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Can you explain your URL? I know it speaks for itself but I'd love to hear your description on it.

Aaah this is such a good question! Okay, get ready for some metaphors. 

I feel like your human self is the lead actor in a movie and your soul is the director with a specific vision. 

This director wants to make the best movie possible at any cost. This director is a brutal, ruthless perfectionist who will make you cry, destroy your confidence, hell, even make you wish you were dead, if that’s what it takes to bring their vision to life. 

People say the universe is love, and that’s true.

But it is also brutally apathetic to your pain. 

Not because it’s cruel, but because it knows what you’re capable of, and will stop at nothing to make you realize your potential. 

So the url is pretty literal: you can feel the presence of your own soul (saturn) in your pain and restrictions (which are associated with saturn, as a celestial body). 

On a more personal level: isolation is a prominent theme in my life. I didn’t understand how I always ended up alone because, honestly, I’m fairly likable, principled, fun to be around, and generous in my relationships. (Hope that doesn’t sound arrogant, it’s just basic self-awareness). 

Every time someone comes into my life and we’re on the verge of being friends or whatever, something random takes them away. Every time there’s an opportunity to further a relationship, a crazy coincidence creates distance between me and the other person. 

Even before I got into astrology, I felt this invisible wall between me and the world, and nothing I did could break it. 

Now, I understand what’s happening and why. 

If an artist is working on an important project, they keep it away from other people until it’s ready. The best artists are intensely secretive and protective of their work because even the smallest interference can throw everything off. 

Isolation is not the universe inflicting pain just because; it’s a sign that your artist, who has your best interests at heart, is hard at work. 

So, again, saturn (which represents restrictions and isolation) represents a soul that has a vision and will stop at nothing to accomplish it. 

Basically, saturn has an important presence in everyone’s life, but has been especially prominent in my experience so the url refers to me, and also to the nature of saturn as a planet.

someone replied to your post‘i didn’t read this but it’s awful’

How much do you want to be this is actually about OP fending off criticism for supporting fetishizing same sex relationships and sexual activity?

hm. a foreseeable response.

for anyone who’s new here: ‘supporting fetishizing same sex relationships and sexual activity’ means ‘saying it’s okay for non-mlm to create and consume fanworks featuring fictional mlm, even nsfw works’. Which I own: I support this. (and I wish we’d stop using ‘fetishizing’ so freely.) I think it’s ridiculous to limit the creation of fiction on the basis of the identity of the author, and consumers are responsible for understanding that real mlm are different from fictional ones no matter who the creator is. (Consumers are free to decide ‘I will not read the works of anyone who writes about characters that do not match the author’s identity,’ however.)

As to what my post is about: 

‘I didn’t read this but it’s awful’ isn’t criticism. At best it’s a useless, limp statement of dislike based on fuck-all because the person who says it just admitted to not reading it. At worst it’s a form of mockery: ‘just letting you know you wasted your time!’

Here’s some great crit of a post I wrote. (the top of his blog is a bit eye-searing but scroll down and it’s less painful.) Criticism explains why something is shitty or wrong or needs changing or rethinking or to be rejected altogether. Because it explains itself, criticism has a much better chance of changing minds than simply ‘this is bad lmao’. And if not accepted wholly by the criticized (and in an appropriate situation for it), it can open up a dialogue that leads to more nuanced discussion. 

Criticism can be used harshly and with the intention of shutting a person down. but if it’s given in good faith and with the intention of improving or sharing with a person the target gets a chance to grow and become a better person (and the critic might also get that chance).

My post is about people being proud of how they’re not even attempting to read opposing viewpoints. I find that alarming! Social justice discourse especially should not be about taking anything on blind faith. At the very least you need to know something about your enemy if you want to really defeat them. Or are these people afraid of learning something that will make them rethink their own behavior?

Even leftist spaces are becoming increasingly authoritarian, and ‘i didn’t read this but I know it’s bad’ is a sign of it.  Learn things. form your own thoughts. If you read a post and don’t like it that’s one thing, or if you read part of a post and go ‘nope, this is shit,’ block the OP, and move on, that’s another. but saying ‘I don’t even have to read it to know it’s bad’? that makes me concerned.

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heyyy! ur url is on point btw omgg. can i have a ship pleaseeee? (i'd love GangLeader!5SOS if you could do that?) ty lovely and have a great day!

why thank you; i thought it was pretty lame but I’m glad someone enjoys it. Also I’ve never done Gang!5SOS in my life so I hope I do it justice I’m sorry in advance. 

  • ship: cal / ash / luke / mike
  • bff: cal / ash / luke / mike
  • frenemy: cal / ash / luke / mike
  • compliment: you’re really really cute and i love those pictures of you in the black top/skirt outfit!  totally chic :-) 
  • blurb

Being slightly obsessed with the stars was not your worst trait, but it was one that earned you a reputation in your little town that wasn’t exactly good. They didn’t say you were looney or out of your mind, they just knew that you had your head in the sky and nobody really wanted to try and get you to come down. You weren’t overly shy or nerdy or even on the bottom of the social food chain. You just were, barely noticeable but still noticeable. 

It was late, that night. You were in your favourite clearing in the local park, out of the way of street lights and people, deep enough for it to be peaceful and quiet. You had your telescope out and your sketch pad, illuminated only by a small clip-on light from the $2 store and the light streaming from your laptop that sat on the small sketch table next to it. You weren’t really “charting” the stars, but you were doing your research and learning and concentrating because it was what relaxed you. Because even in small towns things could get stressful and out of hand. 

“I thought I might find you here.” His voice was a little deep and husky, coming from the shadows behind you. You turned around at the sped of light, heart pounding in your chest because you could recognise the lilt anywhere. “Anyone tell you that you shouldn’t be out in these parts on your own let alone in the dark?” Hemmings moseyed out from behind the trees and you stiffened up. This was not the first time you’d come face to face with the leader of the town’s most notorious, deadly gang. 

“Anyone tell you that stalking is creepy and annoying?” You shot back nervously, your heart not completely into the insult but the fear pushing you to push him away as best as you could. But Luke just chuckled the way he did, and even in the dark you could see his stupid, shit-eating, all-knowing smirk. 

“Now, now,” He said wandering closer to you and your things. “You know better than to talk to me like that.” And this was true. But you could never help it. 

“What do you want, Hemmings? Because whatever it is, I won’t do it.” Luke just ignored you, the way he did to everyone in the own who wasn’t worth listening to.  Instead he sat himself down in your camp chair and stared up at you.

“You know what offer is on the table.” Was all he said. And this was true too. 

“Why me?” You’d practically whisper into the air that sat between you two. So he stood and wandered over to you, hands reaching for your face gentler than you could ever imagine someone who’s killed before to be. 

“Because,” he said and you could see his whole story in the blue of his eyes. “You’re stuck in the stars up there, and I’m stuck in the stars of your eyes.” And then he leaned down to brush his lips against your ear and whisper. “And you know you can never say no to me. Not anymore.” 

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I hope your not tired of talking about Harry the Heir because I'd like to ask you about him. Is your liking of him based only on him being more harmless than others in ASoIaF, or do you truly see things in him to like? This is not a combative question by any means. I'm just interested in your thoughts because they are so different from my impression of him. I hope your having a nice day. :-)

Hello, anon! No, I’m not tired of talking about Harry, although my dash might be sick of me talking about him by now. (Btw, I won’t be offended if any of you want to blacklist my url for a while.)

I won’t lie, a lot of it is simply that he seems relatively harmless compared to so many other characters Sansa has encountered. I also went into the chapter wanting to like Harry, so I was already predisposed to giving him the benefit of the doubt whenever possible, which also contributed to my generally positive reaction. But I did really see some things in him that I liked, things which make me feel like he at least has potential.

He’s honest, for a start. Brutally honest. I don’t like or excuse his rudeness to Sansa, but I do like that he didn’t feed her insincere flattery or try to play games with her like almost everyone else around her. Later, Sansa even tests him by deliberately asking about his bastard children to see if he would lie, and he does not. He passes her test. Harry takes his honesty to the point of rudeness, but in an environment where almost everyone Sansa comes in contact with is playing games, manipulating others, and not saying what they mean, I appreciate that Harry doesn’t lie to Sansa or try to use her. As jal80​ succinctly put it, he’s an ass, but he’s upfront about his assness in a way that I can appreciate.

I also like that it was Sansa’s sass and wit which ultimately won him over rather than her beauty. I’ve seen some valid comments about how this was not the “true” Sansa, and while I don’t disagree in any way that Sansa was putting on an act with him (and at Littlefinger’s behest, no less, which I’ll get to in a moment), I’d also point out that Sansa’s cleverness isn’t something new. She’s always been witty and sassy. It’s a genuine part of the real Sansa, and so I don’t agree that Harry was impressed by a Sansa who doesn’t exist, as I have seen claimed.

Now, before I say this next thing, I want to make something extremely, abundantly, unmistakably clear: I am not in any way diminishing or ignoring the fact that Littlefinger is grooming Sansa and that she only flirts with Harry in the first place because he tells her to. I haven’t talked about it for reasons which I won’t go into here, because it could be (and deserves to be) a separate post of its own. But I want to be clear that I hate that Littlefinger does this, and I am acutely aware of how disturbing it is. I do however want to point out something which I think is worth noting:

He has good teeth, she thought, straight and white.  And when he smiles, he has the nicest dimples.

This was not Littlefinger. I don’t think it was even Alayne. This was all Sansa. Sansa, noticing things about Harry that she likes. Superficial things to do with his looks, certainly. But it’s a start. And it’s all Sansa.

I will always be disgusted that Littlefinger pushed Sansa into flirting with Harry, but Littlefinger’s machinations are not Harry’s fault, nor do they have anything to do with what kind of person Harry is, or with whether he’s someone who could eventually make Sansa happy. The relationship (assuming it ever becomes a relationship) began in an upsetting, troubling way, and we should definitely talk about it and not ignore it. I’m only trying to say that I don’t think it forever eliminates the possibility that the Harry x Sansa ship could eventually become a happy and healthy one. In fact, I feel that way about a lot of the canon ships, and not just the Sansa ones.

So, that’s why I like Harry while still acknowledging that he’s an ass, and that’s why I’m happy to ship Sansa with him for the time being. This is most likely all a moot point anyway, because Harry will probably be killed off at the beginning of Sansa’s next chapter, but in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy this ride while it lasts. :)

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Hey! So I've read your au fics (and I'm eagerly awaiting more of Aubade, even if i have the feeling that it's going to break my heart at some point) anyway, I saw this prompt in theadoribullprompts post / 140041352057 / and I thought of you, i'd love to see your take on it~ have a nice day!

 I love you anon! <3 Have some tumblr-famous adoribull (loosely based on the prompt) (it’s nothing like the prompt i’m sorry) (i hope you still like it)

Dorian always turned off his computer and didn’t touch it for at least half an hour after he posted a new video. He washed the dishes he’d left in the sink that morning. He tidied his entire room, not just the small section visible from his webcam. He vacuumed, and took a determined and focused walk, not allowing himself to turn around until he heard the heavy bells of the chantry strike the hour.

The first thing he did when he got back was check, of course. He left the youtube comment section alone; he didn’t hate himself that much. But his tumblr followers were a kinder group, and smaller. He had a core group of people who not only reblogged but also commented on all his videos, and he recognized their usernames with fondness.

He was a bit nervous about this video, really. Most of his makeup tutorials were small things like “How to Cover a Hickey” or “Contouring with Facial Hair” (that was one of his most popular ones) but since it was Pride Week in Skyhold, he’d gone all out. He was more than a little nervous to see how his friends (yes, friends, even though he’d never tell them that) responded to him painting rainbows across his face.

They’d been tasteful rainbows. Dorian had convinced himself of that four times while he edited the video.

The comments are encouraging, the amount of likes simply gratifying.

He put on some music and made himself dinner, an eye on his phone. His usual group had all made an appearance except one… Wait. There he was. The porn blog.

Well, alright, that wasn’t the only thing on the blog, but it was an identifying factor. There were also pictures of the guy’s cat (which was either very small or his hands were large enough to make Dorian swoon), selfies from the gym (which did make Dorian swoon, but only in the privacy of his own home), positively adorable arts and crafts projects, mouthwatering recipes, and terrible, terrible puns. The man had no sense of personal branding, and it would have been offensive that he had so many more followers than Dorian if he weren’t so damn nice.

He’d shown up in Dorian’s mentions one day during a particularly ugly altercation with a group of Tevinter traditionalist blogs, and ripped the assholes to shreds in a very satisfying way. 

Not that Dorian couldn’t have done that himself.

His commentary was paragraphs long, as always. It was peppered with advice and encouragement for anyone wanting to try Dorian’s techniques, and compliments for Dorian himself. They ranged from the discreet (”And even if your eyes aren’t the same pretty color as @Pavoglorio’s…”) to the absurd (too many, too many, references to “mustache rides”) to the insightful and genuinely sweet (why yes, Dorian had painted the artwork in his room and yes he was very talented with his hands… alright, so maybe “sweet” was an overstatement.)

Dorian absolutely did not, in any way, have a massive crush on a man he’d never met and likely never would. He did finish cooking and sit down at the table with a glass of wine before he pulled up the page on his phone.

A message popped up, loud and startling. Dorian almost dropped his phone on floor.

He’d recognize that icon anywhere.

I didn’t realize you were in the Skyhold area!

His phone pinged again.

I’ll be at Pride too!

I was going to say “I’ll keep an eye out for rainbows” but…

maybe you should give me your number and we can meet 

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(My regular commissions are still open here.)

Hey everyone! So as some of you may have seen from my post yesterday, I got a job interview! For next week! YAY! 

HOWEVER, this job interview means I need to update my physical portfolio, fast, and if I get the job, I’m responsible for my own stock of prints/items. Which means I need paper I currently do not have, and also do not have money for, overnighted to me ASAP.

So I’m doing 10 slots of emergency commissions in the following style:


  • 10 slots.
  • $15 USD half body (like above), $20 USD for full body. Paypal only.
  • You must be able to pay IMMEDIATELY. I must receive payment before I start.
  • 1 character only, optional “small pet”-like addition no extra charge (for example, the bee in the above image would be considered a “pet”)
  • No excessive details/detailed instructions.
  • You will have a 300 DPI JPG emailed to you and I have the right to post it to any of my social media/portfolio sites.
  • These are for your personal use only. You may not re-distribute them for profit in any way. You may not use them as a base or modify them. Exception for modification is to crop/resize/cut out background for icons and sidebars.
  • SEND ME AN EMAIL ONLY, DO NOT SEND A TUMBLR ASK because tumblr’s ask system eats messages a lot and is really confusing to handle commissions through. PLEASE send me an email to and it MUST be titled “EMERGENCY SKETCH COMMISSION.” PLEASE also include your tumblr url and your PayPal email. I will send you a request for the payment via paypal and you’ll pay through that. DO NOT try to send me the money yourself because I use a different email for PayPal than that one.