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Chuck Help Me

Prompt: “Why the hell are you on the ground?”

Pairing: Daddy!Dean x Reader

Requested by: @starswirlblitz

Dean peels out of the drugstore parking lot like a bat out of hell, his frazzled state is making his driving erratic. Thankfully he lives really close by and is pulling into his driveway within minutes.

“Y/N!” Dean bellows once he swings open the front door but he’s met with silence. It dawns on him that you’re probably lounging outside by the inground pool.


“Hey, babe.” You slide your sunglasses on to the top of your head, wanting to get a better look at the sexiness that is your husband. But it’s painfully clear that he’s pissed off at the moment as his bowlegs stalk towards you.

“Wanna join me? We can go swimming.” You wiggle your eyebrows, pretending that you don’t notice his current frustration. 

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Why can’t I kin/id outside my race if I am white?

Because race is an integral part of a person’s identity, especially if they are nonwhite. It influences each and every aspect of their life.

By saying you’re kin with/ID as a character who is a person of color when you are white yourself, you are implying that you can separate characters from their race, that all our lived experiences and struggles that come with being a particular race can be dismissed as immaterial without changing who we are. This is racist. You are erasing our experiences with race and appropriating our identity without ever having to experience all the pain that comes with it.

The “it’s racist to kin outside your race” thing was started by white people pretending to be Japanese.

Believe it or not, we are capable of finding things racist, independent of white influence. Further, this argument is utterly nonsensical - how is white people fucking up while pretending to be Japanese somehow license for more white people to continue to do so?

My friend is a person of color and they told me it’s okay to kin outside my race.

First of all, you need to stop using your nonwhite friends to defend yourself against accusations of racism. You are essentially using a restyled version of the “I have nonwhite friends, I can’t be racist” argument.

Secondly, you have no way of knowing whether your friend actually thinks it’s okay or whether they are merely afraid of calling you out because they worry that you will either not listen to them, accuse them of overreacting or cut them off.

Finally, just because your token friend of color has sanctioned your racism doesn’t make it any less racist.

I’m a person of color and I don’t think it’s bad for white people to kin outside their race.

People of color are not a monolith. You’re entitled to your opinion. That doesn’t change the fact that other nonwhite people are being harmed by this sort of racist behavior.

What if I call them synpaths instead of kins?

No. Doing so is making no change in your racist behavior; it is merely using a change in terms to attempt to placate those who have called you out.

What if I’ve put up a disclaimer on my kin/id page saying that I don’t claim the race of the character I kin with/id as?

That is simply insulting. You are basically saying “you don’t see color”, implying that the race of the character is immaterial and easily separable from the character. It is not.

What about reincarnation kin?

They still claim to be the nonwhite character. This is inexcusable regardless of how you try to explain it away. You cannot claim a character’s experiences as “your past lives” when their past lives have experience with racism you cannot possibly understand.

I am not hurting anyone by being kin/id outside my race, it’s a simple coping mechanism!

You coping mechanisms are not beyond reproach just because you’re mentally ill, especially when they function at the expense of marginalized people.

You are in fact hurting people of color -especially those of us who are mentally ill and use kin to cope. This is compounded by the fact that we are doubly marginalized by racism and ableism and are thus more likely to go undiagnosed/misdiagnosed/have poor access to mental health care. We already have extremely limited representation in media, and it is entitled of you to lay claim to what few characters we have to, when there are countless white characters you have to chose from.

In addition, those of you going by nonwhite names - like white anime kins - add to the racism by claiming names that nonwhite (in this case Asian) people are discriminated for - in education and employment. It is beyond entitled for you as a white person to claim names from cultures when they’ve been stripped from us by white society.

I am delusional/psychotic and I cannot help my kins, asking me to do so is ableist.

Before you call us ableist, consider that white people are not the only ones who deal with mental illness. Then imagine what it is like to live with intersecting marginalization of racism and ableism, especially when there are people like you who blatantly abuse their white privilege.

If your delusions actively harm others, you cannot continue to excuse them. If you are capable of recognizing your behavior as delusional, you have the ability to make efforts towards changing your behavior. We say this as people who are delusional ourselves. It is not easy, but fighting racism was never going to be easy to begin with.

What can I do to change?

Stop going by ethnic kin names. Take the characters off your kin page. Try to distance yourself from the character. Focus on other kins - as a white person, you’re guaranteed to have - or find - plenty of others.

As for the future, you cannot help which characters you get kin feelings for, but you can help what you do with them. You can also educate yourself to rid yourself of the subconscious idea that race is a separable trait from our experiences, so you eventually see nonwhite characters as off limits.

I don’t care about this/I’m going to continue to kin outside my race.

Then please do not pretend to care about racism. It’s extremely exhausting and disheartening for us to broach this subject with white people who claim to be allies, only to have them continue with their behavior and shut us out because they care about maintaining their image as Good Whites than they do about actually changing their racist behavior. You cannot claim to be an ally when you are only anti-racist as long as it’s convenient/doesn’t require you to change your behavior.

Park // Colby Brock

Prompt: Im too lazy for one …. :)

Warning: Swearing, cuteness

A/N: Please leave requests :)


She was so gorgeous. Here I am laying next to literally the perfect girl and I dont even have the balls to ask her out. She was totally my type and literally everything about her is just so perfect.

She’s gorgeous, sarcastic, funny, and so many other things. Nothing can describe how perfect she is. I was supposed to film with Sam but I forgot and I’m guessing he did too. He also I guess rescheduled the midnight game for another night.

I sighed and stood off the couch and turned off the TV. I picked up Y/N bridal style and carried her to her room.



I rubbed my tired eyes and sat up looking around my room. I stood up from my warm bed and dragged myself down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Good morning sunshine.” Sam looked up from his phone. He was sat at the kitchen counter as Colby was looking around in the fridge.

“Morning Sam.” I rubbed my eyes once again. “Where is everyone else?”

“Work and other things.” Colby answered but didn’t bother to look at me as he grabbed a gallon of milk from the fridge. “The normal thing that adults do you knoww.”

“Oh.” I replied simply. “Is there any coffee?”

“Uh yeah Elton just made a fresh pot, it’s over there.” Sam pointed in the direction of it.

I poured myself a mug of hot black coffee and took a sip. “You don’t add sugar or anything?” Colby asked with a look of disgust on his beautiful face.

“Nope.” I shake my head and sat in the seat across from him.

“I am going to Kat’s today and Colby is going where ever he’s going, are you okay with being here alone for awhile?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, of course.” I nodded and took another sip of the warm beverage.

“Okay. Elton is probably staying at Amanda’s and I doubt Corey will be home until late tonight so you’ll have the house to yourself.”

“That’s great, I get to binge watch some shows.” I grin but really I just wanted to be alone do I could cry. Something I haven’t done in a little while

“By some shows do you mean Teen Wolf perchance?” Colby asked and I nodded.

“I was planning on watching American Horror Story.” I said. “But Teen Wolf seems morr appealing.”

“Okay well, we’ll seen you later.” Sam said and Colby kissed the top of my head before following Sam out.

“Yep.” I nod. “See ya. Have fun at Kat’s and you too with whatever you’re gonna be doing Colby.

“He’s probably gonna masturbate all day.” Sam said and my nose scrunched up in disgust.

“That’s gross, Sam.” I cringed.

“Very. But also a little true” Colby agrees.


Sam and Colby left about an hour ago and I was all ready to just lay on the couch and watch Teen Wolf but my phone rang.

(Italics: Gwen / Bold: Colby)



What do you want, Colb?

Why so grumpy?

I was ready to watch a show but you interrupted me.

Well, I’m bored and have nothing else to do or go alone soooooo come onnn

Fine, are you picking me up?

Yeah. Be there in an hour.



I hung up and jumped off the couch. I ran up the stairs and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair.

I put on my normal makeup and some red lipstick then grabbed a fast outfit. {Above} I left my hair down in its natural waves and headed down the stairs. I still had about 30 minutes until he got here.

I’m here. I looked at the text and smiled. I grabbed my purse off the couch and walked out the door. I opened the passenger door and slid in.

“So, what are we doing?” I asked as I buckled my seatbelt.

“I was thinking maybe we can just go to a park or something. I haven’t been to one in awhile.

“Okay.” I nod and he drives away and off to the park.


“This is gorgeous.” I say in awe as I look around the park. There was a huge gorgeous lake next to it as well.

“I know I love it here.” Colby smiled and dragged me over to the swings.

I threw my flannel onto the ground and sat on the swing. “Can you push me?” I turned to Colby and he nodded and began to push me softly.

Soon I was pretty high and the wind was blowing my long hair around.

“So Y/N, tell me about yourself.” Colby continued to pump his legs but looked at me with his beautiful eyes. You and Colby had only started talking like this about a week ago and it was great.

“What do you want to know?” I asked and turned my head towards him.

“mmmm favorite things, passions, everything.” He smiled at me.

“Uhm I really like to read, I love music, one of my passions is most definitely acting or singing. I used to do a lot of plays in high school and I loved it.” I say. “Oh and my favorite color is probably black or navy blue.”

“You like to act?” He asked.

“Yeah uh, I like to pretend to be someone I’m not because it makes me forget how shitty my life is and I can live in the persons life that I am acting as.” I say.

He hummed in response and rubbed his chin. “What?” I ask as I noticed the weird look he was giving me.

“Oh nothing.” He smirked and jumped off the swing.

I watched as he pulled out his phone and began taking photos of me. I squealed and cover my face and I jumped off the swing and crashed into him.

His phone fell and so did we. “Well that was fun.” I laughed and looked down at Colby who was under me.

“If you call breaking every bone in my body fun.” He groaned and I Laughed, standing up and putting my hands out to help him up.


About an hour passed and Colby had already hurt himself about 5 times. I loved watching him fall off of everything around him.

“Shit.” I heard and turned to see Colby on the mulch. I laughed and held my hand out to help pull him back onto the play set.

“Alright I think we both have enough scrapes. Let’s go home now.” I said and he groaned, shaking my hand up and down since he never let it go when I helped him.

“Nooooo.” He whined.

“Yes come on.” I intertwined our fingers and dragged him to the car.

He groaned the whole way but once we got to the car we let go and got in. The whole way home we listened to music and danced.

Being with Colby made everything better. He was the one thing that could get my mind off of my dead family. I looked over and him and smiled to myself.

When we got home Elton fired questions at us, well mainly me.

“Where were you?” “Why didnt you guys call?” “I thought you were kidnapped since I know you dont leave the house alone.”

“Elton I’m fine, I was with Colby all day.” I assured him.

“Jesus did you guys beat each other up? You’re all covered in bruises.” Elton examined my legs. I looked down and back up.

“Yeah Colby likes to beat me.” I smirked and Colby started explaining what actually happened.

Elton nodded and I started up the stairs. “Wait Y/N. Do you want to film a video?” Elton stopped me.

“What kind of video?”

“We’re gonna go to suicide bridge. You down?”

“Yeah I guess.” I shrugged and went upstairs so I could shower and change.

When I was finished getting ready {outfit above} in warm clothes since I knew I’d get extremely cold later tonight I went and laid on Colby’s bed, waiting for him to shower.



I got out of the shower and walked yo my room with the towel on my waist. When I entered I saw Y/N curled in a ball. She must’ve fallen asleep waiting for me.

I smiled at her and quickly got dressed while she slept. “Wake up!” I yelled and jumped on her when I was fully dressed.

She screamed and kicked up, hitting me in the balls. I doubled over and fell on the floor in pain. “Shit Colby I’m so sorry!” She said and fell on the ground next to me.

“Kiss it and make it feel better?” I said with my eyes still squeezed shut.

“You wish.” She said and kissed my cheek instead of my balls.

“Yes I do wish.” I winked in pain.

“shut up.” She laughed and waited.

When my balls finally felt like they weren’t in my stomach she helped me up and dragged me down the stairs and to where Elton and everyone me as waiting for us.

“Were you guys fucking? We heard loud noises.” Sam smirked.

Gwen’s nose scrunched up in disgust and she shook her head. “I fell asleep waiting for him and he jumped on me and scared me so I accidentally kneed him in the balls.”

“Yeah accidentally.” I joked and rolled my eyes playfully.

“I can do it again if you’d like.”

“No please.” I put my hands over my jeans to protect me against any sudden blows.

“Alright you guys ready?” Elton asked as he picked up his camera. The room filled with “yes” and we all walked out to Elton’s car.


Once we got there Elton sat up his camera and we filmed the intro. While we filmed the into Y/N stood between me and Sam with her head down.

Y/N held onto the Ouija board with one hand and the other was laced with mine. Her hand was cold and she was shaking. I didn’t know if it was from fright or she was just cold but either way I held her close to me.

This was our third time being here and I felt as though out of us all Corey and Y/N would be the most scared.

“I know we’re descending into hell right now but 30,000 likes and Y/N and Colby will kiss” Elton smirked behind the camera.

“No we won’t.” Y/N denied and flipped Elton off. I wouldn’t mind kissing her but I also didnt want that to be our first kiss.

On the way down we saw a car and heard a few things. Y/N held onto me tightly but didn’t say she was scared to anyone. The last thing she said since the camera came out was her telling Elton no about the kissing thing.

“Ouch!” I heard Y/N screeched and I turned to her with concern. There was a cut in the middle of her hand and it was bleeding.

“Shit Y/N what happened?” Elton rushed over to her.

“I’m not sure.” She said snd showed the camera her hand. “Damn that hurt.” she laughed it off.

“Alright well if you’re okay then let’s get to our spot.” she nodded and we all continued our way.



We played the Ouija board and after a few questions we got to one asking if we were gonna die tonight.

“Fuck.” I groaned as I felt something go down my face and onto my lip. I was behind Elton since I didnt wanna play. I looked up and seen that Sam’s nose was bleeding.

“Guys?” I asked and they all turned to me. Elton’s flashlight went onto me and I wiped my nose and there was blood on my fingers.

“What the hell!” Colby rushed over to me and looked at my nose. “What happened?”

Everyone was freaking out and I was pretty calm, even though my nose was all bloody. Sam was pretty calm as well. Elton handed me something and I cleaned myself up.

After awhile of them freaking out and playing the game we all decided we would go to sleep. It was Amanda next to Elton and then Sam then Corey.

I sat up with Colby since I knew I wouldn’t sleep. I never sleep.

Colby soon passed out and I just stood on the wall with my head against it and eyes closed.

“What the fuck!” Corey shot up and was yelling over and over. We all looked at him with confusion as he explained that someone pulled his blanket.

“Guys can we leave?” I asked and grabbed Colby’s hand for protection. He held me close and looked at Elton asking if we could leave.

They all nodded and got the equipment and began running. We finally got to the top and made out way to the car. Once we got there we did the outro and went on our way home.

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite thing to do when you're feeling little?

color. cuddle my boyfriends. watch cartoons & movies. read with Logan. umm play,,, pretend with Roman? idk how else to word that without it sounding weird so whatever. sometimes ill make Lo Ro & Patt go to the park with me. it’s by the woods so i like to climb all the trees (im not really allowed to but does that stop me? hell no) -Virgil 😈

((ooc: remember guys in this au they’re humans that haven’t told you guys most of the things you already know from my hcs & drabbles. you should only ask them personal questions about certain things if they make a post about it or mention it. i had to make a post about Virgil being little just so this ask would make sense lol but yeah just clearing that up. no worries, anon. thank you for the question 💛))

’Bubble’, huh Bill? Yer uh…unreality, right? That’s what y’did to Mabel.” Stan slipped the can off the shelf and cradled it to his chest. “You don’t…don’t have to worry about me, okay? I lived a lie for 30 years, Bill. I know how t’ pretend…’ve gotten good. …Gotten so good.”

He quieted, ears tuned to the scamper of small feet across the Mystery Shack hardwood. Small voices, laughter.

“Y’got me, Bill. …Y’got me. Th’bubble. Th’world. I don…care anymore, Bill. ‘m not strong enough without them…”

from this fanfic 

what is phantomrose96′s problem and why does she write things that make me sad

Things I noticed in Miraculous Ladybug

Hey guys if any things is wrong with this deduction please tell me and go ahead and add on as you like. 

lets talk about their hair color first and how it correlates to each others miraculous 

Clearly Marinette hair is black with blue tints or you can say basically blue. 

As most people know that black is know with bad luck. ( I mean chat noir black cat) I also see Black as a mix of the word bad and luck so I’m just saying. 

Then there is Adrien’s hair which is blonde.  

I am just going to pretend it’s white for this purpose. Whit is the opposite of Black. The color of bad luck. That just say things for itself. Or maybe not.  

So I found interesting that they chose those hair colors for the characters. Choosing the color that is the opposite of the spectrum of what their character entitles. 

now lets talk about their miraculous when they are their civilian selves.

Adrien’s ring when his civilian self is white as shown below.

as you can see during the transformation it goes to a black base color than the green paw print in the center.  I found it funny he was chosen for the color of the ring to be this white/ silver color the opposite of his Chat Noir self coloring. 

Next is Marinette’s earrings 

They are black before they have the coloring of a ladybug and as stated early black = bad luck. 

So I found it funny and interesting that those were the color choices of the characters hair and miraculous as civilians.

‘Desperate Housewives’ sentence meme - MASTERLIST

Send one to my muse for their reaction

  • “For God’s sake, you promised to be supportive.”
  • “You can’t marry that sunflower seed.”
  • “That’s just a lie we tell poor people to keep them from rioting.”
  • “When was the last time you had sex?”
  • “I’m sorry I’m not handling accessory to murder as well as the rest of you.”
  • “Do you know how bored I was today? I came THIS close to actually cleaning the house.”
  • “Human beings are designed for many things. Loneliness isn’t one of them.”
  • “I can pick locks. Adultery gave me some valuable life skills.”
  • “Are we gonna talk about what I said?”
  • “You’re… colorful. Colorful in a way that might respond to medication.”
  • “Stop pretending we have a future.”
  • “I’d stay and say hi but that would involve a lot of listening and sad nodding.”
  • “I don’t wanna move on. I came here to see you.”
  • “When is your midlife crisis going to end, because it’s really starting to tick me off!”
  • “I’ve read the constitution and it does NOT protect ugly people.”
  • “He’s so self-centred he doesn’t even know how self-centred I am.”
  • “In the end, most people decide to trust only themselves. It really is the simplest way to keep from getting burned.”
  • “Leave before there’s a terrible misunderstanding between my foot and your ass.”
  • “We’re not very nice people, are we?”
  • “It’s a rare man that understands the value of a perfect rose.”
  • “I always assumed I’d have sex for the first time before you had it again.”
  • “To be honest, the only thing I don’t like about sex is the scrotum. I mean, obviously it has its practical applications, but I’m just not a fan.”
  • “We’re not negotiating my uterus.”
  • “In the future, leave the cleverness to me.”
  • “Return the shoes? I can’t talk to you when you’re hysterical.”
  • “She came up to me, and within two seconds of touching my bag, she knew it was expensive.”
  • “Think of a world where the toilet seat is never up!”
  • “Sexomnia. It’s real. Look it up.”
  • “Look, I’m in a dress, I have make-up on.”
  • “I don’t wanna wake up some morning with a sudden urge to blow my brains out.”
  • “Friends come and go, but crowns are forever.”
  • “Alright. If you’re a superhero, what’s your name?”
  • “Oh, my heavenly days!”
  • “It’s always easier to concentrate after sex.”
  • “Try not to take too long because I miss you already.”
  • “I’m sorry. I’ve never been good with ass comments.”
  • “Since we caught Bin Laden, we can stroll on the plane anytime we want.”
  • “What the hell kind of street do we live on, anyway?”
  • “When was the last time you were in a bar and you heard a guy turn to his friend and say ‘Hey, check out the soul on that girl’?”
  • “Hey. Lean on me. I’m a lot stronger than you think.”
  • “Come in! And don’t be an axe murderer.”
  • “Oh my God, you’re serious? No sex at all? Not even a…?”
  • “Please don’t mistake my anal retentiveness for actual affection.”
  • “I promise no feather duster and no purple bra.”
  • “Today I have a chance to join the human race for a few hours– there are actual adults waiting for me with margaritas.”
  • “Sometimes evil drives a minivan.”
  • “You’re dying, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.”
  • “A dress this gorgeous is meant to be seen. Every day it hangs in the closet an angel loses its wings.”
  • “Really, does it look like I eat cake?”
  • “We can still have sex, just try not to wake me.”
  • “I have an “Isn’t that Ironic?” app that usually buzzes when people say stuff like that.”
  • “Not that it’s any of your business, but I have a date.”
  • “Why can’t we ever have normal soups? Like French Onion, or Navy Bean?”
  • “You once called your face ‘proof of God’s existance’.”
  • “Okay, see… this is the problem with sobriety. It ruins lives.”
  • “We’re not like other families, are we?”
  • “How about this? Go the bank and get a hundred thousand singles and roll around naked on them. And then apologize to everybody in the bank and then come home.”
  • “I’ve lived with this bitterness so long, I’d be lonely without it.”
  • “We were both half-naked and there was a condom wrapper and he said I was amazing, which totally sounds like me.”
  • “You’d settle for that– a life filled with repression and denial?”
  • “I said it was a good explanation, not a great one.”
  • “My favorite game is counting all the things I’m dying to say to you, but I don’t! Like… “pipe down, you annoying nutjob!” I could NEVER say that.”
  • “It’s never bad luck when I look fabulous.”
  • “I hate you. A lot. But I do foresee a day far in the future when I might only hate you a little.”
  • “Twenty years from now when you’re all middle-aged and alone, you’ll regret this.”
  • “Why is there a big ass piano in our house?”
  • “Don’t you think a chocolate fountain would be elegant?”
  • “You don’t wanna be happy. You’re a drama junkie. “
  • “Good friends share enemies too, so are you with me or not?”
  • “If you don’t get out of my face, I’m gonna ram this Thigh Master down your throat.”
Chapter 2


Hitting the fuck out of my phone , I groaned loudly at the highly annoying alarm that indicated it was 7:00 . Rubbing the cold out of my eye, I sat up . Staring at nothing in-particular , I contemplated on going to school today or not .

With school outweighing staying home , I slowly stood up and stretched my body out . Yawning lowly , I slowly made my way into my redesigned bathroom .

Last nights memories replayed through my mind as I brushed my teeth . Replaying the images of that girls beautiful face sent goose bumps down my back . She was literally too beautiful for words . To bad a nigga ain’t get her number . Yet August got her friend number I can’t remember her name .

Amber ? No . alyshia? No Alyssa ? No that wasn’t it .Alexa ? No .. Shit what was is this girl name . Alexis yea Alexis . That nigga was lucky , she was bad as fuck but in my eyes her friend was badder .

Then again it was my fault I didn’t receive baby girl number . I was being a total jack ass by mugging the poor girl . Knowing her she probably wouldn’t have even gave it to me just because she was scared .

Gargling my mouth with listerine , I spit it into the sink . Turning the faucet Luke warm , I placed my face towel under the water . Wiping my face , I licked over my bottom row of teeth . Outting my light , I jogged down the stairs .

Swinging my arms back and forth as I walked through the house , no one was in the living room but the Tv was on Cartoon Network . With no type of hint of bacon in the aroma , I frowned dramatically .

“ Man ain’t no body make breakfast ” I whined as I walked into the kitchen . Any other time August would have one of his hoes cooking us some fancy looking shit but here he is eating a bowl of fruit loops .

” Nigga you got hands , fix your own shit ” August mumbled downing the milk and rest of fruit loops that lingered around the bowl .

“ who pissed in your cereal nigga ? ” I asked pulling a bowl out from the cabinet .

“ Nobody , Alexis ass just ain’t txt me back ” he sighed rubbing his hand down the right side of his face .

“ lemme find out you stressing over the new girl ” I smirked .

“ Ain’t no body stressing man , I just feel played ya know . When a girl don’t txt back it’s because they aren’t interested ” he muttered . Laughing silently to my self , I shook my head at the dumb shit that just exited his mouth .

Mixing my pancake batter , I mixed until it was the perfect texture . Dropping my butter on the skillet , I used the fork to spread it all over .

Mama always taught me , one of a mans ways to a woman’s heart is through food . I ain’t cook for not one bitch I’ve been with yet . These hoes ain’t deserve my heart . The last one I gave it to walked clean over it . So I learned my lesson .

” dude just because she ain’t txt back that don’t mean she Trynna play you or ain’t feeling you . What time y’all stopped txting ? ” I asked .

“ about 12:30 ” he mumbled nonchalantly .

“ that explains it nigga , shorty fell asleep . Look how late y’all was up talking ” I said shaking my head .

Dude was dumb as hell . He know females be falling asleep on a nigga . It don’t matter if you talking on the phone or txting . It’s bound for them to go to sleep on your ass .

“ I guess you’re right ” August laughed downing the rest of his milk .

“ mhm I know I’m right , what about her friend  ? She said anything about her ? ” I asked trying to mask any excitement that was ready to be unleashed .

“ nigga why you worried , don’t you got a girl ? ” He smirked .

I honestly didn’t know why I was asking bout her . Let that would have been anybody else I would have kept it pushing . Maybe it was her innocence that was drawing me in .

If I would have spat or yelled at any other girl I’m pretty sure a drink would have been gliding down my shirt & that would only result into me breaking her face in but the point is she didn’t jump stupid . She smiled and kept it moving , but I could tell she was scared .

“ here we go ” I mumbled as I threw my now empty paper plate away . This nigga always wanna bring up my so called “ girl ” . She was my daily nut , that’s it .I would never claim a hoe .

No one wants a girl who is for everybody . My dad always taught me to date a female who finger I’ll be willing to put a ring on & in this case Naomi was not it .

I met her through one of my niggas one night at this party , we fucked and that same night she asked could we be fuck buddies . Of course I said yea, tf I look like turning down free Pussy .

“ I’m just saying but nah she ain’t mention much about shorty . Only thing she said was that they were sisters . Ion know why you ain’t get her number last night ” he shrugged .

So they were sisters ? No wonder they looked sort of alike , not that much . Alexis was a tan mocha while her sister was yellow , like me . Uhh what else , her sister ass was fat while hers was small , yet big enough for me to grab . Shaking my head at the fact I was comparing them two , I drunk my tall glass of apple juice .

“ cause man , ion know ” I responded after that multiple second pause .That girl made my ass nervous but I wouldn’t admit it because it’s just not me , at least I wouldn’t admit it to August .

“ That’s danger for that girl anyways , and you know it . Your ass would probably chase her away ” he side eyed me .

Clenching my jaw , I hated when it came to a bitch. He would always say some dumb shit about I’m dangerous or sooner or later I’ll be scaring her off .

Shit angered me past a level of life . I hated August knowing about my condition at times cause he would find some way to discourage me from doing some shit or talking to someone I would possibly have my eye on .

It’s not my fault that I was bipolar and had a personality disorder . Most of the things I do I feel I can’t be held accountable for considering my other personality comes and goes as he pleases .

Caden , my nigga . He was the ruthless nigga living inside of me . Some one I created as an image of how I wanted my life to be . Caden is evil , wicked , rude , deadly , demonic and all around satanic .

Caden is the type of person to kill your moms in front of your face and make you burry her . In the end he wouldn’t feel not one ounce of guilt .

“ Nigga shut up . Who said I was really trynna get with her . Maybe a nigga just wanna be friends and here you go with that danger shit ” I spat .

If a bitch wanted to get involved with me then it was on her body . It’s not like I hide my aggressiveness or animosity when we first converse because I don’t . If you’re going to like me , you’re going to like me for who I am . Not for who you think I am .

All that pretending to be something or someone you’re not is bullshit. What happens when them true colors show ? Your significant other ain’t gonna know what to do so the first thing that comes to their head is leave . & that’s exactly what they do . Leave .

” it’s true son , look how you getting mad . If that would have been her telling you some shit , you would have probably stomped her little ass out . Now am I right or am I wrong ?” He asked . He was right .

“ you’re wrong , you don’t know anything ” I smiled lying through my teeth all though August knew me very well and knew what I was capable of .

Giving me that yea right look ” what I do know is you need to take your medicine nigga , and you gon be late for school so get your ass up them steps ” he said sternly Trynna play that daddy role .

Looking over at my medicine bottle that sat next to my gym bag , I didn’t feel like taking it . Snatching up the pills , I waited till August was out sight before emptying the bottle in the sink .

Grabbing the hammer from below the sink , I beat the capsules until they were a powder like substance . Running the water , I used my hands to help drain the remaining product .

All that shit did was make me feel depressed or cause me to go mute . I hated having to rely on medicine just to keep myself sane . In my own opinion , they prescribed it to me to stop Caden from coming out .

Walking into my room , I pulled out my Taxi 12’s with some black sweats and an all white polo v-neck . Taking a seat on my bed , I cuffed the bottom of my grey sweats so they wouldn’t drag against the concrete and rip .

I wasn’t Trynna be cute or none of that shit today . I just wanted to go to school and ditch . Then I got work tonight too . Ima need to come home and take a long ass nap.

Nigga so happy this they last year in highschool . I could have been done since last year but by me getting into trouble moma shipped me out by my big cousin.

By her doing that , I didn’t recieve all of the AP credits that I had that allowed me to graduate earlier . Only to be let down and told that I had to start all over .

Checking the time on my phone it was 8:00 . School started at 8:15 and if I wanted to stop and pick up my daily frappe from McDonald’s I had to leave right about , now .

“ I’m gone son ” I yelled out to August .

“ Iight fooly , stay outtah trouble ” he yelled back .

Slamming the door , I made my way to my car and hopped in . Taking off down the street I pulled out onto the highway . Fooling around with my radio , I put my CD rotator on shuffle .

“ I love the way she keep them heels on . Hair ain’t hers but it’s paid for and real long ” I sung along to August song ghetto .My nigga had talent yet , he ain’t try to reach out to a producer or sum . Even I could sing but I ain’t really want that to be my career .

Locking my car door , I slipped my hands into my pockets as I made my way to the McDonald’s entrance .

“ can I help you ?” This girl behind the cash register asked . Licking over my lips , I took a quick glance at the menu .

“ let me get a sausage biscuit with a large frappe ” I mumbled pulling out my wallet . I had to be one of the most greediest niggas I know of .

“ that’ll be 3.87 ” she smiled . Handing her a five dollar bill , she ripped off my receipt and jotted something down .

“ here you go ” she smiled handing me my change . Looking down at the receipt she had her name and number written across .

“ Aha , that’s cute but no thanks ” I laughed lightly sliding it back over to her . Deep down inside , I wanted to strangle her ass .

“ no no , maybe we can hang some time ” she insisted .

Rolling my eyes , now she was just being thirsty . ” girl give me my food so I can bounce ” I growled .

“ not until you take my number ” she smirked .

Grinding my teeth , my anger was getting the best of me and I didn’t want to do anything that I would regret later on . ” you got 5 seconds to hand my food over or your face will be plastered in that fucking grease ” I gritted .

Considering she was 1 out of two people who was currently on the clock because of it being early in the morning , I could murder her ass and get away with it .

“ I’m sorry sir , have a great morning ” she stuttered handing my food over in fear that I would go through with my threat .

“ bitch ” I mumbled jacking it out of her hands . Walking out the restaurant I sat in my car and devoured my sandwich . Once I was done I took my wrappings and threw them out of the window before pulling off .

Pulling up at school , I parked my Range rover in the nearest parking spot close to the entrance . ” Babbyy ” Naomi yelled .

Fuck man I was not up for dealing with her shit today . Sipping on my drink , I walked passed her completely ignoring her presence .

“ Chris I know you heard me ” she nagged pulling me by my arm . Sending her a death glare she let my arm go .

“ yea I heard you , that don’t mean I want to be bothered with you ” I smiled at the expression on her face .

“ give me some ” she said snatching my frappe out my hand. Caden was trying so hard to push through and Naomi should pray that he doesn’t get the best of me because he can’t stand her ass . Ahh too late .

“ don’t you ever take my shit out my hand again bitch ” I , Caden spoke . Surprisingly Chris didn’t put up a fight , not that I’m complaining .

“ the fuck is wrong with you ? And why did your eyes change colors ? ” she asked touching my cheek .

Smacking her hand away , I twisted it until she got the clue to not touch what’s mine ever again . I don’t see why Chris even fuck with this chicken bird .

“ Yo Chris ” Brandon annoying ass voice rang through out my ears . Dropping Naomi’s hand I slowly gave Brandon my attention .

“ what’s good ? ” I asked dapping him up .

“ son , I heard they got this bad ass bitch who coming here for the first time today ” he exclaimed . Looking down at Naomi , I smirked in response .

“ that’s funny , cause I met a girl last night at the game and shorty was bad as fuck ” I laughed dapping him once more . Naomi sent me a dirty glare before storming off . Did I care ? Fuck no .

“ ona real ? Tell me bout shawty ” he egged on as we made our way down to the cafeteria . Clenching and unclenching my fist my nerves were at an ultimate high and I had no clue on why .

My mind began to race back to the previous night when I met or shall I say caught a glimpse of the delicate angel . Smiling evilly to myself , I began to ramble on about every aspect on her looks . She was going to be mine , mine forever .


Mushing my eyebrows together , Alexis was rambling on about how her and August were txting all night , and she fell asleep on him and when she woke up this morning he blew her down cause he thought she was trying to play him .

Chuckling to myself , how in the hell can a female play you by not txting back ? Nigga obviously something came up and she couldn’t reply . I swear niggas didn’t use their brain all of the time .

I couldn’t help but let my mind drift off to his friend that I bumped into by the bathroom . I had no idea on why I was thinking bout him or thinking about if I would ever see him again because he’s mean as shit and probably don’t even remember my face

The way his beautiful brown eyes glistened in the light made my heart flutter and pearl jump . Nah just kidding but his eyes were really pretty . Now that I think about it , everything about this guy was beautiful .

“ what are you thinking about ? ” Lexi asked mushing my head . Looking at her like she’s crazy , I grabbed the rat tail comb and held it up .

“ my hair ” I lied . I didn’t wanna tell her I was thinking about that guy because she would just be in my ear all morning about how I should give him a chance and this and that . Sooner or later it would lead into an argument and I don’t have the time nor energy for it .

” come on Jay you look perfectly fine ” Lexi said as she flat ironed my now burgundy hair . She said something bout I needed a new look especially since I was going to a new school .

So last night after we left the game , we found a near by Sally’s and picked up a loreal hicolor highlights box in the color magenta so she could dye it .

I won’t lie the color was bomb as hell but I liked wearing my hair in my tight curls . But no big sis said that I needed something different .

Huffing , ” okay Alexis , where’s my outfit ? ” i asked standing to my feet . Blowing air through my mouth , I admired my hair and it’s length .

Pressing my fingers a little above my navel , I was impressed with the progress my hair had made since I’ve been take that new hair Infiniti stuff .

“ you’re welcome , and on the bed ” she smiled as she exited my room .

Making my way over to my bedroom , I charged straight for my bed . I admired the outfit for a good 5 minutes before smiling and throwing it on . I was hella happy cause she picked up my shoes that I’ve been asking for , for the longest .

” you like ? ” Alexis cackled as she caught me doing my happy dance .

“ like ? do you mean love ? Where did you find this shirt from ? ” I asked slipping on my ’ I woke up like this ’ Crop top on followed by my cut up denim shorts .

“ I got it customized ” she shrugged .

“ I got breakfast made ? ” I asked fixing the tongue of my shoe .

“ McDonald’s sitting on the counter now chop chop you gotta be in school in less than 5 minutes ” she said clapping her hands .

Stepping in front the mirror , I smiled widely at my reflection . I looked damn good . I thought I had lost if after I left mark but perhaps not .

Grabbing my phone off the charger , I turned off my light and made my way down the flight of steps that seemed like they would never end .

“ have a good day baby ! ” Alexis said kissing my cheek .

“ oohh look at you ” I heard Mariah say . Dropping my phone on the couch I ran into the kitchen .

“ I misseeeddd you ” I said attacking her face with kisses .

It was hard being able to see Mariah considering the kind of job she has so when I do see her I be over excited and just got crazy .

“ I missed you too but we can catch up over dinner tonight , get to school ” she said handing me my McDonald’s bag . Running back to grab my phone , I kissed both of their cheeks while saying bye .


This school was huge and when I say huge I mean huge . I bet it’s gonna be hard for me to make my way around it . Rubbing the back of my neck out of nervous habit , I took another look at the sign ’ Santiago high ’

Sighing heavily , I followed the arrows that was plastered on the wall to the front office . Walking in , it was decorated with bulletin boards on each wall covered in spirit team signups , student intern jobs & try out dates .

“ hi can I help you baby ? ” the lady at the front desk asked with a smile .

“ yes mam , I’m a new student and I need my schedule ” I said politely with a slight smile .

“ Last name ”

“ umm Carter ” I mumbled biting my lip .

“ oh here we go , you’re right here ” she said printing out my schedule .

“ thank you ” I smiled as she handed me my schedule . Stepping outside of the office , I bumped into some one . Not bothering to say sorry , I kept walking .

Looking over my schedule ,My first class was Gym. I actually had all electives for all 4 of my classes . Sweet . Rubbing the back of my neck , I was looking up at the big sign on the door ’ Gym ‘

. Huffing I said a silent prayer that everything went well at this new school and I didn’t have to beat a bitch ass . Opening up the door , all eyes fell on me .

“ who you ” who I’m assuming is the coach asked .

“ I am the new student , who you ? ” I asked playing dumb . I knew he was the coach , I just wanted to be annoying .

“ the coach , can’t you tell ? ” he spat with attitude . I could already tell we would have problems .

“ nah I can’t , you talking like an immature ass student right now . Look just know I’m in your class ” I spat jogging up the steps that lead to the bleachers .

I couldn’t help but notice the stank look this girl and her crew was giving me . Here we go .

“ fuck you looking at ? ” I asked with attitude .

“ listen sweetie , I run this school don’t come up in here like you own the place ”

“ listen sweetie , no one runs Jaylin . I do what I want . Don’t come in my face like you own me . Be gone ” I said getting in her face earning a few oohs from people around .

Ignoring their childish comments , I continued to stare at the girl who thought she could run me . Taking her silence as a sign of she was finished I walked off .

Taking a seat on the bleachers I pulled out my phone and clicked on my twitter app .scrolling down my TL , some one said something that made me smile .

’ don’t let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life ’ retweeting it , I continued to scroll .

“ what it do , I’m Emily ” some white girl said sitting infront of me with her hand held out for me to shake it .

“ wass good I’m Jaylin but you can call me Jay ” I said shaking her hand .

“ I seen how you handled Naomi back there . The bitch needed someone other than me to put her in her place ” she said .

“ I thought you said you was switching your classes to B schedule ? ” I heard this loud familiar voice ask , stopping me from responding to Emily . Lifting my head up , I seen dude from the game .

“ That’s Chris Naomi’s boyfriend well as so she thinks . He don’t want nor really claim her . ” Emily said staring at him . My smile soon fell into a complete frown . Shakin my head I decided to keep quiet . I’m kinda upset that he had a female some what in his life .

“ Yoo you the pretty lil shawty from the game my nigga been talking bout ? ” some light skinned nigga said causing Chris to turn his head in embarrassment .

“ yea that’s her . She’s everything he described ” another guy pitched in .

How in the hell he knew what I look like ? He didn’t stare at me long enough or so I thought . Better yet I’m stuck on the fact he was even talking about me to his friends.Trying to hide my face from people seeing me blush uncontrollably , I failed .

It must have been true cause he didn’t deny it . Praise god . At least I know he ain’t a nigga who denies something he did . Can’t find em like that no more .

“ go sit by her dude ” the same light skinned dude said nudging him . Blowing air through his mouth he mugged his friend before plopping down next to me.

“ wassup ma ?” He asked sitting close to me looking me dead in the eye .

“ hi ” I said shyly . Really Jaylin ? You’re never shy . Get it together Jay get it together .

“ you ain’t gotta be shy round me ” he chuckled letting his Virginia accent out .

“ I’m not shy ” I smiled a little looking away . He was making me extremely nervous and my stomach couldn’t stop doing flips .

“ UH UH , Chris what you doing ?” We heard this annoying bitch shout .

“ this bitch ” we said at the same time , looking at each other we started cracking up .

“ she so sickening ” he mumbled .

“ your girl ” I said … Mentally sending blows to my head as I realized what I said .clenching his jaw , he turned away from me . “ sure ” he mumbled . Good job Jay , you made him mad .

” I thought I made it perfectly clear I didn’t wanna have shit to do with you . Obviously you can’t take hints so guess what , the next time you ” he paused standing up to whisper in her ear .

I couldn’t make out what he said but it had to be something mean cause her face went from angry to scared in a matter of seconds . Watching his body disappear out of the gym , I sat there awkwardly .

“ Well that ended quickly” I said before the bell rang for me to go to Music class . Wiping my butt , I hopped down off the bleachers on to the floor .

Whipping out my schedule , I checked for the classrooms number before making my way down the 100 hallway. Walking inside the class , I headed straight for the desk that sat at the back of the classroom .

Folding my arms over my chest , I was over this day already . My bed was desperately calling my name and all I wanted to do was run to it . Sticking a piece of gum inside my mouth I sent a quick txt to my dad saying that I missed him .

My dad was my heart . I know one thing for sure , if I don’t have no one I have my daddy . He’s always been there for me especially since my mother never was . He was basically forced to raise me on his own but he didn’t complain .

Hearing the bell ring brung me out of my thoughts . Resting my chin in the palm of my hand , I stared at the teacher as she sneezed over and over again . Twisting my lips up in disgust , I pulled out my mini bottle of Lysol .

“ class today , I’m really tired and don’t feel well at all . So just please keep it down "Our teacher said lowly as he sat at his computer .

Shrugging my shoulders I pulled my phone out . ” sup ” I heard some one mumble .looking up it was the Emily girl and an unknown girl on side of her .

” wassup. You take this class ?“ I asked .

” yea I probably take all your classes to be honest “ she chuckled sitting down infront me .

” probably “ I mumbled .

” This my girl Brianna , Brianna this Jay “ she said introducing us.

” what it do “ I nodded .she looked suspicious but you can’t judge a book by it’s cover .

” hey girl “ she smiled .. I guess not everyone was that bad .

” so I see you got eyes on Chris huh ?“ Emily smirked . I swear she caught on to everything .

” nah it’s nothing like that “ I laughed to suppress my blushing .

” you ain’t gotta lie girl , y’all would be cute “ Brianna said smacking on her gum .

” speaking of the devil “ I mumbled as he walked through the door with his group of friends .

” My nigga I fucked her like three times “ His friend said .

” Chris how many times you hit it ?“

” twice , until I found out she was smashing the homies . I ain’t gon stunt tho . The bitch pussy was bomb . I’ll still go back to this day and tap that “ he laughed completely oblivious to me sitting here .

” When was the last time you got some pussy ?“

” Before I came here “ he laughed obnoxiously .

Feeling tears at the brim of my eyes , I tried to blink them away but they still fell . See this is why I didn’t wanna meet anyone else .

” I see straight through you “ Emily said .

Looking up at her with watery eyes , ” what you mean ?”

” what I mean is , you just got this guard up because you think everyone is out to hurt you but ona real , you a sensitive sweet girl who just tired of being hurt “ she said handing me some tissue .

Shaking my head ” you don’t know me ” I spat wiping my eyes .

” I know I don’t know you but I can see right through you . And I know enough about you to know that you like Chris and what he just said
just caused your tears ” she said harshly .

Well you can’t argue with some one when they’re telling the truth . I mean what he did say just hurt my feelings like you just tried to talk with me and right after you went fucked somebody .

I hated my feelings . They were hurt so easily and I couldn’t control my tears . Most of the time I could pass for that big bad girl but deep down like Emily said I’m a sweet sensitive girl who’s just tired of being hurt .

“ Fuck him ” I mumbled under my breath . Using the tissue Brianna handed me , I wiped my now puffy eyes .

“ hurry up , wipe the rest of your tears ” Brianna rushed helping me out a bit . Looking at her crazily , I let her wipe my face as if she was some retarded person.

“ okay that’s enough what’s the big deal about wiping my face so fast  ?” I asked jacking the tissue out of her hand .

“ he’s looking at you right now ”


“ Say son , ain’t that the new girl ? ” Brandon tapped my shoulder to get my attention .

Looking up , there was no doubt that was her . Smiling I thought about how Caden got to talk to her a little bit earlier today. Even though he was ” out ” I could still here everything that went on & vice versa .

“ I would fuck her ” he laughed sticking his hand out for me to dap . I wasn’t dapping shit . I didn’t find that funny .

“ put your fucking hand back , I don’t wanna dap you to no shit like that ” I spat harshly . None of them is about to talk about her like she’s just a piece of meat .

“ I think she heard what you said ?” Scooter leaned up .

“ How you know ? ”

“ Shawty eyes watery as a bitch "he said shaking his head . Fuck dude , I ain’t mean for her to hear none of that .nonsense I was talking .

” What’s her name ? “ Brandon asked licking his lips .damn , I didn’t even know baby girl name .

” I think it’s Jaylin “ Scooter said unsure .

” Jaylin “ I called out . Looking at me I sent her a faint smile with a wave .

She looked up at me & rolled her eyes. She looks as if she don’t want nothing to do with me anymore .

” damn nigga , she gave you the cold shoulder “ scooter laughed .

” man whatever “ I mumbled. getting out my desk , I walked over to where her and Emily was .

” Wassam boo “ I said dapping Emily .i ain’t know the other girl .

” we gonna let y’all talk “ she smiled at Jay causing her to plead with her eyes not to leave .

” why you crying ?“ I asked squatting infront of her .

” why you talking to me ? Don’t you have a bitch to fuck ? Or nah ?“ She looked at me as if she wanted to hit me .

” look Jay I didn’t “ she cut me off .

” I don’t care , you said it and you can’t take it back “ she mumbled grabbing her MCM bag .

” Jay hear me out “ I said touching her arm .

Jacking her arm away from me” don’t touch me ” she muttered as she walked out the class .Sighing loudly , I sat down in the desk and tried to get my thoughts together .

I could hear Caden in the back of my head yelling at me for making her cry . It wasn’t my fault that she heard that , it’s not like I knew she was in this class . I would have had some respect for her and kept quiet .

Rolling my eyes at the fact this nigga was still running his mouth , I wanted to scream shut up so bad but I didn’t want to draw attention to myself .

” get her Chris “ was the last thing he said before fading off into the dark .


Lacing up my dolce and Gabbana string bag , I placed my wallet & smell goods of the day inside . Using the scrunchy off of my arm I pulled my hair into a tight ponytail .

since I had the day off Mariah and I decided to catchup over lunch & a little shopping spree. She called and I didn’t deny . I was starving and could use some new clothes .

Waltzing into jaylins closet , I scooped out her shoe rack before going through her clothes . I guess I can get something for my lil baby while I’m out . Speaking of lil baby I need to txt her and check on her .

“So are you ready ?” I heard Mariah yell from down stairs.

” Yess bitch I’m coming. “ I yelled loud enough for her to hear me . Hitting The send button I slid my phone inside my jacket pocket.

"Finally "I heard her mumble as I reached the last step.

"Shut up & come on. ” I rolled my eyes pulling her out of the door . Buckling up my seat belt , I turned on the radio so Mariah wouldn’t have to reck her brain and try to find something to ramble on and on about. .

Surprisingly The drive to the restaurant was silent for the most part . Mariah was different from Jay . She’ll be quiet while Jay would spark conversation , maybe because she try to keep her mind off of stuff about mark .

God how that kid fucked up my baby sisters mind . I wish she never met him because she wouldn’t be as weak as she is today .

Parking my black on black bently that my daddy got me. We decided to eat at this cute little restaurant that had all sorts of food .slamming my door , I waited for Mariah to get out the car so I could lock it .

While she walked ahead of me I waited for her to get far enough so I could jump in front of her . Running full speed , I hopped in front her face and started shaking my butt .

“ Alexis stop ” she yelled through her laughs . Sliding my camera up , I started snapping random pictures .

“ I see why Jay likes going places with you . Both of y’all hoes are ADHD ” she chuckled grabbing a hold of my hand .

“ Hi , I’m Billy bob and I’ll be your waiter today how can i assist you ? ” the guy behind the counter asked . Trying not to cackle at his name , Mariah spoke up instead .

“ Yes . We would be dining in today ” She smiled politely . Nodding his head he grabbed a pallet from under neath the counter .

“ inside or outside ? ” he asked . Shrugging my shoulders I let Mariah make that decision .

“ we’ll take an outside table ” she said . Muttering a quick follow me we walked through a crowd of people receiving glares from the people standing staring around . Rolling my eyes at their assumptions , I walked out back . they sat us at a table for two. While we waited on the waiter to take our order we decided on catching up.

“So how are things with you & your boo thing.” I asked while looking at my menu. I couldn’t decide on the crawfish pasta or chicken pasta

“Girl he’s ehh. I don’t know.” She chuckled taking a sip of her water .

“Well let me ask you this. ”

“Shoot "she said.

"Is he good enough to meet daddy or you not ready for that” I questioned

“I’m not ready for that "she said.

"Why ” I asked looking at her.

“ Well because we’re not really official official & I’m not sure if I wanna go there with him ya know.”

Nodding ,”Yea I understand. ”

“Well enough about me what about you ms. Alexis I heard you met someone at the game the other day. ” Mariah said eyeing me .

“Actually I did. ” I smiled thinking about August .

“He must be some special to have you smiling like that. ” she smirked

“I mean we just met but I feel like he’s gonna be different. ” I shrugged

“Well what’s his name.”

Trying not to blush ,”His name is august. ”

“Oh & when will I meet mr.august. ” she asked with a smirk .

“Umm I’m not sure just yet but I will let you know. I hope pretty soon. ”

“Me too "she said.

"And what about jay.? ” She squealed

“ Well she met his cousin. But she act like she ain’t wanna give him the time of day I don’t think she’s over mark.” I grumbled .

“I don’t think she is either Sis.” Mariah said eating her food

“ Well she needs to be cause he wasnt no good.” I spat

“ I know I know but In do time she will realize it & when she does maybe she’ll give dude a chance.”

“ She needs to I’m tired of her being so grumpy & mean all the damn time. ” she smiled at me .

Chuckling.” I know what your saying.”

After we ate lunch Mariah went home something about her going on a date tonight again. I on the other hand wasn’t doing shit but sleeping my life away for the rest of the day .

Flipping through the channels , there wasn’t shit on tv for me to watch.
Just as I was about to take a nap my phone vibrated

From August😻😘: wyd

Me:finna watch a movie till I dose off

From august😻😘: aww you tired?

Me:yea it’s been a long day

From august😻😘: but you haven’t even talked to me all day :(

Laughing at his sillyness I decided to call him

“ Wassup "he said after he answered on the first ring.

"Hey ” I said.

“I thought you was going to sleep. ”

“I am in a minute but you made me feel bad saying I haven’t talked to you all day & shit. ”

“Aww I’m sorry. How bout you make it up too me ”

“And how am I suppost to do that "I asked with a smile .

"Go out with me?” He asked

“ Umm sure but when,where,& what time. ” I asked nibbling on my bottom lip .

“How about dinner & a movie tonight at 8. ”

“Umm I’ll see what I can do ”
I said giggling a little .

” Aight ask your sister if she want come . lil bruh feeling her & let me know sum” he mumbled

Smiling widely at the thought of Jay going on a date .”Ok I gotchu”

“Aight bye”

“ bye ” I said hanging up.

Squealing , I’m hoping Jay agrees on going on this date . It would really make me happy to know she’s trying to get back out there in the dating world . She needed her old life back . .A few minutes later after thinking about this date , I fell into a well needed nap.


“ how I look ? ” I asked Chris

“ you look fine bruh ” he mumbled adjusting his snap back on his head . Lil nigga feeling his self since Jaylin agreed to go on this lil double date thing we got going on .

“ you look fresh nigga ”

“ I get it from you big cousin … Sike ” he laughed before walking into the kitchen . I swear this niggah was a trip .

“ when we get to their house , you get in the back with Jay iight ? ”

“ I gotchu ” he smiled . This nigga pussy whipped already and ain’t even get the pussy yet .

” legoo ” I said walking out the door .

Following the GPS system , I noticed we were almost to their house .

“ who you txting nigga ? ” I asked being nosey .

“ Naomi nigga why ? ” he rolled his eyes .

“ lemme find out you talking to her and not Jay ”

“ man whatever , she still mad at a nigga for what happened at school earlier today ”

“ what happened at school ? ”

He went on about all the shit that he had said and what Jaylin had heard . He even good me how she cried . She never came off as that type of person .

“ you stupid as fuck nigga ” I said smacking him upside the head .

“ don’t you think I know that bruh ? I made her cry and didn’t even mean to . The only reason why she agreed to go on this stupid ass date is because she’s doing it for her sister other than that you would be by yourself ” he spat .

” tone that shit down , it ain’t my fault you having problems ” I mumbled .

“ she just said she wasn’t going on the date ” he shrugged as if he didn’t care .nigga know damn well he feeling some type of way on the inside .

Stopping the car I looked up at their house . Damn they had they shit together . That’s good . I can’t have a female who ain’t got her shit together .

“ get out nervous ass ” I said hitting his shoulder .

Ringing the door bell , Jaylin answered looking pretty relaxed to say the least .

“ hey y’all ” she smiled .

“ Wassam woe”

“ Wass good ” Chris said embracing her in a hug .

“ you smell good but get off me ”, I heard her mumble . Eyeing her body , she had on some short ass shorts with a tank top . She shouldn’t be answering the door looking like that Especially with this nigga.

“ oh August come in, Lexii is still getting ready ” she playfully rolled her eyes .Walking into their house she lead me to the living room and told me I could have a seat .

“ y’all thirsty ” she asked looking at the both of us . Chris pulled her down on his lap and whispered some un-audioable shit Into her ear causing her to Giggle and flush red .

I can already tell she won’t be able to be mad at him for too long and she would be putty in his hands .

Chuckling to myself , I heard clicking from the top stair . Looking up I seen Alexis coming down the steps with a smile on her face .

“ you ready ? ” I smiled while checking her out .

“ mhm , you like ? ” she asked twirling around .

“ do I , you look damn good ” I muttered looking at her ass . That shit was fat .

“ well let’s goo” she smiled as she walked out the front door . Opening up the car door for her , she got in mumbling a quick thank you .

Jogging over to my side I stepped in . Closing my door , I started the car . Waiting a minute before I backed out , I put the AC on low .

Backing out of their driveway , I slowly drove out of the the neighborhood and eased my way onto the freeway .

“ so where we going ? ” She asked after we drove 25 minutes in silence .

“ you’ll see when we get there girl ” I laughed making her roll her eyes .

“ i hates surprises ” she mumbled to me .

” I hope you like sea food cause that’s what we gonna be eating ” I said letting my New Orleans accent ease out .

Leaning on the console ” You from New Orleans ? ” Alexis asked .

“ yea lil mama ” I laughed .

“ and I’m guessing Chris , Virginia ? ” she smiled a little with one eye closed .

“ Yea I’m guessing you can hear it in his voice huh ?” I asked

“ yea ” she said sitting back going mute all over again .

“ why you so quiet ?” I asked Alexis .

Giving me a reassuring smile ” just enjoying the ride ” she mumbled .Pulling her hand up to my mouth , I gave it a gentle kiss before interlocking our fingers together .

Hopefully we can get to know each other more tonight .

anonymous asked:

Yaku, futakuchi, moniwa, and kageyama reacting to hearing their significant other say i love you for the first time?

Yaku would be elated at their confession. A warm feeling would spread inside his chest, just as a whole battalion of butterflies would be whizzing in his stomach. His cheeks would turn a soft rosy color and his lips would curl into a bright smile, which would reach all the way up into his eyes. It would be a mystery to him how three little words could mean so much to him, how they could elicit such a strong reaction from his body, but he would decide that there was no need to think about the how or why, but that everything that mattered was this very moment. He would take his partner’s hands in his and with the utmost sincerity tell them that he felt the same way.

Since he’s quite the troublemaker, Futakuchi would even use a situation like this to tease his significant other a little bit. Although he would have heard them very clearly, he would ask them to repeat the words, pretending he hadn’t paid attention to them. He would enjoy watching them fidgeting around while their face turned a deep red color. However, he would know his boundaries as to how far his teasing could go so when they repeated their confession, a wide smile would take over his features and he’d lean over to press his lips against theirs. When he leaned back again, he’d probably say something along the lines of “You really must, seeing as you wanted to let me know two times in a row. Good thing I love you just as much.” He’d then capture their lips in a longer, deeper kiss, making sure they couldn’t get angry at him.

Moniwa would get incredibly emotional. His lips would start trembling and he might even tear up a little bit, as he would be so moved to hear those words from his significant other. Afraid that he misheard them for some reason, he would ask his partner to repeat the words and when they did, when once more, rather bashful this time, they told him “I love you”, he would throw his arms around them and tell them in a shaky, yet loud, voice that he loves them, too. When his partner would let out a relieved laugh at his cute reaction, he would pull them into a stormy kiss.

The words would take a moment to sink in, but when they did, all Kageyama could do was stare at his significant other with wide eyes. He would be extremely happy, of course, but at the same time, he’d be at a loss of how to respond. And to make matters worse, as he would repeat their words over and over again in his head, he would get into one of his brooding moods, with his brow furrowed and lips pursed. At some point, he would completely forget his surroundings, including his partner, who would still be waiting anxiously for a reply. His significant other might actually mistake his reaction for anger and when they voiced their assumption with tearful eyes, Kageyama would finally come to again and try to convince them of the opposite, but end up stumbling over his own words. In the end, he would become so frustrated at how out of hand the situation had gotten that he would just shout out that he loved them too.

~ Bekki


Nylon Magazine, 09/2015 

I saw the way you looked at me
And I wanted to shake you and tell you
That I’m scared too
I think that’s the reason you haven’t kissed me
Because you know that once we touch
there’s no going back
I’m getting to know your favorite color
And the way you like your eggs
You’re learning how I like to sleep
And what books I always carry
I’m terrified but I’m excited
Because the only thing more impossible than loving you
Is living without you
I know it hasn’t been that long
But your smile has engraved itself into my eyelids
And your smell has been threaded into my skin
It would be easier to walk away
And pretend we never loved
But then we would spend the rest of our days
Wondering why nobody else measured up
So please let’s be scared together
And if this is a mistake
It will be the kind that will permanently change us
—  I’ll love you or I’ll die trying

I’ve been seeing more and more posts about people saying they “don’t see race” and “can’t we just appreciate x without bringing race in” which is TERRIBLE on so many levels (like every level really). Not only is it very disrespectful, it’s very dismissive. 

I am a brown person. I am from India. I was born there and even in America, I am part of an Indian cultural association. I learned classical bharatanatyam, the equivalent of ballet, and I’m good at it. I watch Bollywood movies and have opinions on Yash Chopra versus Zoya Akhtar as directors. I am Indian, even in America. 

Or perhaps: especially in America. It’s hard to be ignorant of the differences when you’re the only person with brown skin in your class. Or, you know, when white people make it a point to point out how you aren’t white. There’s a constant tension, representing your culture in a word that refuses to accept or acknowledge it. And the thing is, it’s always a white person telling me they don’t see race. And usually always after doing something racist. Saying “I don’t see race” is a distinctly white privilege thing to do because you aren’t judged by the basis of your skin color. Pretending otherwise is ignorant at best and racist in most cases. 

I will be affected by my skin color. It will determine how people react to me, it’ll determine what med/grad/law schools I get into based on what quota I fill. It’ll determine my goddamn paycheck and I really wish that wasn’t the case but it is. 

On the flipside: I learned bharatanatyam and watch Bollywood movies and haven’t forgotten my native tongue. The older I get, the more it slips in a society that ignores my existence . The whole “I don’t see race” spiel doesn’t help because it denies the importance of my cultural heritage. Do I want to be defined by my skin or culture? No. Are they an integral part of my identity? Absolutely. 

So, to all you motherfuckers out there saying you don’t see race, get yourselves some fucking glasses.

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