this is me literally everyday

I did that thing tyleroakley suggested of something that made me happy each day :) (you might need to click on it to read them :P)

Trepidation Vlad… 
I finally got time to draw him in human form.

Oh right, time. If answers are slow and stuff, I am at my grandparents’ house. Till Wednesday and then I will be home again. Oh gosh, this was supposed to be vacation now I am cutting and editing videos for my grandpa. I will never be freeeeee…….

  • Me in the morning:Tadashi is here.
  • Me during school:Tadashi is here.
  • Me at home:Tadashi is here.
  • Me with my mom:Tadashi is here.
  • Me with my dad:Tadashi is here
  • Me asleep:Tadashi is here
  • Me at prom:Tadashi is here
  • Me taking finals:Tadashi is here
  • Me getting married:Tadashi is here.
  • Me having children:Tadashi is here
  • Me taking my last breath:Tadashi is here
  • My death:Tadashi is...
  • Here.