this is me nightblogging

But what I’ll never admit is that I still sleep with my arm and leg draped over a pillow pretending that it’s you beside me.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #42

I’m actually kind of scared of anthropomorphic animals in general but I think characters that have like, entirely human bodies and then just completely realistic animal heads are pretty rad. object heads are cool too.

itsoktobemarty  asked:

Tutti means everyone in Italian... Could it be you've stumbled in the Italian part of the fandom and it was just people making collective stuff?

Bien le bonjour! Question : c'est quoi Tutti? :’)

Okay so: the Tutti joke was born out of a score sheet listing les Amis’ names poorly and more or less finishing by “et tutti” to mean “everyone” as is “everybody sings” (or at least I think so). And since it was listing les Amis, people creating that whole Tutti character, the long lost Ami.

It descended into the realm of nightblogging since then

AU where Marinette and Adrien don’t know each other/don’t go to the same school and one day Chat’s like hey I need a plus one for a party my father is making me go to, you wanna go? and Ladybug’s like “yeah, why the hell not”

and then she shows up and she’s just like “oh no he’s hot” and he acts all smooth and suave and perfectly well-behaved and polite all evening because he’s Adrien Agreste and Marinette is just like oh shit oh shit

What if instead of fingers you had 5 tiny penises on your hands and they functioned like regular penises and to be able to pick stuff up they had to be erect and sometimes if you got mad at someone you could jack off your finger and ejaculate into their eye

headcanon: Cam and Bex are super snarky with Zach. Like, he can’t win at all when he’s with them. He knows they love him and of course they all cover restaurant bills for each other all the time and spot each other at the gym etc but if they’re hanging out, it’s hours and hours of:

“bex, can you move your seat up”


“cam, would you ask her to–”

“my song is on the radio right now, zach, can u not”

and when cam and zach are hanging out at home it’s just:

“last night was great, huh, babe?”


“i mean…I was good, right? Like, I’ve got a well-sized–”

“sure babe, whatever you say. want pizza later?”

and she literally does it just to watch his jaw twitch because it’s funny

Whenever I leave people tell me “good bi” and idk it feels really nice that people support me and my orientation like that

Things that all of my real life friends have in common:

  • wavy, blonde hair
  • blue eyes
  • female
  • own a dog
  • never comb their hair before they leave the house in the morning
  • have a weird obsession with knitted sweaters, cardigans and jeans
  • their cars have at least one dent
  • they live in a house with their children/parents [depending on their age]
  • had an academical career at some point but stopped because “YOLO”
  • crooked teeth
  • small [and bitter]
  • wear makeup about 3 times a year


Honestly, the only thing that’s ever been even remotely “diverse” about my squad is their age because they’re between 18 and 75 years old, lol.