this is me rn

sneak uploads art at 4am. i was thinking of a gravity falls fantasy au where mabel is sent to squire for wendy who’s a knight obvs, and dipper is sent along with to apprentice in grunkle stan’s shop, since wendy happens to live in the same town. but then of course dipper finds a mysterious journal with an unknown author and tHINGS GO TERRIBLY. 

this was kinda the between stage between sketch and me for real inking??? but my wrist is feeling all whacky so i just slapped some stuff around and liked it enough to toss up here. also no braces in a fantasy au means mabel gets a tooth gap. yes.

see guys you’re making vision cry.

okay, so, i’m never good at these sort of things, so i’ll just jump right into it: i honestly never expected to receive so much love on this blog. call it blissful ignorance to vision’s comic based popularity or whatever, i still cannot get over the wonderful, positive response this blog has gotten, and i really can’t begin to tell you how touched i am that you’ve all stuck around for lil’ ole me.

to finish things off, here’s a list of peeps that i have interacted with, haven’t interacted with ( but hope to someday )– basically people that i just love seeing on the dash ( you know the drill ). i already know i’m going to miss a whole bunch of people, but know this: you’re ALL insanely wonderful, and i just want to give you all a big android smooch.

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don’t forget your promise: yoongi

FIRST SCENARIO!!! *burst of balloons* of course it’s about my bias lmfao!!! i am yoongi trash :-(
anyway, requests are open! ^_^

pure fluff, youtuber!au
1152 words

in which you won’t give him what he wants until you get that damned soup.

Yoongi could be your Prince Charming; he could sweep you off your feet, look into your eyes and find a blue-dusted world more magical than finding fairies flitting along flowers; he could be handsome and say the most chivalrous sentence that could have you melting against him, as if you were gold and he was the rising heat, just simply being him.

He could be the one your heart wished for when you were five. Like Cinderella said, a dream is a wish your heart makes. You could find him in the constellations of your mind, in the million and one stars that are just waiting to burst out of the pure combustibility that is Yoongi himself.

But Yoongi can’t be everything.

Because right now he’s being a total asshole.

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there is no such thing as ‘cisphobia’ and ‘heterophobia’, get tf over yourself

like people get attacked and are hurt or killed or raped because they aren’t cis/het….and u tell me some hurt feelings on the internet is the same as the shit we gotta deal with in our everyday lives?? nah, bye