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Felicity’s Tough Moments - Season 4

Here are some of Felicity’s toughest/angstiest moments outside of Olicity in Season 4. Still getting tough to keep these separate from Olicity, but I’m doing my best. Let me know if I missed any! Check out Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 posts from earlier. Felicity had a rough year - and I didn’t even include the Baby Mamma Drama!

- That time before she was Overwatch

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-That time she was a badass, since always

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- That time her boys were not getting along and she handled it like a boss. 

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- That time she was working so hard to decipher that Ray message that she thought was from beyond the grave.

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- That time she and Diggle were kidnapped by Dahrk and locked in a glass cage with poisonous gas. 

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 - And then that time she got shot shortly after getting engaged. 

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- Which led to her to have a spinal chord injury and a wheelchair. 

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- Then there was that time her pain meds made her hallucinate

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- Then there was that time her father came back into her life and she had to have him arrested. 

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- Then there was that time the chip they put in her back didn’t work fast enough for her liking. 

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- Then there was that time a crazy robot bee lady trapped her and others in Palmer 

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- Then there was that time her friend Laurel died.

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-That time she had to redirect that missile to Havenrock

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- That time she had her parents both under the same roof again. 

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- Then that time she learned new truths about her childhood. 

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- Then that time she had to fight off bad guys in the bunker. 

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- And convinced her ex-boyfriend Cooper to not give up his life to save others. 

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I dunno if y’all are following the official Terry Pratchett page on facebook or not but ever since the US election results came out they’ve been posting text images like these:

[Quote: “Always remember that the crowd that applauds your coronation is the same crowd that will applaud your beheading. People like a show.”]

and honestly the thought of Terry Pratchett throwing shade from beyond the grave is all that’s keep me going some days.

Disclaimer: this is a repost of something I had previously deleted. I’m always skeptical about everything (it’s my jam), but I’m playing along with the Vivala game in the hopes that it is part of the ARG. So, this sounds more negative than I really am about it.

I’m truly not convinced that the Vivala site is Sherlock-related (although I agree that the word choices are suspicious), but since people want the screencaps and are having difficulty getting a look at all of them, I thought I’d put them up. I used a YouTube downloader, and forwarded the resulting video frame by frame.

I’m no cryptographer, but I do enjoy solving cryptograms (i.e., letter substitution codes by analyzing letter frequency and patterns) and anagrams, and this isn’t something I can turn into readable text. But the spacing and sizing of the letters is unusual, so perhaps interesting. I notice that the letter “m” is overlain twice by other letters: I think “h” and “q”. That’s weird. Like… if I were making this website, and wanted to show numbers to represent the act of encrypting information, I’d show numbers with the same size and spacing, maybe moving around or spinning on an axis. I wouldn’t think to do what they’ve done here.

The reason I’m skeptical about these sites that come from tumblr ads is that I think they may be self-fulfilling prophecies. For all we know, they may be based on some tag trending algorithm. We all talk about DVDs from beyond the grave one week, and the next week, we start seeing ads about DVDs from beyond the grave. There’s enough fucky stuff in the video (like the reference to wish fulfillment, and the fact that this video went up 2 weeks ago and is not accessible through the channel) to make me wonder. But I’m skeptical.  

So… that was what I originally posted about the Vivala video. I’m used to using patterns within words, so didn’t see the solution right away, because the words are too small, and have no repeating letters. But on looking at the sequence of images, I realized that what they’d done was rather straightforward.

They presented the encrypted words “images, videos, and more” one word at a time, then once all words are in place, they rolled the letters of each word back together, one letter at a time. Thus, “pthmlz” eventually becomes “images”, etc. This includes the punctuation, which is why you get characters like slashes and dashes. Anyway, I deleted it because I thought, in the end, it wasn’t very interesting.

All images but the first under the cut, because this gets long:

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The Nightmare Returns


Pairing: Void Stiles x Reader

Summary: Hellooo , could you make a void stiles imagine where somehow he comes back and he saves the reader from something and she’s shocked and terrified that he’s back bc he’s totally obsessed with her and he loves her and ya the rest is up to you.. I love your imagines!

Side Note: Sorry this took so long to do! I honestly just didn’t know how to write Void Stiles and thought it was better to leave it, and come back when I had inspiration. I hope you enjoy reading it! x

Things were back to normal, well as normal as they could be after what happened with the Oni and Stiles being possessed by the Nogitsune. The death of Allison took their toll on everyone, you didn’t even want to believe it. You could tell Stiles felt extremely guilty, he hadn’t been himself lately and you knew they was nothing you could say to make it better.

All this change was beginning to be all to much, you hated change especially when it was out of the blue. After the events that took place just mere weeks ago, you weren’t able to sleep so late night walks became routine, and this night wasn’t any different. Usually the walk consisted of just around the neighborhood, however your brain was far too awake so instead of making a right turn, you went straight ahead.

This was one of those situations were you let your feet navigate, and they lead you all the way to the one place you hadn’t visited yet…Allison’s grave. Her tombstone read:

Allison Argent
Beloved Daughter, Beloved Friend
We Protect Those Who Can’t Protect Themselves

Touching the words etched into the tomb, a tear rolled down your cheek. You missed her like crazy, not being able to walk into school and see her in the hallway or stand beside her fighting the newest supernatural creature, left an empty feeling within you.

“I wish you were here Allison, I could really use your strength right now. Scott’s doing fine, he misses you so much, even though he doesn’t say it you can see it in his eyes. Stiles blames himself and no matter how much any of us say it wasn’t his fault, nothing would be able to take away the pain that the Nogitsune left. And Lydia has been so strong, she’s learning everyday how to handle being a banshee, although I know she wishes you were here to help her through it all.”

Taking a breath, this was harder than you ever imagined. “Your dad left with Isaac to go to France, not sure when or if they’re coming back. But I hope they do. We’re all missing apart of ourselves now that your gone, I wish there was a way to bring you back…I’ll give anything for that to happen.”

A heavy breeze made it’s way across the cemetery, wrapping the coat which you nearly didn’t bring tighter around your body, you wiped away the tears and took a moment.

“Guess we had the same idea”,  turning around Stiles was standing a few feet away. But something about him seemed off. “I miss her”, you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, the way Stiles was looking at you remained you of Void Stiles. Brushing the idea away it was a crazy one to begin with.

“Can’t believe she’s really gone”, Stiles whispered now standing beside you. Sighing deeply you leaned onto his shoulder. “Me too”. Being too focused on Allison’s grave, you didn’t notice the way Stiles was looking at you. With a deep sense of admiration almost to the point of obsession.

Checking your phone it hit 1:00am, walking down the dark streets with only light coming from the lamp posts the atmosphere was beyond peaceful. Turning the corner you saw your house coming into view, suddenly a dark figure appeared and grabbed your wrist.

“Hey! Let go of me”, struggling to get away from this hooded stranger fear and panic set in.

Another mysterious figure came literally out of nowhere. “Tisk tisk, that’s no way to treat a lady”.

“Who the hell are you?”, the guy spoke and his voice was deep. He let your wrist go when the other figure stepped forward and the light shone on his appearance. Gasping, this wasn’t possible. If this had occurred a few weeks ago you would have thought it was Stiles, but this wasn’t him…in fact this was the same nightmare repeating itself.

Void Stiles glanced at you and smiled, before coming face to face with the guy. “Someone you wish you’d never meet”.  That one sentence seemed to scare him endlessly and he ran off, leaving you completely alone with the person who played a major role in Allison’s death.

Eyeing your house, you could make it to the door and safety inside if you ran like hell. “Y/N I’m not here to hurt you”. Hearing him speak invoked shivers and severe goosebumps. “How the hell are you back?. You died…I saw it”.

“Let’s not get into specifics. I’m back and I don’t plan on going anywhere”. He lifted his hand to brush your cheek, but you backed away. Gripping the phone in your pocket, if you pressed 3 it would immediately call Scott. “Don’t touch me”, using a low tone not that it would help, he did it anyway. “I’ve missed you”.

Before you could hit 3 Void got to the phone first. “Not the smartest idea love. I’m not going to hurt you, I would never dream of it”.

“What do you want?”, being on the verge of tears again this was more frightening than any other creature you had faced so far.

Leaning in closer, he breathed one word into your ear. “You”,

You squeezed your eyes shut to prepare yourself for what was coming next, however silence was all that greeted you. Opening them, Void Stiles was gone and you frantically searched your surroundings to see where he went. Jingling your keys, you ran into the house and made sure every lock was secure.

Breathing heavily against the door, this was the first time you noticed that your hands were shaking. Trying to calm your heartbeat, you collapsed onto the floor utterly consumed with terror from the night’s events.

Hello everybody I am posting from beyond the grave with this shitty selfie of me and Bob, we chatted about his favorite storylines and he said his fave was Jaha and Murphys search for the city of light, he almost slipped up and said he hated his season 3 storyline but then decided to say he liked it because it forced him to look harder at Bellamys motivations but he wished they spent more time looking at bellamys psyche, Jazz unfortunately couldn’t come to the autograph sesh but we did get a photo together with bob but I look shitty in it so I didn’t post it lol. Anyways I’ll now be blogging as a ghost cause I died today

Lifeless | M.C Part 3

Parts:  1  |  2

Michael’s POV

Y/N’s amazing. I have known her for just under a month but I feel like we have been best friends for years. She’s funny, beautiful, and a complete idiot like me. I feel so much happier with her around and it makes me wonder what she was doing when I was alive.

We haven’t really addressed the whole ‘I’m a ghost’ thing since the night we properly met. I haven’t told her how or why I died, I don’t want to burden her with that, I don’t want her to see me differently. She makes me feel almost normal and I don’t want that to change, I don’t want her to pity me.

I glance to her laptop screen. She had her Facebook open. I hadn’t touched social media since I died. I guess people would find it weird if they were receiving messages from beyond the grave.

I contemplate it, while I can’t talk to anyone, it doesn’t mean I can’t see how my friends, well friend, is getting on. I quickly search ‘Calum Hood’. I find his profile, scrolling down to see what he had posted recently. There was a picture of the two of us together, it was one of the few pictures we had together. It was posted a few days after I died, there were comments but I dare not read them. I couldn’t relive the pain of what probably resides there.

“Michael” I hear her voice ring loudly through the apartment.

“Yeah” I shout back.

“Can you get me a towel, I’m stranded in the shower” she shouts back.

I can’t help but chuckle. I go and grab a towel from the closet before handing it through the bathroom door and waiting outside.

“How does one manage to forget a towel when going to shower, it’s the only thing you have to take with you” I chuckle.

“Oh shut up, I just forgot to bring one in with me and when I realised it was too late”

I heard the shower shut off. Moments later she walks into the bedroom in her towel. Water droplets glistened on her shoulders. Her hair was pulled into a messy bun on the top of her head, a few strands falling around her face. She tried to blow them out of the way. God she looked insanely hot and adorable at the same time.

“Do you want something to eat?” I ask as I move to leave the room so she can get dressed.

She just turns and gives me a large grin. I turn away and go to make her breakfast.

I was just finishing the bacon sandwich when she walks through and sits down on the couch.

She briefly looks at the laptop in front of her before closing the lid down and putting her feet on the coffee table.

“Your sandwich m’lady” I say bowing before her as I extend the plate out to her.

She giggles, taking the plate from me. “Why thank you kind sir” she responds bowing her head at me.

I take a seat next to her. “It smells amazing” she says.

“I wouldn’t know” I mumble.

She quirked her head, her face inquisitive. “Can you not smell anything?” she asks.

I shake my head. “I can’t smell, I can’t sleep, I can’t touch anything living” I sigh.

She seemed genuinely interested in what I was saying.

She takes a bite. She groans. “This is delicious” she moans as she takes another bite.

I smile. Just being around her makes me happy.


Calum Hood. That is who Michael had searched. I assumed he was a friend.

When Michael was god knows where I loaded up Calum’s profile. I wanted to know more about Michael. I had a long list of questions about him and his life but I didn’t want to ask. I don’t want to bring up anything he’s uncomfortable with so I assume he will tell me when he’s ready, after all, we are living together. Kind of.

I scroll though Calum’s page, there are pictures of him with Michael. I click on one where they are both stood with a drink in their hands, Calum’s arm draped over Michael’s shoulder. Michael was smiling.

His occupation was listed as a barista at a local Starbucks. I recognised the coffee shop from a photo of him in his apron. It was the Starbucks I visit occasionally on the way to work.

I decide to try and make contact with this Calum guy. It was clear that he and Michael were close and as Michael can’t leave the house it may be nice for him to talk to someone that isn’t me.


The next day I leave early to go to work. I want to make sure I have enough time to stop by the coffee shop in the hopes of catching Calum. I don’t even know if he’ll be working this morning, but it’s worth a try.

I walk through the door, the sweet aroma of coffee engulfs me. There’re not many people in the shop this morning. Weird, as there is usually never a shortage of people grabbing their morning coffee.

I recognise him immediately. His tall form towering over the counter in front of him.

I approach the counter. He straightens up and gives me a warm smile.

“Hello, what can I get for you?” he says cheerily. Clearly forced on his part due to it being early in the morning.

I realised that I didn’t want any coffee, but I couldn’t not buy anything.

“Just a chocolate muffin please” I smile, pulling out my purse from my bag.

He smiles and goes to get my muffin. I hand over the money to him, for once I had the correct change.

“Thank you, Calum right?” I say.

He slowly nods his head, confusion washing over his face.

I noticed he wasn’t wearing a name badge. Oh god he must think I’m weird.

“I don’t mean to be rude but how do you know my name?” he asks warily.

Well it’s now or never.

“You’re Michael’s friend right?” I say.

His face goes blank, his eyes holding a cold stare. He takes a deep breath.

“Look. If you’ve come to make fun of him, or me I sug-”

“Why would I make fun of him?” I cut him off, genuinely confused.

“Never mind” he brushes me off. “Who are you exactly?” he asks, eyeing me suspiciously.

“Oh, I’m Y/N I just moved into Michael’s apartment” I say, like that would explain anything. I really should’ve planned this a bit better.

“Look I’m here because, Michael misses you and he wants to see you” I say.

His glare intensifies. “If you think this is some kind of sick joke.” he growls.

“It’s not I swear. I know he died and this must sound crazy, but he’s still there. He was looking at you Facebook profile earlier. I pretended not to notice but it’s obvious you were his best friend. I’m sure he wants to see you please. It must suck to have to stay in that shitty apartment 24/7. Please I just want to make him happy.” I say desperately.

Calum stares at me blankly as he contemplates my words.

“Fine, but if you’re lying I swear to god-” he says sternly.

“Thank you” I smile, thankful that he had somewhat believed my crazy story.

“I’ll stop by this afternoon.” he says, he seemed deep in thought.

“Thank you, you won’t regret this “I say as I walk out the door and head to work.

I return home from work to find Michael in his usual spot on the couch. I swear he is going to make my electricity bill go through the roof with all the Xbox playing. “Hey” he shouts as he hears me come through the door.

“Hey” I say as I come and slump down on the couch next to him.

“How was work?” he asks, his eyes remain focused on the screen.

“Boring as fuck” I say. He chuckles

There is a knock at the door. It must be Calum. I get up to open the door, I look over to Michael who was now stood in the corner of the room, staring at the door.

I open it. Calum is stood there, his face unreadable. I open the door, gesturing for him to come in.

I hear Michael gasp from his corner. I look over to him, his eyes are wide as he stares at Calum. Calum looks around the room, it’s obvious he doesn’t see Michael standing there.

“So where is he?” he asks bluntly, looking at me. I don’t answer him.

“Michael why can’t he see you?” I say looking at the boy stood wide eyed in the corner.

“Because I’m not letting him see me” he mutters in explanation.

I raise my eyebrow at him.

Calum looks confused, which is understandable as from his point of view I’m talking to a wall.

I hear Calum gasp beside me, I assume Michael has decided Calum can see him.

“Michael?” Calum breaths in disbelief.

“It’s good to see you man” Michael says walking towards Calum. Calum goes to hug Michael but his arms go straight through him. Michael smiles sadly, obviously wanting to hug his best friend.

“You’re a g-ghost” Calum stutters, obviously trying to process the situation he had found himself in.

“Well no shit Sherlock” Michael chuckles. Calum laughs as well.

“What are you doing here man? I never thought I’d see you again.”

“Y/N came by work this morning looking for me-” Calum begins.

Michael’s head turns to look at me. His eyes held an emotion I couldn’t read.

“You found Calum for me?” Michael says in disbelief. He looked like he was about to cry but he was holding it back.

“Well.” I shrugged. I could see Calum’s gaze flickering between us out of the corner of my eye. “Anyway, I’ll leave you to catch up” I smile as I walk out of the apartment. I had no idea where I was going to go, maybe just a walk in the park, I just needed to stop being a third wheel and let them catch up.



Ayyyyy so @panda-emeritusiii tagged me to do the ten photos off your phone without downloading anything. So here we have it. I’m passionate about music, my creatures Hero the kitty and CiCi Mae the pupper and anything black really. I don’t have a picture of all my friends together or a werewolf or anything HP related unfortunately but this is what I’ve got. Btw in the second to last picture I am holding a ten pound chocolate bar.
I tag my father @blogging-from-beyond-the-grave my dad @trans-gogh and my beans @tardistrash and @artnibbles

  • (Alex is doing stuff, small Phillip jumps and lands on top of his dad's head)
  • Phillip: Phillipbomb! Got you!
  • Alexander: You got me!
  • Phillip: (covers his dad’s eyes) And now you’re blind!
  • Alexander: (picks Phillip up) Tiny hands! My only weakness.

athenasdragon  asked:

I saw that Rossetti painting you reblogged, not realizing it was your blog, and thought "wow, that looks a lot like Mica!" and lo and behold.... (cracking up at your tags btw)

right????? I’ve been tagged in reblogs of his paintings before with stuff like ‘mica it’s u!’

it was a legitimate problem when I was writing that paper on Rossetti and his models. I felt like I was being ogled from beyond the grave. this was my original post about it iirc.

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Thank you for reopening your ask box! I've been wanting to ask if you know any fantasy AUs? Thank you and all the best in your studies!

Here are the supernatural!au , vampire!au , harry potter!au and werewolf!au tags for previously recommended fics! ^-^ I’m also going to add few that have been recommended before but are still ongoing if you’d like to check them out too! 

  • vampires

Where I’m From… Taehyung’s a vampire. Jungkook’s supposed to be a vampire hunter. But there’s no way that Taehyung would tell the other what he is. After all, the average nineteen-year old doesn’t want to turn into a pile of dust.

The Red Forest He was supposed to die, but before that they were planing to give him something more than just the pain. (PWP aka smut)

  •  Witches, wizards and everything magical

✄ Together, We Form a Necessary Paradox; Not a Senseless Contradiction The Curseproof Boys want to perform for the upcoming Wizarding Schools Quidditch Cup but Professor McGonagall disapproves (whilst Jimin wants a new guitarist but Taehyung has a problem with Slytherins). (Harry Potter! AU)

The Absolution Of Jeon Jungkook The day Jungkook entered the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, the War had been over for a decade. (Ongoing)

✄ Call It Magic The first time Taehyung sneezes, his hair turns purple.“Shit.” (Warlock!Taehyung, Ongoing)

  • other mythical fantastic stuff

✄ Don’t Be Shy (I’ll See You At Midnight) Jeongguk and Taehyung have always been a threat to the supernatural realm, their freedom stripped away from them as a precaution many years ago. But once King Yoongi deserts his post in order to chase after a human boy, everything starts to fall apart, and secrets that were once left buried rise to the surface. (Ongoing)

Into Smoke I’m Turned How do mortals kill a god? (Elemental magic)

✄ تقبرني Why must fireflies die so young?—Setsuko, Grave of the Fireflies, 1988, The word تقبرني, Ya'aburnee, has the literal meaning “you bury me” and expresses the hope that a person or loved one will outlive you, thereby sparing you the pain of living life beyond that person. (Magical Realism, Ghosts)

(If one quotes The Grave Of Fireflies in the summary, you know it’s gonna be an emotional rollercoaster) 

Mal'chut Hebrew;n. an attribute of God which does not emanate from God directly. Rather it emanates from God’s creation—when that creation reflects and evinces God’s glory from within itself. (Puella Magi Madoka Magica AU) 

Some of the fics are fluffy, some angsty, some who knows what, so check the tags of the fic before reading! 

✄ Admin Amanda ^-^

The Curious Case of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Heist

Pairing: Captain Swan

Rating: G

Genre:  CS Future Fic

(Tagging a few who might be interested:@annaamell @flslp87@doracianstormerose@sailormew4@myst-l-vie @mermaidswans @bethacaciakay@effulgentcolors@ilovemesomekillianjones @tnlph@kat2609 @missgymgirl @galadriel26@laschatzi@snowbellewells @charmingturkeysandwich@jennjenn615 @captainscolts @holmes-a-holic)


Warning:  This fic contains pure, unadulterated, undiluted fluffy silliness.  And cookies.  Lots of cookies.  The devouring of this story may result in weight gain and tooth decay.  Reader discretion is advised.


Emma had to admit that when her father first made the complaint she thought he was full of crap.

“They were stolen!” David sputtered, pointing to an empty spot on his desk in the sheriff’s station.  “Taken right from under my nose, and I’m not going to stand for it!”

Emma smirked up at him, crossing her arms and swiveling her chair slowly back and forth.  “So what do you want to do about it?  Open an investigation?  I can just see the headlines: ‘Local law enforcement seeking information in the theft of a dozen chocolate chip cookies’.  Think we’d be laughed out of office.”

David glared.  “No, I think we both know just who the culprit is.  Your pirate has tangled with the wrong man.”

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