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This boy used to be all flirty with me in Spanish class( hug me , touched my waist ,etc.) now that I don't have any classes with him he doesn't talk to me AT ALL when I see him in the halls he doesn't even notice me. Was he jus being a fuckboy or what??

yeah maybe

no more apology texts. no more reckless highway speeding. no more scribbled poetry in the back of spanish class. there is nothing left to lose. there is nothing left for you.

you haven’t seen me since i dyed my hair and it’s nice to have something you didn’t get to ruin. i’m dressing different too and lipsticking my way out of the girl you tore apart. i can finally breathe easy. i can finally be grateful that i never really meant it when i kissed you.

look, it’s me without you. look, i’m doing just fine. look, goddamn it, i’m lighter than i’ve been in months. there are seven billion people on the planet. i don’t think you matter so much anymore.


Barcelona, I want to hear you sing this song with me. Muy loud. Very loud. Here we go. It’s called Brother.


Poirot and the 1930s Charleston dance

The Sister of my Alpha ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Being Scott’s little sister and seeing Liam behind his back.

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word  Count: 470

Warning: Just a quick blowie

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Hi guys! I’m Hannah, a new studyblr. I’ve been wanting to make one but I never did, until I decided to just set up the blog because I was inspired by a bunch of studyblrs like @studypetals, @thearialligraphyproject, @smoinerd, @etudestial, and @vestiblr. This is actually a side blog and I may be following you already. My main is a kpop blog and I’m trying to stop myself from scrolling through pictures of Korean men and actually study (lol). If you’re wondering, arasseo roughly means ‘I understand’ in Korean so my url basically means I don’t understand, which is me all the time in class. Kidding aside, I’m a junior in high school and I’m taking 4 AP classes: physics, lang & comp, statistics, and US history. I’m also taking honors Spanish and PreCalc. I’m interested in the medical field and maybe becoming a pharmacist in the future.

Anyway, I printed a blank April calendar from Pinterest so I could plan out how I’m going to study for the AP tests in May. I also bought new markers and a blank notebook that I’m going to use as my bullet journal. My new Kate Spade case came yesterday in the mail and I love it so much. Have a good day everyone!

Hey guys, I wanted to offer my Spanish services to anyone who needs tutoring for Spanish. Spanish my native language and it is currently my minor and so far I have a 4.0 GPA on it. I am currently learning how to transcribe Spanish into Phonetics and I can help with acentos and grammar. Although that is not all. I can also be of a great help for Latin American civilization and history. Not only in the historic and cultural sense but also in the economic and political level since I’ve took those classes already and I am a Political Science major as well. I will not charge ridiculous amounts as this would help me pay for my university expenses. Thank you!


the calendar // panic! at the disco

Spamano Week Day 1: Historical

This au takes time in 1918-20 America, NY: The Progressive Era!

Lovino, a NY Times journalist takes on a task to report on the environment in the Jersey City, and meets a Spanish immigrant Antonio, whom later makes Lovino see deeper into the life of the working class, and how awful the living conditions are those men. After being spending time with Antonio and being exposed to these things, Lovino became a muckraker (and gaY) and promised Antonio that he will change his life 


So I was carrying around some V.E. Schwab books today, right? And A Gathering of Shadows was at the top of the stack, okay?

So when I got to my Spanish class someone else in the class saw it, and his eyes got really wide, and he pointed at it, and I was like “Have you read it???” And he nodded, and I was like “THAT ENDING THOUGH” and we were just kind of nodding frantically at each other while the professor was trying to start class, and he was just like “we should talk,” and so I just met someone who’s read V.E. Schwab without me telling them to for the first time??? (With the exception of my twin.) This made my day.

(And my professor wrote down V’s name because we both got so worked up about the book so fast and, idk, that seemed appealing to her?)


c'mon // panic! at the disco + fun.

Romance Languages (Remus Lupin x Reader)

So sorry for not updating as often but midterms are upon me and I’m drowning in study guides and essays.

“Hey there! I love your writing!! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the boys (James, Sirius, Remus, etc) have to take a foreign languages class and they have no idea what’s going on, so they get the reader to tutor them. Bonus points if there’s mutual pining! Thanks!!” OH MAN THIS IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY BECAUSE IM A SPANISH MAJOR AND HAVE 6 YEARS OF FRENCH EDUCATION AS WELL SO I AM SO READY THANK YOU FOR THIS. Therefore, I’m going to make the languages that the boys take those two because I’m familiar with them, hope that’s okay because I don’t want to butcher up a language, you know? As for the mutual pining, you didn’t specify which pairing so I hope Remus is okay!

Dumbledore had recently come back from a visit to the American wizarding schools and was inspired to implement language courses in his own school. You were beyond thrilled, ever since you were little your parents had hired language tutors for you; you were fluent in both French and Spanish.

The rest of the school seemed pretty okay with the idea of having another class added to their day, well except for the marauders.

“Can you believe it? As if we don’t have enough work already.” Sirius muttered as he looked at the timetable McGonagall had given him. McGonagall gave him a pointed look as she continues to distribute the timetables.

“Ms. Y/L/N, it seems that there’s a mistake here, they have you down for two languages.”

“There’s no mistake Professor, I talked to Professor Dumbledore to see if it was okay for me to take two.”

She nodded approvingly at your enthusiasm as Sirius rolled his eyes.

“What languages are you taking, Y/N?” Remus asked as he looked at his own paper.

“French and Spanish, mother was very excited for me to study those languages again, it’s been a few years so I hope I’m not too rusty.” You replied.

“What about you guys?” you asked the rest of the boys.

“James and I are taking the language of looove.” Sirius said suggestively, wiggling his eyebrows as James snickered. This time around it was you who rolled their eyes.

“Peter and I are taking Spanish. Mum wants to take a family vacation to Spain this upcoming holiday so I figure taking Spanish would benefit me.” Remus answered as Peter nodded.

“Well if you lads need help you know where to find me.” You announced, as you picked up your books heading towards Defense Against the Dark Arts, Remus followed suit and offered to carry your books, you smiled as you handed them to him.

A couple of weeks passed by and it seemed that the students were really enjoying their language classes. You were sitting in the common room when suddenly, Sirius and James barged in, Remus following behind with a pile of books.

“Y/N, WE ARE IN GRAVE DANGER.” Sirius exclaimed.

You quickly stood, thinking that the castle was under attack or something of the sort.

“WHAT IS IT? A SIEGE?” You babbled.

“WE HAVE AN EXAM TOMORROW.” Sirius bawled.

“Sirius Black, are you talking about the French exam?” You asked, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“The one and only.” James confirmed.

“Let me guess, once again you both procrastinated till the very last minute, huh?”

“You see my dear Y/N, usually we wouldn’t be panicking a dumb exam, but this one has an oral part.”

“Stop saying the word oral, please, you’re creeping me out.” You countered.

“If any respectable French person heard our speaking abilities they would avada kedavra us on the spot.” James concluded.

“Very well, I’ll help you two…f you get me some fancy chocolate.” You proposed.

They both nodded furiously.

You told them to gather their supplies and to meet you in the library in ten minutes; they both ran to their dorm to do so. You shook your head, chuckling at their frantic states. You heard Remus clear his throat from behind you, you felt guilty having forgotten that he was there since he had been relatively quiet during Sirius’s moving speech.

“Sorry Remus, here let me help you out with those.”  You said as you grabbed half of the pile of books. You noticed they were his Spanish books and a rather heavy looking Spanish dictionary.

“Thank you, Y/N, you didn’t have to.” He said kindly.

“It’s my pleasure. Are you ready for our Spanish exam tomorrow?”

“Kind of, I was wondering if you could help me practice as well but it seems that you’ll have your hands full with James and Sirius.” He answered, looking rather disappointed.

“Nonsense! I would love to help you out. I was going to ask if you wanted to study with me earlier.” You responded as you both made your way to the library.

Much to your surprise, Sirius and James were there already. They must’ve used a shortcut…

You made copies of your own study guide and gave them to them. After five minutes of them looking it over, Sirius finally broke the silence with a loud groan.

“This was so not what I signed up for. Romance language my arse.”

“Sirius, how do I put this gently…” you pondered out loud, Remus was already chuckling knowing exactly what you were going to say.

“French is called a ‘Romance’ language because it derives from Latin. Latin was the language of the Romans.” You explained slowly.

“Some of the other Romance languages are Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian.” Remus added as you nodded.

“And you two didn’t think of telling me this before?!” Sirius wailed as you and Remus laughed. After that mishap you were practicing some terms of endearment in Spanish with Remus, trying not to blush as he said them. Since valentine’s day was around the corner your professor thought a Valentine’s day theme exam would liven things up, but in your case it was making you like a tomato in front of Remus.

“Remus, please, I’m begging you, enunciate that ‘nya’ sound because right now the way your saying mi cariño, is sounding like macarena.” You said trying not to laugh.

He nodded, blushing furiously. Sirius and James were sneakily watching the two of you, smirks on their faces. They both knew how you two were heads over heels for one another but were too shy to admit it.

By this point James didn’t know who was blushing more, Sirius was about to have a betting pool going on to see how many times either one of you stuttered and blush.

“Ma chère, aide-moo?”

“Very close, Prongs, but it’s moi, not moo.

“Y/N, am I allowed to practice with you again?”

You had given Sirius a sort of time out from practicing his speaking skills after he kept sneaking in suggestive phrases in French (butchering them up terribly, but the boy knew what he was doing).

“If you say voulez-vous coucher avec moi again, I will lock you in the dungeons with Snape.” You threatened. Sirius behaved for the rest of his practice session with you.

Est-ce que tu veut aller á Hogsmeade avec mon ami Remus ce week-end?” Sirius asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Your cheeks turned pink as Sirius gave you a knowing smirk. Looks like Sirius was finally getting the hang of the language. You quickly composed yourself, feeling Remus’ eyes on you, he had been attently listening in on the conversation in case Sirius stepped out of line and thought nothing of the phrase until he heard his name.

S’il me demande.”

You quickly looked down back at your book after answering but by doing so you missed how Remus scribbled down what you had said and was now flipping through James’s dictionary, a blush overcoming his fair features. With new found vigor he was flicking through the pages of his Spanish dictionary.

“Well Sirius, it looks like our work here is done.” James said smugly. Him and Sirius gathered their belonging and left, shooting Remus a thumbs up. You were correcting Remus’s paragraph and didn’t see their exchange or how flushed Remus became.

La joven tiene un carro rojo.” You said slowly, enunciating the roll of the letter r in the word carro. Remus was mesmerized by how your lips moved seamlessly as you said the words, and how soft they looked.

After a few tries he finally got the hang of the double r.

“Good job! Your r’s have gotten so much better.” You congratulated him as he chuckled, glad to see you smiling proudly at him. You were both flickering through your notes silently when the clock surprised you both as it chimed 11 times.

“Wow, time really does fly.”

“Yeah, it’s um better if we called it a night.” He said gathering his belongings.

“Do you have any last questions?” you asked, as the two of you made your way towards the Gryffindor common room.

“Just one.” He mumbled. You prompted him to go on and he inhaled deeply.

“¿Y/N, cariño, quisieras acompañarme a Hogsmeade este sabado?” he asked. Your mouth went slack as you marveled at his almost perfect pronunciation. The question finally sunk in as your heart hammered wildly in your chest.

It must’ve only been a minute but to Remus it felt like hours and your silence was killing his slowly.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have listened to Sir-“ you cut him off with a soft kiss.

“Sí.” You whispered as you broke the kiss, a joyous smile on your face.

He looked surprised and confused at the same time by your actions but then a grin broke out on his face.

“Really?” he said as he hugged you tightly, spinning you around.

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask me out for ages.”

You both laughed gleefully and kissed once again.  

I guess Sirius was right, Romance languages had a little romance in them.

Translation of phrases:

Ma chère, aide-moi: dear, can you help me?
voulez-vous coucher avec moi: shout out to Lady Marmalade, would you like to sleep with me.
Est-ce que tu veut aller á Hogsmeade avec mon ami Remus ce week-end?: would you like to go to Hogsmeade with my friend Remus this weekend?
S’il me demande: if he asks me.
La joven tiene un carro rojo: the young lady has a read car.
¿cariño, quisieras acompañarme a Hogsmeade este sábado?: love/dear, would you like to/accompany me/ go to Hogsmeade with me this Saturday?
Sí: yes.

Creepypasta #1010: My Best Friend Texted Me During A School Lockdown

Length: Medium

This last May, my high school had a lockdown. I was home sick at the time, so my knowledge of the events that happened that day come mostly from what I have heard through administrators and classmates after the incident, and the text messages I received during it. The administrators haven’t disclosed much about the situation, which is only making the rumours surrounding this worse. 

After months of trying to make sense of all this, I am just tired and confused. Maybe someone out there reading this can finally help me. I’ll try to provide as much background information as I can in order for this to make sense. 

I had been texting my best friend, Andrew, all day while vegging out on my bed with Netflix playing in the background. He first texted me about the lockdown at 11:27, which means he would have been in his 4th hour Spanish class. Being that the seniors had just graduated, his class was quite small - only 6 students besides him in it. 

Below are some the texts we sent to each other that day, starting at 11:27. L stands for my name, Lindsey, and A stands for Andrew.

A: dude holy shit

A: lindsey


L: What?

A: the school just went into lockdown

L: like a drill??? Or what?

A: I think its for real

A: fuck

A: the P.A. came on during class and said “students and administrators please go into level three lockdown procedure. This is not a drill”

A: like every ones in the corner

L: wait level three? Doesnt that mean someones in the building!?

L: shit man im shaking now the school better not be fucking with you all

A: its so quiet now

A: there isnt a sound in the entire building

A: this doesnt seem like they are faking us out

L: I just told my mom, she hasnt heard anything about it yet

A: wait

A: I can hear someone walking down the hallway

A: probably the office people coming to let us out

L: what if it isnt??

A: seriously stop lindsey

A: u asshole

L: sorry

L: you probably have nothing to worry about though man

A: I can hear them going down the hallway turning all the door handles

L: yeah thats what they do during a drill

L: make sure the teachers all locked em

A: they are talking

L: yeah then its definitely administrators

A: no

A: it doesnt make any sense

A: its all gibberish

A: I dont think its even in english

A: what the hell

L: drew you guys are okay though right? Your door is locked and lights off?

L: have they gone in any other classrooms?

L: andrew??? Hello?

A: my mom isn’t answering

A: some one next to me is crying

A: he’s outside my classroom

L: dont make a sound ok?

L: andrew?

L: did he leave?

L: hello!!!



L: please text me back

L: andrew?

He never responded. From what I have been told, the school eventually came out of lockdown mode. When they went around to each classroom to check in, Andrew’s classroom door was still locked. They called out to the people inside, and received no response back. 

Firefighters eventually knocked the door down. When they got in, there was nobody inside. The whole classroom was empty.

Officials have offered no explanation as to where they are, or what happened. I guess most people in town eventually moved on, shifted their attention elsewhere. It seems as though nobody even cares anymore. But I still do, and I need answers. I need to find my best friend.

Credits to: lindsey4448

Linguistic Intimidations...

Today I had an educational experience that I’ve never had before: my entire class this morning was in Spanish.

It was a class on religion and politics in Latin America where it just so happened everyone in the room was a Spanish speaker. So the Professor asks if we could hold our discussion in Spanish. Everyone is cool with it (and I’m, admittedly, thrilled because this has never happened before for me). As folks talk, though, I realize I’m the only Spanish speaker in the class from the United States. That is, there are folks from Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico, Spain and I’m the only one who grew up here. And I must admit, I was a intimidated for a good while and it took me a few minutes to jump into the conversation.

I wasn’t intimidated because I wasn’t fluent in Spanish (I am), nor because Spanish isn’t my first language (it is), nor because I wasn’t understanding my colleagues (I did), but because I was worried about my accent. My Spanish is unique. It’s grounded in Puerto Rico, forged in the Diaspora, and influenced by Central America (especially Guatemala, El Salvador, and to a lesser extent Honduras). It’s a blend of saying “coño,” making “r” sounds into “l’s,” dropping letters, using “vos,” adding “eis,” and indicating a question by saying “va” at the end. Meanwhile I’m hearing colleagues speak “pure” Spanish from their respective lands and I start doubting myself.

Will my Spanish be understood? Would it be accepted? And why do I think their’s is “pure” and mine is not? In short, why am I intimidated to speak the language my mother and father taught me?

Then I began realizing my own experiences with being bilingual in the United States. When I was growing up (and still today) some Puerto Ricans and Latin Americans would make fun of my Spanish as “too Gringo” (interestingly, some who learned Spanish in Latin America would say my Spanish is “too Puerto Rican,” which meant too influenced by English, which meant “not good Spanish”). Simultaneously, English speakers would make fun of things like my name or pronunciation of certain words or my parent’s accents because they were too “Spanish.” So this linguistic space formed around me where I (supposedly) wasn’t fully Spanish speaking or fully English speaking. This “ni de aqui, ni de aya” makes it intimidating to enter spaces where your speaking is what defines your participation.

In this particular instance I got over it and just jumped in with a “whatever” kind of attitude, if they understand me they understand me and if not I’ll write it down! And I’m glad I did because it was powerful to hold a class in the language I feel most emotionally connected to (I feel more intellectually connected to English). Nonetheless, it was an interesting couple of minutes of feeling intimidated and needing to figure out why before jumping in.

Language has power in how we are shaped as people and communities. It can be a source of liberation or marginalization, colonization or freedom. In this way language can be an imperial force, one used to intimidate folk or make them feel less than in order to maintain power. It’s what caused some indigenous languages to be wiped out, what empowers nativism and xenophobia, and what can cause students to remain silent for years in and out of classrooms. Yet language can also be a site of empowerment, of pushing back, or refusing to submit to supremacy. Indeed, language has power, perhaps more than we realize…..

I submittef this for my spanish task sheet and I got a perfect score.
My teacher really liked number 5. AKSJAKDJKAZIA

1. Yurio is short and young
2. Viktor is Russian
3. It’s 2:30 pm
4. Nikiforov is a coach
5. Viktor is the soulmate of Yuuri
6. Yuuri and Viktor are at the Sagrada Familia
7. Yuuri is always nervous
8. Makkachin is very happy