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67/100 Days of Productivity

Inbetween lectures I went to a supplementary session for Math. It’s optional but the smaller class size (i.e. around 20 people rather than a huge lecture hall) helps me learn and reinforce concepts so much better. The sessions are twice a week so I’ll definitely be attending more in the future.

Later, I wrote my Math notes on index cards to keep it all concise. I’m finally home now so I’m getting started on some intense studying!

bocchanstop  asked:

Okay, so, like, can you help me with this thing from math class? So, I was in Algebra 1 Honours, right, and this problem comes up and it's like, "A = P+Prt", and we needed so solve for "t". And I just, "???????????"

Ah, algebra questions.

First of all, you are solving for t so you want to put everything on the T side over on the other side. That means you want to subtract the P from both sides. Then because Pr is multiplication you want to divide it on the other side. That should make it easier for you.

Remember that to solve for a different number or letter in a problem you just isolate the thing you are solving for. Like how the A is isolated there. 

The we just finessed the fuck outta CVS

Me nd this girl from my math class decided to hangout since we were both sick, nd she brought up that she stole makeup md I said I did too so we looked at eachother nd nearly ran to the next FUVKING CVS nd this shit happened no idea what the total is but I feel like it’s around 35-40$

I JUST DODGED A BULLET FOLKS….this talkative dude in my math class ALWAYS sits next to me but today another girl took his spot. So he sat next to her instead, ended up asked her for help the ENTIRE class and THEN asked her to be his math study buddy/to hang out tomorrow.

umm-nah  asked:

What are your favorite notebooks to use for different classes? From math to English

I don’t have a notebook for math; I write everything on graph paper and refer to my textbook when necessary. Math isn’t difficult for me because it’s mostly just logic, and I don’t think it’s necessary to memorize formulas if you already know how to apply them. However, if you really need a notebook, I’d suggest grid or dotted paper.

For English, I mostly use my school notebook to jot down tips or techniques, but I don’t rely on notes to study. English is a skill based subject, like math, so I mainly use the notebook to practice, in which case the notebook itself doesn’t really matter.

I do find notebooks essential for science and humanities subjects. I use a B5 binder with Kokuyo loose leafs, either blank or grid. I don’t use lined paper because I’m a visual learner and the presence of lines makes all information linear. I’ve been using this method since I started high school, as it’s a lot easier to organize notes and add/remove them. During classes, I write all my notes in the school notebook, which is a basic B5 notebook.

As for specific brands, I know a lot of studyblrs favor Muji notebooks, but I prefer not to use them as highlighter ink bleeds through most of them and the material isn’t very durable. Moleskine is exorbitant; I think we all know that. Campus is one of my favorites but tends to be a little pricey outside of Japan (it’s worth it, though). Same goes for Kokuyo.

Well, I hope this helped, but feel free to message me if you have more questions :)

Day 14

The weirdest thing happened today? So I was in a maths class visiting (so basically sitting in the back and making notes), and the teacher asks me to stay behind after class. I’m like, okay? 

So after class, I go up to him and ask why he wanted to see me, and he basically asks why I just turn up and don’t introduce myself and what I’m doing in this school, basically??? I had introduced myself to all maths teachers three weeks ago and to him specifically last week when I went to his lesson first, and I had also asked if he was okay with me observing the lesson, so I thought he knew me?? I didn’t know what to say, really, so there was a bit of an awkward silence but he’s really nice, so he let it go and asked what I thought of the lesson and my internship in general. I told him how interesting the different approaches to the material were, and that I learnt a lot etc etc. 

Then he said goodbye and the funny thing is that I don’t have lessons with him on my last two days, so I probably won’t even see him again. Oh well. 

I’m also wondering if I should give some teachers a small gift, maybe a self-made muffin or something, because they let me into their lessons and answered my questions and such. There’s one teacher in particular to whom I talked a lot and who really helped me out. Should I just give something to her or to all others as well (that would be five or six people I guess)? Or should I just not give anyone anything? Please tell me what you think is appropiate :) 

my first day of school went really well im so excited!!!!!! and in my first class the professor was like okay everyone make a name card n put ur name and pronouns on it but if u dont want to of course u dont have to ill just use they them n i was the only person that didnt put pronouns so then all the other students were awkwardly usin they for me it was great also i made friends in math and i talked a lot

im havung so many fucking #tbt moments to junior year when i took that math class and honestly it made me depressed im not joking that math class probably was like the turning point of when i caught the Depression i just feel so fuckign bad about myself 24/7 and it ruined all my motivation for anything else including that and im so insecure 

pureren  asked:

🍪 ! :>

What do you wanted to be as kid, and what do you want to be now.

😂 This question makes me suffer. When I was an innocent child I wanted to be an astronomer. I’ve always love anything related to the universe, stars, constellations, planets, and all. I’m really weak for that, but math ruined everything lol

You know, I used to be the smartest in my class until something happened in my family and kinda was my fault and all changed from that because there’s when my insecurities started, no more good marks, and self-esteen in the floor bla bla. I was 11 lol So I couldn’t try to study to become and astronomer because literally I kinda gave up for the lack of motivation and faith in myself (?) So yeah. I’m dumb.

Now I wanna be useful and happy 😢

Thanks for the ask c:


Not many know about this, but you see, I’m in love with Tamako, my childhood best friend