:

  • You do NOT have to be following me, but if you are I will throw in a full body, uncolored picture of your GW2 character. 
  • One like and one reblog per person, please!  I don’t want to spam dashboards with my goofy post (haha). Each counts as an entry.
  • You must have your ask box open and be willing to give me your in game name.  The winner has 48 hours to respond before I draw for a new winner.

Pretty simple, yeah?  I’ll do this drawing on Friday, June 9th sometime early afternoon after I get off of work (usually around 12 CST).  My schedule tends to get shifted around a lot, so I will reblog this post one hour before I do the drawing to let everyone know.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  Good luck to you all. :D

But the thing that amazes me to no end in ToZ the X is how much the creators of the anime had to make the plot so far-fetched and forced only for Alisha to be relevant.

Like, they changed so much plot for the sake of her having more screen time… They introduced completely new plot device - freaking telepathy… They sacrificed almost all of the character develompent… Changed the time of her becoming a squire… Had to shove Mikleo and Rose away… Ignored Maltran up to this point…
Cut off Mayvin arc… Ignore Heldalf… Add new rule that the squire dies if the Shepard dies…

The story just does not work with Alisha having the role of the heroine (or just secondary character). I don’t know if it’s her fault as a character that the show is so wonky, but her extra time could be used to make the show better.

But, yay, she’s the waifu, right?

Too much Underversary fanarts NYEEEHHHH!!

I’m so glad many people sent me submissions and tagged me in their blogs showing their lovely drawings and messages about Underverse 1st Anniversary.

I can’t say any other thing than a THANK YOU. Because thanks to you all this project started. It has been a hard time to me but I do really hope I can continue with the next animations soon.

I’m gonna post the lasts submits you sent me on this blog because Underversary was a day too fast to post all of them and I didn’t want to spam your dashboards ;w; so here we go.

And again, thank you so much <3

HEYYY if you haven’t noticed my spam on your dashboard I’m back from my trip!! With this!!!! im actually v proud of it 

While without wifi I had a ton of time to waste so naturally I reread a bunch of kakavege fics in my dbz fic stash…and I was reading @schlopreceptacle‘s You Buried Me and I legit cried happy tears it was an amazing experience. If you’re into fluff and seeing Vegeta be the sap he not so secretly is, please read it. I just had to draw something for this!

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I understand your love for her. SUCCUBUS SENSEI FOR LYFE!!!!!

Look at this 

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Khezu roaring for almost 20 aeons.avi

been playin Stories a lot lately, is fun but makes me stop drawing

…but you guys probably like that cause I’m not spamming your dashboards with shitposts :3

also found out what the timeline thing does in photoshop

anon asks about training at jyp compiled so I don't spam your dashboards

if you don’t mind me asking, when you said you decided to leave jyp because it was too stressful, what was the most stressful part about it? also you said that trainees were split into groups of 12-16, are those the people you’re likely to debut with or it’s just random groups of 12-16 where genders are mixed

the stress came from trying to keep up with the other trainees who were much better than i was, being alone in a foreign country, and knowing that i was missing a lot of school. the boys and girls are separated, and you’re grouped according to your skill level in dance.

did you get to meet any idols??

i was in the same lift as jae and dowoon from day6 for like 4 seconds; i just greeted them and they greeted me back and that was it

how much sleep did you get as a trainee?

it varied day-to-day, but I would say 3-5 hours ish

do trainees train together in jyp? like do they separate males and females, or do you have small groups or it’s all individual?

they’re separated. we’re split into groups of 12-16 based on how good we are.

I hope you don’t mind but I have so many questions about your trainee experience! Like, how old were you when you auditioned? Where/how did you audition? Do you speak Korean? You seem v casual about it so I assume you live in Korea? Sorry for all the questions. I auditioned for SM when I was in high school but was too scared to go to my callback, and now I’m kind of regretting it. I think I’m too old to get involved again now but I’m still curious lol

I was 14, I auditioned through email, I don’t speak korean, and I don’t live in korea. go for it, since you’ve already got a call back once, so there’s no harm in trying again :)

You had…. Fanservice lessons when you were a temporary trainee???

I did ^^ I’m pretty sure every trainee and idol has to practise fanservice

I hope you don’t mind me asking but how long did you train at jyp? and what did you mainly do? you don’t need to answer if you don’t want to, just curious - @doshigatai

it’s okay :) I trained there for about a month. we had loads of dance classes and they’d dump us in a practice room for the whole day and teach us choreo to random songs. I also had korean lessons, fanservice lessons, media training and vocal lessons.

if you don’t mind me asking, when did you audition for jyp? do you recommend other people to try to audition like even just for fun ?

I auditioned in december last year. if you want to, do it! I mainly did it out of curiosity. if you wanted to do it actually try and become an idol then obviously think about it a bit more.

idk if this is weird but did jyp put a lot of stress on how skinny you should be?

they didn’t constantly tell all of us to lose weight, but when I joined they gave me a target weight to hit. I heard from the other trainees who’d been there longer that if you don’t meet your target weight they’ll put you on a special diet or just kick you out.

What did you learn in fan service?? How to make hearts? Linking hands? Wearing flower crowns? Pouting when the staff takes away your drink? Annoying the members beside you? PRACTICING YOUR SIGNATURE SO YOU CAN DO 50 FANS IN 5 SECONDS????

pretty much LMAO but really we were just taught what to do with the gifts we got, how to pose for fansites, and how to interact with the fans and other members

first of all, thank you, thank you all for the support and kind words Uwu

This time I wanted to open myself a bit since I almost never do that… I really appreciate all of your support and kind words and making me feel like I’m not that bad at all ;w;

The reason why I came to tumblr in the first place was because I wanted to share my interest into undertale and its fandom, sharing my art so people would be happy with it, or comic ideas to make people laugh, that’s what I really like to do; sharing love and happiness with other people, help others be happy because everyone deserves it right? UwU

I’m not really kind of a person who is proud of himself about anything he does. And tbh I don’t really like talking about my art, or saying it is any good, that kinda feels like it would be selfish for me to think so… There are a lot of nice people who does share love and happiness and I think they all do it better then I do and I admire and support them. I want to inspire people in the future, like these people I admire.

I always care about what all of you think or your opinion about something, at least I think I try to do so. Thats why I always ask your opinion on something I’m planning to do. So if I mistakenly hurt someone’s feelings I’d be glad to hear them telling me what I did wrong.

Lately something makes me think; do I really deserve all of the support and nice words of nice people like you? … I know my art is not impressive or good or my none of my ideas are funny to make people feel better. So I’m not really proud of anything I do? I guess… I dont really know ;v;

But being like that right now I am doing the opposite of what I’m supposed to be doing; making people happy. I’m really sorry about that, guess I just needed to share this to feel a little better… but maybe I’m now just being selfish and make you people not happy… I’m sorry for taking your time or filling your dashboard with my weird talk.

I really want to thank you all again for all your support and kindness, I really appreciate it Uwu

caffeinatedmusing replied to your photo “Yes hello it is me and that modern!AU shite again (ʘ‿ʘ)✿ I uuuh wrote…”

Geralt would be the patient that everyone in the OR knew and either loved or hated.’ nekker bites again?’ ‘thats the third time this week.’ 'shhhh, he just wants to flirt w the RN’

He’d totally be that patient! And once he found out there’s a vampire working at a local hospital, he’d feel it’s his responsibility to check how things are going every now and then. You know, just to make sure no necks are bitten. Just that, only professional interest, and nothing more… though maybe it wouldn’t hurt to chat and have a cup of coffee with the vampire every time he visited, right? Right.

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🔥 👀 👬 ♋️

👬 your otp


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👀 your favourite part in cypher 4 

yoongi’s part! 

Click clack to the bang, you and you
쉽게 얻은 게 하나도 없음에 늘 감사하네
니 인생이 어중간한 게 왜 내 탓이야
계속 그렇게 살아줘 적당하게
미안한데 앞으로 난 더 벌
건데 지켜봐줘
부디 제발 건강하게

eng trans:

Click clack to the bang, you and you
I’m always thankful, for not earning anything so easily
Why is it my fault, that your life is noncommittal
Keep on living like that vaguely
Sorry but continue to look
Because I’m gonna earn more from now
By all means please healthily

🔥 RM, 1VERSE or Agust D?

AGUST D!!!!!!!!! 

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send me a bts askbox meme!!

hello! i’m kirstie, a huge colin firth and kingsman fan.

i’ve first seen kingsman last year and it basically got me hooked so i jumped aboard the kingsman train but i only joined tumblr a month ago. i’m basically new around so you might not know or see me on your dashboards yet :3

anyways, joining the community has been good to me and gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people who share the same passion and obsessions. i’m not a social person in real life so i thank my few tumblr mutuals (you know who u are *wink*) for being there to spam my dash with stuff that cheer me up XD

aside from kingsman, i am also a fan of Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch, Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr., Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter. (in any case, if u want to, we could talk about that, too)

i love to sketch and spend most of my time watching or sleeping (lol)

anddddd here’s my derp face, if u don’t mind

so there you go. a little bit about me.

you people are awesome. let’s be friends! :)

Old, EMBARRASSING drawings.

So, you asked for it:

I think this was when I was 12-13? I am 24 now.

Good lord.

(I’m including @sexystarmie​‘s comment on the bottom right one because I’m still laughing.)


When you go through that animu phase.

This one’s the best:

As Starmie said, probably the way we all started drawing anime girls.

These are just SOME. I don’t want to over-spam your dashboards.

So remember kids, if you feel like you will not improve… this may give you some hope ;) It’s all in the practice. It took me a good 10 years to even find a style I am happy with. And I still got loads to learn.


I just finished moving into my new place and am currently doing a bit of job-hunting. I’m also going to be doing a road-trip in two days, but after that’s finished things SHOULD get back to some semblance of equilibrium?? I’ll be able to get down to the grind of commission work and comic work again soon, thank you for being patient with me!!

As a side note: I’ve decided to start queuing asks so I can answer your questions genuinely and thoroughly and not feel like I’m spamming dashboards. So, if you sent me an ask and I haven’t gotten to it, it’s probably sitting in my queue and will get spit out eventually. (If you send questions off-anon, you’re more likely to get an answer promptly and privately!)


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Post as much as you possibly can, I don't care if you spam my dashboard because I love your blog so much <3

Thank you so much! I’m going to try and post 10 quotes a day from now on, let me know if you guys think it’s too much or too little!

A little break

I don’t want to worry or disturb anyone with my unimportant or weird problems but I really need a small break like a couple days to think on my style on drawing humans, especially how I do draw frisk and Chara… idk want anyone to have a problem because of me so I will not say who or what made me think that way.

But I feel like I need to think about my style on frisk and chara being familiar with an artist’s style because I learned drawing them working on their style and now I feel bad if I wasn’t supposed to work on their style :c

I’m sorry for spamming your dashboard with this boring post but I wanted to say that I need a small break for a couple days to think. I’m not feeling up to drawing something atm sorry ;-;