this is me not knowing how to coordinate colors

Transformers Starters - Multiverse Edition

>> “Haven’t you heard? The war is over.”

>> “It seems that the coordinates were wrong–mind telling me if you’re friendly and where I am?”

>> “Have you ever really thought about what you would do when the war ends? If it ever ends…”

>> “Wait why does the energon look like that? That’s the wrong color!”

>> "I can’t believe you’d pick THAT as an alt mode. You’re going to give us away, you know.“

>> "So, what were you thinking when you got THAT paint job?”

>> "How would someone your shape and size even interface?“

>> "Is there something wrong with you? Your optics are such a weird color, I’ve never seen anything like them.”

>> “Do you really think Primus exists?”

>> “So, any conjunxes? What about a spark mate?”

>> “You’re just a dirty Deception/Autobot/Neutral, why should I help you?”

>> “Geez, with how big you are, you MUST be a combiner, right?”

>> "If you could’ve been anything other than a soldier, what would you have been?“

>> "I learned this game from the humans, want to give it a try?”

>> "Do you really think the ones that got away from it all were able to establish colonies somewhere?“

I am pleased to report that the Board of Deaducation has accepted my proposal and the Fundraiser is ON!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who per-volunteered to help decorate or set up and special thanks to @airheadedaquarian who came with me for moral support while I spoke to the board!

Formal Dress is required! Here’s the color pallet of the decor for those of you who like to color coordinate (that part is optional) 

The theme is winter wonderland! - can ya tell?

Remember this is a school event, there will be chaperones! flyers will be sent home to parents to volunteer if they feel so inclined.

If you were one of the people whose family owned a business to donate food, decorations or any other goods please send me a message of your family’s business so I can send out thank you cards as well as put their names on signs at the event! and I will do my best to get a headcount to them in a timely manner to know how many monsters are coming!

Please send any questions, comments, or concerns to me and I will do my best to accommodate you!


Avoiding homework and feeling bored so I decided to edit some photos I had and do a little “what’s in my bag” tag…
Took these last year around Thanksgiving when I was packing to go on a weekend trip. Had a lot of school work so I was really just packing my school bag. Anyway, I labeled everything so I won’t bore you by explaining it all! :P

Other than the change in textbooks (now that it’s spring) and the updated ds system, this is basically what I travel with during the school semester. I bring a lot less around with me when I go to the library and stuff. And I usually work from home anyway.

I love how color coordinated everything is. <3 Took a long time to collect such cute stuff!
Message me if you wanna know where I got something. I don’t want to write it all out here.

Tag me if you do one of these! I love looking at them. :3

Study Tips That Help Me

I’m no “studyblr”, but here are some tips for studying when you don’t really know how to:

1. re-write your notes: 

This tip is especially helpful for a class that takes memorization. For example, when I took anatomy and physiology, rewriting my notes over and over helped me remember the spelling of important vocabulary and helped me remember the function of an organ.

2. color code:

I dont necessarily use this method, but if you remember things better by color coordination, this is the best way. You can use different colored highlighters to underline or highlight key words or phrases or even just help organize your notes.

3. draw pictures: 

For visual learners, this is essential. i think it’s pretty self-explanatory; if you want to remember a specific thing, draw it out!

4. (for comprehension) talk to someone about the topic you are studying.

This has proven to be an efficient way to study, especially when all you do is read and take notes. If you need to thoroughly comprehend and analyze something, it is great to tell someone else the information you learn, in order for you to remember it and for you to get a different perspective on the topic.