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Request: Hello! If requests are open, may I request a Beverly Marsh x Fem Reader where the reader is the new “girly” girl at school and the moment Beverly sees the readers she’s like “guys help I’m gay” and the rest of the losers club helps Beverly confess and it ends up all fluffy with Beverly and the reader confessing to each other? Thank you, and sorry if this is too much!!

Pairing: Fem!Reader x Beverly Marsh. (2017, Sophia Lillis.)

Fandom: IT (2017)

Warning: Strong language.

Loving you.

It was no lie that Y/N was making boys, and girls alike, swoon. She was beautiful to say the least. Her glossy hair was always done up in pretty styles or left long and flowing. Her eyes glistened the same way her lip gloss did and her outfits were always beautiful on her, it was true, she could pull anything off. She could probably come to school in a trash bag and she could still receive compliments.

Almost everyone in her grade adored her, and this didn’t not leave Beverly Marsh as an exception. Beverly was almost certain she was in love with this new girl who she hardly knew, she adored her so much she had even been questioning how much she liked boys. Which she found to be not that much really.

One fateful day, Beverly turned to the losers’ for some kind of advice, hoping that perhaps they could help her with her sticky situation to which they tried to help her.

“If you like her you should try sending her pictures of your fucking boobs or something.” Richie suggested, to which he gained a whack on the back of the head by Bill, who stood behind him disapprovingly.

“Puh-puh-perhaps try t-telling her you luh-like her?” Bill managed, Beverly didn’t think it would be that simple however. But, she was willing to try anything.

“A poem?” Ben suggested with a kind smile, genuinely wanting to help Beverly with her problem, and Bev found this idea to be superb! She nodded frantically.

“Would you help me with it?” She asked with a gleeful smile, to which Ben nodded contently and the two were off, back to Bens house to work on the poem.


It seemed to Bev like they had been working for hours, writing out drafts and then redrafts until they finally had the perfect piece. They spent another half hour decorating the page and by the end of it Beverly had glitter stuck to her cheek and a bright smile on her face.

It was perfect, in Beverlys opinion. She just knew that Y/N would love it, but giving it to her was another big step. Beverly pushed the poem into an envelope and glued a small ribbon bow to the front of the envelope with Y/N’s name scrawled in heart shaped bubbles.

Beverly knew this was a fail proof plan, pushing the envelope into her school bag, thanking Ben, and walking home for the night. That night Beverly dreamt well.


The day had arrived and Beverlys stomach was in a knot. She walked up to Y/N, who had been at her locker, and slowly pulled the envelope from her bag. She held it out and readied herself for rejection.

Y/N took the envelope from Beverly with a shy smile on her face, tilting her head a little to one side before speaking. “What’s this for?” She asked kindly, opening the paper envelope and slowly taking out the poem.

“Well, its for you, because I, well, I like you?” Beverly managed, her hand over her stomach which seemed to be filled with butterflies in that moment. She swallowed harshly as Y/N began to read the short poem.

Y/N had never looked so deep in concentration, especially as her cheeks began to warm up and her eyes brimmed with tears of happiness. She smiled brightly looking back at Beverly and throwing her hands around her neck, pulling her into a tight embrace.

“I like you too, Bevs.” Y/N exclaimed with all her might, holding Beverly happily and giving her a huge smooch on the cheek.

“Thank you so much for doing all this for me!” Y/N said once again, but Beverly simply couldn’t reply. She was utterly lost for words and unable to comprehend what was actually happening.

{This is really short! I’m so sorry! I had no idea what way to go about this. My imagines have been getting really short but that’s because I took on too many at once, it’s entirely my fault Yall I’m sorry!}

[shaky off-tune kazoo version of the jaws theme playing in the distance]

Hello, everyone.

First of all, I’m so incredibly sorry for just vanishing for more than half a year, especially because I realized my last post was about a hospital stay (which I did mention was harmless, but probably still looks pretty ominous as a last post.)
I feel terrible for making people worry, especially since there’s already enough upsetting stuff happening :c 

To be honest I’m a little nervous writing this post right now after being gone for so long, but I really wanted to give a life sign! This weekend I finally checked my inbox, and I was incredibly touched by all the sweet messages. I can’t get back to everyone so let me just thank all of you who sent messages or replies, or even just thought about me! I cannot put into words how much it means to me ;-; It made my heart hurt in a good way, and I hope good things happen to you!

(Personal stuff behind the cut)

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ilovecats509  asked:

How would the mercs show their love and affection to their male s/o. Like dates they would take their s/o on, do they like kisses, etc

((Thanks for my first submission! You’re the best!! Hopefully I got the format right and tumble won’t screw me this time. ))


()Totally cocky and flirty with his male s/o, especially in public. Sexy winks every five minutes, grabbing your hand when you aren’t paying attention, etc. He LOVES to show you off.

 ()When you’re alone he’s a little more bashful and can turn into a total blushing mess when you turn on the charm. 

() He loves neck kisses/kisses that leave hickeys and marks, even with all the teasing he gets for it from the other guys.

 () Always wants to pick the dates, because he knows “the BEST” places to go. It usually ends in a fight and him getting banned from ever returning, but you know. Never a dull moment. 


 ()Solly is a simple man when it comes to love. He has no shame and will grab his male S/O by the hips in public and loudly declare his intentions to have them that night. He’s totally NOT opposed to this being the opposite way, either. 

()He’ll mostly let his S/O pick the dates, and try not to act bored out of his mind if it’s anything other than the battlefield. 

 ()As for kisses, he’s kind of rough. It’s just the way he is.


 ()SUCH a sweetheart to his S/O honestly it’s ridiculous.

 ()He’ll pepper you with kisses from head to toe if you let him, mask or no mask, he’s a snuggle bug and loves to be near you. 

 () Takes you strange places for dates, like the top of tall buildings to watch a fiery sunset or a burrito shack in the middle of the desert. But it doesn’t matter; he’s always so affectionate you know he means the best.


 ()Blushy and nervous in public OR private, stutters over some of his words and gets red in the face, even after him and his S/O have been together for awhile.

 ()Call his male S/O pet names that are ridiculously sugary (I.E. ‘lovebug’, ‘dumplin’) casually in conversation and gets red in the face when it’s pointed out.

 () LOVES to be kissed on the head. His s/o is likely taller than him so that’s an added bonus for scalp kisses! () He’d much prefer to let you pick the dates, but if it’s left up to him he’ll go generic; a nice dinner and movie, perhaps.

 Demoman; () Like Scout, he’s kind of cocky. Doesn’t try to hide his s/o and makes sure everyone knows that they belong to him.

 ()Grabby hands on your thighs, drunken smooches, you’ll probably have to carry him home from the bar and he’s VERY clingy when he’s tipsy 

()For dates he’ll take you to nice little rural restaurants, where you can both relax and be yourselves. 


() Such a gentle sweetheart!! 

() Calls his male s/o pet names in Russian, sometimes naughty ones that he won’t reveal the meaning to.

() Wouldn’t say it out loud but he loves nose kisses/eskimo kisses 

() Goes simple but very romantic for dates. Picnics, museums, that kind of thing. He’s a deep thinker, so he finds intellectual places stimulating, but anywhere he can be with you is good. 


() Wowow such a romantic.

() Showers his male s/o in lavish gifts, expensive things he thinks they’ll like. Only the best for his s/o. 

 () his kisses are perfectly timed and he appreciates your lips like a fine wine 

() Romantic places for dates; of course, he would do Paris if you’re up for it (it’s the city of lovers, Mon Ami!), but mostly just fancy dinner reservations, concerts, that kind of thing. 


 ()Tsundere af 

() Acts like you aren’t even together in public unless someone else is moving in to talk you up, then he’s by your side at an instant looking like he’s about to go feral on the other person 

() He secretly loves chest kisses shhh 

 () dates are almost always adventures into the wild unless you explicitly ask otherwise. He’ll pack your favorite foods and take you out to a gorgeous, unknown camping spot in the middle of nowhere. 


 () Not the most outwardly affectionate person, but once you’ve been with him awhile he starts to loosen up 

()Takes his male s/o places he thinks he’ll like; plays (he prefers murder mysteries and dark comedy), fine eateries, the beach, etc. He’s a very scientific man, so he’ll gauge your reaction at each place until he figures out what you REALLY like. 

() Smooches while he’s working are a no-no, he gets so distracted he can’t think 

() Secretly loves them.

anonymous asked:

Your writing has been making my day, bless you for the amazing content!! Could I possibly request some Losers Club meeting Will/their reactions to Will and Richie dating??

cracks knuckles i’ve got this

send in some prompts, bbs!

“He’s cute.”

It leaves Stan’s mouth before he can stop it.

Will’s face immediately heats up, his shy side creeping up on him.

Arms sneak around Will’s middle, hugging him against a broad chest.

“If you give me four bucks, I’ll let ya’ smooch ‘im~” The messy-haired boy grins at his friend, his tone provoking and oh so Richie.

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NurseyDex Week Day Two: Bedsharing and Room Sharing

I once again don’t have a snappy title, but I had fun writing this one!


It first happens in the middle of September of their junior year. Ever since they started sharing a room, Nursey noticed that Dex has been trying to cut back on his all-nighters, which is considerate, because Nursey isn’t always the heaviest sleeper, and sometimes Dex climbing to the top bunk late at night is a bit of a disturbance.

But this night is different. For one thing, they’re both still awake. Nursey is laying on his bunk working on an assignment for his playwriting class that he’s still not inspired enough to write, and Dex is sitting at the desk, looking back and forth from his history textbook to his laptop where he’s typing notes. For the past hour, Nursey has been listening as Dex’s typing continues to slow down. He must be getting tired.

By about 2:30 in the morning, inspiration has finally struck, and Nursey is finishing up his playwriting prompt. As he’s closing his laptop, he turns to see that Dex has fallen asleep at the desk, his head resting on his history textbook. Nursey knows Dex is going to be incredibly sore in the morning if he sleeps at the desk, so he should probably wake him up.

“Dex,” Nursey whispers. No response. He tries just a little louder. “Dex.”

He figures he’s not going to get a response, so he goes over to the desk and nudges his roommate. “Dex!”

Dex finally sits up. “Shut up, you’ll wake Chowder,” he mumbles.

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Ruining Nicknames

The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt X Reader

Word Count: 740

Warning: None

Summary: Newt and the reader enjoy calling each other by nicknames. Minho takes great pleasure in ruining said nicknames for the two love birds.

A/N: This is kind of inspired by this post (X), as it gave me the idea for it and I stole a few of the nicknames. This imagine is also kind of a stupid idea and about 80% dialogue, but I thought it was definitely something Minho would do so, I wrote it! 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Karasuno first years favorite place to kiss and to be kissed?? Or like any hc about kissing are fine. Thanks & good luck! :D

Thank you, nonnie! ❤ Here you go~

Hinata Shōyō

Just as him, Hinata kisses are as warm as the sun. They fill you with such love and happiness and energy is impossible not to get addicted. You can always count on them to make you feel better.

Favorite place to kiss: All the face! Don’t make him choose. He loooves to kiss his s/o but gets easily flustered, so he tries to keep it down with the smooches. But of course this is Hinata we’re talking about, so most of his kisses end up being thanks to an adrenaline or happiness rush. And there’s not a part of his partner face that doesn’t get a kiss.

Favorite place to be kissed: Anywhere. This boy isn’t picky at all. Any kiss is a good kiss if is from his s/o. But if he had to pick one, the classic kiss on the cheek makes him all tingly. He just thinks his s/o looks so cute doing it. Good luck kisses before a match are a must.

Kageyama Tobio

Kageyama’s kisses are like a thunderstorm. They’re intense and leave you kind of stunned. He always kisses you like it’s the last time he’ll ever see you.

Favorite place to kiss: Forehead. Hands down. He’s not much of a PDA boy, but for him forehead kisses feel like protection (??). Even if he doesn’t say it to much, he wants his s/o to feel loved and protected and for him forehead kisses are perfect for that. —Also, that way his partner can’t see his flustered face. Help him—.

Favorite place to be kissed: Fingertips and lips. Okay, on the fingertips not in a kinky way—well, he also loves it in a kinky way, he can’t trick no one—, but kisses on his fingertips make him really happy and like someone’s taking care of him. And on the lips, well he just loves it. No reason for that.

Tsukishima Kei

His walls don’t come down easily, but once they do his kisses are like discovering a treasure. They’re like trying to touch the bottom of the sea: there’s always more. Once you kiss Tsukishima, you’ll find the hiding passion running through his blood.

Favorite place to kiss: Temple. Yep, temple. But… Good luck getting a kiss from this jerk. Most of the time he’ll make you beg for it. But when he doesn’t, light and sweet kisses on your temple are his favorite. They’re almost so feather like you can barely feel them. But you always get what his saying: ’ Thank you for bearing with me. ’

Favorite place to be kissed: Neck and shoulders. Of course he’d never tell you, but he’s so tall he isn’t used to having his neck touched. So, when he feels your warm breath and soft lips against his skin he goes all weak. It’s always a pleasure watch you struggling to get a kiss on the lips tho.

Yamaguchi Tadashi

Yamaguchi’s kisses are warm and healing. They’re full of devotion and tell you everything his words can’t. Yamaguchi will never kiss you out of obligation, his kisses always have a meaning. And he treasures each and every one of them.

Favorite place to kiss: Forehead. It’s romantic and sweet and innocent enough that he can kiss you in public. Don’t let him trick you, he wants to kiss you most of the time, but he worries too much about what other people will say, so is a perfect option. He loves taking your face between his hands and lean down to kiss you.

Favorite place to be kissed: Freckles! This boy needs so much love and reassurance. He doesn’t have a preference, and just as Hinata he will welcome any kiss you give him. But when you kiss his freckles and tell him how much you love him and that he shouldn’t worry about his looks… Well, he just feels so blessed. ALSO, SKIMO KISSES ALL THE WAY.

Yachi Hitoka

Sweet pure child. Someone help her. She gets so flustered and nervous. Every kiss with her feels like the first one.

Favorite place to kiss: Lips. Plain and simple butterfly kisses. They’re quick but sweet and they’re easier to recover from. Also, I picture her as the kind to always ask before kissing. It doesn’t matter for how long you’ve been together, she’ll always ask for your permission.

Favorite place to be kissed: Forehead and nose. She isn’t picky neither, so anywhere is fine. Surprise kisses are aways welcome, tho. She wishes she could be that bold.


Here are all the questions I’m answering! Check for answers and doodles below the read more! <3

aiodsjafiohsdgiS OF COURSE! <3 I’d love to see any kinds of fanart of my babies, thank you for liking them! <3 <3 Please @ me at an-island-of-bunnies or hinsuxjakun, or you can leave it in the #Skaroy tag! <3 If submission’s more of your thing, please submit at ! Thank you so much, I’m excited to see your beautiful piece!

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Heya! Can you do a poly hamilsquad where the reader is secretly bullied and they are too quiet and kind to tell her boyfriends? They get cornered in an alleyway and beaten up pretty bad, then they find her and they rush her to the hospital because they don’t know what else to do? Then when she comes home from the hospital she has to explain what happens and they break down for the first time in front of them and the fluff begins?

boss’ memo : this was really, really, specific–and really, really difficult to do !! i am not good at angst, nor do i enjoy having my loves or my darling reader in pain, ever. hey, nonnie, don’t scare your boys like that,,, =(
i hope you don’t mind that i edited some parts of this. i can’t write that much…

pairing : hamilsquad/reader
tw : descriptions of Pain, bullying, hospitals,, angst, language !! they’re all worried and sad !
word count : 865
AU : modern, i suppose !!

being frank, you’re sure that you’re supposed to have feeling within the fingers of your dominant hand. there’s a pulsing–not sharp, no, you wouldn’t say sharp–pain on your upper arm, near your shoulder. you’re unsure of what it means. you can’t quite move right now. there’s also a pain, sharp this time, on your right hip and–

no, the more you consider your injuries, the more they hurt.

(”roll your shoulder back,” says your brain.)

(”no,” you reply-whimper. “not today, satan.”)

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Septic 6 || (Septiplier AU tickle-fic)) NSFW

Wow part 6 is here! Yay!! This took me way too long to write and I got carried away with the fluff… heheehe…

Okay so truth be told I have no idea what kink this is, I just really wanted to write this character. Hope you guys like it!! Finale coming at some point xD


Warning: NSFW, tickling, teasing, profanity, role play

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Doll Dizzy [Pre-Serum Steve Rogers]

Title: Doll Dizzy
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Pre-serum!Steve Rogers x reader, 1940s!Bucky Barnes, Dot (1940s!Bucky’s girlfriend)
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2,433
Requested: Yes
Short Description: Bucky is still trying to set up Steve with someone when his girlfriend Dot suggests her friend for Steve. Steve and Y/N’s blind date goes better than either of them expected it to.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your name
[L/N] = your last name
[E/C] = your eye colour
[H/C] = your hair colour

“If you don’t put yourself out there, how can you expect to ever get the right girl, Steve?” Bucky had asked as he leant back against the booth of the diner they were in. It was a nice diner, one that Steve often visited when he was hungry and wanted somewhere quiet to go. The booth had a plush red booth chair that went all around the table, which wasn’t very big, with a metal surface. This particular booth was known as ‘Steve’s booth’ because he came to the diner so often.

Steve sighed, closing his sketchbook with an annoyed expression. “The right girl will come soon enough, Buck.” He reminded his best friend who, as usual, had a glint of mischief in his eyes. “We’ve been over this. You’ve tricked me into enough blind dates. I think it’s time to stop.”

Bucky rolled his eyes, having heard Steve’s words over and over again. “You want to meet the right woman, correct?” Bucky asked, and Steve nodded with another sigh. “How do you expect to meet the perfect dame if you never even put yourself out there?” For emphasis, Bucky pointed out of the window of the diner and at the spectacular view it had of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Steve had to admit; Bucky made a good point. He glanced down at his sketchbook and observed how his long, pale fingers fiddled with the cover of it. “I don’t know, Bucky,” Steve said, sounding insecure. “You know I’m not what women look for.”

Bucky understood what he meant. He had seen the bad side of many blind dates he had set up for Steve and was furious with all of the girls that had treated his best friend badly. At least his girlfriend – Dolores, whom Bucky called Dot – was very kind and accepting towards Steve. “I’m not talking about some khaki wacky dame that cares more about her looks than her brains.” Bucky reminded Steve. “I’m talking about the perfect woman; someone who will look at you and see that you’re a great guy.”

Steve smiled. “Are you flirting with me?” he teased, making Bucky grin.

“Someone has to.” Bucky retorted, and Steve let out a laugh at his words. “Please just trust me this time.” He pleaded. “Look, Y/N is a good friend of Dot’s, and she’s wonderful. I’ve met her twice now and I have to say, she’s a real doll.” Bucky promised his best friend. “She cracks me up and Dot says she’s a ducky shincracker.”

Steve blushed at the mention of Y/N being a good dancer. “You know I can’t dance.” He said pointedly, and Bucky smiled.

“She’ll teach you,” he said simply. “C’mon Steve, you’ve got nothing to lose! Even though it was Dot that picked her out and not me,” Bucky added bitterly, as he always assumed he would be able to pick the right girl for Steve. “I have to say, she picked the perfect broad.” Bucky had to hand it to Dot; Y/N was more than flawless for Steve. She was exactly his type, and she was very beautiful.

Steve was still unsure, as he had countless stories of Bucky’s blind dates gone wrong, but decided to agree. “Alright,” he said slowly, and Bucky’s eyes lit up with excitement; light indigo hues with specks of grey widening in anticipation.

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Zootopia / Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.22 Luna and her grandfathers

(AN/ i’M BACCCCCCCCK!!! After 2 weeks break Im back with a brand new chapter for you lovely folks!!! So this story passed 100k views this week, thank you all so much to everyone who has read, reviewed, faved, followed, liked and reblogged you are all awesome. Also the sequel to this story is already in development check my tumblr page crewefox for details. Btw this version of the chapter is the M-rated, if you wanna read the T rated go to my page please. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the link….

Chapter 22- Luna and her grandfathers

Judy had got home at the apartment not long after Nick left, the smell of his violet like musk was fresh as she entered through the front door and felt that familiar fuzzy sensation in her stomach. It was a welcome feeling after the crestfallen conversation she had with Marian. Judy had told Marian everything that her Mom had said to her, every cruel word. All the while Marian had held her close and consoled the broken hearted bunny, although Judy did notice Marian clench her fists and her eye twitch at a few moments. Marian promised to support Judy whenever she needed to talk, it was nice to know that there was a mother figure in her life that she could rely on…even if she was a master thief, cybercriminal and a skilled martial artist who put a snow leopard in a coma. Judy had an uncomfortable shower (her cast had to be covered with a plastic shopping bag), got changed into a pair of denim shorts and a strappy top that matched the colour of her eyes and switched on the laptop her and Nick shared to check her furbook page, there were messages from Clawhauser, Nala, Basil, Skye and Jack wishing her well after her trip to the ER last night, she messaged them all back thanking them for being kind and not to worry. It was then that her smartphone began to ring and vibrate beside her on the sofa, she picked it up and read the name on the screen ‘Heather’ “Huh?” Judy sounded as she read the screen, Heather was one of Hopps sisters but if she was pushed to say it Judy would say Heather was her favourite. Heather was two years older than Judy at 27 and had embraced the farming life, she was the hot pick to become the next head of the Hopps family, so much so her husband Jacob had taken the name Hopps when they married. Heather was one of the few siblings who had pushed her to become a cop and always encouraged her little sister to do her best. With the only the slightest of hesitation Judy swiped at the phone to answer the video call, as soon as the call connected a chocolate brown doe rabbit blessed with a muscled upper body appeared on screen, she was in a simple white tank top that left more room to exhibit her muscles gained from over a decade in the fields of Hopps farm. “Heather.” Judy greeted, her happiness clear in her voice.

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‘Do caregivers dominate their littles?’/Talking about Rules and Structure for Regressive Littles

Hi! I’m here to talk about the relationship between CGs and (regressive) littles. Namely I wanted to talk about the idea that in a cgl relationship you’re inherently being ‘dominated’ by a caregiver.

(Now of course, as always, I’m going to stress that people use language in different ways. If somebody tells you ‘well when I say x, I mean y’, unless it’s blatantly offensive (e.g. ‘I’m a cis man but I call myself a lesbian because I decided it means ‘attracted to girls’’) or nonsensical (e.g. ‘when I say ‘fruit’ I mean only pears because to me that is the ONE TRUE FRUIT’), you should believe and listen to them and their experiences! If someone tells you ‘for me, the word ‘caregiver’ and ‘dominant’ are interchangeable’ then for *them* that’s true!

What does ‘Caregiver’ mean?

It literally means someone who ‘gives care’. I’ve been a ‘caregiver’ to biological children. I’ve been a ‘caregiver’ to my sick/elderly father before he died. The word is used in many contexts to mean somebody who looks after somebody else.

Now I’m a ‘caregiver’ to a little on occasion - and more often, I have a ‘caregiver’ who looks after the child part of me.

‘Giving care’ can mean all kinds of things. It can mean looking after somebody when they’re sick. It can mean reminding them to take medication. It can mean telling them when they’re about to do something dangerous. It can mean keeping somebody safe when they’re unable to do so themselves. It can mean cooking them healthy food, or running them a bath, or buying them a present to make them smile. It can mean hugging them while they cry or telling them you love them.

In some relationships (D/s ones), people give care through ‘dominance’ - they look after their ‘submissive’ by controlling aspects of what they do. That is fine for some adult relationships, but my point is that ‘giving care’ is not inherently about ‘dominance’ - it is about looking after another person.

Most regressive littles have a genuine need for a caregiver at some point in their lives. Whether because of disability or mental illness, trauma, or just being overwhelmed sometimes, having somebody to take over and take care of them is something many of us need. I know I personally have a deep-seated need to be looked after as a ‘kid’.

What about how CGs ‘control’ littles?

This is the part where some people can start to assume cgl is ‘kinky’ - because if someone’s making you do things, then they’re dominating you, right? If someone else takes a degree of responsibility for making sure you get stuff done, that’s D/s, isn’t it?

I’d really disagree! For me rules and structure are a part of a lot of relationships, I just frame them differently in a cglre relationship. Enforced structure (i.e. being told where I need to be or what I need to do at/get done by a certain time) is really helpful and comforting for me personally! Knowing my friend or partner wants me to have the shared bathroom cleaned by 4pm is helpful for me - and them reminding me of that isn’t ‘kinky’ in any way?

People are /constantly/ sharing control and responsibility over their own lives/behaviours/habits with other people in their life.

Some people go to the gym and have personal trainers who help them keep to exercise goals. Some people ask friends to help them kick bad habits and tell them off if they notice them engaging in it. Some people will give their partner/s implements they use to self-harm and ask them to keep them away so they don’t relapse. Some people feel better asking a friend to help them make a decision (where to eat, what movie to see). Plenty of young people will work to keep an eye on each other (e.g. remind each other to study and to take breaks, etc.) when it’s time to study for exams.

For me, the ‘control’ my CG has over me is just a more age appropriate (for my regressed/’little’ age) version of the kinds of agreements and rules I make in my other relationships.

What I do:

I have a CG who helps me achieve my weekly goals, by encouraging me and applying an outside force to help me stay accountable for them.

Every week we talk about what I need to get done, and by when. At the moment we have a google doc that keeps track of weekly and daily tasks. The lists look something like this:


  • Brush teeth
  • Exercise
  • Log food in MyFitnessPal


  • Queue 30 posts for Heck’d Up Kidz Club
  • Queue/make 10 posts for Littlespace Suggestion
  • Create 15 new posts for cglregression
  • Shower 3x
  • Cook Dinner 2x
  • Finish 1 sewing project
  • Finish 1 piece of writing
  • Finish 2 pieces of art

This is all stuff I decided I wanted/needed to do. When/if you live together with a CG, the lists would probably include more about dividing up what needs to happen in the house (e.g. ‘clean kitchen’, ‘scrub toilet’, ‘walk dog’) to make it a happy living space.

Sometimes she will suggest ‘rules’ for me - and I can either say ‘yes, that is a good idea’ or ‘no, I don’t want to do that/think that will help’. Some people may prefer to ask another person to help them come up with all or most of their goals/rules, and that’s fine too. There are plenty of times in life when you might say to a friend or partner ‘I’m having trouble making a decision - can you decide for me?’ - the important thing is that you always have the opportunity to make the ultimate decision yourself.

Does a CG ‘dominate’ a little into doing chores?

In a healthy cglre relationship, I really don’t feel like interactions around chores and tasks are that different from a ‘normal’ relationship (especially not if/when you’re living together). In every relationship, there are commitments and agreements (some unspoken - but I generally think you should always discuss as much as possible in most relationships to get on the same page!) Let me bring out two versions of the same scenario:

CGL Relationship:

CG: Kiddo, you need to do the dishes in a moment.
Kiddo: Aw, okay.
CG: Thank you sweetie! :)


CG: Kiddo, you need to do the dishes in a moment.
Kiddo: I’m having a really yucky sensory day, I don’t think I can do it right now.
CG: Aw, I’m sorry to hear that sweetheart. Can you tidy the bedroom instead?
Kiddo: Okay!

‘Normal’ relationship where chores have been agreed on:

Wife 1: Honey, it’s your turn to do the dishes.
Wife 2: Ugh, you’re right, I’ll do that right now…
Wife 1: Thank you, babe *ker-smooch*


Wife 1: Honey, it’s your turn to do the dishes.
Wife 2: My hands are feeling really nasty today, do you mind if I do something else?
Wife 1: That’s fine hon, thanks for letting me know, how about I do the dishes and you do the bedroom?
Wife 2: Sounds good to me, beautiful! *ker-smooch*

Then why bother? Why not just call it, or have a ‘normal’ relationship?

For me, the difference is in the framing! It makes me feel happy to think of myself as a little kid helping out around the house! When I regress it is especially helpful to have reminders of responsibilities and commitments I agreed to, because I might not be in a place to think of those things.

But what about punishments and rewards! Those aren’t part of normal relationships!

Well I will say first of all, that’s not true. It can be incredibly unhealthy but many couples do ‘punish’ each other or ‘reward’ each other - only they don’t make it explicit! For instance a man might refuse to go out to dinner with his girlfriend if she doesn’t walk the dog that day, or a person might tell their partner they don’t want to sleep in the same bed after they made a thoughtless remark in front of friends.

In a more positive/healthy light, a man might take his husband out to dinner after he gets a raise, or a pair of partners might splurge on a new gift for their shared paramour to thank them for painting the bedroom.

For me, in the context of my cglre relationship, I agree with my partner on things that would motivate me, and appoint them as the arbiter of making sure I receive those things as necessary. This is useful for me since I have a lot of trouble motivating myself, and also a lot of trouble moderating my own ‘rewards’ (i.e. I usually end up giving myself the reward early/before I do any work :P).

So, for instance, we might agree I can have an icecream if I clean my room - and I won’t have one if I don’t do it. Or if I do a certain chore every day that week, my CG will take me to a movie. Having somebody else give me something to work towards is much much more motivating for me personally, and it helps me feel less anxious about having so much responsibility and pressure on myself (to do the thing, to make sure I do the thing, to keep myself from over-rewarding myself or being too harsh on myself, etc.)

Or for punishments… usually that will be ‘no Xbox for the evening’ or ‘go to bed a little earlier than usual’. Again, these are things I’ve said work to help motivate me and my caregiver is happy to help enforce, and they help me feel safe and supported in my day to day life. There is no force or ‘domination’ - just an outside person enforcing rules I helped create for myself - which as I mentioned earlier, is something that happens in all kinds of relationships!

The Really Important Stuff!

At the end of the day, most of the stuff a regressive little’s CG does has nothing to do with rules, or punishments, or bossing them around. 98% of it’s about looking after a child part of somebody. It’s getting snuggles and kisses and being told you’re a good kid. It’s being held through scary times, having bedtime stories, ordering from the kids’ menu, and knowing you’re safe and secure with somebody who loves you. It’s getting to be the kid you really are inside, on the outside.

- Mod Azzy

Unspoken 1.

-Jimin x Reader

-Angst, fluff, roommate au

-When unspoken desire finally breaking free of their confinement, will you and your roommate survive the trial and tribulation to come or will it leaves you burnt and hurt. 

-This was supposed to be posted for Jimin’s birthday but unfortunately, other things in my life took precedent and I’m once again late. However, it’s still October and my birthday had yet to come. I’ve been wanting to dabble into writing for other groups for awhile now but had always kind of holding myself back. So in celebration of Jimin’s (belated) birthday, my birthday, and also this blog very first birthday, I took the plunge into expanding. Yes, this is an Ikon blog, nothing will ever change that. I hope ya’ll don’t hate me for writing for other groups too. But if you feel uncomfortable with the expansion, you’re more than welcome to hit the unfollow button. All I ask is do not send in hate messages just because you don’t approve of other groups for whatever reason. You don’t have to read what I post up. I always promote love and respect toward all groups so what better way than to share a bit of my multifandomness with writing. Thank you all, have a great day!

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Who would’ve thought at the tender age of twenty something, you’d agree to go on a blind date, set up by your mom of all thing. There was a point in your life when you flipped shit even if your mom even dare to subtly suggested that a certain boy from church was cute. Well look how the table have turned, and your mother certainly isn’t shy of reminding you it every single time you’d come home for dinner.

“See, if you had just let me do this a long time ago, maybe you’d be eating dinner with a handsome man right now instead of smooching off free food from your parents.” She quipped with all the sass in her, earning an ire glare from your dad who was more than happy to have a daughter that was above needing a man to define her. 

“Woman, have you ever consider she drives 20 minutes home because she likes spending time here?” He shoots you a wink, something of an unspoken signal between the two of you whenever teaming up was needed to fight your mother’s sometime down right insane antics. Although he thought it was a bit out of the norm that your mother had somehow got you to go along with her preposterous suggestion, he shrugged it off as you experimenting with life. At least it’s a tad bit better of an option than having to bail you out of jail after a alcohol/drug fueled rager that ended up in illegal activities or whatever the kids are doing these days. 

“Yes, yes. I love you for that, honey, but just think… maybe you’ll even get married soon huh.” She exclaims with her hands clasped together, delight upon her face letting the thought of you walking down the aisle fills her dream.

“No… mother, I agreed to one date, not a life long commitment to being a housewife…” Your mom’s eyes sharpen near cutting you in half at the mention of being a housewife, hands slapping at your snickering father who was hiding behind his laptop. You have no problem with housewives, in fact, your mother is one of the best woman you have the pleasure of knowing, just behind your grandmothers of course whom were also housewives. However, with your free spirited self and the fact that you feel the needs to get out of the house every 5 minutes, housewife isn’t exactly something of a career you see yourself getting into. “…Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just you know me, I’d probably burn the house down if I stay home for too long.” Mumbling a few words of assent, she waste no time going back to reveling in her new found sense of pride and victory of finally getting you to meet one of her friend’s son, some university student/basketball player type.

Good save, Y/n 

You thought to yourself before digging into the plate of dinner, wondering just what this Yoongi character is like. From what you had heard, he leads quite a full life, or this could be just one of your mother’s trick of overselling the potential son in law. Top of his class yet he still has enough time to be the leader of the school’s winning basketball team. What perhaps impressed you the most was he still able to follow his passion, working toward the real career he aspired - music. Not often do you find a jock/nerd/music prodigy combo, needless to say, you’ve gotta see this kid. Maybe he’s ugly, maybe he’s super awkward and doesn’t know how to socialize, who knows he might even possesses a second head, God cannot have given him all the winning DNA of life because that would just be unfair. After all, he had his mother set him up with some girl he doesn’t even know, what kind of twenty something college student wou-

Wait a minute, you’re a twenty something college student that just got set up by your own mother with some guy you don’t even know the face of. Son of a bitch.

You groan at your own monologue that had somehow turned into a self roasting party…How did this even happened?

“Mom, what kind of music did you say this kid do?” You question almost too nonchalantly after practically near choking yourself to death on your food from the self acknowledgement that you had in fact, turned into one of those ‘sit where your parents put you’ kind of girl, too nonchalantly for your worried parents whom were eyeing each other with all sort of concern on their faces.

“I don’t know. Something you young kids listen to these day if i remember correctly. His mom just said it’s a lot of angry talk and loud music and thumping. Why does that matter anyways, just listen to me. He’s a very nice boy, handsome too!” With a wave of her hand she completely dismisses your curiosity and instead just chuckles to know you’re at the very least 23% invested in this meeting.

“angry talk and thumping… That was very helpful, thank you mother.”

“You’re welcome. Anyways, aren’t you leaving soon? You got a date tomorrow.” Always trying to rush you off, at this point you were more than certain your parents are fucking like rabbit when you aren’t home. No reason why they’d want you to leave so quickly, afraid their dirty secret will be ousted if you start digging around the house.

“Are you guys hiding something from me? Always trying to get me to leave… You know, you can’t hide it forever.” Eyeing them suspiciously, you’re only more adamant in your theory when they glance nervously at each other, a tint of red blushing over their cheeks as your father coughs that stupid fake cough he’d do whenever he get scold by your mom for eating too much fried food.

“Stop talking nonsense, we do no such thing! Date, with Yoongi, you better not be late missy.” 

Yup, definitely fucking like rabbit up in here. You better not be getting any siblings…

“Uh huh, changing the subject. ugh. Fine, I’ll go even though it’s a dinner date.  I have to help Jimin with something anyways.” Dropping your plates into the sink, you pull the thin sweater over your body before gathering your belongings.

“How is Jimin?” Your father suddenly took interest in the conversation, eyes lit up like Christmas light.

“He’s well, doing his things, breaking girls’ hearts. you know, good old Jiminie.” Your dad had always been sort of invest in your roommate and you always wondered why, not that he’d ever tell you, tight lips man your father is.

“You know I would’ve been happy if you settled for Jimin but it works out better this way anyhow. He’s a good boy but Yoongi is a bit better.” Your mother muses, never once bother to look away from the togo containers packed to the rim, clearly way too much food for just you and your roommate alone. Even with the disapproving scowls and shakes of the head she claimed to be out of a mother’s concern whenever he’d stumbled out of the room still half drunk whenever they’d stop your place, deep down she sees him as her son and had over time come to care for the boy with parents too far to visit. 

“Settle? Do you hear yourself, mother. The boy is like a golden child, everybody loves him but oh no, it’d just be settling if I get with him.” Your eyes rolled so far back you actually got a chance to say hi to your abused brain. How could she thinks being with Jimin would be any way settling, you’d be lucky if he even thinks of you as anything else other than someone to help him nurse his hangover and a hot cuddling pillow for a night in, and this is hot as in temperature you’re talking about.

The boy is honestly way too ethereal for him to even be human. You swear if he’s caught under certain light, his skin literally glows and glimmers. Then there’s his freaking hair, soft and constantly changing color like a chameleon with it being blond currently. Yet somehow even with the pink hair his frat brother Jungkook once dared him to dye after a drunken night that ended up in the dean’s office, he was still fucking gorgeous. His features so soft and delicate but his lips, God, the intense gaze partnering with those plump lips  could start wars. Not that he’s in anyway gossipy, just they’re so pillowy and full like the best ripen peach of summer leaving everyone longing for a taste. The way he gnaws on them unknowingly whenever the wheels of his brain churn just leaves all the girls wet. His eyes, something so deadly, so goddamn lustful you felt your core drooling over countless time in those rare moment they weren’t crescents behind a bright smile.

Although slimmed down quite a bit since you’ve met him, his adorable cheeks were once puffed and mochi-liked giving him the most innocent expression, even when his body is way too sinful for it to be legal. Those dancer thighs and the solid abs, lord, girl faint left and right whenever he parades around school in those stupidly tight ripped to smithereens jeans or swaying to some beat at yet another party. If anyone is lucky enough to watch his dance practice, even the best doctor in the world couldn’t save them. You’d know, he drags you along to the dance studio practically every weekend or whenever he comes up with a new piece and need inputs for a tournament, which he always wins.

But the Jimin you know, he’s adorable and down to Earth. The same boy that would breaks hearts and leaves girl crying after a cruel rejection was the kindest soul you’ve come to know. He held you when you had a nervous break down about getting into grad school, and for that entire week, there wasn’t a moment when he wasn’t holding your hand or making sure you’re well fed. Even with things that in no way concern him, he’d always make sure you’re comfortable and well.

You weren’t as blessed as others when it come to mother nature’s monthly visit with the tear induced aching and hormone that could shame anyone. Jimin would always be there with a hot water bottle and endless supply of sweet to sooth your pain. He’d willingly give up a night  of meeting girls and free booze just to stay home and cuddle till you fall asleep. His hand would be on your stomach, gently caressing circles, wincing whenever you’d sigh in pain. Even when you had accidentally stained your shared couch having fallen asleep after two nights in a row of restlessness, all he did was smile and replaced the dirty cushion without a peep of complain.

From that day, you knew you were safe no matter where if Jimin remains by your side. He’s the keeper of your darkest secret, someone who you can trust with your life. Jimin always made you feel so special the way he’d single you out at party to the envy of everyone, making sure you’d be right by his side no matter where he goes knowing just how out of the water social gathering was for your soul. Girls could glare at you all they want but no one dare to even make a passing comment for he’ll fight whoever it is until they apologize. Honestly, you love the attention and overall just enjoy being near his sunshine self. No one in this world could make you smile like Jimin does with his silly joke and random outburst of puppy liked energy. You loves being his niche and he loves being yours. Honestly, if you didn’t know any better, you’d say you’re in love with the soft boy. You do know better… right?

“I know but he could use a little bit more height if you ask me, and maybe a bit less drinking, a little bit less girls” Your daydream shooed away by the high pitch protest of your mom and the way the word girl falls off her lips like poison fruit.

“No one asked you.” Your father interjects, almost an annoying grunt left his lips hearing the shenanigans. “Tell Jimin I said hi.” With another few hugs, you were finally on your way back.

“Jiminie? you’re home?” You called out to a silent apartment, cold air sinking fast as you struggle to flip on the light. It wasn’t always like this, coming home to an lonely, frigid abode. You couldn’t remember since when things had changed so much between you and your roommate but it happened so suddenly, so alarmingly fast all you could do was watched as Jimin distant himself into the privacy of his own room, leaving you wondering from the sideline if your dynamic duo will ever be the same again.  There was a time when you both would know where and what the other person is doing any second of the day. You’d spend time slaving away in the kitchen ensuring an overworked, strict diet Jimin wouldn’t be able to resist the flagrant the moment he gets home. Strange boy that one is, body practically sculpted by the Greeks yet he always chose to punish himself unnecessarily. He’d ague, then say something he didn’t mean out of hunger and irritation but would soon succumb to your soothing praises and reassurance. In return, he’d make sure you come home to a warm, cozy home whenever you draw the short straw with late night shift. He’d be right there on the couch, blankets and pillows aplenty to welcome you into his safe embrace. He’d just let you vent, no matter how crazy the story or how boring, he’d just listen at the edge of his seat. 

Recently, it might as well feel like you have no roommate, that you’ve been living alone as the tide turned on your friendship. It started out with just a few late night he’d skip dinner leaving you waiting then ultimately packing food away before heading to bed in silent. Eventually, you’d only come home to see him dressed to the nine, a girl you’re pretty certain he didn’t know the name of giggling under his arms while side eyeing as if you’re intruding, on their way out for a night of things you don’t dare to think of. After a few weeks, you stopped seeing Jimin altogether with him being gone before you get home or too hungover to function when you get up. Pushing the invisible elephant in the room that keeps getting bigger and pushing you and him further away from each other to one side, you stuff away the food, exhausted from the drive and honestly the dampen mood from yet another quiet night alone. 

 “Jimin?” You decided to call for him once more, testing your luck.  At least this time you have an excuse to talk to him, to let him know your dad had wanted to say hello. Thank you, father, always know what to do.

“Oh hey, Y/n. I didn’t hear you come in.” There on the ground, Jimin contorted body struggling to balance itself, eyes focusing on the task at hands rather than facing you.

“What in the world are you doing?” You question, idling at the threshold of the room you weren’t sure if you still have the ticket to enter.

“My boots, harder to get on than i thought.” He chuckles and as dry as it was, stirred something in your heart as you recalls the crisp delightful laughs of the past. You’ve heard him laugh plenty, shared with him uncountable numbers of them, and be the reason for his laugh many times too but why was this time so different. What was this strange feeling, it wasn’t there before today, was it? All you know is that  right now it’s clearer than the sun rising in the East even if this “something” itself isn’t clearly defined. Distance makes the heart grow fonder perhaps? 

“Here, I’ll help.” Temporarily forgetting you weren’t what you once meant in his heart, breaking every boundary and walls he had set up for whatever unclear reason, you push him onto his bed before yanking the pair of expensive boots away from a wide eyed Jimin. Too far gone with your resolve, your body nestles in between his parted legs, pretending as if you didn’t just see his cheeks burst out in rose, eyes lingering on your lips just a moment too long. Sinking further into his grey duvet, Jimin lets his eyes fall onto the way your hand so gently wiggling the pair of stubborn shoes onto his feet, kneeling in a way that has his blood rushing to a place you’d no doubt smack him over the head if you knew.

“There we go!” Declaring triumph over the bullheaded pair of boots, it was only now that you finally taking a moment to analyze his face only to be confuse further with the mixture of fluster and something unexplainable so prominent on his handsome features. Shit, what if you had gone too far, what if you had crossed the line of no return for your friendship… But underneath all the worries of the why and the how your relationship had staled so fast in such little time, an underlying emotion, so strong you could feel it coursing through your every vein rushing your heart to exert itself to the max capacity as your hand shakes. This cannot be happening, you were never this nervous around Jimin’s handsome self, even when he was suited up for his boss’s, Jin, wedding… Jimin in a suit, if there was a deadlier thing in history, you wouldn’t believe it. Pulling yourself off the floor, all you want was to run back to your room for a cold shower and forget everything that had just played out but of course like anything else in life, your feet decided it was time to tango as they tangle themselves leaving you swaying unstably.

Before there was even time for a final prayer as your life flashes in slow motion before your eyes, Jimin had already propelled himself off the bed, arms cradling around your body like a safety shield. No time to think, his mind was on one thing and one thing only - the path of least amount of pain for you so he lets himself fall backward, back into the comfort of his bed with you still hold tight in his embrace. 

“Shit, Y/n. You alright?” He questions with all the concern in the world watching your eyes near popping out of your head but not for the reason Jimin thought. For the first time in weeks, there was real emotion flashing on his face rather than the blank stare and monotone sentences he passed off as greeting while rushing to get as far away from you as possible. Jimin was finally opening back up once again… But before you could even formulate another thought, a burst of steam huff out from every orifice of your face at the realization of just how this may look to an outsider. Jimin pins down on the bed with arms woven tightly around your waist, legs parting to mould perfectly against your body in between them… Worst of all, your lips barely centimeters away from each other, eyes full of hidden desires that was now unravelling fast in the face of their this compromising position. 

Rather than pushing you away, Jimin seems to only becoming more enthrall as the seconds tick by, eyes scanning every bit of your face for any doubt that would deter his own resolve. A fleeting whisper of your name like the choir of angels singing coaxing you away from the shadow of fear as he caresses your cold cheek with the back of his scarred and callous hands from years of dancing.

“Y/n…” He sighs once again, like music to your ears, lips teasing their limit as they dive in impossibly close without actual contact only to pull away once more leaving you mirroring the action. 

“Hmm?” You whimper out pathetically like a kitten in the rain looking for safe shelter in his hold, eyes still gazing at his brown ones that were hiding behind the soft grey contacts that left him even more divine if that could somehow be achievable. 

“Can I?” 

Such a simple query that it leave you nodding like a mad woman from its powerful quake. Before neither of you have time for hesitation to settle in, his lips already on yours tasting better than any royal dinner, anything of this world. Your name once again left his lips gently as Jimin captures your lower lip in between his with just enough pressure to chaste out a soft moan, smirking contently at the sweet sound. Wanting more, needing more, Jimin props his head up even if the strange angle no doubt will give him immense pain the next day, he just want to feel more and you happily oblige, tilting your head to push in even deeper. Such a weird thought to have in a heated moment but all Jimin could think of was back to last summer, back to watching you happily devouring a mango seed. The way your lips pursing, then sucking at the juicy piece of fruit was so sensual it left him torturing his own lips in envy of the sweet thing. This, this must be how that damn lucky piece of a fruit felt being in between your lips, basking in all the pleasure they provide. 

The fight of dominance soon over when you finally captured the piece of cloud in between your teeth, and honestly not that he really mind submitting to the  delicate nibbling that convey to Jimin just how desperate you were for his touch. By the way his hand digging into the small of your back, pressing your body harshly agains the bucking of his hips, it’s safe to say Jimin just as needy. The shortness of breath finally caught up with your less than fit self as you pull away, string of saliva connecting the bruised pairs of lips together, embodiment of your insatiable hunger for each other. You both just gaze into each other’s eyes in silent, feeling the loud drumming of heart beats mixing and panting to fill the air. But like any good dream, reality rears its ugly head when the cloud of lust cleared away leaving the weight of the situation drowning you both, as he watch in horrors when your eyes widen in shock. 

What the fuck had you both just done?

The Troublesome Trio

Chapter (2/?)

Chapter 1 (x)      Chapter 6 (x)

Chapter  3 (x)

Chapter 4 (x)

Chapter 5 (x)

Summary: It has been a week since the reader heroically beat a bully on the head with an umbrella to save a tiny stranger. Now she has become friends with the trouble maker and his charming best friend. 

AN: Thank you for all the likes and reblogs on the first chapter! i really appreciate your hashtags! I hope you like this chapter, its a bit longer than the first! Also, sorry if it takes me awhile to post the next chapter bc i start school tomorrow, but i will try to write whenever i have free time!

“So what do you guys like to do for fun?” You asked as you plopped down on the plush floral patterned couch at Steve’s apartment. 

“Well it’s currently 5 o’clock, we could go out to a theatre to catch a movie?” Steve offered as he sat next to you.

“Nah, we did that last week! How about we have a night out on the town and have some fun?! Bucky threw up his arms with excitement at his idea.

“Buck, Brooklyn is a city not a town.” Steve snickered at his friend.

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Jimin x Reader x Jungkook

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*If you reblog any of my fanfictions, I would love for you to tag them, since I like reading your reactions!

Boy do I love sinning. It’s my favorite pasttime :’-)

I’m going to hell though lbr.

Anyways, this fiction is filled with smut, although it’s about 4k words in (the entire fic is 9.4k words so it’s more than half smut, okay, enjoy yourselves). I tried to make it nice and great, but if that isn’t how it turned out, whoopsies?

It’s a threesome with Jimin and Jungkook and then some more. I’m not really going to spoil anything so have a lame prompt whoops.

Prompt: You’re currently dating Jimin, but through that, Jungkook has become one of your best friends, or rather, like a younger brother. When he ends up admitting something to you, how do you react to it?

Enjoy! ♥

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jazzypizzaz  asked:

!!!!!!!!!!!! what are your biological headcanons for Trill??

sorry this took me so long to answer!! life’s been a mess lately. but so anyway here are my Trill thoughts:

the book excerpt you posted talked about how Trill neurochemistry is unusually complicated? which makes total sense. but what i think about a lot is how ridiculously complicated Trill vasculature must also be?? because the symbiont would obvi need a blood supply, but most Trills don’t have a symbiont, BUT all of them have the biological capability to have a symbiont (regardless of whether they have the psychological/neurochemical capability). (related: DO all of them have that capability? are some Trill born with internal structures that are incapable of supporting a symbiont? they would necessarily be excluded from the joining selection process. how is that handled in Trill society?)

so there must be all kinds of “extra” convoluted blood vessels in the abdomen of a Trill that can be used to nourish a symbiont, in the event that one is inserted. this could have a bunch of implications – the one i mostly use in fic is the headcanon that Jadzia’s hands are always freezing because relatively more of her circulatory system is in her abdomen and relatively less in her extremities (also it’s a nice mushy trope to contrast with the fact that Bajoran body temp is higher than both Trills and humans, which is also my headcanon. fight me). this is also related to that ep in season 2 when Jadzia’s symbiont was stolen and Julian was like ‘that leads to unstoppable death’ and the mechanics weren’t explained, and in my head i filled that in to be a combination of neurochemical imbalance and also nigh-unstoppable bleeding from the very complicated symbiont blood supply. and good LORD think about the internal mechanics of a Trill with a symbiont who is also PREGNANT, like, how is there any blood supply left for the mother, who the fuck knows, what an evolutionary mess.

WHICH ALSO LED ME TO THINK ABOUT how this arrangement evolved in the first place?? in modern Trill society symbiont transfer is done via surgery, but it couldn’t always have been like that. for such an intricate system to have functioned at all, it must have been evolving and in process MUCH longer than Trills have had modern society or surgical capabilities. (I think there is a star trek book somewhere out there that contradicts me on this, but fuck that). so my idea is that symbionts were originally a kind of parasite, probably one that infiltrated via the GI tract, probably one that was relatively benign. then it was noticed that Trills infected with this parasite sometimes displayed impossible knowledge and underwent bizarre personality changes and claimed to be different people, proving their claims by saying things that only their ‘other self’ would know, and this eventually got incorporated into various forms of Trill religion, and in that way the ‘parasites’ were cultivated and their evolution progressed in step with that of Trills until they attained the form of mutualism they have today. (i kind of like to think that symbionts have other, less obvious evolutionary benefits than just holding memories – like maybe they confer resistance to certain GI infections or filter out agents that cause blood diseases, maybe diseases that aren’t a problem anymore but would have been hugely important to early Trill.) the introduction of surgical techniques allowed the symbionts to undergo an explosion of growth (previously, in order to be passed on they would have to be small enough to be swallowed) so now they can be the size that they are.

also it’s my headcanon that the Trill spots are remnants of a system of arboreal camouflage, the same reason that leopards have spots. probably stone-age Trill were entirely spotted, head to toe, and the ‘racing stripe’ configuration is just the vestigial pattern randomly selected for when spots stopped being necessary for survival.

bonus Bajoran headcanons: Bajorans are smaller than humans, like Kira is average Bajoran height, and their metabolism is faster, including heart rate and etc. their basal body temp is higher and they tolerate heat better than humans but tolerate cold worse. they also can’t go as long as humans without food because their bodies burn through nutrients faster. the reason their spirituality involves grabbing the ear is because due to a quirk of evolution, there is a nerve branch in the left earlobe that is connected to the brainstem and produces a mildly euphoric/slightly disembodied sensation when stimulated, since it messes with proprioception (your awareness of where your body is). there is an artery that supplies this nerve, so the pulse can be felt in the ear. also: Bajoran nose ridges are sensitive and can be tickly like the soles of a human’s foot. Jadzia does a LOT of nose-smooching and Kira tries really hard to pretend that she hates it.