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TRIGGER WARNING!  Self-harm is discussed in this part. 

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When I arrive at his house the next morning, I’m soaked through due to the rain. Luckily, my duffel is waterproof, so my clothes inside are fine. I’m fairly confident that he ignores my first few buzzes while he watches the water dripping down my face in the security monitoring feed before he lets me in through the gate. He makes me wait at the front door, and I know that he’s trying to piss me off, so I vow to pretend that everything is completely normal. But that won’t stop me from being as petty as he is.

When he finally opens the door, I greet him with a simple “Good morning, Harry” before I trail a wet path across his floor on my way to the loo for a hot shower. His protests follow me, but I pay no mind. If he’d been faster about opening the gate and the door, I might have been more careful about dripping on his precious floor.

Emerging 22 minutes later to the sight of him putting away a mop, I’m dressed in blue jeans with a simple t-shirt. It’s one of my favorite t-shirts as I earned it while working the Follow the Yellow Brick Road Tour in 2014. Working with Elton had been a blast, and was the first tour I’d worked, although I hadn’t worked it solo. I was part of a team for that tour, and we had traded off hours. Unfortunately, I’d had to leave the tour early due to circumstances beyond my control. I will never, ever be sorry for exiting that job early; Elton had understood when I’d explained, and I’d worked private security for him on a few events since then.

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INFINITE Checklist

KR albums / singles

  • First Invasion (2010)
  • Evolution (2011)
  • Inspirit (2011)
  • Over The Top (2011)
  • Paradise (2011)
  • Infinitize (2012)
  • New Challenge (2013)
  • Destiny (2013)
  • The Origin (2014)
  • Season 2 (2014)
  • Be Back (2014)
  • One Great Step Live (2014)
  • Paradise LP (2015)
  • Be Back LP (2015)
  • Reality (2015)
    –limited edition
  • INFINITE Only (2016)
    –regular (8 photobooks: 7 members + group)
    –limited edition

JP albums / singles

  • Before The Dawn (2011)
    –limited A
    –limited B
    –normal edition
  • Be Mine (2012)
    –pop art
  • She’s Back (2012)
    –limited edition
  • Koi ni Ochiru Toki (2013)
    –limited edition
  • Last Romeo -Kimi ga Ireba Ii- (2014)
    –limited A
    –limited B
    –normal edition
  • Dilemma (2014)
    –limited with DVD
  • 24 Hours (2015)
    –one for each member (7)
    –regular edition
    –CD + DVD edition
  • For You (2015)
    –one for each member (7)
    –regular edition
    –CD + DVD edition
    –CD + Blu-Ray edition
  • Best of Infinite (2016)
    –regular edition
    –CD + DVD edition
    –CD + Blu-Ray edition

DVD releases

  • Infinite Japan 1st Live: Leaping Over (2012)
  • 2012 Infinite Concert: Second Invasion in Japan (2012)
  • Infinitize Showcase (2012)
  • Second Invasion: 1st Concert Live in Seoul (2012)
  • 2012 Infinite Concert: Second Invasion Evolution (2012)
  • Infinite 1st Arena Tour in Japan (2013)
  • 2012 Infinite Concert: That Summer (2013)
  • Destiny in America (2013)
  • One Great Step Returns (2015)
  • 2014 Infinite Concert: That Summer 2 (2015)
  • Grow (2015)
  • 2015 Infinite Japan Tour: Dilemma (2015)
  • Infinite Effect Advance Live (2016)

Solo / Units

  • Sunggyu - Another Me (2012)
  • Infinite H - Fly High (2013)
  • Sunggyu - 27 (2015)
  • Infinite H - Fly Again (2015)
  • Infinite F - Koi no Sign (2015)
  • Infinite F - Azure (2015)
  • Woohyun - Write.. (2016)


  • Infinite Season’s Greetings (2012)
  • Infinite Season’s Greetings (2013)
  • L’s Bravo Viewtiful (2013)
  • L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part 2 (2013)
  • Infinite IDEA Photobook (2013)
  • Infinite Season’s Greetings (2014)
  • Infinite Season’s Greetings (2015)
  • Infinite Season’s Greetings (2016)

Shows / Box Sets

  • Infinite You’re My Oppa (2011)
  • My K-star Infinite MBC DVD Collection (2012)
  • Infinite Sesame Player (2012)
  • Infinite Ranking King (2013)

Today reminded me why we’re all putting up with all the bullshit surrounding the boys and why we need to push through this hiatus. We knew we’d be here all the way back in 2014 before they announced OTRA. We were all begging for this hiatus instead of another tour because we knew that going on tours and putting out new albums like they were was too hard on them. Now, we’re a year and a half into the hiatus and I’ve seen people be discouraged. Remember though what we were hoping for even back then. We hoped they’d all create solo music targeted towards older audiences, people who are the actual age of their audience (Late teens to late 20s), and then eventually come back together as a supergroup and overcome the stigma that boy bands always break up. We asked for this and we know what will happen no matter how many times people in our everyday lives say that 1D aren’t coming back we know for a fact they are and Zayn will be back with them.

Can you imagine what 1D concerts will be like then?

Each member will get to sing their own material. Stuff that matters to them more than the others. They get to each tell their own stories on their own terms with the other boys on stage with them being supportive and after they all sing their solo material they get to sing songs they’ve made together showing how even though they might have different experiences and musical styles they’ve still got things in common. They have a love for each other that brought us all to this place still blogging about 1D even though the general public believes they’ve been done with for a year and a half. I can’t wait to attend one of those concerts where we can all support the boys we love with all of our hearts.

That’s why I’m still here and I can’t wait.

anonymous asked:

I read your reblog of what harry has put out since the hiatus in comparison to the other boys and it just became so clear to me how he and Jeff had everything negotiated and arranged before the hiatus even began. Harry by now: album, two world tours, a documentary, and a movie. Plus a flashy promo campaign including SNL, RS, and LLS. The other boys: announced solo deals, regular promo, a single or two out. So while the others started working solo in 2016, he had been arranging this at least....

Since 2014! This has been years in the making! 🌻

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Rowland S. Howard, photographed by Peter Milne, 1977.

Last May I wrote a post commemorating the 36th anniversary of the release of the Boys Next Door single “Shivers,” and today, on the anniversary of Rowland S. Howard’s 56th birthday I have updated that initial track list of covers, including the most recent version of the song that I’ve heard, recorded by fellow Melbourne singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett and released less than three weeks ago. It’s been interesting seeing Rowland’s name mentioned by publications like NPR, The Guardian and Billboard, even if only in passing. (Just a matter of hours ago a review was published by Rolling Stone that mentions “some Rowland S. Howard-like guitar soundscapes” existing on Dave Gahan’s new album. One hopes that curious readers will Google RSH after seeing that reference.) Little by little Rowland S. Howard is becoming better known on a wider scale, which I think is an encouraging feeling for all us fans around the world, for whom his music has meant so much.

  1. Young Charlatans (1978)
  2. The Boys Next Door (1978, lead vocal by RSH)
  3. The Boys Next Door (1978, lead vocal by Nick Cave)
  4. The Boys Next Door (1979, the Door, Door version)
  5. Marie Hoy & Friends (1986, Dogs in Space soundtrack)
  6. The Screaming Jets (1993)
  7. Nick Cave & The Dirty Three (1995)
  8. The Witches (Ha-Mechashefot) ft. Nick Cave (1996)
  9. Rowland S. Howard (1999)
  10. Nikki Sudden (released in 2006)
  11. Tin Gods (uploaded to YouTube in 2008)
  12. Megan Washington (2011)
  13. Harry Howard and Edwina Preston (2011)
  14. Divine Fits (2012, studio version)
  15. Divine Fits (2012, live)
  16. Mick Harvey and Harry Howard (2013)
  17. Danny Pinn (2013)
  18. Cat Power (2013, part of a medley)
  19. The Cairo Gang (2013)
  20. Laura Jane Grace (2013, live from solo acoustic tour)
  21. Adalita and company at the Pop Crimes show (2014)
  22. Megan Washington (2014, with echo effects)
  23. Against Me! (2014, from a sound check)
  24. Against Me! (2014, live)
  25. Courtney Barnett (2015, ending the song on a kind of upbeat note)

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G can you explain to me why you're not a ot4 stan?

Listen, I used to love One Direction a lot, they’re my favorite band and I believe they’ll always be. I miss the boys on stage, I miss the tour and all the banter and teasing (specially lirry) BUT, in the second they announced the hiatus, I already knew this would happen, and of all of them, Harry always was my favorite and, for so long (since 2014 or before, can’t remember), I was dying inside to see solo Harry, to have a album of his voice and just his voice and his thoughts and nothing but him.

The thing is: Harry always was my favorite and I’m a very happy solo harrie now.

I think it’s nice that every boy is following their own path now, but I just don’t care about their music or their lives as much I care about Harry’s. Louis type of music is not what I like to listen (just if I’m drunk), Niall’s the same thing. Liam… I’m not sure what I feel about his music but I like Liam a lot. Zayn… I love Zayn but still… If I had to choose, Harry will always be my number 1.

If they decide to come back someday I’ll be here cheering and celebrating because I think they’re great together, but I think that they’ll never be sucessful like they used to be (I saw this happen before with other bands), and I believe that now they’re better being solo artists, being truth with themselves and saying what they want to say. But people need to stop demonising solo stans, and need to stop trying to drag one to praise the other.

I’m living for this solo Harry era and honestly, I’m praying that this never ends. And I have no shame of that.

Credimi Tumblr se ti dico che per questa volta mi sento troppo bene, finalmente felice. Per una notte è stato come se non ci fosse mai stato niente di male. C'ero solo io con i miei idoli. Cantavamo. Urlavamo. Saltavamo. Ballavamo. Scendeva anche qualche lacrima. Si, perchè non riuscivo a credere che le persone che mi facevano stare così bene erano li, davanti ai miei occhi. E li sentivo davvero, non avevo un paio di cuffiette. E scherzavano, parlavano con noi. Ed io ero così felice, spensierata, urlavo i loro nomi e non ci potevo credere. Qualche volta mi mettevo le mani nei capelli, stringevo forte gli occhi e poi li riaprivo sperando non fosse un sogno. Mi mettevo una mano sul cuore e lo sentivo battere, davvero. È stata la notte migliore di sempre e non la dimenticherò. Non dimenticherò nulla. Le urla mi rimbombano ancora nella testa. Un'emozione che porterò sempre con me. Harry che riesce a zittire un intero stadio e poi urla ‘SCREAMMMM’ e a quel punti hai sentito tutto lo stadio tremare. Niall che mentre saltava ci incitava a gridare 'ITALIA, ITALIAA’, Harry che dice di amarci e che siamo bellissimi, Liam che dice che è stato lo spettacolo più bello di sempre. Niall ci chiede 'COME STATE?’ e poi risponde 'PREGO’. I fuochi d'artificio. Loro che si fermavano e ci lasciavano cantare. Volevano sentirci. Come posso dimenticare tutto questo? Tutto lo stadio illuminato da torce e la fan action con scritto “WE ARE 1D FAMILY” sono rimasti senza parole, tanto che Liam ce l'ha fatta rifare per poi scattare una foto e postarla su instagram. L’'arrivederci’ di Niall. La ola. Le nostre canzoni, si perchè cantavamo anche tutte noi con loro. Tutto questo rimarrá impresso nel mio cuore. Hanno preso una parte di me. Sono i miei idoli, le persone che mi rendono felice. Sono state le due ore più belle. Fantastic. Amazing. Sono senza parole e ancora non ci credo. Erano li per davvero. Davanti a me. E io cantavo con loro. Mi hanno stravolto la vita. Mi veniva la pelle d'oca. Hanno riempito lo stadio più grande d'Italia per due volte di fila. Sono fiera dei miei ragazzi, delle emozioni che solo loro riescono a farmi provare. Ho lasciato il mio cuore in quello stadio. Spero di rivederli al più presto, non riesco a fare a meno di loro. Mi mancano già. Sono essenziali. I miei idoli. E non riesco ad esprimermi.

28 - 06 - 2014 : “better than words, more than a feeling”
San Siro , Where We Are Tour



[The Digitalian Tour 2014]: Cute happy baby watching “Disco Star” ♥

Video Masterpost - London, UK 07/06/14


Audio : Kim Jaejoong’s Letter to Fans (25-26/1/2014 JParty Concert)

 Today, this moment, you came to my side; it was such a precious time where I feel that “The man Kim Jaejoong who is wrapped by your love, who is receiving your great love and trust, is truly happy.” 

After releasing my first solo album and holding my Asia tour starting from Seoul, I shared those happy times with you. And in my memory, what made me who I am now is you, the precious people who support me with those same faces, bright expressions and unwavering eyes.

Every time I added one more candle on my birthday cake, with complicated and subtle emotions due to more sense of responsibility, I was in constant fear that our holding hands might unclasp and we lose one another. Now that I look at our hands holding even tighter, I feel more reassured, just like I got a life insurance for myself. 

Like a house built up by my own hands brick by brick, this completed album came out. And you keep supporting me in my concerts. I always couldn’t express my gratitude. But I think there’s no better expression than this word, THANK YOU. And, I love you.

Ah oh, the concert hasn’t ended yet everybody! Are you ready to enjoy again? You’re ready right? Are you ready? Let’s enjoy again! 

(T_T) (cr: dcjellery and hannah princejj)

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1D Tour's throughout the years

people talk about how much they have changed but really… they haven’t changed one bit they are still our 5 stupid idiots -they are still as dysfunctional as ever but we love them

Up All Night (2011-2012)

1D’s first solo tour with 60 shows of crowds of 500,00 people around Europe, Oceania and North America

Take Me Home (2013)

1D’s second solo tour with 100 shows of sold out arenas with 15,000 people over Australia, Asia, Europe and North America

Where We Are Tour (2014)

1D’s third solo tour playing 69 shows at sold out stadiums of 60,000-90,000 people all over South America, Europe and North America

This Day in 1D History - June 14


  • Liam auditions for The X Factor UK


  • Lirry hold their dicks and Louis gets blushy when the audience screams out his solo at the Up All Night Tour concert – Oakland, USA 


  • Narry chicken fight, attempt Dirty Dancing, teach water aerobics, and look like toddlers at their hotel pool
  • Nouis call out fans leaving early, Zayn ruins lives, and Lilo get into a compromising position at the Take Me Home Tour concert – Miami, USA 


  • Where We Are Tour concert – Stockholm, Sweden 
Beyonce Lands Series of HBO Concert Segments

Beyonce is heading back to HBO.

Following her 2013 documentary Life Is But a Dream, Beyonce will return to the premium network for a series of four-minute concert segments from her Mrs. Carter World Tour called Beyonce: X10.

The 10 installments will air every Sunday evening at 8:55 p.m. ET/PT ahead of the seventh and final season of True Blood, which begins at 9 p.m. ET/PT on June 22.

Taped performances of “Blow/Cherry,” “Drunk in Love,” “Ghost/Haunted,” “Flawless/Yonce,” “Get Me Bodied/Baby Boy/Diva,” “Girls,” “Heaven,” “Partition,” “Why Don’t You Love Me?” and “XO” will air as part of the series.

The performances were shot in various cities around the world from Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour. The tour began in April 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia and ended in March 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. It was the highest-grossing female solo tour in 2013.

Life Is But a Dream, which aired on HBO in February 2013 and was directed by Beyonce, gave an inside look at the singer’s life.