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sleepovers and confessions - peter parker

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: You come over for a fun night with your best friend Peter. Only to end up spilling all the details on your crush on Peter to Aunt May, and maybe even Peter.

Warning: slight language

Requested: @summersimpkins-blog

Hope you enjoy this!! It was what you requested but I got a little writer happy with this haha, hope you still like it! Send me requests, I’ll write about your fav marvel character, etc.:)


“Shhh, May! Keep your voice down!” You quickly brought your forefinger up to your pursed lips, eyes wide as you sat down next to Aunt May.

She smiled widely at your sudden confession, excitement poured from her she began to squeal, almost jumping up and down, “Okay, okay! I’m sorry, I’m just- it’s just so exciting!” she belted out, both of her arms outstretched in your direction, signalling a hug. Leaning into her small frame, you squeezed her tightly. Letting go of one another, you smiled widely at her once again in a span of thirty seconds, nervousness and the pace of your heart rate caused the giddiness in your entire body.

You sighed tucking back a piece of hair behind your ear, “I just don’t know what to do. We’re just such good friends, best friends, you know that-” you interjected a different thought into the subject, looking to face her. She rapidly shook her head in an understanding manner, stopping to let you finish.

“It’s just, we’ve been friends for close to eight years. I just don’t want to ruin anything. And don’t even get me started on the whole Liz situation. That’s why I’ve been so distant from him these past few weeks,” you heavily exhaled, defeat instantly creeping up on you as the name Liz rolled off your tongue. It just put a bad taste in your mouth.

May smiled weakly at you, with a slight spark in her eyes, which you couldn’t help but find curious, “Y/N, don’t worry about Liz right now! You’ve known me and Peter basically your entire life. Trust me, I think once you tell him, he’ll feel-”

“How will who feel?”

Your mouth instantly intakes a sharp breath at the sweet sound of Peter’s voice, interrupting your entire conversation about… well, him. May’s eyes widen at the new position of her nephew, from the bathroom to the living room, which was quite inconvenient at this moment in time.

“Oh!” May interjects. You can instinctively realize she’s analyzing a plan in her mind, “Me and Y/N were just talking about… how my boss will feel if I’m late again for the night shift!” she says with a tense voice. You looked at her with thankful eyes, blessing her for saving your ass in yet another tight situation with Peter.

Peter looked skeptical at her sudden tactic. His bright brown eyes narrowed in both of you directions, eyebrows playfully scrunching, “Ohh-kay?” he questioned slightly. You looked over at him, a weak, but hopefully believable smile painted across your lips as May got up to leave for her ‘night shift’.  She said her goodbyes to both of you, winking at you before exiting the apartment.

Peter watched her leave, waving to her sweetly before turning towards you, his pink lips curled into a bright smile, eyebrows raised, “You ready to watch Return of the Jedi?”

You smiled at his excitement, the butterflies beginning to erupt in the pit of your stomach at his smile, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”


Halfway through the movie, you began to notice you couldn’t keep your eyes on the film. Your Y/E/C eyes slowly began to daze over to Peter sitting next to you. His soft, lightly curled brown hair was left loose today, going perfectly with his blue sweater and matching new balances. Your gaze flew up to his narrowed, sparkling brown eyes paired with furrowed eyebrows, focused intently on the movie.

God, those eyes make you go insane. And those thin pink lips you yearned to forever be placed on yours. Why couldn’t you just admit to him how you’ve felt for him all these years. Why couldn’t you just say, “Peter, I-”


The soft voice snapped you out of your deep thoughts, “Yeah?” you questioned, breath heavy as your head whipped in the direction towards him.

His eyes scanned your face completely, wondering if you were okay, due to the fact you had been in outer space, dreaming of him for a very long time, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine Peter. I’m just tired-”

“Cut the crap Y/N.”

Your heart instantly picked up at the new and unfamiliar sound of his voice. Your eyebrows scrunched together, your eyes wide yet peeled in his direction, curiosity running through your veins. He never sounded like that. He sounded almost, hurt? Guilty? You couldn’t quite detect it, “What are you talking about?”

He scooted closer to you, putting one arms behind the back of the couch and one by his side, mere inches from yours. You snapped your head down to your close proximity. Sure, you’ve sat much closer than this before, but right now, it felt strange. Almost as if you were unsure of what to say to him.

“The past couple of weeks you’ve been acting weird. Last week, I was walking with Liz to Calculus and I saw you, but you sprinted off! At lunch two days ago, you and Ned were sitting at the lunch spot and once you saw Liz and I make our way over, you muttered something to Ned before you got up and ran off! Oh, and yesterday Liz walked with me to-”

“That’s the problem, Peter! Don’t you see the recurring issue in every one of your stories!” you cut him off, hopping off the couch in a rush, standing right in front of Peter. Your mind instantly seem to forget how to choose the correct words to say to Peter in this type of situation. It was as if you didn’t know how to hide your feelings anymore. Your mind clouded, not anywhere near stopping.

Your hand flung out by your side, signaling to the outside world before belting out another stupid confession, someone careless seeming to take over, “You were with Liz! You were with her and not me!”

Peter slouched slightly, his eyes beginning to widen at every growing word that rolled off your lips, mouth barely ajar as he seemed to be aware of where this situation was going.

You continued, tears threatening to spill out of your eyes as your stomach did somersaults, and your heart ready to explode, “Don’t you see! You pine after girls like Liz for fucks sake! That’s why I’ve been so distant lately! Me knowing and witnessing  you falling in love with someone like her made me realize I would never have a chance with you, Peter,” your throat closing up at the sudden confession, you eyes widening as he stared intently into your eyes, slowly rising from the couch, stepping right in front of you. His couple steps felt like miles as he made his way towards your downcast figure. Once he approached you, you could lightly feel his breath hitting your nose.

This was it. He was about to tell you the truth, and it wasn’t going to be good. Who would’ve thought a simple sleepover would’ve turned into this?

You could feel the atmosphere in the room quiet and thicken, your eyes still staring deeply into Peter’s. Your eyes glossed over with guilt and disappointment. While his portrayed sneakiness and adventure. It felt like years for either of you to have the courage to speak up and say anything involving the matter. You took matters into your own hands.

“You know what, I took this way too far. I-I’m sorry, I’ll just leave and we can forget all about-” except you were cut off by Peter’s calloused palms quickly yet gently grab your face and bring your lips up to his softly. Your eyes widened in surprise, but you couldn’t of cared less. Your mind once again clouded with nothing but thoughts of Peter. You kissed back, gently pressing your lips back against his, hands wrapping around his neck, to rest in that soft brown hair you yearned to tug on for years.

He pulled away, his lips lingering on yours for a few seconds before slowly opening his eyes to meet yours in a loved daze, “Liz means nothing. You’re all I’ve ever wanted, Y/N Y/L/N.”

Your eyes lifted with happiness at his words, heart prepared to explode with happiness and love, pulling him against your slightly shorter frame. His arms instantly wrapped themselves around your waist, causing an ignited feeling you’ve never felt before.

“I knew May was lying,” he said slyly, hugging you tighter as his words echoed in your ear.

You smiled to yourself, rolling your eyes at his cockiness, snuggling into his warm embrace, “Of course.”

001 + boyfriend!yoongi

cr. | 001. “pull over, let me drive for a while”

Yoongi hadn’t remembered crawling into your car in his half awake state, but he wasn’t complaining when he woke to soft breeze blowing past him as the car revved on, and the sound of your gentle humming.

He should probably go back to sleep. His four hour nap had revitalized him—he could at least attempt to be sociable now—but he would need at least eight more hours of sleep if he wanted to make up for missed time. But as he looks at you with that same breeze in your hair, the part of your lips as you begin to sing to yourself, the chip of your nail polish on your thumb as your grip the steering wheel for a lane change, and the slight crease in your brows as you concentrated on the road ahead, he can’t help but stay awake.

“Go back to sleep, Yoongi,” you command quietly once you notice he’s no longer sleeping (like he should). You’re meant to chide him for not taking care of himself, but the twitch of a smile in your lips tells him otherwise.

When you turn to him in his silence he notices the exhaustion in your face. You gesture for him to lay down in the passenger seat again quickly before turning your attention back to the road. He doesn’t listen; (he never does).

“Yoongi?” He hasn’t said a word. Hasn’t blinked. Only continues to analyze you and sit himself up. His dark hair is tousled, his eyes fresh with wake, and his lips slightly chapped. He’s strange. And beautiful.

His voice is low; not a whisper, but a deep collection of words with a deeper meaning, “Pull over, let me drive for a while.”

“I’m fine,” you protest, “Sleep some more, Yoongs, you’re tired.”

“I wasn’t asking you.” He’s cold, yet so sweet.

You turn to him for as long as you can without being reckless with a soft smile. Min Yoongi sure is something. So you comply and pull over to the side of the road, unbuckle your seatbelt and resign the title of designated driver for the night.

And while you’re both walking behind the car to switch seats, he holds your hand, pulls you to his chest, and leaves a feather like kiss on your forehead.

“Get some sleep, love.”

Accidental| Hoseok

Your boyfriend doesn’t show up for your date leaving you in the awkward position of peers staring at you with sorry eyes. Right as your about to get up a presence saves you from your embarrassment portraying as your boyfriend.

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Warning: Cussing, implied smut, Smiley Hobi!

Genre: A dash of fluff and angst?

Word Count: 8.8K

A/N: I saw this prompt on pintrest and thought it was cute, also i may have made some spelling mistakes and other things because Teen wolf came on tonight and I needed to finish before it came on. Please dont hate me frens!

Hours had passed and the loneliness and dread in my head only managed to sprout further more into my heart. I had been promised a lovely evening at a rather expensive restaurant but it was far from the situation that was vowed. I was missing the very non evident boyfriend that was supposed to be sitting across the table as i was met with the cold nothingness of a longing body. I had merely order a bottle of wine to cover up my sorrows but that doesn’t really do the trick as the angry waiter suggest you should leave so he can fill the table and others staring at you with pity and disgust.

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Daughters (Finn Balor x Reader)

Context: Finn was never one to like surprises and the idea of not knowing. Reader is married to Finn and has one planned just for him. Not knowing may drive Finn insane but maybe this time surprises can work for the better.

**A/N: **  A request for @lclb13! “Daughters” by John Mayer is a really good song and I thought it would be a good fit for writing this piece. As always, feedback is always welcome.

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“…Fathers, be good to your daughters

Daughters will love like you do

Girls become lovers who turn into mothers

So mothers, be good to your daughters too…”

       I had carefully watched as Finn made his way through the gate and onto the plane heading overseas to England for his tour. He had been home for the month to celebrate his birthday in mid-July. It was one of the few times he ever took time off from the hectic travels of the road and when I wasn’t stuck working a case in court. One of the few instances where we had the all the times to ourselves.

       “I’ll be back soon, don’t worry,” he said in a whisper, pushing a loose braid out of my face. “I love you.”

       “Love you too, Finn.” I laughed, flashing a smile. “Have fun out there. I’m so proud of you. You’ll be okay. Right?”

      He chuckled. “I love that laugh. I’ll miss it but don’t worry I’ll be fine. Always, I promise. Be calm, darling.”

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What about the noises Ink Bendy makes though? And his deathscreen? When the Searchers attack you, they smother you until you choke to death. Inky Bendy chases you down, but his screen is, with his moaning. He also sounds a LOT more pissed off with Sammy than he does Henry. He's snarling and screaming as he goes after Sammy, but seems much more quiet while after Henry. He even seems to sigh before stomping away from the door and moaning.

That makes sense if Joey Drew is indeed Bendy. He’d be legitimately pissed at Sammy because Sammy killed Boris, who was probably his first (successful) creation, hence killing him instead of Henry when given the chance.

However, he’s probably attacking Henry because he’s sore about him leaving the company (and him) all those years ago (the ”You Left me in a Heartbeat” song suggests so at least). In his case, it’s more likely he’s trying to do… something (not sure what his abilities are yet - maybe turn him into a Searcher or something?) to keep him in the studio so he can’t leave him again. So it’s less anger and more a combo of being sore over past events and being really possessive.

Rescue •P12•

Avengers x Reader

Masterlist | Rescue Masterlist | Part Eleven

Summary: reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.

Warnings: sadness, little bit of floof

Word Count: 1740

A/N: IT’S HERE! Thank you guys so much for being patient with me. It hasn’t been easy to revive this story, but here it is! Let me know what you think and stay tuned!

Life resumes back to normal very soon. The only real difference is that now, rather than a fog of nightmares plaguing me, it’s clear as day. All I did, all I am, I know exactly what it means. It’s torture, but it’s torture I deserve. I know that.

The thing that leads me to the training room isn’t my nightmares though, it’s my anxiety. By ten tomorrow morning, I’ll be restarting my therapy. Tony knows now, that I remember it all, and I’ll be expected to talk about it, and I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know how to explain that I’m a murderer.

When I arrive at the training room and pull the glass door open, I immediately spot him. On the side of the room, the Winter Soldier is heavily breathing by a fallen punching bag. His head whips around as soon as he hears me. His face changes from one of anger, it looks to like, to confusion, to surprise. Maybe that I’m still alive.

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The Oops Text (Jim/Reader)

200 follower celebration fic requested @flirtswithdanger

For the rest of your life, you’d wonder how in the world the Great Text Mistake happened, but you laughed at the great get-together story it made. 

You worked for a large news magazine writing a small fashion column every week, hoping to eventually move up to bigger things. There was a lively gossipy community among your co-workers about who among the top brass editors was the most attractive and texts often flew back and forth secretly between you and your friend Jill over the merits and annoying traits of one James T. Kirk, lead Editor and heartthrob city. 

“He’s gorgeous, all right, but too much of a serial dater. I’m not sure he wouldn’t tire of me quickly,“ you’d said often, trying to pretend like you didn’t swoon a little inside whenever you encountered Kirk. 

“Good point, Y/N,” Jill acknowledged. “But even one date with him would be an adventure.”

You were typing away busily, working on your analysis of the next month’s trends in casual wear when who should pop his head in but the big boss man, James T. Kirk himself.

“Sorry to bother you, Ms. Y/L/N, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your last article. Clever, witty, and very useful information. You do a fantastic job.”

Surprised, you gaped for a second and tried to pull your wits together. It was hard with him looking so messily dignified, hair falling over his forehead and a crisp white shirt that clearly was not in the state he’d arrived in, judging by the loose tie and rolled up sleeves. His neatly trimmed beard was as perfect as usual, though.

“Thank you, Mr. Kirk,” you managed at last.  "I confess I don’t know how the latest styles in handbags are of use to you, though.“

He smiled, showing the crinkly lines around his eyes.

“Well, when I’m shopping for my next man purse, I’ll know what’s hip and cool now. I carry around all kinds of stuff, you know. Anyway, great job. Have a good day.”

Just like that, he was gone again, leaving you more than a little flustered.

You grabbed your phone and scrolled through your contacts, eager to text Jill.

Just got a visit from Jim! He’s even hotter close up!! The man should be illegal, I swear!!

With the little woosh sound the text was sent and you went back to writing away happily. Minutes later, your phone vibrated and you checked it expecting a teasing reply from Jill.

I’m flattered you think I’m illegally hot, but I think you meant this for someone else.

Horrified, you looked at your sent text and sure enough, it had gone to Jim instead of Jill. In your hurry, you hadn’t looked closely enough at the contact and hit his name instead. Mortification flooded through you and you wanted to sink down through the floor and disappear. Now, Jim probably knew about your crush and it would only inflate his ego more, if he wasn’t laughing at you.

“Someone, please kill me now,” you moaned to yourself, face bright red. All you could do was hope Kirk had a sense of humor and wouldn’t reprimand you for hitting on him or be a smart aleck about it.

Needless to say, when he requested your presence in his office later that day, you did not tell Jill, not wanting to admit what happened.

On shaky limbs, you rode the elevator up two floors and entered the outer office, greeting Kirk’s assistant Janice nervously.

“You can go on in. He won’t bite,” she said with a smile.

You nodded and knocked on Kirk’s door, deeply regretting your life choices in that moment.

“Come on in, Y/N,” Kirk said suavely.

“I’m very sorry about what happened sir,” you blurted. “I assure you it was a mistake and I have no intention of acting inappropriately towards you. I promise I’ll behave if you won’t tell Spock.”

Spock was just below Kirk in the hierarchy and severely strict about rules and HR stuff. You were lucky you hadn’t been called to HIS office instead.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, Y/N,” Kirk said soothingly. “It was an innocent mistake. Trust me, I would never report you to Spock for an accident. In fact, I called you in here for an entirely different reason. Have a seat.”

You slowly sat down in the comfortable chair that faced his desk and watched as he fiddled with a pen. After a minute he turned his gaze back to you.

“You’re really good at what you do and I’m told fashion isn’t where you see yourself long term. Is that correct?”

“Yes, Mr. Kirk.”

“Well, I’ve been looking for someone to fill an upcoming opening day in the Art and Culture department doing features on up and coming artists, musicians, actors and whatnot. I know it’s not a big step up, but I thought it would be a good fit for you after I read some of your profiles of designers. Made me realize we were wasting your talent analyzing purses. Would you be interested?”

“Very much so,” you said, breathless with delight over the prospect of being able to cover real human beings again. Kirk smiled again and you smiled back because it was so contagious.

“Excellent. It’ll be about a month yet. I wanted to give plenty of time for transition and for you to think about it if you weren’t sure.”

“Oh, I’m sure, Mr. Kirk.” You said confidently.

“FYI, you can call me Jim, unless we’re around Spock. It really makes me feel old.”

He rubbed at his slightly greying beard and looked comically dismal for a moment.
In that instant, all your protests about not wanting to date someone like him seemed far away. You swallowed hard and reigned in your stray thoughts.

“Thank you very much, Jim,” you said. “This means a lot to me and I will make the most of the opportunity.”

He leaned over and shook your hand, holding it just a tad longer than normal, before releasing it and saying brightly “Excellent, Y/N! I’m sure you’ll be great.”

Once you’d retreated to your own office again, you pumped your fists in triumph and spun around in your chair, giggling with hysterical relief.

You picked up your phone to text Jill about the news and saw you had another message from Jim.

I hang out at Scotty’s pub every Saturday evening. You’re welcome to join me for a friendly drink if you’d like. Certainly that doesn’t count as being inappropriate?

I won’t tell Spock if you won’t, you sent back with a winking emoji.

Needless to say, you ended up going to the pub many times and hanging out with Jim, discovering that in addition to his good looks, he was a really fun guy and his reputation was both deserved (the really smooth operator) and undeserved (selfish rake). Jill was unbearably smug–until the grumpy doctor friend of Jim’s started flirting with her and she was too busy to tease you about the close proximity you and Jim kept when you were dancing.

“Turns out you’re good at much more than writing, beautiful,” he murmured in your ear.

“You’d better believe it, hotshot,” you whispered back. “And this is only the beginning.”

He kissed you right then and there.

Who wouldn’t want to have him for a boss? I wrote this prompt fic AU because I wanted a bearded Kirk and it made the texting part more familiar, given that I’m not sure how PADDS do that in the 23rd century. My prompts are still wide open and the list of themes and characters is up. 








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Man I'm just on my bed here watching you answers some questions and you know what I figured out just yet, you got some reaaally good patience on your ass to respond the SAME fuckin thing but on different ways over and OVER again, and when you analyze it it's just simply hilarious lol. But hey, you got my respect and my admiration for that, boy! Keep it up

Haha thanks, it usually helps me get better or new insight on the subject as well, and I obviously can’t expect people to browse through hundred, thousands of posts to find things I already answered to! These past days I’ve been able to answer to barely a sixth of the asks I got, though, sorry about that…

Details Surrounding Beth’s Return: Beth and Daryl as Protectors of Children

Okay, so this is a theory I’ve been hashing out somewhat with @boltthrutheheart. As I told her, I’ve always had this head-canon about Beth returning with children. Not her own, of course, but just having children in her care when she returns. If she’s leading a group, it’s very plausible that there could be children in it. And I never knew why I had that head-canon, but I always did. I’ve been thinking about it more since S7 ended, and some interesting things occurred to me. I might have been picking up on some of these things subconsciously. So I ran it by @boltthrutheheart and she had some truly ingenious insights into it!

The basic theory is this: Not only has Beth been shown as a caregiver and protector of children in the past, but they foreshadowed that she would also be on in the future, when she returns. Believe it or not, it’s actually another way in which they’ve paralleled her with Daryl, and shown how they’re soul mates.

Okay, now you’re gonna want bread crumbs. So let’s get into it.

Season 3:

1) So the main, obvious evidence here is that she is Judith’s caregiver. Pretty much every scene after Judith is born features Beth taking care of her, and rarely do we see Beth without Judith.

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Welcome Home (Part 2)

A/n: Here’s part 2! I know it’s probably not what you guys were expecting, but I needed the reader to talk some things out first, let you inside her head. Plus I really like this O/c.

You can find all other chapters here :

He doesn’t follow you as you walk away, and for this you’re thankful. You can still feel his lips as you walk towards the employee trailer and find it empty. Once inside, you finally fall to the floor and begin to cry. Every emotion, every memory and moment hit you full force and you can’t help yourself. It hurts so much to remember him leaving and you never expected to see him again, let alone for him to kiss you like that. It’s just too much to handle at the moment. You let out a strangled laugh as you realize that you almost just got eaten, but you’re more concerned about your ex-boyfriend.

It’s a few minutes before someone walks in and sees you on the floor. It’s a woman, slightly older than you and she comes to sit by your side.

“I’m guessing you know him?” but it comes out more like a question than a statement.

“Used to. We were…together, I guess.” You put your face in your hands. “I haven’t seen him in years. Never thought I would again.”

She just nods her head stays silent for a few minutes. “He’s a good guy, you know.” She says and looks back at you, “I’ve worked with him for two years and he’s never looked at anyone like he just looked at you.”

You scoff, “He was just surprised. Bet he didn’t expect to ever have to deal with me again.” You let out a harsh laugh, “I can’t wait to hear his excuse as to why he never came back.”

“Never came back?” she asks, fishing for information.

“He promised he’d come back after his time in the Navy. That we would be together.” You frown and your heart hurts, “But he never did.”

Next, she says something that shocks you. “He never finished his time.” She says it as if she’s surprised you don’t know. “InGen pulled him from the army to work with the raptors,” she starts sounding excited, “that’s why he didn’t come back.”

You just shake your head, “He has a phone. He could have called.”

She seems to accept this and nods her head again sadly. “Yeah, I suppose.” Her apparent sadness finally hits you.

“Why do you even care?” you ask, a little rudely.

She sighs, “I’ve spent almost every day with him for years and I’ve heard it all, really. But I promise you, he’s never looked at anyone the way he looked at you.” She looks a little embarrassed then, “Plus, he asked me to come check on you. He said he’s sorry about the kiss.” She looks at you apologetically but you just sigh in return.

“What was your name?” you ask.

“Anna, you?”

“My name’s Y/n,” you pause, trying to decide if you even want to know. “Does he have a girlfriend?”

She laughs at this then seems to think better of it. “No. Never has, really.” She looks sideways at you, almost afraid. “He is quite the charmer though, if you know what I mean.”

You nod again.

“Please don’t tell him I told you that, he would seriously kill me.” She says and that makes you laugh a little.

“Don’t worry; I don’t plan on ever talking to him again, so your secret’s safe with me.” Instead of smiling, she frowns at this.

“Y/n, I know you’re upset, I would be too. But please, for me– hell for yourself, just talk to him. At the least it could give you closure.” She finishes, shrugging her shoulders.

You contemplate her words for a moment, “I don’t think I have anything to say to him.”

“Well,” she smiles again, “You could always just slap him and call him a dickhead for not calling. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s heard that.” She looks to you, worried that she said the wrong thing but you laugh, picturing Owen taking a slap from a girl.

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day,” you say teasingly. “You know, Anna, I really like you.”

She smiles at this, “Good, I like you too! I hope you’ll stick around.” She raises her eyebrows as she says this more like a question.

You rub your neck, working out the tight muscles there, “I don’t know. It really depends on how it all goes.” You lower your voice, even though you’re the only two in the room. “I’m scared.”

You expect her to just nod or agree, but she surprises you when she actually  asks, “What exactly are you scared of?”

“Well, Mostly, I’m scared he will have a good reason. That he will say something and I’ll fall back in his arms like nothing ever happened. I’m not ready to forgive him. Not yet.”

“I can understand that,” she sympathizes. “How about this, you just listen to what he has to say. Don’t respond, don’t forgive, and don’t give him any reason to think he still deserves you. Just let him say what he has to say, and then you can go home and think about it. Hell, you can invite me over and we can analyze every word!” she says this excitedly again, like she’s planning a sleepover. You think about it and decide that you at least want to hear what he has to say.

“Yeah, Okay. I can do that.” You nod your head at her and begin to laugh, against your will, “So, how close was I to being eaten?” You ask.

“Well, when you started to stand up, I thought it was all over.” She responds, returning your giggles.

“Come on, let’s do this.” She stands up and reaches out her hand for yours.

You take a deep breath and think to yourself, I can do this.

Dirty Thoughts, Steve Rogers X Reader One-Shot

Title: Dirty Thoughts (I think I’m really funny because of this)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Prompt: Reader loses a bet to Tony and is forced to wear a French Maid outfit for a week. Steve avoids the Reader, and they soon realize why. (Anonymous)

Word Count: 737

Warnings: Sexual themes? Very minimal.

Author’s Note: Thanks for the request! If anyone else has any my ask is open here! Check out my Steve/Female Reader series here. This was really fun to write! Hope you enjoy!

[Request a One Shot!]

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‘We’ve come a long way from where we began’ cit. ( See You Again by WIZ KHALIFA. ) (X)

Because me & all of you have come a long way with our blogs. Of course sometimes it was difficult & others times we were ready to give up, but we didn’t. I know people who have a blog for over five years & not even for one day they got tired of roleplaying with their muse. I completely admire those people, as well as those who puts their hearts & efforts to relate to people of the community, not to mention the effort that each one takes in editing, writing & maintaining a blog, balancing the life in tumblr & their real life which, let’s face it, sometimes is pain in the ass :/ & so here we are, after a long & tiring journey, for what concerns me a year. One year of this blog, I still remember my first follower. I still remember how happy I was to start again, after a few years in a fandom full of people who had slowly ruined it bringing only superficial judgments, always based on the popularity of the characters without actually analyzing the personality & the psychology of them. Well today I can say I made the best decision of my life. The One Piece fandom made me discover what tumblr has yet to offer & God only knows how many wonderful people there are on this fandom & non.
Today more than ever I’m so proud to have over 1000 followers. By the way this doesn’t seem nothing in comparison with other blogs, but for me this is an important milestone. I think it’s a satisfaction, actually too big to explain in words but you must know that, with all my heart, I want to say thank you. Thanks for the fun times, for all the times when someone made me smile, for all the joys & tears & simply smiles that each of you offered to me every single day by opening up & talking like we were friends for a lifetime. Thank you so much.
You know many times I prefer to do this kind of speeches instead of posting a followers forever because frankly I think that each of you is important, & you know perfectly how much I care for all of you. However after this goal I feel compelled to write these words & to put on post each of my feelings, trying to let you get them in some way. Just as I feel compelled to tell you things with my heart in my hands & with all my honesty & respect.
& then after these words I hope you appreciate this & just let me give you a big kiss & a big damn hug, I hope I can spend more time with you all & to achieve ever higher goals, gaining your friendship & especially your respect.
& now without further ado we start this first followers forever by Black & his grumpy & stubborn boy called Toffy.

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Letter from a Virgo

Sometimes, my head won’t just be quiet, even when I beg it too. Analyzing this and that, over and over again until I fall into a stupor. You may see me as high strung, but would you do any better with these rigorous cycles in your head? No. I don’t think so. And I only critique because perfectionism is my middle name. Why not aim high? Then even higher than that?  If you just give me a chance I will bloom into a daisy chain, meticulously put together yet oh so politely done. 

Thank you, 

Vigorously Virgo. 

Is Character Development Even Important Anymore?

I’ll be called, “A salty Lucaya&Riarkle shipper who can’t deal with the fact that their ship(s) are dead.”  But it’s so much more than about ships.

We don’t know what happened in Part 1, but from Part 2, I guess we can decipher that Maya must have decided that her feelings for Lucas were never real, and that the only guy she “loves” throughout the series is Josh.  And as for Lucas, as he gets jealous of Evan/Greg, he realizes that the only girl he “loves” throughout the series is Riley.

If Rucas and Joshaya were always the plan, then Rucas and Joshaya were always the plan. I can’t try to deny it if that’s how it is. But if that’s the case, I really wish the writers didn’t have all that God damn amazing development between Maya&Lucas and Riley&Farkle, and then decide to throw it out the window.

The cheering shippers will scoff, “There was never any development between Maya&Lucas and Riley&Farkle.  You all were just over-analyzing and searching for answers to help your ship when the real story was right in front of you all along!” Maybe the real story was in front of us all along, but I will never back down to the fact that the character development between Maya&Lucas and Riley&Farkle was damn real.

Maya and Lucas went from friends who went from planning how to make the other tick (“You actually put thought into our little game, don’t you?”), to being able to express how much they care about each other and want each other to succeed (“I want Maya to be happy!”, Maya’s complete fear of him riding Tombstone), to admitting feelings that seemed so incredibly real, (The entirety of the campfire scene, “You don’t need to be sorry Huckleberry, of course I like you. You’re a good guy.”), and we don’t even know how long Maya’s actually liked Lucas for (“You stepped back. I know you stepped back.”).  And this is only from the first two seasons.  This isn’t even counting what Lucas apparently says about Maya in Girl Meets Upstate or Girl Meets True Maya.

And these are only three examples in regards to an enormous amount. Everyone will argue that all the Lucaya fans were a, “fanservice because of all the obnoxious Lucaya fans complaining”, but I don’t think these writers are the type of people who would give into peer pressure.  But the thing is, if that is the case, I would have much rather have had seen Rucas and Joshaya go through growth together as a whole, instead of using Maya as a, “speed bump” into Rucas’ happily ever after. That completely degrades not just her character, but character development overall. And after everything, it turns out (from the rumors) that Maya never even liked Lucas in the first place?  That all those months and all that time and all those moments was just to make sure that Lucas was, “worthy” enough for Riley? And then when Riley&Lucas got together, she could go back to her “true love” Josh? And that, because Josh is older, Maya will just have to wait for him for years until she’s old enough for them to be together, longing for him&being alone?  How does that make any sense at all?

As for Riarkle? Maybe they didn’t have an official romantic plot as of yet, but God, the character development with them had me hoping for so much, especially with Riley. Again, it will be argued that everyone was “over-analyzing”, but watching Girl Meets Texas Part 3, Girl Meets the New Year, Girl Meets STEM. Dialogue is important (“I care so much about you” “I do (want you to get better). There’s no situation where I wouldn’t want that for you”). Direction is important (The incredibly long hugs in Texas Part 3 and Great Lady of NY-TWO of them).  Settings of a scene (physical and feeling (atmosphere)) are important (both for Riarkle&Lucaya). Everyone will argue, “It’s just a great friendship!” and I guess from Ski Lodge, that may be all the writers ever intended Riarkle to be.  

But Riarkle was a huge opportunity for enormous growth, especially for Riley. That it isn’t about being the “princess”, or living up to her parents “perfect, fairytale” relationship, or that love doesn’t happen at first sight. That she can be able to grow in a relationship, that she doesn’t have to live her parent’s lives, and that she doesn’t have to cling her childhood dreams (Bay Window: Lucas’ boots were in the bucket with Riley’s bear) to be happy.

Now, I don’t know what’s going to happen after Ski Lodge, or what’s going to be endgame.  Maybe Lucaya and Riarkle still have a chance, and maybe they very well don’t.  If the endgame is Rucas and Joshaya (as the cheers ring through the fandom that they are endgame), then that’s what it is. And, I do understand the reasoning of having Rucas&Joshaya.  The idea of having people believe you can end up with your first love, never giving up on your dreams, Riley and Lucas being the next Cory&Topanga (even though I remember Michael Jacobs saying specifically in a radio interview that they weren’t, but…).

But what angers me is that they brought in all of this character development for Maya&Lucas and Riley&Farkle, and if that wasn’t their plan, they should have left Maya and Farkle out of it and should have focused more on Riley and Lucas talking about their relationship earlier than waiting until now.  And if Maya was to end up with Josh, they should have planned to have him in more episodes or mention him more, not have him come in for one episode where Maya reveals after everything that’s happened that she never even liked Lucas in the first place.  And to have it decided that Maya is just going to cling onto the idea that she’s going to wait for him until she turns 17-18, without exploring other options is just awful and degrading for her character.

This isn’t me trying to bash Rucas and Joshaya. I just wish that if those ships were the plans all along, that the writers would have used different characters and situations as obstacles to their ultimate endgame, instead of using the other two main characters to build tension and development and then decide that none of it was important in the end.

Tatsu Blog 01/21/2015: "Can't stop, won't stop."

“I’ve realized, yet once again, that people can’t seem to understand that this is a personal preference.

It’s getting to the point where I can’t laugh about it anymore.”


I don’t want to dwell on it too much, but a part of me is thinking maybe he is being heckled about his smoking habit. Coming in light of Kiiyan’s one year anniversary of being smoke free, I can see people and fans being like “See Kiiyan did it.  You should try it too!” since these two have been chummy of late…


anonymous asked:

Can you write an imagine where the reader is dating Steve. They both get into a small argument and he compares her to Peggy. Then to prove a point to Steve she secretly goes to Fury, joins the Avengers and goes on a dangerous mission with Nat?

“Has Fury asked you yet?”

You look up from the tablet to see Steve leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest.

“Only about a hundred times,”

He sighs, walking into the room and sits down across from you. “Then why don’t you accept? It’d be great to have you on the team.”

“The field isn’t really for me, you know?”

“Actually, no.” You raise your eyes from the screen to Steve. “I don’t know.”

“Who peed in your breakfast this morning?” You mutter, continuing to analyze their last missions report, but Steve scoffs and you look up again. “Is there something wrong?”

“How are you fine with this?” He stands, head shaking as. “How are you okay with being confined to this room?”

“It doesn’t bother me-”

“You know, Peggy would’ve never been able to sit still in here.” He lets out a breath through his nose. “She always had to be where the action was.”

You stare in shock as he exits the room, closing the door as he leaves. In the heat of the moment, you pick up your phone and dial Fury’s number.


“When do I start?”

It had been easy to set the mission up. Natasha had been scheduled to go in on a HYDRA base as a prisoner, quietly hacking into their system and frying their tech within a few days, but you insisted that you coming along would only take half of the time it’d take for her to go solo.

You and Natasha are already in separate cells on the base, but you had hidden comms in the seems of your shirts, so once the guards lock your doors and leave, you break them out and start the mission.

“(Y/n). You there?”

“Yeah. Everything okay on your end?”

“Well, my cell smells like urine. But yeah.”

You slip off your shoe and take the small memory chip in the hidden compartment, attaching it to the flexible laptop that you had stored in your jacket.

“Let’s just get this over with so we can go,” you mutter, begin the process is downloading a virus into their server.

She laughs quietly. “We’ve been here, what, a day and you’re already so eager to leave? I thought you were the one who begged Fury to let you on the mission.”

You remain quiet as you tap on the pad, eyes narrowing in confusion when a bright red ERROR sign pops up on the screen.

“Natasha? Something’s wrong-”

“(Y/n)! They’re coming to get us. Someone must’ve known we were here.”

You hurry to back away into the corner of the cell, grimacing when your shoes stick to the stone. “What do I do? What’s going to happen?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve sent the emergency signal to Fury, they should-” her comm suddenly cuts out as your cell doors slam open, and two men enter, one raising their gun and holds the tip inches from your face, but he brings it up and slams it against forehead.

You don’t really remember how you had come to waking up in a jet with Steve’s hand entangled in yours, but you remember getting caught and sit up quickly only for your head to spin.

“(Y/n).” Steve sounds so relieved as he lightly touches your cheek, but you push his hand away.

“Where’s Natasha?”

He looks hurt by your action, but you’re too tired to care as he points behind him. You see Clint running a hand through her hair as she rests her head on his lap, and he gives you a small smile which you return.

“What happened?”

“Our inside was killed before you two even got to camp. The whole thing was sabotaged from the start.”

“This is why I don’t like to be out in the field,” You mutter, hugging your knees to your chest.

“It’s okay, (Y/n). Action isn’t for everybody-”

“Peggy can handle it, though.” You say bitterly, shrugging off the hand he had out on your shoulder. “And I can’t. So, yeah.”

He sighs. “Look, I’m sorry about that. I was just getting nostalgic and I-”

“And you think that that means it’s okay to start comparing me to your military ex-girlfriend?”

“I’m sorry, really, I if I could take it back, I would.”

“Well, you can’t. I just need some time, okay?”

He sighs, stands and presses a kiss to your forehead before joining Tony at the nose of the jet.

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My Father Had a Heart Attack Last Year

My family was small and quiet, living in the quaint neighborhood we had always resided. Before, our town had the lowest crime rates of any other in the whole entire tri-state area. Last year, the police only reported one measly crime to be committed in the town. My mother, an old soul who was very serious and composed more time than not, never reminded us to lock the doors or close the windows. There wasn’t much need to.

My father had died of a heart attack last year just a few hours after my brother was born. It was tragic and destructive, leaving my mother a mess. She was acting so strangely for a woman who lost her husband of two decades. My mother was very enthusiastic about things that she would never have cared about before. I thought she would have been torn over the death, considering she was so close and loving to my father.

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ᴛ.ᴏ.ᴘ | Sᴍᴏᴏᴛʜ Oᴘᴇʀᴀᴛᴏʀ ♤ |ᴍ|

♫ No place for beginners or sensitive hearts. When sentiment is left to chance no place to be ending but somewhere to start.

The party was in full swing when you arrived dressed to the nine. Your hair was swept up and you donned the most fashionable of gowns for the evening. While you got ready, you vaguely wondered if you’d see him. Though it didn’t matter if you did—at least, that’s what you repeatedly told yourself.

As your eyes swept the room in search for a familiar face, you failed to see the pair of eyes that were drinking you in. His wine swished in his hands and all words that were spoken so seductively into his ear by a woman in red went unnoticed. His attention was on you—his prey.

You moved fluidly towards the balcony, fingers slipping around the stem of a champagne glass. Winking as thanks to the waiter you could not fight the chuckle that passed your lips lightly when the blush on his face spread. You loved this new sense of sureness you radiated. It was empowering and you couldn’t fathom living each day without it—a potential harnessed once your ex-lover and you parted ways.

The man, albeit broke your heart and left you bleeding, taught you something important. He taught you that you must never hand anyone the power to break you. They must never know your weakness and that is why you did not give yourself away in a relationship. Always you kept yourself a good distance and tore the heart you so willingly wore on your sleeve before.

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