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Kiss Me Ch.6


It’s an avoidance technique, of course it is. One last breath before the dive, one last moment of comfort before the chaos, it’s the calm before the storm.

Jimin chooses to rather follow Jungkook to the bar than to deal with his messy relationship.

He chooses to down three shots as soon as he reaches the bar stool.

He chooses to play games with Jungkook (and to lose almost every round.)

He chooses to have fun and with longing realizes how long it has been since he last did so.

It’s electrifying and energizing and Jimin feels more alive than he has in months. Jungkook was a bit shy at first but few drinks later he is challenging everyone to arm-wrestling (and maybe holds Jimin’s hand a tad longer than he’d need to after he wins) and sings karaoke and cheers the loudest at Yoongi’s rap with his friends.

He is also constantly dancing and pulls Jimin along (“you are a Dance major, come on!”) onto the dancefloor where a mass is already grinding on one another. It’s sweaty and crowded and crazy but Jimin doesn’t mind it like he normally would.

He feels free.

Fuck it. If Tom wants to throw their relationship away he will and there is nothing Jimin can do to stop him. So instead he dances. The rhythm is the beat of his heart, the steps come naturally. Everything feels funny and wonderful even if he is in a simple college bar with a small dancefloor.

It’s nearing midnight when Jimin looks up and meets eyes with Jungkook. It has been happening all through evening, with him looking at Jungkook only to find him already staring. But every time Jungkook turns away as soon as Jimin looks back as if he is the sun and Jungkook’s eyes can’t bear to look right at him.

This time, however, his eyes stay on Jimin. He is standing right in front of him, watching him move through his hooded eyes and it’s as if he wants to say something but won’t. Jimin looks back, never one to back down from a challenge.

They are constantly pushed closer and closer together by the crowd and by now their thighs are nearly touching.

The cacophony of the music blaring and people singing along and shouting over the sound deafens him, making it difficult to even hear his thoughts. Maybe it’s better that way, he prefers the numbness to his usual overthinking.

Jimin leans forward, his breath fanning Jungkook’s stray hairs, to say something when he sees him stiffen. Maybe it’s the smell of alcohol in his breath, maybe it’s something else.

He doesn’t care. He likes this.

They dance faster, pouring passion into their movements and Jimin is only a little surprised that Jungkook can dance well, too.

Go figure, Jimin thinks and giggles.

Jungkook’s gaze is heavy on him, he can feel it as strongly as he would a touch.

Jungkook’s hand brushes Jimin’s waist as he leans down to speak into Jimin’s ear, pulling him even closer.

Jimin shivers at the gentle yet firm touch on his waist, keeping him in place.

“What’s so funny?” Jungkook wants to know but Jimin just giggles again and shakes his head.

“It’s a secret”, he says, biting his lip but his mouth goes dry when he notices the hungry expression in Jungkook’s eyes as he follows the plumb lip disappear between teeth. Out of the blue, Jimin finds himself wondering if Jungkook is thinking about the kiss, if he is remembering how it felt to press their lips together…

In the middle of all this a new angry voice chimes in. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”


Jikook social media au 6/?

or an au where jikook meet when jimin runs up and kisses a stranger that he mistakes for his boyfriend, effectively messing up both jungkook’s thoughts and the beat of his heart.