this is me saying thank you for your kind kind words and the smooches

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Hello, everyone.

First of all, I’m so incredibly sorry for just vanishing for more than half a year, especially because I realized my last post was about a hospital stay (which I did mention was harmless, but probably still looks pretty ominous as a last post.)
I feel terrible for making people worry, especially since there’s already enough upsetting stuff happening :c 

To be honest I’m a little nervous writing this post right now after being gone for so long, but I really wanted to give a life sign! This weekend I finally checked my inbox, and I was incredibly touched by all the sweet messages. I can’t get back to everyone so let me just thank all of you who sent messages or replies, or even just thought about me! I cannot put into words how much it means to me ;-; It made my heart hurt in a good way, and I hope good things happen to you!

(Personal stuff behind the cut)

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I know I go on random tangents a lot, and my message may not seem clear, and I may sound light-hearted and not as serious as I probably meant to be.

But in all seriousness.

I just want to thank you for existing.

The (original) script (that I keep trailing off of in the recording) will be under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Karasuno first years favorite place to kiss and to be kissed?? Or like any hc about kissing are fine. Thanks & good luck! :D

Thank you, nonnie! ❤ Here you go~

Hinata Shōyō

Just as him, Hinata kisses are as warm as the sun. They fill you with such love and happiness and energy is impossible not to get addicted. You can always count on them to make you feel better.

Favorite place to kiss: All the face! Don’t make him choose. He loooves to kiss his s/o but gets easily flustered, so he tries to keep it down with the smooches. But of course this is Hinata we’re talking about, so most of his kisses end up being thanks to an adrenaline or happiness rush. And there’s not a part of his partner face that doesn’t get a kiss.

Favorite place to be kissed: Anywhere. This boy isn’t picky at all. Any kiss is a good kiss if is from his s/o. But if he had to pick one, the classic kiss on the cheek makes him all tingly. He just thinks his s/o looks so cute doing it. Good luck kisses before a match are a must.

Kageyama Tobio

Kageyama’s kisses are like a thunderstorm. They’re intense and leave you kind of stunned. He always kisses you like it’s the last time he’ll ever see you.

Favorite place to kiss: Forehead. Hands down. He’s not much of a PDA boy, but for him forehead kisses feel like protection (??). Even if he doesn’t say it to much, he wants his s/o to feel loved and protected and for him forehead kisses are perfect for that. —Also, that way his partner can’t see his flustered face. Help him—.

Favorite place to be kissed: Fingertips and lips. Okay, on the fingertips not in a kinky way—well, he also loves it in a kinky way, he can’t trick no one—, but kisses on his fingertips make him really happy and like someone’s taking care of him. And on the lips, well he just loves it. No reason for that.

Tsukishima Kei

His walls don’t come down easily, but once they do his kisses are like discovering a treasure. They’re like trying to touch the bottom of the sea: there’s always more. Once you kiss Tsukishima, you’ll find the hiding passion running through his blood.

Favorite place to kiss: Temple. Yep, temple. But… Good luck getting a kiss from this jerk. Most of the time he’ll make you beg for it. But when he doesn’t, light and sweet kisses on your temple are his favorite. They’re almost so feather like you can barely feel them. But you always get what his saying: ’ Thank you for bearing with me. ’

Favorite place to be kissed: Neck and shoulders. Of course he’d never tell you, but he’s so tall he isn’t used to having his neck touched. So, when he feels your warm breath and soft lips against his skin he goes all weak. It’s always a pleasure watch you struggling to get a kiss on the lips tho.

Yamaguchi Tadashi

Yamaguchi’s kisses are warm and healing. They’re full of devotion and tell you everything his words can’t. Yamaguchi will never kiss you out of obligation, his kisses always have a meaning. And he treasures each and every one of them.

Favorite place to kiss: Forehead. It’s romantic and sweet and innocent enough that he can kiss you in public. Don’t let him trick you, he wants to kiss you most of the time, but he worries too much about what other people will say, so is a perfect option. He loves taking your face between his hands and lean down to kiss you.

Favorite place to be kissed: Freckles! This boy needs so much love and reassurance. He doesn’t have a preference, and just as Hinata he will welcome any kiss you give him. But when you kiss his freckles and tell him how much you love him and that he shouldn’t worry about his looks… Well, he just feels so blessed. ALSO, SKIMO KISSES ALL THE WAY.

Yachi Hitoka

Sweet pure child. Someone help her. She gets so flustered and nervous. Every kiss with her feels like the first one.

Favorite place to kiss: Lips. Plain and simple butterfly kisses. They’re quick but sweet and they’re easier to recover from. Also, I picture her as the kind to always ask before kissing. It doesn’t matter for how long you’ve been together, she’ll always ask for your permission.

Favorite place to be kissed: Forehead and nose. She isn’t picky neither, so anywhere is fine. Surprise kisses are aways welcome, tho. She wishes she could be that bold.

Zootopia / Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.22 Luna and her grandfathers

(AN/ i’M BACCCCCCCCK!!! After 2 weeks break Im back with a brand new chapter for you lovely folks!!! So this story passed 100k views this week, thank you all so much to everyone who has read, reviewed, faved, followed, liked and reblogged you are all awesome. Also the sequel to this story is already in development check my tumblr page crewefox for details. Btw this version of the chapter is the M-rated, if you wanna read the T rated go to my page please. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the link….

Chapter 22- Luna and her grandfathers

Judy had got home at the apartment not long after Nick left, the smell of his violet like musk was fresh as she entered through the front door and felt that familiar fuzzy sensation in her stomach. It was a welcome feeling after the crestfallen conversation she had with Marian. Judy had told Marian everything that her Mom had said to her, every cruel word. All the while Marian had held her close and consoled the broken hearted bunny, although Judy did notice Marian clench her fists and her eye twitch at a few moments. Marian promised to support Judy whenever she needed to talk, it was nice to know that there was a mother figure in her life that she could rely on…even if she was a master thief, cybercriminal and a skilled martial artist who put a snow leopard in a coma. Judy had an uncomfortable shower (her cast had to be covered with a plastic shopping bag), got changed into a pair of denim shorts and a strappy top that matched the colour of her eyes and switched on the laptop her and Nick shared to check her furbook page, there were messages from Clawhauser, Nala, Basil, Skye and Jack wishing her well after her trip to the ER last night, she messaged them all back thanking them for being kind and not to worry. It was then that her smartphone began to ring and vibrate beside her on the sofa, she picked it up and read the name on the screen ‘Heather’ “Huh?” Judy sounded as she read the screen, Heather was one of Hopps sisters but if she was pushed to say it Judy would say Heather was her favourite. Heather was two years older than Judy at 27 and had embraced the farming life, she was the hot pick to become the next head of the Hopps family, so much so her husband Jacob had taken the name Hopps when they married. Heather was one of the few siblings who had pushed her to become a cop and always encouraged her little sister to do her best. With the only the slightest of hesitation Judy swiped at the phone to answer the video call, as soon as the call connected a chocolate brown doe rabbit blessed with a muscled upper body appeared on screen, she was in a simple white tank top that left more room to exhibit her muscles gained from over a decade in the fields of Hopps farm. “Heather.” Judy greeted, her happiness clear in her voice.

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‘Do caregivers dominate their littles?’/Talking about Rules and Structure for Regressive Littles

Hi! I’m here to talk about the relationship between CGs and (regressive) littles. Namely I wanted to talk about the idea that in a cgl relationship you’re inherently being ‘dominated’ by a caregiver.

(Now of course, as always, I’m going to stress that people use language in different ways. If somebody tells you ‘well when I say x, I mean y’, unless it’s blatantly offensive (e.g. ‘I’m a cis man but I call myself a lesbian because I decided it means ‘attracted to girls’’) or nonsensical (e.g. ‘when I say ‘fruit’ I mean only pears because to me that is the ONE TRUE FRUIT’), you should believe and listen to them and their experiences! If someone tells you ‘for me, the word ‘caregiver’ and ‘dominant’ are interchangeable’ then for *them* that’s true!

What does ‘Caregiver’ mean?

It literally means someone who ‘gives care’. I’ve been a ‘caregiver’ to biological children. I’ve been a ‘caregiver’ to my sick/elderly father before he died. The word is used in many contexts to mean somebody who looks after somebody else.

Now I’m a ‘caregiver’ to a little on occasion - and more often, I have a ‘caregiver’ who looks after the child part of me.

‘Giving care’ can mean all kinds of things. It can mean looking after somebody when they’re sick. It can mean reminding them to take medication. It can mean telling them when they’re about to do something dangerous. It can mean keeping somebody safe when they’re unable to do so themselves. It can mean cooking them healthy food, or running them a bath, or buying them a present to make them smile. It can mean hugging them while they cry or telling them you love them.

In some relationships (D/s ones), people give care through ‘dominance’ - they look after their ‘submissive’ by controlling aspects of what they do. That is fine for some adult relationships, but my point is that ‘giving care’ is not inherently about ‘dominance’ - it is about looking after another person.

Most regressive littles have a genuine need for a caregiver at some point in their lives. Whether because of disability or mental illness, trauma, or just being overwhelmed sometimes, having somebody to take over and take care of them is something many of us need. I know I personally have a deep-seated need to be looked after as a ‘kid’.

What about how CGs ‘control’ littles?

This is the part where some people can start to assume cgl is ‘kinky’ - because if someone’s making you do things, then they’re dominating you, right? If someone else takes a degree of responsibility for making sure you get stuff done, that’s D/s, isn’t it?

I’d really disagree! For me rules and structure are a part of a lot of relationships, I just frame them differently in a cglre relationship. Enforced structure (i.e. being told where I need to be or what I need to do at/get done by a certain time) is really helpful and comforting for me personally! Knowing my friend or partner wants me to have the shared bathroom cleaned by 4pm is helpful for me - and them reminding me of that isn’t ‘kinky’ in any way?

People are /constantly/ sharing control and responsibility over their own lives/behaviours/habits with other people in their life.

Some people go to the gym and have personal trainers who help them keep to exercise goals. Some people ask friends to help them kick bad habits and tell them off if they notice them engaging in it. Some people will give their partner/s implements they use to self-harm and ask them to keep them away so they don’t relapse. Some people feel better asking a friend to help them make a decision (where to eat, what movie to see). Plenty of young people will work to keep an eye on each other (e.g. remind each other to study and to take breaks, etc.) when it’s time to study for exams.

For me, the ‘control’ my CG has over me is just a more age appropriate (for my regressed/’little’ age) version of the kinds of agreements and rules I make in my other relationships.

What I do:

I have a CG who helps me achieve my weekly goals, by encouraging me and applying an outside force to help me stay accountable for them.

Every week we talk about what I need to get done, and by when. At the moment we have a google doc that keeps track of weekly and daily tasks. The lists look something like this:


  • Brush teeth
  • Exercise
  • Log food in MyFitnessPal


  • Queue 30 posts for Heck’d Up Kidz Club
  • Queue/make 10 posts for Littlespace Suggestion
  • Create 15 new posts for cglregression
  • Shower 3x
  • Cook Dinner 2x
  • Finish 1 sewing project
  • Finish 1 piece of writing
  • Finish 2 pieces of art

This is all stuff I decided I wanted/needed to do. When/if you live together with a CG, the lists would probably include more about dividing up what needs to happen in the house (e.g. ‘clean kitchen’, ‘scrub toilet’, ‘walk dog’) to make it a happy living space.

Sometimes she will suggest ‘rules’ for me - and I can either say ‘yes, that is a good idea’ or ‘no, I don’t want to do that/think that will help’. Some people may prefer to ask another person to help them come up with all or most of their goals/rules, and that’s fine too. There are plenty of times in life when you might say to a friend or partner ‘I’m having trouble making a decision - can you decide for me?’ - the important thing is that you always have the opportunity to make the ultimate decision yourself.

Does a CG ‘dominate’ a little into doing chores?

In a healthy cglre relationship, I really don’t feel like interactions around chores and tasks are that different from a ‘normal’ relationship (especially not if/when you’re living together). In every relationship, there are commitments and agreements (some unspoken - but I generally think you should always discuss as much as possible in most relationships to get on the same page!) Let me bring out two versions of the same scenario:

CGL Relationship:

CG: Kiddo, you need to do the dishes in a moment.
Kiddo: Aw, okay.
CG: Thank you sweetie! :)


CG: Kiddo, you need to do the dishes in a moment.
Kiddo: I’m having a really yucky sensory day, I don’t think I can do it right now.
CG: Aw, I’m sorry to hear that sweetheart. Can you tidy the bedroom instead?
Kiddo: Okay!

‘Normal’ relationship where chores have been agreed on:

Wife 1: Honey, it’s your turn to do the dishes.
Wife 2: Ugh, you’re right, I’ll do that right now…
Wife 1: Thank you, babe *ker-smooch*


Wife 1: Honey, it’s your turn to do the dishes.
Wife 2: My hands are feeling really nasty today, do you mind if I do something else?
Wife 1: That’s fine hon, thanks for letting me know, how about I do the dishes and you do the bedroom?
Wife 2: Sounds good to me, beautiful! *ker-smooch*

Then why bother? Why not just call it, or have a ‘normal’ relationship?

For me, the difference is in the framing! It makes me feel happy to think of myself as a little kid helping out around the house! When I regress it is especially helpful to have reminders of responsibilities and commitments I agreed to, because I might not be in a place to think of those things.

But what about punishments and rewards! Those aren’t part of normal relationships!

Well I will say first of all, that’s not true. It can be incredibly unhealthy but many couples do ‘punish’ each other or ‘reward’ each other - only they don’t make it explicit! For instance a man might refuse to go out to dinner with his girlfriend if she doesn’t walk the dog that day, or a person might tell their partner they don’t want to sleep in the same bed after they made a thoughtless remark in front of friends.

In a more positive/healthy light, a man might take his husband out to dinner after he gets a raise, or a pair of partners might splurge on a new gift for their shared paramour to thank them for painting the bedroom.

For me, in the context of my cglre relationship, I agree with my partner on things that would motivate me, and appoint them as the arbiter of making sure I receive those things as necessary. This is useful for me since I have a lot of trouble motivating myself, and also a lot of trouble moderating my own ‘rewards’ (i.e. I usually end up giving myself the reward early/before I do any work :P).

So, for instance, we might agree I can have an icecream if I clean my room - and I won’t have one if I don’t do it. Or if I do a certain chore every day that week, my CG will take me to a movie. Having somebody else give me something to work towards is much much more motivating for me personally, and it helps me feel less anxious about having so much responsibility and pressure on myself (to do the thing, to make sure I do the thing, to keep myself from over-rewarding myself or being too harsh on myself, etc.)

Or for punishments… usually that will be ‘no Xbox for the evening’ or ‘go to bed a little earlier than usual’. Again, these are things I’ve said work to help motivate me and my caregiver is happy to help enforce, and they help me feel safe and supported in my day to day life. There is no force or ‘domination’ - just an outside person enforcing rules I helped create for myself - which as I mentioned earlier, is something that happens in all kinds of relationships!

The Really Important Stuff!

At the end of the day, most of the stuff a regressive little’s CG does has nothing to do with rules, or punishments, or bossing them around. 98% of it’s about looking after a child part of somebody. It’s getting snuggles and kisses and being told you’re a good kid. It’s being held through scary times, having bedtime stories, ordering from the kids’ menu, and knowing you’re safe and secure with somebody who loves you. It’s getting to be the kid you really are inside, on the outside.

- Mod Azzy


Here are all the questions I’m answering! Check for answers and doodles below the read more! <3

aiodsjafiohsdgiS OF COURSE! <3 I’d love to see any kinds of fanart of my babies, thank you for liking them! <3 <3 Please @ me at an-island-of-bunnies or hinsuxjakun, or you can leave it in the #Skaroy tag! <3 If submission’s more of your thing, please submit at ! Thank you so much, I’m excited to see your beautiful piece!

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Jimin x Reader x Jungkook

Originally posted by lethargicmin

*If you reblog any of my fanfictions, I would love for you to tag them, since I like reading your reactions!

Boy do I love sinning. It’s my favorite pasttime :’-)

I’m going to hell though lbr.

Anyways, this fiction is filled with smut, although it’s about 4k words in (the entire fic is 9.4k words so it’s more than half smut, okay, enjoy yourselves). I tried to make it nice and great, but if that isn’t how it turned out, whoopsies?

It’s a threesome with Jimin and Jungkook and then some more. I’m not really going to spoil anything so have a lame prompt whoops.

Prompt: You’re currently dating Jimin, but through that, Jungkook has become one of your best friends, or rather, like a younger brother. When he ends up admitting something to you, how do you react to it?

Enjoy! ♥

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jazzypizzaz  asked:

!!!!!!!!!!!! what are your biological headcanons for Trill??

sorry this took me so long to answer!! life’s been a mess lately. but so anyway here are my Trill thoughts:

the book excerpt you posted talked about how Trill neurochemistry is unusually complicated? which makes total sense. but what i think about a lot is how ridiculously complicated Trill vasculature must also be?? because the symbiont would obvi need a blood supply, but most Trills don’t have a symbiont, BUT all of them have the biological capability to have a symbiont (regardless of whether they have the psychological/neurochemical capability). (related: DO all of them have that capability? are some Trill born with internal structures that are incapable of supporting a symbiont? they would necessarily be excluded from the joining selection process. how is that handled in Trill society?)

so there must be all kinds of “extra” convoluted blood vessels in the abdomen of a Trill that can be used to nourish a symbiont, in the event that one is inserted. this could have a bunch of implications – the one i mostly use in fic is the headcanon that Jadzia’s hands are always freezing because relatively more of her circulatory system is in her abdomen and relatively less in her extremities (also it’s a nice mushy trope to contrast with the fact that Bajoran body temp is higher than both Trills and humans, which is also my headcanon. fight me). this is also related to that ep in season 2 when Jadzia’s symbiont was stolen and Julian was like ‘that leads to unstoppable death’ and the mechanics weren’t explained, and in my head i filled that in to be a combination of neurochemical imbalance and also nigh-unstoppable bleeding from the very complicated symbiont blood supply. and good LORD think about the internal mechanics of a Trill with a symbiont who is also PREGNANT, like, how is there any blood supply left for the mother, who the fuck knows, what an evolutionary mess.

WHICH ALSO LED ME TO THINK ABOUT how this arrangement evolved in the first place?? in modern Trill society symbiont transfer is done via surgery, but it couldn’t always have been like that. for such an intricate system to have functioned at all, it must have been evolving and in process MUCH longer than Trills have had modern society or surgical capabilities. (I think there is a star trek book somewhere out there that contradicts me on this, but fuck that). so my idea is that symbionts were originally a kind of parasite, probably one that infiltrated via the GI tract, probably one that was relatively benign. then it was noticed that Trills infected with this parasite sometimes displayed impossible knowledge and underwent bizarre personality changes and claimed to be different people, proving their claims by saying things that only their ‘other self’ would know, and this eventually got incorporated into various forms of Trill religion, and in that way the ‘parasites’ were cultivated and their evolution progressed in step with that of Trills until they attained the form of mutualism they have today. (i kind of like to think that symbionts have other, less obvious evolutionary benefits than just holding memories – like maybe they confer resistance to certain GI infections or filter out agents that cause blood diseases, maybe diseases that aren’t a problem anymore but would have been hugely important to early Trill.) the introduction of surgical techniques allowed the symbionts to undergo an explosion of growth (previously, in order to be passed on they would have to be small enough to be swallowed) so now they can be the size that they are.

also it’s my headcanon that the Trill spots are remnants of a system of arboreal camouflage, the same reason that leopards have spots. probably stone-age Trill were entirely spotted, head to toe, and the ‘racing stripe’ configuration is just the vestigial pattern randomly selected for when spots stopped being necessary for survival.

bonus Bajoran headcanons: Bajorans are smaller than humans, like Kira is average Bajoran height, and their metabolism is faster, including heart rate and etc. their basal body temp is higher and they tolerate heat better than humans but tolerate cold worse. they also can’t go as long as humans without food because their bodies burn through nutrients faster. the reason their spirituality involves grabbing the ear is because due to a quirk of evolution, there is a nerve branch in the left earlobe that is connected to the brainstem and produces a mildly euphoric/slightly disembodied sensation when stimulated, since it messes with proprioception (your awareness of where your body is). there is an artery that supplies this nerve, so the pulse can be felt in the ear. also: Bajoran nose ridges are sensitive and can be tickly like the soles of a human’s foot. Jadzia does a LOT of nose-smooching and Kira tries really hard to pretend that she hates it. 


“Seventeen Reacts to when you give them a Valentine Gift” 


Scoups is the type of boyfriend who literally overreacts to everything you do. You could trip and fall into his arms once and he’ll never it go, like ever. This is one of those times that he’ll always remind you about. He’s literally smiling so hard right now as you give him the gift and probably about to cry to be honest, but of course he’s trying to hold it back to keep his manly composer. 


He’s not too fazed by the fact that you gave him a valentines day gift because you guys always exchange gifts around this time. So all Jeonghan really does is smile, accept the gift, and exchange his gift to you. He’s very calm and chill at moments like this. Please don’t think he doesn’t appreciate these moments though because he really does!!! 


Joshua can’t really handle these cutesy moments, so you gotta give him a bit of time to process this. These moments literally fry his brain because they’re so adorable. He’s afraid of saying something dumb and ruining the moment, so the kids gotta take a breather or two before actually taking the gift from you and giving you his gift! 


Jun is that one really cool boyfriend who doesn’t show his emotions in public when it comes to gifts, but when you guys get home he’s literally going to flip every table because you are absolutely too adorable to be alive. Like I don’t think you understand how happy and nervous you make him sometimes when you do small things like this. 


Hoshi’s not even going to hide his emotions because you make him smile too hard to be honest. Hiding how happy right now as you give him his gift would be a complete SIN. All Hoshi can do as of this moment is smile like a doofus and try to spit out some cute words which turn into gibberish because he’s not functioning too well. i weubs you juagiya” 


Wonwoo is a mix of both the cute and cool boyfriend. He’s basically Jun and Hoshi combined. He tries to keep it calm, but he can’t help but just do smoochy faces at you. This is his way of showing how much he loves you in public rather than saying it and making others around you guys feel uncomfortable. /Smooch Smooch Smooch/ I love you I love you I love you” 


Woozi doesn’t really know hOW to respond to being given gifts like this kid is really awkward. He would kind of just take it in disbelief and question you Are you sure this is for me? Like really for me? Then after you confirm it, he’s not going to be able to stop smiling like a little nublet.  


Seokmin has a hard time receiving gifts because he feels bad you spent money on him, you feel? He feels that you guys should just show unconditional love with kisses and hugs and not gifts. He thinks that gifts don’t last long, so they aren’t worth it. Of course he accepts the gift happily, but he scolds you a bit. 


Mingyu is the exact opposite, any kind of gift is gREAT to him. This puppy loves to receive and receive and occasionally give back. In this case he’s receiving and giving. After happily receiving his gift like the smoll excited puppy he is, it’s his turn to hand you his smoll gifts which consist of a bunch of cute snacks. 


Minghao would pretend to be surprised at first, but he knew you’d been planning to give him this gift all along and kept quiet about it! So instead of you surprising him, he surprises you with his own little gift hidden behind him which is just a small card and a bouquet of flowers. “ Baobei may not have been able to surprise me, but I surprised you~” 


Seungkwan kind of dies a little bit on the inside knowing you put so much effort into this moment. Like his heart is being penetrated by your sweet charms and he just kind of needs to take a seat because his legs are getting weak and jiggly like jelly. Jagiya, please don’t do this ever again. My heart is not strong enough for this~” 


He’s not even going to hide how happy he is right now because he wants you to know how much he appreciates you with just his facial expression. Your going to have to give Vernon a good one or two minutes before he’s actually capable of accepting your gift because right now he’s just in fits of smiling and weakness. 


Dino’s really not able to do anything except look at you with loving eyes, He’s honestly just speechless because at this very moment he realizes how much you actually care about him. You went through your way just to give him a valentines day gift. Jagiya, do you know how amazing you are? Have I told told you how amazing you are? Do I need to tell you?” 

Hey kiddies!!!!!!!!!!!(ू•ᴗ•ू❁) Guess who’s finally updating after 1000000 years? That’s right Bubbles!!╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ I know it’s been a long time since I’ve actually updated, but you guys ALL know my reason for not updating.。・+゚゚(うд´。)゚゚+・。 You guys know I don’t mean to not update, it’s just I’ve been so tired lately ahh.。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。 But for those of you new to the blog, whicH I WELCOME!!!!! 。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚ °・I’m taking two college classes along with my regular high school classes, so please do understand that it’s hard for me to update due to being so busy!! ○| ̄|_(OTL) But here is an update and I hope you guys all enjoy it!!!!!!!!! Have a nice weekend and stay healthy kiddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )

**Gifs are not mine! All Credit goes to the original makers, thank you!!**

Treat. A not-scary at all Olicity Halloween Fic (T)

Boo, everybody! I love Halloween and wanted to make something to get everybody through the next day as we wait for the new episode. 

Read the full fic beneath the fold or read the whole thing on A03


by quiveringbunny

There had been an uneasy, almost-peace between Oliver and John Diggle since the former returned to Star City. Words of absolution had not been spoken by the stoic man, but the two had been syncing up a little better as a team and John’s steely glances at Oliver had softened in a way.

This detente had been encouraged by their smarter, wiser halves. Oliver was reticent to push John into being any friendlier than he felt comfortable, so invitations to beers and football viewing were not yet extended. Meanwhile, Lyla worked on Diggle, reminding him regularly that he should let it go and move on, as she had.

Friday night had been an exciting one. Too exciting. Oliver, as usual, was grateful that he could still depend on Digg’s instincts and solid judgment out in the field when he was ambushed by several thugs down by the docks. Digg arrived just in time to take on two men himself, allowing Oliver the opportunity to finish off two more without sustaining any injuries himself. When the fight was over, the two men nodded silently to each other and went their separate ways.


The next morning was marked by a cool chill which meant that Felicity sought out Oliver’s warmth as she stirred. Nuzzled against his shoulder, she mused that he was like one of those great memory foam pillows that conforms to your shape, but only better – because of the heat, and the skin, and the arms, and the hot mouth that made her moan until the late hours. Basically everything. Pillows were overrated. Loving boyfriends were actually the best.

“Are you excited?” Oliver whispered against her loose blonde hair, as he wrapped his free arm around her and rolled her into little spoon position.

“Not as excited as you, I suspect.”

“You think that’s all I think about,” he sighed, wearing a lazy smile.  Heavy lids covered his blue eyes.

“Well, unless you brought your toy light saber to bed last night, I would say my instincts are correct.” Felicity shifted her back against his front for the sake of demonstration and met…impressive resistance.

“Fe-li-ci-ty. The light saber is not a toy, it is a scale replica for my Obi-Wan Kenobi costume.”

“Oliver, you are much more excited about Halloween than I expected.” She’d seen it. He looked like a kid when his Jedi robes arrived in the mail and he had actually bought decorations. “Particularly for someone who dresses up every night in a hood and mask.”

“Exactly,” he countered. “Tonight, I wear a costume and I don’t have to cover my face. I don’t chase bad guys or shoot anybody with arrows. Just drink wine with my girlfriend, eat caramel apples, give out candy to adorable little kids while wearing a cool costume, then turn off the lights, watch scary movies and cuddle with previously mentioned girlfriend.”

“You have a really idyllic picture of Halloween, don’t you?”

“Yeah. Reminds me of when I was a kid. Tommy and I had so much fun. I remember when we finally got to go out trick or treating together at night by ourselves, we felt so grown up. It was a first taste of independence.”

“Favorite candy?”

“Twix bars. Tommy liked Snickers, so we’d trade at the end of the night.”

“Han Solo,” Felicity murmured quietly.


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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New American Ultra Promo Interview with Uproxx

Earlier this month, Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg made a popular Funny or Die video where the two skewer the type of interview questions that they are usually asked. And, now, here, I enter the lion’s den, so to speak (actually, it was more like a hotel conference room) trying to ask interview questions. I’ve interviewed heavyweight champion boxers before, but’s these two, together, made me feel a little overcome with anxiety.

Stewart and Eisenberg are promoting American Ultra, their second feature film together following 2009’s wonderful Adventureland (and they will both appear together next year in Woody Allen’s next film). In American Ultra, Eisenberg and Stewart play Mike and Phoebe, two pot-loving human beings who must cope with adversity after Mike discovers that he’s a secret government agent and is being hunted by bureaucrats who want him dead.

Ahead, Stewart discusses how Twilight still looms over her career, even when it comes to her award winning performances, like in Clouds of Sils Maria — and as Stewart moves on from a big franchise film, Eisenberg explains why he wants to get involved in one with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They also both talk about the nature of interviews and their general attitude toward the whole process. Additionally, Stewart shares her thoughts on an inevitable Twilight reboot.

Nothing is more uncomfortable to me than interviewing two people at the same time.

Kristen Stewart: Because we’re ganging up on you. Do you use those journalistic tricks?

I don’t have any tricks.

Stewart: Where you say something and don’t comment? Isn’t that one of the things where you ask questions, but don’t contribute anything?

Jesse Eisenberg: So, what do you mean? What would that be?

Stewart: So, you ask someone’s opinion about something, but it’s a very one-sided conversation. You will not effect or make them think you accept or deny anything to keep them going – talking, talking, talking, talking.

Eisenberg: Yes, yes, I’ve seen that.

Stewart: And you get to the end of a conversation and you feel like you’ve just divulged everything and you’ve gotten nothing back and it’s like, how did you do that? You kept talking to me and yet I’ve gotten nothing from you, yet I’ve given you everything.

I probably interject my own opinions too much.

Eisenberg: That’s comforting, in a way.

I should take this advice.

Eisenberg: [Laughs] Yeah, you should hold your cards close to the vest.

But you two have known each other for a long time, and I’m this stranger who enters the room.

Eisenberg: Do you want to lie down?

And then you two made that video about the dumb questions you get asked.

Eisenberg: Oh, I see. But I can’t imagine you would ever do questions to her that would be offensive to her based on gender normative behavior. I’m serious, that’s not your style.

But I know that happens a lot. I call it the “If you could steal a smooch from anyone in Hollywood?” question, from Natalie Portman’s SNL Digital Short rap.

Stewart: Oh, Natalie Portman rapping! I did see that because I was blown away by her rapping.

But both of you get those type of questions.

Not me. I don’t really feel like I do.

Stewart: Recently, I’ve been doing slightly more and it really does pertain to the five minute, overtly commercial interviews.

A video where you have to play a game or something?

Stewart: Yeah, exactly. Or if you’re doing a movie that is also very commercial – they want it quick and they don’t want anything that will make you stutter or think twice about anything. So, if you’re not good at being cute and funny in five minutes, you feel condemned. And it’s like, my God, maybe I’m not good at that – I acknowledge that – but why should the reaction be that I’m stupid in some way.

A couple of years ago, the headlines were that Jesse is “a jerk” because of one of those segments.

Stewart: I saw that! My friend showed me that, because they were like, “Jesse Eisenberg seems like such an asshole.” And I was like, “Why? That’s crazy. Why?” And then they showed it to me and I’m like, “He’s not a jerk.”

I spent like 90 minutes with you once for a large piece and in that time I got used to your quirks and humor. Knowing that, that video felt like you were just playing along.

Eisenberg: Yeah, you can’t control how somebody cuts something.

Stewart: She was very, I’m sorry, [looks at my recorder], I’m not speaking to that. [Kristen Stewart whispers into Jesse Eisenberg’s ear.]

When I write this up, this is the part where I insert, “Kristen Stewart whispers into Jesse Eisenberg’s ear.”

Eisenberg: [Laughs] Yeah. “[Dramatically gasps] Kristen?!?! What?!?!” But the thing is, things are so fleeting and transient. You’ll watch them for a day, then no one else remembers making them.

Stewart: And I love how people like to make statements as if they’re feigning true passion, when really they’re just using you opportunistically to get hits on their website. And I’m like, oh, cool, so you pretend like you care about something where you don’t have a thought – you don’t even have a fucking thought about any of it. It’s literally just, “She said one word? Enter it. Fucking harpoon her.”

Eisenberg: With my experience, she had to have done a lot of research and printed out funny pictures. I saw it once, I don’t know if she edited it out, but she had lots of different stuff. It seems like she had plans. And it was a nice interview, I don’t know if she chose to frame it a certain way because it’s more popular that way.

With American Ultra, I’m a fan of “hidden secret skills” in movies, because it gives me hope.

Eisenberg: Like you just start speaking Portuguese or something.

Maybe I am secretly a government spy and I have a skill.

Eisenberg: There’s still hope. It’s funny about this movie because (A) they are the least likely people to have these hidden talents and secretly be fighting machines. But, also, it’s about people who would be government plots to brainwash them.

Between this and Adventureland, I enjoy watching the two of you together in movies. You’re like the new John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. That’s a terrible comparison.

Eisenberg: Did they do other movies together?

They did Two of a Kind.

Eisenberg: Oh, they did?

It’s not very good. Again, this is a terrible comparison. But people think of them together in a nice way.

Eisenberg: Because of Grease, yeah.

Stewart: Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. I said that the other day in an interview and I felt like such a prick, “We’re like…” [laughs]

Eisenberg: Oh yeah? Tossing that off?

Stewart: Whatever!

But we don’t see this kind of thing a lot.

Eisenberg: Yeah, it’s not by design, but it’s wonderful that it has happened.

Stewart: Yeah, when we worked together on Adventureland, I loved it. Well, it’s weird because sometimes you have to fabricate a dynamic and we have happened to fall onto pictures that completely cater to what we already have going on. Which is really fun because the best “acting,” quote-unquote, or the most powerful, I feel, performances, or when people move you, is usually when they are just showing themselves — rather than make something, then show you. So, yeah, it’s fun. I said like years ago, “We need to do this all the time.”

Kristen’s recent movies — American Ultra, Camp X-Ray, and especially Clouds of Sils Maria — are very different. Do you seek that out? Or do you know what you’re looking for when you see it?

Stewart: I had read the script; it was brought to me by a producer I had worked for before…

But even more generally, what do you look for? I’m wording this poorly.

Stewart: I word everything poorly.

I apologize.

Stewart: I apologize for every single thing I’ve said I wish I didn’t.

Eisenberg: I apologize to the two of you.

My headline will be “Kristen Stewart and I Apologize To Each Other While Jesse Eisenberg Watches.”

Eisenberg: Thanks.

Stewart: But I think somebody’s choices, if you’re any kind of creative person — whether you’re an actor, a fucking writer, an artist, anything – it kind of says a lot about you. I have total ADD, I’m not choosing projects to create any sort of library. Like, “Oh, this is going to be my legacy,” or in regards to perception. I’m really going by the gut. I think most people who are really good at what they do usually do it because they just have to. I’ve chosen really instinctively.

Perception is interesting with you, because you’ve been getting good acting reviews since Panic Room with David Fincher, through Clouds of Sils Maria, which you won an award for. But every time, people seem somehow shocked that you’re good.

Stewart: Because Twilight is so huge. Do you know what I mean? Because Twilight infiltrated everyone’s [perception]. I think if you walked into a grocery store and asked somebody if they saw Clouds of Sils Maria or Twilight, they’d probably be like, “Twlight, and she’s a terrible fucking actress.”

Eisenberg: I think if you’re in a really popular thing, it gives people license to criticize you. Not because of the thing for which they are criticizing you, which is not being good for whatever the person is doing in the thing. But just by virtue of that thing being very successful and it’s human instinct to take down that what is successful.

Stewart: It’s just instinct, exactly.

Eisenberg: Any criticism of something in that is usually separate from what the criticism is.

Stewart: I also feel that anything overtly popular in the United States feels entirely owned by the public, therefore if they don’t deem it worthy, then they’re like, “We put you here. And if you do not bend over and give us absolutely everything we want, then we need to let you know.” They become vindictive. They’re like, “Excuse me…”[

There was some vindictiveness toward the Twilight movies, but I also feel people have been mostly kind to Kristen for her work in recent roles.

Eisenberg: Anyone who works with Kristen or who makes movies or has an understanding of how they’re done thinks she’s one of the greatest actresses right now. People who write mean things are on the outside.

The celebrity blogs?

Eisenberg: Yeah. And those things, if you want to read those, you could spend your life reading them and never finish. But they’d also be very unhelpful.

And now Jesse is getting involved in a huge franchise with Batman v Superman, why did you want to do that, knowing what you just said about how people treat popular things?

Eisenberg: Well, I mean, the thing is great.

Stewart: Big movies can be great.[

But you got a taste of it with the Comic-Con controversy, which is one of the weirdest controversies I’ve seen in some time.

Eisenberg: Right. But if you let that kind of stuff govern your decisions, you’d probably never leave the house, let alone act in a thing. So you can’t. It hurts my feelings terribly, but I guess not enough.

Speaking of big franchises, do you care if Twilight is rebooted?

Stewart: Are they saying that they have to redo them? Like, we have to do them again?

It feels just like talk right now, but everything popular eventually gets rebooted.

Stewart: Right. I was so genuinely, heavily entrenched in that and not in a way that felt like an obligation. Even though after the first one, which stood alone, it lasted a long time. It’s hard to speak to a five year period in a few sentences, but I loved doing it. But that doesn’t mean I want to keep doing it. But if other people? Yeah, sure. To be honest with you: I would be interested. I’d be kind of fascinated, but it wouldn’t emotionally affect me one way or the other.


From deep down in my heart this is an awesome interview.  I so wish it had been taped. 

Olicity Fic Reblog with Bonus

Happy Halloween..or shall I say Happy Hall-Olicity?

I am reblogging my recent Olicity Halloween Fic tonight and to celebrate, I have tacked a little treat after the story. I would put it here at the beginning, but it would spoil the surprise. Hope you don’t mind clicking on it again.

There had been an uneasy, almost-peace between Oliver and John Diggle since the former returned to Star City. Words of absolution had not been spoken by the stoic man, but the two had been syncing up a little better as a team and John’s steely glances at Oliver had softened in a way.

This detente had been encouraged by their smarter, wiser halves. Oliver was reticent to push John into being any friendlier than he felt comfortable, so invitations to beers and football viewing were not yet extended. Meanwhile, Lyla worked on Diggle, reminding him regularly that he should let it go and move on, as she had.

Friday night had been an exciting one. Too exciting. Oliver, as usual, was grateful that he could still depend on Digg’s instincts and solid judgment out in the field when he was ambushed by several thugs down by the docks. Digg arrived just in time to take on two men himself, allowing Oliver the opportunity to finish off two more without sustaining any injuries himself. When the fight was over, the two men nodded silently to each other and went their separate ways.


The next morning was marked by a cool chill which meant that Felicity sought out Oliver’s warmth as she stirred. Nuzzled against his shoulder, she mused that he was like one of those great memory foam pillows that conforms to your shape, but only better – because of the heat, and the skin, and the arms, and the hot mouth that made her moan until the late hours. Basically everything. Pillows were overrated. Loving boyfriends were actually the best.

“Are you excited?” Oliver whispered against her loose blonde hair, as he wrapped his free arm around her and rolled her into little spoon position.

“Not as excited as you, I suspect.”

“You think that’s all I think about,” he sighed, wearing a lazy smile.  Heavy lids covered his blue eyes.

“Well, unless you brought your toy light saber to bed last night, I would say my instincts are correct.” Felicity shifted her back against his front for the sake of demonstration and met…impressive resistance.

“Fe-li-ci-ty. The light saber is not a toy, it is a scale replica for my Obi-Wan Kenobi costume.”

“Oliver, you are much more excited about Halloween than I expected.” She’d seen it. He looked like a kid when his Jedi robes arrived in the mail and he had actually bought decorations. “Particularly for someone who dresses up every night in a hood and mask.”

“Exactly,” he countered. “Tonight, I wear a costume and I don’t have to cover my face. I don’t chase bad guys or shoot anybody with arrows. Just drink wine with my girlfriend, eat caramel apples, give out candy to adorable little kids while wearing a cool costume, then turn off the lights, watch scary movies and cuddle with previously mentioned girlfriend.”

“You have a really idyllic picture of Halloween, don’t you?”

“Yeah. Reminds me of when I was a kid. Tommy and I had so much fun. I remember when we finally got to go out trick or treating together at night by ourselves, we felt so grown up. It was a first taste of independence.”

“Favorite candy?”

“Twix bars. Tommy liked Snickers, so we’d trade at the end of the night.”

“Han Solo,” Felicity murmured quietly.


“Han Solo is your favorite, but you’re going as Ben Kenobi. I’m guessing Tommy went as Han, didn’t he?”

“Three years straight. He loved the vest and wearing the laser blaster. Han was his thing.” Oliver closed his eyes and pulled Felicity even closer, eliciting a quiet moan.

“So, you’re Obi-Wan. The more mature and experienced man now.”

“I guess. Now, let me introduce you to the ways of The Force, Ms. Smoak.” He started placing open kisses on her shoulder and pressed his groin against her soft thighs, eliciting a squeak.

“Just to be clear. You’re the young, hot Ewan McGregor Kenobi, not the elder Alec Guinness version, right?” Oliver couldn’t see the perplexed expression on her face.

“Mmm hmm.” He moved her hair away from her neck and continued his worship. “I can’t wait to see your costume. I still haven’t guessed what it is yet. Any hints?”

“Oliver, so far, you have only guessed stereotypical chick costumes. I’m disappointed. Sexy lady cop and sexy French maid were particular low-lights. Some girls might like to dress like strippers for Halloween, but I’m not one of them. I like my costume to be kind of aspirational.”

“So, sexy Madame Curie it is, then.” This elicited a guffaw from his girl, which was the best. Making her laugh was his goal whenever possible. He loved the way her blue eyes sparkled.

Using his considerable skills, Oliver shifted them quickly so that Felicity was on her back, looking up with a breathless smile, and he was nestled in his favorite spot above her. Oliver lowered he forehead to rest it on hers.

“You sure you shouldn’t be a ninja tonight?” Felicity asked with a chuckled, then pressed her lips together in anticipation.

“Jedis are much better in bed than ninjas. Everybody knows that.”

“Oh, they are, huh?” She smiled until Oliver’s mouth made contact with hers. For the record, he made every effort to prove his point for the next hour. It might have gone on longer, but as Felicity explained vehemently…coffee dammit.


The day was a whirlwind of Halloween rituals which were so plentiful that chores had to be delegated. With the afternoon setting in, Oliver was tasked with cleaning and then carving the Jack O Lantern because Felicity and knives were an unthinkable combination. Meanwhile, the CEO set out to procure candy, movie-watching food and beverages and a few last minute items.

When Felicity returned to the apartment some time later, overloaded with bags, Oliver rushed from the kitchen clad in jeans and a pumpkin-smeared apron to relieve her burden.

“Felicity! You should have called me to come down and help you. Wow, you bought out the stores.”

“You’re lucky,” she chuckled, handing over a few bags. “I was thisclose to buying an inflatable dragon. Flapping wings and everything.”

“What stopped you?” Oliver placed the bags on the couch.

“Nine feet tall.” She pouted and shook her head. Oliver enveloped her in his arms.

“Ouch. Yeah. One day when we have a yard again that’s the first thing we get.”

“Yup.” Felicity enjoyed the embrace and then, as usual, her sad mood lifted to one of sunny happiness. “I did get you something.”

Now, a blonde genius on a mission, she began digging through her bags until… “Aha! Close your eyes. Hands out.”

Oliver complied with a sigh as Felicity placed a box on his compliant palms.

“Open.” Oliver’s lids parted and a smile dominated spread across his lips. “That’s right. Entire box of full size Twix. Just for you. Better go hide it while I put the groceries away. It’s 6:00.”

“Yes!” Oliver gave her a grateful smooch and ran off with the box calling, “I love you, Felicity Smoak.”

Felicity moved to grab the food bags.

“By the way, Thea’s out for the night. Some party,” he called from the bedroom.

“I figured she would want to spend it with friends.”  Then Felicity’s phone rang, interrupting her.


An hour later, Oliver was dressed as a rather convincing Ben Kenobi. His heavy tan and brown robes swished as he moved to light the last of the black taper candles he’d placed around the room. The large pumpkin he spent the afternoon carving was set on a little table facing the front door, accompanied by a bowl of candy. Oliver examined the contents – a good selection of miniature chocolate bars, Tootsie Pops, Pixie Stix and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

His back was turned when he heard the distinct sound of Felicity clearing her throat. Oliver turned toward her and his face froze. More accurately, everything froze. Except his eyes. Oliver could still blink and it seemed that particular reflex was taking over.

Felicity waited for him to speak, but he didn’t say a word. Her boyfriend just stood there, blinking.

“Oliver. I’m Wonder Woman. Please say something.”

Oliver nodded and tried to conceive of words that would result in a sentence.

“Wow.” With that utterance out of the way, the reformed playboy quickly crossed the room in order to better inspect her costume. Yes, it fit just fine. He admired the red bustier with the golden eagle wings that adorned and complemented her breasts. In the back, her glorious backside was covered in blue and white stars. The satiny tights. The hot red boots. Everything was just perfect.

“Are you finished frisking me with your eyes, Mister Queen?”

“Hell no.” Oliver lied as he noted that her costume included the gold cuffs and the lasso. Felicity’s hair was down, but fluffed to perfectly frame the signature Wonder Woman gold tiara with the star in the center. “I thought you were anti-sexy costume. Not complaining.”

“I am anti-sexy costume when it’s just gratuitous. Sexy pirate. Sexy Raggedy Ann.” Felicity watched as Obi Wan Kenobi circled her once more. “Wonder Woman is sexy…thank you…but she’s also a hero, Oliver.”

“You are my hero every day, Felicity.” Oliver reached out for her hand and kissed it, then rubbing his stubbled cheek against her knuckles. Felicity beamed at him. God she was beautiful on the outside, but it was her spirit that took his breath away.

Before Oliver could ask what kind of plans she had for the lasso, the doorbell rang. The two looked at each other and grinned. Showtime.  Felicity headed to greet their trick or treaters while Oliver rushed to the candy bowl. He turned when the door swung open and was surprised to see a familiar face.

Lyla Diggle stood in front of the door, smiling, dressed in a cheerleader costume. Not “sexy cheerleader” as she explained earlier to her husband. Just an every day, respectable cheerleader with a pony tail and a megaphone on her sweater. While John appreciated her clarification, he had reminded her that she was sexy no matter what she wore. This was the perfect response.

Oliver made eye contact with Lyla and was delighted when her smile didn’t fade. She looked genuinely glad to see him.

“Lyla!” Felicity squealed. They watched the woman nod and move to the side of the doorway. Then, the doorframe was filled by a massive figure. An old school Dracula, complete with a cape and very large biceps.

Oliver was startled to see Digg in their doorway. He smiled warmly at his friend and then looked down to see little Sara Diggle nestled in the crook of her father’s arm. Then Oliver’s breath caught. She was wearing a little green sweatshirt with a hood, a green skirt and her eyes were decorated in green makeup. The little girl clutched a plastic jack o lantern bucket. Oliver moved closer, looking incredulously from Sara’s sweet face to her proud Daddy.  

It was a charged moment. The gravity of it nearly crushed Oliver as he considered how he almost destroyed this beautiful family. They were precious and he wanted to spend the rest of his life assuring them that he respected their bond and would keep them safe.

The expression Oliver found on Digg’s face was like his own version of the Mona Lisa – a sly, knowing smile. Complicated warmth. His deep voice broke the tension that was building in the Green Arrow’s mind.

“I think you might recognize this little vigilante.”

Oliver’s eyes had filled with tears by this point. He tried not to blink and send them running down his face. Instead, he quickly wiped them with his voluminous sleeve. Then he tilted his head to study her.

“She’s beautiful, Digg. And so big now.” Oliver hadn’t seen the little girl since that terrible night he left her alone in her crib. Digg watched the reverence on the younger man’s face and how he rubbed his hands nervously along his thighs.

“Oh, yeah, she’s a badass, this one,” Digg chortled. “Her path of destruction around our house rivals yours in Star City on any given night.”

Oliver looked down at the girl again. She looked up at him sweetly. “Dude,” she whispered.

“Like I said. Badass. She likes trick or treating.”

Oliver grinned broadly while Lyla and Felicity exchanged knowing glances.

“Wait, I’ll be right back!” Oliver darted into the other room for a moment.  

“Hey you guys…please come inside! How about a glass of wine?” Felicity began moving towards the kitchen before they answered, confident that the Diggle family would make their way inside for refreshments. She was right, of course. A moment later, Lyla was joining her in choosing a meaningful bottle to open.

Oliver returned to find Diggle father and daughter inside. He approached the pair and slipped one of his Twix bars into her orange bucket.

“Full size. Back to your billionaire ways, I see,” the man smirked. Whoa. That’s some jack o lantern you’ve got there.” Diggle was understating. The pumpkin was carved expertly and resembled the Deathstar quite accurately.

“Apparently all the whittling I did on the island was good practice for pumpkin carving.”

Digg nodded. “Looks different in here.”

“Yeah. It’s a lot more like a home now with Felicity. We have throw pillows and pictures up everywhere.”

Diggle turned his attention to the bank of windows that formed the fourth wall of the room. Star City glittered outside.

“You’re one lucky man, Oliver.”

“I know, Digg.” Oliver moved toward the area of the room that seemed to take his former partner’s attention.  

“Not because you have throw pillows, Oliver. Or because you have this slammin’ view of the city. I’m talking about how your girlfriend is dressed up like Wonder Woman.” Digg deadpanned, as usual, eliciting a belly laugh from Oliver. It had been a long time since they had shared a moment like this. Suddenly, he was filled with hope that there might be more in the future.

Little Sara observed as the man in the robe clapped his hand on her Daddy’s shoulder and squirmed.


“I think it finally clicked in John’s head this morning. With kids you have to live in the moment and think about the future. Being stuck on things that happened in the past doesn’t help them. In a way it’s selfish.”

“What about the costume, which is adorable by the way.”

“A last minute idea of John’s,” Lyla told Felicity as they waited for the wine to breathe. “I don’t know how he talked her into it. She was supposed to be Elsa all day today.”

“Daddy’s girl.” Felicity smiled as she unwrapped a cheese plate and set it on the counter.  

“That’s right,” Diggle’s voice stated plainly as he strode into the kitchen, unwrapping a chocolate and popping it into his mouth. “I hope that wine pairs well with a peanut butter cup.”

“Somebody’s fancy,” Lyla replied, drawing her man close to her.

“Well, I am pretty sure there isn’t any beer that goes with a peanut butter cup, so…”

“Baby, what’s Sara up to?”

“Yeah, John. I’m afraid we aren’t exactly baby-proof around here.”

“It’s okay.” John exhaled, relaxing into the moment. “She’s safe.” He tilted his head toward the living room.

Curious, Felicity walked around the counter and stopped in the doorway when she saw what was happening in the next room.

Oliver stood by the windows, gently swaying. His strong arms held Sara Diggle, who was currently exploring the rough beard that covered his jaw with tiny fingers. He mouthed the word “dude” like he was repeating her. That would be his name for the foreseeable future, since Oliver was hard to pronounce. He looked up from the little girl’s face and caught Felicity smiling at him. He nodded and returned his gaze to his little doppelganger. She reached toward the windows and he shifted closer so she could see the city, safe in his arms. 


Happy Halloween and thanks for reading! If you prefer to leave comments on AO3, please click here

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The Bet


Well it was going to happen sooner or later. Here’s some Papyton trash. At least Part 1 isn’t NSFW, but part 2 will be

  “Well, you’re screwed,” was the first words that came out of Undyne’s mouth upon hearing Papyrus finally build up the courage to say that he had this huge crush on Mettaton. But seriously, who didn’t? I can tell you one person. Undyne.

  “Sorry to burst your bubble Pap, but that big headed, narcissistic, piece of tin foil would never go out with you,” seeing the hurt in Papyrus’s eyes, Undyne quickly rebounded. “You have much higher standards than that. You deserve someone way better then that Moan Bot. You’re so kind and sweet, when he’s just all…bleh.”

  “You are not ‘bursting my bubble’ Undyne. What bubble? I don’t have one! But Mettaton, he is not all ‘bleh’!” Papyrus butted in, drifting into thought of his favorite celebrity’s appearance. Though, he’s only seen him once in real life (the time he basically stuck his leg out in front of him, in which Papryus thought he’d died and gone to heaven right then and there), he could tell there was a lot more to him then everyone thought of him being.

  “You’ve seen him interact with Napstablook! He’s really kind! And how he treats his fans – “

  “The Napstablook thing I get, but they’re cousins, Papyrus. And the fans thing? Just a big show. Can’t you see that Paps?” Undyne replied with a dwelling anger that this skeleton couldn’t get who this robot was. She just never really understood why everyone gawked over the thing, really. He was some calculator.. and when in his ex? All he was, was legs and ‘oh yes’’s. She didn’t get it.

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New Years Eve -Niall Horan

Word count: 2165 words

Trigger warnings: /

As always, feel free to send me ideas and requests :*

“No. Absolutely not. Under no circumstances. “ You shook your head almost violently to drown out the voice of your best friend. “Come on, (Y/N)! It’ll be fun! I promise!” Niall had spread out on your bed like a star fish and looked at you with pleading eyes. “All of the lads will be there as well! You know them!” For the last hour he had been trying to convince you to join him at a New Years party at a fancy club and you had resisted for just as long.
It wasn’t even like you didn’t like the idea of partying in general, but the year had left you a bit drained and all you wanted to do was cuddle up in a blanket on your balcony and watch the fireworks in silence. Of course this was a no go for Niall, who thought the New Year should be initiated with lots of people and noise around. The more the merrier.
“Of course I know the guys, but not the other 200 people in that place. They will be drunk and horny and won’t stop groping my butt, for sure! I just want some peace!”
“You can have your peace the next day and all the days of the following year. Please, (Y/N)! I want to celebrate with you!” To your horror, your walls began to crumble. He had that effect on you, with those blue eyes and stupid smile. It always made you do things you didn’t want to, just because the thought of seeing it disappear was unbearable for you.
“I won’t even have someone to kiss me at midnight…” Crossing your arms you tried one last method to escape the party.
“You don’t need anyone, (Y/N). And we still have each other, don’t forgot that. I’m more than ready to give you a big ol’ smooch if that is what it takes to get you to tag along!” You didn’t expect that and a furious blush tried to spread on your cheeks. Quickly you turned away and buried your face in a pillow. “Don’t be an idiot! If you don’t watch out, I’ll actually hold you responsible and request one.” “I wouldn’t mind…” he mumbled, then went on. “So is this a yes?”
Taking a moment to consider everything that was to consider once again, coming to the conclusion that you would somehow make it through the evening, you nodded. “But you have to swear to stay close and protect my butt from any pinching.”
“I vow by my life.” He simply retorted. Taking a look at the clock you got up to get ready, now determined to look somewhat presentable.
As he heard the door of your bathroom open Niall looked up from his phone on which he had been playing while you got ready. The sight of you nearly took his breath away. He didn’t know how, but you always managed to pick the most flattering outfits and looks for you.
“(Y/N), I know I promised to protect you from any foreign advances, but I have no clue how to keep them at bay now. You look just bloody gorgeous.” His words made your heart speed up to an embarrassing pace.
“Thank you, Niall. I appreciate it. You don’t look too shabby as well.” As always for those more private events he was wearing a nice fitting shirt, a leather jacket casually thrown over it and snug pants.
“You’re too kind. We should probably head downstairs, I called up a car a couple of minutes ago.” “Not a limousine? I’m offended! There I am, best friends with one of the most requested musicians on the planet and we have to take a plain car to the party!”
You laughed as he rolled his eyes, mock offended and tried to squeeze your side. “One more word and you can walk. Most requested musicians, my hell.”
“You kind of are though.”
“Yeah, maybe for the press, but with you I’m just Niall and I want to take a normal car.”
“I guess I have to live with that, if Just Niall wants it, who would deny this request?” He laughed his staccato laugh at that, while simultaneously opening the door for you.
“No one, I guess. At last you wouldn’t.” Your eyes met and he pouted. “Or would you?”
“Nah, shut up. I can’t deny you anything, otherwise I wouldn’t be going to this stupid party with you.” This made Niall stop dead in his walk. He turned towards you and gripped your hand, while locking your eyes with a serious expression. “Don’t you ever do something just to please me, love. You are way too important to me so don’t spend yourself on things you don’t want to do. I stick around because I love you dearly, not because I know that you’ll doing something for me.” Wide eyed you stared at him. Was he confessing to you?  In the next second you got angry with yourself. Of course not! He loves you as a friend, don’t be stupid!
“Wow. Love me? Couldn’t you ask me on a date first?” With a little hit into his shoulder and a smile you tried to loosen the situation, but he wasn’t having any of it.
“Please be serious, (Y/N.) Am I making you do stuff you don’t actually want to do?” The tone in his voice was so unlike Niall, probably because he was rarely super serious, that you felt like owning up to him.
“Yes and No. Sometimes I do things I don’t really want to do because I know it’ll make you happy…but I never do it because I think you’d leave me otherwise or be angry. I just like seeing you smile and be content.”  Taking his hand into yours, while the other fidgeted with the door knob, you added “It’s fine most of the time. I don’t do it very often anyway. Going to this party is okay as well, just promise me that we can leave, just in case it gets too much?”
Niall took you by surprise as he wrapped you up in a tight hug, still holding your hand. “Say one single word, love and we will be out of there in a matter of seconds.”
You had to hold back a smile at his words. This was one of the many reasons why you considered him your closest friend, even more than that. He was kind to an unreal extent and always made sure that you were comfortable and at ease with every situation.
“I expected no less from you. So, come on! Let’s get to the party and get our butts pinched!” A laugh from him accompanied you opening the front door and you thought to yourself that this night could turn out to be quite decent.

The car ride and the first few hours of the party were fine. The music was good and the people in a less desperate state than you initially imagined. Niall kept his promise and stayed close to you, fending off the few unwelcomed strangers who dared to get too close to you. As he had told you the whole band plus their girlfriends were there as well, so you spent most of your time drinking and dancing with them, loving the fact that you all could finally spent an evening together before they went back on tour.
But, as you anticipated, the noise and masses of people became a bit too much and you felt the need to go home and get some rest. “Niall?” Tapping on the shoulder of the boy currently almost grinding against you, it was hard to contain the blush on your cheeks. He had been dancing with you the whole evening, wanting to give you all the comfort you could get and it got steamier as the time went on. “Yeah? What is it, love?” he said, pushing the sweaty hair out of his fore head with a smile.
“Would it be okay if we went home now? I kind of reached my limit.” Even though he told you it was fine, it still felt like you were a burden when you said it. But he stilled those doubts with his absolute Niall-ness.
“Of course! Let’s say good bye to the others and we are as good as out of here!” He grabbed you by the hand and you were dragged through the room in what felt like light speed. In a matter of minutes your friends drowned you in hugs and promises to meet up for a late brunch the next day and just like that you left the overheated club. The night air cooled your cheeks and mind as you waited for the car to arrive, a comfortable silence between the two of you.
Inside the car you asked if Niall wanted to go home first, but he surprised you. “I’d come with you if you didn’t mind? It would be lovely to see the fireworks with you!” You cuddled into his shoulder, smelling the familiar scent of leather and something so utterly him, that it gave you a pang in the stomach.
“That would be great. You also kind of owe me a kiss…don’t forget that!” you said. It was mere teasing, maybe a little flirt, but as soon as you said this his eyes got that serious look again and he caught your gaze.
“Believe me, I still plan on doing so.” Then he seemed to realize what he implied and looked out of the window, a bit embarrassed. Your mind could barely wrap around what was happening here. Could it be…?
“Well…,” you mused and scooted a bit closer to him, the alcohol and circumstances making you braver than usual. “That’s good to know. I can pop in a peppermint before.” Niall still didn’t look at you, but his shoulder shook from laughing and you took it as a good sign.
“Do you really need another blanket? You already got four!” The shivers running up and down your body clearly amused him, judging by the cheeky smile on his face.
“Yes, because those two work as cushions to keep our, mind you, this means yours as well, butts warm and we need just one more to properly cover up. It’s a complicated system.” You defended your need for more duvets with passion.
“In this case I’ll get you another one asap, love.” A kiss was placed on your head, the lips curved into a smile.
“Thanks, Ni.” You touched his cheek lightly.
How was this happening so fast? Was it the little moment of honesty that you had shared mere hours ago or just the general “Start fresh, get stuff done” mentality that came with the New Year ?
You almost didn’t care, if it just stayed this way you were fine with whatever reason.
While you dwelled in thoughts, he came back with a cuddly feather blanket and dropped down next to you, covering you both with the it like he had so often before. The bench on your little balcony over flowing with pots of flowers in an abundance of shapes and sizes was your favorite place in the world and you had spent countless night sitting there, just talking and star gazing for a bit.
“It’s almost time!” You snapped out of your head and looked at his watch. 23:59. “Have we got a timer?”
“Nah, we’ll just count down from ten over and over until it’s midnight, okay?” he asked sheepishly.
“Classy! Ten, nine, eight…” you laughed and kept your look fixed on his wrist. Your heart beat was racing, anxiety creeping through your veins at the thought of what was going to happen next. Maybe he had been joking about the kiss? What if it was just a platonic gesture? Then you scolded yourself. It was Niall. You knew him in and out. As much as he liked to mess with you, this was a no go area and he knew it.
Almost in perfect timing he spoke up. “Would you mind if I kissed you in a minute?” Just as he did sooner, Niall wouldn’t face you.
It took you not even a second to answer him. “No. Not at all.” To emphasize the statement, you nestled your head on his shoulder. “I would already get a resolution out of my way.”
“Which one would that be?” He chuckled.
“Oh nothing…” Shrugging it of you reached for his jaw and turned his head towards you. “Just to tap that butt already.”
His staccato was in perfect timing with the exploding fireworks all around you. Niall stopped and leaned in close to you. Your breath mingled and his scent hit you again.
“Is it midnight already?” You whispered nervously.
“Yes, thank god.” With that he pressed his lips to yours and you forgot everything else.
You’d always imagined your first kiss.
Imagination didn’t come close to this.

look at those a++ photoshopping skills. honestly, i was feeling lazy, but this has been such a long time coming, i can’t even begin to tell you how many times i went “ wow i need to do a bias list ” haaaa !! anyway, i’m gonna put it below the cut so as to not blow up y’all’s feeds. smooches xx

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